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I Came of Age at the Annex Adult Bookstore-Pt. II

We got back real late from our trip to deliver that old car to Dad's customer in Ohio. By then, we were both so beat that we just headed to our rooms and straight to bed. I woke up so late the next morning that Dad had already gone off to the garage to work. It was a hot, humid day and we didn't have much air conditioning in the old house. I was horny and smelled pretty bad; my armpits hadn't been washed for about four days now. I was getting ready to masturbate with my new dirty magazine (you know, the one with the hot French boy shitting and pissing) when the phone rang.

Fuck! Dad had called to say that I needed to be up and dressed `cause he noticed the air conditioner was busted and a repair guy was coming at any moment. Well this really put a damper on my horny free time. So instead I jumped into the shower and rinsed off a bit and washed my hair. I was careful not to use any soap so I could get my smell back quickly. The whole time I showered and dressed, my penis was pointing up and out and leaking semen onto the floor in the bathroom, hallway and my bedroom. It seemed a shame to put jeans on and cover up my big boy dick and extra large pubic patch. Oh well. Maybe the a/c guy would come and go soon and I'd have free time to mess around with my teen body later. Then again, maybe I should wait until Dad got home and we could go at it together again.

Well, the a/c guy showed up about an hour later and stayed pretty much all day. He was an older guy and had one dopey looking assistant with him. It took them forever to figure out what was wrong and the whole time I was just losing patience. Didn't they realize that fifteen year old boys need time alone to play with our penises and assholes? I guess not. Anyway, my day only went from bad to worse. The repair guys were still there, wrapping up, when Dad got home and announced that my aunt (his older sister) wanted us to come over for dinner. She was divorced and living alone so we'd have to hear her sob story for the next four hours at least. Well, at least she made lasagna (one of my favorites) so I pigged out. By the time Dad and I got home, we were both nearly asleep from all the food and the late hour so basically my whole day was shot to hell and I went to bed no longer all that horny. This wasn't good; Dad hadn't mentioned anything about seeing if he could get me into the Annex Adult Bookstore with him. He hadn't mentioned sex at all and yet that was the only thing on my mind since our trip and the discovery that we liked doing really dirty sex stuff together. I guess I had to learn some patience.

So the next day (Friday) started out about the same. I woke up hot and sweaty and my big boy penis was incredibly stiff. I just lay in bed for a while as I lightly ran my fingers in my growing armpit hairs and my crotch hair. A couple times I cut some pretty big farts and tried to smell them. I was totally horny by then. Again, my time to masturbate and explore that box of toys and dvds in the back of Dad's closet was interrupted by the phone. It was Dad again.

"Hey Jim, drop whatever you're doing. I'm headed home for lunch in a couple minutes," Dad said. It didn't look like I was going to get any relief just yet...

"Sure Dad. What do you want for lunch?"

"I was thinking we could go grab some pizza over at that new place on route 5. How's that sound?"

"Sounds good to me, Dad." It was good pizza so I guess that was an OK substitute for masturbating (not really).

"You ready to go now? It's almost eleven thirty," Dad asked.

"I still need to shower and dress."

"Hell, just throw some old jeans and a t-shirt on. I'll be there in five minutes, OK?"

I said OK and we hung up. I skipped underwear since it was hot and I wanted to see if Dad noticed my boner in my tight jeans. I put on an old white t-shirt that had a bit of an underarm smell and figured I was good to go when Dad picked me up in the old Jeep Cherokee.

On the way to the restaurant, Dad made small talk about a couple of old sports cars he was working on at the moment. One was a Jaguar that I really liked. It was older than Dad and I thought it was really cool.

So we're sitting in the restaurant out in the middle of nowhere waiting for our pizza when Dad gives me this funny grin and pulls two laminated cards out of his wallet. He was looking real sexy to me that day. His curly black hair was cut pretty short and he looked like he hadn't shaved today. While we were walking from the truck to the restaurant, I couldn't help but stare at the way my thirty-three year old dad filled out his jeans. There was a hole in the thigh area of his jeans and I could see the black curly leg hair he had. Now, sitting in the restaurant, as he reached across the table to hand me the cards, I could see some of his thick black armpit hair in the open, stretched sleeve of his navy blue t-shirt and my dick started to erect again.

"Check these out, Jimmy," Dad said as I took the cards from him. I looked down and saw that both of them said, in big block letters, `Annex Adult Movie Club.' Both cards had the same name, James de Natale. Except that the middle initials were different. Dad had gotten me a membership to the adult bookstore! I was blown away.

"Wow, Dad, you did it!" He just nodded and grinned even wider. "When can we go?"

Dad laughed and said in a near-whisper, "My boy's horny again already?"

"Already?" I exclaimed. "I've been so horny since we got back that I think I'm gonna go crazy."

"Yeah, I been sportin' a hard-on non-stop too." Then Dad looked at me and said, "I figured if you're ready, we can go over to the Annex as soon as we finish lunch. It's only about six or seven miles from here. What do ya think?"

"Yeah let's go right over. I'm ready now!" My heart was beating fast and now my hands were shaking as Dad took back his card and put it away while I put mine safely into my wallet.

Well, we wolfed down lunch real fast and both made an unspoken point of drinking a lot of water and stuff. Back in the Cherokee, as we drove to the Annex, Dad got real quiet and then said, "Jim, since this is your first time and you're only fifteen, if there's anything you get uncomfortable with, just say so. No sense in going too far too soon unless you really want to, OK?"

"Sure Dad, but I'm ready for anything," I said. Still, I was real nervous. I wondered if there'd be a lot of strangers and if I had the balls to really take off my clothes and go around naked in an adult bookstore. One thing I knew was my big boy dick was super hard. I guess everyone at the Annex might get to see a fifteen year old's hard penis today!

After about ten more minutes, I saw the old barn complex that was the Annex up ahead. My heart started thumping in my pants and suddenly I felt an urge to piss I was so nervous with anticipation. We pulled into the parking lot and Dad noted that there weren't too many cars there. He said it'd pick up when more guys left work.

We sat in the truck for a couple minutes when, voice cracking, I asked, "Are you going to take your pants off in there today?"

Dad looked at me with a kind of serious expression and said, "Yeah boy. Is that OK with you?"

"Sure. I want to do it too," I responded. "Besides, I want to look at your dick some more, OK?"

"No problem there. Our dicks are gonna spend a lot of time together from now on. Our assholes too. You up to showing your dad your big boy genitals?"

"Oh man, Dad, I wanna show you my dick and all my pubic hair. And I wanna get dirty again too."

"Then Jimmy, there's no need to be shy in the back of this place. Anything, and I mean anything goes." After a couple second's hesitation, Dad continued. "Trust me, there's no better feeling that bein' naked, sweatin' and erect around a bunch of other guys with nothing but dicks and assholes and other stuff on their minds."

I nodded my understanding and my dick flexed in my jeans. Dad saw that and smiled.

He said, "Here's the plan. You and I are gonna look around the store and see if there ain't anything we want to buy. Then we're gonna go in the back, get our clothes off and spend some time watchin' videos and seein' who's around today. Anytime you feel like playin' with anyone, you just go ahead. Me included. How's that sound?"

Fuck I was so horny! "Sounds real cool Dad. Let's go on in, OK?"

He smiled and we got out of the truck and I followed him through the front door. Inside the place was pretty well lit up and there were magazines and dvds everywhere. We didn't stop to look but instead went up to a counter in the back next to a turnstile and curtain. At the counter was this tall, lanky guy I figured must be in his late thirties. He was good-looking in a wiry farmer sort of way with short dark hair and eyes and a no nonsense expression on his face. He was wearing a tight dark green t-shirt and worn-out jeans.

Dad grinned at him and said, "Hey Ed. I want you to meet my son, Jim. He's ready to give his membership a first try today."

Ed (the owner of the Annex Adult Bookstore), looked at me and nodded almost imperceptibly. Then he said, in a clipped manner, "Good to have ya here boy. You treat yer dad right and he treats you to this ole place, huh?" Then he started to laugh a bit. I just smiled shyly.

"Well, Jim," Ed continued "You hafta promise me one thing."

"Anything sir."

"You old enough to make sperm yet?"

"He sure is, Ed," Dad answered for me. "His dick's over eight inches long and real hairy. You're gonna love it."

I blushed while Ed grinned and said, "In that case, boy, you promise me you're gonna leave a big load a' your ball juice back there?" I looked at the crotch of Ed's jeans and I could tell his dick was getting hard and stretching down his left thigh. It looked real long with a big head. For the first time, I also noticed that he was wearing button flys and a couple of the middle buttons were undone and some thick black pubic hairs were sticking out. I was totally boned up checking this dirty older guy out.

I said, "I promise to leave lots of my sperm back there."

Then Dad said, "And if I know my boy, he's gonna leave more `n that."

Ed looked at me, more serious now, and asked, "Are you as raunchy as your old man?"

Before I could answer, Dad said, "Let's put it this way. He's a huge fan of those two real special magazines you sold me. In fact, the last one was a present for him."

Ed looked at me and asked, "Is that right? You up to takin' a piss for an audience?"

"Sure," I nervously said. "I can do a lot more too, I think."

Then Dad looked at me and said, "Ed, I'm real proud of my boy. The other day, he even blew his nose all over his big teen boner for me. Fuck, you treat him nice and he might even puke on ya." I just smiled shyly remembering how Dad and I threw up all over our dicks while jacking off.

Ed laughed again and said, "In that case guys, you ain't gonna believe what a nasty magazine I've been hidin' under this counter just for extra special horndogs like you two."

My ears perked up immediately. "Can we see?"

"Sure boy," Ed answered. "But keep in mind these type of magazines are too special even for the dirty guys comin' into this place. If that door opens you hand `em back to me real fast, OK?"

Dad and I both nodded yes while Ed reached into a locked drawer under the counter and pulled the magazine out. It was titled, "Dirty Boy on the Farm." The cover alone was incredible. There was this tall-looking young athletic guy with slightly curly or wavy light brown hair and a baby face standing in a field with a background of trees. He was totally naked and had a big downward curved uncut boner. He was facing the camera with his legs spread. His body seemed totally hairless except for a large patch of light brown curly pubes above his dick. He was taking a piss onto the grass. Next to him was a big black stallion with a long dick also taking a huge horse piss. This was wild. Dad opened up the magazine and we looked at it on the counter. Inside, this tall sexy guy was playing with the horse's dick. That big black shaft must've been over two feet long and kind of different looking. Just thinking about this filthy and perverted act got me near to cumming in my pants.

Over the next couple of pages, this young and dirty guy was licking the stallion's penis and even his grapefruit size balls. I knew immediately that if I ever had a chance to do this, I would. Over the next couple of pages, the young tall athlete tried to get as much of the end of the horse's penis in his mouth before jacking the horse off. There were some awesome photos of the stallion ejaculating a huge watery load of sperm all over the young athlete's chest and crotch. Incredible as this was, it wasn't the end of the magazine. Next, there was the clean cut, young athlete still squatting next to the horse. Only this time he had his back to the camera and was taking a big, semi-soft dump in his left hand. Over the next few pictures, this college-age tall guy's shit really stacked up in his hand into an incredibly large mound.

I was so excited, I couldn't help myself and I blurted out loud in front of Dad and Ed, "That's even bigger than my best dumps."

"Well," Ed said, "One of these days, the three of us might just hafta have a shit contest to see if we can top that guy's dump size."

"Can we, Dad?" I asked. Dad nodded yes. "Cool, I'd really like to take a shit with you guys."

In the last couple of pages of the magazine, the tall college athlete was standing, legs spread and masturbating with his right hand while he held out is left hand so that the camera could get a good view of his giant pile of shit. He blew a big load right at the camera at the end.

Well there was no doubt about it. We bought the magazine! Ed wrapped it up and put it under the counter for when we were ready to take off. Then, Dad paid our entry fee into the back and we pushed through the turnstile, with me following right behind him.

Just beyond the turnstile was a dark area between two heavy old curtains. We pushed through the second curtain into a dark space with just a bit of light from a few dim bulbs overhead. I couldn't see much of anything as my eyes slowly adjusted. But to our left was the row of lockers that my dad had described and up ahead about ten feet was a wall with a bunch of dvd covers hanging on it. The first thing I noticed was how hot and humid it was back there and then the smell. The whole area smelled of cum and urine and armpit sweat. My dick was swelling in my jeans. Dad gestured for me to come stand by him in front of the lockers as he chose one for us to share. He grabbed the key sticking out of it and opened it.

In the meantime, I started to look around as my eyes adapted to the darkness. Ahead of me was the second row of booths leading back to the toilet I figured (based on Dad's description). I saw a couple of guys that looked, from where we stood, to be about mid to late thirties or so and pretty well built. One of them was wearing nothing but a jockstrap and work boots. He had a nice, lightly hairy body and a goatee and he was just standing about four feet in front of me next to an open booth door. Just beyond him was another guy with a round plain face and a big farmhand type build. He had short blonde hair and he wasn't wearing a shirt, only a pair of jeans. Suddenly, my dick stiffened into a super hard erection as I noticed that this beefy-looking blonde guy's dick was sticking out of his open fly. It looked, from where Dad and I stood, that his dick head was real big and half hard. I looked over at Dad, who'd noticed that I was checking out these two strangers. He'd already taken his shirt off so there I was looking at my dad's hairy chest and the thick black hair sticking out of his smelly underarms.

"Let's go, Jim. Get yer clothes off and into the locker like me," Dad said.

So I pulled my t-shirt off, knowing that these two guys were watching me and probably wondering just how young I was. Although I was nervous and my heart was still thumping hard in my chest, it felt great to take off my shirt and let my naked boy chest and my hairy armpits get exposed back there in the adult bookstore. As I put my shirt into the locker, Dad was pulling down his jeans, after having kicked off his shoes. He was just wearing an old pair of white briefs now and they looked pretty full up front. I pulled my shoes off too and started to unzip my jeans.

I got suddenly shy, remembering that I wasn't wearing any underwear so I stopped to watch my dad. He put his jeans in the locker and, turning to look at me, grabbed his underwear and pulled them down quickly. There was my dad's huge dick again. It was puffed up and sticking almost straight out as he started to erect. There was a huge bunch of foreskin hanging a good solid inch off the tip of it. I loved looking at my father's huge penis and that big, thick hairy bush above it. He stood there smiling at me as he slipped his shoes back on. His dick was continuing to slowly fill out and stand up too. It was so awesome to see my dad getting an erection in a public place and it gave me the nerve to pull down my pants. The guys down the corridor were watching too.

I pulled my jeans down and off. As I bent over to pull the legs off, my big boy penis stuck up into my belly. While bent over, I pulled my shoes on and then stood up to put my jeans in the locker. My erection stood up stiffly at about a sixty degree angle. It was straight as a ruler and more than eight inches long and thick. My sweaty pubic hair was exposed too and my crotch smell was pretty obvious. While I just stood there marveling at my nerve for getting naked with a boner in front of some strangers, Dad got some coins out of a machine on the wall next to the dvd covers.

Dad said, "Go pick out a booth and watch some of the videos and then we'll circle back and have some fun." He handed me a fistful of coins. We stood so close that our penises rubbed together a bit and I felt sweat trickle out of my teen armpits and down my sides.

"Ok," I said and Dad walked down the corridor where the two guys were hanging out. I decided I'd check out the other corridor and then circle around before picking out a booth to watch a sex movie.

So I backtracked and went down that first corridor, now that my eyes had adjusted to the dark. As I turned down it, one of the booth doors in the middle slid open and a tall, lanky young guy walked out. He was real good looking in a nerdy way. He had bushy dark brown hair and longish sideburns. Also, he was wearing glasses and he had a beard going but only on his chin and neck. His cheeks were pretty clean cut and he didn't have a mustache. The coolest thing was he wasn't wearing a shirt, just button fly jeans and they were totally unbuttoned. Even from where I was standing, about ten feet away, you could see his thick bush was exposed and it sure looked like he had a boner in his pants too.

This nerdy guy, who I figured was in his early twenties, was staring straight at me. Actually, he was looking straight at my tall erection sticking up in front of me. It felt so horny and weird to just walk down that corridor totally naked with my erection pointing up like that. As I walked by the guy, I could see how hairy his dick bush was from his open pants. He nodded at me and I smiled shyly. I wasn't sure what to do then so I just kind of stood next to an open video booth door for a couple moments while I scratched one of my underarms. The nerdy guy lifted up his arm and showed me his hairy armpit too. This was awesome. Here I was with a good-looking stranger and we didn't have to feel embarrassed to check out each other's bodies. It was totally different from the secrecy and frustration of the boy's locker room at school.

Well I knew that I was going to be having a lot of sex today, especially with my Dad, so I really wanted to check out the video. I smiled at that tall, thin nerdy guy and stepped into the video booth and slid the door shut (but I left about two inches open at the end). I put some coins into the dispenser and the TV screen lit up and started playing a movie already in progress. I flipped channels and they were all real interesting. There were only guys in them, just like my dad said. I settled on this one where a young guy was running a real big dildo in and all the way out of his big asshole. Every few strokes, he'd pull the dildo out of his rectum and pop it straight into his mouth and suck it a bit before sticking it back up inside his ass. That was really hot and something I'd definitely try since I already liked to lick my fingers while playing in my boy hole. While I sat there watching this movie, I caught some motion out of the corner of my eye and so I leaned forward and looked through the crack in the sliding booth door.

Across the corridor, the young nerdy guy had gone into another booth and was standing there with the door about three-fourths shut. He was watching me, staring straight at my erection while my eyes darted back and forth from the video screen to this guy in the other booth. He was running his right hand around in his exposed pubic bush and then raised it up, smelling his sweaty crotch. I played in my pubes for him too. It was fun showing off my how hairy I am down there for someone only fifteen years old. While this young stranger watched, I also played in my armpits and he lifted his arm and sniffed there too. My penis was near to bursting at this point when he pulled down his pants real quick and this long penis bounced up and out. His dick was circumcised and looked to be almost as long as mine, just a bit skinnier. It curved down and out from the base so it stuck straight out at me. He grabbed his dick and started to masturbate real fast. I was torn between jacking off with him and saving my load since I wanted to hang out in this place a lot longer. Plus I wanted to see what my dad was up to as well. So I just messed around a bit with my foreskin while I watched this tall geeky guy masturbate.

Way too soon, he shot a big load out onto the floor in the corridor. It spurted at least four or five feet out from his penis. I thought it was so amazing and raunchy to just casually watch a guy play with himself and have an orgasm just from staring at my naked boy dick.

When he was done unloading, he smiled at me and pulled his pants back up and tucked his still-hard dick back inside. He walked out of the booth and toward the lockers. I figured he was leaving then so I shut my door all the way so I could concentrate on the porn video. As I watched, I sat down on the wooden bench seat. It was real horny thinking how many other naked guys had sat on the same seat without, from the look of it, ever being cleaned. I even wondered if maybe this was the one where dad had seen that guy who graduated from my school, Caleb, take a big shit. Thinking about Caleb, and maybe other guys, crapping in the booth got me so horny that I decided to cut a fart in there so I could smell my gas in the hot, closed video booth.

While sitting in that booth, I heard the turnstile go a couple times and then heard some movement in the corridors. So I decided that I'd watch just a bit more of the porn and then go exploring to see if more guys had entered this back area of the Annex. In truth, I was getting up my nerve to go wander around back there naked and erect since I was still feeling a little bit shy and overwhelmed by the adult sexiness of this place. I guess I started to feel like I was only fifteen still and maybe too young for all this. But there was another part of me that felt that this was so right and totally normal for a horny teen boy to be able to get naked and erect in public with other guys that wanted to do the same thing.

So I slowly slid the booth door open and quietly walked out, my erect penis leading the way. Strangely enough, there was no one out there in the corridor but I knew there were some guys back there because I could hear videos playing in several booths. I walked back toward the lockers and turned the corner to walk down the other corridor. This too was empty so I kept walking down to the end. Most of the booth doors were shut so I knew that there were guys in there and I was getting more curious and brave and wanted to really see what they were up to.

I stood at the end of the corridor and was thinking of going to check out the toilet when I heard one of the booth doors in the middle slide open. A tall, thin and totally naked guy walked out. I knew him! It was Caleb, the guy who captained our baseball team and who graduated a year ago. I think he recognized me as he walked my way toward the toilet. His dick was as amazing as dad said. It was at least ten inches long and thick as a soda can. It stuck out straight as a ruler in front of him perpendicular to the floor. Caleb's chest was covered with short medium brown hairs around his pecs and he had a trail of hair down his middle to a big bush over his dick. He had real fat balls that were drawn up pretty tight. He had a trim, thin beard thing going which was new (we didn't allow facial hair at my school) but it was definitely him.

Caleb nodded to me in some sort of recognition as he walked toward me and as he got closer he looked down and checked out my erection standing up from my hairy boy crotch. He walked past me and I turned to follow him into the toilet.

This room was a decent size rectangle with a long urinal trough on the left as you walked in and a pedestal sink and mirror dead ahead. There were two stalls on the right. Caleb was standing and looking into the mirror with his back to me. I just stood at the entrance to the toilet and admired his body from behind. He had real broad and muscular shoulders and a long `V-shaped' torso. His ass was small and lightly hairy, especially toward the crack.

Well as I stood there staring, Caleb turned around and leaned back on the sink pedestal. He was so tall that he could lean back with his ass above the sink still. I figured that Caleb must've been about 6'2" tall. As I stood there facing him, a buzz went through my crotch. This was like a constant high school fantasy come true. I'd seen Caleb naked in the locker room but didn't dare get a real good look at him and even when I did steal a glimpse, his dick was soft. But now, here was THE stud of high school standing here, horny and erect and checking out my obscenely displayed hairy dick.

As I was reveling in this, Caleb started to talk in a low voice. "Weren't you a freshman when I was a senior?"

"Yeah, you remember me?" My voice cracked as I answered.

"Sure. How'd you get in here? You're too young right?"

"My dad got me in."

"Wow. Cool dad. I've seen him here you know."

"Yeah, he told me stories about all the stuff goin' on here so I begged him to get me in to check it out."

"Hey, you mind if I take a piss while we hang out in here?"

"Is it OK if I watch?" He nodded yes. Fuck! Caleb was going to piss in front of me.

His long, straight boner jumped a couple times as we both stared at it. Suddenly, his piss hole opened and he started to urinate. The stream coming out of his dick was amazing. It was powerful and shot out about eight feet, landing just in front of me. Some of it splattered on my shoes and on my naked calves.

Caleb then grabbed his dick and pulled it to the right so that his big long piss stream arced up and shot over into the urinal trough. If anything, his piss picked up more power and distance when he touched his penis. I walked into the room and now stood only about four feet in front of Caleb.

"Aim it back this way," I quietly said. Caleb smirked and pulled his dick back straight in front of him and began to piss all over my erection. It felt so hot and sexy to get his super-warm urine splattering all over my crotch while we both watched him piss so hard. I didn't think I'd ever get enough of Caleb's piss. However, I guess he wanted some of it too because he pulled his dick straight up and aimed it at his chest and face! Caleb was pissing all over himself now, even into his open mouth. As his stream subsided, he aimed his boner back at me and let go with the last powerful spurts onto my chest and penis. I had thrust my crotch out at him, hoping to catch as much of his urine on it as he had left.

After Caleb finished urinating, we both just stood there silently admiring his handiwork. There were huge drops of urine glistening in my pubic hair and my erection was all shiny with piss too. Caleb had long thin trails of his piss running down his hairy torso and into his own wet pubes. Our hairy legs were equally wet. We both just stared at each other.

Suddenly, I felt a real strong urge to piss. Plus, I wanted to get a closer look at that urinal trough that Dad said we could climb up into and let strangers go to the bathroom on us. So I walked over to it and spread my legs wide, planning on letting go with a big no-hands piss.

Before I could start, though, Caleb walked up behind me and slipped his long, urine-soaked erection under my balls and said, "Let's go into a booth. You can take a leak in there too, you know."

This sounded cool so I whispered "OK" and we walked out of the toilet, Caleb leading the way. As I followed him, I rubbed my hand in my pubic hair and brought it up to my nose so I could smell my crotch odor mixed with Caleb's urine. We entered the first booth outside of the toilet and Caleb slid the door shut while I just stood there dumbfounded at what we were about to do. I couldn't believe that just a short time ago, I was just another horny, lonely teen boy secretly checking out my dad's porn and now I was about to take a leak on the hottest guy from my high school.

Well as I watched, Caleb sat down on the wooden bench and then lifted his feet up and put them on the bench too. Oh man, his asshole was as huge as dad had said. It was a big, round mound that stuck out a good inch or so from his lightly hairy ass cheeks. He saw me staring at his big asshole and so he flexed it in and out.

"You like looking at my big shitter?" Caleb asked.

"Yeah, it's even bigger than my dad's asshole." He grunted slightly and then pushed it out even more. It formed a big `O' shape and I could see the red insides of his rectum peaking through. Caleb grabbed his dick and started rubbing up and down, openly masturbating in front of me. Back at school, we were all so uptight, none of my classmates would've dared to even admit he played with himself, let alone do it in front of each other.

But here was someone I recognized from school rubbing all over his big penis and pushing out on his asshole so that it stuck out obscenely toward me. "Go ahead and take a leak on me," Caleb said, snapping me out of my spaced-out astonishment. "Piss on my fat shit lips."

Well, with my erection pointing up in the air, I spread my legs as wide as I could in the cramped booth and squatted down so that my penis was aimed at Caleb's crotch. I grabbed my knees and thrust forward as I felt my piss working its way down.

Caleb was staring, mesmerized, at my penis. "You got a nice foreskin like your dad," he said quietly. "I can smell it, too." All of a sudden, he stopped talking as my barely exposed piss hole opened up and I began to piss hard right into Caleb's lap.

My urine shot out forcefully, splattering off of his huge dick. We could hear the heavy volume of piss pouring off of his genitals and onto the wooden floor of the booth. Anyone standing outside would've known for sure that someone was going to the bathroom big time in here from the sound my piss was making.

I rocked gently up and down on the balls of my feet, guiding my piss stream up and down Caleb's erection. I squatted further down and started to urinate on his big asshole next. Caleb groaned slightly and said, "Piss as hard as you can on my asshole."

So I grunted and bore down on my muscles down there and my piss stream gathered more force and splattered onto his well-extended ass lips real hard. At the same time, I accidentally cut a fart. Caleb briefly looked in my eyes when he heard my fart and said, "Check out my asshole." With that, he grunted and his big hole opened up and he cut a monster fart. I could see his shit lips moving and vibrating as his fart kept going. Now, I could see a whole lot of his bright red insides sticking out of his asshole while he farted.

The smell of our gas was awesome. It really added to the other smells in the video booth, especially the scent of my unwashed armpits and Caleb's sweaty crotch. I sniffed the foul air as I kept pissing on Caleb. Eventually, though, I ran out of urine and so I just squatted there with my erection standing rigid in front of me as I watched him move his hand down to his asshole and massage my piss all over his swollen, distended pucker.

"Can I feel your asshole," I nervously asked.

"Sure, want me to fart again while you play with it?" Caleb asked with a real serious expression on his face.

"Yeah, do it again." I reached out with my right hand and touched his ass lips. They were real big and rubbery. I made my index and middle finger into a `V' sign and pushed on each side of his hole to make it stick out even further. I stared straight at his giant asshole and could even see his sticky red insides even more. Then I massaged my fingers all over his wet ass lips for a couple minutes. Then, Caleb grabbed my wrist and pressed my hand to his shit hole as he pushed out again and farted real loud onto my hand. It felt so sexy and raunchy to feel the gas blowing out of his giant asshole. I couldn't wait to tell Dad that I got to feel, as well as smell, Caleb's farts.

So Caleb let go of my wrist and I quickly pulled my hand up to my nose so I could really smell his ass odor and his fart. I was so turned on that my heart was again beating a mile a minute and I was shivering all over. The way I was squatting was getting uncomfortable so I stood up. With that, Caleb pulled my erection to him and stuck it in his mouth and started giving me only the second blow job I'd ever had (the first being my dad only a few days ago). This was great; the baseball stud that we all looked up to had my smelly big boy penis in his mouth and was running his tongue all over it. I started to feel real uninhibited so I pushed out with my asshole and cut another loud fart. When I did, I could feel my erection release a little more urine into Caleb's mouth. He didn't flinch; in fact, he swallowed my piss right away while I reached down and grabbed his giant baseball bat-like boner. It felt awesome to touch his giant dick.

With my free hand, I reached down and started to fondle the hair in his right armpit. He seemed to really like that since he pulled his arm out a bit so I could get even better access to his hairy underarm. After a few minutes, Caleb released my teen erection and looked up at me. "I want you to shove that fat dick up my shitter, OK?"

"OK," I said, somewhat hesitantly. I'd never fucked someone and wasn't confident I could do it right and Caleb clearly had a lot more sex experience than me. Still, the idea was awesome so I squatted down real low and looked straight at his expanded asshole.

"Can I lick it first? I really want to taste your hole, especially since it's so big." I begged.

"Sure, put your mouth on it and suck hard while you stick your tongue inside. I really like that," Caleb responded. So I opened my mouth and surrounded his distended shit lips. I sucked on them while I stuck my tongue inside him. He tasted sweaty, pissy and slightly bitter like the taste of my turds. After a few minutes of that, though, Caleb pulled my head off his asshole and said it was time to push my dick inside him.

I was definitely ready to fuck his giant asshole. My dick was all sticky with his spit and my semen and his hole was lubed up with my spit. So I lined my penis up to his asshole. He grabbed it and swirled my exposed tip around his shit lips as he pushed out again. Then, he held my penis steady to his hole and pulled me forward as my dick went inside a couple inches. I started to push forward but Caleb pushed his hand against my pubes and stopped me. I thought I'd done something wrong.

Caleb looked up at me and said, "I'm real full in there and your dick is huge. You mind if I make some room?"

I was pretty sure what he meant by that so I enthusiastically said, "Yeah, do it while I watch, OK?"

He nodded and I pulled my dick out. Then, I squatted down so my face was up close to his large asshole and got ready for what I sensed he was about to do. Caleb raised his asshole up a bit from the bench while holding and lightly fondling his erection. Then, he pushed down again on his anus and it expanded some more. He kept pushing when, all of a sudden, it opened up and I saw the tip of a large brown turd peek out. This was amazing and more than I'd hoped for. He was taking a shit for me and I was so turned on that I didn't dare touch my penis or I'd shoot off for sure.

Caleb relaxed and, as I watched, his asshole opened even more and his dump started to literally pour out onto the bench. It was a huge, real smelly pile. His asshole was now so stretched and big that I thought I could put my whole hand in there if I tried. Instead, though, I watched him take a crap onto the bench. For about two minutes he kept pushing until there was a real big mound of smelly dark brown shit stacked up on the bench at least six or seven inches high.

His asshole hovered just above his smelly dump when he said, "OK, shove that big boner back inside." So I did and it felt awesome. His insides were real warm and soft and I knew that my dick was sliding up there aided by the residual shit lining his huge rectum. As I fucked him, I couldn't help but run my fingers over the surface of his pile of shit. My other hand, of course, was wrapped around Caleb's super long dick.

"Yeah," he said, "go ahead and play with my dump. I know you're touching it."

Well even though I was embarrassed that he knew how filthy I am, I just kept running my hand all over his shit pile before I pulled it up to my face to smell his shit up close.

As I was fucking him and smelling his dump, we heard the booth door slide open real slowly. I panicked, considering what I was doing, but Caleb hardly batted an eye. It turned out I didn't need to freak out at all; standing in the doorway was my naked, hairy young father. His penis was sticking up and looked all shiny and sticky; I figured he'd been fucking someone too.

Dad looked at us and said to Caleb, "Mind if I sit on your dick while my boy fucks you?"

Caleb just nodded yes. He looked amazed at the raunchy incest he was about to take part in. Well, Dad entered the video booth and I slid the door shut behind him. He faced me and pulled his left leg up and over Caleb and me so he was now straddling our crotches and facing me with his upward curved erection in my face. He got ready to squat down onto Caleb's penis.

Caleb looked at me from the side of Dad's naked, hairy torso and said, "You think your Dad has enough room inside or does he have to make some like I did?"

Dad and I both knew what Caleb was asking since we could both look down onto the bench and see the big dump that my balls kept smacking into as I fucked him. Dad just winked at me and grunted. I reached down and touched my dad's flared out asshole as he started to take a big crap onto Caleb's dick and pubic hair. I managed to get some of dad's dump into my hand and held it up to my nose so I could smell the shit hot out of my dad's asshole. Dad let out a monster pile that draped all over Caleb's giant genitals.

With that dirty performance, my dad sat down hard on Caleb's giant erection. I brought my shit-filled hand down and rubbed it all over dad's penis until it was fully coated with his own dump. The smell in the booth was now amazing since everyone but I had crapped in there.

So I kept fucking Caleb while Dad bounced up and down on his huge cock. Then, Dad lifted up my arm and leaned forward a bit and started licking my right armpit. This felt so hot, feeling my dad's tongue running around in the sweaty hairs there. Once dad was done licking my pit he sat back up and looked at me as I sniffed my shit-stained fingers real hard. As my dad watched, I started to pick my nose with my shitty fingers. This felt so good, feeling my dick slide in and out of Caleb's loose and slippery asshole as my dad watched me dig around in my nose with one hand while playing now with his dick with my other hand. As I watched, my sexy and hairy young father started to pick his nose too. He pulled his finger out and showed me a real big chunk of snot. I grabbed it onto the tip of my right index finger and then shoved that finger and dad's snot up my own asshole.

At about the same time, I pulled my other fingers out of my nostrils and started to gather up more of Caleb's dump from the bench. I started to smear it all over dad's erection. Pretty soon, Dad decided to change things around a bit. He gave us each some instructions as he lifted up off of Caleb's erection. Then I pulled out of Caleb's super loose asshole and watched as first Caleb put his feet back down on the floor and Dad turned around and sat onto Caleb's cock again. Then, Dad grabbed my dick and pulled it up against the part of Caleb's penis that was sticking out of his hole. I pushed forward and my Dad's asshole was so huge and loose that suddenly both our dicks were in there. It was amazing to feel my penis rub up against Caleb's from inside my Dad's loose rectum. Plus, every time Dad sat down hard on Caleb's crotch, some of his pile of shit squeezed out from Caleb's crotch and onto my balls and cupped hand. Caleb was sitting right in his dump too.

So as Caleb and I fucked my Dad together, we all got closer and closer to ejaculating. I whispered that I wanted to watch Caleb shoot sperm so Dad lifted up off both of us and told me to get down in front of Caleb's shit-smeared penis and watch as he jacked himself off. By now, I was totally blown away by the view in front of me as I knelt on the floor. Caleb's ten-plus inch dick towered before me and just above it was my dad's loose shit hole. His ass lips just hung there open and smeared with his and Caleb's shit. As Caleb masturbated he pointed his penis at my mouth and I started to lick his shit-covered head. At the same time, the booth door slid open and there was the owner, Ed. He stood there with his t-shirt off showing a wiry, somewhat hairy chest and, at the same time, he had a long, downward curved erection sticking out of his open fly. His dick was at least nine inches long it seemed and he was uncut. He was holding his dick around mid shaft and every time he pulled down on it, his foreskin covered the end.

I was having such a huge sex-sensation overload I didn't know what to do. Then, I heard Caleb start to pant real hard and I looked down as he began to ejaculate. He shot huge gobs of sperm all over my chest, face and down into my crotch. It was amazing to watch this nineteen year old baseball stud unload his baseball bat dick all over me. Then, dad said he wanted to fuck Caleb and, looking back at me, suggested I should show Ed some appreciation for the dirty magazine that he found for us. I nodded yes, figuring that it'd be fun to play with another uncut penis.

Well, Ed pulled me up and led my past a bunch more guys hanging out in the corridor in various states of nakedness. We walked, him leading the way with his shirtless body and long penis leading the way. I followed with my shit and cum smeared fifteen year old body following. My giant boy boner was looking dirty and smelly as it pointed up from my wet and shitty pubes.

Ed led me into the toilet and from there into the last stall. He shut the door and pulled down his jeans and, once they were off, slung them over the stall door. Now he was as naked as I was. Then, he sat on the toilet while I stood there gently masturbating. I was nervous but curious what this wiry, sexy late thirties guy wanted me to do.

"Your dad says you are up to anything nasty," Ed said as he played with his long, thin dick.

"Yeah, so far we haven't done anything I wouldn't do some more."

"Looks like ya got some shit in your nose."

I blushed but answered truthfully. "I was picking my nose after touching their turds."

"You like pickin' your nose?"

"I do. Especially while I play with myself with my other hand."

"Let me watch ya do it."

I stuck my right index finger in my nostril and dug around. As I did that, Ed played with his big cock some more. I felt some snot in me and so I pulled my finger out and showed him. There was a big glob of wet snot on my fingertip. I wiped it on my penis next to my pouting big piss hole.

Ed brought his finger to my snot-coated penis and wiped the snot off. He put it on his own dick as I watched. I was so close to ejaculating that all my leg muscles stiffened up.

Then, Ed said, "Time to go all the way, Jimmy."

"What do you mean?" I had no idea.

"Start jacking that boy dick and lean over my crotch."

I did as he said. It felt great to masturbate in earnest while leaning so close to his crotch that I could smell his sweat and dirty foreskin. I ran my free hand in his thick pubes.

"Open your mouth," Ed asked. I opened wide.

He kept jacking off with his right hand as he put all four fingers of his left hand in my mouth.

"Hold still. Your dad said you had a big lunch. Now I want it on my crotch." Fuck, I knew what he wanted and I was so turned on and feeling so nasty, I was ready.

I nodded yes and belched real loud for him as a signal (I sure couldn't talk with four of his big fingers in my mouth).

He shoved those fingers back into my throat and I started to gag. I gagged and coughed a couple times when the stall door opened and I saw my dad standing there. Ed stopped gagging me for a second as we both looked up at my young hairy father.

He stood there, erect, with shit smeared all over his face. Dad looked down at us and opened his mouth. It was full of shit.

I asked him, "Is that your dump or Caleb's?"

"Both," he mumbled with his mouth full. Then he brought his hand down to my asshole and played with it. I bore down as Ed stuck his fingers back in my mouth. Ed pushed real hard and this time I gagged even harder. Suddenly, my stomach heaved and I threw up onto his crotch and all over his hand. Then, he shoved his fingers in again and I suddenly let go and puked a couple gallons all over his crotch, penis, his legs and the floor. As I did so, a tingling feeling went through my erection and at the same time, I lost control of my bowels and I shit a huge mound of thick, smelly crap all over my dad's hand and onto the stall floor.

Dad picked up my shit and while Ed and I jacked real hard we watched dad stuff my dump into his mouth. I could see Caleb watching from over dad's shoulder as I stood there with vomit all over my chin and all over Ed. Dad sucked on the shit for a minute or two and then shoved his hand down his throat. As Ed and I masturbated, my dirty young Dad heaved and his dick started to ejaculate even though he wasn't even touching it. Then, he vomited all over Ed and me, especially our penises. Both of us shot off at about the same time as shit and pizza and stomach juice poured out of my dad and onto our dicks.

As Ed and I came down from our awesome orgasms, Dad and Caleb pissed real hard on both of us, washing at least some of our puke off us. It felt awesome to have two guys taking a leak on me at the same time.

Well you can imagine that it took a few minutes to clean up after that! But finally we did. My dad spent a lot of time wiping me off all over with wet paper towels as if I was still a little boy.

Finally, we got dressed and went out front. We picked up our magazine (which I'd almost forgotten) and drove home. The whole way home, I checked out those pictures of the dirty young athlete sucking the horse's dick and then shitting. I told dad that I'd do that if he would and he said he'd think of a way to put my money where my mouth was.

We made plans to head back to the annex in a couple days.