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My 1st experience with PISS
By: AJ (

When I was 13 I lived in Houston Texas in a small apt. building. I had several friends I'd made in the short time we lived there. Billy, who was 11 and the 1st friend I'd made since we moved in, lived on the 2nd floor. He and I used to play at each others houses almost everyday.

One morning after waking up very horny with a raging hardon. I went to take a piss and shower because Billy and I had planned to do something together that day. I walked into the bathroom and took my clothes off and started the water running to warm it. My bladder was full of my morning load and I had to go bad! I decided to wait till I got in the shower to piss.

I always thought it felt best to release my piss as the warm water ran down my body. I had never heard anyone talk about piss as a turn on. So it had never occurred to me to think of it as sexy to do. I was brought up with very little hidden from me and I knew alot for a boy of 13.

As the water ran down my body, I grabbed my rock hard cock and began to aim it at the tub floor. (at 13 it was staring me right in the face) I was also very horny so I began to stroke it. I liked the pressure of my full bladder but it always made it hard to cum. I was fighting the muscle tightening need to pee, and trying to relax enough to cum. I decided to pretend I was cuming and started pissing as I was stroking.

I was still stroking strong and my piss sprayed everywhere as my fingers would block the flow from my piss slit. It sprayed my hands and most of my body including my face. I was turned on by the idea of cuming so much, and the thought that it was piss and should be gross didn't occur to me.

I did realize that it was a good lube and that it felt good stroking my cock while pissing. I also liked how my balls would get all soaked with the warm piss and would drop low in their relaxed sack. I finished pissing and decided that I'd better get moving or I would never get to Billy's house.

When I arrived he met me at the door with a big smile. I wondered what was up but thought I'd wait for him to tell me when his parents weren't around. He told his parents he would be back around noon for lunch. His mom told him not to go to far and asked me to look out for him. (well I was 2 years older and he looked small for his age)

Billy and I really hadn't talked about sex much, even though it was always on my mind. I just thought he was too young and worried he would tell if I tried anything.

I knew I was gay when I was about seven. I wanted to do and talk about things others weren't ready for but this day would surprise me!!

As we made our way to the small vacant lot we often played on, I asked Billy what he had been smiling about. He told me about seeing his mom and dad having sex. My cock went rock hard at hearing this, not that I was thinking about his parents, but now I knew Billy knew something about sex. He talked about how big his dads 'thing' was, and how his mom was moaning her head off. Then he said something that made me laugh so hard I wanted to fall over.

He told me that he didn't like the way the room a dead fish. He then asked me if I had ever seen anyone having sex. I told him I had and that I had done it before too. He started asking me all kinds of questions about what I had done and with whom I had done it with. I answered his questions with questions of my own about what he had seen or heard of before.

Then he told me about how at the end of his parents fucking his dad got up off his mom and stuck his 'thing' in his moms mouth real fast and started making alot of noise. I knew what was going on but could tell that Billy didn't quite understand why his dad did that. I told him that he had shot his load in her mouth. That just brought a strange look from him. I asked him if he knew what cum was and he answered that he didn't. I told him what I knew and noticed that he was rubbing the front of his jeans. I could tell he was hard because he was standing, but he couldn't see me because I was sitting on a rock with my elbows on my knees.

I decided that I would see if he had any interest in looking at me. I stood up and stretched my arms over my head. My small shirt rose up and showed my teenage tummy while giving a perfect view of my rock hard 5" boner in my extremely tight jeans. ( I matured faster than most and had some hair and 4" at age 11 1/2) When I looked down Billy was staring straight at my cock. He looked up into my eyes and with no hint of shame or guilt asked if he could see my cock. I smiled at him and said only if I can see yours. His dick was out so fast he helped me get my pants and zipper undone.

He was shaking with excitement as he helped me with my pants. He began telling me he had never seen anyone else's cock except his dads and his own. As I pulled it out he was just inches from it and I could feel his breath on it. I was just as excited as he was and was dripping a steady stream of precum. My underwear had a big wet blotch on them. I wondered what was going to happen next when we heard some other kids coming close to the vacant lot.

We were hidden in a clump of trees with some bushes around the bottom. We had made a little clearing in the middle and could hide there and talk without others knowing we were there. As we put our dicks away I asked Billy if he wanted to go to my house and see a porn mag. He looked like I'd just asked him to do the best thing in the whole world.

As we walked to my house he told me about the mags his dad had and how he would sneak looks at them when he could. I told him about the mags my brother had; Hustler, OUI and Penthouse.

When we got to my house I found that my brother and step dad had left for work. My mom was asleep so we crept into my brothers room to look at the mags. When we entered Billy noticed my brothers tray with his pot on it. He told me his dad smoked 'special' cigarettes at night after dinner. I asked him if he had ever smoked any of his dads special cigarettes. He said that dad wouldn't let him yet. I asked if he wanted to and he said he would like that alot. I grabbed my brothers pipe and packed a bowl. We sat and smoked the bowl and looked through the dirty books. Again he began rubbing the front of his pants. I asked him if we could look at each others dicks again and he said that would be cool.

He started talking about the pics in the mag as he absentmindly stroked his 3" boner. A girl was sucking a big fat cock while another was being shoved into her spread open hole. Billy asked me if I had ever had my dick sucked and I told him I had. He asked what it felt like and I tried to tell him. I told him it was hard to explain and that it felt like nothing else. He said he wished someone could do it to him.

Then he asked me if two boys could do it. I said that most people wouldn't like it if they knew two boys were doing it. He asked me why and I told him that people thought that it was queer for two boys to do it. He asked me if I thought it was queer and I told him I didn't but that I wouldn't tell anyone I was doing it anyway.

After several quite minutes he looked up at me and asked if I would suck his cock. (I thought he would never ask) I dropped down and took his small cock in my mouth. I was in heaven, this kid was so cute and innocent, I couldn't help but feel like I was taking advantage of him. I sucked him down to his hairless root and was loving every minute of it when he told me he wanted to try it on me.

I rose up and sat on the edge of the bed. My pants and underwear (slightly soiled with precum, piss and just a hint of a skid mark) were almost down to my knees and my cock was bouncing with the frantic pace of my beating heart. Precum was pouring out as my hardon throbbed. Billy reached out and wrapped his small hand around my cock. He looked up at me and told me how nice my cock was. I told him his would get bigger and he started to lower his head to my dick. I brought my hand up to the back of his head and lightly stroked his hair.

He opened his mouth and my still dripping cockhead slid in it's warmth. I wanted to shoot off then but pulled his head off my cock and told him to go slow. He asked why and I told him I didn't want to cum in his mouth. He said he didn't care if it tasted like the stuff that was cumming out now. I told him that it was about the same and he said he wanted me to do it in his mouth. He went back to sucking my cock. I guess he had paid attention to what his mother had done to his dad because he was doing a number on me.

Even though he wanted it I wasn't ready to end our play session so I slowly stopped him. He asked why and I told him I wanted to show him something else. I told him I wanted to stick my dick in his ass and he said we could try.

Using spit and my precum as lube I rubbed my cockhead around his hole. I knew not to just stuff it in but didn't really understand all the reasoning behind it. Too soon I started trying to stuff it in and it just wasn't working. I suggested we switch places and he was very glad to get to try. Without a whole lot of trouble he slipped his small cock in my somewhat experienced ass.

He was pumping away enjoying the feeling when he said he wished he could cum in me. I told him he would have to wait a few years for that.

Then out of nowhere I said why don't you piss in me. He laughed and said he didn't know if he could. I told him to try. He pushed so hard trying to pee that he farted and we both fell off the bed laughing so hard we were holding our sides in pain. When we recovered he said he wanted try again. I got up bent over and he slid it in.

I felt his cock throb inside me and told him so. He said that he was very excited to do this and that he often played with his pee in the shower. After a few minutes of us being real still I felt a strong stream hitting the back wall of my ass chamber and I began to have the sensation of being filled up. It was like when I had to go shit only this was starting to feel overwhelming. I started to tell him to stop when it felt like my insides swallowed.

Suddenly some of the pressure was relieved. I wasn't sure I was going to make it because I could still feel his stream as strong as ever and I was filling up again quick. All this time Billy was telling me how cool this was and how good it felt and how he hoped we could do it again. I on the other hand was panting, rock hard and softly moaning.

I loved this new sensation and wanted him to keep going even though I thought I was going to burst. As strongly as he started, he quickly stopped and said he was done.

We heard a noise so we quickly dressed and I peeked out the door to see what it was. My mother was up and in the bathroom so we had to leave my brothers room before we were caught.

We quickly left so I wouldn't have to answer to my mom for my activities. We left and went back to the vacant lot where I learned that 'what goes in' 'must come out'. Really embarrassed I released my overflowing anus onto the ground between my spread legs while Billy laughed and said how gross it was.

We didn't play more that day but we did experiment with some other things before I moved away.

I will always remember my 1st day of piss play. And Billy who was so eager.