Chapter 11

The following morning, almost as soon as they woke up, Jackson went home to spend the whole day with his mom, because she was off. The rest of the guys though decided to get the rest of their electronics hooked up and put away where they belonged, with the exception of their satellite receivers, because that would have to wait until the installer came and hooked it all up anyway. They did however feel that it would be a good idea to be clothed, so that they did not shock their installer too much when he came to hook the new system up.

For the most part for the rest of the day until the installer arrived, the three of them just sat back and relaxed as much as possible, but they did clean up a bit as well. When the installer came, he started with installing the dish first, and that did not take all that long, and then he came in and did the boxes. Once he had that all done, he called in and activated them all, and passed the phone over to Brad so that he could set up his account and choose all the channels that he wanted, and he chose to take everything that they had. Once they were all done, Brad gave the installer a nice tip and thanked him for his great service, and then they sat down to test out the new setup. It took a few minutes to figure it all out, a little longer to set up their new remote so that it worked with it, and then they switched it to Gay TV to see what was on. There was a funny comedy on, so they watched it, and they were all happy with the quality as well as the programming, so that was good.

For the most part, for the rest of the day, they stayed sitting there just watching TV. When Jackson arrived in the late afternoon, he too sat and joined them, and he too was happy with the new setup, and wished that he could have as nice a setup at home, especially the gay channels. The next couple days were spent much in this fashion, they just sat back and relaxed a lot, just doing a whole hell of a lot of nothing, but enjoying it together. By their fourth day of relaxing they were getting ready to get up and do something again, but they did not know what.

“Why don't we go rent a boat for the day and see how you like that? It's nice outside today and you said you might want to give it a try.” Jackson offered after they deliberated for a bit.

“Ah hell, why not. Any idea where the nearest marina is?” Brad asked the boys.

“Not a clue. There used to be one at the lake, but I'm pretty sure it closed down a few years ago. There'll be one at the ocean I'm sure, and it's only an hour away. You could always look in the phone book as well and see what it says there.” Shawn offered.

“Good idea. I don't think I want to head out to the ocean to test out a boat for my first time though, thank you very much, so I'll see if there's somewhere local.”

Bradley grabbed the phone book, which was near to him, and tossed it to his dad, who caught it and looked through it for a few minutes. There was no one that was obvious, so he called a local boat dealer to see if they knew of anyone, and they said no, there was none after the marina closed down. Brad decided to just go and buy a nice boat and figure out what to do with it afterwards if they did not care for it any. He felt he could afford to do so, but figured they would like it anyway.

As soon as they were all dressed, of course they were all sitting around in only their diapers, as they always were now when they were at home, they headed out. They went to the same dealer that Brad had called, he knew that they were probably the largest one in town, and he wanted the best, and they would probably have it he figured. As soon as they arrived, they were asked if they needed any help, but Brad politely told the man that at the moment they were just looking, but that he would call if he had any questions. For almost an hour the four of them looked around the lot, looking at all the boats, and reading all the cards that explained all the features.

They all thought that the jet boats looked really cool, but all also felt were impractical for a first time user, and really could not be used for anything else, so shied mostly away from them. Then there were the nice smaller cabin cruisers, but they wanted something a bit different, because none of the smaller ones had enough room for all of them to sleep comfortably anyway, not until they got up quite a bit larger would they have enough room and they would not be able to tow them. Then there were the smaller fishing boats, and these just held no appeal to any of them at all, although there were some nice ones as well. The ones that they all seemed to gravitate towards seemed to be the nicest middle of the ground for everyone, and those were the pontoon boats. With the larger motors, they could easily pull a skier, they had a great big deck on them, so there was plenty of room for them all, and the card even said a large tent could very easily be set up for sleeping should anyone ever desire to do so. The one that they all seemed to like best of all had a nice layout, huge motor, lots of convertible seating, which is to mean they could be a number of things, including coolers, a few tables that could be set into holes in the floor in a few different areas for whatever they needed, it had a large awning like cover for sun and rain protection, and it even had a barbecue option, as well as a few other things.

“That's the one daddy, if there's any boat that should be ours, I think that's the one, and I think the color even suits us perfectly.” Bradley offered his opinion.

“I think I agree, and the price really isn't all that bad actually, it's like half the price of most of the ski boats, yet it's considerably larger and can do a hell of a lot more.”

“And from what I know about boats, and I love boats, pontoon boats are the best to have, because they're the most stable and easy to drive, not to mention all that you can do on them.” Jackson added.

“So, can we get it daddy?”

“Ah, why the hell not.” Brad smiled brightly, and they headed into the office to talk to the guy who had offered his assistance.

It took nearly two more hours before everything was bought and paid for, and they walked out with a lot more than just the boat, that was for certain. There was the safety kit; which included flares, horn, first aid kit, anchor, rope, oars, flashlight, and a few other assorted items that would be of use in case of emergency. Brad bought the barbecue option, as well as the bathroom option, which was just a portapotty and a small pop up tent, but was more than adequate, and a damn good idea he thought. He bought three extra extra large fuel tanks for the boat, just so that they always had plenty of fuel, the sales man had said that was the most that the rear underbelly storage would hold in it, so he went with the most. He then grabbed a set of skis and a boogie board, a couple tow ropes and a rope tripod to go with them, the tripod was an add on that he could install himself with ease. The only problem that they found out while they were going over everything, was that the car did not have a trailer hitch on it, but Brad was assured that his vehicle would certainly haul the boat, so he set up a time to have the hitch installed, and that was for that very afternoon.

“Well boys, I hope you're happy now, you just made me spend another thirty thousand dollars.”

“Yes, as a matter of fact, we are happy.” Jackson said in a flat tone with a serious look on his face.

“You certainly don't look happy.”

“This is me happy.” He said in the same way, and then burst out laughing.

“Brat.” Brad smiled.

“Thanks. Should we go for lunch first, or go to Wal-Mart and get a tent and a few other things to go on and in the boat?”

“Tent, what for, and what other things could we need?”

“Because I think it'd be super cool to sleep overnight on the lake, and we'll need a few camping things for doing that. The barbecue has a burner on it, and there's lots of water cooled coolers on the boat, so we don't need that, but we should get a lantern or two, we'll need some dishes and cookware and stuff, and we'll need a couple sleeping bags at least, and maybe a couple cots, or just air mattresses would probably be better. There's so much storage on the boat that we should be able to keep it all in there anyway, since every seat is either a cooler or a storage box. Is there anything I missed?”

“Doesn't sound like it. Let's go to the store then and see what we can find, and we'll just get a late lunch, or early dinner while the guys are setting up the car for the hitch.”

“Okay. I need a diaper change before too long though.” Bradley said, not worried about food, they had had a nice big breakfast, so they were all still good from that anyway.

“We'll change once we get there, since that's one of the few places in town that has a decent family washroom to use.”

“Okay.” The boys all said.

They headed to the large store next and Bradley grabbed their diaper bag and they all headed to the bathroom to get changed. Once they were all changed, they headed to the camping section first to get anything from there that they wanted. They grabbed four of the best propane lanterns there were, quite a few propane bottles to go with them, a propane tank for the barbecue, since the lot did not have them, a large six person two room tent that they were certain would very easily fit on the deck, four really good sleeping bags that could be zipped together, two queen sized air mattresses, and a really good electric pump for them, thankfully the boat had a couple power ports. They also grabbed a few other really good flashlights, some more rope, and a few other things from there.

Next was the dishes and cookware, and they only bought enough for the four of them, since that was all that would ever be there anyway, and they did not buy all that much either, just enough to make due. Brad even spotted a small generator that he figured might come in handy from time to time, so he decided to grab that as well, he just hoped it would fit in the forward underbelly storage compartment, but figured it should, as well as they grabbed a few other things. He did not really want anything to have to be stored on the deck, other than in the bench seats, because he hated clutter, but he would deal with that later if he had to. They looked around for a little while longer, adding a few things here and there that they wanted or needed, and then they went and paid for their things. It was expensive once again to say the least, but at least they had lots to show for it. They would have just enough time to make it home and unload all this new stuff so that they could make their appointment, but they had to hurry, so they did. It was just piled in the garage, and then they were off again.

They pulled into the boat lot and were waved right into the bay, and then they walked to a nearby diner to have some food, because they were all getting hungry. They knew that the car was going to take about an hour before it was ready, so they were in no rush, so stayed and relaxed and ate and laughed. When they walked back, they saw that their car was just being pulled out and it appeared to be done.

As soon as they got there, they were told that it was in fact done, and then someone came out to show Brad and the boys everything that they would ever need to know about the boat. This in and of itself took almost two hours, but it was very informative, so that was good. As soon as they were cleared to go, they were off with their new toy behind them.

“So, when can we go?” Bradley asked not seconds after leaving the lot.

“I wondered which one of you was going to be the first to ask!” Brad laughed.

“I bet, but that didn't answer my question.” Bradley grinned.

“It'll sorta depend on Jackson and if and when he can go.”

“I have to go home soon anyway, so I'll ask if we can go tomorrow for a few nights.” Jackson added right away.

“Okay.” Everyone said, happy with that.

When they got home, they backed the boat into position and then left it attached to the car for the time being, and then under cover of the garage, Jackson and Brad shared a nice tender kiss goodbye. Jackson said he was not entirely sure when he would be able to come over, but that it would be as soon as possible, so he left to go spend some time with his mom. As soon as Jackson was gone, the rest of them took on the daunting chore of trying to organize everything and find a home for it. They were nowhere near done by the time they figured it was time for dinner, so they went into the house, got a much needed diaper change, and then made and ate a very quick dinner. It was a couple hours later that they finished, but they managed to fit everything in some sort of home or another. They were all sweaty and tired, so they figured shower then bed might just be the way for the night, so that was what they did.

“Hi, how are you, and what did you do today Jackson?” His mom asked when he walked in.

“Hi mom, I'm good, and you?”


“We went and bought a nice boat today, and then bought everything for it as well. Which actually brings up something, would you mind if we went on a boating and camping trip for about three to five days, probably starting tomorrow?”

“Must be nice to have all this free time and a rich boyfriend to be able to do stuff, but sure.”

“He can afford it because he was the head foreman for the new bridge that was just done, and because he did it all way ahead of schedule and below budget, he got a really good bonus.”

“Oh, well that's really good. I read the reports on that, but they didn't give any actual names, and they say it's one of the best built in the area, if not the best. So, where are you gonna go then?”

“Yeah, it probably is, but I'm not really sure where yet, but it'll be to a lake, probably a larger one somewhere, so that we have some privacy. I'll make sure and tell you before we leave though, so that you know.”

“I would have demanded that anyway, so thanks.”

“I know, hence the reason I told you before you made it a demand.” Jackson grinned.

“You're too smart for your own good sometimes, you know that right?”

“Probably, but that was more to do with the fact that I really know you well.”

“Yes, I'm sure you do. So, where will you be camping then?”

“On the boat. You should see it, it's huge, probably the largest pontoon boat you can get. We bought a tent to set up on the deck and a portapotty and small tent for bathroom needs. We also bought everything else that we'd need for camping.”

“Now, that sounds cool, a houseboat without the huge expense of actually owning a houseboat.” She smiled.

“Yeah, it'll be cool.”

For the rest of the evening they sat around talking, watching TV, and of course they had dinner as well. Jackson decided to just stay at home and stay with his mom in the morning until she went to bed, that would be soon enough to go back to Brad's, even though he really wanted to go spend the night there, but his mom was home, so it was only fair. The next morning, as soon as his mom went to bed for the day, he was off, and he promised to call and tell her where they were heading before they left.

“Hi guys, it's all a go, all I have to do is call and tell her what lake we're going to, and then we can be gone for as long as five days, because I told her we might stay out that long.” Jackson said as soon as he entered the house and found the others in the living room, still in their diapers.

“Cool.” They all said.

“So, I guess that means we need to go get everything packed and ready to go, and then figure out where exactly we're going.” Brad said, standing up as well, because the boys were already up and bouncing around.

“Yippee.” Was pretty much the total response to that.

Brad and Jackson headed up to his room and Jackson helped Brad to get changed and dressed, while the other two went to their bedroom and changed each others diapers as well and then dressed each other. They all packed the bare minimum of clothes that they could get away with, as well as all the diapers that they would need, their diaper cream and lotion, wipes, brushes and anything else they needed from their bedrooms or bathrooms, and then met down in the living room. Jackson had of course already done this, his bag was next to the door where he dropped it when he came in.

“So, where should we go then boys?” Brad asked as they all started helping to grab food and other things from the kitchen that they would need.

“I don't know, but I say a nice large lake, but one that might not get visited quite as much. I can only think of one, and it's a little more than an hour away.” Jackson said, and then named the lake.

“Where's that, and how do you now, you haven't lived here near as long as I have, which is all my life?” Shawn asked.

“I spend a lot of time doing geography, I love it, so I know almost all the best places around here for nature, and I've dragged my mom to quite a few of them. Problem is of course I've never been there, so I have no idea if we can even launch the boat.” Jackson shrugged.

“I've heard of the lake, and I'm pretty sure they have a boat launch, so we should be fine. You're right though, it's large, and it's pretty out of the way, the road is at best one and a half lanes wide and gravel over fifty percent of the way, so most don't go there. Sounds good enough to me, so that's where we'll go.” Brad said.

“Wicked.” The boys all said.

Jackson called his mom right away and told her where they would be, and then as soon as he hung up, he continued helping the others to get everything that they would be needing. They made quite a few trips out to the boat to load all their stuff, and they were all glad when they were done, however they found that they now had no more room, and there were a few things that had to be stored in the car, because there was no room for it in the storage compartments. Once they were on the water, this would be of little concern, so they were not worried about it.

It was a lot later than they would have wanted normally by the time they left, but they left, and they talked excitedly the whole way there. As soon as they made it, they got the boat into the water and the motor warming up. They had had to stop at a gas station on the way of course to fill up all their tanks, as well as they grabbed quite a few cases of pop and water, as well as a bunch of junk food, so they were good to go. They loaded all the last minute items into the boat from the car, and then Brad went up and parked the car, Jackson of course went with him, while Bradley and Shawn started doing what they could to get things somewhat setup so that it was all out of the way. As soon as Brad and Jackson made it back down, they headed right out, heading for the furthest parts of the lake.

“Wow, this feels so nice and relaxing.” Brad said a few minutes after they had taken off.

“Yeah, and I don't see anyone else out here at all.”

“Yeah, but it's late afternoon in the middle of the week, so there might not be any people out here. Sadly though we'll petty much have to keep at least shorts on at all times, even if over our diapers, but we really shouldn't even wear those so much, because I don't want quite so much garbage if we can help it.” Brad said.

“Nuts, I never thought about the garbage. Well, I guess it won't be so bad, we can at least wear our night diapers until they're pretty much leaking, and then wait until almost bedtime before diapering ourselves again. I also brought my Speedos, so I'm not wearing anything more than that as often as possible.” Bradley said.

“Do you happen to have a few pairs of those?” Shawn asked.

“As a matter of fact, I do, I brought enough for both of you a well, they'll be obscenely tight on both of you as well, but at least you'll be somewhat covered.” Bradley grinned.

“I can live with that. If I can't be naked or diapered, that'll have to be the next best thing.” Jackson grinned.

“Same.” Bradley and Jackson both said.

“Well, there's no point in taking off our diapers now, we may as well just leave them, but can we at least strip down to just our diapers do you think daddy?”

“There doesn't seem to be anyone else out here this afternoon, and I admit that it'd be nice, so sure, why not. Pretty soon we'll get the tent figured out and set it up, and get everything else set up as well, because we should think of making dinner soon.”

Not one of the boys even waited for Brad to finish his statement, all they pretty much heard was yes, and before he was done, so were they, getting undressed that is. Then again, they were wearing a grand total of two articles of clothing each, a shirt and a pair of shorts, only just enough to cover the fact that they were in fact diapered. Although, on each one of them you would have been able to tell almost certainly what they were wearing if you only took a second to look. Brad did not take all that much longer to strip, laughing as he did, because he was certain that the boys had not heard another word after he agreed.

“Okay, now, did even one of you get the rest of what I said?”

“Um, no, admittedly I didn't.” Jackson grinned.

“Yeah, I didn't think so. I said soon we'll get the tent figured out and set up, and then we'll get everything else set up as well. For the next little bit though, let's see if we can find a nice place to spend our nights.”

“Oh, okay.” The boys all said in much the same way.

For the next hour, they toured the large lake, enjoying the scenery as well as the ride, because it was quite peaceful and relaxing. There were a number of small bays and islands throughout the pretty large lake, so there was a lot of places for them to get shelter from the wind if they needed it. Brad, using years of trades experience, determined where the wind was most likely to come from, and which way as well, and told the boys where they were going to spend their nights, so they headed there.

“Okay boys, I guess we'll figure the tent out first, and then we'll get the rest from there.”

“Okay.” They all said.

Shawn remembered where it was put, so he grabbed it and unpacked it from its box, and then handed over the instructions to Brad while he removed all the components from the bag. The boys were smart enough to figure out which side was down, so they laid it out, and then positioned the door so that it faced the rear of the boat, putting the other side as close to the front as possible, so as to give them the largest amount of space left over. Brad read the instructions for only a couple minutes, and then told the boys what to do and how to do it, and they did it. It was quite large, but was exceptionally easy to set up, and in under ten minutes, the three boys had it done.

“How exactly are we gonna secure it down though?” Shawn asked.

“Just tie the ropes to the lowest rails should be fine, and try and get them as close to an upright support as well and tie to that, so that the rope doesn't slide. Really though, as long as we have our stuff in there, and we don't drive the boat fast or get a stupid strong wind, it'd be more than fine as is. Granted, we don't want to be putting too much in there anyway, because during the day, if it's nice outside, we'll put the tent away when we're not using it.”

“I don't know daddy, even with such a big tent on it, there's enough room to just leave it, and I bet it takes the wind from driving as fast as we can just fine. I say we just leave it as is, we'll do the rest of the stuff on the other section, and we can set up the toilet tent right here next to it, and it'll be fine. Question is though, can you still see to drive with it right where it is?”

“Never thought to check that, but I was just planning to take the tent down. If we have to though, we can move the tent a bit. Let me go check.”

Brad went to the pilots chair and looked, and found that the tent was fine for the most part, but he could not see to the left front at all, and thought this might be a bit of a concern.

“No go boys, I can't see out that side at all with the tent in place, so either we try it in the rear of the boat, or we take it down when we're not using it.”

“We can try that easy enough, we haven't tied it down yet.” Jackson said, and then the three boys lifted it straight up and over the helm and set it down in the rear without problem.

“There we go, there's a little less space back here, but that might actually work out better, because it gives us more space up there. I think we can still fit the toilet tent here as well, and still have access to all the storage.” Shawn said.

“Yeah, I think that'll work just fine to. The only problem I see now though is that the ropes will impede the opening and closing of the lids for the storage and the coolers back here.”

“I noticed you grabbed your tool box from the car, any chance you have anything in it that we can attach in a way that won't kill our feet or otherwise be in the way?” Jackson asked.

“Not a clue, I doubt it though. Can't hurt to check though.”

Jackson went to the forward storage compartment where he knew it had been put with the generator, and grabbed it, or at least tried to, until he realized it was nearly as heavy as he was, so he couldn't do it. Brad laughed when he saw this, he wondered if Jackson would be able to budge it, so he went and grabbed it and opened it up.

“Well, there's some screw in eye hooks, but I don't think these 'll be strong enough, and I don't really want to screw them in anywhere, they're ugly.” Brad said as he was digging through.

“What are these?” Shawn asked, holding up a brand new pack of something.

“Those, my dear boy, are hidden catches for things. I totally forgot I had them and they'll be perfect. They're nice looking enough to go, they'll certainly hold and will be out of the way enough. I bought those to install inside the rear compartment of the SUV and I never got around to it, so I think we'll just use them here instead.” Brad said happily, because he really did not want to put anything that was tacky in place and ruin their brand new boat.

“You good with that daddy, I need to get something.”

“Sure baby, what are you gonna grab?”

“We need some music.”

“You don't have a stereo that you could have brought with you, and the boat doesn't have a stereo, remember, it was the only option this one didn't have unless we ordered another one.” Brad said in confusion.

“Sure I do, my computer can be almost anything I want it to be, because I remembered that the boat didn't have a stereo.” Bradley grinned.

“You brought your bloody computer with you?”

“Sure, why not. I also grabbed a few movies and I already have a few thousand songs on it, so I figured it'd come in handy.”

“I didn't even notice you grab it.” Shawn said.

“Yeah, I grabbed it and the power cord, just in case. I would have left it if we hadn't bought the generator, because then I'd have had no way to charge it, but we do, so I grabbed it. I think you were getting the diapers when I thought of it and threw it in one of our bags. I grabbed the movies while you guys were getting stuff from the kitchen, and they're in one of the other bags somewhere around. So yeah, I want some music.” Bradley grinned.

“May as well since you grabbed it then.” Brad said, just shaking his head.

“What?” Bradley grinned.

“I haven't been camping before, but I think that the whole point of camping is to forget all the electronics and all the hassles of life and relax.” Brad laughed.

“Not bloody likely!” Bradley said, and then all of a sudden realized who he had said that to. “Ops. Sorry daddy.”

Brad though started laughing. “That's okay baby, just don't let it happen too often.”

“Thanks. But there's no way I was gonna go totally without.”

“Yeah, I know, and to tell you the truth, I almost brought mine too.”

“Cool, but that would have been a little much, I mean we are camping after all.” Bradley grinned.


“Thanks. You go ahead and do that while I see if I can find where it was put.”

Brad got down to securing the anchors in six strategic locations, since there were six anchors in the pack. He was almost finished when he heard the yell of success to say that Bradly had found the pack that held his cherished notebook computer. He set it onto the helm table and turned it on, and once it was ready, he turned on his favorites, and they now had music.

“I think we should see if there's a way to secure this better, so that should we all of a sudden get a strong wind and get tossed about a bit, this won't get broken if it falls.” Bradley said, because he certainly did not want his nearly brand new computer broken.

“Good idea. I've got some plumbers all round in my toolbox here, so I think we can make something. It might scratch your computer a bit if it moves too much, but it'll be a lot better than having it broken.”

“Yeah, but then we'll have to put screws into the table, that'll wreck it.”

“I'll attach the screws to the underside and wrap it around, and I think I'll make two straps, one on either side, and then we'll bolt them together to make a better strap for it. That should do, and we can tuck it underneath when it's not in use, so that it's nice and out of the way.”

“Cool, that'll work. If you want to do that daddy, we'll get the toilet all figured out.”

“That'll work.” Brad smiled, so that was what they all did.

The tent for the toilet really was a pop up tent, all they had to do once they took it out of the pack was to let the straps go, and it popped right up. The portapotty was a little more difficult, but they only had to take it out of the packaging, remove all the packing materials for it, and then read the instructions on how to use it. They could not at first figure out what the small bottle of blue sweet smelling liquid was until they read the instructions. Shawn grabbed the jug to get water when they figured out where that was supposed to go, and he grabbed a few jugs full of water and filled the water tank. The tent was set up right next to the large sleeping tent and then secured with guy ropes to the anchors nearest to it, but only two of them, and then the portapotty was set up inside it. By then Brad was finished making a securing system for the computer, and the boys showed him how to use the toilet.

“Well, that seems easy enough, and the computer is about as secure as I can make it. Not much should cause it to fall, but when we're moving, we'll take it down just to be safe anyway. Not like we'd be able to hear the music with the engine running anyway.”

“Thanks daddy, I wouldn't want my new computer broken, you said it had to last me at least a full year before I could even think of getting a new one.”

“Very true, but if it had gotten broken out here when I could have easily prevented it, I would've gotten you a new one. Granted, I might have made you stew for a bit, just because you brought it without asking first, but I would've eventually gotten you a new one.”

“Cool.” Bradley smiled.

“Okay, air mattresses and bedding next, and then I guess we can store our clothes in there as well. Oh, has anyone actually tied the tent down yet?”

“Nope.” They all said.

“I'll get that if you want to start looking for the air mattresses and sleeping bags.” Jackson offered.

“Okay.” The others all said.

Jackson took maybe ten minutes to secure the tent down, and then joined the others in searching, because they had only made it through three quarters of the storage compartments. As they were taking things out to look for what they needed though, they were also finding other things that they would soon be needing, so it too was set out for them to get to in due time.

“Finally.” Brad said when he found the correct compartment, it was the very last one left, would that not just figure though.

“Did you find the air pump too?” Jackson asked, holding up said air pump with a cheeky grin on his face.


“No you didn't, I did.”

“You may have been the first to find it, but I found it just fine once you asked.” Brad pointed out smartly.

“Hey, I thought you construction guys weren't supposed to be so smart and couldn't think that fast.” Jackson said moodily.

“Ugh, me no dumb.” Brad grunted, sounding much like a neanderthal might have.

The boys all started giggling, but helped to start getting their beds inflated. Once the mattresses were good, they started getting their bedrooms somewhat set up; their sleeping bags zipped together, and their clothes were set to the side for ease of access.

“Okay, now what boys?”

“Well, now we should probably get the lanterns out and set up, so that once it gets dark, we're not scrambling. Not to mention we should get batteries in the flashlights.” Shawn offered.

“Good idea. Any of you have any idea of how to use a propane lantern?”

“Nope.” All three boys said as one.

“Goody, me neither. I always wanted to be blown to smithereens by an exploding lantern.”

“Oh, you're such a drama queen.” Jackson said in quite the passable drama queen pose and speech.

“Oh stop it.” Brad said back, limp wrist and all, teasing Jackson right back.

“Oh god, you two are horrible. I'd swear you two have been watching Gay TV too much.” Bradley giggled.

“Like you haven't been.” Jackson smirked right back.

“Good point. I don't act like that though.”

“Neither do we, but we were playing around, in case you hadn't noticed.” Jackson said so seriously.

“Okay, lanterns boys, come on.” Brad laughed, but ordered.

They each grabbed a lantern box and unpacked it, and then they each grabbed the instruction booklet with it to learn how to use the lights.

“Well, this seems easy enough. Go ahead and attach the mantles and then I'll do the lighting of them, okay.”

“Okay.” Each of them said, and then did as they were instructed to.

One by one they brought their lantern to Brad so that he could light the mantles on fire so that they would be correct, even though for the life of him, he could not figure out how these damned things worked. He was surprised though that when he lit them, they shrunk and made a perfect little sphere after only a few seconds. They then attached a propane tank to each one, and once again Brad lit them and turned the gas on to test them out. Each one of them worked perfectly Brad thought, so that was good.

“Well, that was easy. Now I never thought of this before, but how are we gonna support them? They came with table bases, but somehow I don't think that's such a good idea on a boat.”

“Let's try putting up the awning and see if there's anywhere to attach it on there, because that should be high enough to throw good light, as well if we hang them with some of that chain from the tool box, they won't be able to fall, they'll just sway.” Jackson offered.

“Let's give it a shot.”

So that was what they did next, set up the awning. It was quite easy to set up once they read the instructions, but may not have been had there been less people and or a higher wind. From there they found that they could easily attach their lanterns to the upper supports of the canopy using the chain, so they put one in each corner.

“There, that's pretty cool. The only problem with the awning though is that it blocks most of the sun.” Bradley said.

“Yeah, that's true. We'll figure something better out tomorrow though and only keep the canopy for if it rains, because I don't much like that either.”

“You know what would work great, those plant hangers my mom has in her front garden, they sort of look like those old shepherds staffs with the long swooping hook on one end. We could easily attach the straight part onto the railing, and then the lantern could hang from the hook.” Shawn said.

“That's a pretty good idea, but I don't know about you boys, but until we head home, I'm not leaving this lake.”

“True, but we can maybe achieve the same thing using a good sturdy branch in the meantime.” Shawn added.

“Or, does the canvas come off the awning frame?” Bradley asked.

“I'm not so sure I want to try it out, we'll just leave it as is. A few good branches just might be the trick.” Brad said in thought.


“Well boys, I think it's about time we figure something out for dinner, and then we'll get the rest of the stuff after we eat.”

“Okay.” The boys all said, happy to hear the word dinner.

“Um, has anyone turned on the pumps for the coolers yet so that cold water circulates through them?” Brad asked curiously.

“No.” Each of the boys said.

“Then I think maybe I should do that.” Brad said, and before he did anything else, he went and turned on the switches for all the pumps, there were four of them. They checked each of the coolers just to make sure that they were pumping water, and they were, so that was good. Once the water in each one reached a certain point, it would then start exiting through a drain hole, but was high enough to allow all the food to stay nice and cold. The only thing that they had had to make sure of was that everything that they wanted to stay cold was well sealed, so that no water got into it.

Once that chore was done, they went about getting everything ready to make dinner. The first thing was of course to set the barbecue up onto its stand and hook up the propane to it. Brad turned it on and got it heating up, while the boys got started on getting the meat ready for hamburgers. Half an hour later they were eating hamburgers and salad, and they all ate heartily, because it was really good. After they finished eating, some water was brought up and put into a pot to heat up so that they could wash their dishes.

“Well boys, with that last wetting, I'm officially well passed capacity in my diaper, so I have to strip or start leaking, and I bet you're all in the same boat, so off with them and let's go swimming.”

“Um, daddy, I hate to point out the obvious, but we are all in fact on the same boat.” Bradley laughed, pointing all around them.

“While that may in fact be true, you know full well what I meant, you stinker.” Brad laughed.

“Yeah, but that was too easy to pass up.” Bradley laughed as he too was stripping out of his very wet diaper.

None of them said anything more, they just finished removing their diapers and putting them into the garbage bag, and then they all went and jumped into the water.

“Holy crap it's cold.” Bradley was the first to say after jumping in.

“Yeah, but I'm willing to bet this is run off from the snow at the tops of those mountains that's feeding this lake for the most part, so it would be cold. I'm sure we'll get used to it, and you have to admit, it's quite refreshing.” Brad said, chattering teeth and all.

“If by refreshing you mean that all our balls sucked inside so fast that it hurt and we now all look an awful lot like girls, then okay.” Shawn said, shivering as well.

“Yeah, that pretty much sums up how I feel too.” Brad laughed. They did not climb out though, they just started swimming, and eventually they got used to the water and warmed up, but their dicks and balls did not come back out to play, it was just too cold for that.

They ended up staying in the water for at most thirty minutes before getting back out and drying off. They hung the towels on the upper supports of the awning to dry in the warm breeze, and then naked they stayed, since they were in almost no danger of being seen, because they were pretty sure that they would be able to see and or hear anyone coming from about a mile away. They were still cold for a little while after getting out of the water, but eventually they warmed right back up and their boy bits reappeared back out of hiding. They of course all laughed at this.

“Crap the computer battery low warning is flashing, and I was thinking about putting a movie in and relaxing.” Bradley said as he went to check the computer.

“What'd you expect baby, that it'd last a few days. Most computer batteries would have died by now, but yours is still petty new, so getting a few hours like that's pretty damn good.”

“Yeah, I guess so. I just didn't realize how long it's been going for I guess. Can we get the generator out and charge it for a while then?”

“I guess so.” Brad said, and then went and got it out of storage, putting his toolbox away as he did.

It took only a few minutes for him to get it running, and he ran a cord to the computer, as well as one to the boat charging cord, so that it may as well charge the boats batteries at the same time. He figured there was little point in wasting gas and not doing it all at the same time. For the next two hours they just sat around talking and laughing as they waited for the computer to charge up, and then when they figured it was good, the generator was shut down, and they all sighed in relief at the reduction of the irritating noise. It was not loud, but it did get on your nerves after a while.

“So, what movie should we watch?” Bradley asked.

“What did you bring?” Shawn asked.

“Danial does the Dallas Cowboys, Frat House Fun, Greg's Gay Gang Bang, you know, all the good titles.” Bradley said with such a straight face that they started to believe he just might have, except none of them had a clue if any of those were real, not to mention how he would have gotten a hold of them.

“You wish.” Brad was the first to break.

“Actually, that would be kinda hot. No, I just grabbed a large handful of movies, I don't even know which ones I grabbed.” Bradley said, and then grabbed the bag he had set aside earlier with the movies in it and passed it to his dad.

He just reached in and grabbed one at random, pulled it out and handed it to Bradley, who did not even look at the cover, just removed the disc and put it into the computer to play. Once that was done and the volume turned up so that they would all be able to hear it better, he went and sat next to his boyfriend so that they could watch the movie.

“Did anyone think to bring any popcorn?” Shawn asked about ten minutes into the movie.

“I think we grabbed some of that stove top popcorn from Wal-Mart didn't we.” Brad said, hopping up and pausing the movie so that he could check.

“Here, I'll check for that, it's starting to get pretty dim out here, so you start the lights please.” Jackson said.

“And I'll get us each something to drink.” Bradley said.

“I guess I'll just stay sitting here.” Shawn chuckled to himself.

As soon as Jackson found the popcorn, he started the burner on the stove and got started on cooking it. Brad got the lanterns each lit, and was surprised at how well they seemed to work. Bradley was of course the first one back to join Shawn, and he set four different flavors of pop on the table that they were sitting at so that they could each choose what they wanted.

A few minutes later the popcorn was done, so the movie was restarted, and they enjoyed their movie and pop and popcorn. It was actually quite nice they thought to be able to do this like they were.

“Well boys, I guess it's about time we headed to bed. It's getting pretty late and pretty cool out here.” Brad said once the movie ended.

“Yeah.” They all said.

Bradley went to his computer and shut it down, removed the straps holding it in place and put it inside the tent, while the others got started on getting ready for bed. The lanterns were all turned off and a couple flashlights turned on, and they all got diapered and ready for bed. The tent was zipped up and the two couples were each in their own room for the night.

“Goodnight.” Everyone said to each other at much the same time.

They each kissed their boyfriends goodnight and whispered their personal good nights and I love yous, before they pretty much all passed out for the night. It had been a pretty tiring day, so they were all tired.