NOTICE AND DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction. Any resemblence to actual persons, places, and events is purely coincidental.

Some readers will no doubt take offense at the use of certain racial terms used in this fantasy (specifically, when the Black character insists that the white character use the word "nigger"). I can only respond to such objections by stating that (1) the language is used by the characters willingly as part of a fantasy, and (2) I have had a few Black partners (not many, but a few) make exactly the same request of me in real life.

This is not to say that the use of such language is appropriate in most cases (it is not). But if both partners, engaging in a domination/"dirty talk" scene decide to use such language to create an uninhibited, "no-holds-barred" feeling, that is their prerogative. Readers are asked to distinguish between fantasy and reality with regard to this issue.

Readers are also asked to understand that the obviously unsafe sexual practices depicted in this story are fictional and that real life requires real protection.

Anthony, the Mover

It was the smile that got me first.

It started as a hint, a subtle curl of the upper lip. The lips were medium-full, smooth dark chocolate with a hint of pink where they led into the mouth.

Then the smile grew, and the eyes joined in. Pale brown eyes, so pale that they offered a stark challenge to the full black brows and coffee-colored skin.

Then the smile broke like sunlight. The lips parted in dazzling pearl white teeth and a strawberry pink tongue. Taste me, it seemed to say. Feel this soft pink tongue against your soft pink tongue, white boy.

Oh, yes. That smile definitely got my attention.

The name on his shirt pocket said "Anthony," and he had just unloaded the last carton of my worldly possessions from the moving van parked in front of my new house. He was holding the clipboard in front of me so that I would sign it and he could go home.

First, though, I pretended to read the release that I was signing. I am an attorney, and I always read everything I sign. But I was not really reading the clipboard. I was studying the veins in the smooth black skin of Anthony's hand and listening to his breathing and thinking how sweet it would be to put my tongue in that little dip where his neck ended and his collarbone began. Right below his Adam's apple and right above the crucifix dangling from the thin gold chain around his neck.

Oh, Pleasebabybabypleasebabybabypleeeeeeeeeze.

Yep. I was gone.

After an acceptable length of time, I stopped pretending to read and signed the clipboard. Then I handed it back to Anthony, lingering a moment with the clipboard in hopes that our hands would touch.

They did.

I did a little summersault inside.

Then I said some bullshit about a hard day's work and looking forward to relaxing, and Anthony said he "heard that." And I said a beer would be just the ticket, and Anthony said he "heard that," too.

But then Anthony's moving partner came over to us, and Anthony and I both became all business, and then they left. Just like that. Anthony just climbed in the truck with his pale eyes and goatee and shaved head and gold earring and perfect smile and a tight hard body that made this white lawyer say dayum!

Not just dayum. Gawwwdayum!

And thank you, Jesus!

Just climbed in the truck and drove away. And that was that.

And I went to sleep that night with dreams of Anthony's lips curling into that amazing smile and his pale eyes staring deep into mine as he moved over me and pulled my legs up to my chest and pressed his cock against my wet and hungry ...

Oh, God. This was getting out of hand. I clearly needed to get laid.

So at three o'clock in the morning (I am not proud of this fact), I rousted my sorry and still-horny ass out of the bed and drove the mile and a half to the Main Street Baths. Looking every bit like a man in need of a coffee transfusion, I paid the attendant and put my things in a locker and went to the steam room.

As the steam opened my pores, I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and cursed myself for being there and for being so desperate at such an ungodly hour on a weeknight.

I had almost persuaded myself to go home when I looked through the glass door of the steam room into the shower area that was directly across from me.

And there he was. Just like that.

It was Anthony.

He was standing stark naked in the communal shower and lathering soap all over his chest and down the front of his body. His smooth skin was dark against the white tiles, except for the palms of his hands and the soles of his feet, which were the same strawberry pink as his tongue. His feet were spread slightly apart to give him the best balance on the slick tile floor. And he was singing.

I couldn't tell exactly what he was singing, with the shower running and the steam room door closed. But I could hear the rich, deep baritone of his voice echoing throughout the shower area as he massaged the lather into his crotch and legs and then turned toward the jet to rinse it all off.

I decided to get better acquainted. I stepped out of the steam room, hung my towel on a rack, and walked into the common shower.

Anthony didn't recognize me at first, and I pretended not to recognize him. I began soaping my chest and front, all the while stealing sidelong glances at Anthony, hoping that he would recognize me, and hoping that he would be glad to see me. And failing that, hoping that I could at least get a decent view of his cock.

I didn't get a decent view of it, however, because he had lathered it up again and it was soft, and he was standing at the wrong angle. But in the corner of my eye, I could tell that he was looking at me and that something was beginning to register.


He recognized me.

Turning slightly toward him, I could see that delicious upper lip begin to curl into a smile of recognition. Then he turned to me, and that dazzling smile broke into full daylight, blinding me yet again with its sensuous joy.

Pretending to recognize him for the first time, I smiled back and extended my hand. He took it and gave it a firm, friendly shake. His hand was strong and warm.

He did not let go of my hand but instead held it as we talked.

Standing there, holding hands butt naked in the shower, we expressed amazement at this coincidence, this accidental meeting only hours after our first. I told Anthony that I had just arrived after a sleepless night (I did not tell him why it had been sleepless), and he said that he had been there a few hours but that he had been sleeping much of the time.

As we went on like that, I could feel my cock beginning to stir. Stealing a glance at Anthony's crotch, I saw that his dick seemed to be filling out before my very eyes. It was a handsome dick, cut, and it looked like it might grow into something monstrous given the proper inspiration.

And I was feeling very inspirational at that moment.

Finally releasing my hand, Anthony turned off his shower and turned to get his towel. I followed suit. As I pulled my towel off the rack, Anthony gave a little chuckle and patted me on the back. And left his hand there.

Then after a moment, he slid his hand down my back and rested it lightly on my ass. And left it there.

Pulling me closer, his pale eyes looked straight into mine, only inches from my face.

"I'm really glad I ran into you tonight," he said.

"Me too."

I shivered. His strong dark hand felt good on my round white ass.

Anthony leaned forward and gave me a quick kiss on the lips, and then he suggested that we go to his room. He gave my ass a little squeeze, and I gave him a slightly longer kiss before saying that it sounded like a very good idea to me. He squeezed my ass again and then gave my butt a playful slap.

Anthony put on his towel, but I could tell that his growing tool was beginning to make things awkward. He adjusted himself by pulling his meat to the side and wrapping the towel tightly to hold it in place. I followed him up the stairs to his room, which was on the second floor.

Amazingly, he made it all the way up the stairs without his cock breaking free of the towel. But he did have to tighten the towel again before unlocking the door to his room.

He had rented the "honeymoon suite." The concept of such a suite in a bathhouse has always puzzled me, and the room fell somewhat short of its name. However, it did have a queen-sized double bed, medium-sized television, and a private wash area. So by bathhouse standards, we were going first class.

And considering that Anthony was a good four inches taller than my own five-eleven, the space might come in handy. Taking on Anthony in a single room would be a crowded proposition, I thought. Here, there would be room to play.

There were fresh sheets on the bed. I had a hunch that I was not the first visitor of the evening. It didn't matter. Anthony had been resting, and I knew he could finish whatever he wanted to start. Besides, no man as gorgeous as Anthony could go for very long in a bathhouse before someone offered him their services.

I sat on the side of the bed while Anthony adjusted the lighting to his satisfaction. He then opened a styrofoam cooler and offered me a beer. I accepted a soft drink instead. Anthony sat next to me on the bed, kissed my neck, and asked what I enjoyed doing.

"Well, uh... I enjoy almost everything. I like to fuck. I love to get fucked. And I like it when a man cums in my mouth." I blushed at this last admission. I really didn't know what else to say. "Hell, I just like sex!"

Anthony smiled, pulled me close, and ran his strawberry pink tongue along the edge of my ear. "Damn!" he said. "You sound like you've been reading my mind!"

He went on about how he liked everything about sex ... kissing, fucking, sucking. How he loved tasting the salt of a man's sweat. How he loved hearing a man moan as he ate out his ass. Just the whole experience of feeling, tasting, smelling a man. How he loved the feeling of being inside a man's ass, ready to blow a hot load.

"Do you like black men?" he asked.

"Very much," I answered. "More than any other kind of man."

"I like all kinds," said Anthony. "Usually I fuck around with other black guys. But I like to have a nice white boy every now and then. As long as he's hot and willing to play nasty."

"I'm very nasty," I assured him.

"Me too. I'm a freak!" he laughed. "And right now, you're making me feel like I want to freak you all over this bed."

He nestled closer, and he began exploring my chest with his hand, gliding his fingers through the hairs. Except for his crotch, Anthony was silky-smooth from head to toe, and he seemed to be drawn to my hairy chest.

Pressing his hand against my chest, Anthony eased me back onto the bed and began nibbling and licking my neck, working his way down to my nipples. I kissed the top of his shaved head and stroked his back as he tongued a nipple, pulling it between his lips and sucking it gently. He stopped and looked at me.

"Are you gonna suck my cock real good?"

I nodded.

"You gonna let me fuck your brains out?"

I nodded again.

"That's a good white boy."

He kissed my neck again, sending an electric charge down my spine, and then he pressed his warm lips against mine. I opened my mouth to receive his tongue, and we lay there for a few moments, our tongues gently playing as we melted into each other's bodies.

"Oh, shit!" he moaned softly, his lips still touching mine. "You feel so good. You're making me so hot for you!"

Then he rolled on top of me, resting his weight on his elbows and covering me with his massive frame. His kisses became more urgent, his tongue devouring mine passionately. Between my legs, I could feel Anthony's hot fleshy pole pressing against me.

Anthony broke the kiss and lifted himself off of me. His arms fully straight, he was now above me in a push-up position, staring hard at me with those amazing pale eyes and an intense, serious expression.

I glanced down towards his crotch. His tool was fully erect and aimed at my face like a deadly weapon ready to fire. The blue-black cock head was engorged and shiny smooth. A silvery strand of pre-cum drooled from the piss-slit. He trembled slightly.

"You gonna obey this dick?"

"Yes," I said.

"You gonna be my bitch?"


"Say it!"

"I'm your bitch"

"You want this nigger dick, don't you?"


"Say it!"

"I want your black dick!"

"NO, BITCH! You want this nigger dick! Say it!"

"I want your nigger dick." The words felt strange.

"That's right. And you will obey it."

In answer, I raised my legs until my ass was rubbing against his cock, his wet precum making my hole slick. Anthony raised himself to a kneeling position and grabbed my legs with his powerful hands.

He pushed me back further until my ass was in the air and my legs were almost against my chest. Then, without taking his eyes from mine, he lowered his face to my ass and gave my puckered hole a gentle kiss.

I felt his breath and lips on my ass. Then his tongue.

Slowly, Anthony began tonguing my hole. He licked gently around the edges then pressed against my opening. Letting out a low moan, he worked his tongue in deeper. I could feel my asslips opening up to his prodding. The sensation was electric.

With his fingers, Anthony pulled my cheeks wider and pressed his tongue harder against the opening. He began sucking on my ass and probing it open with his incredible hot tongue.

"White boy's got a sweet pussy," he murmured.

But I wanted to taste a few things, too. Slowly, I eased my legs back down and sat up. Anthony was also sitting up, and his huge cock was pointing straight out.

"I want to taste you," I told him.

Anthony smiled and pushed me backwards until I was lying on my back. Then he straddled my chest so that his cock was only inches from my face. It curved forward, like a faucet aimed at my mouth.

Looking down at me, Anthony guided his cock closer to my mouth with his hand. Again, his attitude seemed to change. A wicked grin crossed his face.

"You want your daddy to feed you some dick?" he asked. "You gonna make Daddy blow a hot wad in that sweet mouth of yours?"

"Yes, Daddy."

"You gonna swallow all of Daddy's cum?"

"Yes, Daddy."

He inched his cock still closer to my mouth.

"Tell Daddy what you want."

"I want to taste you, Daddy!"

"Taste me how? Taste my dick?"

I nodded.

"Taste my cum?"

I nodded again.

"Taste my nigger piss?"

"I want to taste everything, Daddy!"

"Fuckin' whore!" Anthony said with a wicked grin, and slid his dick into my mouth.

I began sucking like a baby with a new bottle. Working my tongue against the underside of his thick veiny shaft, I opened my mouth wider as his cock slid to the back of my throat.

"Baby, that feels real good. You keep that up and Daddy will give you a prize."

He began moving his hips back and forth with little thrusts, gradually gaining speed as he became more confident that I could take it. His dick swelled as he pounded ever more aggressively. The he rammed his cock hard against the back of my throat and held it there. I could feel his heartbeat pulsing in my mouth.

He smiled at me with another wicked grin.

"Baby, you almost made Daddy nut in your sweet mouth! I'm so close ... I'm still on the edge!"

I mumbled something unintelligible. I could not speak. My mouth was full of his hard meat. It tasted salty from his pre-cum.

"But I'm not ready to cum just yet. Not this way."

He seemed to relax for a moment, and I thought that he was going to pull out his dick. But he left it in my mouth.

Then looking away from me, he took a deep breath, and I felt his dick soften a little in my mouth. But it was still full and thick.

He stayed that way for a few moments, not looking at me, his cock in my mouth. And taking deep, relaxing breaths.

Then he exhaled a final time, and the cock in my mouth swelled a little. And then I felt a churning in the cockshaft, and then warm liquid at the back of my throat.

Anthony was pissing in my mouth.

"Be a good bitch and drink that nigger piss."

I swallowed the tangy liquid as fast as I could as Anthony's grin shined down at me once again. The piss was pouring in a powerful steady stream, and I had to swallow fast to keep up. It wasn't as bitter as I thought it might be. I had never drunk anyone's piss before, but the thought of being dominated by this virile man turned me on more.

The stream finally stopped, and Anthony gave my face a playful slap. "Good little white boy!" he said, rolling off of me back onto the bed. "You keep doing it this good and I might have to share you with some friends. Have a little piss party in your sweet mouth."

He was now on his back. Motioning with his cock a little, he said, "Let me see you suck this fuckpole back to life."

I knelt between his massive dark legs and put my lips on the cockhead. Anthony lay on the bed with his head propped against the headboard so he could watch me as I sucked his pole. His laced his fingers behind the back of his head and watched expectantly with his pale brown eyes. He displayed no emotion other than raw lust. The boundaries had been clearly drawn; I was his slave and he was my master.

I began serving his cock with a desire I had never felt before. Raising myself slightly to get the best angle, I opened my mouth wide and relaxed my throat completely. Slowly, I pressed down as his cockhead slid over my tongue and to the back of my throat.

"Take it, bitch. Suck it like a good little white boy does."

Gradually, I got his dick about halfway down, but it was beginning to thicken and harden again, and the angle wasn't right. I moved to the side a bit to get a better angle and was able to get it a little further down.

Anthony sensed what I was doing. "Bring that ass around here so I can open it up," he said.

I repositioned myself. We were now in a "69" position, with Anthony lying on his back and me on all fours over him. I began working on his meat again. The angle was better, and I could slide it down further, almost three quarters of the way. Anthony was turning his attention to my ass, which was positioned right at his mouth.

"Oh, yeah! Keep working that pole. Take it all the way down your sweet pussythroat."

I worked the dick with everything I had, sucking and slurping like a man possessed. Anthony was eating my ass again, and I was in heaven.

I began working my way lower, first licking the lower part of Anthony's cock and then his balls. Anthony kept working on my ass with his tongue, getting it ready for his monster tool.

"Yeah, that's it, white boy. Suck my balls."

I moved even lower, toward his ass. In response, Anthony lifted his legs slightly for better access. Below his balls, his ass was smooth and completely hairless. The lips puckered slightly out from the surrounding smooth dark chocolate skin. I could see a hint of strawberry pink where the lips led into his asshole.

"Lick it, you cocksucker! Lick my ass!"

I obeyed. Anthony's ass tasted tangy and salty and turned me on even more. I pulled at his buttcheeks to get in closer, hooking my arms under his legs to pull his ass up higher. We stayed liked that for several minutes, eating each other out like it was our last meal. My ass felt indescribably warm and relaxed from Anthony's sucking and probing.

Anthony wet one finger with his mouth and began probing my hole, all the while continuing to lick and suck around the lips. I moved back to his cock, which was still rigid and pulsing. I felt a second finger enter me.

Anthony reached over to the nightstand and grabbed a jar of petroleum jelly. Scooping some with two fingers, he began to rub the grease all over my ass. Then he again began probing with his fingers. One finger. Then two. Then three.

"Damn, baby!" he said. "You're even loose like a bitch! I'm gonna have some fun in this pussy!"

He slid another finger in my ass. Now there were four.

I grabbed the jar of vaseline and greased up his dick with steady firm strokes. Then, still stroking his greased cock with one hand, I wrapped my lips around the head. The vaseline smeared over my lips as I slid the greased tool down my throat.

Anthony pulled his hand from my ass and pressed his face against my greased butt. His tongue worked at my hole furiously as he sucked and licked me. His face, now smeared with vaseline, was buried deep between my buttcheeks.

Suddenly, as if on cue, we both knew that it was time to fuck.

I pulled up from my all-fours position and turned myself around. Anthony was still on his back, holding his cock upright like an expectant black firepole.

Straddling his hips, I lowered myself onto Anthony's cock in one smooth motion. All the way to his balls.

"GodDAMN, Baby! Shit that feels good!"

I was surprised that I had taken the whole thing so fast. I sat there for a moment, relaxing and adjusting to the new sensation. Anthony lay very still with his huge meat stretching my ass, his rough hands resting lightly on my pale hips.

I looked at him. His eyes were heavy-lidded and he seemed possessed by desire. His full lips and chin were still smeared with the vaseline, and a little smile played across his face.

"I could just stay here like this for hours with my dick up your hot little ass. But I've got other plans."

Then he sat up with me still impaled on his cock and rolled us both over until I was on my back and he was on top of me, my legs on his shoulders.

"Are you ready for some fucking?"

"Yes, Daddy."

"You mean 'yes Nigger Daddy.' Say it!"

"Yes, Nigger Daddy."

"That's my good little white bitch. I might have to fuck this pussy for a while. Might have to tear it up a bit. Think you can take it?"

He began to slide his greased pole in and out of my hole with long, slow strokes. In spite of the stretching he had given it with his fingers, it was still quite tight, and it made a slurping sound when he pulled out. When he pushed back in, my hole seemed to hug his cock like it didn't want to let him go.

"Ahh yesssss. That's it, Baby. Tight and warm. Feels good for your daddy."

The feeling was incredible. My hole was stretched as wide as it could go, and I felt a satisfying fullness in my ass. Anthony pounded me with powerful, steady strokes, and I felt as if I could feel his body heat from his cock.

"Shit, yes!"

Anthony hooked his arms under my legs and rolled me back further on the bed. I was now curled into a ball, and he was directly over me.

"Gonna do some push-up into your sweet ass."

He began pumping in earnest now, pistoning in and out of my hole with deep, rapid strokes. With each stroke, his hips slammed against my butt with a satisfying "slap!" and the bedsprings groaned under the force of each thrust.

"Aw, yeah, Baby! I'm gonna break this bed!"

And the assault on my ass continued. Slowly, the squeaking of the bedsprings and the slapping against my ass began to recede from my mind, and I began to become very focused on the sensation of Anthony's cock invading my hole. It was as if my mind blocked out everything but his cock. I closed my eyes and all the sound in the room seemed to become muffled. My thoughts totally centered on the monster flesh that was tearing up my hole, the flesh-to-flesh heat of the fuckpole as it rubbed against the insides of my pussywalls. My hole screaming for more as the monster pole pulled out, screaming in delight as the monster cock violently rammed back in. Imagining that this pole was growing to the size of a baseball bat. Imagining that my "nigger daddy" was gang-banging me with fifteen of his friends. Imagining that I was taking two huge cocks at the same time. Imagining that I was his total fuck-slave, ready to take his cum and piss at any hour of the day, in any place on his command. Feeling the force of his massive cock as it rammed in and out and in and out and in and out of my burning hole.

Yes, Nigger Daddy! You own this pussy!

I opened my eyes. Anthony's face had an intense look, like he was about to explode. His face and neck and chest were drenched in sweat, and his eyes bore into mine as if to say, This is it. I'm gonna blow this dynamite cumload all over the inside of your ass. Gonna wash the inside of that ass with buckets of my hot cum.

"Are you ready, Baby? Your want this hot cum?"

"Shoot it, Daddy! Fill up my pussy!"

"I'm gonna cum in that sweet ass!"

"Yes, Daddy!"

And then Anthony let out a yell that seemed to rattle the walls of the room. His cock rammed hard into my ass, and I could feel it pulsing with life as he came in my ass. The load of hot thick nutjuice shot against the walls of my ass and kept pulsing for several seconds, filling my pussy with hot creamy spunk. My legs began trembling.

"I'm gonna cum, Daddy!"

Pulling his cock out of my dripping ass, Anthony quickly got between my legs and took my cock in his mouth. Sucking hard and working his tongue furiously, he brought me closer and closer to the brink. You've been a good white fuckboy, he seemed to be saying. Give Daddy your sweet boynut. Then, with my cock still in his mouth, he slid his hand up my ass in one smooth motion.

"I'm cumming!"

I exploded, spurting cum into Anthony's sweet strawberry mouth. He swallowed fast, taking my cum as it shot down his sweet warm throat.

"Oh, shit, Daddy! That feels so good!"

Licking the last pearl drop from my dick, Anthony laid down next to me in the bed, his face nestled against my neck.

"Baby, that was wonderful," he said, and gave me a gentle kiss on the lips. I could smell my cum on his breath and taste my ass on his lips. I returned the kiss.

"Do you think we'll do this again sometime?" I asked him.

I felt Anthony's hand move down between my legs and come to rest on my ass. He kissed me again and gave my ass a little squeeze.

"We will definitely do this again," he said, smiling. "Anytime you need that little white box packed, I'm the mover for the job!"

And indeed he was.