Chapter 12

“Man, I have to admit that the gentle rocking and swaying of the boat all evening sure was nice.” Brad sighed when he woke up to find Jackson already awake and softly stroking his bare chest.

“Yeah, I agree.” Jackson said.

“Me too.” The other two boys said from their side.

“I guess lovemaking is gonna be a bit difficult to hide if they heard that.” Jackson whispered and giggled.

“For sure.” Brad laughed as well.

“If you guys are worried that we're about to hear what you're doing, have no fear, we're about to do the same thing.” Bradley called out softly.

“How did you know that's what we were talking about?” Jackson asked.

“Like you have to ask.” Shawn said this time.

“Good point. At least try and keep it down over there.” Jackson laughed.

“Only if you do.” Bradley said.

“Does that give you any ideas?” Jackson whispered to Brad.

“Lots.” Brad grinned, and laid on Jackson a nice deep kiss.

“Mmm, good.” Jackson sighed out, a little more loudly, but one of the others also sighed at much the same time, so it did not really matter all that much anyway.

Both couples ended up kissing and caressing their boyfriends for a few minutes longer, before the smaller of them spun around and faced the other way. They all untaped one side of the others diaper and pulled it aside, and at almost the exact same time, there were two good morning sixty nine blow jobs happening. There was grunting and groaning, there was moaning and sighing, and they all enjoyed it a great deal, two times in fact, because they all exploded and just kept right on going.

“Ah, much better.” Bradley sighed out first after his second orgasm had let him go.

“Yeah.” The other three all sighed as well.

There were no other real sounds for the next ten to fifteen minutes as they taped each other up and then softly cuddled and kissed. With deep contented sighs, they all got up and stretched.

“Did you boys sleep well last night?” Brad asked them as they exited the tent to face the cool morning air that felt very refreshing.

“Yeah, it was amazingly comfortable and peaceful.” Shawn said.

“Yeah.” The others all had to agree.

“Should we get some breakfast going then, or would you boys like to wait a bit?”

“We could wait a bit, but not too much longer.” Shawn said after looking to the other boys.

“Then diapers off, bathroom, because I know all of us are needing to go by now, and then in the water for a good cleaning.” Brad said.

“Nuts, we should have said breakfast first.” Bradley said.

“Actually, I was hoping you'd say wait on breakfast, this way it'll be easier.” Brad said.

“I do have to go to the bathroom though, so that's good.” Jackson said.

“You go first then.” Brad offered.

“Me next.” Shawn said.

Bradley said he would be next and then Brad would follow. They only took off their diapers once it was their turn to go to the washroom. As the boys were doing their dirty business, Brad was looking to find the soap and shampoo that he had packed, and set that on the rear water entrance platform for them to use, and then set the towels there as well. Once they were all done going to the bathroom, they jumped in the water, and for some reason it felt better to them, and then they realized that it was simply because the outside temperature was cooler, whereas the water temperature would not have changed any, so the water did feel a touch warmer. It was not enough though if you asked the boys. They stayed in the water though for a little more than a half an hour, they all got themselves good and clean while in there, and they swam and played as well, just because it was nice and peaceful and relaxing.

Once they were all out and dried off, they got breakfast started, and they all helped in some way or another, and before too long, they were eating. After breakfast was cleanup time, and they decided to take down their awning at the same time, so that meant that the lanterns had to come down as well, so that was of course done. The lanterns were put into one of the storage compartments for the time being to protect them, and the awning was put away for when they needed it next.

“Well boys, let's put on our Speedos and pull up anchor and tour around and see if we can find us a nice nature trail or two to go for a hike.”

“That sounds like a good idea, except which one of us put out the anchor last night, because I never saw any of us do it, nor do I see the anchor tied off to anywhere?” Jackson laughed.

“Good thing we didn't drift down to the river or something stupid like that during the night. I can't believe that we forgot the bloody anchor.” Brad said, shaking his head in disbelief at having forgot.

“We're in a pretty secluded bay, I doubt we would've drifted anywhere anyway.” Shawn said.

“True, but let's try not to forget tonight please.”

“Okay.” The boys all said.

They all headed into the tent to put on their Speedos and then they came out and Brad started up the boat and got them cruising at a fair speed across the lake. As they went, he looked back at the tents from time to time to make sure that they were handling the wind, and they sure seemed to be, so he relaxed. For more than an hour they drove around the lake, just enjoying themselves, until they found what looked like a nice trail. Brad pulled them up as close to the beach as he felt comfortable doing, dropped and tied down their anchor, they all put on sandals, and in just their Speedos, they jumped in the water to take a quick swim to the shore line. It was actually quite a nice sandy beach, somewhere where they all thought would be quite nice to just lay back and relax and strip down and get a nice addition to their tans. Granted, they were all already a beautiful bronze color from head to toe.

“Looks like this trails goes for quite some way. It's quite big too, but from what I understand, most animal trails are small, so I hope this isn't an animal trail, because I'd hate to meet any animals that could make a trial this big.” Brad said.

“Actually, it's probably moose or deer that would have made this trail for the most part, but bears could have as well. Not to mention, it's at least partially water created, because you can see how it's fairly smooth in places. The animals probably followed the water to the end, thus making the real trail.” Jackson said.

“You know a fair bit about nature!” Brad somewhat asked, somewhat stated.

“It's one of the things I really enjoy, so I read a lot about it. If I'm not reading a Sci-fi, I'm reading some sort of nature book and how to survive in the wild. Stuff like that.” Jackson shrugged.

“Good thing we have you along then huh.” Brad smiled warmly.

“Probably.” He grinned.

They walked, following the trail for quite some time, just enjoying seeing and hearing the nature all around them. They came to a pond after almost an hour of walking, and assumed correctly that this must be where some of the water came from. If the pond was too full and was too much for it's main stream to take, it would send some of the water down the path that they had been walking. It was a really nice looking pond, quite large, and very clear. It looked quite inviting to all the sweaty boys, so they just walked right in, and they all sighed, because it was quite warm, at least in comparison to the lake.

“Now this is nice.” Brad sighed as he laid back.

“Yeah.” The boys all sighed their agreement as well.

They stayed there in the warm water for about half an hour before getting out to allow the animals to come back, because while they were there, the animals would not come near, and they were all certain the animals used this pond for drinking and bathing as well. They climbed out, and all decided to head back the way they came to go find their boat. As they went this time though, they looked for good branches that they might be able to use as light posts. By the time they made it back to where their boat was anchored, they only managed to find three though easily without cutting one from a tree.

“Well, I guess I'll have to break the last one from a tree.” Brad said.

“I see one we can use.” Shawn said, and then ran up to a nearby tree and jumped up to grab a branch. It ended up being a little stronger than he had thought it was, so he ended up swinging from the branch for a few seconds before it finally broke free.

“That was fun.” Shawn giggled.

“Yeah, it looked like it.” Bradley giggled as well.

“Come on boys, let's head back to the boat.” Brad laughed as well.

“Okay.” They all said, and then walked into the water and swam back to the boat. This was especially hard to do, because they did not want to continue walking into the frigid water, but they had no choice.

“Okay, who's up for lunch?” Brad asked once they made it on board.

“Me.” All three boys sang out as one.

“I thought you might say that. I'm getting pretty hungry myself, but today will just be soup and sandwiches.”

“We can get that if you want to get the lanterns set back up.” Jackson offered.

“Sure, why not.” Brad smiled.

The boys got right to work heating up a few cans of soup and the griddle was put onto the barbecue to heat up so that they could have grilled cheese sandwiches. This did not take them long to accomplish, so Brad had to stop what he was doing to come and eat as well. Brad had only got two of the branches situated, because he first cut them to length, and then using a small length of twine fashioned a bow at one end and then made a loop for the lantern to hang from. The first was the one that took the time to set up, but by the time he got the second one done the same way, the boys were already calling him for lunch, so he went and ate. He would just do the other two after he ate.

“Thanks boys, that was good. As you can see, I have two lanterns already in place, and the other two won't take all that long, so as soon as I'm done, we'll go and see if there's any other good places to hike.”

“Okay. We should get the generator going and charging the boat and the computer again though while we're gone. That way it'll get done, but we don't have to listen to it. We were gone for three or so hours the first time, and that would've been plenty of time to charge them had we thought of it.” Jackson said.

“Good thinking.” Brad smiled.

Brad and the boys got to work on the last two lantern holders, and a few minutes later they were done and heading out. They toured the lake a little longer and found a creek flowing into the lake, so decided to hike up the creek and see how far they could get. The boys managed to get the generator out together while Brad got them going, and then they got it started and their two things plugged into it while they were on the go.

The boat was anchored, and this time they were able to get pretty close, but still they had to get into the water to get to land. They all jumped in and made it to land as quick as they could, and then went for a nice hike. The creek went for quite a ways, and some of it uphill quite a bit. They managed to follow it all the way up to another lake, almost an hour and a half hike up. It was tricky in places, because they had to wind their way around to get to a good path, but eventually they made it.

“Wow, it's really nice up here.” Bradley said.

“Yeah, it is. I wonder if we're the first people up here. I never saw this on any maps, and there wasn't any real trail to it.” Jackson said.

“This whole area was logged quite extensively, so my guess is we're not the first people here, and sometimes small lakes such as this aren't marked, so most people probably don't know it's here. There could be other trails from other places though, you never know. I could really use a drink and a cool down swim, so let's go boys.” Brad said.

“Okay.” The boys all said.

They jumped in the lake, but nearly jumped right back out, because if they thought the lake they were staying on was cold, it was nothing in comparison to this little lake, it was like ice. They did grab drinks all around, refilling their water bottles as well, and that was super refreshing, but way too cold to swim in. They all laid back on the grassy beach, they just stamped down some grass and laid down, and then they all took a bit of a nap.

Half an hour later they all stirred and sighed, and then got up. They had been laying in a nice grassy meadow in the shade at the edge of the lake, and it was very peaceful, very relaxing. None of them said a word, they all went to the lake again, dumped out and refilled their bottles, took another good drink and then filled them again, and headed back to their boat. Once again the path was difficult to follow, they were forging their own trail almost the entire way, and it actually took them longer to get back down than it had to make it up, but soon they made it to where their boat was waiting.

“Wow, that was some hike, huh boys?”

“Yeah, but it was nice.” Shawn said.

“Yes, yes it was. I don't know about you boys, well actually I'm sure I do, but I'm ready to go get settled into our home and get some dinner and then lay back and relax for the rest of the day. Not that there's much left to the day now.”

“Definitely.......oh yeah........For sure.” Were their responses all at the same time.

“Thought so. You boys pull the anchor and I'll get the boat started.”

“Okay.” They all said, and soon they were on their way back to their little bay where they were most and best protected.

As soon as they made it back, the anchor was once again dropped, the generator was shut down and the cords put away, and they started scrounging through their food to see what they wanted for dinner.

“How about steak, baked potatoes and salad boys?” Brad asked as soon as he came across the steak they had bought.

“Mmm, sounds good to me daddy.” Bradley said, smacking his lips.

“Me too.” The other two added right away.

“That's what we'll have then.” Brad smiled, and then they all helped to get dinner ready.

The potatoes of course would have to go on first, so they were prepared first by the boys while Brad got the barbecue heating up and the steaks seasoning. Half an hour after the potatoes were put on the grill, they were cooking their steaks. The salad had already been prepared, so as soon as the steaks were done, they would eat like kings. Just before dinner was ready though, Brad put a large pot of water on to boil so that they could do dishes.

“Mmm, that was so good. I swear, I'm never letting my mom cook another steak for me the way I used to have them.” Shawn sighed.

“Same here. She cooks them leather tough, and I never truly enjoyed a steak until our stay at the beach.” Jackson added.

“Know how you feel boys, I never had a good steak until I started going to the beach as well and I was talked into trying one.” Brad said.

“I have no idea how you guys could eat a steak any other way.” Bradley said, because he had never had a steak done anywhere near well done before, they were always done just a touch past rare, just perfect.

“Trust me, you don't wanna.” Shawn said.

“Mmmhmm.” The others agreed.

“Okay, dishes, let's go. The water should be hot enough now.”

“You know, a fold down table with a sink in it would be perfect, and we could even put a pump onto it to pump water right from the lake so that we don't have to keep sending buckets down all the time.” Bradley said smartly.

“Yeah, that'd be sorta nice, but as it is, we're running out of space, and there's not much left, so I think we'll just deal with it the way it is.” Brad said.

“Yeah, I guess so.” Bradley shrugged.

It did not take them long at all before they were done washing, drying, and putting away all the dishes that they had used, which was thankfully not many, so before too long, they were ready to sit back and relax. They decided once again to sit back and watch a movie, however, this time they decided to get diapered first. They got diapered, turned their lanterns on since it was starting to get a little dim out, and then they picked another movie at random and sat back and enjoyed it. They grabbed popcorn and drinks about half way through, pausing the movie of course, and watched the rest of the movie.

“Well boys, I say that it's more than late enough, let's head to bed.” Brad stood up at the end of the movie and stretched. The boys did the same.

“Yeah, I'm pretty tired, and I'm getting sore too from the two hikes we took today.” Jackson grunted as he stretched.

As soon as the lights were turned off and the computer put away, they crawled into their beds, said goodnight to everyone, and not long after kisses and goodnight, I love yous were said to their partners, they were all sound asleep once again. As with the night before, the gentle swaying of the boat lulled them all into a peaceful slumber, and they slept the entire night through.

They ended up staying on the lake for the full five days, the next morning they installed the rope system and tried out the board and the skis, and on their last day, they pretty much had no choice but to head home, because they were nearly out of food. They went hiking and touring and skiing many more times, and they had all had a really good time. They packed everything up, headed to the boat launch, and then loaded up. Amazingly enough, the entire five days that they had stayed on the lake, they maybe saw five or so other boats, and of those five, only one came anywhere near to them, and they could just barely make out the features of the people that waved to them.

“Well boys, I don't know, but I think we all had a good time, because I sure did.”

“Yeah.” They all said.

“I can't wait to go again, hopefully soon.” Jackson said.

“Same.” The other two boys said.

“Yeah, and you want another three weeks at the resort, and you probably still want the pool and hot tub at home, man, this summer is gonna cost me a fortune.”

“Actually, until you said that, I forgot about the pool and the hot tub. Good thing you got such a nice bonus then, huh daddy?”

“Me too.” Jackson and Shawn laughed.

“I guess I shouldn't have said anything, but yeah, I guess it is.”

“Yeah, but you want a pool and hot tub as much as or more than we do.” Shawn said smartly.

“True. Come on boys, let's head home.” Brad smiled warmly to the boys, and before too long, they were doing just that.

As soon as they made it home, they unloaded everything, and then Jackson said that he should be heading home, so he headed out right away. Brad and the boys got to cleaning up the rest of the stuff and getting everything properly stored, and before they were finished, Jackson was back.

“Hey, what's up baby, how come you're back so soon? Isn't your mom home and happy to see you?”

“Actually, no, she isn't. There was a note on the table as soon as I got there, and it's not good.”

“Oh no, what's the matter?”

“Well, it seems my grandpa had a heart attack and died, so of course my mom went to be with them, but she couldn't get a hold of me, but knew I wouldn't have gone anyway. She told me to call as soon as I got there, so I did. Her mom isn't doing any better, we expected that she'd have kicked the bucket before now herself, but now that grandpa is gone, she doesn't seem to be trying to live any more, so she's in the hospital too. The problem is, my grandpa left in his will, the heartless bastard, that if my mom wanted anything from him at all, she had to pretty much disown me, because he didn't approve of gays. Well, I told her to go ahead and do it while there, just stay there and pretend she doesn't have a son, and as soon as she's free to go with the money, then she can come home. In the meantime I told her that I'm sure you wouldn't mind taking care of me. She's gonna send a letter stating that.” Jackson said all too happily for the situation.

“Doesn't that make you sad or sick?” Brad asked in disgust.

“Nah, why would it? I knew from the time I was ten that they didn't like me because I was gay, and I'm more than surprised that they even allowed my mom to still be a part of the family since she had not disowned me previously. To some I guess it might make them sad, but if mom can pull it off, we'll probably end up pretty well off because of it, but it could take a few months or more before the money and other stuff gets signed over. So really, I don't care, I haven't cared about any of them since I knew they hated me for who I was. I can't and I won't change just so that they'll like me. So, can I stay and be your hot live in lover for a few months?” Jackson asked, batting his eyelashes at Brad.

“Oh god yeah.” Brad sighed.

“Congratulations Jackson, I just hope your mom's able to pull it off.” Shawn said clapping Jackson on the back.

“I'm sure she will. She's a pretty good actress when she needs to be. She'll have them believing her in no time at all. She'll just tell them how she didn't want to see it, how she blocked it all out, but that of course they're right and how she's better off without me. Man, if only they knew.”

“I just hope it all goes well, but what if they find out when she comes back that she didn't disown you and that she lied to them? Can't they do something?” Bradley asked.

“Probably not once they give her the money, and really, no lawyer in his right mind would actually take a case like that anyway, and then we'd just slam them and sue them for it in return. That would be suicide on their parts. We'd just do that now, but of course, it'll be easier to get the money and property the way mom's doing it now. If that doesn't work, then we'll just have to get mean.” Jackson grinned.

“Exactly how well off is your moms family anyway?” Brad asked curiously.

“Not too terribly certain, considering I haven't really seen them in quite a few years now, but it's huge. You should see their house, it's massive, and their land is even more so. Everything about them reeked money, old money, money they didn't earn or really care about, except to flaunt it, and they loved flaunting mom with it. I mean, she went against their wishes and married my dad, thus earning her no money from the family, and then when he was jailed, they really laid into her, saying they told her so and crap like that. And then there was how they treated me because they thought I was gay. I'm just as surprised as she was that they even included her in the will at all. We both thought that when they died that we'd just have to take it to court and get our fair share, and I'm sure we would have won too.”

“Well, that's good, but challenging a will is a very difficult thing to do, but it can be done, especially if you have a legal right to a part of it, of which your mom would certainly have. So, how do you feel though?”

“Great actually. I mean, I know I should be sad that my grandpa died and my grandma is right behind him, but I can't help but feeling angry still at them for how they're treating us. No real human being would do that to another person, especially a kid. Maybe some day I'll be sad, but it'll more than likely only be that they didn't want to know the real me.”

“Well, I for one can say that knowing the real you is a blessing.” Brad smiled warmly.

“Thanks, but they certainly wouldn't agree.”

“No, it doesn't sound like it. Well, you may as well help us finish cleaning and putting everything away, and then I think we're gonna go out for dinner, because quite frankly, I don't feel much like cooking. Not that we could mind you, I don't think we have any real food left, we done ate it all.”

“Okay.” Jackson said brightly, and half an hour later they were finished cleaning up and had headed out.

After dinner they all headed back home and laid back for the evening and watched TV until bedtime. Not one of the couples was going to bed though. They were all horny and in need of some anal loving. Sure they had rubbed and sucked each other as often as they could, but when you are only sleeping in a two room tent, there is simply no privacy, and they felt that for the act of love making, they wanted and needed full privacy, so wanted to wait until they got home. In both bedrooms they each made love to their boyfriend twice, they kissed a great deal, and they even sucked another load out right before going to bed. They were all diapered and passed out only an hour after entering their rooms.

The next couple weeks went by with a flurry of activity again, but this time it was more relaxed for them, because the activity was happening in their yard by others. It seems Brad had actually had the arrangements made to have a local pool installer come in and do the install for them. They already knew what exactly Brad had wanted, how big, where, everything, so they were already almost two weeks into the job, and looked to only have a couple more days left.

It was that day, two weeks later that Jackson's mom called to tell Jackson that his grandmother had passed away, and that her will also said the same thing, big surprise there. They were still working out all the details of her dads will, and now her moms on top of that was going to add even more stress to the situation, just what she wanted she said with a deep sigh. Of course she had to call away from the house in her car on her cell phone, but that was okay. They talked for almost an hour, telling each other how everything was going in their lives, and it sounded like Jackson's mom was going to seriously need a vacation by the time the whole ordeal was over with.

A few days later and the pool, hot tub, and of course a full tinted glass house was completed around it all, and they celebrated by getting to swim naked again. Although, that was not entirely accurate, seeing as how they had spent more than a few days at the nude beach having fun and tanning and playing, eating and boy watching. Brad had managed to call and book another three weeks at the resort without any of the boys hearing him, and just a little over a week after the pool was complete, they went back, and Brad decided to tell the boys as they drove in. He had secretly packed all that they would need and it was packed in the car and ready to go. To say the boys were happy would be an understatement of course, so for three more weeks they had fun.

Once home, they spent a week there, and then went for another week on the boat to the same lake, and relaxed even more. This time there were more people on the lake, but not many more. After that trip, there simply was no time left to do much else, because school was starting again in just a couple weeks, and they had to get ready for that. Bradley had been signed up at the elementary school for the arts, and Shawn was even allowed to sign up at the arts school, so he was enrolled in the same school as Jackson was. All the boys were happy with this. Their first day back to school was also Brad's first day back to work, and his boss had a rather large job for him, one that would take about a year or so to complete, and that was a brand new twenty five story condo, it was to be the tallest in their town, and expensive too. Of course he took it, and of course it was perfect. The boys did beautifully in school, and while Bradley was never to be an honor student, he did remarkably better in that program than he had ever done before, and he was even getting a few A's every now and then, but mostly B's, and that was good too.

Shawn's mom and dad of course came home just a little after school started, and Kevin got his full promotion and raise, and they were all happy. Of course they had all talked a considerable amount while they were away, but the day they came back, Shawn told them all his secrets, the ones he knew they already knew, but that was beside the point really. They were happy that he finally told them, but of course said that they had known for a long time.

Jackson's mom ended up staying at her parents place until late October trying to get everything settled, but she finally came home with a much appreciated larger bank account, some fifteen million dollars. Most of it was put into trust for Jackson, and they bought a few nice things, paid off the house, so on and so forth. Did the family find out that she had lied to them? Yes they did. Did they try and get the money back from them? Of course they did. Did she win, and even get more money out of the deal for their harassment? You bet she did, and happily at that.

Every vacation, every time they had a few days to spare, they were either on their boat, or at the resort, they all loved to do that together. They also loved to use their pool and hot tub frequently, and more things got added to the pool house as time went by, and they were used a lot as well. They all had a great deal of fun together, they stayed living there together once the boys were old enough to move away from home, granted it was not much of a move, and they all lived happily ever after, gay diaper lovers and all.