This story is pure fiction. If anything appears to reference a real-life person, it is a complete coincidence. This story may not be redistributed without my permission. This story describes sex between two young teen boys. But, it can also be interpreted as sex between any male and a younger, boyish male. The author prefers the first interpretation, hewever.

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The White Penance of a God

I used to think gods did not exist, that they were fictional beings, but I was wrong. I was very, very wrong. It started one morning, when there was this magical boy that approached me - an emotionally buoyant, physically fat boy. Although, one could say that you would be able to freely exchange the physical properties between the emotional properties, but this fact doesn't matter so much. Basically, the boy was happy and fat! (His butt held most of the fat; it made His body look nice.)

I noticed strange things about Him that puzzled me. He was controlling my environment's behaviour. He was controlling the environment using methods akin to alchemy. His voice was controlling the Air - it made me breath rapidly; His hands controlled the Water - I was sweating a lot; His feet controlled the Earth - the ground beneath me was crumbling, and He was all I could hold onto; His eyes controlled the Fire - all was cold except for Him, the Warmest, the Hottest. And His mouth controlled all Spirit, for all was blissful about Him.

He was fat and joyful, like Buddha; His great phallus was a rod of power, like Shiva's; His fat was proportional to that of a Sacred Cow, resting in His large, inviting buttocks; And I kissed His whole body in reverence.

I hung my arms on His shoulders, and prayed to His eyes: "You are the fire and passion of the world; I love you."

I dropped to His feet: "You are the foundation of this world, being its master and its servant; I am indebted to you, Sire, for I have contributed to the destruction of your planetary body; I bow to you!

His gentle, steady hands brought me upwards towards His face; He said: "Have you forgotten? I control all five elements. I control your home, and I am your home. I have been doing my best to clear you and your brothers' messes, and have only been able to use national disasters to do so. Forty years ago, when people believed in Global Cooling, there was a woman who helped me change temperature. Maybe you, a boy, will help me change temperature in the opposite direction? Try it!"

He sat down on His fat bubble-butt, and He pushed me onto His groin. His phallus was thick, His foreskin as wide as my jaw. I hung myself upon His warm, vital rod; I let His foreskin wrap around my lips. I spooned the tip of His penis with my tongue and throat, and it penetrated straight into my hungry, empty belly. I could feel Him move my bottom into His sight; He place two fingers inside of me: One to stimulate my prostate to make me work harder, and the other to touch His Holy penis. I thumped my chest against His stomach to bend His phallus for extra stimulation, rubbing His Holy cock with the insides of my body. I took it all, letting His head poke through and out my butt; I hung my whole body on His pole, doing a handstand with His pre-cum oozing out between my two butt-cheeks. His pubes smelt very sweet, and so I buried my face in them. An inch of His Sacred Shaft was poking out of my butt; I wanted to smell His pubes s'more, so I started bouncing on and gliding on His Holy Hard-on, causing my body to truly stimulate Him. Pre-cum was making my whole body wet, and my feet were massaging His head as well as my 'effeminate' sphincter.

The God-boy finally gave my body one last jerk over His Sacred Shaft, and He finally emitted Seminal Sacrament from His Holy Tangy Turtlenecked Torch-Tinkler. With that, my deeply penetrated, pink ring became a Sacred cum-fountain! But, I wanted His Sacred Sacrament, so I slid my lips and whole body upwards, moving His head into my belly. Some of it was still pouring out of me, and my whole body was covered - it was completely white!

He took me from His rod, and let me swim on His belly. I was swimming in the cum of a god! A beautiful god! And, somehow, His body is getting larger each minute. Strange; I was wondering why I could be small enough to swim on His Sacred Stomach. I swam towards His chest, finding His nipple. I sit on it, being tired. The smaller nipple in my butt relaxes me. I fall asleep, blissfully on His chest, looking like a little white alien.