Part 8

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After George left Denis looked at the stack of money he’d left on the table. He thought there might be a dozen of them, probably twenties. Two hundred dollars or so, that wasn’t too bad for a night’s work, he found himself thinking with a smile. And it would help rebuild his saving since he’d only taken the minimum out of the account he shared with Sarah, all their saving had been joint.

He stayed in bed for another hour, before deciding to get up and get ready for work. He grabbed the bills to put them away, only then noticing they weren’t twenties; they were hundreds. He sat back down, stunned. It was one thing to get a few hundred dollars and a different one to get, he counted how many bills there were, fifteen hundred dollars. One was like getting a gift to show appreciation, the other one felt like a bribe.

The first thing in did was leave a message on his manager’s machine telling her he wasn’t coming in because he was sick, and he did feel sick. Then he placed the money in his wallet, put that away and went for breakfast.

Kyle was already there, warming himself a steak. Denis couldn’t stand meat this early in the morning so he prepared himself a bowl of cereal. He could tell that Kyle wanted to make a joke about the night, but his attitude changed when he took one look at him.

“Are you ok?” he asked with concern, “George didn’t do anything to bad did he?”

Denis looked at him, his cereal still untouched. “oh, he did a number on me,” his tone was somewhere between bitterness and awe, “he paid me fifteen grand.”

Surprise registered on Kyle’s face, then doubt, worry and finally anger, “The son of a bitch, I told him you weren’t working.” He got up and headed for the phone.

“Leave it.” Denis told him, making Kyle stop and look back, “just leave it. it’s not like that, It’s . . . He told me why he had to do it, I just wasn’t expecting that much money. Is that your normal fare?”

Kyle sat back down after looking once at the phone. “No, I charge five hundred for an hour and a half of sex.”

“He spent the whole night here.”

Kyle gave him a crooked smile, “I never spend the night with a client, it’s too easy to get attached that way. If they want me for a day it’s a thousand since  I don’t expect we’ll have sex more than twice in that time, they usually want me for appearances sake.”

“No one ever insisted?”

“Sure, some will. I had one who wanted me to accompany him on his vacation. Two weeks in the Caribbean. I gave him the number of a guy I knew would be willing to do that.”

“So it’s just business for you? Do you ever have sex just for the fun or it?” Kyle gave him a look and Denis blushed, “other than with me I mean.”

“’Course I do. I have friends I’ll fuck when I feel like it. Sex isn’t just work for me; it’s just that work happens to only be sex.”

Denis nodded, “I think I get it. How do you think I should be feeling about the money?”

“If it was me I’d take it as a mark of how good a job I did and leave it at that, you didn’t ask for he money so think of it as a gift. If it helps, that amount is pocket change for him.”

Denis finished his breakfast in silence and then went out for a jog, he ran hard all the way to the park, still trying to figure out how he felt about being paid for having sex, What Kyle said made some sort of sense, he hadn’t asked for the money and while it hadn’t been entirely out of the goodness of his heart George hadn’t felt like he was trying to buy his silence or something like that, it was just his way to keep himself from getting too close, just like Kyle not spending the night with his clients.

He stopped and leaned against a tree to catch his breath. He decided that he would accept it this time, but that the next time he and George had sex he would set a maximum on how much he could give him. He then wondered is he would be able to handle treating sex as a business. After all, he didn’t have to care for the guy he was having sex with. He’d buried his cock into enough nameless strangers to prove that point, so maybe it was something he could do. He’d have to ask Kyle about it.

A man jog by him and Denis smiled as he caught his scent; the man was horny. Denis took off after him and matched his pace, staying a few feet behind. At this speed he could go on indefinitely. Half an hour later the man stopped on the side of the path, jogging in place and checking his pulse. Denis smiled as he stopped next to him and the man returned the smile.

“Nice day for a jog isn’t it?” the man asked.

“Yeah, it is. How do you feel about jogging off the beaten path?” Denis replied, indicating the woods.

The man’s smile grew wider, “I’m always up for an adventure.”

Denis led him deep enough so they wouldn’t be seen or heard from the path and then got out of his pants. The man did the same and then turned, presenting his ass to him. Denis didn’t wait; he went down on his knees and spread his cheeks about, to lick his hole avidly while stroking himself, lubing his cock with precum. Denis had to chuckle as he tasted lube, this man had come prepared.

With the man’s hole nice and wet Denis stood behind him and pushed him against a tree. He wrapped his arms around the man’s stomach to hold him in place and slowly pushed in, making him gasp. “You’ve got a nice tight ass,” Denis said as he bottom out.

The man only nodded as he moaned.

Denis didn’t have to ask how the man wanted to be fucked, meetings in the woods like this weren’t about romance but about quick release, so he went at it fast and hard, grabbing the man’s cock, which was also lubed, and stroking it as he pounded his ass.

The man lasted fifteen minutes, and Denis only a little longer than that. He stayed inside him while he caught his breath and then carefully pulled out. He put his pants back on and headed back to the path, while the man was still resting against the tree.

He pushed himself as he jogged out of the park, only slowing when he left the tree line at the park’s parking lot. There weren’t many cars in the lot, it was a week day; the evenings were when this place became very active. The lone person was a man looking at a map on the hood of his car. Seeing Denis he waved to get his attention.

“Need any help?” Denis asked as he jogged closer.

The man smiled, “not anymore,” he took out a gun and fired it at Denis.

Denis stopped and looked at the large dart stuck in his chest. “What the hell?” he asked looking at the man, who had a surprised look on his face and shot him again. Denis grew furious and charged him. The man shot him a third time and as Denis’ foot hit the ground his leg became wobbly, making him fall face first in the gravel. He tried to get up but while his arms would obey him they didn’t seem to have any strength.

“I thought you said one shot would be enough to take him down?” he heard the man say. “Yeah, well, it took three, and he’s still struggling. No I don’t think he’ll be able to get up, but I’ll shoot him again just to make sure. I should be back within the hour.”

Denis continued trying to stand as he was shot again, but now his body completely refused to obey him. Soon after that sounds became indistinct and he couldn’t keep his eyes open anymore.

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