Chapter 8

Jackson could not sleep. He had heard Bradley and Shawn kissing tenderly and whispering that they loved each other. That was almost an hour ago now, the other two were sound asleep, all cuddled up in love, and he was painfully hard and horny. Jackson slipped out of bed, headed to the bathroom so that he could relieve some pressure, and did so on the outside of his diaper.

Standing there in only a slightly wet diaper, he had only peed once so far since putting it on, looking at himself standing there as he did so, Jackson started rubbing himself through the diaper, and he moaned deeply. Once again he had not had a chance to jack off much lately, so his balls were starting to get more than a bit sore, and he was so horny it was beyond belief. Getting to be near the man that he wanted, without being able to touch him, yet getting to see him naked all the time was really wearing thin on him. No more than a minute later and Jackson exploded, sending the largest amount of cum he had yet sprayed into the front of his diaper, making it just a bit more soggy. He shuddered and quaked, standing there, as he came down from his orgasm.

One orgasm was not enough for Jackson though, because no sooner had he come down when he realized he was still more than a bit hard, he felt he could chip stone with his dick, so he started rubbing himself again. This orgasm took a little longer, but only seconds, maybe thirty or so, before Jackson was adding more wetness to his diaper.

Finally Jackson felt that he would be able to go to sleep, so turned off the bathroom light, and went to head back to the boys' bedroom, but on his way, decided to go curl up with Brad instead. He snuck into Brad's bedroom, lifted the covers gently, slipped into bed with hardly a move of the bed or Brad, pulled the covers up, and then cuddled up to Brad. Brad sighed in his sleep, rolled over, he had been on his back, and threw his arm over Jackson, pulling him in nice and snug. Jackson smiled warmly and fell asleep only minutes later with a nice smile on his face.

And that was how Brad woke up the next morning, all nice and snuggled up to Jackson. He had wondered when Jackson was going to make some sort of move, he knew what the boy wanted, and he knew that he wanted it just as much as Jackson did. How could he not, the boy was beautiful he thought, although he did realize that it would be considered more than a little illegal should anyone find out, but he also knew he would risk it. He laid there for nearly half an hour just watching the young boy sleeping next to him, and he smiled warmly the entire time.

The boys though woke up at much the same time as Brad had, and they noticed their lack of bed guest and smiled brightly to each other. One thing that having a friend like Jackson had inadvertently caused, was that they had had little to no alone time themselves, so they too were more than a little horny themselves.

“He finally decided to go cuddle up to daddy, that's good. That also means that we're finally alone for a few minutes, care to suck each other a couple times to get rid of some of the horniness I know we're both feeling? We can just suck each other at the same time.” Bradley whispered.

“I'm happy for him too, but I thought you'd never ask. How do we do it at the same time though, I've never done it?” Shawn whispered back.

“I'll turn around, and then just let your imagination go wild.” Bradley grinned, and he did just that.

Bradley kissed the front of Shawn's tented diaper, really mashing his face in there and making Shawn groan, and since Shawn liked this so much, he did the same thing for Bradley, who also seemed to like it, a lot. Bradley was the first to pull the tapes on one side of Shawn's diaper, but he too followed suit right away. Within a second or so from each other, they were bared more than enough for what they had planned.

Without waiting any at all, as soon as they had their boyfriend bared and ready to go, they leaned in and sucked each other to the root, and used all their knowledge of sucking dicks to make it the best possible, but neither tried to make it last, they just needed release.

Shawn was the first to explode, and Bradley got a mighty fine treat, but Bradley also exploded half a second later, and Shawn too got a nice little treat, possibly even some real cum this time, but Shawn thought it was still mostly precum.

“Oh god, so good, so much better. You ready for round two?” Bradley asked.

“Oh yeah.” Shawn sighed, and they attached themselves mouth to dick once again, and started sucking.

This time they did more to make it feel even better, as well as attempting to make it last, but still they were too horny and hot for that, so they did not last. Albeit they lasted a little longer their second time around, just not nearly so long as they would have liked. With an audible sigh, a few minutes later, they came down.

“Ah, much better, thanks, I needed that.” Shawn said this time.

“Yeah, me too. Well baby, should we tape each other back up then and I'll turn around and we can kiss and cuddle for a bit until Daddy and Jackson get up as well?”

“Yeah, I think so. I could almost go for another round, but I think that was good for now. At least with Jackson spending more time with your dad now, we'll be able to spend more time together. It was hard holding off like we had to, but it was worth it too.” Shawn sighed.

“I agree.” Bradley said as he finished taping Shawn back up, Shawn had already taped his up, so he swung around, so that they could attach themselves at the lips.

For a good fifteen minutes they cuddled up to each other, just kissing softly and tenderly, neither of them breaking or saying anything. For the next half an hour after, they just laid there in bed, cuddling up to each other, whispering sweet nothings into each others ears, and giving occasional soft kisses. It was not until they heard Brad and Jackson up and out of the bedroom that they decided to get up.

Jackson woke up almost half an hour after Brad had, and when he opened his eyes, it was to see Brad laying there up on his elbow, smiling down upon him. He smiled brightly as soon as he was able to focus on that fact.

“Mmm, good morning.” Jackson sighed.

“And good morning to you too. So, what do I owe the pleasure of sharing my bed with you this morning?” Brad whispered.

“I couldn't sleep last night, so I decided to come curl up with you, and you cuddled right into me and I fell fast asleep.” Jackson said with a hint of a blush.

“That's okay, I slept much better myself. I have to get up and get ready to go to work soon, but before I do, we can lay here and talk for a bit.”

“Okay.” Jackson's smile faltered slightly.

“I take it from that face that you know what I'm about to say?”


“Well, I'm not gonna say it. I know what you want and need, and furthermore, I want it as much as you do. However, with that being said, there are some rules I must impress upon you first.”

“Good, what are they?”

“Well, first and foremost is that we move slow, and only at your pace. I'll never do anything at all to you unless you first ask for it, and understand fully what it is that you want. I will also never do to you anything I wouldn't want done to me as well. Second is complete and total secrecy outside of this house. Bradley and Shawn will know the second they wake up, and they're not gonna tell anyone anyway, so there's nothing to worry about there. Outside this house though is another story altogether, no one must ever find out about us. Once you're fourteen I don't know how the law works, but I think you have to be sixteen now for sure, unless your parents give permission, but even then, I'm still not sure.”

“First of all, I want it all, I've read nearly every story there is, I've seen so many movies I can't even count them anymore, I know probably all there is to know, and I want it all. Ever since I first met you, I've wanted nothing more than to lay you down and make love to you and you me, but as much as I want that, I don't want it right away. I'd really like for us to play around a bit and just get to know each other. Don't worry about me telling anyone either, it'll never happen, I know what we both want is illegal, but I also know that neither of us cares about that. My mom knows I'm gay, and she might even suspect who it is that I want, because she asked me when I told her if I had my eyes on anyone in particular, and without realizing it, I named a couple people that were considerably older than I was, one of them about the same age as you.”

“That's good that you know what you want, that'll make it easier on you, and me too really, but we'll certainly go nice and slow. You're not just some cheap fling to me, I fell in love with you the first time we met as well. I too would like nothing more than to lay you down and make love to you for hours on end, and then have you do the same for me, but we can work up to that, there's lots of time for it. It's probably for the best that your mom knows, but how do you plan to handle it if she asks you outright?”

“I'll just tell her the truth and that it was me that asked for it, and I think she'll be fine with it.”

“I hope so. Well, as much as I'd like to stay here cuddled up to you all day, I do have to get ready to go to work, so I'm gonna hop up and grab a quick shower.”

“Mind if I join you?”

“Not at all.” Brad smiled warmly, and they both got up and headed to the bathroom.

While Brad stood at the toilet to drain his painfully full bladder, Jackson removed his nearly saturated diaper and threw it in the garbage. He was surprised that he had wet it that much, he had never gotten one of the regular diapers so wet during the night before, let alone one of the extra thick ones. As soon as Brad was finished, he went and turned on the shower and got it to the right temperature. They climbed in, and for the next ten minutes, they washed each other gently, they were both very hard, and as much as they wanted to sink down on their knees and suck each other, they had just enough sense to not do so, because they did not have the time to do it right. Once they were all clean, they hopped out of the shower, dried each other off, brushed their hair and then their teeth, Brad had to grab one of the new spare toothbrushes that he had there, and then they put on their deodorant and headed back into the bedroom to get Brad dressed and ready to go. Jackson just stayed naked for the time being, knowing that he would just put another diaper on pretty soon, as soon as Bradley and Shawn came out of their room.

“Thanks for helping me to get ready this morning Jackson. Would you like for me to grab a diaper and get you diapered?”

“I'd love that, but the diapers are all in Bradley's room.”

“No, I keep the spare packs in my closet, because I have a bigger closet than he has, so I have some in here that you can wear.”

“Oh, okay, thanks.” Jackson said happily, and went and laid down on the bed.

Brad went and grabbed a diaper and the cream and came back and started to very gently diaper his very knew, very young boyfriend.

“Brad, how come you don't wear diapers? I see how you look at me in my diapers, I know you like them. So why not?”

“Too many horrors in my past I'm afraid. I used to wet the bed as well, and my dad diapered, ridiculed and beat me because of it. There was no love and tenderness as there should have been, there was no compassion and concern, there was only the rough hand and rougher mouth of a bastard that didn't care about me. I was nothing to him, he loved my sisters, I was just an extra mouth to feed.”

“I'm so sorry to hear that.” Jackson whispered softly, nearly crying himself.

“There's nothing to be sorry about, I forgave and forgot many years ago now, and while I don't hide it, that's all I'll ever say, because the rest of my horrible story before I was ten is just far too disgusting to tell.”

“You never have to tell me if you don't want to, but one day, if you want to, you can tell me.” Jackson said softly, not so sure if he really wanted to hear it or not.”

“It's not really a matter of not wanting to tell, more a matter of I don't really want to tell the story anymore, and besides, it's pretty disturbing.”

“Oh. Thanks for the diaper by the way.” Jackson said as he stood up, Brad had already finished, and it was nice and snug.

“You're welcome. Well, I should go grab my coffee and some toast and head to work, I want to get there early today, to make sure everything is on schedule.”

“Okay. You grab your coffee and sit down, I'll get you your toast.” Jackson smiled warmly, and they headed to the kitchen.

Brad grabbed his coffee and sat down, while Jackson did three slices of toast as per Brad's response to his question, and got out what Brad wanted on it, so that he could prepare it once it was toasted. A couple minutes later Jackson laid the toast on the table in front of Brad.

“There you go, enjoy.”

“Thanks, I will.” Brad smiled warmly and started eating.

Bradley and Shawn got up, stretched, shared yet another kiss, and then changed each others diapers. They were both more than a bit soggy as well, all three boys had drank a fair bit before bed, hence the reason all three of them soaked nice thick diapers so well, so they all needed changing. Bradley and Shawn really took their time too, if you catch my drift, while applying the diaper rash cream, and they both added just a little extra cream to their diaper areas before they were taped up nice and snug in their regular diapers.

“I think three times is the most I've ever cum in such a short period of time before.” Shawn said after he and Bradley broke off their final kiss.

“Wait until I drain you totally and make you cum at least six or seven times. It'll hurt so bad by the end, but it'll feel beyond incredible as well.”

“Gee, I can't wait.” Shawn said dryly. “Well, should we go find the lovebirds?”

“Yes, we should.” Bradley smiled brightly and they headed to the kitchen to find Brad and Jackson. Brad was almost done his toast and coffee by the time the boys arrived.

“Mornin' boys, how was your sleep last night?”

“Great, and yours?”

“Great as well, thanks.” Brad smiled warmly, and of course Jackson blushed.

“Glad to hear it. So, Jackson, did you finally get your man?” Bradley asked coyly.

“Yeah.” Jackson whispered and blushed more.

“Good. At least Shawn and I were finally able to get a few free minutes together to drain each other again. You've had more spontaneous orgasms lately than we've shared together, so it was nice. We each came like three times.”

“I didn't know that guys, sorry. You should have told me to get lost so you could have your private time.” Jackson said in shock at having not even realized that fact.

“No, you needed friends more than we needed it, and besides, sometimes it's fun to wait for a few days.” Shawn said this time.

“Thanks.” He said softly.

“Well boys, I need to get going, but before I go, is there anything you need when I come home?”

“No thanks daddy, if we think of anything though, we'll call you.”

“Okay.” Brad said, and then went and gave Bradley hugs and kisses goodbye, and then he saw the expectant look on Jackson's face, and went and gave him a little more tender hugs and kisses goodbye.

“Bye.” Jackson said dreamily, the other two just said bye more normally.

As soon as Brad was heard to have left the house, Bradley turned on Jackson with a huge grin.

“So, how was it?”

“How was what, we didn't do anything?”

“Oh really, you didn't kiss and cuddle, you didn't shower together and touch each other tenderly?”

“Well, yeah I guess so.”

“So, how was it. I know you guys didn't do anything actually sexual yet, but how was it otherwise?”

“How would you know?”

“Because I know my dad well enough to know when he's in love, and when he's in love, he doesn't rush things, he'll want to take it nice and slow and easy, and the first morning isn't being slow and easy. He'll have just kissed you lots and cuddled with you. Also, how was it sleeping with him?”

“You really do know your dad, don't you?” Jackson smiled.


“It was really nice. He's so soft and tender, and I just love kissing him.” Jackson said dreamily again.

“That's good.”

“I want to go out today and buy him some diapers. I think he really wants to wear them, but he's afraid too. He told me some of what happened to him, saying that he didn't want to wear diapers, but I think he does.”

“Okay. I think he might finally be ready for it as well, and with you doing it, he might even allow it. You'll just have to go very slow and gentle with him there. What I suggest is do it just before bed. Tell him to go lay down, and then grab the diapers, don't hide them, bring them out into full view where he can see them, and then talk softly to him and tell him what you're doing and why, and he'll be okay. He'll probably cry, but that's when you'll come in and cuddle up to him tenderly and whisper to him how good a baby he is, so on and so forth. He does need it, but he's never let anyone do it before, but I think he might let you. If he says no, accept that, and then try again in a couple weeks or so. Make sure just to emphasize how brave and strong a baby he is as you're doing it, he needs that most I think. He probably didn't tell you any more than he told Shawn, but I know a lot more, and one of the things his father called him was a tiny, useless, waste of skin piece of trash, how he was too weak and wimpy to even survive at all. Well, he survived his father, so I guess he wasn't as weak and wimpy as all that.”

“That's horrible. How could anyone treat their own child like that?” Jackson said in disgust.

“Not sure, but he did, and he did it with pleasure as well. We'll go out a little later and get him some very thick soft diapers, and the rest 'll be up to you.”

“Thanks.” Jackson smiled sadly.

“Well, I don't know about you two, but I'm getting hungry, so let's get some breakfast going.”

“Same here.” The other two said at the same time.

They all got their breakfast together, just fruit and cereal, and then they sat down and ate. For the rest of the morning, before they decided to go out, they sat back in only their diapers and watched cartoons. It was nearly lunch time when they decided to go, so Bradley grabbed his bank card so that they could buy the diapers and get some lunch. Shawn also grabbed his wallet, and then they got dressed and headed out.

The walk to the medical supply store was only a little more than half an hour, but they stopped about half way there and grabbed lunch. They all sat back and ate, and then headed out. As soon as they made it to the medical store, they headed right to the diaper section, this time Jackson stayed right with them.

“Which ones would you like to get him?”

“I was thinking the nice thick ones, just a small pack, so that he can truly enjoy them while at home first, and then once he's ready, we'll get him the same as we're wearing now for going out and normal wear.”

“Good choice, it's what I would have done too.” Bradley smiled.


Jackson grabbed one of the packs and the three of them headed to the sales desk to pay. Bradley handed over his card and payed for it, and the lady double bagged it for him, at his request, so that no one would see what they were carrying, and then they headed back out for the half an hour walk home.

“You did good in there Jackson, you weren't acting all shy or anything.”

“It's not all that hard when you're buying something for someone else. Like those things clearly wouldn't fit any of us, they're way too big, so that made it easier.”

“Well, when it comes time for you to go buy your own diapers, just pretend that they're for someone else as well, until you feel more comfortable. Especially a place like that though, no one notices or cares who's buying the diapers, just as long as they do buy them. That place sells probably more diapers than all the other places in town do together, because they have the best selection and the best prices. You'll do fine though, and maybe next time we come to buy diapers for us, you'll be able to stay with us.”

“Maybe.” Jackson said noncommittally.

Bradley just smiled, and they continued on their walk to the house, all laughing and joking, but they had moved into more childish and humorous banter, just like they were. As soon as they got home, Jackson took the diapers up to Brad's bedroom and set them next to the dresser, so that they would be ready for later, but he did not hide them. Bradley had told him that it would not matter if they were in plain sight, because Brad never went to his bedroom until it was time for bed, because he just stripped and threw his clothes into the laundry room. So therefor had no normal need to go to his bedroom before bed.

“So, what should we do now guys?” Shawn asked once Jackson was back.

“Well, I for one want to get out of these clothes and down to just my diaper, and then let's play some games. Actually, Shawn, can you run home quickly and grab your game systems and your games, that way we have even more options?”

“Sure, give me a few minutes, I'll be right back. You two may as well get more comfortable while I'm gone though.” Shawn smiled and headed straight to the door to head next door.

As soon as the door was closed again, Bradley and Jackson stripped out of their clothes and down to just their already very wet diapers and sat on the couch talking while they waited for Shawn to get back. He was back about ten minutes later with two large bags full nearly to the brim with items in them.

“Wow, you have a lot of games and stuff.” Jackson commented when Shawn set it all down.

“Yeah, for the past couple years, it was pretty much how I kept myself busy.”

“My mom refuses to get me any, saying that I can keep myself busy the old fashioned way, by running around and doing other things.”

“My dad says much the same thing, but I have a few games and a game system, for when it's raining out. It's getting pretty hot out today though, and I feel like staying in, so this should be okay.”

“Well, my parents still make sure I get at least a good couple hours of exercise in a day, plus the two days a week that I do my martial arts, and that's for two hours, I don't think they're worried too terribly much. It's not like I really had any friends at all anyway, so what difference did it make.”

“Why wouldn't you have had any friends?” Jackson asked curiously.

“For some reason all the kids at school think I'm gay, so for at least two years no one has spent any time at all near to me, in case they got labeled as well, like who'd want that.”

“How did they find out you were gay?”

“Not sure, probably they didn't, but when I stuttered trying to deny it, I guess they assumed that was as good as an agreement, and that was it.”

“Doesn't your school have a gay bi club at it? Mine does, and I even go there sometimes. It's quite nice actually, because I know others there that are just like me, although I doubt most of the kids there would want to be with an adult, and probably only half of them would admit to wearing, or worse liking diapers. Granted, I still got teased for being gay, but having others there that are the same helped a lot.”

“Certainly wouldn't admit to either at school, that's for sure. As for does my school have a club, not that I know of.”

“Maybe you should transfer to my school next year as well, it'll be a whole bunch better I bet.”

“Maybe, but not sure how I'd do that now, my parents have sorta left the country remember.”

“My dad's been given full parental rights while they're away right, well maybe he can do it.” Bradley offered.

“Maybe, but I'll have to ask my mom if it's alright with them first, before I do something like that, because that might make her a bit upset if we did it without their approval.”

“Well duh, that would be like suicide.” Bradley grinned, and Jackson nodded.

“Oh yeah, and my mom still says that I'm not too old to be put over her knee and spanked if I do something stupid enough to warrant it.” Shawn grinned.

“Yikes.” Jackson said.

“The only problem with that Shawn, you're way bigger than she is, and I bet she can't hit that hard.” Bradley said.

“Care to try it, go ahead, piss her off and you'll find out just how hard she can spank. Trust me, I'm not going there anytime soon, thank you very much.”

“No thanks, I'll just take your word for it.”

“Smart. Come on, let's get this hooked up and we can play for a bit.” Shawn smiled.

They got both game systems hooked up, and then they decided on a game that all three of them could play together, care of Shawn's extra controllers. They sat there in only their diapers for the next few hours just playing the games, having a blast as they did. Shawn was of course considerably better than the other two were, but that did not matter to the boys at all. By the time they decided to call it quits, it was getting near to the time that Brad was to come home, and they were starting to get hungry. They were all also getting seriously close to needing diaper changes all around.

They headed up to the bedroom first to get the diaper changes out of the way, they all helped to change each other, and then they headed to the kitchen to get started on dinner. None of them had any idea what to make, until Bradley just stuck his hand in the freezer and grabbed the first thing his hand touched, which was chicken, after that, they decided on what to have. They all helped to cook dinner, and Brad showed up about ten minutes before it was ready to be served.

“Mmm, smells good boys. How was your day?” Brad said happily when he walked in, stripping on the way in as he normally did.

“Good, and yours?” Bradley asked.

“Really good thanks. We'll be done by the end of next week, come hell or high water, it'll be done, and it'll be as perfect as we can possibly make it. I had to do an interview today though, because apparently a few people have noticed that it looks like we're seriously close to completion, and they wanted to know how that could be.”

“What did you tell them?” Jackson asked.

“I told them that we're ahead of schedule, but that they'd find out when it was done when everyone else did, and the reason we were able to be so far ahead of schedule was simply because I had the best possible people working under me, and they didn't want or need reporters poking their noses where they don't belong and endangering their co workers. I of course said it much more politely, but made it very clear that I was not happy about them walking on my site without permission or proper safety gear. That lady and her cameraman are never allowed to come back, that part I was not so polite about though.”

“Would have served them right if they had have gotten crushed for being where they didn't belong.” Bradley said.

“Yeah, but then there'd go my perfect safety record, even if my fingers were seriously itching to drop the beam on them.”

“Yeah right, you don't use the crane hardly anymore, there's no beams left, because they must be installed by now or you'd never finish in time, and as much as you hate reporters, you'd never crush one of them, even if it would be worth it.” Bradley laughed.

“True. Brat.”

“Thanks. Go ahead and sit down, dinner is almost ready.”

“Thanks baby, I will. It was a long day today. I swear I was gonna go cross eyed today while looking at every spec and checking every safety report. I had the government inspector coming this afternoon to make sure that everything was to requirements, so I had to make sure everything was perfect. Even he was surprised though with everything, saying that we were not only ahead of schedule, but also ahead of safety procedures as well. Of course I said I know, that's how we work. He gave it a pass, and I told him to be there next Wednesday for the final inspection and to pass and open the bridge, and he said he would be.”

“That's good daddy. I know you hate the government inspectors almost as much as you hate the reporters.”

“As a general rule, yeah, but this guy is actually pretty nice, and he's pretty knowledgeable as well. He used to build bridges for a living, so he knows his stuff. Most of the others haven't got a bloody clue, so they're very irritating.”

“That's good.”

A few minutes later the boys had the dinner all on the table and ready to be eaten, so they finished cleaning the last of the stuff and setting the rest of the stuff on the table, and then they to sat down. They all dug in and enjoyed the meal.

“That was good boys, thanks a lot.” Brad sighed.

“You didn't get lunch again today, did you daddy?”

“No, but that's not unusual when we have an inspector coming, nor is it unusual when I'm so close to being finished. So, I noticed the game systems on the floor, I hope you boys didn't stay inside all day paying games!”

“Nah, I know how you don't like that. We went for a walk into town for a bit, looked around for a while, went for lunch, and then we came home and played. We only played for a couple hours.”

“Good. Well, I don't know about you boys, but I seriously just want to crash on the couch and watch a movie before falling into bed, early even for me.”

“Sounds good to us.” Jackson said after looking around and receiving nods from the other two.


“You go ahead and lay down, we'll clean up quickly and then get some stuff for the movie, and then we'll choose the movie.” Bradley said.

“Thanks.” Brad said, and then left the room.

“I think it's time Jackson. We'll clean up in here, you go take care of my daddy.” Bradley said, changing their plans ever so slightly.

“Okay, I think it's time too, he's so tired, this'll be good for him to fully relax.” Jackson smiled warmly and quickly left the room to go upstairs.

“You sure he's ready for it?” Shawn asked softly.

“Yeah, I don't think there's a better time or a better person to do it. He'd never allow me to, but I think he'll allow Jackson to do it. Come on, let's get this cleaned up.”

Jackson ran all the way upstairs and grabbed the new pack of diapers and the diaper cream, and then headed back downstairs to meet Brad.

“Hey there baby, long day at work huh?” Jackson asked softly as he came down the stairs to the living room.

“Yeah, that it was, and next week will only be worse. That's okay though, the time off afterwards will make it all worthwhile.” Brad answered, not even opening his eyes.

“That's good. I have something here that I think will help you to relax.” Jackson said softly, and Brad opened his eyes and looked up to see Jackson carrying the diapers.

“Oh Jackson, you know I can't.” Brad said softly.

“I know why you don't want to, but I know just as much as you do how much you really want to. You want to be able to sit back and relax and forget about everything, just like us boys do. I also know how much you've been dreaming about wearing a diaper, and you can't tell me otherwise, because I saw it in your eyes.” Jackson said at just above a whisper.

“But, diapers to me feels bad now.”

“And that's why you need to wear them and truly get to enjoy them, to help you heal just a bit more, maybe the final bit. I know that whatever it was that you went through had to have hurt you a great deal, and somehow diapers still feel wrong, but like you told me, they're really not. It's gonna take you more time to get used to it, but I think you need to.” Jackson said softer still, sitting down on the couch and whispering into Brad's ear.

“You know, I wouldn't do this for anyone else right?” Brad asked softly, allowing Jackson to do it with just that one question.

“I know, but I also know you want me to do this for you, so lay back baby and I'll take really good care of you, and then we can cuddle up and watch a movie.” Jackson whispered.

Jackson opened the pack, pulled out one of the ultra thick, ultra soft diapers, opened it up and slid it underneath Brad's upraised bum. He then opened the cream and scooped out a large portion and very gently caressed the cream into Brad's skin. Jackson was only just slightly surprised that Brad did not get hard during this, because he knew this was a deep emotional hurt being healed, and he would not get hard, probably the first few times at least. As soon as Brad was well coated, Jackson pulled the diaper up nice and snug, and then taped it securely.

“There you go baby, all done.” Jackson said, and then laid on top of his big strong lover and started very softly kissing him. Even Bradley was standing in the doorway with a single tear trickling down his cheek at how loving it was. He was so very happy for his daddy, he knew that he had needed that a great deal.

Shawn and Bradley let Brad and Jackson cuddle there for quite a few minutes before turning back to the kitchen to get juice and popcorn made for them all for their movie night. As soon as it was done, they headed back to the living room with their snacks, and then picked out a movie silently, all the while still no one talked.

“How do you feel daddy?” Bradley asked softly as he stroked his dads cheek, wiping away a tear that was trickling down.

“I don't know, all mixed up I guess. Come on, all of you, cuddle up to me and we can watch whatever movie you picked out.” Brad smiled warmly to the boys, because he knew they had all been in on it.

The movie was started, and they all cuddled up on the couch, Brad and Bradley in the middle, cuddled up to each other, and then Jackson and Shawn on the ends, cuddling up to their boyfriends. As they sat there watching the movie, they munched on the popcorn and drank their juice, which had been put into sippy cups for all. A couple hours later the movie ended, so they all got up silently and went and cleaned up the bit of a mess that they had to deal with.

“Thanks boys, all of you, I know you all helped out in one way or another. I need to go to bed now though, it's been a very long week for me, and you can bet we'll be going to the beach tomorrow to relax.”

“You're welcome daddy, and you know we did it for you, we could all see that you needed it, it was Jackson that asked if we could do it though, and I figured that it'd be him that could do it, because I know you wouldn't have for me.”

“No, I wasn't really ready to yet.”

“I know. I think I speak for us all though when I say goody to going to the beach tomorrow.” Bradley smiled brightly.

“Good, because I would have just went by myself had I had to.”

“Like that'd happen any time soon.” Jackson laughed.

“I know. Come on, let's go to bed.”

“Okay.” Jackson said happily.

“Hold up a sec Jackson, you go ahead daddy.”

“Oh, okay.” They both said. Jackson stayed, while Brad headed up to his bedroom.

“What's up Bradley?” He asked.

“Amazingly enough, not me, at least not yet. Anyway, the reason I asked you to stay was I don't think it'd be a good idea to do anything sexual at all tonight.”

“I wasn't planning on it, don't worry. He just needs to be cuddled still and made to know what he's feeling isn't bad, same as he did for me.”

“Good. Well, have a good sleep.” Bradley smiled warmly.

“Thanks, and you too guys.”

“Goodnight.” They all said, and Jackson followed after Brad. Shawn and Bradley headed up to their bedroom seconds later, turning off all the lights and making sure the door was locked.