I am Sewer Rat. I wrote the story - file attached - in 1998. It includes Rimming, WS and Scat. I've html coded it already. The oddball grammer and spelling are particular to my style.

Eating Brian
(written by Sewer Rat in 1998)

This story's 101% true. In fact, it just happened a little over a month or so ago.

I met Brian about 11 months ago, when I moved into his neighborhood. He lived across the street, with his girlfriend and her folks. She's still in high school - he's not.

The day after I moved in, this fukken awesome-handsome 18 y/o jock-stud comes sauntering over, to look at my tats, and show me his.

He's tall - 6-foot, and weighs about 160. Not pumped, but he's got a fine, really edible, almost completely smooth bod ... with the suckiest nipples I've ever seen.

I don't usually go for teenagers. But this dude is so full of whatever makes a guy ooz sex, that I always end-up acting like a kid with a crush when he comes around.

He started coming over to my place a lot. Sometimes just to hang-out - often to spout-off about problems with his girlfriend.

He'd usually walk in, tweaking his nipples with his fingertips. Made my sick mouth water, seein' him do that. Yeah, he knew what he was doing - teasing me ... like a lot of hot Straight fukkers do to Gay guys.

We actually became pretty good friends. Then a few of months ago, right after his 19th birthday, Brian and the rest of that family moved. Shortly afterwards, I also moved, and we just lost track of each other.

Too bad, because - aside from me being just apeshit nuts for his utterly lickable body - he's my friend, and I've missed him.

Brian's not the brightest dude on this planet. In fact, he's one of those men who get by mainly on their good looks - rather than brains. But he's a good-hearted guy, and we'd gotten closer than most Gay/Straight buddies I've known. Yet, I also kinda figured it's a good thing we'd parted ways. Truth-told, whenever he's around, all I can REALLY think about is getting my mouth somewhere - anywhere - on, or in that sweet bod of his.

It can drive a guy nuts after a while.

Anyway, some weeks ago, I was drivin' around, and spotted him standing on the hot summer sidewalk outside some apartments. He looked nothin' less than perfect, wearin' just a skimpy-thin pair of shorts. No shirt or shoes ... just all that smooth, tanned skin to drool over.

Actually, Brian's ALWAYS running around almost naked - making my dick go drooling-crazy inside my stiff-crotched jeans. Even during winter, he's shirtless under his gangbanger-style jacket. That's what I mean about how he can make my twisted head go nuts.

Anyway, Brian saw me and waved, so I pulled over. Right off, he asked if he could come over - maybe even stay over. (Oh fuck, yes!)

He and Becca - his GF - were having their usual problems, and he really needed a break from it all for a day or two.

I slow-breathed real consciously, then said, "Sure" - real casual-like, as if my heart wasn't beating like some speed-junkie drummer.

Driving to my place, my hormone-pumped brain was crankin'-out some pretty hefty mental sex-scenes while we made small talk. I could smell his unique sweat-smell. It made me have to really concentrate so's not to run over some poor old lady crossing the street.

At my place, he sprawled-out on my bed. As usual. Damn, he's a fuckin' tease ...

He said that he's thinking about moving out ... his GF's too young ... blah blah blah ... "she doesn't like to suck my cock" ... which he really digs ... blah blah blah ...

"... suck my cock ...." those words just stopped me cold.

Now I was REALLY trying to listen to him. It's a bit hard to do, when your ears are ringing and your mouth's watering, though.

I noticed his crotch-bulge was a bit bigger - a little swollen - talkin' like that, about getting sucked-off. He even rubbed himself a couple times. But then, he's always doing that ...

Brian knows I'm Gay, but we've never really talked about it in terms of anything between me and HIM. I just assumed he's not interested in guys - despite his breeder-typical fagcock-teasing - and left it at that.

But I decided to take a chance now, using his remark about blowjobs to get to where I wanted to go.

So I said, "You've really gotta DIG cock, to suck one off like it DESERVES to be sucked off.".

"Like YOU dig cock, huh?" He was smiling ... not at all uptight about it.

"Ummm ... yeah ... like I do, Brian."

"Please ... show me, man." With one quick movement, he let his now-hard cock flop-out over the waistband of his shorts. In less than a half-second, I'm sucking his awesome dick all the way down into my throat. My tongue's making mad-love to his drooling ManMeat.

He's never lied about how big he is ... it's a 9-er, for sure. Kinda slender - uncut, tho' the foreskin's not real long. He'd not washed for a while, and it's REAL tasty, with an edge of piss-tang, and a one-tongue coating of some fine hillbilly dick cheese ... Feast-time!

He just kicks-back - like any hot Hetero-Man does with with his dick in a guy's mouth, and surrendered to my my cock worship for about 10 minutes.

Then he takes my head in his hands, and starts really pumping himself into me ... ram-fuck-masturbating his dick into my head. His cock's leaking a steady stream of dickdrool down my starving throat. Man ... I'd fantasized this a 1000 times! What TOOK me so long to get him in my mouth, anyways?!?

Suddenly, Brian roars like some psychotic bull ... holding my cock-stuffed head real still, while his sperm pumps into my mouth.

Fuck, Brian cums almost as much as a DOG! And his spunk's just so fukken sweet! Like pudding, almost! Thick streams and clots of white dicksnot right down into my belly ... oh fuck, yeah!

LOTS more cum than I EVER expected! Must be all those growth-hormones in the cereal he's always eating.

Of course, I've noticed how much Brian likes cereal, because cereal always makes for some mighty tasty, loose shit. And Brian's shit has always been a favorite, private mind-topic of mine.

I've been kinda lucky, even. 'Cause anytime he's farted around me, he's been too busy laughing to notice I'm inhaling like I'm toking-up on a head-bangin' doobie. Hell, if I can't taste his shit, at least I can smell it!

"Man, that was the best ... you suck on my dick like you're making love to it. Just great! And you swallowed all my cum ... that's just so cool. Thanks! I really dig getting my dick sucked-off ... and you're a fucking expert."

"You are MORE than welcome, Brian. Actually, I always wanted to suck your cock, bro."

He laughed, "This could happen more often than you think. You really busted my nut, man. Just pussy-fucking Becca doesn't always empty my balls. I kinda wish I could do something for you too. But ... well ... you know ..."

He looked about as shy and vulnerable as I've ever seen him - with those kissy-lips in a sly kind of pout. I just gave him a real controlled-casual smile, "I think there's something you CAN do for me, Brian. And I know you'll get off on it, too ..."

Now, Brian's always trusted me. It's a good thing, too, because I was about to take Brian past Go - directly into instant "Rim Master" status.

I got him squatting his studbutt right onto my mouth real easy. A whole lot easier than I figured, considering he's a young, totally confirmed Breeder. But then, what guy DOESN'T dig gettin' his asshole worshipped like the Holy Gate directly to Buttlick Heaven you and I know it is?

I figure Becca probably doesn't suck-ass either. Her loss - my gain.

I was willing to utterly WORSHIP this teenage GodMan - beyond even MY sick fantasies.

Brian's asshole ... all that musky teen-jock skin and hair and sweat hovering over my face ... took me right over the edge. From laid-back and mellow to beyond 101% apeshit-crazy in an split instant.

After a nice an' easy 10 minute intro of long, deep butt-length tongue-swipes, I'm starting to really try and suck him inside-out ... rooting around inside his guts - wanting to crawl up in there tongue-first. I'm finally getin' the awesome honor of eating-out the most-wanted-by-me butthole I ever met, and Brian's all sprawled-out, moaning and jacking that his dickmeat in a frenzy.

"Fuck, this is incredible. I never had anybody suck my asshole before. Fuck, this is awesome!"

I came up for air, "Yeah, well - you wanna REALLY go nuts - push your asshole out, onto my tongue ..."


"Push like you're taking a crap, man. Push on it. It'll open you up - relax you - then I can really get up inside, and make you KNOW how much I love your shithole. You're gonna find out just what a fukken Stud I really think you are."

"You DO? A STUD?"

"Yeah, I always thought you were a hot fukker. I figured you probably knew - but didn't really get off on it."

Pushing his buttlips out some, he says, "I never thought you wanted to do anything like this to me! But it's incredible - your mouth's making me nuts. You just go for it, man ... it's all yours. Cornhole me with that sick-ass tongue, man!"

He pushes his asshole out a little harder now ... not so afraid of losing his dignity, I guess.

I'm snortin' - almost oinking ... wallowing around in this teen-man's crap-chute ... and suddenly he REALLY pushes ... HARD - like he means it! (Oh, yeah! Please do, Brian!)

As he's bearing-down, I get the sudden pleasure of inhaling a long, gut-hot fart from way deep-down inside his belly.

He stammers some kind of breathless apology for farting, then stands up, looking down at his pig-freak butthungry friend.

"I think I gotta take a shit."

"No problem. Go sit on the toilet - I'll suck your cock while you dump."

He looks at me kinda funny, but goes and sits on the toilet, pulling his now semi-hard cock up above the seat so's I can get it into my mouth.

I'm making slow mouth-love to his cock, keeping my face directly over the space between his legs - so I can secretly get off on the smell of his stinkin' dump.

"I gotta piss, too."

"Good. Let go into my mouth - I'll drink it."

"No - that's just too weird! That's fukken sick!" He pulls his cock out of my mouth with a sad, wet plop.

"Brian, listen. Your piss is perfect - just like everything else about you. It'll be like a kinda Sacred Nectar to me, man ... sort of like taking Communion, even. Because it comes out of you, I want it inside me. If you're gonna use me, use me all the way ... come on, man ..."

"Well I think it's real cool I make you so crazy. And I sure am getting into you worshipping me like I'm some kind of movie star or something. But I donno if I can actually piss into your mouth. I wanna try - but I'm not sure it's gonna happen."

"Then just lay your dick on my tongue. Take your crap, and when you start pissing, I'll close my mouth around your cock real gentle-like. That way, you'll stay soft enough to keep on pissing."

So he lays-out his cock out onto my tongue. He relaxes a little, and farts. A little trickle of piss spurts out his pisshole.

Oh, man! Brian's starting to urinate onto my tongue! His pisshole's kinda big. I like that. Big pissholes make a nice, messy spray.

And this ain't none of that whimpy beer pee coming out of Brian's dick! This is a rich, dark, and heady, thick MAN'S Piss! And he's emptyin' it into my urinal mouth almost like a pro ... and we both know this is how it should be.

He's really flowing now ... his piss stream is steady, so I gently close my lips over his cock. His dick twitches, but the piss keeps filling my mouth. And I'm not spillin' a drop! I'm just fukken gluggin' it down, looking up into Brian's intense dark brown eyes.

He lets go and relaxes ... just watching me with a strange mix of amusement, disbelief, and even a little pride on his handsome face.

I could stay right here - drinking Brian's piss, and loving that face of his for the rest of all time.

He farts. Keeping-up my steady piss swallowing, I inhale the stench deep into my lungs - savoring its sweet rankness.

I know his farts probably stink really bad to most folks. A few friends have even made comments about 'em. But they've always been like some secret life-breath for me ... and I'm finally where I belong - on my knees, at Brian's feet - like a dog. Drinking Brian's piss ... and smokin' Brian's farts.

A little grunt, and the piss increases, as he starts dropping his dump into that lucky damned toilet bowl.

I'm actually a little jealous. Man, how I want that dump to drop into my bowl-hole mouth! That's where Brian's StudShit should go! But I gotta be a LITTLE patient. Hell, I'm gettin' more of him inside me in this one afternoon than I can even believe!

"Fuckin' intense," he whispers. "I'm taking a dump, and you're sucking my urine right out of me."

Another stud-fart, and a couple more turds hit the water. "This is really sick ... but I'm so damned turned on ... you're making me feel like I'm a God. Drink my piss up, you sick-o ... swallow it all - just like you want."

The piss finally slows-down, along with his gut-droppings. He finally just lets his cock rest inside my mouth, while he leans back against the toilet tank, and catches his breath.

Then - more gently than anything I've ever seen him do - he pulls my mouth off his cock and turns my head up to meet his eyes. "I always knew you wanted me. But I didn't know you wanted to be, like, my toilet! A fukken piss-drinker! Listen, I don't want anybody to know about this - but you're gonna be on your knees like this a lot ... OK?"

"Oh yeah, Brian ... fuck yes!"

A few moments of those dark, intense eyes looking inside my Need, and his breath's becoming more normal. He's starting to look around the room.

"Where's the toilet paper?"

"Damn - I forgot ... I'm out."

"Shit. How'm I gonna wipe?"

"I've got something you can use Brian. And it's a whole lot better than T-P."

"Yeah? Like what? He looks only a little suspicious, considering everything he's done up to now.

"Right here" - I stick out my piss- and cum- coated tongue for him.

"Aw, no - that IS just too fuckin' sick, man. I can't do that! I've had enough ... you can be as crazy as you want - but THAT ain't right."

"Sure it is, Brian. You gotta know by now that I want nothing more than to be just a slave for you to use to empty your body into, and to get you off. I've ALWAYS wanted this with you ... since day-one. You know that. And I've already tasted your shit, sucking on your asshole, anyways ... so it's just another step, man ..."

He flashes a wry little grin, "Damn, you are a LOT stranger than I thought - but if you wanna taste my shit ... then go for it ... dig in, you sick fukken queer."

"OK. Squat-down on my mouth, Brian. I'm gonna show you just how strange I really am ... with your holy shit on my tongue ... do it man ..."

I lay back, and he plants one big foot on each side of my chest, then squats - just a little hesitant at first.

"Don't 'trip' on it, Brian ... you're gonna DIG gettin' your asshole cleaned-out by your own personal buttwipe. Just take a seat, kick-back, and enjoy the ride."

He slowly lowers his worshipful asshole down onto my Brian-starved mouth.

Now, Brian's bod is real smooth ... but his ass has some fine, long black hairs lining it. There's shit all caught-up in that hair - and I'm gonna pig-out on his teenage gut-smear!

The second my tongue touches the soft shit clinging to those silky butthairs, my dick just goes raging-ass hard ... like it's never been before. Almost painfully hard - drooling like an idiot.

Using one hand to help Brian spread his cheeks for my feast, I run the other down into my pants, and start rubbin' my dick.

I don't wanna cum just yet - wanna take some time and really enjoy this ... but I know I'm gonna cum real quick, once I'm really lapping-up this dude's shit.

I start licking REAL soft and gentle ... almost no pressure at all.

After about 1 minute of the lightest of licks, I'm taking wider tongue-swipes now ... lapping at the mess of shit outside his asshole. Wiping Brian's dirty shit hole with my toilet paper tongue.

I'm makin' sure to drool a little spit onto the harder chunks of shit, to soften 'em up - so's I don't pull hairs and hurt him. I'm sucking each hair clean - pulling 'em through my lips. I'm Brian's own, personal shit-vacuum.

I'm losing it ... gettin' crazed ... starting to go apeshit, wallowing and grovelling - fuckin' my nose up inside his hole ...

And I'm tongue-digging deep into his asslips. Scooping-out clumps of the leftovers from his dump. Pulling it into my mouth, sucking on it - letting it melt all over my tongue - inhaling too, so I can really taste Brain's bitter shit.

Fucking awesome! And rank ...

I mean really, really rank. So fucking rank, it's the most dark, rich and hunger-making taste I've ever experienced.

Beyond being so mouth watering rank - it's sacred food for me to WORSHIP. I'm getting Brian's Gut-Waste inside me!

Everything I ever wanted with this dude's happening right now - and I could just lay here getting everything from inside him into my mouth for the rest of my unnatural life. I sure do want to!

His turd is now my (un)Holy Communion. I wasn't bullshitting him about that at all. I fucking adore and worship this man - and bein' his butt-wipe is honestly my proudest life-dream, unfolding like some sick sex flick.

Brian's really digging my mouth-loving to his asshole, too. He's breathing heavy - and I can feel him beating his dick again. Almost frenzied jack-rabbit strokes. He's really getting into this - like he's just discovered one of his sexual niches. Good!

Fucking Perfection. The teen-star of my shit-needy wetdreams is sitting right on my mouth - bearing down, like he's gonna dump into his own personal, live, begging toilet ...

Brian's asshole is blossoming-out ... filling my mouth ... with the added sweetness of some of the finest shit I've ever had coating my sick tongue. Makes me crave getting a whole messy gut-load of his crap into my mouth. I'm gettin' addicted to the awesome, rank taste of Brian's shit!

So now I'm thinkin' to myself ... I wonder when he's gonna have to shit again? He could just dump his whole crapload right down my throat, into my toilet-belly! Hell, I'd live on his shit ... be his 24/7 subhuman toilet ... if I could!

My head's spinning on all that, while I'm chowing-down - oinking and slurping - digging deeper into his guts than I've gotten into a lot of more "experienced" Feeders. I'll take Brian's innocent, honest ecstacy over any "talented" feeder's ritual ToiletPlay ANY day!

His Straight-Stud asshole is responding to my Queer mouth like they're meant to be together!

They ARE.

He's really pushing-out into my mouth now ... telling me to SUCK on his asshole - clean all that shit out ... his own human toilet ... his fucking queer-mouth slave ...

(Yeah, TALK to me, Brian ...)

Brian's gone directly into Absolute Pighood right along with me. And his ScatRap gets a score of 10 ...

Yeah, I'm his private toilet-hole now. It's a done deal, and we both know it. His shit is what I should be eating ... and my mouth is where he should be shitting.

He's growling, "This is really crazy ... I dig this, man! I can't believe it ... I'm using your mouth like a fuckin' toilet. You're wiping shit outa me with your tongue ... and I'm into it! You're MY toilet-mouth faggot, now. Clean my asshole out, sick-o ... eat my crap ..."

Then he grunts - real hard. I can feel him really straining - trying to feed himself into me.

What I get from that gut-strain, is about a cup of the most incredibly rick, dark-tasting inner-gut juice imaginable!. It's that secret sauce, from WAY up inside a man - where shit COMES from. Brian-slop for desert!

And it's FILLING my sewermouth!

I'm beyond crazy now ... tryin' real hard to take just little sips of his gut-slosh - to enjoy it slowly. But I'm so starvin'-ass hungry, I give up, and let if fill my mouth ... chugging it right down.

I'm drinking this fukker's shit-liquor! This is fukken REAL ... surreal!

Gettin' my belly filled-up on Brian's gut-trash takes me way beyond all the jack-off fantasies I've ever had about him. His waste-essence is inside me. It's gonna become a part of every cell of my body. So, in a strange, sideways way - on the cellular level - who I am is now going to include being Brian's shit. Man, THIS is Perfection! AWESOME!

And as that insane idea runs through my head, I'm cummin' like some hormoned-out teenage kid. A pathetic slave to this insane Hunger. Big, torrential gushes of sperm - each one makin' me jerk and writhe like a landed fish ... forcing my shit scoopin' tongue even deeper into Brian's Stud-Holy shithole.

Sperm's soaking my jeans, basting my balls in my own juices.

I ain't cum like that in years!

But, hell - I ain't eaten from a man I've wanted this bad in years either!

And I got both. Hooray for my side!

Brian's cumming again too. Practically jumping up and down on my face, His asshole clinches-down on my tongue, then releases - over and over again ...- with each gush of his StudSeed pumping out onto my chest. He's practically yelling ... roaring like some night-animal. His cum's rushing out, with my tongue beating a hard tattoo on that throbbing prostrate of his.

He deserves to cum like this EVERY time. ALL the time.

Yeah Brian's Straight. So what? He fucks, lives with, and loves his girlfriend. And now, he's also got his own personal toilet to cum into, piss into, shit into ... everything he fukken deserves.

Brian deserves a human toilet. And I deserve to be that toilet.

He's my deepest Feed-Need.

And while my crazy head's cranking-out all these insane ShitThoughts, Brian's just sittin' real quitely on my mouth. Now he's really relaxed, so I'm gettin' his full weight on my face. And this is the safest, most secure place I've ever known.

"Hold still ... I wanna do something," he says. He slides up a little, until his shithole's swallowing-up my nose. Now he's kinda pushing his asslips in and out, massaging his personal brown-noser. Then he slides-up a little further, until his stud cheeks are covering my eyes.

He pushes his drooling, softening cock into my mouth.

"I wanna do this to you a lot more." Pushing his guts out, so I can feel his ass-drip burning into my eyes. "You wanna be my toilet, then fine. You're my toilet."

Now he's gently rubbing his asshole up and down my face ... over my greedy lips and begging tongue - my fart-suckin' nose ... my Brian-brown eyes.

"Nobody else needs to know about this. I ain't queer - you know that. But I own your mouth now. It belongs to me. And I want you to do stuff to me you'd never do to any other guy. I want you to be my fucking toilet."

He stands up. I open my still-burning eyes. He's looking down at me.

"What are you doing in the morning?"

"I donno, why?"

"Because I always take my biggest dump right after I wake up. And I wanna shit it all right into your mouth."


Perfect, fukken Bliss.

I'm right where I belong ... Eating Brian!

... The Beginning ...