Part 6

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Denis lifted his foot and placed it against the wall so he could stretch his leg. It had now been almost four month since he’d moved into Kyle’s guest bedroom and he had started to think of the place as home. Sarah’s lawyer still hadn’t contacted him, but he wasn’t worried, he figured she was still dealing with the situation, she could be stubborn at times, but eventually she’d realize she had to move on.

He finished his stretching exercises and put on a track suit. Since becoming a werewolf his body had become much more limber, but Kyle had warned him against taking it for granted, daily stretching were always good, especially before going for a jog, another habit he’d picked up from Kyle, muscle cramps hurt, he couldn’t get permanent damage, but they still hurt, he’d learned on that first day jogging. Now he jogged almost every day, through the park, usually after work, so he could pickup a guy if he felt like it.

He was putting his shoes on when there was a knock at the door. He ignored it while he finishing and it came again, more insistent this time. With a sigh of annoyance Denis stood and opened it, to look at a man about his height, with perfectly combed short blonde hair, wearing a very expensive looking gray suit with gold and diamond cufflinks. He was holding a cane made of polish wood with an ivory handle inlayed with gold.

The man pushed Denis aside and entered. “I’m here to see Kyle,” he said with authority.

“He isn’t here. I don’t think he’ll be back till late tonight, you might want to try back tomorrow.” Denis said as he contemplated closing the door or throwing the man out.

“That isn’t acceptable; do you have any idea who I am?”

Denis closed the door; he had a feeling this was going to take a while. “Can ‘t say that I do.”

The man let out an exaggerated sigh, “I am George Hickory the third, and I have need of Kyle’s services,” he turned and looked Denis over, “or maybe you can help me.”

Denis snorted, “yeah, right. Stay here I’m going to see if I can reach him.”

“You do that,” the man said dismissively as Denis headed for his room.

He flipped his cell open and dialed Kyle’s. On the third ring it picked up. “Hey Kyle, sorry to bother you, but this guy just showed up here asking for you.”

“It’s ok,” Kyle replied, “we haven’t gotten to the important part yet. Who is it?”

“He says his name’s George the third.”

Kyle sighed, “why does he keep showing up without an appointment? Ok let me talk to him.”

Denis went back to the entrance and handed his cell to George.

“Hello Kyle,” the man started and was cut off before he could add anything else, “yes, I know I don’t have an appointment, but I was in the area so I thought I’d drop by to see you,” he listened to what Kyle said, blushing slightly. “Is there any way I could convince you to come back here instead?” The man wince as Kyle told him exactly what he though of that idea. “I see, what about the gentleman already here then?” He was silent for a moment and then handed the phone back to Denis.

“Yeah?” he said as he walked back to his room.

“He wants to have sex with you. I’ve told him that you don’t sell your services, so he’ll have to talk things over with you.”

“You saying I should?”

“No, but I’m saying you might want to avoid throwing him out outright. Once you get pass the pompous attitude he isn’t a bad guy.”

Denis leaned against the dresser and though it over, “well, I am horny, Work was too busy for anything other than a quick fuck during lunch and he caught me before I went out jogging. What is he like in bed?”

“His thing is ordering his partner; he likes to be in control, but I made sure he realized you weren’t me, so if he’s smart he won’t be expecting anything. Oh, and make you there’s a safe word.”

“Ok, I will. What does he know about what we are?”

“Nothing, I’m just a gigolo with a lot of endurance. Now, unless there something else that’s urgent, I need to get back to my client.”

“Ok, enjoy your night.” He put his cell away, having trouble imagining Kyle taking orders from anyone, let alone the man in the entryway. He didn’t think long about it; all he had to do was look at the tent in his sweat pants. “I know, I know,” he told his cock as he took off his top, “you don’t care who the guy is, as long as you can be buried somewhere inside him.” He kicked off his shoes and walked back to the entrance.

“Finally,” George said as he noticed him, “I was beginning to think . . .” he trailed off when he realized that Denis was bare chest.

Denis folded his arms over his chest. “First off, I don’t take well to being ordered around at the best of time and I’m not particularly impressed by you at this point so I wouldn’t even try it.” George look offended, “you want something you ask for it.

“Second, I like to take my time when I have sex. If we do this you’d better not have any pressing engagements. Third, Kyle said to make sure we have a safe word, so I’m going to tell you outright that I’m not into pain and that if there’s any bondage happening, you’re the one getting tied up. Is that clear enough?”

George stood rigidly, “Very clear.” Denis could tell from the glare he was receiving that he wasn’t particularly happy with the situation. “Maybe I should go somewhere else then.”

“Go ahead then, that means I can go jogging.” He now had enough self control that the only time his cock was over riding his brain was during the change so he didn’t care that it looked like the man was seriously considering leaving. It would mean that he’d have to hit the park before he could jog, hard-ons and running didn’t make for a good mix. “I notice you’re still here. While you’re making up your mind I’m going to get dressed cause I’m not going to stand here all night just cause you can’t deal with someone standing up to you,” having said that he turned and went to his room.

He hadn’t even picked up his sweat shirt that George entered the room. “Do you realize that I can count on one hand the number of people who would dare use that tone with me?”

Denis sat on his bed and stretched his legs, pulling the fabric tight over his hard cock. “And does that include me?” he said, smiling when his display had the desired effect. George gulped and blushed. After a moment he took off his jacket, folded it and placed it on the dresser next to the door. When he started carefully unbuttoning his shirt Denis rolled his eyes and went to him; he was tired of waiting. He pushed him against the wall and ripped the shirt open, sending buttons bouncing across the floor.

George looked at him with outrage, “do you have any idea how much this shirt cost? It’s real Chinese silk directly from . . .” Denis silenced him with a hungry kiss. George fought against him, but Denis had the superior strength and held his arms pinned over his head until he stopped struggling and returned the kiss.

After a few minutes they pulled apart, George breathless with surprise and Denis smiling in satisfaction, “There, that wasn’t so bad, was it?” he whispered to the rich man, “Now get the fuck out of those pants before I rip them off your body myself.” He then took a few steps back to watch the man.

George tried to undo his belt so fast that he ended up fumbling with it on the first try, only succeeding when Denis took a step forward, his pants fell to the floor a moment after that.

Denis looked George over, for a rich man he looked remarkably good. His body had a light tan and was slight toned. He liked what he was looking at and moved to him again to kiss him and let his hands roam over his well defined body. When he reached down to the man’s briefs he grabbed them on each side by the waistband and looked him in the eyes as he ripped them off effortlessly. The jolt of excitement was visible on George’s face.

Denis reached down for a handful of balls to massage, making the man moan in their kiss. He then reached up and grabbed the man’s cock, which turned out to be already slick. Surprised Denis pulled away from the kiss to look down at a cock that was around seven inches long and with enough of a girth that his middle finger could only just touch his thumb; and it was leaking copiously.

“You have a nice cock,” Denis said stroking it, “I guess it feels real nice going in someone’s ass.”

George nodded, panting. “I need to take you now,” he said with urgency.

Denis shook his head and turned, holding the man by the shoulders and moved to the bed, forcing him to sit on it. “That’s going to happen, but not until I’ve taken you. You’ve made me wait much to long in this state.” Denis pulled down his sweat pants and stood, his cock pointing straight up. “I’ll make you a deal; if you can keep up with me, orgasm for orgasm, I’ll let you order me around if there’s ever a next time. Now, you want to use lube, or spit?”

George’s eyes went wide, “Lube,” he said quickly and Denis reached between the mattress and box spring to pull out a bottle of lube.

“You bottom often?” He asked.

“No,” George answered, “but I can take it.”

“Ok, but we’re going to take it easy anyway.” He lubed George’s hole and then a finger, which he slowly inserted, making the man moan loudly.

Denis watched the man’s cock as he added a second finger inside his ass. As George moaned the flow of precum increased for a moment. He couldn’t take any more of this and lapped the pool that had formed on George’s stomach dry and then wrapped his mouth around the man’s cock and sucked avidly.

George didn’t last long under the assault of Denis’ suction and the fingers in his ass. He cursed loudly and trashed about as he came hard. Denis swallowed everything he was fed; only removing his mouth when it was obvious the cock had become over sensitive.

“That’s one for you,” Denis said as he stood. He slowly took out the fingers and moved between George’s legs. “You ready?” When the man nodded weakly Denis pushed the head of his cock in slowly, and was amused to notice that even though George’s was soft it twitched and leaked some precum.

He gave George time to get used to him before continuing, almost purring in delight once he was fully hilted. Again he gave him a moment’s rest before pulling back and slowly fucking him. Denis fought every instinct telling him to take it hard and fast so he could cum; he wanted to see how long he could force himself to last.

The answer was just over an hour of slow thrusting, during which George started getting hard again. When Denis came with a loud groan the pool on George’s stomach had overflowed on the bed. “That makes us even,” he said between breaths.

He pulled out and had George move up, he then straddled him, made sure his cock was slick with precum and then sat down on it, making them both moan. Denis did all the work, moving up and down on George’s thick cock, and pumping his own, which had grown hard again within moments of being impaled.

His lust partially sated from one orgasm he had a little more control now, and he was able to time his orgasm close to George, so that he sprayed cum all over the man’s face as his inside were likewise covered. They both laughed as George said “we’re still even”

“I guess that means we have to keep going,” Denis commented as he let himself crumple next to him, “or we can call this a draw.”

George looked at him, “I am not a man who accepts ‘draws’”

“Good, cause the evening isn’t even started.”

By the time they fell asleep Denis had fucked George six time, cumming each times. George had fucked him twice more, also cumming. They had sucked each other to three orgasms each; although the last two George had were dry they still counted. Still in the end Denis was the definitive winner.

* * * * *

Denis woke with the bed shifting. He turned to watch George put his pants on.

“Sorry,” the man said, “I didn’t mean to wake you.”

“It’s ok, you got to leave now?”

George looked him over, stopping at the tent Denis’ cock was making in the sheets. “Believe me, the temptation to ride that cock of yours is strong, but I have a meeting at ten to prepare for, and I can’t really show up wearing this.” He held the ruined shirt.

“Sorry about that.” Denis was amazed at the transformation, there was none of the attitude he’d had to deal with the previous evening, there was simply a man getting dressed for work; maybe he had fucked the pompousness out of him he though with a chuckles.

“What’s funny?” George asked.

“Just thinking about how you had a change of attitude at some point during the night.”

George looked at the floor for a moment, visibly uncomfortable. “Not many people get to see this side of me.”

“Does Kyle?”

George shook his head, “no, with him it’s only ever been business; which reminds me.” He took his wallet out of his jacket and a stack of bill from it, placing them delicately on the side table.

“What’s that for?” Denis asked

“It’s payment for the ride you gave me last night, trust me, you deserve it.”

The phrase stung. “You don’t have to do that you know.” Denis said.

George looked at him with some sadness and sat on the bed. “I like you Denis, I love what we did, and I’m hoping that we’ll get to do it again, it was nice to be able to just be myself for a while.” He sighed, “but I have to treat this as a transaction, I can’t afford to have emotional attachments.”

Denis sat up and placed a hand on the man’s thigh, “you never had anyone?”

“I tried, once, years ago. It didn’t end well. So now I keep everyone at arms length.”

Denis wrote his cell number on a paper and handed it to him, “whenever you need a break from the pompous ass you have to be, give me a call, even if it’s just to talk.”

George hesitated a moment before taking the paper, “thanks.”

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