Part 9

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Sounds had been coming to him for a while now, Denis realized, but he couldn’t make out what they were. He could also smell things, but his mind didn’t seem to be able to process them. He didn’t see anything, but he didn’t know if that was because his eyes were closed or he was in darkness, somehow he couldn’t seen to feel all of his body, he could feel his arms and legs, but not his face. He also couldn’t determine what position he was in.

“Honey? Can you hear me?” he heard someone say, he could make out the words but they didn’t’ exactly register. He didn’t know how long it had been since the last time he’d had a thought. “What’s wrong with him?” it was a woman speaking he realized.

“The sedatives aren’t completely out of his system yet.” That was a man.

“Denis, can you hear me?” the woman’s voice again, something about it was familiar.

He found himself wondering who Denis was for a moment, and then remembered that was him. He forced his eyes to open. They resisted at first but then he could see, something. What ever it was, was fuzzy. Something pale surrounded by something dark red. He slowly closed and opened his eyes a few times, each time gaining a little more focus. Eventually he was able to make out a woman’s face; she had brown eyes, highlighted by a bit of make up. He could tell she’d been crying recently.

“E-O Sa-a,” he said when he finally recognized her. His mouth didn’t work properly. He tried to frown, but couldn’t. He did realize he was starting to think more clearly.

She hugged him, making him sway back and forth. He looked down and saw that his ankles were manacled to the floor with chains, and that he was wearing his sweat pants. Somehow he was relieve that she didn’t see him naked. “You’re awake,” she beamed in happiness, “I’m so glad you’re finally awake, I was so worried. I finally found someone.”

He tried to smile, “’ood fo you.” He managed to get out.

She laughed, “not for me silly, for you. I found someone who can cure you.”

Denis did frown this time, he couldn’t move his head, but sensation was coming back to his face. “Can’t be ‘on”

“Oh honey, is that what that man told you? He lied to you, that Kyle’s evil.”

Denis tried to shake his head, but it wouldn’t move, “he’s helping me.”

“No,” she said forcefully, “he’s using you. He’s a monster and he’s trying to make you one too. You’ll see when you’re cured.” She lifted his head, “This is Isaac, he’s going to be the one who cures you.”

“Hello Denis, you have a very dedicated wife,” Isaac said. He was an older man, probably in his sixties, but he kept in shape. What hair he had was a silver crown. He had a sweet smile, but Denis disliked him immediately.

“How long will it take before I have my husband back?”

“You know I can’t tell you that, Sarah, There’s no way to know how long this will take, but I promise you that I will remove the monster from your husband.”

She hugged the older man tightly, “thank you so very much, I don’t know how I’ll be able to repay you.”

Isaac smiled, “there’s no need, making sure there isn’t more monsters like Kyle is my calling, knowing that your husband will be free from him will be reward enough.” He placed an arm over her shoulders, “now, I hope you’ll understand if I ask that you go home, we’re going to start our work, and you really don’t want to be here for that.”

“Don’t worry honey,” Sarah said over her shoulder, “I’ll be back to visit you real soon.”

The door opened and closed. Isaac walked back to him and lifted his head by the chin so they could look at each other. “How are you feeling?”

“Better,” Denis replied, “soon I’ll be fine and I’ll kick your ass from here to Timbuktu.”

Isaac chuckled, “doubtful,” he turned Denis’ head so he could see his arm chained to the ceiling and the IV running into his arm. “It’s concoction of my own devising, based on research I did. I have to say I’m happy to find out it actually works. Although I still have to work on adjusting the dose. I need you to be responsive if this is going to work.” He turned Denis’ head to show him a woman sitting on the other side of the room. “Oh, I hope you don’t mind if Amanda here watches, I wouldn’t want those base desires of yours to surface. It’s bad enough that you’re an abomination in the eyes of god, but I’d rather not see any evidence you’re a Fag too.” He let Denis’ head fall.

“How did Sarah find you?”

“Online,” Isaac answered, “although, technically, I found her. She was flooding the message board looking for someone who could help her save her husband who had been turned into a gay werewolf. No one paid attention to her, but I keep an eye on some places dealing with the subject since I never know when I’ll find someone willing to help me, or in need of my services.”

Through sheer force of will Denis managed to lift his head so he could look Isaac in the eyes, “You can’t cure me.”

The old man smiled, “I know. this isn’t about curing you. It’s about exterminating your kind. To be able to do that I need to find out what makes you tick, what you’re limits are. For example,” he said, walking toward the door. “just how much trauma can your body take if it doesn’t involve silver?” Isaac pulled a revolver he had tucked in his back, under his shirt and turned around. Without pause he shot Denis in the chest.

Denis shook, more in surprise at the flash of light and sound of the shot than the impact. For a moment he thought it had been a blank, that for some sick reason Isaac was just trying to scare him, but then the pain hit him. He closed his eyes and ground his teeth trying to keep himself from screaming, but the pain was just too much.

Fortunately, he quickly lost consciousness.

* * * * *

When he came to he was looking down at a pool of dried blood around his feet. He lifted his head and looked around. He saw a woman sitting where Amanda had been; it wasn’t her, she had been s brunette, this one was a blonde. She noticed he was awake and jotted something down. He looked down at his chest, it was covered in blood, as well as his pants, but there was no sign of a wound.

He looked at the woman, “how long did it take to heal?” he was actually curious, he’d tried some shallow cuts and seen them heal in a few second, but this was much more severe, he was pretty sure his lungs and been ripped apart.

She looked at the pad she’d written on, “thirty three hours twenty six minutes. You were unconscious for another four hours or so.”

He nodded and looked up at the chains. He tried to extend an arm to grab it a little higher. His intent was to test the solidity of the chain, even when he was human he was now stronger than he looked, but his arms barely cooperated. It felt like he’s been lifting his maximum weight with it from an hour past his limit. Now that he paid attention to it his entire body felt that way.

The door opened and Denis growled as soon as he saw Isaac. The man was pulling a long tank on a dolly; with him was a younger man carrying a plastic case. Isaac set the tank next to Denis and he saw the red sticker with the flame on it.

“Good, you’re awake.” Isaac’s tone was jovial; from it you might think this was a family get together “I was hoping we wouldn’t have to wait on you for too much longer. I have to say I’m impressed with your recuperative power, but your tolerance to pain leaves a little to desire. I hope you’ll be able to stay with us a little longer today.”

“Go screw yourself,” Denis said through clenched teeth.

“I don’t think so,” Isaac replied, “putting aside that it’s not anatomically feasible, I only ‘screw’ women, after all that is the way God intended things to be. I have to say I’m surprise; your wife described you as a God fearing Christian.”

“I am Christian.”

“Are you really?” Isaac looked at the young man who’d enter with him, “Clyde, remove his pants, I’d rather not risk them catching on fire.” He turned back to Denis, “if you were still Christian, you’d be begging me to bring you salvation from this monster you’ve become.”

“Yeah? Well, I’ve always believed that Christianity was about loving each other, that God made us the way we were for a reason, even if we don’t know what that reason is.”

Isaac snorted, “you’re not God’s work, you’re the devil’s.”

Denis shrugged, he knew enough that what ever he said Isaac would twist. Anyway, he was more interested in Clyde; while he wasn’t showing any signs of it, Denis could smell his excitement increase as he uses a knife to cut the blood soaked sweat pants, letting them fall off to the floor. Denis caught the look Clyde gave his cock as he turned and walked away.

Isaac looked at Denis, “good, you’re ready,” and opened the plastic case, taking out a hose and connecting it to the tank. He opened the valve and ignited the torch. “Tell me Denis, are you afraid of fire?” he said as he moved it close to his face.

Denis pulled away as much as he could. “Of course I am.”

“Yes, of course you are,” Isaac repeated flatly. “Good people don’t have to fear it’s cleansing power,” and he applied the flame to Denis’ face.

* * * * *

Denis couldn’t keep track of the time of day, or even the day of the week; they didn’t so much let him sleep as fall unconscious. His body was in a constant state of muscle soreness due to the drug cocktail and he was always slightly hungry, that surprised him since they never brought him food. He decided that nutrients must have been mixed with the drugs.

The only thing his internal clock kept track of was the moon, and it would be full soon. He didn’t dread his change even if he was captive, part of him hoped that he might be able to fight the drug and escape once transformed, but he didn’t look forward to it, he still remembered when he’d changed in Sarah’s presence. He looked at the blonde woman sitting in the corner of the room. He really wished he could have the sex to take his mind off it.

An hour before the moon became full Isaac entered the room with what had to be his entire following, close to twenty people, more men than women, Denis noted, He only recognized a few of them.

“Very soon I will show you the demons we are fighting against,” Isaac said in a solemn voice, “The demons that hide among us, who prey upon our children and rejoice in Satan’s name.”

Denis tuned him out at that point, he didn’t feel like listening to his hate filled rhetoric against gays and werewolves, and focused instead on the moon. He could feel it coming closer, second by second; feeling its pull on him slowly increase. Since he was paying attention to it he could tell it would start with his left foot as the sensation in it was the first one to change. He closed his eyes and concentrated on his change, it would be uncomfortable, but at least he wouldn’t have to deal with the people around him.

He knew the exact moment this foot started to change. He didn’t need the gasp of surprise from the attending crowd, he felt the bones shift. His toes shrunk a little while the bone leading to his heel extended itself. The fur growing he felt only as a slight tingle across his skin. The next limb to change was his right hand, the tips shifted about a little as claws grew, but other than that it was it was mostly just gaining fur. The right foot started almost as soon, and the left hand was not far behind.

Paying attention to the change as he was he was surprise not to feel the discomfort he expected, instead there was rightness to it as he felt the muscle in his legs and arms become denser. The fur progressed up his groin and what he felt explained why he would normally get so turned on as the fur grew on his balls and things rearranged themselves inside.

He lifted his head as the fur grew up his neck and then opened his mouth as his muzzle, but stopped himself from emitting a howl at the ecstasy he felt as his change finished; once passed he lowered his head and opened his eyes narrowing them to look at the crowd, letting them know in no uncertain terms that there was now a predator in their midst. He slowly pulled his lips back in a smile that revealed vicious looking teeth, and was please to see two at the back run out of the room.

He didn’t care if he was living up to their expectation of being a monster at the moment; for the way he had been treated he was at least going to smell their discomfort and fear at seeing him.

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