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Chapter 3

Love At First Sight Again


"I'll set this car on fire," I warned him, "Don't play with me."

Corey shook his head, "I have no doubt. You bleeders have no problems sacrificing yourselves I know that. I'm not here to hurt you."

I was confused. Corey Vincent of the Royal coven was telling me that he wasn't here to hurt me. Corey was almost the spitting image of his twin brother Eli who was the crazy king who wanted us all dead.. Eli managed to be a little slimmer and have dark hair while Corey had a dusty gray. I was beyond confused. I looked at the men who were with Corey. They didn't look like witchdoctors. None that I had ever seen before anyway. The one in the backseat with me was big and built with dark shades on and a suit.

"What's going on?"

He shook his head, "Chill. You safe. If I wanted to kill you I would have done it already. I know about Genesis. I was the one who actually saved him."

I was shocked but calmer at the same time. I never really knew Corey Vincent too much. He was friends with Micko and that was all I really knew. I didn't know how deep their friendship went but I doubted it went far because Micko was with Mason.

"Genesis is alive..." I said.

I wasn't sure if I was telling him or questioning him. Hell I felt like I was questioning myself. I was beginning to wonder if maybe I had imagined it all. Maybe I had seen some spirit of Genesis. Maybe it was just me hoping.

He nodded, "Don't ask me how. Two days after your coven left the black gate opened back up and he was there. He had no memory of anything. Whatever he was trying to do by opening that black gate seemed to backfire. He was weaker than ever. He didn't remember who he was. He didn't seem to be able to use any magic and the Divinations say he is as mortal as the rest of us."

"S***t...what happened to him?"

It f***king blew me that it happened. Genesis had lost everything opening that Black gate. He had done it to help us.

Corey shrugged, "No one knows. My brother ordered me to kill him but I faked his death and brought him here. I come to check up on him from time to time but his memory isn't returning nor his magical abilities."

"He's alive though."

Corey nodded reluctantly as though that really didn't count for much, "Yeah barely...he's...human..."

"Why did you save him?"

"I guess I felt bad. My brother. He's going too far. He ordered every magic user left to hunt you down. Our entire lives are on hold. Everyone that speaks out against him just...disappears. A few of us want to stop him but mostly everyone is scared of him."

"Well thank if you if that means anything."

I offered it out to him without knowing exactly how he felt. The look in his eyes made me think that he wasn't all the way resolved in his own actions.

"I was hoping Genesis was faking the memory loss," Corey said, "It's been nine months though. I figured he would call you guys here to meet him and I'm glad he finally did. You guys need to convince him to stop my brother."

"Newsflash...Genesis didn't call us here."

"I'm confused. How come you guys are here then?"

"It just...happened."

"What are the chances of that?"

I shrugged shaking my head. I didn't know the chances. I remembered we went over a few options a while back. Everyone had distant family and I believe it was actually Genesis who actually picked Canada. It was far from Moreen Island so we just went with it. I wasn't going to tell Corey about all that yet though. I didn't trust this guy regardless of whether he was attacking me or not. His brother was still a crazy homicidal maniac.

"Look it just happened," I told him shaking my head, "Don't know what else to tell you. I was surprised to see Genesis. The others don't even believe me."

"Genesis has power inside of him. He sacrificed his soul to open the black gate. Do you know why that is forbidden magic?"


"Because it can't be stopped. All magic has checks and balances. The amount of power that comes out of that black gate can take down kings."

He was giving me hints. The way Corey was giving me hints weren't even subtle. It was clear that the reason he saved Genesis and the reason that he brought Genesis out here was because he felt like Genesis had some sort of power.

"If Genesis is faking his memory loss, I don't know about it," I stated shaking my head, "I don't think he's faking...not for how long it's been."

I wondered if Corey believed me. I didn't know. He didn't seem to be arguing about it but he didn't seem like he was totally convinced either.

"Maybe you can help him remember. He's been working at my clothing store downtown. He helps manage while I'm away. He doesn't know anything about magic or his life before 9 months ago."

"What do you get out of this?"

"I'm trying to save you guys and stop Eli. What do you mean?"

"I just don't trust people nowadays."

"Look you don't have to trust me. Micko trusts me. I'm a good person."


I hoped so. I tried to put my reluctant nature aside and trust him. He did save Genesis from Eli. I knew Eli wouldn't have hesitated to kill Genesis if Genesis was just delivered right to his doorstep. I knew Eli wanted us dead. If Corey really wanted to stop his brother and felt bad for us then I needed to let him feel bad.



"What is this place?"

"The store."

"Genesis in there?"

Corey laughed, "Of course. Why do you look nervous?"

"I'm not. I'm not. You have a piece of gum?"

He handed me a piece of gum. The store was a clothing store. It looked like a hip hop clothing store or something. I felt really distant from fashion and life lately. I had been on the run for nine months not staying anywhere for more than a couple of days. This was the first time I had gotten a chance to settle down and it looked like the style of everyone had changed.


When Corey walked in I saw a girl at the front desk who was busy in her phone immediately stand at attention.

"Mr. Vincent!" she said, "Ooo...I ain't know you was in town and all dat."

It was weird that Corey owned this store. He was young first off and second off this wasn't even his style. Corey was one of those preppy type guys who wore loafers and polos. The girl was pretty but seemed extremely prissy. She looked like one of***ghetto version of the girl from clueless. Her hair was long and bouncy like. She was almost the opposite from a girl like Melody who was all about being tough and equal to guys. This was the kind of girl that needed to be pampered. She hid her phone like she hadn't been caught red handed.

"Tiana where is Genesis?"

"Ooo Mr. V....I don't even know."

Even as she said she didnt know her eyes wandered towards the back of the store giving it away. Corey started walking toward the back of the store and immediately as we got to the back I wanted to turn around when I heard smacking lips.

We went past piles of clothes and to the stocking room. Corey opened up the stocking room and just as it opened I saw Genesis standing there.

There was this guy all over him kissing on his neck. My heart almost dropped when I saw it. Great...this was exactly what I needed to see.

"Really?" Corey said.

"Mr. Vincent!" Genesis said pushing the guy away.

The guy was a tall football player looking guy that seemed way too big for no particular reason. Who got that muscular just to work at a clothing store. He looked like he should be wrestling somewhere or something. I looked down at his pants immediately and saw that he had a hard d***k from kissing on Genesis. My heart stopped. This wasn't what I needed.

"Didn't I tell you two about this?" Corey asked shaking his head, "No fraternizing. I don't care what you do in your spare time. West this is the last time I'm telling you."

"I'm sorry...I'm..."

"It's not his fault," Genesis said, "It's mine."

For some reason Corey didn't seem half as mad anymore. I guess he had more invested in Genesis than Genesis even knew.

"Just go back out the store is empty and I don't trust Tiana out there."

West nodded. He smiled over at Genesis and didn't even look at me. I was looking at him though. He was kissing on Genesis. He was kissing on MY Genesis. I could feel my blood boiling over at that moment. Who did this f***king guy think he was?

Even though West didn't seem to notice me I realized that Genesis noticed me now. His eyes were just peering over at me.


I smiled awkwardly forgetting I had gum in my mouth and it almost came out, "Yeah me. Nice to see you again."

"This is an old friend of mine. He'll be working here," Corey said.

"I am?" I asked confused.

"He is?" Genesis followed up.

Corey nodded, "Yeah. He's going to helping you out."

Corey looked over at me. The kind of help he was talking about had nothing to do with the store. He wanted me to help Genesis get his memory back. How the hell did he expect me to do that?

"I don't really need the help."

"Tiana is dead weight and your boyfriend is too busy trying to have sex with you every chance you get," Corey said, "So yeah. Help. Good luck guys."

Corey waved and started walking out the store.

I stood there for a second or two awkward exchanging looks with Genesis. How many times in the past have I frozen up when it was time to make my move on him? How many times did I just not act on how I felt for him.

This was another time!

I ran after Corey not saying a single word to Genesis. I chased Corey out of the store and into the street almost grabbing him and pulling him back. I didn't know how to deal with this. I was a fugitive on the run.

"Where are you going!" I said to Corey.

"There was a murder. Two Divination guys were killed snooping around here. I figure you guys had something to do with that," Corey said.

"Yeah but..."

"No thanks. They were spies. I'm thinking for some reason my brother is starting to suspect me. I have to head back to the Tower and smooth things over with him."

"What should I do?"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean Genesis is in there and he has no idea who I am."

"Help him remember," Corey said, "Listen you guys are safe here. I'll make sure Eli is off your trail. You just help him remember. Just be careful with the magic use. You don't want to draw unnecessary attention to you guys. Worst thing that could happen is you end up on the news or something for doing a magic trick and the hunters find you."

He was right.


"You need the money right? Clearly you don't have a jacket and it's freezing."

"Yeah I need the money but..."

"You want to be near Genesis right?"

"Yeah but---"

"Why are you so nervous?"

"I...I can't do this. I have feelings for Genesis."

"I know. That was easy to see months ago. That's why this is perfect. It's like you just fell out of no where. I need you to find out if Genesis got any power from the black gate. Good luck. Break a leg. If anything comes up on my end I'll call you at the store."

I watched as Corey drove away and I felt like a kid would feel when his mother left him alone at school on the first day.



I walked back into the store to see Genesis, the ghetto girl Tiana and the guy who was making out with Genesis standing in the front. They were talking about something but I wasn't sure what. By the way they stopped talking when I walked in I was sure they were kind of talking about me.

"Nice outfit," the guy who was kissing on Genesis said.

I looked at what I was wearing. It was horrible. I had to admit. When you were on the run for nine months living out of a van the last thing you are worried about is fashion though. I had on whatever I could find it happened to be an old dated sweater and some ripped up jeans.

I ignored him. The last thing I needed was drama. I wasn't here for this guy anyway. I was here for Genesis.

"Come on..." Genesis said.

He lead me to the back gave me some paperwork to fill out. I was quiet most of the time that he filled out the paperwork but he was watching me intently. I didn't know what to say to him. It was SO f***king awkward and quiet. Stop being a p***y Brandon. Open your mouth and say something to him.

When I finished the paperwork I noticed he was filing some stuff in the back. He looked so sexy standing there. His skin was this smooth brown milk. His ass filled out his jeans. I just wanted to walk up behind him and grab him. It was so round I wanted to hold him close. I wanted to smell him.

"You staring at my ass?"

Genesis caught me.

"! I'm straight!" I stuttered.

Really Brandon? You're straight. The man of your dreams that you thought was dead and gone was right in front of your face and instead of flirting hardcore you tell him you are straight! I wanted to take the words back almost immediately.

"I was just joking. You do know what a joke is, right?" he asked.

"Of course."

My face flushed red of embarrassment. Why the f***k was it that Genesis had this effect on me? Why did he stun me in the way that he did?

"So you were that weirdo from the bar."

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you. I thought I recognized you before. I must have had you mixed up with someone."

"You said my name."


"How could you have me mixed up with someone when you said my name?" he asked drilling me with those eyes.

He had those piercing eyes that were so full of intent. I had known them so well. Growing up he was legend on Moreen Island. People trembled at the name Genesis Bah. Now he was working at a clothing store with no memory at all of his past life but those piercing eyes were still there. They were so intimidating. That was the only word that came to mind when you thought Genesis Bah. He was one intimidating SEXY motherf***ker.

"Um...I don't know. Hey, I'm done with the paperwork," I said changing the subject as quickly as I possibly could and handing it to him.

When I gave him the paperwork our hands touched. He looked at it and reviewed the paperwork.

"Brandon Ferris huh?"


"So how do you know the Corey the owner?" Genesis asked.

"He have a friend in common."


"Yes! You KNOW Micko!"

I almost jumped out of my seat at the thought that something might have sparked in Genesis. By the way he looked at me in the next second I could tell I was completely wrong though.

"Simmer down sir," he replied, "Corey used to come to the store and talk about Micko a lot. It's the only person he ever really mentions."

I found myself faced with embarrassment at that moment.

"Oh...maybe he thinks about him a lot," I said, "A missed opportunity. I know how that can be like."

I was staring my missed opportunity right in the face. I was staring at his intimidating eyes and I was loving every moment of it. Genesis was an onion with later after layer of intensity. I'd never wanted something so bad in my life.

"Why are you staring at me like that?" Genesis asked, "You're freaking out a little man..."

If only you knew.


Just at that moment I heard a familiar voice from the front.


I recognized the tone and expression almost immediately. Melody! What the f***k? I found myself running to the front room all of a sudden and Melody was standing there. She was standing across from the two employees that I had met earlier Tiana and West.

"What the hell is going on here?" I asked shaking my head.

Melody was looking a little creepy. I had to admit after all we had been through it wasn't hard to look creepy. Her makeup was running down her face and I had to admit even though I loved Melody she looked like a crazy woman.

"Your weirdo friend here walks in saying that calling us names and saying we are holding you hostage."

"These are Castors! Look they are wearing black," Melody said all of a sudden.

"Excuse me," Tiana shook her head, "Black is slimming."

"Don't worry Brandon I got this."

"She has a F***KING KNIFE!" I heard Tiana scream out.

Tiana wasn't lying. Melody pulled out her knife. The thing about my coven is that we all carried knives. Cutting ourselves was what Genesis had taught us back in the day as being a good way to make a quick sacrifice. It was powerful magic. That didn't mean you had to go around pulling your knife out on people. The girl Tiana wouldn't stop screaming.

Just at that moment the guy West ran behind the cash register and pulled out a baseball bat. This was getting intense. I looked at Melody more then embarrassed. How the hell did this girl find me? How the hell was she here? What the f***k!

"You trying to rob us? Make your move," a voice said.

I turned to Genesis.

That was his saying.

Melody dropped her knife all of a sudden in shock as she turned and saw Genesis standing there. She looked like she saw a ghost or something.

"You weren't lying," Melody said to me.

"You know this girl?" Genesis asked me.

Luckily Melody was too far in shock to even reply and say something stupid.

"She's...a family friend," I said thinking off the top of my head, "She struggles sometimes."

"Already he's bringing his weirdo friends around," West said, "I don't know why Corey would hire this loser!"

I didn't know what this guy's problem with me was but I didn't like it. I struggled to bite my tongue again. The last thing that I needed was Melody attacking this boy and turning his bat into a python or something in front of Genesis. That was now how I planned on easing him back into his memories. That would have him run away from it forever.

The insult seemed to bring Melody out of it.

"You want to see a magic trick b***h?" Melody asked West.

"He doesn't want to see a magic trick Melody," I said looking over at Genesis, "She didn't take her meds today."

"Maybe you should just come in tomorrow and go...I don't with that," Genesis said all of a sudden.

"Good idea."

I had a bittersweet feeling as I collected Melody and her knife and got out of the store. I could see Genesis giving me this look. If he didn't think I was weird already now he probably thought I was the biggest weirdo in the world. His friends were looking at me like I was f***king crazy too for hanging out with this girl. I coudln't remember a time I was so embarrassed.

Then again Melody saw Genesis. She knew.


The walk home Melody couldn't stop talking about him. Melody always had a love hate relationship with Genesis. She always wanted to be as powerful as he was. She hated him. She feared him. She respected him. I think everyone seemed to have those mixed feelings towards Genesis including me. Sometimes I was obsessed with him and sometimes I thought he was the most manipulative sneaky demon out there. Now he wasn't any of those things though. Now Genesis was just Genesis.

Genesis had forgotten his power somehow but he also had forgotten all his hurt.



"So Genesis is alive and Corey Vincent wants you to help him get his memory back so he can tap into some immense power and kill King Eli?"

Rio had opened the floor to his usual line of questions. The news that Genesis was alive got everyone interested. We were having a house meeting. Finally with Melody seeing Genesis people were starting to see that it wasn't just me obsessing over Genesis. Genesis was really alive. I could tell by the look on everyone's faces that they were worried about it.

"I don't trust him," Micko stated.

I nodded in agreement, "That's what I was thinking. Corey Vincent knew Eli was crazy that shouldn't be news. Why just turn on him like that."

"I wasn't talking about Corey..." Micko said.


"Do we really want Genesis to have that kind of power? That power has to be serious. Sacrificing your soul is the greatest sacrifice a witchdoctor can make. I remember Tim Brothers once telling me that the Black Gate opens a witchdoctor up to every form of magic out there."

"I agree," Mason backed him up, "We need to stop pretending like Genesis was an angel. That dude is the reason we are on the run now. Everywhere he goes he leaves destruction."

But you f***ked him. I wanted to just go in on Mason. I just really disliked him. Micko could say something and I'd be all smiles but as soon as Mason said the exact same thing I was ready to be up in arms.

Luckily there was one person who disliked him even more than I did.

"Genesis is one of us goddam it," Rio told his brother, "I know you don't give a f***k about anyone but yourself but we don't leave our own behind no matter what."

Mason rolled his eyes.

"I have a family now," Mason explained, "I have something to protect."

"Oh I guess you didn't have a family before," Rio continued.

"Stop you guys..." Micko said.

As usual Micko was in between them. I was getting tired of stepping in between them and breaking it up. Usually all the things that Rio said I agreed with anyway. It was no point in really getting between them.

"We could do it slowly, keep an eye on him and make sure things don't go out of hand," Angelica stated.

It was rare that she spoke but when she did she always had something brilliant to say that just seemed to solve our problems right away.

"Why don't we have someone else go work at the store," Melody suggested.

"Don't you think that is going to be putting too much pressure on him. He'll think he's getting set up," I said, "He's already suspicious of me. I don't want him running or withdrawing. I want to make him comfortable."

"If someone else goes they can apply like normal and hopefully get the job. You can pretend like you don't know each other," Angelica stated.

There she was again with her perfect suggestions. I sighed. A part of me didn't want another coven member in the store especially with how Melody had acted. I knew she was out of the drawing. I prayed that Angelica would be the one to agree but we all knew she was probably way too passive and shy to really be of any benefit in a situation like that. Micko would have been perfect, he was diplomatic and easy to talk to but he just so happened to have been pregnant.

"I'll do it," Rio said.

"F***k out of here," Mason said, "You'll just kiss Micko's ass. How about I do it?"

"How about you both just take turns," Micko suggested, "If you wear a cap to cover your hair no one would be able to tell you a part anyway. I always wished I had a twin to do stuff like that."

This was NOT a good plan.

"I like it," Rio said, "I'll do the interview though."

Just at that moment there was a ring in the room. Angelica jumped to her feet scared all of a sudden. She wasn't the only one who was alarmed by it. Where the f***k was the ring coming from? None of us had cellphones.

That was when Rio pulled out a phone.

"Really?" Mason asked, "Didn't we agree no cellphones. Are you trying to get us tracked or something?"

"Relax it's a prepaid. I needed to call Mama. Didn't you see The Caller? They can't track prepaid."

I didn't know what he was talking about but I guess I wanted to take his side because he was Rio and hell that was a lot better than having to take Mason's side. As Rio got up to talk we kind of separated a little bit but I just sat there. Rio left the room I guess so he could hear who was on the other line.

I was stressed. How the hell was I supposed to get to know Genesis all over again? It was enough stress without having a member of my coven breathing down my neck.


I snapped out of the daze I was in to see Rio rushing into the room. He didn't look normal. I never really saw Rio panic in the way he was. He was running so hard that the old wooden floor been to creak underneath his feet.

"What is it?"

"I just got a call from my Mom. King Eli attacked Moreen Island. He is attacking our families..."



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