Connor's Gift
part 2


Does your mother know you're reading this shit?

Warning: This story is PORNO. I have tried my hand at friction, now I'm trying fiction. This story contains vivid descriptions of sexual activity between a man and teen boy. It contains no truth, partial truth, or half truth. What it does contain is stroking material. If this kind of story turns you off, please find something else.
The author does not encourage or condone sex between adults and underage children.

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            Clive took my hand and led me into my apartment. We closed the adjoining door to the store and headed on to my bedroom. Connor was on the bed naked as we entered his dick at attention waiting for attention. Clive and I dropped our clothes and he lay on his back next to his son and pulled his knees to his shoulders. "It's been a long time, old man, be gentle." I went to the bathroom and returned with a brand new tube of cherry flavored edible Astro Lube. I removed the cap and squirted an inch of the jell onto my middle finger. I put my finger to his ass hole and worked it around as I stroked his super hard cock. I pushed my finger in and bent over to suck him as I started a slow finger fuck of his tight ass. He responded by fucking up into my face and his moans reverberated off the walls and ceiling of the bedroom. Connor moved over and began to play with his father's nipples. As they hardened he took them into his mouth and moving from one to the other kept his father in a sexual frenzy.
            I had now worked in three fingers and they were meeting very little resistence. I widened them stretching out his hole as he began to shout at me to fuck him. Connor was laughing and obviously in a whole new world as the three of us continued in our sexual play.
            I got in position between Clive's legs. Connor got up on all fours straddling his dad with his head right at my groin where he could see it all. I pushed forward and my cock pressed against its' mark. Clive moaned, Connor moaned, I pushed the head of my cock in Clive's ass. Connor's body jerked. I looked and saw his father's arms around his firm little butt as his cock was pulled into a warm sucking mouth. I pushed all the way in and Connor went down on his dad's perfect eight inch cut cock. Clive was so proud of his dick but he would shut up real quick when length was brought up around me because his ass new how big I was, literally.
            I began to fuck Clive as Connor began to fuck his mouth. I had my hands on Connor's back and shoulders massaging the boy as he worked the cock that made him into submission. At the same time he had his hands working my butt and trying to get his finger in my hole. He hit a couple of times but the way we were bouncing the bed he couldn't hang on. I felt Clive tense and his muscles tightened around my cock. His ass muscles were working to push me out as I was pushing in. I was getting stroked as I stroked. He fired a load into his son's sucking mouth. I heard Connor choke a little as he rushed to take the load offered him without losing any of it. I fired a load as I jammed my cock as far and as hard as I could into the muscle tunnel that held me. As I shot my second volley I watched Connor bury his cock in his father's mouth.
            The three of us had cum within seconds of each other with Connor and I filling Clive at both ends. Clive lay there with a very happy grin on his face. "Since my wedding day I have dreamed of this. I have told Penny so many times that I wanted to have beautiful sons for you to fuck with and I hoped that you would fuck me again. I never dared dream that my own flesh and blood would join us in the most fantastic fuck of my life.
            Carl, Connor has loved you from the time he was able to say your name. You remember how he used to run to you to sit in your lap when you were around. It didn't make any difference where we were, church, the mall, at dinner, or at home he wanted to be held by you. When he came to me, back before we moved up here, and asked me if he could stay with you I knew he still loved you. Cory laughs at him and calls him a fag but I know how easy you are to love. A year ago Connor told Penny and me that he was gay but that he was saving himself for you. Penny looked at me then she smiled and said that all of the cum I sucked out of you had been stored up and used to make this little man. She said that he obviously belongs to all three of us.
           I can't argue that. He and I have sat and talked for hours as he told me how he feels when you are near. He asks questions that a boy should never even have in his head and he's asking about someone that he only visits once in awhile. When I thought about this business you and Connor were the first things to come into my mind. I knew that for an old perv like you that this would be perfect and if what I felt was true then you and Connor would make his fondest wish come true. You told me to keep him away from you. You told me you loved him, that he was beautiful and that you would never hurt him or me by doing something inappropriate. You haven't and you never will. Anything you two do is appropriate for you and for Penny and me. Now let's get out of here."
            "No, we have more to go yet." I pulled Clive over and kissed him.
            "Dad, this is our first time together. Let's have a real first time party. Please, for me?"
            Fucking puppy looks and whines do it every time. Connor wanted his dad to fuck him now. I rolled on my back and Connor and I started sucking each other. Clive got behind his son and slid his dick in. It was grand seeing that large cock of his go into the tiny ass of his oldest and dearest. I relished every stroke the two of them made in unison. Clive pushed in as Connor pushed back, pulling from my mouth the they would reverse. I was getting fucked by father and son in tandem and I loved it. Connor let go of a load into my mouth as his father filled him with his daddy seed.
            We again fought for breath. I had not cum but I wasn't worried about it. It was enough that I could stay hard enough to participate. In short order Clive looked at me and told me he had not sucked my cock in fifteen years, so get ready. I got on top and shoved my cock down his throat. This was a new position for us with me on top but I wanted something from this three way fuck fest. I pulled Connor over and pointed at my butt. He is quick, this kid. He was on me instantly and had me lubed and impaled in short order. I was enjoying the fuck and this is just what I needed to get one more load out of my tired old balls. I had Clive's cock deep in my throat as I was enjoying his length for the first time in years. I had not had many cocks in our years of separation and none near this size. He was scratching an itch that had not been reached in a long time. He was scratching his own itch too as he had his nose in my pubic hair most of the time. Connor was stroking like a house afire as his cock began to inflate and stretch my well fucked ass hole. I fired the biggest load in years into the mouth of my dearest friend as his son filled my ass with his love juice. Clive, not to be left behind, gave me his offering. We took our time nursing each other not wanting to separate as Connor moved in and began to suck his cum from my ass. I could really get to like this kid.
            Clive rushed us around during our shower and dressing. Penny called to see where we were. He told her that we had done a record day of sales and were looking at things in detail but that we would be right there. We all climbed in to his car and headed to his house for Christmas eve.
            Penny had a Buffett laid out. She had cold cuts, vegetable platters, chips dips, and a well stocked bar, which I thought was strange since I had never known either of them to drink. We were saying our hellos when the doorbell rang. It seemed as if everybody in town came by that night. They hosted an open house for over one hundred guests. The mayor, police chief, city council, businessmen, teachers, everybody came ate and ran about their last minute duties. The big hit was a large bowl of fresh eggnog that I whipped up with an extra dose of pure old southern sour mash whiskey.
            By ten o'clock the house was empty and the entire family sat down in front of the fireplace for an evening of stories of our favorite Christmases gone by. Both boys lay with me on the floor as we soaked up the heat of the fire and the love of the moment. Cory broke the spell when he announced in a subtle matter of fact voice that he was glad to see that Connor had finally been fucked.
           I waited for the other shoe to drop. I was where I could look straight at Penny and Clive. They were cuddled together on the sofa. She had a tear in her eye which she gently dabbed with her handkerchief. "Well, Connor, was it all that you expected?"
            "Oh, momma, it was great. I am so happy. This will be the Christmas that I will always remember." Connor sounded so soft yet resolute. His voice had a dreamy lilt to it as if he was in love.
            "So, how about me? Don't you love me Uncle Carl?"
            I was stunned. The boy had never called me Uncle or anything else but just plain Carl. He had never been affectionate or indicated in any way that he was interested in even being my friend. I did do a lot for him. I never bought one a gift without doing for the other. I took the boys to the movies, the races, hiking and fishing when I could. I never showed any partiality but I never had a sense that Cory cared one way or the other.
            "Darling, Carl has been a special friend to us all of your life. He loves you very much. But you are only twelve years old. You have never spoken of these things before. I would venture to guess that everyone is as shocked by your question as I am. What is it you are asking, exactly?" Penny put it all out there so that we all knew that she wanted a clear and concise answer.
            "I don't know. I...well, sex is so new to me and I have these feelings..."
            "You know what? I need to wash the dishes why don't you boys go get ready for bed and your dad and Carl will come tuck you in." With that she left the room.
            The boys got up and went to their room without a word. Clive and I looked at each other and he grinned with smile that only he can melt my heart with. "Let's go get em tiger. I think you got more than one boy by the tail." We headed to the boys room.
            Connor was sitting on the bed, naked, pulling his tattered sleeping shorts on. Cory was standing in the middle of the room holding his tee shirt naked as a babe with a four inch woody. He was slowly pulling the foreskin back and forth and both boys watched intently as his tiny little head peaked out then went back in. Clive sat down on the bottom bunk and watched as I stood in the door way not knowing which way to go.
            "I love you, Uncle Carl. I have had sex with my friend but I want to do it with you so that you know that I really do love you too."
            "Sex isn't about love small fry. Sex is an expression of lust. Love comes from sharing one with another. Giving and taking with the feelings and thoughts of the other person foremost in your mind. Love isn't self serving sex is. Sex is getting your own release and pleasing yourself. Love is pleasing someone else. Do you understand what I mean?"
            He came to me and held his arms up. I picked his naked little body up and held him close. He kissed me hard. His tongue went in my mouth, his little hands around the back of my head, in a deep passionate kiss. I carried him over and sat beside Clive as his youngest smothered my face with his kisses.
            "Will you sleep in here with me tonight?" The boys had bunk beds. The upper was a twin size the lower was a full size. They neither one lay claim to one or the other they just slept in the one they landed in.
            "What do you expect to happen if I sleep in here?"
            "I want to have sex."
            "What kind of sex to you want to have."
            "You know, sucking and fucking."
            "Have you ever done these things before?"
            "Yeah, I told you. My friend Bobby Jamieson and I do it all of the time."
            "You fuck each other?" He nodded. "In the butt?" Again with the nod. "Stick your dick inside each other's butt hole where the poop comes out?"
            "Yes. I'm not a little baby, you know. I know what boy fucking is all about and yes we stick our dicks in each other's butts and fuck until we cum. We cum in each other's butts and in each other's mouth and on each other. We're gay, okay? Now are you going to fuck me like you did Connor or not?"
            I had to stifle a laugh. He was so damned serious but he was funny in a very cute sort of way. Clive was no help. He had his hand over his mouth and Connor was rolling on the floor. "I am a grown man. There for I am larger than you or your friend Bobby. I could hurt you really bad, any grown up could. Even Connor could hurt you if he fucked you."
            "Yeah, I've watched the vegetable queen over there. He has so many different vegies that he shoves up his ass. I dared him to eat a carrot one night while he was fucking himself. He told me he would if I sucked his dick while he fucked himself with it."
            "Did you? Did he?"
            "Like, yeahhh. He loved it."
            "You did too," Connor interjected.
            "Yeah, his cum is thicker than Bobby's and mine. It tastes better."
            "Yeah, but I mean you liked the carrot." Cory blushed. "He ate most of the carrot. I bit off the end that hadn't been in my butt then he bit off the other end and then we ate the whole thing. We suck each other sometimes and I let him watch me stretch my ass so I can take you."
            This was getting way out of hand. "Have you ever seen a grown ups dick? Have you ever seen your dad's?"
            "Yeah lot's of times."
            "Some times."
            "Could you take that in your ass?"
            "I don't know. I wasn't very close. I don't know how big it is. It looked big but I was in my room and he was at the end of the hallway." I told Clive to strip and show the boy what a baby maker looked like. Clive stood up and removed his clothes as Cory sat on the edge of the bed slack jawed, watching every stitch come off. When Clive got to his white bun huggers he was tenting the front with some serious meat. Cory scooted forward to see better. Clive dropped his underwear and his cock snapped up against his navel Cory's mouth was wide open. I pushed the back of his head and he moved forward and took the head into his mouth. It was a stretch for him but he gave it his all. He had about two inches plus the head which was a real mouth full for anyone on that piece of meat. He began to fuck back and forth. The drool was running out the sides of his stretched out lips. Clive turned and lay back on the bed.
            Cory wasn't done. Not by a long shot. He got up on his knees on the bed next to his dad and waved his naked little fanny in my face as he went back to work on his daddy's hard cock. I slipped down so that I could get to his precious little bottom and began to spread his cheeks. He looked to see what I was doing and went back to his meal. Connor came over and opened my pants and got my cock out and began to suck as I rimmed the daddy cock sucking Cory. I reached through his legs and fondled his little pricklet. I was careful. I didn't want the boy to come yet. I licked and probed at his tiny little pucker until it opened for business and I went in and had lunch at the Y. I had never in my wildest dreams thought of touching a boy this young. Connor was a stretch but I had him all afternoon. Now I had his baby brother skewered on the end of my tongue and it was the best butt I have ever eaten. I slid in underneath him where he could sort of sit on my face and proceeded to chow down. In just a few short minutes Cive filled the little guys face with cum. It was more that Cory could take. It was spraying out the corners of his mouth and dribbling down into Clive's pubic bush. Connor, ever the helpful brother moved over and helped Cory clean their father up from his messy orgasm. Then Cory sat straight up with my tongue still in his ass.
            "Ewww, you're licking my ass hole. I poop there you know?"
            I sat up and wiped my face on my arm. "Yeah, bet it tastes better off a carrot though." He led the choir in laughter. "Tell me young en. Think you can take your old man's cock up your ass?"
            "I could try."
            "It will hurt. If you really want to do it you should let Connor do you for a few weeks until you are stretched out and used to a bigger invader then you and Bobby are using."
            It was agreed that Connor would take his cherry but only if I spent the night with them and helped Connor get it in and he could suck me. That settled, Clive headed off to bed with his clothes tucked up under his arms. The boys finished undressing me and Cory started the wide eyed stare again as he looked at my dick. He really got wide eyed as he watched Connor deep throat me and he held his hand on his brother's throat to feel my dick sliding down, pushing out his young larynx. We all three ended up on the bottom bunk. I found out that I really like laying down with a boy in my mouth watching him get his ass plowed from a ball's eye view.
            We opted to sleep with the lights on so that we could see what was going on. Cory stretched out on top of me and Connor helped him swallow an impressive amount of my dick as I lay still and nursed his little four inch nipple. Connor got up and shoved his cock in his brother's ass and we all settled in for some lust filled sex. I have to say that there was a lot of love between all of us that night.
            Santa Claus had brought us all a very Merry Christmas.

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