Connor's Gift


Does your mother know you're reading this shit?

Warning: This story is PORNO. I have tried my hand at friction, now I'm trying fiction. This story contains vivid descriptions of sexual activity between a man and teen boy. It contains no truth, partial truth, or half truth. What it does contain is stroking material. If this kind of story turns you off, please find something else.
The author does not encourage or condone sex between adults and underage children.

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           My dear friend Clive called me last June. Clive is thirty four and a damn fine looker still. He has a hard tight body and keeps his hair short, almost a buzz. He is all Marine. He has the tight Marine build, small hips, hard abs, perfect chest and the strong square jaw. He attended a military academy but never went into the service.
           I was best man at his wedding on February fourteenth of his nineteenth year, yeah a Valentine's day wedding. I have not sucked his sweet eight inch cut cock since the night before.
           I have known Clive since he was seventeen and a runaway. I let him live with me for the two years before he married his highschool sweetheart. He found out that I was gay within a few days of moving in with me. I am a nudist around the house and I had forgotten that he was there. He came in and found me bare ass naked with a magazine called `First Hand' (is that mag. still around?) stroking my meat without a care in the world. I was embarrassed. It was the first time I had ever been caught. Problem was, I was forty three years old. He smiled at me and told me, "no problem," he liked to do it too. Well of course he did, he was a horny kid. What he did next set our relationship to this day. He pulled off his clothes and lay down in the middle of the living room floor and jacked off in front of me. He went so far as to put his feet in my lap, fondling my cock with his bare feet, as I sat in my chair wide eyed and staring at him.
            He reached over and picked up my forgotten magazine where it had fallen beside my chair. I tried to grab it when it turned to a page of pictures of a very cute blonde haired boy on his knees stoking his own cock. Clive's eyes got huge. His hand stopped its' movement and he looked at me. I lowered my eyes in shame and blushed. "I never thought that you might be gay. I have known you forever and I never...I came to live in your house and you...." I was truly sorry that I had been caught. Yeah, I wasn't sorry for who I am or for what I had done, I was sorry that he had caught me. It is called situational ethics. I was sorry and repentant for the act for which I was caught in. "So when were you going to do me?" He looked at me accusingly.
           "I wouldn't...."
           "Why? Am I not good enough for you.?"
           "I just don't...I've never done it. I just want...I..."
           "You're fucking with me, right? You've never done it with a guy? Man, you have the best looking two sons in the world. If I were a fag I would do them. Why haven't you?"
           "Because they are my sons."
           "Well, come on and do me then we'll talk." I looked at him. He waved his dick at me and smiled. I hesitated. He put his legs on the floor and grabbed my hand pulling me down to the floor beside him. I got up and walked over and locked the front door. We both laughed. A little late on that move, old man. I pulled him to his feet and led him to my bed. I laid down and he laid opposite me. He took hold of my cock and began to stroke it. "Were you close?" He had me moaning. I told him I was almost there. "Well let me see if we can get you back but you better be sucking me." He took my dick in his mouth and I took his. We both sucked our first cock and did our first sixty nine. We worked each other and played the game. It was as if we knew what the other was feeling and we knew what we needed. We brought each other off at the same time.
           We lay there and played with each other in our post orgasmic cool down. He got up and retrieved the magazine and had me read erotic stories to him all night. We did everything that they did in the stories. By morning we had fucked been fucked and sucked in four different positions. We were both experienced fags as he put it. We continued to sleep together and have sex with each other until the night before his wedding when it all ended.
           We have stayed in touch. We were very close for the first few years and I was named God Father to his first born. As the two of us stood outside the nursery window proud papa told me, "The day you suck his cock my ass is yours. I love you and I always will." Fortunes separated us. He ended up moving clear across the country. They had another baby boy. When the boys were ten and twelve they moved back home. I was shocked to get a call from them. I mean he calls. He calls every two or three months. This call came from her dad's house. They were in town. He told me to meet them at Golden Corral he was buying dinner. He looks even better with the added years. I have never been one for older men but he was fine and I wouldn't mind boning him again.
           His wife was just a cute and petite as ever. You could never have known she was the mother of two such fine specimens of young manhood as their two boys were if you hadn't been told. Conner was a spectacularly stunning twelve year old. Puberty had a hold on him or else his upper lip had a caterpillar crawling on it. His voice cracked when he tried to talk and I found it to be so very cute. Cory, his brother was a hot ten year old and a typical brat but I fell in love with him instantly. He had a bad habit of tattling and trying to get Conner in trouble. I hoped that he would outgrow that soon.
           We struck up our old friendship and looked forward to the future when the company that his wife had come here to go to work for told her the job was across the state. Disheartened I watched them leave. I so wanted to stay close but I worried about those two precious boys and if I could keep my hands off of them. I found out a year later.
           Clive had a new business of his own getting ready to open. He wanted me to come and run it with him. It was a boy lover's paradise. He was opening a store front with war toys and games. He has lead soldiers from every period in history painted in their authentic uniforms. He can give you the men and the equipment and battle plans of every major engagement for the last four hundred years or more.
           He had ten computer work stations and five X-box stations set up for hourly fee basis. The kids could play video games to their hearts content and he wanted me to sit and watch them play. I packed my shit and headed my u-haul up the freeway two hundred miles away.
           I have a nice position. I live on Social Security so I can't earn much money. Clive gave me the back half of the store front which is a one bedroom apartment. There are two bedrooms and a bath upstairs but I don't do stairs well so I don't go up there often. There is a four foot by six foot two way mirror behind the cash register and we have two video cameras set to see every transaction at the register and everyone near the register. We have other cameras around the room and can watch everything that goes on. I even installed microphones so that we can hear the boys as they chatter about the games. I have caught two pervs trying to lure the boys. All I did was walk up to them and hold out my palm sized tape player and let them hear their voices and they left never to come back. The boys had no idea what I had done and I wanted to keep it that way. This is my eye candy. If a boy is exceptionally hot I can stand behind the mirror and handle things as they come up and no one is the wiser.
           Connor spends a great deal of time in the store, after school and on weekends. I won't let him stay if he has homework or his grades are down. His folks say that I am the best thing to ever happen to his grades but he knows that I mean business. He is an affectionate child. He always sat in my lap as a youngster and he has always called me grand dad, even though he knows his real grand fathers quite well. He always has a hug and a kiss for me and if we are alone that kiss is on the lips, his choice my pleasure.
           Clive has told me that the boy is growing up to fast. He caught him jacking off in his bathroom shower. He scolded Connor and told him to do that in his own bathroom. He carried on about not wanting to stand barefoot in somebody else's cum. I know Clive, he had to have totally embarrassed his eldest. He made the boy scrub the shower stall and sanitize it, in the nude. I told him that he better not let me catch the little fart jacking off. I would give him a tongue lashing like he had never had. Clive told me that Connor might like that and winked at me. We don't discuss our previous life together but we do like to make sexual innuendos and jokes with each other.
           School has been out for the holidays since the sixteenth. Connor has been at the store every day from opening until after closing when Clive can get by to pick him up. Friday was Christmas Eve and Connor had been here since seven thirty. He woke me up by serving me breakfast in bed. Scrambled eggs and toast with strong black coffee, but he had cooked it. He even wanted to feed me so I let him spoon about half of the eggs in my mouth until he cleaned out my nose for the unpteenth time and I took over. I love to hear him laugh. He still has a very boyish giggle but he is growing into such a man. I want him so bad. I hope that it doesn't show. I don't want to traumatize him. I shooed him away and got my naked ass out of bed and into the shower. He had the store open and all of the computers and X-boxes were habitated by pubescent boys by the time I got in there.
           The day had gone exceptionally well and I was glad that Connor was with me. We had the busiest day since we had opened and had made several thousand dollars in sales not including our regular internet sales. Around three the place was deserted. All of the machines were empty the entire store was empty. I wasn't sure if there might be that one more person wanting to buy a last minute gift so I kept the doors open until five.
           I had no idea where Connor had gone. I didn't see his dad come by and it would be out of character for him to come by and not speak to me. I had to take a wicked piss so I took a chance and ran to the back. I got to the hall and I heard the definite sounds of the monkey getting spanked and the moans that come with it. I looked into my bedroom and what I saw made me freeze in place. There on my bed was fourteen year old Connor stark naked. He had a pair of my dirty underwear on his face and half of the crotch in his mouth. He was breathing my scent through his nose and chewing my essence from my dirty drawers. The part that really got me though is that this was the pair I had worn yesterday and I had shot three loads into them as I stood behind the mirror watching his little ass as he went about serving the customers. He had even groped an obvious erection as he stood looking like Mr innocent and watched himself in the mirror. He had an ejaculation and it pooled on the outside of his corded pants as mine pooled in my underwear for the third time that day. I stood there and watched as he wiped his evidence with the palm of his hand and then licked his hand afterwards.
           Most amazing to what I was now witnessing was that he had his feet back on the headboard of my bed and he was pumping his ass with a good sized cucumber. I don't eat cucumbers so where had he gotten this one? He was seriously stoking one fine looking hard cock as he moaned over the sensations he was giving himself. I said fuck to all reason and walked over to the bed. I sat down and pushed his hand from his cock and I took over jacking him. I took over the cucumber with my other hand and I fucked him with long hard strokes. I could feel the cum rising in his dick and I pushed his leg aside and took his cock in my mouth and let him shoot. It was well worth all of the years waiting but I wished I had been doing it for years.
           I still had to pee and I ran to the bathroom. He beat me there and was on the toilet. He grabbed my dick and fed it into his mouth then pushed at my gut. He pushed again with his head like a calf nudging his mother to get the milk started. My piss flow started. I was mortified. It also felt good. I went with the flow, so to speak and let it all out. (pun intended) I told him to dress. We needed to talk and I headed back to the front of the store to make sure no one was waiting.
           The store was empty. Connor came up behind me still naked. He sat down on the stool behind the mirror and looked out at the store. He spread his legs and fingered his ass. I looked at his ass. It was still open. I asked him if he had ever been fucked for real. He told me that today was the first time he had ever done anything with anyone. He looked sad. I was hooked. Puppy dog eyes and whines weaken me every time. How do boys know that? I let my pants fall to the floor and my cock led the way. He folded in half as he sat on the stool with his ankles on my shoulders. I pushed in. For a virgin he was loose. I went all the way and I was dry. He offered no resistence. I wiggled around a bit and pulled out. My dick was slick with his butt juice. I smeared it around his hole and begin to slide in again. I worked my way in and out going deeper each time. He was getting slicker with each thrust and I was getting hornier. He had developed a low moan and had such a smile on his face that I melted against him. I kissed him deep as I thrust in and out. My fucking became much more urgent and he was fucking me back. I pulled my face away so that we could breathe as I began a full frontal attack on his shapely young ass. All to soon it was over. His cum jettisoned like a geyser between us, coating our bellies with hot thick boy cum. I fired of volley after volley in his ass and humped into him as hard as I could trying to drive the cum all the way up to his throat so that I could taste it.
           Wilted, I pulled out. His cum left long strings between our bodies. I bent over and licked him clean and took his soft dick in my mouth to clean any trace of residue. His ass was still open and my cum was dripping out on the floor. I went for it and feltched my load from him. He lowered his legs around my head and started to breathe in a regular pattern again. I stood up and kissed him. He ravaged my mouth as he cleaned each tooth, nick, and cranny seeking every morsel of our union with one another. I swatted his cute little ass and told him to take a shower and dress. It was time for his dad to be showing up.
           No sooner than I headed up front Clive came in. We closed shop and counted the till. Connor came in and put his arm around his dad. Clive stopped and looked at his son. Connor was aglow. He was beaming with delight. Clive put his arm around me and gave me a hug. "You did it. You finally got off your ass and did it. I so happy for you Connor." Connor blushed and looked at me. "Do you know how long this guy has been carrying a torch for you? He has wanted you to fuck him for ages. He is one of the reasons that I made you move up here. I have hoped forever for you to get together. Now I am going to have to let you fuck me aren't I?"

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