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I Came of Age at the Annex Adult Bookstore -- Pt. I

Last June, about two weeks into my summer vacation, my dad asked me to go with him on a business trip half-way across country. My dad is an expert at restoring classic English sports cars from the fifties and sixties. He'd recently started to go beyond restoring customer cars to actually buying old sports cars that were in bad shape and restoring them so he could sell them for a big profit. Now, he had this AC Ace, a car older than him, which he'd totally rebuilt and sold to someone in Ohio. This was a long day's drive away from where we lived. Our home was in a small town midway between the rich suburbs of Philadelphia and the farm country of Lancaster, PA.

Dad acted like this trip was something I wouldn't want to do but he was wrong. I sure acted like it was a pain in the ass, though. I figured that way he'd be extra nice to me for agreeing to go with him. But I really liked spending time with my dad though, especially in the past year. Let me tell you about him. At the time of my story, last year, he was thirty-three years old. He had been your basic small town fuckup who'd gotten my mom pregnant when he was about eighteen years old. Even then, he was good with cars and had a decent, but low-paying, job as a mechanic in our county. He'd done what he felt he was supposed to do and married my mom. However, the marriage was a disaster from the start. My mom came from one of the few socially prominent families and the shame of her getting knocked up was a hurdle I guess no one could've overcome. Well, they gave it a shot for about a year after I was born and then got a quick divorce. I didn't really miss my mom, who'd moved far away from the `shame' she and her family figured she'd have to endure in our town. She kept in touch but the fact was my dad was so good to me that I never really felt a loss. Having a really cool dad seemed like more than most of my friends had so I was pretty happy.

My dad wasn't all that strict but he seemed to naturally command some respect. Even so, ours was definitely a male-centered house. We weren't the neatest about hygiene or basic cleaning up. I guess when dad's an auto mechanic that comes naturally. One funny thing: while I'd see my dad shirtless or in his underwear and swimsuit, I'd never seen him naked. But if one thing was certain, it was that my dad is a total stud, even if he sure doesn't act like it. He's about 6'1" tall and around 175 lbs. Due to his half-Irish/half-Italian background, dad has short curly black hair and brown eyes, a big nose and nice red lips. He's got a boyish face, which blushes red easily, and that makes him look a bit younger than his age (33) but he gets a fairly heavy beard by late afternoon which I guess makes him look more adult. His body is slim but muscular with powerful arms and legs. His chest is well-developed and pretty hairy. Dad's chest hair is also black and while it spreads across his pecs and down to his waist, the hairs are short and fine. I think his torso is awesome and can't help but hope mine gets that way. My dad's waist is thin but he's got strong, muscular legs and a high-riding muscular butt. Even though I've never seen his dick, I'm sure from the big bulge that he's got a really big penis.

Another reason why I was pretty sure that dad's dick was big was because mine sure was even though, as you might have guessed, I was only fifteen last summer. So here's a bit more about me, then. My name is Jim DeNatale, same as my dad. Our middle names are different so I've been spared the `junior' crap. I'm getting real tall at about 5'11" and still growing a bit. My hair is nearly as black as dad's but it is short and straight, rather than curly like his. My skin is a bit paler than his, so I look more Irish than Italian. My eyes are brown like his, though. I'm about 150 lbs and built like a swimmer, my high school sport for both winter and spring. My waist is narrow at about 27 inches. Also, and more important I guess, I have moderately hairy legs and real hairy underarms. I'm also getting a really wide pubic hair patch. My balls hang pretty low (at least compared to what I've noticed from checking out other guys in the school locker room). But my dick is the thing that really turns me on and I think makes me the horny teenager that I am. It's thick and straight and a bit over eight inches long. When I'm erect, my dick stands up at a 45 degree angle or maybe a bit higher. Also, thanks to my dad's insistence, I'm not circumcised and there's a thin but long foreskin that covers my dickhead up to my piss slit even when I'm erect. My dick has a real big helmet head which is clearly visible under the tight skin cover my foreskin gives it.

Dad and I never talked about sex when I was growing up but in the year or so before last summer's trip to deliver the old AC, sex became an unspoken but major part of our lives. I'd never had a girlfriend and really never saw the need for one. Ever since mom and dad had broken up over fourteen years before, I'd never seen my dad, stud that he is, go out on even one date.

Of course, I was pretty typical for a big dicked fifteen year old and was always checking out whatever naked male flesh I could set my sights on. That definitely included my young and hairy father. He'd do a lot of work around the house and yard in shorts or without a shirt. At the garage he owned, he'd always go without a shirt and wore tight jeans leaving little to imagine. I'd take the bus home from school and have a couple hours home alone to do homework (sure!) until my dad got home and we made dinner. Sometimes, I'd explore my dad's room out of plain curiosity and one time when I opened the cabinet under his nightstand, I noticed that the stack of classic car magazines under there had grown a lot taller.

I always liked thumbing through the classic car stuff so I pulled the pile out to see if there were new ones in there. I'd recognized the ones on top so I dug deeper into the pile. All of a sudden, I was hit in the gut, or more accurately, in my crotch, at the sight of a porno magazine! It was not just any old Playboy or Hustler but a hardcore all-male magazine. Well, this might've seemed like a great, earthshaking revelation but since I liked looking at naked guys at school and since I'd never known dad to date any women, it didn't seem at all weird. It sure excited me, though, especially my penis which erected almost instantly.

In fact, the pile of magazines had about ten gay ones in them. They all had a few things in common: the guys were all young and they sure liked to show off erections and assholes. This was awesome and unbelievable to me. I loved my boner and the rest of my naked body and I sure wished I could display it to other guys while they did the same with me. So the thought that these magazines were full of young guys that wanted to show me their naked crotches was amazing!

Well of course I masturbated over this major discovery before putting them back before dad got home. Over the next couple of months, new magazines would get added to the stack and eventually the car magazines disappeared to a bookshelf in dad's bedroom. I'd been getting sloppier about putting the porn magazines back in order. At the same time, I'd take some extra hot ones into my room and keep them for a few days since I'd get super horny late at night after dad had gone to bed and I needed to look at the naked guys while I masturbated. At the same time, I'd started to really play with my asshole, including sticking larger and larger objects in it to mimic the giant dildos some of the magazine models were using. Of course, I'd have to improvise with hot dogs (at first) and then large cucumbers. Dad never said anything about the occasional disappearance of them from the fridge and I sure wasn't gonna say anything of course!

Pretty soon, it became clear that dad knew I was borrowing his porno. Sometimes, I'd look for one under my bed that I'd taken from his room. When I first realized one was gone, I'd panicked. Then I found it back in the stack in his night stand. If he was mad, I figured, he'd have taken them all back. It seemed to me he only took the ones he wanted to jack-off with.

We still never talked about the porno magazines though. But we did have a sort-of way of communicating by basically sharing his magazines surreptitiously. I'd take some to my room and when he wanted them back, he'd take them back to his room when I wasn't around. This went on for my whole freshman year of high school. At first, I had no idea where he'd gotten them. We had a computer at home but with a crappy dial-up connection and, besides, it was in the kitchen where there wasn't much privacy to search sex stuff on line anyway.

Then, one Saturday afternoon around early April, I was traveling back on the team bus from a swim meet, now that I was on the team. A mile or so beyond the rural junction of two state roads near Lancaster Pike, there was this adult bookstore I'd seen before. It was this smallish barn-like complex in the middle of corn fields called the Annex Adult Book Shop. I'd always been curious about it but of course was way too young to ever even get inside (even if I could find a ride out to this middle of nowhere place). Well, that afternoon as the bus passed right by the Annex, I looked out the window and saw my dad's car among the few in its parking lot. No one else noticed his car; it was a generic Jeep Cherokee. But I recognized it from the license plate. Well, now I think I knew where the dirty magazines were coming from and I was more curious than ever about the Annex and what it'd be like to go inside.

In late April, about two weeks after seeing dad's car at the adult bookstore, a new and really amazing porno appeared in his nightstand. It didn't seem as professionally slick as the others even though the photos were very clear and professional in and of themselves. The magazine was titled, Polish Soldier Boy's Filthy Secret, and it was incredible and instantly became my favorite. On the cover was this young (around eighteen to twenty year old) blond boy in a foreign military uniform. Inside, the pictures began normal enough for a porno. He got slowly undressed from page to page until he was totally nude and sporting a long, uncut erection. He was in a barrack-like room with a metal desk. Then, as I turned a page, the photo hit me right in my dick. This blond boy was stand in front of the desk. His dick was soft and hanging down. And he was taking a piss on the floor and it was splashing all over. This was awesome to see. On the next page, the polish soldier was squatting on top of the metal desk and leaning back on both hands. You could see he had a real swollen asshole but even more, he was erect again and pissing up into the air and down onto his smooth torso. He pissed on himself for several more pages in this same basic position. Then, in the last few pages, he seemed to be pushing out his big asshole right at the camera. He was making eye contact with the camera at the same time as if he knew what an incredible sight he was. His asshole was really huge and distended. In the final few photos, the soldier boy had a grimace on his face that looked pretty familiar to me. Plus, his asshole was now sticking out even further and it looked to me like he was about to take a shit! Well, these were the hottest photos yet. His hole really looked as if a turd was about to emerge on the next page. Right then, I started to fantasize what it'd be like to be the photographer so I could be right there as this blond soldier farted and took a dump on that old metal desk for me. I guess I was a bit disappointed that the magazine ended at that. He didn't shit but it was still more than enough to see him piss so much. I immediately took the magazine to my room and jacked off to it repeatedly for the next two days. For the next month, that magazine kept going back and forth from under my bed to dad's night stand and back again. I guess we both really liked seeing this young guy piss and flex his giant asshole!

Then, in late May, a few weeks before our trip to deliver the AC to Ohio, a fresh copy of the Polish soldier magazine appeared in the stack of borrowed pornos under my bed. Dad had clearly gone and bought me my own copy since I guess we both wanted it so bad. This was so cool as only my dad could be. While we still never talked about our growing interest in pictures of naked pissing guys, we still had a way of communicating our mutual desire for this raunchy stuff.

The night before our trip, dad was already home by the time I got back from swimming with a couple other guys from the team at school. We'd made it a habit to keep up our practice at least once a week. One of the older guys on the team would drive me home. It was fun, but these guys were just teammates and not really close friends. Ours was a small school out in the middle of nowhere so I didn't really have much in the way of close friends. I guess that was one reason why I'd actually been looking forward to the trip with dad. Well, when I got home, dad was already making dinner (it was around 5:30PM) and we were gonna eat early so we could get an early start to this long trip.

I helped with dinner and then, while we sat there eating, dad said, "Jim, I can't tell you how much I appreciate you coming on this trip with me."

"What do you mean, dad?" I asked.

He explained, "Well I figure that you've got better stuff to do on summer vacation than bounce around in an old rental truck with your dad for the better part of a week."

"It's cool. That old AC is awesome the way you restored it. Besides, I'm not doin' too much around here yet."

"Well, anyway, I figure I owe you somethin' special for doin' this so I got you a surprise hidden up in your room. Only, you gotta promise me that you'll pack up your stuff and get to bed real soon. We're leavin' early and I don't want a half-dead teenager sleepin' all the way `cross Pennsylvania and Ohio. You're supposed to keep me alert on the road, you know."

"Sure dad, I promise. Besides, after swim practice today, I'm pretty beat." Of course, my mind was wandering to what this `surprise' might be.

Well dad did the dishes while I went up to my room to pack and go to bed. Of course, the first thing I did was look for this surprise. Once I got to my room, I didn't see anything obvious. First, figured that maybe he'd bought me some new clothes but there wasn't anything in the closet. Then, after scouring my room pretty good, it finally dawned on me to look under my bed where I still had about a half-dozen of dad's porno magazines stashed. I pulled out the stack and right on top was a new one! This was my surprise gift.

The magazine was clearly a sequel or relative of the Polish soldier one. It was titled, The French Farmer Boy's Filthy Secret, almost the same as the earlier one. On the cover, there was a tall, lanky young guy with dark curly hair, wire rim glasses and a somewhat hairy chest. He was naked and squatting on a stone wall in front of some hilly fields of something or other. The thing that hit me in my crotch about this cover photo was that this young French guy was naked and sporting a tall erection standing straight up. It was uncut and real wet. But more important, his left hand was cupped under his giant blossoming asshole about halfway between his beautiful big shit lips and the stone wall he was squatting on. I could only think one thing: this guy looked like he was about to take a dump into his cupped hand!

Well I immediately pulled down my pants and opened the magazine. The first few photos were pretty normal but still real hot. This lanky young guy was only wearing a jockstrap that barely contained an obvious erection. In the next few pages, his jock was pulled aside and this hairy young French farmer was urinating from his boner. He seemed to be walking along as if it was normal to just let go with a big piss so casually. Next, the photos showed him squatting on the stone wall but with his back to the camera. His asshole was really puckered out and looked shiny and very moist. His hole was pretty huge, just like the Polish soldier. Then in the next photos, he was turned around and in the same position as on the front cover photo. After a couple of pictures with his hand lewdly cupped under his protruding shit hole, the next page made me gasp out loud. His hole was spread real wide and a thick brown turd was coming out and into his cupped hand. I couldn't believe that something so nasty and forbidden could actually be shown and I nearly ejaculated without even touching my penis. In the next series of photos, the French farm boy held up his huge mound of shit while staring straight at the camera and masturbating. Then, in the final group of photos, the farm boy had clearly smeared some shit onto his boner since it was caked brown, along with his right hand. There was one photo that was even more unbelievable. This French boy was holding his monster crap up to his mouth. His tongue was clearly digging right into it. I vowed right there, that soon I'd shit in my hand and taste it. The last couple of photos showed him ejaculating as he kept digging his tongue into his pile of shit.

I kept the magazine opened to the page where the French boy's turd was still coming out of his asshole and piling up in his hand. While looking at that picture, I played with my own not-so-small teen asshole while masturbating. This magazine was so incredible and horny that it only took a few serious strokes before I ejaculated all over myself.

Later, while packing a few bits of clothes for our trip, I wanted to take the magazine with me but wasn't sure if it was cool. Still, I jacked off again before going to bed early. As I lay in bed, I couldn't help but think that I had the coolest relationship with my dad. We didn't have to have any awkward conversations or anything and yet he knew exactly what this fifteen year old boy needed to see. And that was pictures of sexy guys pissing and shitting. That my dad liked those pictures too was amazing and made me feel even closer to him.

I had figured I'd have time to masturbate again in the morning but I woke up with barely ten minutes before dad had insisted we hit the road. So I hopped in the shower, brushed my teeth and put on my jeans, some reasonably clean underpants and an old green t-shirt before we headed out to the truck. Dad had rented a special car-carrying truck that had a cab in front almost like a semi, but with an enclosed flat bed with a hydraulic ramp that could get the restored AC up and inside it. Maybe it sounds strange to carry a car this way but the AC was older than dad and had been real carefully restored. No way was he going to risk getting it scratched up on a regular car trailer before delivering it to the buyer in Ohio.

So it was only about 6AM when I climbed up in the passenger side of the truck cab after stowing my overnight bag in the back like dad had done. It was clearly gonna be a hot day; it was already sunny and humid even this early in the morning. Dad was dressed about the same as me: he had on his jeans and a black t-shirt and some old sneakers.

Well we pulled out and onto various roads before we hit the turnpike. We were pretty quiet; I guess we were both still waking up, as we listened to some country music station on the crappy radio in the rental truck. Just before we hit the turnpike, we stopped at a donut shop and bought a box of donuts and some bottles of water. We quickly ate the big box of donuts as we entered the Pennsylvania turnpike and headed west to Ohio.

Around 9AM, the sun was really beating down on the truck and we were getting real hot and sweaty. The air conditioning in the truck was pretty much worthless. So we lowered the windows, hoping that'd help. It didn't.

"Better ditch our shirts or we're gonna sweat ourselves down to nothin' pretty fast," Dad said. So we both yanked off our shirts and tossed them on the shelf behind us in the back of the truck cab. It was fun and sexy to check out my dad's naked and hairy chest, plus the sweat dripping from his pits. I could tell that dad would look over at my naked torso from time to time as well. Neither of us was wearing deodorant so our underarms started to smell by then.

As we drove along, I couldn't help but obsess over the magazine that dad gave me. I wished I could look at it right then in the truck. I just knew that I needed to watch that hot French farm boy take a piss and shit again. My boner was looking pretty obvious in my jeans by then.

I was so horny looking at my dad's young, hairy torso and thinking about the porn magazine he'd bought for me that I decided to take a bit of a chance.

"Hey dad, I really liked the present you left in my room last night. It's the best one yet." I figured that since he and I both liked looking at the porno magazines and since he'd mentioned it, even in a roundabout way, it'd be OK for me to bring up the topic.

Dad looked over at me and grinned, blushing, and said, "Yeah, I figured you'd like it. I bought myself a copy too, so we wouldn't to fight over it." Dad looked over at me like he was real happy to know I liked how he bought me a magazine with pictures of a young guy taking a dump. He must've known that I masturbated a lot to it last night.

"Did you buy it at the Annex?" I ventured.

"Yeah, how'd you guess that?" Dad asked.

"Well a few weeks ago, the swim team drove back from a meet and I saw your car parked there. I figured that's where you were buyin' those magazines."

"You guessed right, Jim. That's where I get `em," Dad answered.

We were quiet for a couple minutes and then I quietly said, "I wish I could go inside the Annex."

Dad just chuckled and said, "I don't think you're old enough for that place."

"How old do you have to be?" I asked.



Again, it was quiet in the truck for a bit. Then dad looked at me and quietly said, "Jim, do you really want to go inside the Annex?"

"Yeah, dad, I feel like I've gotta. I think about it all the time."

"Well, I'll tell ya what. I know the owner and I'll bet he'd be OK with it. I'll talk to him about it when we get back to town."

"Oh man, dad, you sure it'd be OK?" My voice was breaking with excitement at this possibility!

"Yeah, I don't think he'll have much problem. Besides, the sheriff is his brother. That's what keeps that place open and out of the headlines in the local paper."

Fuck! If my dad could get me into an adult bookstore, I'd be totally grateful and blown away. This was a major fantasy about to come true. I knew none of my schoolmates would ever get into an adult bookstore. Sure, I was too young but for some reason, I knew that I needed to get my big, growing boy penis into that place.

"Dad, promise you'll check into it when we get back!" I was shaking now, I was so horny.

"Sure, I promise, Jim."

"Do you go to the Annex a lot, dad?"

"Couple times a week," dad answered.

"Tell me what it's like in there." I demanded.

"You sure you wanna know?"

"Yeah, I gotta."

"OK," dad said and he got real quiet for a minute.

Then, he started to tell me about the Annex Adult Bookstore.

"First, when you walk in, there's this front room with a big area on the right filled with magazines and dvds. There's a smaller area on the left with toys and a counter and cash register in the back."

"What kinda toys?" I asked. I figured dildos and blow up dolls or something but I wasn't real sure.

Dad said, "They got two kinds, mostly. First, there's a bunch of dildos and butt plugs. Then there're also a lot of pumps."

"What're pumps?" I asked. This was a new term to me.

"Pumps are these clear plastic tubes that you stick your dick in or your asshole on. Then, on the other end is a rubber pump that sucks all the air out of the tube so a vacuum is created. This causes your dick or ass lips to expand into the plastic tube. They sometimes stay swollen for a while and can feel pretty great."

"You ever try it," I quietly asked.

"Sure have. I like to pump my asshole to make it real large."

I looked over at my dad and said, "Does your asshole get as big and puffy as on the guys in the magazines?"

"Hell yeah it does. Big `n sloppy and it stays that way now," my dad said, grinning at me. "Bet you wanna get yours like that don't ya?"


"So," dad continued, "You tellin' me that you never checked out the box in the back of my closet?"

"No, I figured everything interesting was in the night stand. What's in the box?"

Dad answered, "Got some dildos and pumps plus a few dvds. They don't have any real hardcore stuff like in your present but they ain't all that bad either."

"You mind if I check it all out when we get back."

"Jim," dad said, "I want you to. No way I can keep all that dick-stiffening fun away from you. Fuck, when I was your age, I was so fuckin' horny all the time, I'd do it with anything I could find."

"Thanks dad," I said, "you really know how it feels, don't ya?"

"Jim, I want you to enjoy your dick and asshole as much as you can."

We were quiet for a few more miles. Then, I got up my nerve to ask some more questions. As I thought about what I'd say next, I could tell that mine and dad's dicks were thrusting up erect from inside our jeans' crotches.

"So the Annex is just a shop? I thought you could watch adult movies and stuff?" I sensed there was much more to this place.

"Hell no, Jim, there's a whole backroom that is the heart of the Annex. It's the fun part of the place," Dad said.

"Tell me all about it, dad."

"Well, the backroom is a club. The owner, Ed, sells memberships to only those men that he thinks are OK for it. Next to the cash register is a turnstile. First, you go up to the cashier and buy an entrance token after you show him your membership card. Then, you go through the turnstile and through two curtains into a real dark area in the back."

This was starting to sound real mysterious and also real interesting to me. It was like I was hearing a real big secret.

Then dad described the back area. "Once you get through the curtain, there's a wall just to your left with two rows of lockers, one above and one below, kinda like in your high school. At the end in front of you is a wall display of all the dirty movies showing in the booths, plus a coin dispenser you put your dollars in and get movie tokens out of. On your right, there are two corridors with wooden booths lining them, about five on each side."


Then dad explained, "Each booth has a sliding wood door. When ya go inside there's a wood bench on one side and a TV on the other. You put your tokens in the slot on the back wall and then can change channels and watch up to fifteen porn movies."

"Are the movies real cool, you know, like the magazines you get?" I asked.

"Ain't no women in the movies so yeah they're pretty much like the magazines. `Cept for the two that you and I like the best. You know, the Polish and French filthy boys..."

"So dad, what're the lockers for?" I asked.

"To store your clothes," Dad said. My eyes bugged out as he turned to look at me as he said that. No way, I thought, did guys take their stuff off in the Annex?

"No way! What clothes do you take off?"

Dad looked over at me again, his face a bit redder. "Everything, Jim. The whole idea of the place is to get yer dick hard and jack a load out of it. Only men are back there anyway so it's a hell of a lot easier and more fun to get naked and wander around in there with your boner pointing the way."

This was incredible and exciting to me! "You mean you show other guys your erection?"

"Sure, Jim, and they show me their erections too. There's nothing more liberating than playing with my penis in front of a bunch of other guys."

"You sure? I mean, you aren't makin' this up?" I wondered.

"Ain't so weird, boy. You get naked in the locker room at school, don'tcha?"

"Yeah," I was silent for a moment. "I really like being in the nude in front of the other boys."

"Well, this is the same thing. Only, everyone's at the Annex for one thing: sex. No shame in erections and more stuff."

" sounds real cool, dad." I was certain I needed dad to get me in there.

Dad looked over at me and asked, "Jim, you think you'd really feel comfortable getting' naked and sportin' a boner in front of a bunch of guys?"

"Sure. I like my penis, especially when I get erect. It'd be cool to display it in front of people."

"Even in front of me?" Dad asked.

"Yeah, I would." I hesitated a moment and then got up the nerve to ask, "Dad, would you show me your erection too?"

"Hell yeah, Jim." We got quiet again for a few minutes.

"So, wanna hear more about the Annex, Jim?" dad asked.

"Yeah, I wanna hear everything."

"Ok, so when you go down the corridors between the booths, you get to a men's room. It's got an old-fashioned long metal trough urinal on your left, a couple of sinks on the far wall and two stalls on your right. The best thing is the trough. You can stand there and watch every guy take a leak. I been spendin' a lot of time pissing and watching other men piss in that place. Think that's somethin' you'd like to do?"

"For sure. Pissing's awesome. I get erections just thinking about takin'a leak, you know?" I said. This was amazing information.

We were quiet for a while as I absorbed all this, especially the idea of my naked and erect young father watching men urinate while he played with his pissing dick. I wanted so bad to see that happen. All this time, my dick was totally hard as I felt the vibration from the highway radiate up and through my asshole and along my erection.

Then dad continued, "That old trough urinal is real great. You can even climb up into it and lay back against the wall with your feet propped up against the front of it. That way, you can take a leak all over yourself and so can anyone who walks in there needin' to drain his bladder."

"Oh man, dad! That's wild!" Dad just grinned at me. "You really climb up into that urinal too?"

"Sure do," he said.

"Dad, I think I need to get in that urinal too."

"You sure about that?" Dad asked.

I was quiet for a moment as I tried to formulate the right words. "Dad, I really need to have guys go to the bathroom on me. I think about it every time I masturbate."

Dad looked over at me and said, "Jim, if I get you into the Annex, you think you'd like to get into that urinal at the same time as me?"

"Yeah, I'd really like that, dad." With that finally said, we were silent for a few minutes.

Then, dad broke the silence with another revelation. "One of your old classmates goes to the Annex all the time."

"Who?" I was suddenly super curious.

"That boy who captained your baseball team for the last two years. He just graduated I think."

"You mean Caleb Johnson?" I asked. Caleb was a stud! He was a couple years older and real tall and lanky. Caleb had short medium brown hair, was about 6'2" tall and had a bit of a beard he'd keep tryin' to grow. I'd only glimpsed him in the locker room but he seemed to have a pretty large dick and a lightly hairy chest. I'd sometimes masturbate after school from seeing his naked body in the showers.

"Yeah, I forgot his name. He doesn't say much, just hangs out there a lot."

"Does Caleb get naked?"

"Fuck yeah he does. He strips down first thing when he gets there and watches some movies. It's a real horny sight when he walks around with his hard-on wagging in front of him. You ever see him naked?"

"A little bit. You know, in the locker room I could sometimes see a bit of him from out of the corner of my eye," I answered.

"Jim, that kid's got at least ten inches of hard dick. The thing sticks straight out in front of him like a fuckin' battering ram. It's a great sight to behold. Think you'd like to see it?"

"Oh man, dad, I'd give anything to see Caleb's boner." It seemed incredible to me to imagine someone I went to school with so horny that he'd walk around naked in an adult bookstore showing everyone his erection.

Then, dad continued, "Caleb doesn't say much to anyone but he sure puts on a hell of a show."

"Like what?" I asked, feeling my dick start to wet my jeans.

"Sometime," dad continued, "that guy stands back by the stall doors in the toilet and starts to piss hands free. His piss goes at least nine, ten feet in front of him into the trough. It's fuckin' amazing to see that kid piss so long and hard like that. Best thing, though, is he doesn't mind if you step in front of him and get hosed down."

"Did you do that?" My mind was reeling.

"About a half-dozen times so far. Did a lot of other stuff too," dad said.

"Tell me more," I begged.

"Wanna hear the nastiest things that boy's done at the Annex?" dad teased.

"Yeah I wanna hear everything."

"Your old schoolmate, Caleb, just loves sliding that donkey dick of his around in my asshole while everyone gathers outside of the booth to watch. And he sure ain't fussy about getting his dick dirty, either."

I was blown away! Dad was getting fucked and telling me about it as if it was the most normal thing a guy could do.

"How do you guys do it? I mean, what position?" I asked.

I squat on the bench in the booth, plant my feet on it and thrust my shitter out at him. He just runs his thick ten incher in and out real slow so it gets good and coated with all my ass filth. He gets me so loose that my shitter just hangs open while he's running that dick of his in and out and all around it. Then he jacks off onto my hole and licks up his cum and all my ass juices."

"And everyone's watchin'?" I marveled. "He really puts his tongue on your asshole?"

"Hell yeah, and it's all better with an audience. That ain't the nastiest thing Caleb's done in there though."

"Dad," I begged, "Ya gotta tell me everything!"

Dad just grinned at me. Then he continued his story. "One time, Caleb was squattin' on the bench in one of the booths while a few of us stood outside and watched. He was gruntin' and straining while jackin' his dick. Seemed he was trying to see how far out he could push his shit hole. And let me tell ya, Jim, that boy's asshole is huge! Those shit lips were extending down so far that they were practically scrapin' the wood seat he was squattin' on. I bet his asshole stuck out a good three inches.

"So he kept pushin' out and then, just as he got real close to unloadin' his balls, his asshole unloaded a big pile of shit onto that bench. When he started takin' a dump, his dick shot off about six feet up in the air. Man, I tell you. That was one of the hottest sights I ever saw."

"Dad, I wish I was there so much! You gotta promise you'll get me in to the Annex. Ain't fair you get to see Caleb take a shit without me!" I was practically in tears.

"Hey Jim," dad asked, "You got an erection right now?"

"Yep, is your dick erect too?"

"Sure is, boy. Why don't you get more comfortable? Maybe you should pull your pants down and let your big boy dick breathe free for a while."

"Ok dad," I said. I was so horny now that I wanted more than anything else in the world to ride around naked with my hot young dad and let him see my hard penis. "Dad, will you take your dick out too?"

Dad just grinned at me and said, "I was hopin' you'd wanna see my dick."

So I opened up my fly and grabbed both my underpants and my jeans, lifted my butt up off the seat a bit and yanked my clothes down to my ankles. My dick slapped real hard against my abdomen. With the heat in that truck cab, you could also smell my sweaty crotch too.

At the same time, dad loosened his fly and reached in to pull his dick out. I was watching intently. Not only would this be the first time I'd see my dad's dick but I knew it'd be erect and I'd never seen another guy's erection except in dad's magazines.

Well, I thought my dick was super big, and it sure was (especially for someone only fifteen years old). But my dad's dick was awesome! It was thicker than a can of beer at its hairy base and curved up to his navel. The end tapered down and was covered by a real thick foreskin. The hood on his boner covered it totally with at least another inch or so of bunched up skin sticking out past the end of his penis. It was incredible and made my boner stand up hovering in the air, rigid as hell, above my stomach.

"Damn, boy," Dad said, "That's one hell of a hot dick you got there. Pull your dick up and let me see your bush." I did as he asked. I was proud to show my dad how hairy my crotch was getting.

Dad said, "That's a great looking dick bush, boy. You getting a lot of hair in your pits too?"

"Yeah, wanna see?" With that, I lifted my left arm up so he could look over at my armpit. Dad reached over and ran his fingers through my sweaty underarm bush for a couple minutes. He then brought his fingers up to his nose and started sniffing them.

"You smell real raunchy, boy."

I said, "Dad, can I feel your armpits too?"

"Go at it, boy." He lifted his right arm up and I reached over and felt all around in his pits for a while. It was so hot to feel his thick wiry black hair under his arms. The patch of hair was real big, too. As I was playing my fingers in his pit, dad reached back over and felt my pit again so that we were riding down the highway massaging each other's hairy, smelly underarms.

After a few minutes of this, I finally pulled my fingers back so I could sniff dad's body odor too. Then, I watched dad get even nastier when he took a finger that'd been in my armpit and stuck it in his nose. He was teaching me that every element of our bodies could be sexy when our dicks are hard. He was openly picking his nose in front of me now. So as I watched dad do that, I stuck my finger in my nose and dug around a bit.

Dad pulled his finger out and showed me the snot on it before he flicked his finger out the window. He laughed and said, "You think you can get nastier than your old man, Jim? I've got years of practice on you, boy."

I just looked at him and quietly said, "Dad, I can get as nasty and disgusting as you any day." Then I grinned at him and said, "Watch this." I leaned forward a bit so my face was right over my big teen erection, pushed one nostril shut with my finger and blew hard. Thick, wet snot shot out of my nose and all over my hard dick. I looked up at dad as we both admired the glistening snot all over the shaft of my penis.

"Fuck, boy, you are ready to go all the way, aren't you?" Dad was amazed at what his horny boy was capable of. After we admired my snot-covered dick a while, I finally wiped it up with a Kleenex.

Well after that snot show, we were quiet for a while as we drove along the highway in the heat and sun. Both of us were lightly running our fingers around on our own dicks. Every now and then, I'd pull my dick up so it was standing straight up and squeeze some semen out. Dad would sometimes run a finger around inside his dick hood as well. We'd taste our precum as we watched each other.

This was all so great, the feeling of sexual freedom to do anything gross in front of each other without any shame at all. We kept picking our noses and showing each other the occasional big chunks we'd dig out.

After a little while, I felt a strong urge to piss. "Dad, we better find a rest stop soon, I gotta piss real bad."

"Hey, Jim, why don't you just take a piss here in the truck? Everything in here's plastic or metal so it ain't gonna hurt anything. Besides, I'd like to watch you takin' a leak if that's OK?"

This sounded real horny! "Sure dad, if you think it's OK."

"Yeah I'll join you. I need to piss like a racehorse myself."

Well, I leaned back and slouched down a bit in the seat and concentrated on urinating. Both my arms were at my sides. I was afraid if I so much as touched my penis, I'd shoot sperm and not piss. I was staring straight at my piss hole, about the only part of my dick not covered by my foreskin. It was a great view; my piss hole is real large and seems to have pouting lips protruding on the end. I love to stick my little finger as deep as I can get into my dick.

So my piss hole opened up and my stream started with its usual major force. My urine hit me square in the chest between my nipples and you could hear the gentle spraying sound as I pissed on myself. As I relaxed and urinated, my stream gathered strength and started to climb further up my chest until it reached my chin and face. Dad kept looking over and checking out my big piss and while he was looking, I opened my mouth and let my urine get all over my tongue. I'd tasted it before so I knew that it was hot and salty. It was so hot and liberating for a horny young teen like me to piss from my boner openly and without shame in front of my masturbating father.

My piss stream kept flowing for what seemed like at least two minutes, maybe more, as it just kept rocketing from my erection. When I was done, dad and I both looked at my wet body, my soaked pubes and my throbbing penis. This was easily the sexiest piss I'd ever taken.

I looked over at my dad and, grinning, said, "Your turn."

Dad looked down at his penis and pulled back his foreskin just enough so we could both see his piss hole and then held his erection from near its base. Dad had big hands and even with one of them wrapped around his dick, there was enough length beyond it that I figured his boner was at least nine inches long as well as super thick. The tapered end of his dick ended in a thick, protruding piss hole just like mine only a bit bigger. It must be a genetic thing, I guess.

We both looked down at his penis as he sent a fountain of piss straight up and onto his trimmed, hairy chest. His urine soaked all over him as he increased the strength of the stream and shot some piss into his open mouth. Unlike me, dad drank his urine; next time so would I!

As he pissed hard, he pulled his dick to the right and his big stream shot across the truck and right onto my chest and crotch. This was awesome, having my sexy young father urinate on me. I was turned on like crazy and figured it was just a matter of time before dad would let me go to the bathroom on him too.

He just kept waving his big piss stream around back and forth from my body to his until he eventually ran out of piss. We both looked at each other when dad said, "That was great Jim. I think you're more than ready for the Annex."

I decided then that I wanted to be totally naked so I reached down and pulled my shoes, socks, briefs and jeans off and tossed them on the shelf behind the seats. I was now totally nude and so I spread my legs real wide and propped my knees up on the dashboard. This way, my asshole was out in the open. I reached down and touched my asshole.

Dad said, "Jim, are you playing in your asshole?"

"Yeah, I am."

"Bet that feels good. I wish I was playing in my turd tunnel too."

"You might run off the road, dad."

He just laughed and said, "You mind if I get a feel of your shitter?"

"Sure." I pulled my fingers out of my butt and smelled them as dad reached over with his right hand and ran a couple fingers over the pouting lips of my somewhat swollen asshole. "That feels good, dad. You can put your fingers inside if you want."

"Tell you what, Jim, why don't you try pushing your hole out instead. Let's see if you can get it to stick out like your old schoolmate, Caleb, does."

By now, dad had most of his fingers running around all over my asshole. I bore down and pushed out and I could feel my hole swell out around dad's big fingers.

"Yeah, that's the way boy. Push harder," dad said. I grunted and pushed harder still and I could feel the tips of two big fingers enter my asshole.

"Like that, dad?" I panted. I was straining pretty hard to push out my shit lips for my father.

"Yeah keep flexing."

My asshole was sweaty and a bit greasy so dad's fingers could slide pretty easily into me. As I kept pushing out, I could feel my shit hole open up further and further. We drove down the highway for about fifteen minutes with me just grunting and pushing and dad playing his fingers in and around my teen asshole. I just slouched in the seat, pulling my ass cheeks apart and propping my feet on the dashboard so dad could get real easy access. Also, every now and then, dad would pull his fingers away from my hole and smell and lick them.

"Jim," dad said, "you really need to try the dildos and pump in my closet. You got a real fine asshole and I know with a little work, it's gonna be real huge. You'd like that wouldn't you?"

"Yeah, dad, I want my asshole to get real big like in those `filthy secret' magazines."

"Son, push out as hard as you can, OK?" dad asked.

I grunted real loud and pushed hard. By doing that, I cut a major fart right around the three fingers that dad was sliding into my hole.

"Yeah, that's the way boy. Fuckin' hot fart. You might be only fifteen, but you let `em rip like a man."

"The way you do?" I asked.

"Un huh," dad said as I let rip another, even bigger fart. This was awesome. We're all taught to be ashamed of our gas but with my dad, I could piss and fart and display my teen boner as much as I wanted.

"Dad, does Caleb cut farts in the Annex?"

"Yeah, Jim, when that kid's in the booth pushing that monster shitter out, he let's fly with some real loud ones. One time, I had my dick up his pipe as he farted around it. Felt amazin' on my dick," dad said.

"Did it smell real wild?"

"Of course. The brown streaks on my dick smelled even more." This was hot to consider: my dad's huge penis smeared with Caleb's crap.

"You don't mind getting his shit all over your penis?" I asked.

"Fuck, no. I wanted him to do it. Besides, I've been known to get some dicks real dirty in the Annex."

"Dad," I asked, "You gonna let me play around in your asshole too?" I pushed out another big fart.

"You wanna do all the stuff Caleb's done, don'tcha?"

"Yeah, I gotta."

"Boy, you can play around in my asshole anytime."

After a couple more miles, Dad pointed to a turn-off. We headed toward the exit, so I asked where we were going.

"Boy, you and I both need to get off real bad and if you keep distractin' me with big boy dick and asshole, we might run right off the road. I figured we might pull over out here in the middle of nowhere so's we can get down to business. How's that sound?"

"Sounds cool dad, especially if you take your pants all the way off," I answered.

So we pulled off onto a side road and parked the truck. I watched my dad pull his shoes and jeans off and then turn sideways on his seat putting one bare leg up against the side of my seat and other against the dashboard so that his naked crotch was now openly displayed to me. I got in the same position facing him.

I could see my dad's asshole and it was huge. His ass lips stuck out a good inch or more and were real swollen and sweaty looking. There was trimmed hair around it and on his big balls.

"Oh man, dad, you got a huge asshole," I said.

"You gonna let me help you stretch yours out like this?"

"Yeah, you can play in my hole all the time. Will you teach me how to use the pump on my hole?"

"Sure will son. Now watch this," dad said. With that he grunted and pushed his asshole out so it was really sticking way out and then he cut a fart! My dick stood out above my abs and I nearly ejaculated. Dad noticed.

"You like it when your old man cuts a fart, huh?"

I just nodded `yes.' I was now so horny that I could barely speak.

Dad then asked, "We gonna jack off now?"

I said, "Yeah, I need to play with my dick. And I wanna watch you play with yours, too."

"Anything else you wanna see me do?" Dad asked.

"Like what?" I wasn't quite sure what he was getting at and was super-curious to find out.

"I was thinkin' of doin' what that French farm boy and what Caleb did," dad said. "You wanna watch me jack off while takin' a dump?"

"Oh man, dad! Do it, I gotta see that." He was going to take a dump!

"How `bout you, Jim? Think you could take a dump while your dad watches?"

"Yeah dad, I can take a shit. I almost did back there on the highway while you were playin' in my asshole while I farted."

"I know. I felt the tip of your log up there with my fingers." Fuck, my father had touched my shit and liked it! I instantly hoped he'd let me touch his too.

"Dad," I asked, "What'll we do about the mess? I mean, you think it'll be OK to shit on the seat?"

"No, you better cup your hand under your hole and catch it there. I'll do the same, OK?" Yes! I wanted to show my dad that I liked to hold my turds in my hand.

We both reached down at the same time and held our hands under our rapidly spreading assholes. I farted again and could feel a real thick log working its way to my opening. Dad was just staring at my asshole as I felt it expand even further as my turd started to emerge.

"That's it boy. Take a shit for me." It felt so unimaginably horny to be openly showing my hairy-chested and naked dad my asshole as I took a crap.

I kept pushing my dump out and suddenly felt it hit the palm of my left hand. It was warm and heavy as I kept sliding it out of my ass. It started to curl up in my hand as I let go a monster dump. As soon as I was done, I pulled my hand up and held it just above my chest and dick as we both looked at it. It was a real solid dark brown pile of shit and it smelled awesome and nasty.

I looked up from admiring my big teen dump when I heard my dad cut a real loud fart. His giant anus started to push out even more and parted. I then saw the most incredible sight: In the center of his big expanding asshole was the tip of my dad's huge shit log. At first, his turd just hung there, sticking out about four inches from his wide open asshole. He knew I was watching his big turd.

"That's it, Jim," dad whispered, "Watch your dad take a shit for you. Can you see my turd?" I just nodded yes.

Then, it started coming out slowly and with a sort-of wet, sliding sound as it began to mound up in his hand. His shit just kept coming as he must've let out a couple pounds of dark, smelly crap. He held his giant dump up for us to look at just like I'd done a few minutes ago.

"Oh man, dad, that's the sexiest thing I ever saw," I panted.

"Same here boy. Nothin' hotter than seeing my young son takin' a big dump and showing his boner."

As we looked at our dumps, we both began to masturbate with our other hands. Little by little, as we each got closer to orgasm, we seemed to keep raising our shit-filled hands higher and closer to our mouths. I thought about how the French farm boy licked his shit as he got off and wondered if we were going to do the same thing now.

I was nearly ready to blow my load and dad looked like he was just as close. I couldn't wait to see my hairy young father ejaculate. My dump was now at chin level and I could really smell it. I looked my father in the eye and he just nodded yes and then whispered, "Do it."

Nervously, and on the brink of ejaculating, I slowly stuck out my tongue and, as he watched, ran it along my hard dump. It tasted bitter but mild so I got bolder and licked it more vigorously. I could feel my shit coating my tongue so I raised my head up and stuck my tongue out of my open mouth and showed it to my dad.

"Yeah, that's it boy, get your tongue brown."

As I went back to licking all over my pile of crap, dad stuck his tongue out and started to lick all over his own, somewhat softer dump. This was an amazing sight, especially since he was really digging into his shit. He scooped up a big lump about an inch around in size and held it in his open mouth for me to admire.

I couldn't take it anymore and suddenly shot off. My sperm rocketed up from my dick and splattered on the ceiling of the truck. I pulled my dick back and let the next few volleys of sperm shoot all over my chest and face. The minute I was done, dad started to blow his own load up and onto his hairy chest. He shot a huge volume of cum which covered his nipples, abs and everywhere else.

We just sat there for a while catching our breath before turning back around in our seats and dropping our dumps out the window onto the ground below. I got some Kleenex out and got set to wipe the rest of the shit off my hands when dad suggested it'd be easier to lick it off. So we did. The whole time, neither of our dicks really went soft. They stayed big and puffy. Once we were done licking our hands, dad opened his door and climbed out naked onto the empty road. I got out on my side as we both walked up to the front of the truck.

"I gotta take a piss now, boy, how `bout you?"

"Yeah, I need to," I answered.

"Let's piss on each other, OK?" dad asked.

I nodded and we let fly. It was hot to urinate on his hairy chest and crotch as he hosed me down from my chin to my penis. We even pissed on each other's big feet. Once we were done taking a leak on each other, we wiped ourselves down as best we could and got dressed before heading back out on the highway to our destination in Ohio. We were pretty quiet for the rest of the drive but you could tell that we were still horny from the big bulges and the way we'd casually play with ourselves every now and then. Eventually, with about an hour to go until we got to our destination, I unzipped my jeans and took my dick out to masturbate. Dad did the same. We slowly jacked off until we once again shot sperm all over the inside of the rental truck.

By now we'd fallen behind schedule a bit and finally arrived late to drop off the AC at its new owner's house. He was thrilled as we lowered that old car down onto the driveway in the late evening. He and dad took it out for a long test drive as I hung out by the truck. I couldn't stop thinking about the incredible day I'd had and hoped to keep having with my dad. My dick got erect every time I thought about what I'd seen and done in that truck.

But by the time that dad and I finally got to the hotel, we were totally beat from our early start, long drive and the extra stuff we did (LOL). We stuffed ourselves at a nearby pizza restaurant that was open real late and then headed off to bed. We were getting up real early again to first drop off the truck at a branch of the rental company, since we didn't need it anymore, and pick up the rental car that'd take us home that night.

At the hotel, dad said we ought to just sleep naked since the room was pretty hot. That sounded good to me, so we got undressed in front of each other. It was fun to just stand there with our naked and smelly crotches thrust out at each other to admire.

We got in bed and dad quietly said, "Jim, you made me real proud today."

"How do you mean?" I figured he was talking about delivering the car, except I didn't really do anything.

"Well you're only fifteen years old. So I think it's just great that you're so into sharin' your beautiful crotch with your old man. I wanna keep on doin' all the stuff we did today, playin' with our dicks and assholes, talkin' dirty, pissing, pickin' our noses..."

"Taking big dumps," I added, whispering.

"Yeah, especially that. Jim, how would you feel if I told you that I want to shit on that big boy cock of yours."

"Oh man, dad that sounds so great."

"And I want you to shit on me too. Think you can handle that?" Dad asked.

"Sure dad. I make real big and hard dumps all the time."

We were lying there in the dark, naked and with the sheets pulled off of us. I was totally horny now.

"Dad?" I asked.

"Yeah, Jim?"

"I have an erection."

"Me too, boy. We better take care of them. You up for some more fun?"

I just said "un huh" as dad flipped on the light and turned himself around so that he was smelling my crotch up close. Pretty soon, he opened his mouth and started licking and then sucking my penis. It felt awesome as dad went to town on me. Pretty soon, though, he pulled my legs up and got down to lick my asshole. I loved the asslicking photos in his porn magazines and so I was eager to try this. Neither of us had wiped after taking a shit that afternoon so my asshole must've been real nasty, but dad seemed to love it.

"Oh man, dad," I said after he'd licked and sucked me for a while, "Let me do that stuff to you, OK?"

He got up from the bed and said to me, "I want you to suck me while I sit on the toilet."

So we went into the motel bathroom, our rigid penises leading the way and dad sat on the crapper next to the tub. I got on my knees in front of him and grasped his dick for the first time. It was so hot and soft yet hard. I played with his thick, loose foreskin and put my face closer. Pretty soon, I stuck my tongue out into his skin and licked around in there. Then I started taking big licks up and down his erection before I finally put his dick in my mouth. I was sucking my young father for the first time and it was awesome.

While I sucked him, he blew a couple loud farts into the toilet bowl. They were loud and echoed and they smelled. It got my dick near to the point of no return. I pulled up off his cock and said, "Dad, let me lick your asshole."

Dad just scooted down a bit further on the toilet and pulled his legs up. That huge anus was now protruding right at my face as I got an up-close look. He looked down at me and said, "There ain't nothin' more horny than sharing my huge shitter with my sexy boy."

I grinned at him as I stuck my tongue out and licked all over the smelly, lightly stained surface folds of his big anal lips. Pretty soon, I was driving my teen boy tongue deep into my father's rectum and tasting everything in there. At the same time, dad was jacking off above me.

After about ten minutes of ass-sucking, Dad pulled my head off his shit hole and said, "Jim, I wanna show you a way to get a real incredible orgasm feeling. You wanna learn it?"

"Yeah, dad, I'm up for anything with you."

"It's real filthy, Jim, and so you're gonna have to trust me, OK?"

"Dad, there ain't nothin' too filthy for me," I said. And to prove it, I stuck a finger in my nose and pulled out a big chunk of snot and wiped it on his asshole before licking it off.

"Fuck, boy, I think I believe you," dad said. "Here's what I want you to do. I want you to open your mouth wide and let my shove your head down on my dick. While I do that, you've gotta start jackin' that big boy penis of yours real hard."


"And while I shove your head down onto my dick, you're gonna start to gag real hard. Don't fight it, Jim. Just let it happen and you'll feel an amazing thrill in your dick."

"Don't fight it no matter what, dad?"

"No matter what," he replied.

I started to jack off and said, "Ok, I'm ready dad."

With that, my father told me to open wide and he put his big hand on the back of my head. He pulled me down, pretty gently actually, onto his dick. He kept pushing as his penis hit my gag reflex at the back of my throat and I started to gag a bit. He pushed a lot harder, up and down, as I could feel my stomach start to convulse. Every time my stomach did that though, a wave of orgasmic feeling spread all over my crotch and dick and even into my asshole.

Suddenly, I convulsed real hard and, remembering what dad said about not fighting the feeling, I puked all over his dick and his hairy crotch. A huge amount of chunky pizza-colored puke poured out of me all over his crotch as my dick went into spasms like it was about to blow the biggest load ever.

"Yeah, boy, puke on me," dad panted. He grabbed his dick as I raised my head up to look at the mess. He started to jack off real hard with his right hand. As I watched, he stuck all four fingers of his left hand in his mouth as he aimed straight down at his crotch. Oh man, dad was getting ready to puke on himself. I wanted to do more than watch this incredible new sex act.

I quickly got up off my knees and, squatting a bit, I put my dick next to his. I jacked off while imitating him by shoving my hand down my throat to try to vomit too. It was amazing the way we were working together to do something so revolting and yet raunchy.

Suddenly we both coughed and sputtered a few times as we could see our stomachs heave and our erections wave around standing tall. I was so close to ejaculating that my balls drew up so tight that they were sideways to my big dick shaft. Dad's balls were the same. Then, in near unison, we both let fly with gallons of nasty puke on our penises. It just poured out of our mouths into our hairy crotches. The feeling in our dicks was too much and we shot all over each other. The orgasm I had was like nothing I'd ever felt before. It seemed to go one in waves for at least a minute and half.

While we showered and cleaned up a bit, dad explained that it wasn't a good idea to do that too often but sometimes, when we were feeling especially nasty and horned up, we could try it again. I was definitely intrigued by the thought.

Well we didn't get that much sleep that night. By the time we switched to the rental car and were back on the road, we had a lot of miles to cover. Dad and I just made a lot of small talk about cars and stuff for most of the ride. I was pretty horny most of the time but too wiped out to really push the subject.

We didn't get back until about midnight and dad had to work the next day. About an hour from home, we started to talk about sex again but only in a roundabout manner. Dad asked me, in a joking way, if I was gonna check out the French farm boy magazine as soon as we got home and I said, Oh yeah. Then, I made a suggestion.

"Dad, you know some of the stuff we did, the way you said it wasn't a good idea to do it too much?"

"Yeah?" he replied.

"It'd sure be hot to look at pictures like that, or even a dvd, you know?"

`Sure would be," dad agreed.

"What if we took pictures or videotaped ourselves?" I suggested.

Dad grinned at me and said, "Boy, I been thinkin' the same thing myself. I'd sure like to pop a disc in the dvd player and watch you doing raunchy things."

"Everything we did?" I wondered.

"Everything. I wanna record you pissing and shitting."

"Yeah dad, me too. I wanna watch shit and get real gross."

"Think you'd let me tape you pickin' your nose, too?"

"Sure, that'd be real cool. Can we tape you blowing snot on my dick sometime?" I asked.

"How about we do that right before I tape you pukin' all over that big hairy dick you got?"

"Yeah, dad. I really liked the way my pubic hair looked with all our vomit all over it. It was super nasty, wasn't it?" My dick was hard again as dad just looked over and grinned at me.

Well we made plans to use a bit of the money dad made from restoring that old AC so we could buy real good quality video equipment and make our own movies of the real nasty stuff we discovered we liked doing together.

By the time we got home, though, we were both so beat that we just crashed in our own beds. By the time I woke up the next morning, dad was already at his garage working on more of those old sports cars he (and I) loved.