This is a fictional story involving adult/youth sexual relationships, watersports, and scat. If this type of material offends you, or if you are not of legal age, please do not read any further. This material is intended for mature adult audiences. Names, characters, locations and incidents are either the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously.

Any resemblance to actual events or locales, or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Chuck sat on the bed his back against the head board. Now the head coach for his high school football team, and at 25, his years of sports and gym training left him with a hard hairy muscular body. At 6 feet his shoulders were broad and hard as steel. Big guns and thick muscled forearms. Hard chiseled pecs. Sexy cut abs with a dark trail of black fur leading all the way to his dense pubic bush. Chuck liked the way he looked with a slight 5 o'clock shadow so he managed to always keep that sexy appearance. It worked well on his handsome face with his high cheek bones and sharp square jaw. Chuck was one sexy man and he knew it. As he spread his muscular legs wide his thick uncut cocks stood hard and arched out over his big shaved nut sac. Proud of his beautiful manhood, he looked and smiled at Chris, his star quarterback, naked and laying on his stomach his handsome young face just inches from Chuck's wide throbbing prick. At 17, Chris was not only a perfect specimen of a young masculine man he worshipped Chuck for his football skills as well as his hard sensual body. At 6ft, 2 and 195lbs. Chris had worked hard at the gym himself and had developed a chiseled, smooth rock hard body. Chuck thought about Chris and his big sexy cock and balls almost constantly since he first got that hot teen dick in his mouth a few months ago. He would create ways to position himself by the showers so he could watch Chris after practice. His cock grew hard seeing the water rush over Chris's hard tanned pecs and big manly half dollar nipples and down over his big young cock

Chuck remembered meeting Chris for the first time last year for sign-ups. He was wearing a tight grey T shirt stretched across his broad chest and shoulders with those ever hard nipples clearly visible. Matched with his perfect smile, ruggedly handsome face and the tasseled sun streaked hair, Chuck knew he would one day have this beautiful young stud all to himself, naked, sweaty with lust and craving Chuck's hot eager cock.

"You want my thick cock buddy" Chuck urged, his fat hooded dick now leaking pre cum was close enough for Chris to smell the sweaty jock odor that was driving him crazy with lust. "Oh yeah, man I want to suck that cock" mmmmm Chris whispered in a low groaning voice. He jacked his own fat fuck pole as he pushed his mouth closer to Chuck's swollen wet cock head. Chris was always horny but today Chuck had made him sit naked in a chair while he stripped off his sweaty gym clothes in front of him. He put the sweat and piss ripened jock under Chris's nose so he could inhale the ripe manly scent and watched as Chris's cock grew to its full 8 uncut inches jutting from his thick blonde cock bush. Chuck loved getting raunchy with his hot eager boy and he had taught Chris how to satisfy his need for wet stinking dirty hot man sex. None of Chris's friends and certainly not his girlfriend would have ever have imagined it, but after the teams 3rd winning game Chuck had quietly invited Chris to his house for a celebration beer or two. Two hours later Chris was naked on all fours his thick cock dripping streams of pre cum as he gulped piss like a wild man from his coach's fat prick. Chuck knew he had found a hot eager insatiable fuck toy after that night. Now he was determined to get his hunky boy so cranked that he would do anything he instructed him to do. Chuck was well on his way as he bent over and pulled his hard muscular ass check apart right at face level for Chris to get a close look at the ripe sweaty hairy ass cunt. "You want it baby"? Chuck teased as he pushed out on his hairy ass lips. "Oh yes sir" Chris cooed as his mouth watered and pre jizz oozed from his hard fat teen cock. "How bad baby, tell me what you want" "Oh God man, I wanna suck your hole so bad." Let me lick that hot man pussy, yeah, let me taste that hot shit hole, Pleeeease man I gotta smell it, eat it, lick it" "That's right buddy,yeah you need my hot ass and cock don't you"? "Oh yes sir" Chris moaned. His own desire now peaking Chuck dropped to his knees and bent over exposing his hairy jock cunt, he pushed his hard cock straight down and back so Chris had full view of his ass hole, cock and balls. Chuck reached back and slid his thick middle finger into his hole all the way, arching his back and moaning as he pushed it in and out of his wet shit chute. Chris was now jacking his throbbing prick hard. His ridged cock was covered in pre cum and he thought he would explode any second. His hard muscular legs stretched out in front of him, Chris slipped his left finger under his hefty balls and probed his hairy boy hole. Shoving it deep Chris moaned out loud as he began fucking his hot jock cunt.

Beads of sweat began to form on Chris's face and chest as he forced the fat digit as deep as he could into his eager hole. Pulling his legs up against his chest, his ass was now on the edge of the chair as he worked 2 then3 fingers into his willing pussy. He jacked and fucked himself wildly while watching his fuck stud coach doing the same on all fours right in front of him. Both men were getting to the point of no return when Chuck turned around and scooted up to Chris's ass. Sniffing Chris's hole, he licked up and down the hot teen's fingers as they slipped in and out of the horny jocks boy cunt. Chuck reached down and slid 3 fingers into his own hole forcing them deep into his hungry ass. His long fat fingers sunk to the hilt causing him to shudder with lust. Chuck was the top stud in his fuck sessions with Chris, but he loved the feeling of his shit hole getting stretched and wanted Chris to fuck him until he filled his hole with hot boy cum. But that would happen later. "You love watching me fuck my hairy ass don't you boy"? Chris just moaned as he continued to stroke his big prick watching Chuck's hot fuck action. Slowly he pulled his fingers from his man hole and held them up close enough for Chris to smell. They were wet and slick with ass slime. "You want that baby" he sighed, just loud enough for Chris to hear. Chris's nostrils flared and he though he would shoot his load but he managed to hold back as Chuck closed his eyes and began eagerly slurping his shit streaked fingers deep into his mouth. Chuck loved the smell and taste of his shit, sharing this intensely erotic pleasure with such a hot young man was just what he had dreamed it would be. Chris fucked his own hole even harder at the sight of this and managed to shove 4 fingers into his tight hairy cunt. Chris had reached a place he had never been before in this sexual frenzy. His head was swimming with lust and his heart was pounding. He jacked his cock with a steady rhythm and was lost in the feeling of his hot ass hole being so stretched and full. The room smelled of man sex as Chuck stood and bent down to kiss his hot teen fuck. Chris sucked Chuck's ass flavored tongue deep into his mouth with out stopping his jacking and fucking. He moaned deep and hard as Chuck forced his dirty tongue in his hungry mouth. Locked together they sucked and swapped the hot ass spit back and forth until Chuck pulled away slowly and a thick rope of spit hung from his mouth. Chris lifted his mouth up and suck it all back swallowing greedily.

"Oh yeah" he moaned as he licked his full pouty lips. "You like that baby" Chuck whispered into his ear. "Oh yeah man, yeah," Chris moaned softly his eyes half open as shit spit dripped down his chin onto his hard sweaty chest. He pulled his fingers from his ass and placing them on each firm cheek he begged Chuck to lick his hole." Suck my hole" "Shove that tongue deep in my pussy" "Yeah, lick out my shit hole man" "Mmmmm oh please Chuck eat my ass, oh yeeeaahhhh!" Chuck needed no more enticing as he dropped down and put his mouth completely over the teens eager shit hole shoving his hard tongue as far up the wet sucking cunt as he could. Pushing his ass cheeks wide Chuck stiffened his long tongue and began literally fucking the jock's hole with it. The smell of spit, sweat, and boy shit from the hot lubed hole was driving Chuck wild with lust as he sucked and jammed his tongue deeper with each thrust. Chris started to moan loudly as he jacked with long slow strokes. The head of his cock grew fat shiny and purple as Chuck pushed harder on the young studs ass. Chris was almost double over in the chair as chuck continued to suck and drive his tongue into the boy's gaping shit trench. His swollen cock head was now only inches from his face as the pre jizz flowed freely from his big piss slit. Chris had never in his life been so turned on and now his own fat cock was close enough he knew he could suck it!! "Oh God..Fuck yesssss" he hissed as he lifted his mouth and closed it over his oozing dick head. He savored the taste of his cock jizz and sucked hard on his fat knob as Chuck ,now standing and jacking his ridged fuck stick sucked like a starving man on his wet ass lips. Sensing his own orgasm chuck reluctantly pulled his mouth from Chris's hole and grabbed him up to a standing position. They kissed long hard and passionately as their hard cocks both dripped streams of cock snot all the way to the floor.

Chuck sat down on the bed and Chris followed crawling up between his legs. Chuck couldn't believe how lucky he was to have such a beautiful hung young stud lying in front of him. Begging for his cock and anything else he wanted. As Chris inched closer to the thick dick, he begged for Chuck to piss in his mouth. "I want your piss man...gimme your hot piss" Chris grabbed the hard cock mid way and squeezed making Chuck's big mushroom head swell and forcing the fore skin back exposing his big piss slit. Chris stuck out his tongue and looked up at Chuck waiting for his hot strong piss. He was rewarded quickly with a long thick stream of strong yellow piss. He swallowed the man juice and kept his eyes fixed on Chuck as he let the sexy coach fill his mouth. "Oh yeah baby, you look so hot drinkin my piss" the older stud whispered as Chris began gulping, his mouth quickly filled with the warm piss shooting from the stiff cock. Chris had a firm hold on his fuck buddy's fat cock and pointed it directly into his open mouth. Piss began to foam up in the boys mouth as Chuck's stream grew in force. Chris gulped and started soaking his hair aiming the pissing cock all over his face and head. "Oh fuck yeah coach piss all over my face man, fuck I love the smell of your cock piss" Chris was getting a raging sex buzz from the strong man juice Chuck's prick was providing. Chris got to his knees, Chuck watched, his mouth watered as his piss ran down the young man's hard body soaking his thick blond bush and cock. Running his hands over his body and stroking his thick pole, Chris looked at Chuck and begged him to piss on his cock. " Piss on my cock fucker..Oh fuck yeah!!! I love your raunchy piss man ..Keep pissing all over me. Chris was in a sex crazed frenzy and Chuck wanted to see how fucking dirty he could get. Chuck lunged forward and sucked the fat wet teen cock deep in is throat. Grabbing his thick muscular thighs Chuck pulled hard and buried Chris's dick to the hilt in his mouth. His own piss slowed and trickled to a stop. He looked up at Chris and moaned...Chris knew what he wanted as he relaxed and let his piss loose in Chuck's sucking mouth. "Come on fucker", Chuck growled as he pulled the fat raw jock cock out so just the swollen head was in his mouth. "Piss you hot bastard...Fucking shoot your piss in my mouth" Chuck gripped the rock hard cock with one hand and jerked furiously on his big boner with the other as Chris unleashed his torrent of stud piss all over Chuck's face chest and mouth. "Yeah Baby Yeah give it to me"!!! Chris pushed his cock forward and rested his hands on his hips as his piss gushed all over the mans face. Chuck opened his mouth and keeping the plump young prick 5 or 6 inches back, watched as the stream filled his raunchy eager mouth. "You love my piss coach?" "Oh fuck yeah" the man he swallowed the still pissing cock, teen piss shot straight down the back of his throat. Chuck gulped and managed to drink every drop of the boys sweet nectar. Chris's prick was still rock hard as Chuck pulled it from his mouth. His thick spit dripped from the head. Chris bent down and the two kissed deep and long, swapping their piss and running their hand over each others hard piss drenched bodies. "Fuck me coach" Chris whispered "Stick that fat cock in my shit hole man" "You wanna get that jock cunt filled with cock boy?" Chuck hissed back "Fuck yeah" Chris said as he fell back in the bed and pulled his hairy muscular legs to his chest showing off his hairy teen jock hole. Chuck got into a 69 position over his young fuck and shoved his long fat cock straight into Chris's waiting mouth as he locked his lips over the stud boy's pink hairy shitter. Chuck moaned loudly as he sucked on Chris's ass lips and Chris sucked Chuck's dick slurping the ridged fuck pole deeper and deeper in his mouth. Chuck sucked and licked like a wild man on the slick wet shit hole and it was driving Chris crazy with lust. "Yeah fucker ...suck my hole man!!!... come on man eat my ass!!! Chris boomed . Chris's dirty sex commands drove Chuck's tongue deeper into the willing hungry jock's fuck hole. The smell of his open cunt filled his nostrils as he sucked harder on the teens sexy ass lips. "Push that pussy out baby" Chuck ordered. "Ummmm yeah.. sweet dirty boy cunt, I can smell that hot raunchy jock stink" Chris reached down and grabbed his hard hairy cheeks and pulled them open wider giving Chuck as much access to his shit hole as possible. He was in heaven as the coach slurped on his gaping hole and Chris wanted his hero to fuck him. "Oh yeah coach..fuck me ..I wanna feel your fat cock in my wet stinking cunt...mmmmm...slid that fucker in my hole man...yeah, stretch my shit hole, come on fuck your boy cunt"!!

Hearing Chris beg for cock assured Chuck that his young stud was ready for his nasty fuck game. Chuck pulled his mouth off the boy's ass hole and scooted around getting into fucking position on his knees. Chuck's cock was wet with spit and oozing cock snot as he leaned forward putting his mouth inches from Chris's. "Taste your dirty ass boy" Chris grabbed the coach's head and pulled their mouth's together. "Oh God yes"...the hunky boy moaned as he kissed and sucked the older man's tongue. They sucked and swapped the hot piss and ass slime back and forth. The smell and taste of piss, sweat, cock snot and boy shit filled their mouths as they sucked hungrily on each other. "You want it boy" Chuck teased. "Oh fuck yes you hot bastard!!!...shove it in me now man!!!" Chuck had succeeded in getting the ripe stud into a sex high where he would do what ever he wanted. He leaned back and watched as the hunky athlete jacked his big boy cock furiously while his other hand played with his now relaxed and dripping jock cunt. Chris jammed four fingers in his wet hole pumping in and out moaning loudly he pulled them from his ass he sucked his butt raunch like a wild man! "Come on coach, fuck me pleeeease..Let me suck that shit cunt jizz off your cock!!! "Stick it in me...make me suck it" Chris reached down and pulled his wet boy pussy open and pushed down hard forcing his ass lips out. "Harder boy" Chuck snapped. Brown spit dripped form his hole. Chuck smeared the hot ass jizz allover the boys hole and loose hairy nut sac. "Show off your cunt boy, come on let me see that sexy pussy!!" Chuck brought his smelly slick fingers up to Chris's mouth and the boy sucked them one by one moaning as he got a firm hold on Chuck's wrist forcing the big hand hard into his eager sucking mouth. "Oh fuck yeah!!..." he panted as he pulled them from his mouth. "Fuck I love that raunchy stinking ass ...gimme that cock!!! FUCK ME!!! Chuck pointed his fat uncut prick right at the opening of the hairy dripping jock hole and slid it in with one long hard thrust. " Oh fuck yes!!!" Chris yelled as he pulled his hairy thighs hard against his muscled chest. Chuck began to pump the boy's hot shit pussy in earnest. Chris moaned and pushed his ass up to meet the big stud's every fuck punch. Chuck was in the perfect position over the hunky boy and began shoving his thick stud rod in and out of the sucking hole. "Oh fuck yes" was all he could say as he drilled the hot boy's cock hungry shit pipe. Sweat beaded up on his hard muscled back and ass as Chuck pounded relentlessly in to the jock's now swollen asshole. He plunged his fat cock deep and completely, each stroke pulling ripe beautiful teen shit from his quarterback's raw ass lips. Chuck's cock was covered in wet shiny shit and it was making the perfect lube as he pulled in and out of the tight cavern. "Oh man fuck me!! Don't ever stop fucking me...fill my ass with you cock baby,yeah...stretch my ass mmmmm,,piss in my cunt! Fill my shit hole with cum!!" Chris's dirty talk was sending Chuck to the edge so he slowed his strokes and pulled his cock from the horny teenagers ass. The smell of hot fresh boy shit was thick in the room and his fat tool was covered with Chris's ripe shit. Pre cum flowed from his slit as he stroked the shitty cock slowly. "Oh yeah boy, look at my hot cock, Chuck squeezed at the base and made his already engorged fuck rod that much fatter. His foreskin peeled back exposing that giant purple head, the only part of his massive cock that wasn't covered with shit. " Let me suck it" Chris panted." I wanna taste my shit on your cock . " You bet baby Chuck sighed as he straddled the hungry jock's chest . "Fuck yeah" was all Chris said as he wrapped his full pouty lips around the fat shit covered cock. He closed his eyes and opened his pretty young mouth wide as the rock hard shit cock slid easily in and down his throat. Chris moaned passionately around the dirty cock filling his mouth as Chuck pumped his tool slowly. Thick brown shit spit leaked from the corners of sex stoned teen's mouth as Chuck got into a full fuck position over his face and shoved his filthy fuck pole hard and deep. Chris reached up and slipped his first two fingers deep into Chuck's humping ass forcing the big fuckers thrusts even harder and faster down his sucking throat. Not wanting to cum, Chuck pulled his cock from Chris's mouth and bent over to kiss him. "God I love you" Chuck whispered as he pushed his mouth over Chris's and sucked the boys shit coated tongue savoring the smell and taste of his boy's spicy shit. "Oh God Chuck I love you too" They kissed long wet spit and shit soaked kisses all over each other's face mouth and neck as Chuck reached down and slipped his cock back into Chris's shit hole. Chris wrapped his strong hairy legs around Chuck's waist as the big cock pumped hard and straight into his messy shit chute. His head back in ecstasy and his muscular arms tight around the big mans shoulders Chris breathed hard and with purpose"Shit fuck me" Chuck was surprised but delighted. He never dreamed that Chris would go this far with his dirty hot sex! "Push it out baby" he responded kissing Chris hard and so passionately, "Come on baby, shit on my cock. "mmmmmm" the hot jock moaned as he pushed down and forced his hot load out on to Chuck's pumping dick. Beautiful ripe teen shit oozed around the pistoning cock as he picked up the pace. "Oh fuck me, yes fuck my shit hole." Chuck locked his mouth Chris's and they kissed hard and deep...swapping their raunchy spit between them, their hard sweaty piss soaked bodies wrapped together as Chuck rammed his powerful cock deep into the young mans ass hole with long slow deliberate strokes. They were in complete fucking heaven as the coach's fat shit prick stretched Chris's shit packed cunt. Chuck couldn't believe how far he had managed to take Chris into his dirty fuck session. He had never experienced such hot filthy passion with any man, least of all with such a young seemingly straight guy. Chris was lost in his own sexual hunger and he wanted Chuck, needed to have his strong body filling him completely. Chuck's powerful hips plunged his ridged cock in and out of the eager teen's shit trench with growing force. He held the boy's head tight in his hands as he sucked wildly on his mouth and tongue pounding relentlessly into the athletes now shit smeared cunt. Chuck wanted to cum badly but even more he wanted Chris's big cock deep in his ass. He was over come with hot filth lust for this young fucker and wanted to feel his thick prick stretch his hole open. He had never experienced it before, but now, hornier than he'd ever been; he wanted to see that big dick pulled from his ass covered in his own shit so he could suck it. "I want your big cock in my ass buddy" Chuck whispered. "You wanna fuck me man" his voice getting louder as he slipped his swollen meat from the heaving boy's tunnel. "Fuck Yeah" Chris replied as the coach lifted off him and lay back on the bed. He was more than ready to shove his fuck tool into his hero but Chuck had never made any moves in that direction. Chris was always happy to suck the big mans cock and lick his puckered ass hole but now he was getting his chance to fuck the big stud. Chuck laid there with his hands behind his head, his muscular legs spread wide. His rock hard cock and loose nut sac coated with shit. As Chris scooted into position Chuck reached down and grabbed his shit smeared dick and slowly slid his hand up and down. "Yeah boy, gonna stroke your shit on my cock while you fuck my ass...mmmmmmmmm fuck me stud boy, jam that fat cock in my shit cunt. Chris was so hot for some hot man to man ass fucking and the sight of Chuck laying there with his huge cock all slick with his shit made his big teen cock rock hard as he nudged it into the coach's waiting hole. He reached back in to his own ass hole and pulled the still warm shit up and over his balls and cock. Chris's big hands pushed his fresh shit all over his pulsing boner as he prepped his fat dick to slip into the coaches waiting man hole. "Perfect lube right coach" he signaled to Chuck. "Oh yeah buddy" he responded as he pulled his big hairy legs back into his chest. Yeah baby shove that fat shit cock in my hole". Mmmm I gotta feel your hot young cock in my shit cunt". Chris wasted no time with that encouragement and slipped his fat filthy cock right into his older buddy's hungry ass. Chuck hissed as he sucked in a long breath as Chris jammed his fuck pole hard and all the way to his balls in one slick thrust. Chuck propped his head up on a pillow as he watched the eager athlete begin to fill his hairy muscle ass with big boy cock. Chuck stroked his shit soaked cock with his right hand and scrapped a finger full of shit off his cock with his left and brought it to his mouth. He was lost in a haze of hot passionate shit lust as he stroked his thick hard meat and savored the taste of Chris's shit in his mouth while the teen pumped in and out of his pulsing cock hungry asshole. Chris began to fuck the man's hole with savage abandon. " Come on baby Fuck My Hole" Chuck growled" " Oh yeah shit fuck me" he hissed as Chris pushed his stud pole with all his might deep into his man cunt. Sweat began dripping off the teens hard chest onto Chuck's as the two fucked like wild sex starved shit loving cock suckers. "Oh hell yeah boy,Fuck me...Fuck me harder" Chuck howled as he started pushing down and out a thick hard shit load. "Gonna shit on your cock boy, fuck it..fuck my shit"! " Oh fuck yeah coach" Chris was almost out of breath as his pumped harder in to the hot man hole below him. "Yeah fucker, shit on my cock Chris could feel the shit log against his pounding prick so he pulled out to watch the stud load slip from the big man's hole. Fuck, what a hot sight Chris thought to himself as he watch the coach's hot hairy masculine hole stretch open and a beautiful hard thick dark brown log sliding straight onto the sheets. His legs spread wide and both big jock feet firmly against the bed Chuck moaned and jacked harder on his almost bursting cock as he pushed the sensuous tube of shit from his cunt.

Chris wanted to feel that hot shit being shoved deep into the coach's hole so he reached down and brought the biggest part of the cock sized log up to his face to admire. "Fuck that's so hot man he whispered to Chuck. "Yeah boy suck it" Chuck ordered. Without hesitation the horny teen grabbed the fresh hot shit log and began to suck it as if sucking a hard fat cock. Scooting back into position on his knees Chris shoved his ridged boner back against the the coach's shit filled hole and began fucking the remaining shit back into his hot pussy. Chuck watched as the hunky stud sucked the shit log and continued to fuck his dirty ass hole. The room was filled with the smell of hot fresh man shit as Chris picked up the pace and pumped his shitty cock harder and deeper in to the coach's hungry trench. "Yeah boy,lemme taste my hot shit while you fuck me. Chris pulled the shit cock from his mouth and gave it to Chuck. Still warm and covered with boy spit Chuck moaned and closed his eyes as he sucked it deep in to his mouth. This is exactly where he wanted to be, his perfect fuck session with Chris had come true. With his eyes closed he pictured the scene...Flat on his back...his strong legs pushed firmly against his hard chest...his tanned skin ripe and sticky from piss and sweat...his dream stud boy filling his shit stuffed man cunt...and sucking on his thick hard rich shit log. Chuck reached up and squeezed his big hard nipple and shuddered as volley after volley of cum shot from his giant piss slit. The first load landed right on the shit log as he sucked it almost completely down his throat. Two ,three,four,five,six thick hot loads of man cum covered his face mouth and chest. That was all it took and Chris shouted "Man I gotta cum too" He quickly pulled his fat shitty cock from Chuck's hole and scooted up straddling his chest. Chuck opened his mouth just as the hunky boy began blowing his load. Thick hot boy jizz streamed from the teens fat cock head. Chris kept shooting cum until Chuck's mouth was almost full of the thick salty cream. Chuck moaned in ecstasy. They kissed passionately swapping and swallowing their hot sexy loads.

Twenty minutes passed before either one spoke. They just laid together wrapped in complete sexual satisfaction. Finally Chuck said " How bout a shower" " Sounds good" Chris replied.