Chapter 5

The next morning the three of them got up, and both boys were quite soggy, and when asked, Shawn said that he had actually peed in his sleep, because he never remembered waking up, and he was quite wet, so it was probably more than once too. They made and ate breakfast together, and then headed out to the beach. It took a fair bit of convincing, but Shawn finally agreed to just put his shorts on over his diaper and go straight there in a diaper, and then take it off once there.

When they arrived, they headed into the change room as normal to get undressed, and while Shawn had a huge blush happening as he took his shorts off to reveal a very soggy diaper, the other twelve or so men and boys in there at the time let out a collective sigh to see the two gorgeous boys in only soggy diapers. This would actually cause a couple new boys to get put into diapers, of whom truly enjoyed it as well.

The rest of the day there, and they stayed until quite late, they relaxed on the beach, getting a bit more of a nice tan, they swam, they ate both lunch and dinner there, they played more games, and generally they had a blast until a little after seven when they decided to head home. As soon as they got there, Shawn decided that he should probably head home, but not after a nice kiss to his boyfriend in the back seat of the car.

“Hey Shawn, how was your day, you never told us you were going out?” Lori asked when he walked in.

“Oh crap, I'm so sorry, I totally forgot to mention it, and Brad must not have thought of it either. He took us back to the beach, and it was really nice.” Shawn said in shock at having forgotten.

“Don't worry, I knew that you were with them, just try and remember next time. I'm surprised that Brad forgot though, but I know he was out quite late last night, so he probably wasn't even awake yet this morning when you boys dragged him out of the house.” Lori laughed.

“Okay, thanks, and you're probably right.” Shawn laughed.

“Your tan is looking really good too by the way.”


“Why not head up and grab a bath and then clean your room. I noticed it was starting to get a bit messy, and it smells in there as well, try and open your window every so often to air it out a bit please?”

“Oh, okay.” Shawn blushed, and then headed upstairs to do just that. He had had a shower at the end of the day at the beach, but a nice bubble bath would feel nice he thought. He cleaned his room quickly first, because it wasn't too bad, but even he had to admit it was starting to smell a bit in his room, so he opened his window all the way and turned on his ceiling fan to circulate the air more. He then went and started a bath and climbed in and relaxed. It felt really nice he thought, so he stayed in there for nearly an hour. Once he was all clean, he got out, dried off, and headed to his bedroom with only a towel wrapped around him. He then put on a pair of boxers and headed downstairs to grab a drink.

“Hey there. Bradley stopped by and dropped off your back pack, you forgot it at his house, so I set it on your bed. He also told me he put your game inside that you forgot.”

“Huh, what game. I don't remember taking a game. Oh well, he probably accidentally gave me one of his games or a game from one of his friends.” Shawn laughed.

“Don't know.” Lori shrugged, looking as if she thought nothing of it.

“Hmm, well I'm just grabbing a drink, and then I think I'm gonna head to bed. Oh, and I'm going over to Bradley's tomorrow again, okay.”

“Okay, have a good sleep.” Lori said, and Shawn went and got his drink and headed upstairs.

As soon as Shawn made it to his room, he opened up his pack to see what game it was that Bradley gave him. Inside he did not find a game, but he found a grocery bag wrapped around something, so curiously he opened it up, because he knew it did not belong there. What he found when he opened it though was not a game, it was four diapers. With shaking hands, Shawn gulped, picked up one of the diapers, looked to his door to make sure it was closed, and then very quickly stripped off his underwear and put on the diaper. He sighed as soon as it was on, and then peed, because he had had to anyways, and he was going to go to bed, so he would have had to before doing so anyway.

He went to put his boxers back on, but decided against it, because his parents never came into his room anyways, or so he thought. He laid down, covered up, and went straight to sleep. As per usual, he had thrown the covers off during the night, and in the morning when his mom checked on him, she was only mildly surprised to see him wearing one of the diapers that she knew that Bradley had given to him. She had checked his homework to make sure it was all done, and she had wondered what was in the bag, so she checked. She had known about Bradley loving diapers, Brad had said it once when she commented that it often looked as if Bradley was wearing a diaper, and she was not even surprised. Knowing of course that they were boyfriends, she was not shocked that Bradley would sooner or later get Shawn diapered as well, she just didn't figure he'd wear one at home so quickly.

Shawn also did not figure that he would be able to wear a diaper while at home like that, but he had found that he had missed them, already, so it was quite nice. As soon as Shawn woke up, he got dressed, leaving his diaper on though, and then went down and found both his parents sitting there drinking their coffee. He pretty much told them right away that he was heading over to Bradley's house, that they were going to go do something, and he was gone. The entire time he had been standing there, he had been fidgeting nervously, trying to make sure they could not see that he was wearing a diaper, but they had noticed right away.

“Eventually I guess he'll get used to being around us in diapers, even if under his clothes.” Kevin laughed.

“Yeah, if we just pretend that he's not wearing them, he'll get more used to it.” Lori smiled.

“Morning guys.” Shawn said as he walked in, because he no longer knocked, as he was told to do.

“Morning, I trust you enjoyed the surprise I left for you, and I can see that you did?” Bradley smiled warmly.

“Yes you brat, but what if my mom had noticed something, and I can't believe I was actually wearing one while standing in front of them this morning, but they didn't notice.” Shawn said.

Brad though had to hide his smile, because he knew that they knew, Lori had called him after Shawn had gone to bed. Bradley though laughed.

“Um, I hate to tell you this, but I think they must already know, because you can see it quite easily, even if you're not sure what to look for. Those shorts don't really hide it that well.”

“No, I kept myself mostly hidden, and they never said anything.”

“They know that I love diapers, daddy told your mom after she commented that it often looked like I was wearing a diaper. And I'm willing to bet that she put two and two together and came up with you're a diaper lover as well.”

“Two and two is four you bone head.” Brad laughed.

“Equals the same thing if you ask me, but school work never was my strong suit.” Bradley said with such a straight face it actually surprised Shawn because he was trying not to laugh.

“Yeah, but why wouldn't they have said something if they knew?” Shawn asked, almost in a panic.

“Same as they're allowing you to tell them in your own time that you're gay and that you have a boyfriend. Heck, even that you've been going to a nude beach.”

“They know we've been going to a nude beach too?”

“Sure, I told them right away where I was taking you.” Brad shrugged.

“Really, and they were okay with that?” Shawn asked in shock.

“Sure. Why wouldn't they be really?”

“Well, they're so, well you know, prudish, shy, like I was, am.”

“You're getting better, and they're not actually as prudish as you might like to believe they are, they just choose to hide most things from you, of which I believe to be wrong, but that's the way they want it, so there's nothing I can do about it.”

“What do you mean?”

“It's not for me to say, and even though I know some, I'm sure I don't know all of it.” Brad said simply.

“Oh. When are we gonna head to the beach then?” Shawn asked, wishing to change the subject.

“We can probably head out now and just eat breakfast and lunch there and then head home somewhat early today, about three or so I think will be fine.” Brad answered.

“Awesome.” Both boys said.

Shawn stayed in what he was wearing, while Bradley and Brad went up and threw on some shorts and a shirt, and were back down minutes later, both of them carrying what little they would need while they were there. They headed right out, and spent the hour long drive laughing and talking as they always did.

Same as the day before, there were people in the change room, and when the boys removed their pants to reveal nice soggy diapers, the others in there were seen to stare and heard to sigh from the hot sight. Pretty much as soon as they were stripped and ready to go, they grabbed their blanket and headed out. Instead of going right down to the beach as was normal though, they headed straight to the restaurant and grabbed a seat and ordered breakfast. As with the other times that they had eaten there, they were truly satisfied with their meal, it was so delicious, and they ate every last crumb, of which they all regretted of course.

They headed down to the beach first, applied their sun screen, and then tanned for about an hour, before going to the waters edge and in to go swimming. The rest of the day was again spent in the water or in the sun, and playing games as well. At just a little after three, they decided to head home, it had been a long full day, and weekend, and they were getting tired. They headed in to get dressed, and then headed out. As soon as they made it there, the boys kissed each other goodbye, and Shawn headed home to spend the rest of the evening with his parents.

Brad and Bradley went inside and got more comfortable, so Brad was naked and Bradley was in just a diaper, and they too sat back and relaxed for the rest of the evening. At what was pretty much his normal time, Bradley headed up to bed with hugs and kisses goodnight to his daddy, and he fell asleep quickly enough. Brad followed him a short time later. Shawn also went to bed at about the same time as Brad did.

The week went by far too slowly if you asked either of the boys, because while at school, it was painfully slow, and then the afternoons when they got to be together for a bit, it went too fast, so that they had to suffer yet another horribly slow day. Finally Friday arrived and the boys crashed into the house once again and attached themselves at the lips, and stayed that way for a good ten minutes before finally releasing and fully closing the door.

“Oh god, I'm so glad it's finally the weekend. I can't wait for school to just be over and done with, thank god we only have a week left.” Shawn sighed.

“Yeah, same here. Come on, let's go get diapered my little baby.” Bradley smiled warmly, and they headed to the bedroom to do just that.

Bradley grabbed the diapers and the cream as soon as he made it to the bedroom, and Shawn went and laid on the bed. Bradley came over, set everything down, and spent the next ten minutes undressing his boyfriend slowly. Shawn was more than just a little hard though when he finally was totally naked, mostly because Bradley had been petting him an awful lot as he was doing so. Shawn was also more than a little ready for their afternoon fun to begin, he for some reason was more horny than he normally was after school, maybe he knew that it was time to broaden their horizons, because that was exactly what Bradley had in mind.

Before Shawn really even realized what was about to happen, Bradley moved into position, laid down, and started using his talented tongue for more than just kissing, although he was doing a lot of that as well. Bradley started by kissing Shawn's balls, then kissing the tip of his dick, and then licking in between the two areas, giving plenty of kisses as went. Shawn had let out a strangled oh god when the first kiss was planted, and then started panting and gasping a constant string of gibberish that only turned Bradley on more. For more than ten minutes Bradley licked, kissed and nibbled on Shawn's balls and boner, but as of yet, he had not taken Shawn fully into is mouth, he wanted Shawn to be very close when he finally did that. And Shawn was getting seriously close.

Bradley decided that it was time that he suck Shawn in, so did so in just one gulp, and sucked Shawn in to the root. Shawn gasped deeply, and started panting even more, really clawing at the bedsheets now, until Bradley started slowly sucking and bobbing. Shawn went almost totally rigid then, he was supporting his entire body just by his shoulder blades and his feet, he had stopped breathing altogether, but now his entire body was vibrating. Bradley knew that any second now Shawn would lose the fight to contain all those incredible feelings inside his body, and he would get his first taste of Shawn right from the source.

Bradley hardly had to wait long at all, because just a second or so later, Shawn exploded in the single most fantastic orgasm that he had to date. Shawn screamed out in pleasure, and exploded with such force that it actually surprised Bradley, but Bradley was far too good a cock sucker to miss a single drop. Oh god it was good, was about all Bradley could think, and he wanted more and more, and wanted it as often as possible. When Shawn collapsed back down, he slipped from Bradley's incredible mouth, just a final surge of delicious cum escaped his dick lips, so Bradley licked it off as well, and then just laid there nuzzling Shawn's balls for the next ten or so minutes that it took for Shawn to come back down.

“Oh god, that was so incredible.” Shawn managed to gasp out finally.

“I'm glad that you liked it, I tried to make it the best I possibly could for you for your first time.”

“If it gets any better than that, I might not survive it.”

“Oh, it gets better, believe you me, but you'll survive, because if people didn't survive that much pleasure, well, I'd have killed a few people by now.” Bradley looked up and grinned.

“Oh man. I so want to suck you now, diaper me up baby and then let me suck you.”

“You don't have to tell me twice.” Bradley said, and then diapered Shawn up nice and thick right away. As per usual, Bradley pressed his hand to the nice diapered bulge and waited, the wait was not long. Shawn let his aching bladder go right away and wet his diaper nicely, sighing as the last bit left, and Bradley also sighed from the feelings.

“Thanks, that was nice.” Shawn sighed.

“Yeah, it was, now let's trade places.”

Shawn stood up, wavered a moment as his body re-calibrated, and then slowly stripped Bradley of all his clothes as well, because he was still fully dressed. Bradley was of course painfully hard already when Shawn started to strip him, so the extra petting that Shawn gave to him could not possibly make him harder, but it did make him hotter, so by the time he was naked, he was near to exploding point already.

“I've never done this, what do I do?” Shawn whispered.

“Just do what feels natural to you, use your tongue, suck a bit, and be careful of your teeth, that really hurts.” Bradley panted out.

Shawn took the instructions to heart, and just did what felt natural. He started by licking everything, planting kisses in different places, much like Bradley had done. He did this for a few minutes, really enjoying himself, but from the sounds of Bradley, it was nowhere near as much as he was enjoying this. Shawn figured that the time was right, so moved to suck Bradley in, and did so in one swift move, and started bobbing his head right away, adding plenty of tongue action and suction into the mix as well. He knew Bradley could not hold on for much longer, and he was correct, because not even thirty seconds after he started sucking did Bradley explode.

Shawn counted what had to have been twelve good strong pulses, but Bradley still did not explode, yet Shawn did taste a hint of salty sweetness, that told him that Bradley was starting to produce just a tiny bit of precum, so that meant it would be soon. Bradley slumped down to the bed, and Shawn just laid there licking his cute little nuts for a few minutes, waiting for his boyfriend to come down completely.

“Wow, very nice.” Bradley sighed once he came down.

“Did I do it right?” Shawn asked hopefully.

“Oh yeah, perfect in every way.”

“Good, I'm glad. I wanted to make you feel as good as you made me feel. I think I even tasted just a tiny squirt of precum near the end, so I think you're starting to produce now too.”

“Wicked, it felt a little different, like my balls pulled just a bit more than normal, so that's cool. Daddy will be so proud when I tell him. Now, you better get me diapered, and soon, because I'm so close to just exploding it's not funny, and it's really starting to hurt.”

“Oh, okay.” Shawn said, and then grabbed the diaper, and forgoing the cream he quickly diapered Bradley, and then pressed his palm to the cute little bulge. It did not even take a second for the flow to start, and it took a long time for it to stop as well. Finally Bradley sighed, meaning that he was done.

“Ah, much better, thanks.” Bradley sighed.

“No problem, any time.” Shawn smiled.

“I'll hold you to that.”

“I hope you do.”

“Want to go get our homework done and then make dinner early again and watch movies like we did on Friday?”

“Sure, just as long as I get to cuddle up to you like we did last week.”

“Like I'd have it any other way.” Bradley smiled warmly and then reached up for a nice tender kiss, and they kissed for a few minutes before getting up.

They headed to the kitchen, grabbing their packs on the way, and then did their homework. As soon as they were done, which thankfully did not take all that long, they got started on making dinner. This time though Bradley did not have to defrost something, because he had taken some chicken out of the freezer that morning. Once again they worked well together to make dinner, and just as Brad was walking in, they were sitting down to eat.

“Hey daddy, how was your day?”

“Good, and yours?”

“School was boring and pointless as per usual, but after school has been great. Shawn and I finally sucked each other, and that was incredible, but Shawn said that he tasted a hint of precum, so I've started.”

“Very good baby, and I bet it felt good too.”

“Very. So, is your date with the same guy from last week then, or is it a different guy?”

“Same guy, he was fun, and right now I don't really want any strings either, so he's good. I've invited him to come with us on our vacation, but he doesn't know where yet, that'll be a fun shock. Definitely don't expect me home too early tonight.”

“Good, I'm glad that you'll have someone to play with as well. Well, we're gonna eat and you should go get cleaned up and ready to go then.”

“Yes, I should, enjoy, because that sure smells good.”

Brad turned and headed upstairs and the boys turned to their meal, and ate everything. They headed into the kitchen and cleaned up, and then went and picked out a movie to watch, and then curled up to watch it. Brad was down shortly thereafter, said his goodbyes, and then headed out on his date. The boys had not even paused the movie, because for some reason Brad was excited to go, so he pretty much headed out right away. The boys stayed cuddling on the couch for the remainder of the night, just enjoying being together as they were, and watching movies. At the end of their second movie, they deemed it bedtime, so they headed upstairs, changed each others diapers, kissed for a while, whispered goodnight, I love you, and then fell fast asleep.

The boys were quite lucky, because Friday was a holiday, almost all the schools were doing a conference on the Thursday, so that meant that almost all school aged kids would have an extra long weekend this weekend. Also, school was ending in only a week, so they were all very happy with that too.

The next morning they headed back out to the beach again, and again had just as good a time as all the other times, ate just as well, tanned just a bit more, and played games. Even previously pale Shawn was starting to get a beautiful deep rich full body tan. He even remembered to tell the guys as they were stripping that a few boys in gym class noticed that his tan was so good, but did not stop, and they tried to tease him. He said that he had told them that he was enjoying nude tanning, and that at least he did not have an ugly tan line like they all did. He did not allow them to tease him, because he was far too happy about it, and Brad and Bradley both praised him for it. Shawn went home again to spend the evening with his parents, and then the next morning was right back at Bradley's bright and early, except it was not too bright out, it was quite dark and miserable.

“Morning guys, it's pretty yucky looking outside, so what should we do today?” He asked as soon as he walked in to find both still in the kitchen.

“Since it's so gross outside, and we're running seriously low on supplies, we're gonna go shopping. We need groceries, diapers, and a few other supplies. We'll make a day of it though and just have fun, maybe even catch a movie while we're out.”

“Okay, that sounds good enough to me.” Shawn said.

“Same.” Bradley nodded.

“Good. Let's go get ready then and head out, we can eat breakfast at the buffet today I think.”

“Okay.” The boys said, and Bradley grabbed Shawn's hand and pulled him to their bedroom.

“Care to wear diapers out with me today?” Bradley asked.

“I'm not so sure that's a good idea.”

“No one 'll notice, you're wearing good pants that'll hide it, and I will be too, you're wearing an undershirt that you can keep tucked in to hide it even better, and I'll wear one of my diaper shirts, so we'll be fine. Actually, try one of my diaper shirts on, they might fit you, they're pretty stretchy.”

“You have diaper shirts?”

“Technically no, they're a one piece outfit that dancers and gymnasts use, but I use them as diaper shirts. You're only a little taller and more built than me, so it should be fine. Here, strip and I'll change your nice soggy baby diaper, and then we'll try one of them on you.”

“Okay, but if I can tell when I look in the mirror, I'm taking it off.” Shawn said, making sure his out was well known.

“Okay, so you'll be keeping it on then, good.” Bradley smiled brightly, and pushed Shawn onto the bed on his back, and proceeded to strip him, and then change his soggy diaper.

Shawn was put into a fresh diaper, and then he hopped up and changed Bradley's very soggy diaper as well, and then Bradley hopped up and grabbed the clothes that he would need. He first grabbed one of the diaper shirts and motioned for Shawn to step up, so that he could try one of them on him. Shawn did as instructed, and in a few moments, the diaper shirt was put on him and done up. He was very surprised that it fit him, and was more than a bit surprised that it felt so nice. It was a very soft stretchy material, just plain white, but did hug his lithe body nicely as well. Bradley then helped Shawn to finish getting dressed, and then Shawn was urged to do the same for Bradley, so he did, and soon they were both completely dressed. Shawn went to the full length mirror on the door to check himself out, and Bradley stood next to him as well, looking at the both of them.

“Not even I can see that I'm wearing a nice thick diaper, cool.” Shawn smiled.

“Exactly. With a baggier pant and these diaper shirts, you'd be hard pressed to notice at all, all anyone ever would think is that you've got a nice bum, because it makes it look just a bit bigger, but that's not a bad thing. The only way to tell would be if someone were for some reason to touch your ass, but don't worry, I'd swat their hands for that.” Bradley grinned, and Shawn laughed.

“Thanks. This is gonna feel so weird though, going out where others can see me while wearing a diaper. I mean, what if a kid from school sees me and wonders why my ass all of a sudden looks a bit bigger, or that I have a bit more of a bulge in my crotch than normal?”

“If they've looked at you that closely in the past to see that now, chances are they're gay anyways, so I doubt they would care.”

“What about the girls?”

“I try not to think about them.”

“Yeah, well I always have girls hitting on me, I know they look, so what if one of them sees?”

“We're gonna have to start spreading it around that you're gay and attached so that that stops, because like how yuck, having girls hit on you.”

“Not bloody likely.” Shawn choked out. “I just tell them I'm not interested in dating, and that it's more important that I do well in school.”

“So, in other words, they all know you're gay anyway.”

“Some have said it yes, but I don't think so, because they all still try.”

“Yeah, but to a girl, turning a hot gay guy is the same as a gay guy turning a hot straight guy, it's just a plain fun.” Bradley grinned.

“Oh, well it's not gonna happen.” Shawn almost gagged.

“Same here. Let's go find daddy and get going, because I'm starting to get pretty hungry.”

“Me too.” Shawn smiled, and they headed downstairs.

Brad had finished getting dressed a few minutes before and was just patiently awaiting the boys by the door. He almost laughed when both boys came down, because he could tell that they were in fact wearing diapers, but mostly because he could see the diaper shirts the boys were wearing, that and they were just a little thicker around the mid section than was normal.

“Decided to wear diapers today did you?”

“Yeah. How did you know, you can't see?” Shawn panicked.

“I know you boys very well, and suspected that you might, as well I can see the diaper shirts you're wearing, but no one else would probably notice that. So don't worry so much, no one's likely to notice.”

“Oh, okay.” Shawn said, relieved.

“Come on, let's go get some breakfast, I'm hungry.”

“Us too.” Both boys said.

They headed out right away and hit a buffet restaurant that served a pretty good breakfast, and went in and ate themselves silly. After breakfast, they headed to the grocery store so that they could get the groceries that they needed. They would have to stop back at home to put the cold stuff in the fridge, but they wanted to get that done and out of the way first. Shawn ended up pushing a second cart, and they filled both of them up almost to maximum capacity. As soon as they were finished there, they headed off to the house quickly to get all their stuff put away, and then they were off again.

Their next stop of the day was to a large medical supply store that was downtown, this was where Brad bought all of Bradley's diapers and accessories. They all went in, even Shawn, which did in fact surprise both Brad and Bradley.

“Hello there gentlemen, anything I can help you with today?” They were asked as soon as they walked in.

“No thanks, I think we're all good, I know where the diapers the boys need are, but if we need anything, we'll call.” Brad smiled warmly.

“She didn't have to know the diapers were for us.” Shawn hissed out quietly.

“Like she cares. They sell about a hundred or so packs of diapers here per day, and I'm willing to bet that you're not the only teen, nor am I willing to bet that you two are the only ones to use them almost solely for pleasure.” Brad laughed.

“That's really besides the point.” Shawn said hoarsely.

“Ah, who cares anyway, really. Besides, we've been coming here for a long time now to buy Bradley's diapers, and she's never once said a thing. Come on, the diapers are over here.”

They headed over to the diaper section, and Shawn was surprised at the vast selection of diapers that the store had available. They had them nicely sorted by size and brand, so it was easy to find the ones you wanted. Brad grabbed one of the largest packs of the diapers that he always bought Bradley, because he liked them the best.

“Daddy, do you think you can get us some slightly thinner ones for daytime, for when we want to go out, because these are a bit thick to wear under clothes?”

“Sure baby, pick out the ones that you want. Is there anything you want Shawn?”

“Um, are there any thicker ones?” He asked, blushing massively.

“Sure there are, these ones here. They're really comfortable too, but they're really expensive, and the ones I use actually hold up almost as well.” Bradley said happily.


“Would you like to get a small pack of those Shawn as a special treat?”

“Yes please.” Shawn whispered.

“Okay, grab one then, you can't expect me to carry all of this.” Brad grinned, knowing this would be hard on Shawn, but he did it too.

Bradley had grabbed a pack of a thinner daytime diaper, but he grabbed a much larger pack than Shawn had grabbed, and he was grinning. They headed to the section that carried the assorted creams and lotions for diaper wearers, and Bradley handed his pack to Shawn to carry for him, and then picked out a few things from there, knowing pretty much what all was needed. He grabbed two large cases of wipes, two large tubs of diaper rash cream, and two large bottles of skin lotion, almost the same as baby lotion, just did not smell as nice, but was better for him.

“Okay, got enough to last you for a while I see, is there anything else we need while we're here?”

“Yeah, lube.”

“That was already on my list, don't worry.”

“Good. We buy the institution size of KY jelly from here, it's the best deal, even though KY isn't the best, but it does work real well.” Bradley explained to Shawn.

“In all the stories I've read lately, it seems like it's the best.” Shawn said with only a hint of a blush.

“Oh, it's good alright, but there's better out there. My favorite is boy butter, but anal ease is also really good. They're both nice and thick and slippery, and they don't dry up as fast either.” Bradley informed.

“Yeah, but KY is way cheaper and larger quantities, so that's why we usually buy it.” Brad added.

“True.” Bradley said, and they headed over there. Bradley grabbed two tubes of it, they were quite large, and added them to his large armful of stuff.

“There, anything else now?”

“Nah, I don't think so anyway.” Bradley said and Shawn shook his head, this was already sending him into overload.

“Good, let's go pay for all this then.”

They headed to the counter and set it all down, and the lady rang it all up, and within a few minutes, they were out of there with quite a few large bags. It was loaded into the car, and then they headed out from there.

“Okay boys, where to next?”

“Doesn't matter to me.” Bradley said.

“Me neither.” Shawn added.

“Fat lot of help you two are then. Let's head to the theatre then and see what's playing then shall we?”

“Okay.” Both boys said happily.

“Before we go though, do either of you need a change?”

“I could probably stand to have my diaper changed.” Bradley said.

“Me too. Can we change into those really thick ones?”

“No, they'll show too much, sorry. You can wear the same ones that you have now. The thick ones are a treat for at home only, okay!” Brad said.

“Oh, I guess so, and I guess I really don't want anyone else to see me wearing diapers. Not that I ever thought I'd be wearing them, let alone in public.” Shawn smiled.

“Yeah, Bradley's pretty good at getting other boys into diapers. How many is it now baby?”

“Only about a dozen or so, maybe less. You act like it's hundreds.” Bradley said in indignation.

“Only because you wish it were hundreds, and it's probably more like fifteen or sixteen so far.”

“Possibly true.” Bradley grinned, not totally admitting it, but realizing his dad was in fact more than likely correct.

“How could you have gotten so many boys into diapers?” Shawn asked curiously as they started on their way to the theatre.

“Well, when I was younger and I had other boys sleep over, mostly I just convinced them to wear diapers to bed with me, just in case they wet the bed too you see. You'd be surprised how many of them said yes without a second thought. Most of them had no problem at all with it, and as far as I know, still purposely wet the bed at night still to get their diapers. Two that I'm aware of came out to their families already that they're gay and diaper lovers, but I didn't have anything to do with the fact that they're gay, I just helped them to utilize the information. Repeatedly, if you catch my drift. For the few that I had to convince, well, it didn't really take all that much, just the promise that I'd never tell a soul, so on and so forth. Of course, once I found sex, it became a huge part of my life, and I love sex and diapers together, so after their first time, I usually told them that if they ever wanted to have sex with me again, then they'd have to wear diapers as well. Once again, you'd be surprised how many boys willingly wore diapers just to have sex with me again, and again, and again. You get the picture.”

“Yes, I get the picture, you filthy little slut you.”

“Why thank you for the compliment kind sir, I shall have to pay you back later and make you realize how true that is.” Bradley said, giving a fake bow in the back seat of the car.

“I don't doubt you'll try, but it wasn't a compliment. Here you are, three years younger than me, and you've had sex with about a dozen or more boys by now, and you're my first.”

“True, but had you known what you were missing, and had admitted that you were gay years ago, you would have been out there hiney hunting just as actively as I do.”

“Probably true.” Shawn couldn't help but laugh at the logic, because he knew Bradley was right, because he was really starting to crave it now that he knew what it was all about. It is hard to miss something that you have never experienced, but now that he had, he was really missing it whenever they were not playing around.

“Definitely true.” Brad laughed.

“For sure.” Bradley added.

“So, have you ever had sex with an adult?” Shawn asked curiously.

“I don't think that's the type of question you ask a boy in front of his father!” Bradley said with an amazingly straight face.

“Oh, sorry, the way you talk, it sounded as if your dad knew all of your conquests.” Shawn said apologetically.

“Oh god, that was good.” Bradley said, bursting into laughter. “Of course I tell my dad everything, same as he mostly tells me everything as well. We leave out most of the filthy dirty details, we let the others imagination take care of that. As for have I ever had sex with an adult, no, not really. Sixteen was the oldest, then you at thirteen. Well, that's not entirely true, there was another thirteen year old, but he was younger than you are now, because you're almost fourteen, and he had just turned thirteen. Mostly all the boys have bee about the same age as me or a bit younger.”

“You're a brat.” Shawn pouted.

“Thanks. Daddy takes great pleasure in reminding me of that, usually daily, sometimes twice or three times so.”

“Yeah, I don't doubt that either.”

“Actually, most of the time it's ten or twelve times, get your story straight, brat.” Brad grinned back as soon as he finished parking the car, they had arrived to the theatre.

“Yeah, you're probably right. Let me grab a couple diapers and the wipes, I'll put them in a bag, and then we can go into the family washroom and change each other.” Bradley said.

They hopped out of the car and Bradley did that, while Brad and Shawn waited. Soon they were ready to go, so they headed inside. Brad headed straight to the ticket counter to get them their tickets, he knew what the boys would want to watch, and he wanted to see it too, so that was where he was taking them. The boys however headed straight for the nearest family washroom, it was also a handicapped washroom, so it had plenty of space.

“Go ahead and lay down, I'll change you first.” Bradley offered.

“Okay, thanks.” Shawn said, and then laid down and waited for the changing to start.

Bradley stripped off Shawn's pants, pulled his diaper shirt out of the way, grabbed the wipes and a new diaper, and then proceeded to change Shawn. Once Shawn was all done, they traded places, and Shawn changed Bradley. They cleaned up, threw their diapers away, washed and dried their hands, and then headed out. As they exited, a lady in a wheelchair was impatiently awaiting for them to exit.

“You boys should be ashamed of yourselves, using a handicapped washroom when you don't need to.” She said snottily to them.

“Actually ma'am, we do need to. You see, we're brothers, and we both have a problem with our bladders, causing us to require diapers full time, so we had to change each other. Please do not be so rude to us, when we have every right that you have to use these facilities, now, if you'll excuse us, our dad's waiting to take us to a movie.” Bradley said so softly and smoothly, never once losing his calm.

“I apologize.” The lady said, and then headed straight into the bathroom, not once looking at the boys.

“Wow, that was good. Where did you come up with that one?”

“Actually, I've had that one planned out for a few years, for just in case someone decided to try something so stupid as that to me. I know how some people can be, so I made sure to have a plan. Of course, I had to fib a bit and make you my brother, but a hot incestuous brother affair might be fun.” Bradley grinned wickedly.

“Good point, but you lied about more than us being brothers, because neither of us has a problem with our bladders, nor do we need diapers full time. As for the affair, maybe tomorrow.” Shawn grinned.

“Wicked. I know all that, but she didn't need to know that we only wear them for fun. That doesn't usually go over too well with most people, they think it's weird or something. Like their fetish or desire isn't weird, but whatever.” Bradley shrugged.

“Good point. Let's go find daddy, my hot incestuous lover brother.” Shawn grinned.

“Okay, but keep talking like that, and we might not make it past the next janitors closet.” Brad laughed.

“Not now, you horny little baby boy.” Shawn grinned and whispered, because there were a few more people around now that they were walking.

They headed to the concession counter, where they could see Brad was now waiting for them. They queued up in the line with him and he told them what movie they were going to see, and they told him about their encounter at the bathroom. Shawn blushed when a twelve year old boy behind him obviously overheard the bit about him wearing diapers, because he pointedly looked down to both boys' cute bums and looked, and they saw that he had to adjust himself before he left the line, probably to take care of something that had arisen. Both boys had to chuckle at that, because they both thought that he was way cute, and so gay. They grabbed the food and drinks that they wanted, and headed to their theatre and waited for the movie to start. For the next two and a half hours, they enjoyed the ultra intense action sci fi movie that they were watching, and they loved it. Shawn was once again thankful that he was wearing a diaper, because the roughly two litres worth of pop that he felt like he drank had to come out, a couple times, so he was well aware that he would have been amongst the many people that had had to leave the theatre a couple times to pee had he not been wearing one.

“Well, I'm glad you boys enjoyed the movie, do either of you need a change?”

“Thanks, we did, and I could probably use one, I peed quite heavily at least three times, so I'm getting pretty full.” Bradley said.

“Same here.” Shawn added.

“Okay, go change each other then, I'm gonna head to the washroom myself so that I can explode.”

“Just come with us.” Bradley offered.

“That's okay, thanks.” Brad smiled, and headed towards the mens room.

“Why wouldn't he come with us, it's not like we haven't seen each other naked lots already?” Shawn asked curiously.

“This theatre doesn't have partitions between the urinals, and you can sometimes get really good looks at what the guys next to you are packing, and he's gotten more than a couple dates from there. Hell, he's gotten them usually while on dates with others.” Bradley grinned.

“Good grief, he's just as big a slut as you are, isn't he?” Shawn laughed.

“Other way around I'm afraid, I learned from the best.” Bradley grinned.

“Yeah, I can tell. Oh god, there's the boy from the lineup earlier, and he's coming this way.” Shawn pointed out.

“Cool.” Bradley smiled, and turned to face the boy who was walking towards them.

“Hi guys.” The boy said shyly.

“Hi.” They both said back, Shawn also shyly.

“Um, I don't normally do this, but I heard what you said earlier to your father, and well, I wanted to know, do you really wear diapers, and what do they feel like?” The boy asked so softly that they almost could not hear him.

“Actually, we're not brothers, we're boyfriends. We just told the lady we're brothers, so that she wouldn't freak out about boyfriends going into a private bathroom together, because then she wouldn't believe that we had to change each others diapers, although the thought had crossed my mind. As for are they comfortable, sure, why did you think we wear them, because it's sure not 'cause we need them, at least all the time, because I do still wet the bed most nights.” Bradley said nonchalantly.

“Oh.” The boy said, at a loss for words, even Shawn was stunned at the openness of the statement, and he too was blushing.

“You shouldn't have told him that.” Shawn hissed.

“Why not, even you noticed earlier that he was gay, and he got hard when he realized we're diapered, not to mention the fact that he just asked about them, so he's interested as well. Hey, who are you here with today, want to come spend the night at my house?” Bradley asked.

“How did you know that?”

“That you're gay or that you wanted to try diapers?”


“Easy, just like I told Shawn about the diapers, and we could feel it from you, same as you probably could tell from us, because you've admitted to yourself that you're gay, so you'll be aware of the signs.”

“How do you know I've admitted it to myself already?”

“That's easy, you didn't deny it.” Bradley grinned.

“Oh, that makes sense. I admitted it to myself and my mom when I was ten, and I'm here by myself today. I don't think I should go to your house though.”

“Why not, afraid of what might happen?” Bradley asked.

“Sorta, yes.”

“Don't be afraid, even Shawn hasn't let me have anal sex with him yet, we've only been boyfriends for a few weeks now.”

“Oh.” The boy said, once again failing to come up with something to say.

“What have you got to lose, maybe we can help you find a hot diaper lover boyfriend as well, and you can try diapers at my place, no probs. My dad knows all about our love of diapers and that we're boyfriends, so he'd be totally okay with it. We won't have sex with you though, I won't cheat on Shawn, he's my one and only now, I don't need anyone else, even someone as cute as you are.”

“Oh, thanks I guess. I suppose I could call.” He said, just as Brad was walking up to the boys.

“Ah, found a boy to bring home I take it? Brad chuckled.

“Yeah, he just has to call his mom and ask.”

“Gay, and possibly a diaper lover, or has he worked up the courage to ask yet?”

“He has, but hasn't quite admitted that he's a diaper lover yet. It won't take much convincing though.” Bradley stated confidently.

“Um, I'm right here.” The boy said, going extremely red now.

“We know, but you wouldn't have answered him, so I had to. By the way, I'm Bradley, this is Shawn, my hot older boyfriend, and this is my dad, his name's Brad. What's your name?”

“Jackson.” He said simply.

“Good to meet you Jackson, you seem really nice, and you're cute too.” Bradley said, sticking out his hand. Jackson was about five feet tall, sandy colored hair, cut a medium length, and done in a shaggy style. He has really pretty green eyes and nice long eyelashes, a cute button nose, and all over fine features that made him look far more feminine than masculine, but you could still tell he was all boy.

“Thanks, so are you, it's good to meet you too.” He said, shaking both boys' hands awkwardly, since most boys did not do that any more.

“Go ahead, borrow my cell if you haven't got one and call your mom and ask.”

“I have one too, gimme a minute, I'll be right back.”

“He certainly is a cutie, who you gonna hook him up with?”

“Not too sure yet.” Bradley answered.

“Well, there's certainly enough boys that you've had that'd be more than wiling to have such a cute boyfriend.” Brad smiled warmly, looking over to said boy, Bradley seeing this, and realizing that his dad might just be about to break one of his own rules, and that was to never fall in love with a young boy.

Bradley had seen his dad look longingly at some of the cute boys he had brought home before, and knew that his dear old daddy was a closet boy lover, but also knew his dad would never act on those impulses, because of the risks of course. When Bradley looked to Shawn, even Shawn had a smirk that said that he knew what Bradley was thinking. The boys stood there, mostly watching Brad watch Jackson, until the cute boy walked back to them.

“My mom wants to talk to you.” Jackson said, handing the phone over to Brad.

“Hello, my name is Brad, who am I speaking to please?”

“Hi brad, I'm Mary, Jackson said he met your son today and wanted to spend the night at your house!”

“Hi Mary, that's correct.”

“Well, I guess it's a good thing that he's finally found a friend then that'll have him over night. Can I get your phone number and address, as well as your last name, so that I can verify it please?”

“Certainly, smart woman, most never do that.” Brad said, and then gave her all the information.

“Thanks. My ex was a police officer, so he taught me a few things...............Good, that all checks out. Go ahead and tell Jackson to have a good night.”

“Good. Thanks, have a good night.”

“You too.”

“Okay Jackson, she said yes, so let's get going.”

“Oh, okay.” Jackson said, almost fearfully.

“This is your first sleepover, isn't it?” Brad asked, sidling up to the boy and putting his hand on his shoulder reassuringly.


“There's nothing to be afraid of, the boys will help you to understand a lot of the feelings that you have going through you right now, they'll make you feel safe and secure, but don't worry, they won't have sex with you.”

“But it's not them I'm worried about or want.” Jackson whispered so softly that only Brad heard him, and even then it was just barely. He also blushed quite a bit as he said that, and Brad knew that he was in trouble.

“Oh. Well, spend some time with the boys, okay.” Brad whispered back, actually blushing a bit as well.

The boys behind them noticed the blush, and they both realized that Jackson had admitted what it was that he wanted, or who he wanted, and they were pleased. The rest of the walk was mostly in silence as they walked to the car. They made it there in a few minutes, and Bradley and Shawn took the back seat, while Brad was of course driving, and Jackson took the other front seat.

“So, tell us a bit about yourself Jackson?” Brad asked once they were on their way.

“Okay, well, I'm almost fourteen, my birthday is in a couple months, but most people think that I'm only like twelve at best. I'm really small, I hate sports so I never play. I was the only kid in my entire year to fail PE, but I didn't care. Besides, if I were to play sports with the bigger boys, I'd die rather quickly. Lots of kids at school calls me gay, fagot, cock sucker, all that all the time, you know the drill, but I don't really let it bother me too much any more, because I know it's true. I've never had sex though, even though I've really wanted to. I love to read, and I read probably one book a week, I mostly read fantasy and stuff like that. I do really well in school now that I'm in a school that can teach me properly, but with like no friends, I have nothing better to do, so I may as well I guess.”

“My parents are divorced and my dad is in jail now, and I'll never see him again, ever. He was a police officer who was caught doing things that he really shouldn't have been doing. I don't think I want to say what though, because it's kinda sick. My mom works during the nights, so I'm home alone a lot during the school year, but that's okay, I sorta like my alone time anyway. I didn't grow up here either, we actually lived down south, but when my dad was imprisoned, my mom moved us up here, because this was where she was from originally, so that we could be closer to her family. The funny thing though is that we live only an hour away from where she was born and where she grew up, and we saw her family more when we lived down south than we do now, and we live way closer. Oh well, I don't really care for them too much anyway. My grandpa usually asks me if I'm some sort of fairy or something because I don't like playing hockey or football or some other stupid sport. My uncles and one of my aunts are almost as bad. If they ever found out I were gay, I'd probably be more exiled than it already feels that I am anyway. I think I'm the reason that they don't visit, they don't think of me as being a real man, even though I'm only still a kid. Oh well, I am who I am, and if they don't like it, they can go fuck themselves.”

“It hurts my mom though that they don't call or visit, and they make excuses any time that she calls and tells them that we're coming to visit as well, usually saying that it's not a good time for them. She knows I'm gay of course, but she said she'd never tell them, but suspects they must already know, and that may be the reason why they won't be near us. She gets mad at them, but never at me because I'm gay, she says that if they can't love me for who I am, then they don't deserve me. Well, that's pretty much it about me, pretty screwed up, but oh well. How about you guys?”

“Wow, some story, and never feel that you have to tell us anything that you don't want to tell anyone. If however you want to get it off your chest, then feel free to do so, we'll be happy to listen and be there for you. I agree, if your moms family can't love you for who you are, then they obviously don't deserve you, because you seem to be a great kid. Here's the house, so we'll save our stories until we get inside.” Brad said softly as they were pulling up to the house.

“Thanks. This' pretty cool, I only live like two blocks from here.” Jackson said, pointing in the direction he lived.

“Yeah, that's cool.” Brad smiled.

“Come on inside Jackson, I think the boys want to go get more comfortable, and I think you should go with them.” Brad smiled warmly to the boy, he really wanted to see him in only a diaper.

“Yes we do.” Shawn smiled, and grabbed the hand of Jackson, just as he realized what was about to happen and he started to shy away.

Jackson did not fight it too much though as Shawn pulled him up to Bradley's bedroom. Shawn pushed the smaller boy onto the bed, and started helping him to get undressed, as Bradley was going to the closet to get him a diaper and some diaper cream. Jackson almost protested being undressed, but Shawn just put his finger to his lips in a shushing motion, and Jackson quieted down instantly. He clearly had a full body blush though, because as Shawn removed his shirt, and then his pants, you could see it. He was also excited about the prospect though, because his erection was pushing the front of his boxers out quite obscenely. The bulge wasn't quite so large as Shawn's, but given the boys size, it was actually not too bad. He was probably the same size as Bradley was.

Shawn pulled the last article of clothing from Jackson's body, revealing that he was almost the exact same size as Bradley, he was still almost totally hairless, just the tiniest patch of pubic hair above his dick, and none on his balls yet, he, like the other two boys was uncircumcised, so was totally natural, and he appeared to be able to cum, because he had a small drop of precum right at the tip of his dick.

Bradley passed over the diaper and the cream, and Shawn happily opened the diaper up, slipped it under Jackson's bum, spread a healthy dose of diaper rash cream all over Jackson's soon to be diaper area, and then pulled the diaper up nice and snug. He taped him up, and then gave the front of the diaper a nice pat, which must have been too much for Jackson, because he started squeaking and shaking as he came, quite violently at that. Bradley and Shawn grinned, and as Jackson came down from his massive orgasm, they undressed themselves so that they too were in only their diapers. Just as they finished undressing, Jackson came down from his high, and blushed furiously.

“Oh god.”

“Don't be ashamed, it looked like a really good orgasm, and I'm happy that I caused it for you, but don't expect it again.” Shawn smiled warmly, his blush almost non existent.

“That felt really good.” Jackson whispered.

“What, the diapering or the orgasm?” Bradley grinned.

“Both.” Jackson blushed more.

“Good. I know it probably wasn't much wetness that you added to your diaper, but how does it feel now that it's wet?”

“I can't even tell it's wet.” Jackson said with a scrunched up nose.

“No, you probably wouldn't. Now, because you were too hard, Shawn wasn't able to point your cute little baby dinky down like it should be, so you might want to reposition yourself, so that when you do pee, it doesn't spray upwards to your belly and cause a bad leak. So how does it feel?”

“It feels way better than I ever thought it would. I've dreamed about wearing diapers for so long, but I never had the nerve. I almost went and bought some for myself a few times, but I was too embarrassed to do it. I almost started wetting my bed, but I was too embarrassed to do it. I've never wet the bed before, or at least as far as I know, so I just couldn't do it.”

“Well, now you can come and wear and enjoy diapers here as often as you want, and we'll even send a small care package home with you if you want.”

“Thanks. Why did you guys strip, and shouldn't we get dressed?”

“No, not here, we don't wear any clothes. The only time we're covered up at all is when we're wearing diapers.” Bradley smiled.

“Oh. I don't think I can walk around in only a diaper.”

“Sure you can, it's amazingly easy, you just walk the same as you're used to, nothing different.” Bradley said simply.

“That's not what I meant.” Jackson laughed.

“You'll have to excuse Bradley, he likes doing that to people.” Shawn said dryly.

“Yes, I do. Come on, let's go downstairs then and we'll tell you all about ourselves now.”

They headed downstairs and Brad was already there and waiting for them, sitting in his favorite chair, naked of course. As soon as Jackson came into view, he too saw that Brad was naked, sitting there with his legs spread, all his equipment hanging out in the open for Jackson to see. He stopped and stared like he was totally hypnotized, and then had another orgasm. He had not even touched himself, he was just so overcharged from everything that it was too much, and he exploded once again.

“Wow, hair trigger on him, huh!” Brad laughed, he knew Jackson would not hear him.

“Yeah, and he had an orgasm like only three minutes ago when Shawn patted his hot diapered bulge, but he was already pretty close, and that just pushed him over the edge.” Bradley grinned.

“I wonder if he can actually cum yet, he looks pretty young.”

“He can, maybe not lots, but he had a pretty good bead of precum on his dick while he was being diapered.” Shawn smiled.

“I bet he tastes great then.” Brad said, and then realized what he said, and once again, uncharacteristically he blushed.

“I'm sure he does.” Bradley grinned.

“Oh god, it happened again.” Jackson said, finally coming down enough.

“Yes it did, and it looked almost as good as the last one did. I take it you've never seen an adult naked before?” Bradley asked.

“No, at least not that I remember.”

“And did you like what you saw?” Bradley asked softly.

“Oh yeah.” Jackson whispered, and then blushed from what he said. “No, that's not what I meant.”

“Yes it was, don't be ashamed of it.”

“Why are you naked Brad?” Jackson asked, looking intently at the ground, instead of looking at Brad again.

“Because it just feels good. We rarely wear more than you see us wearing right at this moment while at home, you'll get used to it.”

“Oh.” He mumbled.

“Come on, come have a seat, and then we can have a nice talk and we'll all tell you more about ourselves.” Brad said softly.

They all went and sat down, and Bradley, being the outgoing person that he was, started first, but not with telling Jackson about himself.

“So, Jackson, why is it you came two times so close together with barely any contact?”

“Um, I haven't gotten to jack off in like four or five days now.”

“Why the heck not? My god, I was used to jacking off at least three times a day, sometimes more, and that's since I was five probably.” Bradley asked in amazement.

“Well, I don't know, just been so busy lately, I haven't had a chance. I've tried to get a few minutes to here and there, but each time I try, someone or something interrupts me and I have to stop. I was starting to get really sore balls though because of it. They're not sore any more though.” Jackson said a little shyly, but he was grinning as well.

“Yikes, I haven't had blue balls since I was at least seven.” Bradley gasped.

“Yeah, but you've always been a horny little slut, even as young as four you were already pretty good at jacking off, even if it was with just two fingers. Man, I can't tell you how often I had to tell you that that was a private thing that should be done in your own room. I think you finally learned when you were what, eight.” Brad laughed out.

“Yeah, but you still manage to catch me some nights when you get home sooner than you should and I'm sitting on the couch. Granted, that hasn't happened in a while.”

“True, but you never could keep your hands out of your pants. Hell, half the time as a child I was almost ready to tie your hands behind your back whenever we went out so that you wouldn't have your hands in your pants playing, and usually it was both hands too. Man, the amount of old women you scandalized by playing with yourself is astonishing, and I constantly had to tell you to stop. I actually thought of painting your hands with hot sauce, because after just once, you would have stopped that, that's for sure, but knowing you, you would have gotten used to it after only a couple hours and would have liked it.” Brad laughed.

“Probably.” Bradley grinned, Jackson though just shook his head in amazement, actually blushing from hearing the two of them talking. Shawn though was watching Jackson and was chuckling.

“Well, let's tell you a bit about us now, since we know most of what there is to know about you.” Brad said.

For the next hour and a bit, the four of them sat there talking, Brad, Bradley, and Shawn telling Jackson all there was to know about them. No one said anything about going to a nude beach though, all figuring it would be easier on him in the long run, same as it had been for Shawn, even he knew it.

“Well boys, I say it's about time we get some dinner, so come on, you can help.” Brad said, getting up once they were done.

They all followed him to the kitchen, and helped to make dinner. They ate it all and then cleaned up quickly before heading back to the living room to sit back and relax and watch TV for the night. They ended up watching TV for a good few hours, watching mostly comedies and laughing lots, before heading up to bed.

“Okay boys, I'm going to bed, have a good night, see you in the morning.” Brad said, going and giving Bradley his hugs and kisses goodnight.

“I'm wiped too daddy, so I think I'm heading to bed too, and I'm sure Shawn is too, because I know he's not used to staying up too late either.”

“I'm pretty tired too, so I'll go to bed now too.” Jackson said.

“Good, I have a queen sized bed, the three of us can share, just no raping us during the night.” Bradley grinned.

“From the way you talk, I don't think it'd be rape.” Jackson grinned and blushed at the same time.

“No, you're probably right.” Bradley grinned back.

“Come on then, let's go to bed, I'm tired.” Shawn said, grabbing Bradley's hand and leading the way.

They headed up to Bradley's room, and as soon as they made it there, Jackson was encouraged to lay back on the bed, while Bradley went and grabbed the diaper changing supplies so that they could all get a much needed change. All three of them helped to change each of their diapers, and before too long, they were all dry and ready to sleep, so they all curled up in the bed, Bradley in the middle, Shawn cuddled right up to him on one side, and Jackson trying not to touch him on the other. They all fell asleep quickly, and slept well until morning. Brad too had went right to bed, and he too slept well through the night, other than getting up a couple times to pee during the night.