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"Why me?" I thought sadly. I often thought this with good reason to. I mean I didn't ask to be this way. I was cursed! If I'd known that I was going to turn out this way I'd never have done what I did or well maybe I would have but I wouldn't have let myself get caught.

Sitting here on this log basking in the warm spring sun light thinking how miserable I was. It just wasn't fair. Why me?

I guess you are wondering why I am so sad or you wouldn't be listening to my tale of woe. You would have skipped this story and gone on to some hot, sexy story that you could wank to.

That is sooo pathetic! Loser -- what your sex life is that bad you have to resort to reading porn to get hard so you can wank. Or maybe you're old and fat and you know no sexy stud muffin would give you a first look much less a second look.

Mind you I guess I am even more pathetic I can't even wank!

My name is...okay I know you're going to think I'm being silly but I can't remember my real name so just call me Phineas Frogg or as most `people' call me Froggy. Some people have gone as far as to call me Kermit. Now really! I don't look anything like that puppet. I have to admit though he is definitely funny sometimes. But really a frog and a bossy overweight pig -- gimmie a break!

So, what do I look like? Dude this is the internet! Get real I could tell you anything but here goes -- I am 5'11' 145 pound and not and ounce of fat, blond hair and deep blue eyes. I have sort of an atheletic build like a runner or pole vaulter. I'm pretty smart too!

If you believe that then I have some snowy mountain property in Florida I'd like to sell you.

Why is it that so many Nifty stories start off that way? And then the guy says after he described himself as a real hottie that would turn a straight boy gay, "but I think I'm sort of plain." Yeah right!

And then he says -- I'm gay! Well, duh! This is the GAY SECTION OF NIFTY!!!

And if he described his dick -it's a modest 14 inches soft. Like that's all I'm interested in -- hmmm, did he say 14 inches? Nice!

Uh what was I saying? Oh yeah pathetic!

Anyway, truth is I am jealous of people like that. Truth is if I really described myself you'd laugh or maybe cry. No, you'd laugh. I'd cry. I elect not to really describe myself. I'd rather rely on my profusion of carefully crafted words to weave and mold your imagination.

Weave, weave, weave, mold, mold, mold!

Is it working?

Oh, perhaps not. So much for a profusion of carefully crafted words. I give up. I have a rather limited vocabulary.

I'm short. Really, really short! I have really big eyes next to my mouth and my lips probably my most striking feature. Yeah, I have an abnormally wide mouth and my eyes are sort of protuberant.

No one in their right mind could call me hot. Cute maybe in a pathetic sort of way but definitely not hot. My legs are muscular but skinny and long. They are really longer than my body when I stretch them out. Still they are very strong. I can't leap tall buildings but I can leap. That's my favorite pastime -- leaping.

Now to really gross you out -- I have these little warty bumps on my face and body, but not on inner thighs. Weird, huh? I'm sort of a greeny color.

If you think I just describe a bullfrog then you're pretty smart.

Yep, I am pure one hundred percent bullfrog and (sigh -- my sighs are more like a soft croak) I am gay or rather I used to be. I am not at all attracted to other bullfrogs. Nope, not in the slightest.

Oh yes, I love to croak and puff out my throat and look all bullfroggy, but I am just not into bullfrogs.

I used to be gay until that pedophile Merlin got a hold of me.

Sorry to burst your bubble, folks but Merlin, the wizard that people love to write about. Merlin, the hero of magic, is into little boys. One in particular was my best friend and lover, Arthur.

Yeah, I know history never said that Arthur was gay, but really do you expect historians to be purest? If you do, then I have some lovely properties on the Plain of Descent I'd like to sell you.

Truth is Arthur the boy, the teen and the King was gay and of course you couldn't have people knowing that the beloved King of England was indeed a knob shiner, fudge packer or whatever else ninety percent of the population wishes to call us. For that matter, all of the Knights of the Round Table were gay. Hard to believe, but it's true.

Guinevere was actually one of the knights and definitely a queen, but not the type of queen the historians would like you to believe in. He was in fact in love with Lancelot who in a drunken stew fathered Galahad. Lancelot had a weird sense of humor. You can see that in the name of his only son - gal-I-had

I digress.

So, I am a bullfrog. A bullfrog with a grudge against the world's most well know wizard with the exception of H Potter (and I've heard he a bit gay).

Why am I a frog reading Nifty? It sort of helps me to deal with life I guess.

I wasn't always a frog.

What? Surely you didn't think Arthur was into frogs! Yeah, I know I said he was my lover, but I wasn't a frog then I was a boy, a teen, a man! I was in love with Arthur and he was in love with me.

Then that jealous pedophile, asshole of a wizard turned me into a frog! That was the real reasons thing went to hell in a bucket -- it was never that queen Guinevere affair with Lancelot.

If you want to find out the real truth about Arthur and me you'll have to send an email to Sam. He's my keeper now. What you think I can type? I'm a frog! I dictate -- luckily Sam understands my croaks or this story wouldn't be here on Nifty and the true story -- the real story about Arthur would never be known.

Sam promised me if enough people ask him to tell them my story he'll come back to the pond and listen to me croak the story.

Phineas Frogg

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