Chapter 2

“So, did you have a good night last night baby?” Brad asked his son when he finally sauntered into the kitchen, his very wet diaper nearly knocking his knees as he walked.

“Yeah. I loved having Shawn babysit me instead, and I want him to always babysit me.”

“Right. Does that have something to do with you maybe wanting him to be your boyfriend?”

“Maybe just a bit. How did you know though, or did you guys talk last night and he told?”

“Actually, both. I knew you were going to ask him, instead you nearly raped the poor boy, but he also told me when I got home. I got home early, my date was a bust, so I came home early and we talked for almost an hour, maybe more, not too sure. Just try not to push him too far or too fast, he's not quite as confident with being gay as you are, and it's still scary to him.”

“Oh, I know, I wouldn't hurt him.”

“Then what was that nearly raping him all about?”

“Oh daddy, I didn't nearly rape him, I just kissed him and ground my dick in his face through my underwear, so that he would loosen up a bit, so that he could admit to himself that he was gay. I've known he was for a while, but I knew that he was scared of it, well, I'm not, so I helped him out.”

“Well, it wasn't exactly the way I was going to attempt to break him from his shell, but I guess it worked.”

“Yeah, it did. You should have seen how hot and hard he was after I kissed him, and then he almost broke down and sucked me right then and there, but then he panicked. I knew I had to back off then, or I would have really gotten in trouble. I went and got ready for bed, and then called him in so that we could talk, and we talked for a long time, and I finally made him admit it to himself that he was gay, and then I made him tell me, out loud. That was the hardest part for him I think, but he'll be okay.”

“You know, for someone who barely passes school, and I constantly have to goad into doing his homework, you sure are smart at times.”

“I'm smart all the time daddy, I just hate school work, it's so boring. I'd rather be doing something instead.”

“I know, you're very hands on, just like me, but at least I did pretty good in school. So, you even told him that you liked diapers, that was risky, but it seemed to help as well.”

“I knew he wouldn't tell, because I knew that he had wet his bed and wore Goodnites for it until he was eleven. People who used to or still do bed wet don't usually rat on those that still do, it's an honor thing.”

“Good point, and pretty true too I suppose.”

“So, what are we gonna do today daddy?”

“Not too sure. We have some yard work and housework to do, but other than that, I had no real plans.”

“Oh goody, Saturday chores, how fun.” Bradley said in a falsely chipper voice.

“Yeah, I know, I don't care for it much myself, but it has to be done, because until you get a high paying job and start raking in millions of dollars, we can't afford to pay someone else to do it for us, so get used to it.”

“Yeah, I know, but that doesn't mean I have to like it any.”

“Nor I baby, nor I. Why not go change that soggy diaper before it starts to leak, and then come in and we can get some breakfast.”

“Okay daddy, be right back.” Bradley said, and then ran back up to his room. He just grabbed the wipes, cream, and a new diaper, and changed himself into that quickly.

“Feel better now?” Brad chuckled, it had only taken a few minutes for Bradley to change, and he was in a dry diaper, not underwear as most kids probably would be.

“Nah, if I wanted to feel better, I would have put another diaper over top of the other one, but we have to go outside, and that really would have shown.” Bradley grinned cheekily.

“That it would, it'd be really thick, far thicker than you could hide. Have you done that before?”

“Sure, a few times actually.” Bradley shrugged.

“Oh, can't says I've noticed before.” Brad laughed, and got up to start making breakfast.

“That's 'cause I usually do it when you're not home.” Bradley shrugged and Brad laughed.

Bradley went and helped his dad to make breakfast, and a short time later, they were sitting down to their meal, and ate without hardly talking at all.

“Okay brat, upstairs and get dressed, and then meet me in the living room to start cleaning.” Brad said after they finished eating.


They went and got dressed, and then met up and started cleaning first the house. This took a good couple hours to do, what with all the dusting, mopping and vacuuming and general tidying up. Once this chore was done, they headed outside to do the same out there. Bradley got the mower, while Brad did the trimming, and then they did the weeding and then the cleanup of all the mess together. This again took a good couple hours to accomplish, but was not all that bad, because they did it every Saturday.

“Okay, I guess it's time for a bath and then we'll figure something to do. You go hop in the bath, and I'm going to go grab a shower.”

“Okay.” Bradley said happily, because he loved to have nice long hot bubble baths, it was probably one of the only times he really truly laid back and relaxed, otherwise he was almost always on the move and or doing something.

Brad of course finished his shower first, and as soon as he was dried off, he made a call over to Shawn's house.

“Oh hey Lori, how's it goin today?”

“Hi Brad, great, and you?”

“Really good. Kev and I have noticed today that Shawn seems so much more happy and alive. He's still spent most of the morning in his room, but he actually said good morning to us and smiled. He hasn't smiled so much lately, it was quite nice. He's admitted it to himself finally, hasn't he?”

“Yes, and furthermore, he's admitted it to myself and to Bradley as well.”

“I figured you had something to do with it, but why would Bradley know?”

“Actually, it was him that had everything to do with it, I just talked more with him after the fact.”

“What, how would Bradley have gotten Shawn to open up when we couldn't?”

“Because, Bradley's gay as well, in case you hadn't already noticed, and he was hunting for a boyfriend. He pretty much forced Shawn to admit it, and then forced him to say it out loud.”

“And you're okay with that?”

“Why wouldn't I be. He's ten, same age as I was when I started having sex, he'll be starting puberty very soon, just like I did, and he'll be getting the urges very strong now, again, just like I did. He's already had the urge for a while now, but it's getting stronger as he starts getting ready for puberty.”

“Shawn wouldn't want a younger boy, especially not one as young as Bradley, he's far too young, not to mention, that'd be illegal.”

“Actually, the feelings are very mutual, they will be becoming boyfriends before too long, and it's not illegal either. Really though, there's only three years difference between them, hardly any at all. There's considerably more between me and my ex, and even you and Kevin are what five years apart aren't you?”

“Yes, I suppose that's true, but we were already in our twenties when we got together.”

“Does it really matter all that much?”

“No, I guess it doesn't.”

“No, it doesn't at all, and I'd appreciate it if you said nothing of his spending time with Bradley, because they'll probably spend lots of time together now. Oh, and he's not likely to tell you that he's gay, at least not for a while yet, even though he knows that both of you know already. As we were talking, he pretty much point blank asked if you guys knew already, and I said yes, he just has to get more comfortable with being gay. Bradley will help him out with that, and it probably won't be too long.”

“Okay, we won't say anything. I just hope you know what you're doing.”

“Trust me, I know all about what he's going through. I even gave him the full gay sex talk last night, telling him everything that he needed to know but ignored before then.”

“Thanks, I guess, because we certainly couldn't have told him anything worthwhile.”

“No, and he wouldn't have listened either, like he didn't listen before.” Brad laughed.

“Yeah, Kevin said that was the most embarrassing and pointless thing he had ever had to do, because he tried, but Shawn pretty much just stared through him the entire time and ignored him totally.”

“Well, this time it was Shawn that was blushing, and he listened to and understood everything I said.”

“I'm glad that he has you to talk to at least, because he needs someone who can lead him right in that path.”

“Oh, Bradley will be doing the leading there, he knows everything that I know, and possibly more. Shawn will find that being older means nothing in their relationship. The real reason I called though, was because I was going to ask you to send Shawn over, because I'm going to take him and Bradley out for the day. Send him with a pair of shorts and nothing else, well sandals and a shirt maybe.” Brad laughed.

“Oh, okay. He's in his room, so I'll send him right over then. Where are you guys going then?”

“I think I'm gonna take them to the beach, it's such a nice day, it deserves to be spent on the sand and in the water.”

“That sounds like a nice idea, but we have other things that we have to do, so it'll be good for you to take Shawn, that way he doesn't have to sit around the house all day by himself.”

“Actually, even if you guys were free, I would have asked for you to leave us anyway, because Shawn needs to feel comfortable with others that know before he can be comfortable around others that don't know that he's gay. Yes, he knows that you know, but until he tells you himself, it's not the same. Also, I'll be taking the boys to the nude beach, and I doubt seriously that you guys would want to go there.”

“You're taking them to a nude beach?” Lori asked incredulously. “Hell, we have a nude beach nearby?”

“Sure do, granted, we have to drive almost an hour, but it's the most beautiful place there is. Bradley and I try to go at least a few times during the summer, every weekend if possible, it's so free and relaxed.” Brad said, failing to mention that it was a mens only resort, that next to no one knew about, and was frequented most often by only gays and bis. It was strictly hands off though, but there was always lots to see.

“I had no idea that there was even such a place anywhere near to here. You'd think that most people would know.”

“Not this place, it's very hush hush, you have to know someone in order to get in at all, it's a very private resort, and because I know you guys wouldn't like it at all, I won't even tell you where it is.” Brad said, forgetting to mention the fact that she would not even be allowed entrance anyways, he did not want to scare her too much, yet.

“Oh. Well okay, I'll go get him and tell him to head over to your place then, but I definitely won't say why. That'd probably scare him anyway, and then he wouldn't come.”

“Thanks, much appreciated. Talk to you later.”

“No prob, thank you really, talk to you later too.”

They hung up and Brad went about getting dressed, and then went and waited for Shawn to arrive. As he was waiting, he started getting a picnic lunch ready for them all. Brad heard the timid knock, telling him that Shawn was at the door, so he went and opened it, to find the beautiful shy boy there. He was already blushing.

“What's with the blush?”

“It's, well, I don't know.”

“There's absolutely no reason to be embarrassed around here at all. We all pretty much know each others secrets now, and that's good, and what you need. This way you can be somewhere and around people where you don't have to be afraid to be yourself.”

“I know, it's just really hard is all.”

“If it's that hard, why not go to the bathroom where Bradley's having a bath and he'll help you out with it gladly.” Brad grinned wickedly, causing poor Shawn to blush from his toes right to the top of his head. Brad burst out laughing.

“Oh god, don't do that to me, even though I don't doubt he would, but that wasn't even what I meant.”

“I know, but that was too fun and easy to pass up. Besides, you need to learn to relax and talk about sex as if it's a normal thing, of which it is.”

“Not to me it isn't, I've never talked about anything like this before. So, what are we doing today?” He asked, attempting to change the subject.

“Well, we're going out, and we're taking a picnic lunch, but other than that information, you get nothing else from me. Why not come and help me finish up the picnic lunch, so that as soon as Bradley finishes up in the bath we can head out.”

“Oh, okay, I guess so.”

Brad decided that he should call up and tell Bradley that he had ten minutes left, so he did, and then he and Shawn got to work on getting their picnic all ready to go. About fifteen minutes later Bradley came down in nothing but another dry diaper.

“Oh, hi Shawn, it's really good to see you. What's up daddy?”

“Probably you after seeing Shawn.” Brad chuckled.

“Yeah, like you wouldn't be.” Bradley said, sticking his tongue out.

“Good point. Actually, we're going out, so I should have mentioned to not put on another diaper. So why not go get changed into just some shorts and a shirt, and then we can head out, because our picnic lunch is ready to go. I just have to find the sun screen and some towels, and we'll be set to go.”

“Wicked, I'll be right down.” And with that, Bradley took off for his bedroom. He knew that to go to the beach meant to go to the nudist resort, it was the only beach they went to. He did not say anything though, because he was smart enough to know that would scare Shawn a great deal, and arriving there would be soon enough for that.

“Why was he wearing a diaper?” Shawn asked as soon as Bradley disappeared.

“He told you he loves diapers already right? Well, that means he likes to wear them during the day sometimes. Most often it's during the weekends, he'll wear them as much as he can, even if we have to go out, unless I say otherwise.”

“Oh, isn't that sorta weird?”

“To some, maybe yes I suppose, but really, it's not. Everyone likes something that others would think was weird, and there's nothing wrong with that.”

“Do you?”

“Sure.” Brad said, leaving it at that.

“Would you tell me what it is?” Shawn asked quietly.

“I was wondering if you had the courage to do so. Normally you wouldn't ask someone that question, unless you absolutely had to know, but, seeing as how you've told me a great deal, and I'm not all ashamed of it, I'll tell you. Of course, this is never to be repeated to anyone else, except Bradley, who of course already knows.”

“Oh, I'd never tell, because then you could tell everyone I was gay, and I wouldn't want that.”

“Nah, even if you were to tell someone my secret, I'd never tell anyone you're gay. As for my fetish, I love sex toys, big ones; dildos, butt plugs, anal beads, cock rings, vibrators, you name it, I've probably got the biggest ones there are, and I love to wear them. Rarely a day goes by when I don't have something shoved up my ass or wrapped around my dick for pleasure.” Brad said, and once again had the pleasure of watching Shawn give a full body blush.

“Oh god, and Bradley knows about that stuff? I barely even know what a dildo is, and a butt plug is pretty self explanatory, but I don't really know what the rest of the stuff is.” Shawn squeaked out.

“Sure, he's known what most of that stuff was since he was about seven or so, when he accidentally found my stash, and asked what it all was, so I told him. And just in case you're wondering, he's enjoyed a few of my smaller training ones from when I was younger, so he knows how to use them as well.”

“Oh man. That must have been embarrassing.”

“Nah, not at all. By that age he already knew all about sex, but only what a boy his age needed to know, like why his peepee got hard, how to make it feel good, the information that it's private and to not whip it out while in public and play with it, that sort of thing.”

“Really, you told him all that before he was seven?”

“Sure, all kids need to know that information, even girls. It feels good, and many kids will just do it. Hell, watch kids that young while you're in the mall, and I bet you see a few from time to time playing a full out game of pocket pool. Sometimes they just plain have their hands down the front of their pants playing away merrily, not a care in the world.”

“Actually, I've seen kids do that before, but I didn't realize what they were doing. I thought they would have been too young to know anything about that.”

“Clearly you don't remember back to when you were that age, because I know for a fact that you did the same thing. In fact, it was me that told you the first time that maybe you should go to your room to do that sort of thing.”

“Oh, I don't remember that.”

“Not a surprise really, you weren't even in kindergarten yet, so it was before you were five. All boys play, it just feels good. It doesn't start to get actually sexual until puberty starts to set in, unless of course a boy finds out the joys of sex before that.”

“Does that mean that Bradley has started puberty already?”

“No, but he's going to very soon, in fact he might have already. He's starting to get the urges, so it'll be soon. I was early as well, and I was hopelessly horny all the time once I did start, just like you probably are. I know you actually only started in the last year, so you two will be in the same boat very soon. Bradley on the other hand has known the pleasure of sex, and what it is for quite some time, so he's already had the taste, quite literally actually, and he craves it, he loves it, so it's not just puberty for him.”

“Wow, that's early.”

“Yes, especially for boys, because the normal early start point for boys is eleven years old, normally somewhere between twelve and fourteen, but fourteen is usually the late starting point.”

“You really knew that he's had sex before?”


“And it doesn't bother you?”

“Nah, not at all. I was the same. I was in whose ever pants as would let me by the time I was his age, and it didn't matter who's. Boys or girls, they were all okay with me. I didn't really want Bradley to be quite the slut that I was, especially nowadays, that's dangerous, but even when I was a kid it was pretty dangerous. No, I'm glad he's found a boy like you that he feels could be a great boyfriend, and he'll be very loyal to you only, as soon as you say yes and drop the last of those inhibitions of course. Of course Bradley hasn't actually had full sex yet, he's been saving that for you, but he's played with a few boys now.”

“He's been saving himself for me?” Shawn whispered.

“Yes, he's had a major crush on you for more than a year now, he was just waiting for you to realize it, but you weren't coming around, hence last night.”

“Oh, I had no idea.”

“Had you have opened your eyes and actually saw him before, you would have realized he had been hitting on you hopelessly for the last year. In fact, I bet when you stop and think about it, you'll even see it in hindsight.”


“Shh, here he comes.” Brad grinned, not wanting to embarrass Shawn any further by talking about it in front of Bradley. It was hard enough on Shawn as it was, and he knew it.

“Hey guys, you weren't talking about me while I was gone were you?”

“Of course we were. I was telling Shawn how big a brat you were.”

“Oh good. I grabbed the sun screen and towels from the bathroom while I was up there, so unless we need anything else, we're pretty much good to go. So, where are we going anyways?”

“Thanks baby, but as soon as we get there, you'll find out, same as Shawn.” Brad grinned.

“Oh, okay.” Bradley said happily enough, because he already knew, and Brad could see that he did too, and was not saying anything, more than likely because he knew the reason Brad was not saying it.

“Okay boys, sandals on and in the car.”

“Okay.” They both said and they headed out right away.

Bradley was still carrying the towels and the sun screen, Brad grabbed the cooler filled with their lunch, and Shawn grabbed the key and locked the door behind them. They hopped in the car after storing their stuff, and then took off. As they drove, they chatted and laughed, mostly just having a good time.

“Where exactly are we?” Shawn asked curiously when they drove up to a nondescript gate and Brad punched in a code to enter.

“You'll see, but we're at a beach, a special beach.” Brad answered.


Bradley could no longer hide his smile, and Shawn saw it, and wondered what this meant for him. They drove around for a few moments to find a parking space, it was already quite full, and as soon as they found one, they parked. They grabbed all their belongings, and headed into the change room to get undressed. As they walked in, the sign leading back out to the beach could easily be seen, and Shawn stopped and stared at it.

“Does that sign really say no clothes beyond this point?” He asked in a high squeaky voice.

“You know, my reading skills are not so good, but I think that's what it says.” Brad teased after looking to the sign for a few moments. Just then, a man and a mid teen boy exited from the shower room with no clothes on.

“Oh god, you brought us to a nude beach?”

“Yeah, it's awesome here too, so peaceful and relaxing, oh, and no girls either.” Bradley said happily, already starting to shuck off his shorts.

“I can't go nude, everyone will see me.” He screeched, and then he whispered. “What if I get, you know, hard?”

“Well, it's a good thing that it's a no touch beach, or I'd probably have to tear Bradley off you with the jaws of life. However, boners are catching, so there's a good chance that you won't be the only one anyway. Come on, let's go get undressed, and don't worry so much.”

“I don't think I can do this.”

“Well, as the sign says, there's no clothes beyond that point, and we're going out there, so your options are to stay in here all day until we decide to leave, or you can bite the bullet and just do it and lose a lot of your modesty. You have a beautiful body, you should show it off, and yes, even your dick. Granted, I haven't seen that part of you since you were about seven I suppose, but even then, it was quite the nice piece of equipment, and I can only imagine that it's gotten nicer.” Brad said, and once again, Shawn blushed furiously.

“Thanks, I think. Why would you bring us here though?”

“Because, we love to come here, it's so free and peaceful, the scenery is beautiful, and I'm not only talking about the naked hard bodied boys and men that are out there either. I've been coming here since before Bradley was born, and after he was born, we've been here lots. In fact, this is the only beach that Bradley's ever been to. Most of the guys that are here are either gay or bi, or are the sons of someone who is. This place is boys only, no girls allowed at all, the girls resort is next door, but don't worry, you can't see it, and there'll be every age of boy out there. Not all the younger boys will be gay or bi, but many of the teens out there will be. That however doesn't mean that you're allowed to touch, not that I figure you would, but that means that you don't have to worry. You will however be looked at, people will come up to you and talk to you, you'll both get boners, and others will watch as well, it's perfectly natural and normal here, accept it, and you'll be free.”

“I still don't think I can do this!”

“Bradley, give him a hand will you?” Brad said, and before Shawn could understand what was happening, Bradley grabbed the waist band of both Shawn's shorts and underwear and ripped them down, leaving Shawn standing there, holding the arm full of towels that he was carrying, because he had offered to do so. This of course meant that he could not easily reach down to grab his shorts.

“Hey, what did you do that for?” He screeched out.

“We needed to help you out. Bradley, quit staring and drooling, you've seen lots of boy dicks before.” Brad admonished.

“Yeah, but not one so perfect, oh god, he's beautiful.” He said dreamily.

Brad looked down to get a full view of what Bradley was seeing, and had to agree. “Yes, he certainly does have one of the nicest dicks I've seen as well, but get away, you're nearly sucking him.” Brad laughed, because as Bradley was staring he was inching closer and closer to it.

“Ah nuts.”

“No, you can't lick them either.” Brad grinned, Shawn blushed even more.

“That wasn't what I meant, even though it does sound like a really good idea.” Bradley grinned.

“Well boys, come on, let's go get a locker and get out of here and go enjoy nature the way it was meant to be enjoyed.” Brad said, and then pulled off his shorts to be like the other two.

Shawn actually stared at what was hanging between Brad's legs, he had never seen an adult naked before, and he started to get a bit hard. He tried to change his field of view, but ended up looking right to Bradley's crotch instead, and for the first time ever, he saw an erection other than his own, and this made him get fully hard now. His mouth started watering as well, and never before had he wanted to suck a dick more than he did right then. Brad's dick was huge and hairy, but Bradley's was big and hairless, or at least big for a boy his age, and it was perfect Shawn thought.

“Hey, snap out of it Shawn, before you get us kicked out of here for sucking Bradley right here and now.” Brad laughed, glad that this had happened to Shawn, it was one of the things he needed.

“Oh god.” Shawn squeaked out and went to cover his erection, finally dropping the towels.

“I don't think that's gonna work so well, we've already seen it, not to mention, you can't entirely hide it anyway, not that you should. You really do have a great looking dick, both soft and hard. Now, let's get this stuff in a locker and head out to the beach to find a good spot.” Brad said and turned to find an available locker.

Shawn continued covering himself, blushing furiously, but he did step out of his shorts and underwear, bent down gingerly to pick them and the towels up, and then used all that to hide his embarrassment, or as he thought of it. Bradley also picked up his shorts and shirt, and they both followed Brad to the locker and put it all in. Shawn still had to take off his shirt, so he finally did, after a minutes worth of convincing by Brad. His erection had died down a bit, but every time he looked at Bradley, it seemed to want to return in full force, so he avoided looking at the boy he had all of a sudden fallen in love with as well.

“Excellent, now, let's go out to the beach and have some lunch, because I'm hungry, and then it's suntanning time until we can go swimming.” Brad said happily.

Both Brad and Bradley already had an excellent full body tan, but you could very clearly see that this would be Shawn's very first time nude tanning. Mind you, he was still far more pale than the other two, which also meant that he had not spent near enough time in the sun lately, so this would be good for him anyway. As soon as they found a spot on the beach that they liked, Brad spread out the large blanket he had grabbed from the car, it was there for this sole purpose, and then they all sat down. So far Shawn had just watched his feet, he had not looked up once as they were walking, and Brad let him, for now.

“Okay, you two get the sunscreen on, and help each other with your backs, but remember, you have to do your own groins, there's no touching of anyone else's dicks or bums here, even if you're boyfriends. They have the rules in place to protect everyone, so everyone has to follow them, no matter what.” The boys complied right away, but Shawn still covered himself as much as possible, and refused to look up or at anyone still.

“Why would they have a rule like that, that you're not allowed to touch anyone on the dick or bum?” Shawn asked softly, still not looking up.

“It reduces the amount that people will get horny and possibly do something that someone may not want. Boys especially, when they're horny, have a tendency to do things that they would not otherwise do, so this protects those from doing something in the heat of the moment that they would possibly regret later.”

“Oh, that makes sense I guess.”

“Yes, it does. Now, why not look up and around and see what you've been missing?”

“I can't.”

“Are you afraid that you'll see something you like, something that excites you?”

“Yes.” Shawn whispered.

“Then you really need to look up and around, because most everyone here is. Usually within about an hour that dies down a bit, but for the first hour, almost everyone is hard.”

“Are you trying to tell me that everyone around is pretty much hard most of the time for like an hour or so?”

“Kinda sounds like that's what he meant, see, look at me.” Bradley said happily. He had just been standing there looking at all the eye candy and listening to the conversation.

“I think I'd rather look at the others.”

“Why.” Bradley said, actually sounding hurt.

“I didn't mean it like that, it's just, well, I like you, a lot, and when I see you naked, well I sorta go crazy, and I don't think that's a good idea.” Shawn said softly.

“Oh, okay, I guess that's okay then. Just look around then and get more used to it that way. Enjoy the sights, I sure have been.” Bradley grinned.

“You have since you were three years old.” Brad chuckled.

“Yeah, well what can I say, I was even gay then, just didn't know it.” He grinned right back.

“That actually wouldn't surprise me, and I saw that Shawn.” Brad smiled, because he had caught Shawn looking up and around, and then averting his eyes back to the ground quickly.


“Do I need to answer that, really? Come on, just relax, sit down, uncover yourself fully, and let's eat some lunch, I'm starving.”


Brad opened the cooler and started passing out the food, and Shawn had no real choice but to uncover, because Brad purposely handed him both a sandwich and a drink, and he started eating and drinking as well, because he too was quite hungry. As he sat there getting more used to being naked out in the open, he did in fact look around a bit, not much, but it was a start, and that was all that mattered really.

“Ah, much better, now we get to lay back and enjoy the sun on our skin. I'll call out flip every few minutes, and when I say so, do so, and make sure not to cover your groin Shawn, so that you get a proper tan. It'll be hard, in more ways than one I know, but you'll survive, I promise, just close your eyes and pretend you're at home.”

“Yeah, like I'd do this at home.” Shawn said, already blushing again.

“Bradley sure would have loved it if you had, his bedroom has a good clear view of your back yard.” Brad chuckled.

“Heck yeah, I never would have left my room with a vision like that in the back yard.” Bradley admitted unashamedly.

“I don't doubt that.” Shawn laughed this time.

They did all lay down, Brad and Bradley laid on their backs first, whereas Shawn wanted to hide his penis for a little longer, so laid on his stomach instead. Five minutes later, Brad called out flip, and they all did, Shawn without even thinking or realizing what he had just done, not until a minute later. He almost went to cover himself up again, but he decided what the hell, and just stayed as he was, surprising even himself. Five minutes later, Brad called out flip again, and they did so once again. He did this six more times before he decided that they had had more than enough sun, and they would all have a nice tan going.

“Okay boys, let's go for a swim. How are you at swimming Shawn, I never thought to ask?”

“Really good.” Shawn said, and stood up with the others and followed them to the water. It wasn't until a few minutes later that Shawn even realized that he was naked still, he had managed to forget.

“So, how do you like swimming naked?” Brad asked.

“It's really quite free. You know though, I got so used to being naked that I almost forgot that I was, and it was a few minutes before I realized it after we got in the water.”

“That's really good. So, have you been getting in any good looks of the others here?”

“No, not really.”

“Shame, you really should. Go ahead, look around, see all the sights.” Brad offered, spreading his arms to show the whole beach, so Shawn did.

“Hey, I know him, he goes to my school. I didn't know he was gay as well!” Shawn said, pointing over to a boy that was about a year or so older than he was.

“Oh Jeff you mean?” Brad asked.

“Yeah, how do you know him?”

“He's been coming here since he was a baby as well. I knew his dads well, it's a real shame they were killed last year. He comes now with his boyfriend, the one next to him, and they're here nearly every weekend. Now remember though, just because this is a mens only beach, doesn't mean that everyone here will be gay or bi, some straight men just like to come here because it's a nude beach, it's the only one around.”

“That's his boyfriend, he's gotta be like five years older than Jeff.”

“Yeah, so what, and it's actually closer to six, but no one else actually knows that, and he'd appreciate if you didn't tell anyone as such either I'm sure. Now that he's sixteen mind you, the law doesn't really care, but last year they could have gotten in real trouble. He's a really nice kid though, very polite and shy, but he loves to show off his body, and he should too, wouldn't you agree?”

“Yeah, he's really good looking, but he's almost totally hairless, he doesn't even have any dick hair.”

“You'll find a lot of the people here keep themselves either well trimmed or bare, it looks and feels better. Jeff though likes the same thing that Bradley does, so keeping hairless has an added benefit for him.”

“You mean he likes to wear diapers as well?”

“Yeah, just don't spread that around either please. I only know because I knew his dads well, and I know him quite well as well.”

“Oh, I'd never tell. What did you mean by added benefit though?”

“Well, having hair and wearing diapers gets stinky and itchy, so it's better to not have any. Bradley has already said that he'll shave or otherwise remove all his hair when it starts, which could be soon.”

“Whatchoo two talking about?” Bradley swam up to them and asked, he had just been swimming and enjoying the freedom.


“Oh, you saw Jeff did you? Do you know him?”

“Yeah, he's a couple grades above me, but we've had a few classes together. I've never really talked to him before though, just a bit when we had to work together.”

“Why, he's really nice, he and I are a lot alike, except he's a little shy around new people.”

“Yeah, your dad was just telling me about what you two have in common.” Shawn grinned.

“Oh, I hope you won't tell anyone!”



“Come on boys, let's head up and go get a drink and an ice cream, and then maybe we can play some games or something.”

“Okay, cool.” Bradley said happily.

“What kinda games do they have here?” Shawn asked curiously.

“Lots actually. There's the volley ball net, the badminton net, tennis court, lawn bowling, horseshoes, lawn darts, basketball, and then there's even a few water games as well.” Bradley answered.

“Does someone own all this, doesn't that cost a lot of money?”

“Yes, a couple owns about three hundred acres of this area, they pretty much own all around the lake, it's pretty small. It costs a lot of money to operate this place I'm sure, but I pay an annual fee to come here, a little over a hundred dollars a month on an annual membership, and I'm allowed to bring up to one person with me for free, but they must always be boys of course. The woman's resort, like I said earlier is next door, but there's quite a distance between the two. When we entered, I entered the amount of people entering, and they'll automatically charge me the five dollars extra for you to my account. If I were to have lied, and they found out, and they do check, I would lose my membership for a full five years, with no refund, so I'd never do that, we like it too much here.”

“Wow, that's a lot of money.”

“Not really when you think about it. You get complete freedom here, nowhere else can you get to be naked like this, they have lots to do here, even if it starts raining there's indoor stuff, and they have a full service restaurant and bar for the guests, and it costs almost nothing for any of that.”

“Oh, okay, but it's still expensive.”

“Sure it is, but we think it's totally worth it, and you will too soon. I'll probably add you to the membership so that I don't have to pay extra each time you come, it'll work out cheaper in the long run if you come with us often, of which you will I'm sure.”

“Won't that be expensive?”

“Nah, only ten dollars extra a month for anyone under the age of eighteen. Once you hit eighteen, you're considered an adult and you have to pay full fee to enter.”

“Oh, okay.”

“Okay, what would you two boys like?”

“I'll take a banana split and a large root beer!” Bradley said happily.

“I'll take the same thing please?” Shawn asked.

“Make that three please, for Brad Robinson.”

“Will do Brad.” The man behind the counter said, he too was naked, as was everyone there.

“Why did you have to give him your name?” Shawn asked once again.

“Do you see a wallet anywhere?” Brad laughed.

“Um, no.” Shawn blushed.

“Exactly. This'll be put on my account and billed to me at the end of the month, it's just easier that way, because as you can clearly see, no one carries cash here.”

“Yeah, that makes sense.” Shawn smiled as he watched the man make all three sundaes, and then pour three large root beers for them. He brought them all over, and then they took them and found a free table. They started eating, and found that it was so good that they just couldn't speak. Brad and Bradley of course knew this already, but was certainly a first for Shawn, never before had he had such a good ice cream.

“Oh man, was that ever good. I've never had something that tasted so good in my life before.” Shawn sighed once he was done.

“That's the difference between real foods and fake foods. They only use the best of products, always made out of real food, nothing fake at all, so all real cream and sugar, you just can't beat it.”

“I'll say. I'll never be able to eat another ice cream and not dream about that.”

“And that's why they can charge eight bucks for that and manage to sell out of ice cream every single day. It's certainly worth every penny, that's for sure, not to mention, they're absolutely huge.”

“Holy crap, eight dollars each, that's really expensive.”

“Not really, to get the same quality and size anywhere else, I bet you'd pay twelve at least.”

“You're probably right. Can I get a refill of my pop by chance?”

“Sure, grab one more for Bradley and I as well, we're almost out.”

“Okay, will do.” Shawn said, and then headed up to the counter.

“Hey there handsome, let me guess, three more drinks?”

“Yes please.”

“No problem, coming right up. So, is this your first time here, I haven't seen you before, and I'd certainly remember someone as good looking as you are?”

“Yes, it is, but I'm not that good looking.” Shawn replied with a heavy blush.

“Take a look around boy, there are lots of good looking boys and men here, but you are certainly right up there with the best of them, easily in the top five.”

“No way, there's lots of others here better looking than me.” Shawn squeaked out a shy response, adding more blush.

“Suit yourself, but trust me, I have an eye for beauty. I'm a beauty pageant judge, and I know what to look for, and you have it all, and then some I might add. I know, you're shy, you've probably never been naked in front of strangers in your life, you've only just barely accepted the fact that you're gay as well, and I bet no one has ever complimented you on your body before, but they certainly thought it. I also bet that you'd make an excellent actor and or model, and I suggest that you go see someone about that, and soon, because you really should. Now, here you go, enjoy.” He said, handing over the three tall glasses, and then turned to help another customer.

“Thanks Shawn. I take it from the blush that you had going that our pageant judge told you that you should be a model or something?”

“Yeah, he said I was easily in the top five most beautiful people here, but I don't really think so.”

“Yeah, you wouldn't, but he's right, you really are beautiful, you just don't realize it.”

“Thanks.” Shawn said, sounding very embarrassed, and buried his face in his drink to try and stop the conversation.

“Well boys, should we take our drinks and go find a game to play?” Brad asked, knowing not to push the conversation any further, because Shawn was still so self conscience of his looks.

“Okay.” Both boys said, Shawn softly, Bradley excitedly.

“What should we play first?”

“Nothing where I'm expected to hit anything, I'm a really bad aim, and I could easily hurt someone.” Shawn said, and Bradley laughed.

“That'd be so funny to see, well unless it was me you hit, but I'll stay standing behind you, just in case.”

“Thanks, but trust me, that wouldn't be as much protection as you'd think it should be.” Shawn actually laughed as well.

“A little uncoordinated are we?” Brad laughed.

“Like, just a bit. Almost every girl in gym class can out throw me, out aim me, and just plain out do me in almost anything we do.”

“I was the same to tell you the truth, I never worried too much about it, because I was better at other things. What types of sports do you like to play?”

“Mostly martial arts and gymnastics, things like that. Never really got into playing too many sports, not so sure how to play most of them.”

“Yeah, your mom's told me a few times that you're really good at gymnastics and martial arts. Let's try horseshoes, yes, it involves throwing, but it's really easy.”

“Okay, I guess we can try it.” Shawn shrugged.

They headed over to a free pit, chose their weapons, and Brad told Shawn the rules. He let the boys play the first round together, while Brad gave them both pointers, and then he played the winner, and then the loser got to play the next winner. They played for more than an hour, and amazingly enough, after only a few games, Shawn was winning more than he was losing, and Bradley was winning his fair share as well, but he did get a step forward for his age and size.

“You did really well for never playing before Shawn, almost as good as I am, and I've played for years. I'm not really all that good though, but that doesn't matter. I'm glad you had fun and that you didn't accidentally get a wringer around someones neck instead of the post.”

“Me too, but it was fun, thanks a lot for bringing me here with you guys today.”

“What, and leave my sons boyfriend home all alone, not a chance.” Brad said, and Shawn blushed.

“I haven't said I would be yet.” Shawn stuttered out.

“Ah, but you didn't deny that you wanted to be. That's good.” Brad grinned.

“I never said I was or wasn't in that statement, only that I hadn't said that I would yet.” Shawn pointed out, trying to match Brad.

“Very true, but not saying no right away, says that in almost any case, you will say yes, just in your own time.”

“Maybe.” Shawn said in answer, knowing defeat when he saw it.

“Good. Come on, let's go get more sun screen on, and let it soak in for a few minutes, and then go for another swim before we go for dinner.”

“Okay.” Both boys said.

They went and applied more sun screen, helping each other out where necessary, and they laid out on the blanket for another two cycles of their tanning routine. Once they were well protected, and more than a little hot again, they all headed for the water and went for a nice cooling dip. Almost an hour of swimming and having fun later, they all got out and headed back up to the restaurant area and found an empty table. Not even a minute after sitting down, a naked waiter came up to them.

“Good evening gentlemen, what can I get for you to start this wondrous day?”

“I think we'll take two champagne and orange juice, a long island iced tea, house salad and cheesy garlic bread please?” Brad asked.

“Excellent, I will be right back with that all for you, in the meantime, please browse the menu and choose what you would like for your meal this evening.”

“Thank you.” Brad said, and then all three of them opened their menus.

They all looked through the options and decided upon what they wanted. No sooner had they set their menus down when the waiter arrived once again.

“Ready to order already?”

“I believe so, boys, you go ahead and order if you're ready.” Brad offered, so they did so.

The boys each chose the Angus burger with maple smoked bacon and jalapeño jack cheese , and onion rings to go with it. Brad though chose to go with the ten ounce prime rib and lasagna dinner. The waiter told them that he would be right back with their starting course, and that their meal would be out in about half an hour. A few moments later, true to his word, their salad and bread was delivered, and they all enjoyed it. The boys were even enjoying their drinks, Shawn saying that it was his first taste of alcohol, and he thought it wasn't so bad. Brad informed him that it was his only one, but Shawn was okay with that. They slowly picked at their salad and bread, enjoying that a great deal, until their meals came, and then they forgot about that, because the food that arrived was beyond simply tasty, it was superb in every way. It took almost half an hour for each of them to finish all that they could, they had just been savoring it.

“Oh man, I don't think I've ever eaten so well in my entire life, and my mom's a pretty good cook. That was simply the best burger I've ever even imagined.”

“That's why we like coming here as well. It's not good for us in the least, but damn does it taste good, and is worth it too every once in a while.”

“Worth it, why, how much will this cost you?”

“I didn't mean worth it as in cost, although that'll be around sixty dollars. What I meant is the amount of calories that we all just took in will be worth it, we just can't do it too often is all.”

“Oh, sixty bucks isn't too bad at all for that. Mom, dad and I've spent more than that on a meal and not got near as much food, nor near as good.” Shawn said in amazement.

“No, it's a very good deal for what you get. Well, should we go collect all our stuff and get going, we've been here nearly all day already, and it's gonna be quite late by the time we get home as it is?”

“Sure, but what time is it?”

“Not a clue, they don't keep clocks around, and no one wears watches here, they're almost taboo here, time means nothing while here, you're supposed to forget all your cares, and time's one of them. Given how low the sun's getting already though, I'd say it's pushing eight. We spent probably an hour and a half in the restaurant alone, and then everything else we've done today has been an hour or two, so it's been a long day.”

“Oh wow, I've never not known the time before.”

“I like it, it's nice to be able to say I don't care what time it is, and forget everything else as well for a while and be totally free. Speaking of which, you seem to have totally lost your inhibitions, how do you feel?”

“Actually, I haven't really thought of it too much, but now that you mention it, it feels really nice.”

“Good, and that's the reason I brought you here today. We'll come back either next weekend or the weekend after if we have a chance, and you won't have to worry anymore, because you're already free.”

“Thanks to you guys. I've never felt more alive in my life.” Shawn said with a tear leaking out.

“And that's the key to a happy life, and we're happy to have helped you. Granted, Bradley did so so that he could get himself one hell of a boyfriend, but it wasn't totally selfish.”

“Yeah, actually it was, I just wanted a hot gorgeous boyfriend.” Bradley smirked.

“I don't doubt that, but thanks none the less.” Shawn grinned.

They then headed back out to the beach and collected the rest of their belongings, and then headed back into the change room. There were a few other people in there, but other than looking and smiling to each other as they showered and got dressed, hardly anything was said. The three of them showered off, got dried, and then started getting back into their clothes.

“You know, it feels strange to be wearing clothes again after being naked all day.” Shawn mused.

“Try going for a few weeks without wearing anything at all, and then having to wear clothes, it feels so constricting.”

“Where would you have been able to do that?”

“Well, here of course. Didn't you notice how large the building is, it's actually a hotel as well. Granted, they only have a dozen rooms, so it's not that large. In fact, while we're here, I should book a time to come for a week again, should I book two adjoining rooms?” Brad asked Shawn pointedly.

“Heck yeah.” Bradley piped up happily.

“I wasn't asking you brat, I already knew your answer.”

“I guess so.” Shawn answered.

“Good. I might have to bring someone myself, maybe a hot hard bodied eighteen year old stud.” Brad said, and Shawn blushed again.

“You just don't want to be the only one here not having sex. Your own personal suite is the only place where sex is allowed, and it has to be booked, sometimes months in advance, but daddy has a week pretty much prebooked every summer, he just has to see who else has something booked as well and for when.” Bradley grinned.

“Of course not.” Brad grinned right back, and went to the guest services as soon as they were finished getting ready. They had a week opening up in four weeks, so just after the boys were let out of school for summer break, so that was perfect.

“Well boys, that's our vacation all set, so now we should head home. Let's go.”

They all headed out to the car and headed for the long drive home. Probably the only reason that Bradley had not fallen asleep in the back seat as he often did after spending a long and busy day at the beach, was because he and Shawn were sitting back there talking the entire time. Almost before they knew it they were pulling into the driveway.

“Shawn, kiss me please?” Bradley asked before Shawn could get out.

“Someone could see us.”

“Who cares really, and besides, tinted windows and dark outside, no one could see us unless they're inside the car, so kiss me.” Bradley said, and then leaned in for a kiss. Shawn also leaned in, and pressed his lips to Bradley's, and they kissed tenderly. The kiss lasted at most a minute, but both boys were painfully happy, and it showed. As soon as they hopped out of the car, Shawn had to reposition himself so that he was not pointing quite so obviously.

“Well guys, thanks for the wonderful day, have a good night.” Shawn said.

“You're welcome, thanks for coming along.”

“I wasn't given much of a choice, but I'm glad you did it.”

“Love you Shawn.” Bradley whispered into Shawn's ear.

“I can't say it yet Bradley, even though I know you want me to, I hope you understand.”

“That's okay, I know you do anyways.” Bradley smiled warmly, and hugged his boyfriend and let him head home.

“That was very nice of you baby, he's so very happy. Well, should we get in and get you nice and thickly diapered and into bed? You're almost falling asleep on your feet.”

“Thanks, I know, and yes please, I'm getting really tired.” Bradley smiled warmly to his loving daddy, and they headed inside. Bradley got ready for bed and crawled in, and was asleep minutes later. Brad also headed to bed not long after, and he too was asleep minutes later. Shawn also headed home and straight to bed after talking for a minute to his parents, just telling them they had went to the beach and had a lot of fun. They smiled after he left and talked about how happy they were for him.