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On Friday night I feel asleep and I was very horny thinking about Chaz an 18 just became legal and a virgin to gay sex. Oh I love me some tight boi pussy. I've accidentally made older men in their 50's bleed and shit themselves when they begged me to fuck them harder when I was 19. I've also accidentally made a 63 year old man puke because he was a very hungry cocksucker and was new to sucking cocks longer than 4 inches. It grossed me out at first but thanks to Alex it eventually became a turn-on when guys choked and gagged on my big black cock.

I was feeling very sexed up and I had built up my tension but I didn't cum. It was hot thinking about me and Alex breaking Chaz and dominating him and he wanted us to do him as dirty as we can do him.

The following morning I had showered and ate breakfast. Then Alex had called me around 11:30am and had told me to come on over.

I arrived at his house shortly after noon and there was Alex and Chaz already nude, ready and waiting for me. After we introduced ourselves Chaz got to work sucking on my cock. We were in the bedroom. Chaz is 5'3” bubble butt chubby 180lbs. He's light skinned with black curly hair and brown eyes. Chaz said that he's been sucking cock ever since he was 12 years old, he had sucked of his 13 year old best friend and their friends and became hooked and he's so excited to have found himself some more.

I started off gently working the first 3 to 4 inches of my cock in his mouth and he was gagging a little bit. I've told him easy boy, I's don't like to feel any teeth. I held my hand firmly on the back of his head and I had told him to take a deep breath and that my cock was going to go all the way in. 3...2..1. With that I had pushed my cock all the way in and I had his nose in my pubes. He was choking, slobbering and gagging but I didn't care. I had proceeded to brutally face fuck him. And Chaz pushed me away and spat up some thick mucus and saliva. I've told him “At-ta boi!” Oh YEAH! Alex was watching in amazement.

Alex had then turned on his radio and played loud rap music to drown out the sounds.

I had told Alex to eat my ass while I throat fucked Chaz. Now that we have three guys, Chaz, Irvin and Kevin that should be enough for 8 to 10 guys. Chaz's throat was nice and tight, I was stretching it, I didn't care how much he had gagged. I had slapped him and told him “To shut his fuckin' mouth, watch his fucking teeth and suck my fuckin' dick like a good little faggot that he is!” I was getting ready to cum, the head of my cock became too sensitive and I could barley take it anymore.

I told Alex to tongue fuck my ass and I reamed Chaz's throat without a care in the world about him puking, snotting, coughing, gagging. I needed to drain my nuts and I was giving him my first huge load.

I've told Chaz: “Listen to me boi! I'm getting ready to drain my nuts and you're going to take whatever I give ya and you're going to take all that I give you!” So open that fucking throat, “GIVE ME YOUR FUCKING THROAT BITCH BECAUSE HERE IT COMES! OOOH YEEAHHH!!!!!! OOHHH FUUUCCCK!!!!!!, AHHHHHHH SHHIITT!!!!!!, OHHHHH, YEAH, YEAH, YEAH BOI! TAKE THAT SHIT SWALLOW IT ALL DON'T YOU WASTE A MOTHER FUCKING DROP OF THAT SHIT NEITHER!”

As my orgasm subsided, I always had to take piss for some reason after my first orgasm. I told that faggot boi Chaz that I had to piss and he was going to drink it. Chaz had tried to pull away and he mumbled something but his mouth was full of my cock and I couldn't understand it.. I locked his head on my cock with both of my hands and I emptied my bladder and I told that bitch to swallow it.

After Chaz drank all of my piss Alex and hurried up to Chaz's mouth and unloaded his nuts and gave Chaz an extra full bladder of piss. The three of us then took a shower and got cleaned up and dried off. After a short break and we prepared for another round. Chaz had tears in his eyes from the rough skill fucking that I gave him.

I kneeled on the couch and I lifted and spread both of my legs and I had my ass sticking up in the air and I told Chaz to eat my hairy asshole and not to just lick the crack of my ass, I wanted to feel his tongue inside my damn hole. While Chaz was learning how to properly lick and eat a top's ass, Alex had pushed Chaz's face into my ass. Alex had growled and told Chaz “You're going to eat our shit and get shitted on and then lick our shitty assholes clean so ready yourself. You wanted to get done dirty, and we're granting you your wish!”

I let out a loud putrid fart and Alex held Chaz's face there and told him to take a whiff of that smell of dominance. And with that Alex had told me sit over top of Chaz with my ass aimed at his face and try to shit. I did just that and a few moments latter I pushed this huge log of shit out and Chaz ate it.

I had then stayed kneeled over his chest, shitting more and more, he must have been hungry because he ate it all. I had pushed out all that I could push out. And then Alex took his turn.. Alex made Chaz eat all of his shit. Every log that he pushed out Chaz ate the entire thing.

We both made Chaz lick our shitty assholes clean and I then face fucked Chaz again and I held my cock deep inside his throat until he was within a few moments of blacking out and I let him up for air. After he caught his breath Alex had proceeded to throat fuck him mercilessly. I got behind him not caring that he had a virgin ass, his slobber and his throat slime was the lubrication.

I just rammed his ass and he had yelled out because of the pain and burning and I continued to stretch that tight ass. A few moments later Alex had joined me in double penetrating Chaz. That boi pussy of his got stretched. We restrained ourselves from cumming. After another hour of edging ourselves with Chaz and pissing in his mouth but saving our cum for our personal fun. We told the fag to clean himself up, and get dressed and carry his ass out of here. And to ready himself for the bukkake party.

Alex and I had a special “bro code” we had washed off thoroughly and applied cologne and deodorant on ourselves to smell good again.

Alex had talked me into spending the night with him. I stayed because I didn't want our good time to end. We put another moisture barrier on his bed. Alex had told me that he wanted to make love tonight, he wanted me to make sweet brotherly love to him the same way that I did to Mitchel on my official first day with him.

I've told him “Sure, sure.” Alex asked me whatever I did to Mitchel after he revealed his true feelings for me, then did to the same him. I had told him after Mitchel and I left the woods we went back into his house and bed room and we got nude and I sat on his bed and he sucked my cock for a while. Alex and I got into the 69 position and he was sucking me but I didn't suck him right away. We were on our side, and I took his pointy head shaped cock in my mouth and we lovingly sucked each other. We licked each others balls. I got Mitchel to give me a rimjob just by kindly asking him to try licking my ass after I got him very horned up. Alex and I extended our tongues into each others asses and licked away. We enjoyed ourselves for a while before we were ready to burst. We came into each others mouth at the same time and we swallowed. Alex and I had lovingly cuddled each other and told each other how much love we had for each other. Alex and I just laid side by side with each other with our arms over each others shoulders and fondling each other.

Alex had rolled over on his side and I had cuddled him from behind and I had my cock in the crack of his ass and we both fell asleep like that in our bromantic moment. We woke up a few hours later and we had just hugged and French kissed went for another round. Alex sucked and gagged himself on my cock as I ate his ass it was so hot having this special male to male bonding with one of my best friends. I had began to finger him with one finger and then two and so on until I got my whole fist in. Alex was really growling and moaning in pleasure now. My little bro has an excellent boi pussy but I didn't care, I still loved him unconditionally. I had slowly advanced my arm until I got it up to my elbow and his pussy had willingly clamped around my arm and took it. I had slowly withdrew my arm and I had pushed it back in again, this was unbelievable. This was why he was able to ride my cock like a cowboy with ease and with very little pain.

We switched places and I had my ass in Alex's face and he was eating my ass and tongue fucking me as I was sucking his sweet lil bro cock. We wanted to edge and didn't want cum again right away. We both had to take a piss, we decided to piss on each other Alex and I had then French-kissed and let our strong piss streams splash on each other. Alex had got his 9” dildo and demonstrated to me how he was practicing his deepthroating skills. He was able to go all the way down to the base but would start gagging beyond 4 inches. He then put the dildo into his ass and he sucked my cock, teasing the head by blowing raspberries. I said “Bro, that feels good! Suck that cock!” I had my hand on the back of his head slowly advancing his head and it felt so good when it penetrated his throat. I was humping his mouth at a medium pace. My little bro is the best cocksucker that I've ever had, hearing him gag was hot. I was massaging the back of his head, he was able to get his nose into my pubes and he coated my cock with his saliva and thick throat slime. I told him to keep on sucking like a good little bro, I kept on humping his mouth. And without warning I had growled in orgasmic pleasure and I filled his throat with my hot brotein shake. He drank it all like the good little brother that he is. He then ate my ass, I love the feeling of a warm wet tongue in the crack of my ass and the hole of my ass. After he got me lubed up, he had gently slid his pointy headed cock into my ass and he boi fucked me until he cream pied me. He had to piss again and I had let him fill my bowels with his hot piss. I ran into the bathroom and I pushed his piss out of my insides. I cleaned myself up thoroughly and I returned to his bedroom and I sat on his cock and we hugged and kissed each other very passionately.

Alex had told me that “I'm the best big brother that he's ever had! This was way better than what he had originally imagined. Zachary bro, I really and truly love you man!” “I love you too my dearest sweet heart little brother Alex.” Alex had kept wishing that he had done this with me way back in 1999, minus the shitting and pissing aspects. We had our du-rags on and we were two cool dudes that was having fun. Alex had kept on vainly saying how hot and how much of a stud I was and that he was a fucking idiot for doing what he did. And that he owes me this for the rest of his life. We switched positions and he took the dildo out of his ass and he sat on my cock and we continued hugging and cuddling each other.

Alex had started to cry again, saying that he's been through so much and so have I, but I had handled my situation so differently. And that 'super cool' friend that he had longed for and been looking for was right there in front of him. I had just held him there tightly and I had told him that it's okay, that there's nothing like a good cry to let everything all out. I had comforted him like a good big brother would his little brother.

I had long awaited this moment for the flood gates to open. He cried for a good 30 to 40 minutes. Alex said that he “wants to prove himself” to me. Even though we have new beginnings, he wants to master sucking my dick for hours on end even while I'm asleep, deepthroating it ultimately without gagging and as always drinking my piss.

Alex had got me nice and comfortable and he told me to just 're-lax' while he sucked my dick and if I have to piss, just do it right in his mouth. I had soon fell asleep and I woke up around 1:00am Alex had fell asleep with his face on my cock and balls. I had woke him back up to resume sucking my cock and I had a full bladder for him. After he drank my piss, I lifted my legs and had him alternate between eating my ass and sucking my dick. I had pushed Alex's head all the way down on my dick and I had held him there until he 'tapped out'. I had let him up for air and I told him to lay on his back and I was going to get on top of him and fuck his face. I was suffocating him with my cock, he tapped my ass as a signal to let him catch his breath. And I rammed his throat more and more, we had both rolled over on our side and I let him up again.

Alex had told me in two weeks we're having the bukkake party. On Lucas' 22nd birthday he's going to become the new addition. We're having it at his cousin Alan's house in his basement, there will be lots of food, beverages and fun. And I was going to be introduced to Alan and Lucas in a couple of days. Alex gave me another blowjob and he was just enjoying having my dick in him mouth. I didn't tell him this, I didn't want to make him feel worst than what he already does, but the truth be told Mitchel was already able to deepthroat me without gagging on day one. And Mitchel and I get a little bit kinky with each other for fun, but not to the extreme like this, Mitchel loves it when I hump his mouth as spewing my jizz in his mouth. But I love both Alex and Mitchel equally, but my 'heart' leans more towards Mitchel. There's something that's very special about that dude that I can't put my finger on just yet. But Alex has won my heart also.

Alex had instructed me to keep on abusing his throat just like that almost to the point of making him blacking out. I let him catch his breath again, and I had told him that I wanted to try pissing down his throat while my cock is balls deep in his mouth. And to my amazement he was able to take it all without me pulling back. I had then told him to eat my ass. I love a damn good rimjob it's the best feeling ever it's equally as good as a blowjob. We both had got tired and got a few hours of sleep.

We showered when we woke up and ate breakfast and I had left shortly afterwards.