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Warning this story involves incest (two very close male cousins) excessive water sports (piss play) scat, sadomasochism, dominance and submission in the up coming chapters. All persons in this story are eighteen (18) years old and older at the time when this took place. If this is not your cup of tea, this is your chance to back out now. Remember, proceed at your own risk. Those that like this, whip out your cocks' and enjoy.

Alex and I woke up around 9:00am, we both went into the bathroom and got in the bathtub. Alex had put my cock in his mouth and he drank my piss. Alex had also took a leak, we both showered and washed each others backs. I could resist the urge, I told Alex to "eat my ass bro, I'm kind of horny." He complied, he ate my ass for a good 10 to 15 minutes.

After our shower stayed nude and we ate breakfast home fries with fried onions, scrambled eggs and bacon with orange juice. After breakfast Alex wanted to get a little more fun in before I had to depart at 3:00pm.

My cocksucker of a lil bro was hungry for some more cock so I fed it to him, he got in front of me and got on his knees and proceeded to suck and I had both of my hands on the back of his head. Humping his throat. I stood up and put my hand on both sides of his jaws and skull fucked him until I came a few drops. I was dry and I needed to recharge.

I was feeling a little uneasy thinking about how far we went last night. Almost every morning I have to take a dump and I had to go this morning, I was very hot and sexed up last night. I had a little guilt with the scat part. I told Alex that I had to take a dump, he had told me to go ahead but don't wipe, "REMEMBER" that his tongue was my toilet paper. He licked my dirty hole clean.

I thought to myself "wow" so he really does have very kinky, raunchy fetishes that he enjoys exploring with me.

Alex had said to me “Remember Zach, we're very special best of bros and buds ever. And we're like special brothers, you're my big brother and I'm your little brother and we can have fun like that because you're so hot and good looking to me.”

I said feeling assured “Okay, I'll no longer hold back!”

I said let's go into the bedroom over the tile floors. When we got into his bedroom, I told him to bend over and spread his cheeks and Alex smiled he knew what I was getting ready to do.

I told him I had to take a shit again and I was going to shit fuck him. I aligned my cock with his boi pussy and I had told him to try and shit as I was fucking him because I was going to take a shit while fucking him. I pushed a nice sized log out and it hit the floor and then he had started shitting and it was being smashed and smeared all over my cock and pubes and all over his ass.

We had continued this until our insides was empty and I had then ordered him to suck and lick my cock as clean as he possibly could as he was sucking my cock I had without warning had pissed in his mouth and he had swallowed as much as he could. We had then got cleaned up one last time and then we called it quits for now as I made my exit.

I told him that I had to go and I'll catch up with him again soon.

Alex had smiled and said that I'll see you soon Zach.

I let myself out and when I got back home, I felt so relieved. I don't want to betray Mitchel but Alex took the damn cake, he had sucked and rimmed me better than Mitchel. But I'll still meet up with Mitchel a few times a month and Alex is now my regular. A few days later Alex had texted me and asked if I was free and if so I could swing by his place and “chill” with him for a bit.

I replied: Yes, I'll be there in 15 minutes.

I grabbed the do-rag that he gave me as a gift and I had put it on when I arrived at Alex's apartment. We both greeted each other with a brotherly hug and a kiss. Alex was already aroused and ready for action. We both had stripped totally nude except for our shoes and socks. Alex had wanted some more of his big bro's ass, I love him like that sweet-hearted little brother that he is. But he's trying too hard, he's already proven himself to me many times over. I was thinking that he was trying to prove to me that I'm worthy of his worship.

Alex had sat down a chair and he ate my ass. He was moaning and groaning in ecstasy as he was licking the sweat off of my balls and the crack of my ass. Alex loves the smell of my musk. It was intoxicating to him, after he had gotten my hole nice and lubed he gently guided his 5.5” pointed cock into my ass. I had gently started to ride him and we were hugging each other very tightly while french kissing. Both of our tongues were playing with each other.

Alex: Oh! I love you man! I love you Zach, my big bro! Please let's stay in the mood like this, you're about to make me cum.

Me: I love you too dude! Alex my dearest little bro! I felt the sexual tension building up too.

Are you going to swallow your big bro's love juice?


Alex had filled my ass with his lil bro love juice, I stood up and I put my cock into his mouth and he sucked me to orgasm within a few moments my cock exploded in his mouth and he swallowed it all like a perfect lil bro. Then he ate my ass and licked his juices that were now flowing out. After we got cleaned up a little bit then Alex had told me “I have a surprise for you”

Alex had then opened his closet with two guys that were new to sucking cock. They were handcuffed.

Alex: Zach, meet our two new cocksuckers Irvin and Kevin. They are both 19 years old and wanted to learn how to become professional cocksuckers.

These guys were both short 5'3” to 5'5” average build about 150lbs. Alex had told me that both of them have very bad gag reflexes. Alex had told me to take my pick and we'll have fun face fucking 'em. I picked Kevin because he has huge lips, perfect for cocksucking.

Alex had handcuffed both of their hands behind their backs and with their feet handcuffed as well they got on their knees and Alex used a 3rd pair of handcuffs to connect their feet and arms together.

Alex: There, now they can't use their hands to try and push you away. And if you feel ANY teeth you fuckin' bitch slap them.

After they were secured I proceed to skull fuck Kevin I had only got the first 3 inches in and he was already gagging. I slapped him and said “Relax your throat!” I had got Kevin all the way down to the base of my 7.25” cock. His nose were in my pubes, he was snoting and making gurgly noises that gagging cocksuckers' make. Alex was going to town ramming Irvin's throat. Irvin had puked a few times already but we didn't care, because we had warned them not to eat anything within 6 hours of coming over here until after we were through.

I had bitch slapped the hell out of Kevin, I didn't care that he couldn't breath. I'll let him up for air whenever I get ready. I had told him “No teeth whore! No teeth!” And for that he's earned himself a few extra seconds. After I counted to 10, I had let him up for air. He took a big gasp of fresh air. I gave him a 30 second break. After 30 seconds I said “Alright, break's over bitch” I and started skull fucking him. I made sure that my cock ran along the roof of his mouth and I banged his throat and I had finally made him puke.

Ahh, this is fun, they'd better get used to this because they are going to be helping to service 10 or more guys in a few weeks. Both Alex and I had to take a piss and we both pissed all over Irvin and Kevin and made them drink and swallow some of our piss.

After a while we traded places Alex took Kevin and I took Irvin. I had no intentions on cumming anytime soon. I was using Irvin's mouth like a cunt. I had forced Irvin's head all the way down to the base of my cock until his nose was in my pubes and I had held him there. I could hear him trying to cough but since he had a mouth full of cock the sound was “AAARRRROOOOTTT!!” Both Kevin and Irvin was sweating and had their faces glazed with their slobber and our piss. I let Irvin up for air.

Alex and I switched places again, I had gave Kevin a break and had him eat my ass, and Alex made Irvin eat his ass. Alex and I was ready to cum, I throat fucked Kevin like a wild dog and he swallowed my jizz like the good cocksucker that he's destined to become. Alex had shot his cum load down Irvin's throat.

Now to further degrade them, we made Kevin suck on Irvin's little cock and we told Irvin to piss in Kevin's mouth. We had held Kevin's head in place and made him swallow all of Irvin's piss. Irvin had finally shot his cum load and Kevin took it all.

Then Irvin had sucked on Kevin's cock. Kevin had pissed in his mouth and that little cocksucker knew to swallow. And Kevin blew his load in Irvin's mouth.

We left them tied up for one last task, Alex and I went into the bathroom and we had both squatted over the toilet and took a shit and we came out after we were done and I made Kevin lick my shitty asshole clean and Alex had Irvin to lick his ass clean. We then had took the hand cuffs off then they could spread our ass cheeks and better finish the job. I made Kevin tongue fuck me, Irvin too.

Afterwards Irvin and Kevin got cleaned up and Alex and told them “Now get the fuck outta here you fuckin' faggot ass whores!” They hurried up and left. Alex had told me that I'll be seeing more of them, come on let's take a hot shower together and get cleaned up bro.

While we were in the shower after we washed off everything I had Alex eating my ass again. (I love to receive rimjobs along with blowjobs. If a cocksucker can't or don't want to eat my ass then he's no fucking good to me) I felt my sexual tension building up, I had quickly turned around and throat fucked Alex for a few moments and I shot my hot, thick and creamy load down his throat. Alex was jacking off and he shot his load as I came in his mouth.

We cleaned up our little mess and got out of the shower and dried off. Alex and I went into the living room he said that he'll clean up the mess in his bedroom later. Alex an I held each other in a loving embrace. And he'd whispered to me: “There's plenty more of good surprises in store for you big bro.”

Alex had then asked me how did Mitchel and I took our “broship” to the “next level?”

I had told him that I first met Mitchel in May of 2007 very shortly after our paths crossed again. In June he had moved across town so I had to ride the train about 35 minutes to get to him and then walk over 4 blocks. Anyways, he lives near a very heavily secluded wooded area that has a tiny little stream with mini fish in it. On nice days we often went there to enjoy the sounds of nature. Well one day in mid July while we were in the woods Mitchel couldn't hold back his feelings anymore, because we often had our arms around each others shoulders. We jacked off together while watching porn, he was bold enough to suck the head of my dick for a few short seconds as a tease. It was straight porn at first until I saw the DVD case of gay porn. We then watched gay porn only. I believe that he planned this, but anyways his warm lips and tongue would always make me cum hard. (Which I didn't mind, he's very open-minded within reason, and we had an instant clique on day one when we met so we are closer than brothers) Then Mitchel had said to me you're my best friend Zach and I love you. Then we both hugged each other and I had told him “You're my best friend as well Mitchel and I love you too bro!”

Then he had planted a very quick brotherly kiss on my forehead. Then he said that he's very sorry that he shouldn't have kissed me. And he said “You have no idea about the way feel about you man, you have no idea.” I then said “It's cool bro! There's nothing wrong with brotherly love and affection.” Mitchel then had asked me feeling a nervous and said “What would I do if I were to find out that one of my closest best friends was curious, bi or gay?” Mitchel was then shaking and trembling, I had held him firmly on the shoulders and I had looked him straight in the eyes and I said to him: “I'll still treat that best friend with the same kindness, acceptance, unconditional love and respect that I had always had been treating them with, the same as they treat me with.”

Mitchel was then sobbng in tears, I couldn't tell rather he was happy, sad or a mixture of both. He then had said: “I'm not gay, I'm not gay, I'm not gay, but I love you bro!” and he had kissed me on the cheek. I had told him that “I love you too bro!” and I had kissed him back on the cheek. This went on for two kisses and on the 3rd kiss our lips had magically met. And we stayed that way while hugging each other for a few moments. Then he asked could he see my dick again, And he asked if he could touch it and I had said yeah. And after about 30 seconds of exploring and admiring my cock, he then took it into his mouth. You could pretty much figure out the rest after that. Mitchel had just turned 19 years old and I was 21 years old at that time.

Alex: “Damn Zach, you're that easy? That best friend that I had always wanted and was looking for was right there in front of me! But I was too God damned brainwashed and blind to see it. But I see it now, I can't thank you enough Zach for giving me a second chance.”

Me: You're welcome and It's cool now little bro. We ALL make mistakes, but you've learned from them that's the most important thing.

Alex: Big bro, I know somebody that will have your dick in his mouth in seconds, his name is Chaz. He and I will work that dick over time. We'll both suck you, rim you and then you can face fuck us, makes us gag on your dick and deep throat it then feed our hungry mouths with your big bro love juice.

I just hugged Alex and I French kissed him and I whispered his ear “You're the best lil bro ever!”

Alex: I can't get enough of sucking your dick and eating your ass, it doesn't matter if your asshole is dirty or clean. There's something about pleasuring you and having your big dick deep inside my throat and in my ass that just feels so right!

Me: It's love Alex bro! It's love! You like me and love me, and you want to express and prove that to me.

Alex then got on his knees and took my cock into his mouth. He wanted to feel it in the back of his throat for a while before I left. And he wanted a full bladder load of my hot piss. I had told him that he'll have to work for it, but I wasn't going to cum because I wanted my load to build up for Saturday so he and I can dominate Chaz. After a few minutes of Alex eating my ass, licking my balls and taking my dick all the way down to the pubes I had finally felt the urge to piss and I shot my very strong stream of hot bright yellow piss in his mouth and he swallowed it all. I told Alex that I had to go and that I'll see him this weekend. I got dressed and left.