All of the standard disclaimers apply. If you are too young (based upon age or moralistic restriction in your community), too easily offended (you are uncomfortable with man/man sex), then you need to be elsewhere. The actions taking place did not have any use of condoms. This was before what we really know now. I encourage anyone ingaging in sex to think hard about protection.

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This is a true story which I had to share with you all. Of course the names have changed, but everything else happened just as it was told.

I just received a promotion from work. However this promotion caused me to be on the road more and more.

I was 20 at the time and I had to travel to South Carolina from northwest Pennsylvania and make quite a few stops in between to other businesses. Therefore this trip wasn't as easy as taking a flight.

All of my stops were completed and I started to head back home on Wednesday morning. I drank a lot of coffee before I headed out and also while I was driving. I drove for as long as I could without pulling over to take a piss. I saw a sign that a truck stop was 4 miles ahead and I thought this was as good of a time as ever because I wouldn't be able to hold it in much longer. I thought about just pulling to the side of the interstate, but the road was heavily traveled and not many places to get out of view and I didn't want arrested this time.

I pulled onto the exit and finally came to the rest area. I walked in and looked for the restroom and there was a sign that the mens restroom and shower area was located on the second floor. I quickly ran up the steps and was in a locker room area. I walked a little further and walked past the showers. There were a lot of handsome truckers in the shower just looking at me in my suit and tie. I headed to the urinal and was unbuttoning my pants when one of the guys from the shower came behind me and squeezed my ass. I almost pissed my pants at that moment.

He asked if I was interested in a little fun and seeing this man naked with a raging hard on in front of me quickly helped me make my decision. I told him sure, but to let me take a piss first because I really had to go. He told me not to piss yet, but to get undressed and get into the shower.

I quickly undressed and headed into the shower. I am 6'2", 167#, pure red hair and extremely hairy, I have a 7.5" cut cock.

As I walked in I checked out those in the shower. By this time there were 2 guys. The first one which came behind me at the urinal is at least 6'7". He had a nice treasure trail heading down to his bush from his navel and a touch of chest hair, what hair he didn't have on his chest he made up for under his arms. I would say he was in his lower 30's with pure black hair. He has a 9" uncut cock at least. His name is Bill.

The other guy was 5'9". He was extremely hairy as well. For me I have my back shaved regularly, but this hunk did not. You could actually brade the hair on his body. This guy looked to be in his mid 20's and he has a 6" cock, but very thick and he has brown hair. His name is Mike.

I walked over to the and they turned the showers off. Walking on the wet floor was not helping my urge to piss one bit. They started to piss on me and that was my sign that I could let loose as well. I let out a stream like I never had before that drenched them both and when they finished pissing I was still going strong for at least another 20 to 30 seconds. When I finished Mike pulled me over to him and gave me a huge hug to wipe some of my piss on me. When he was finished I couldn't resist and started licking him all over. Under his arms, chest, ass, and finally his cock. I was sucking him hard while Bill was down sucking me. It wasn't long before Mike stopped me because he was close to cumming. I wanted my turn to suck Bill so we got into the 69 position and I could tell that he hadn't been in the shower that long. There was dried cum and piss around his extra skin. I dove in and cleaned it out for him.

We sucked each other for a few minutes then I got into the doggie style position and he started fucking my ass like there was no tomorrow. His cock was touching my prostate with every push. Mike saw that I was close so he laid on his back and went underneath me and started sucking my cock and I couldn't hold it any longer and spewed 6 loaded into his mouth and I was surprised that he took it all. Bill pulled his massive cock out and I turned to look at him as he shot all 7 or 8 loaded onto my chest and stomach. Once he was finished he rubbed his cum into me and as he was Mike rubbed his cock along my hairy chest and soon added his own cum to rub into me. We all washed each other up and we were getting dressed and Mike came over to me and he said he wanted to give me something to remember. He placed his cock inside the hole of my boxers and in one movement came again and then he left with Bill. I quickly finished getting dressed and headed to my car and got back onto the interstate where I unzipped my pants and started playing with his cum before I lost another load inside my boxers before I could get my cock out to finish cumming on the steering wheel.

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