Connor's Gift
Part 3


Does your mother know you're reading this shit?

Warning: This story is PORNO. I have tried my hand at friction, now I'm trying fiction. This story contains vivid descriptions of sexual activity between a man and teen boy. It contains no truth, partial truth, or half truth. What it does contain is stroking material. If this kind of story turns you off, please find something else.
The author does not encourage or condone sex between adults and underage children.

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            Christmas morning the boys had more presents than they could see over. I had a hand in a lot of that. I had spent nearly three thousand dollars for gifts for my favorite family. My cell phone rang and I bowed out of the package opening and stepped outside. The call was from my oldest son and totally out of the blue. He wished me a Merry Christmas and sounded sincerely disappointed when I told his that I no longer lived there but had been living in another town for seven months. He wished me well and said he wished he could see me. He had really wanted to spend the holidays with his dad. We agreed to get together at his place for a day of bowl games next Saturday. He said his brother would be there and I should bring nothing but my appetite and tooth brush because I would be spending a couple of nights. My heart was so full that I sat down and began to cry. Connor put his arm around me and rested his head on my shoulder. I hadn't even heard him come out.
            He asked me to come back in. They were waiting to open their gifts until all of the family was together. I walked inside, red eyed and tears still on my cheeks. I told everyone about the phone call. They all came up to me for a group hug and I was handed a big glass of my eggnog. I sat in the big chair by the fireplace and watched one of my favorite scenes. Children opening Christmas presents. I should film this and have these feel good feelings all the time.
            They didn't leave me out. They had bought me some very nice sweaters and things that they thought I would like. I could tell that they had put some thought into their gifts and bought only what they were sure I would use. A new electric razor, some heavy hiking boots, sweaters, a book on Star Wars. that had to be Cory, he was a Star Wars afficionado.
            The boys begged their way into going to my place for the rest of the weekend. They said the best gift they could give their folks was some time alone. We thought it was cute. I told them that they should use the time to make a son who cared about them. They thought the making part sounded good but they liked the care from the ones they have.
            I didn't think anything could top my Christmas Eve. I was actually sexed out. Well hell, guys, I'm sixty years old. It's amazing what two horn ball boys can make an old man do though. New tricks? Yeah, I learned a few. I could fetch a pair of balls as fast as they passed by me. And bone chewing is an actual favorite of mine.
            Cory's foreskin is to be seen to be believed. I have a long hanging foreskin. Connor has a beautiful foreskin. Cory? That boy need's to be framed and put in a museum. I have read about docking and always thought it would be fun. Cory has a skinny little twelve year olds four inch cocklet. Connor at fourteen is sporting a very fine five and a half inch cock with a very respectable one and half inch width. Me, on the other hand. I have a nine and a half inch cock with a two and a quarter inch diameter, that's six inches around. Not as big as some I read about but bigger than any I have ever actually seen.
            I moved the two boys face to face and skinned them back. I put their little pee holes together and slid Cory's skin over the head of both dicks. It took a little prodding to get it over Connor's impressive tool but by the sounds emitting from Cory's mouth he was loving it. I then decided to do a double dock and slid Connor's foreskin out over Cory's cock also. His skin covered almost all of Cory's cock head. I then had the boys hold each other tight so they wouldn't separate and I stroked their tandem sheathed cocks. They came together for their first ever kiss. They had their arms around each other and were rebreathing each other's air as their hands roamed freely over his brother's naked body. They were in full lust mode.
            The double skin formed a nice seal and a bulge formed as both boys shot his load in the enclosure. I got between them and carefully rolled Connor's skin back licking any stray drops that came my way. I then, ever so slowly, rolled Cory's skin back and began to feast on the double load that was collected between them. The boys are small enough that they were able to move close enough together so that I could get a respectable amount of both cocks in my mouth at once and I licked them clean. I got the bulk of their precious offering then I sucked each of the deep and cleaned them individually.
            They were of course a couple of piles of wiggling, giggling jello as they laid on the bed and let me have my way with them. I raised Cory's tiny little legs to his chest and began to rim his very pretty little butt. This was a first for him and he was loving it. He has a brother who he never knew cared so much for him. Connor had moved in for a deep passionate kiss and the two boys were locked into a moaning tangled mound of sweet boy flesh. I started stretching Cory's hole with my fingers and I made sure to really play with his tiny butt nut. I took his cock back in my mouth as I added another finger and he gave me a nice load of extra sweet boy cream.
            I had him open enough and had Connor move in. I wet Connor's cock with lots of salvia and lined him up. I lay down and watched the boys enjoy one another. I needed nothing else. I was at peace.
            I could see Connor working to an end and I would push on his butt and make him hold until the moment passed. He was able to keep up his assault for thirty eight solid minutes before I let him finish. Little Cory had two more orgasms during that time the second being dry. He was so fucked and so happy. I sucked Connor clean then I cleaned Cory's ass.
            I then started on Connor's ass. When he had recovered he asked me if I were going to fuck him. I told him that Cory could do it if he preferred. He gave me a long explanation of how his ass was mine and his to share with whom he wished and he wished to share with only me and I better like it because that was the way it was. So there, period. Cory looked at me and told me he couldn't even get it up anyway so I could fill in for him.
            That got me to laughing. One of my young friends upon finding that I was in fact getting older and could not always perform on command had bought me a special pair of underwear a few years ago. I got up and found them in my dresser drawer and tossed them to the boys. Emblazoned on the fly of the briefs was the statement, "Help, it's fallen and I can't get it up." That got the reaction I had hoped for, the melodic sounds of boy giggles. I told Cory he could wear them. I got back on the bed and went back to what I was doing. I really enjoyed eating these two guy's butts and I told them so. "These are two of the finest dining establishments in this town. Why I do believe they should get a full five star rating. There is a limited variety on the menu but what is served is exquisite. Lite, not filling. Low calorie but rich. Very high in protein with a very warm cream sauce that is most unique. I believe that the one thing I like most about dining at this Y is that I don't need a knife or a fork but I can just dive in face first and lick the platter clean. I do think sometimes that it would be nice to have a spoon though." That got the eewwwws, that I was hoping for and a full round of giggles for desert. I really believe that the most beautiful sound on earth is a pubescent boy's giggles. I could listen to that all day. I wonder if there is a record or a CD out. Giggles of Boys. It would be a best seller, at least double platinum.
            All good things must come to an end, or least rest awhile. My tongue had given out and I needed to rest it. However my cock was very hard so I decided to give Cory a little show as I satisfied a deep itch for my precious Connor. I flipped the boy's legs back and I pushed my tool home. He was wet and stretched from the licking I had given him. His eyes rolled back in his head as he sighed, "Oh yesssss." Cory lay his head on his brother's belly and watched me fuck. His little eyes never faltered as I slowly long stroked my precious little lover. I let my mind work on a problem and I was sure that I was in love with fourteen year old Connor. I would treat him like my boyfriend. Was that a good idea though. He loved me but could he handle being my boyfriend? He would find a boy his own age and I felt that would be better for him. I hoped that in the next few years he would find a girlfriend and then he could make more boys for the rest of the boy loving pervs of the world. Nope, anyone touches this boy's kid is going to be neutered.
            I turned over on my back and let Connor ride me for awhile. He moved to my mouth and shot two loads then went back to fucking himself. We fucked for twenty minutes before he told me he was tired. He wanted me to cum though so I got back on top and rabbit fucked him and filled him until the color of his eyes changed to a milky glaze. I had him full of cum. Cory was waiting as I pulled out and sucked my dick clean. He wiped his mouth off and looked me in the eye. "Better than carrots."
            We slept for three hours. Between last night and the excitement of Christmas day and then this treat all afternoon we were all exhausted. I awakened on the bottom of a very sweet boy pile. If I hadn't had an urgent need to pee I wouldn't have moved. I awakened everyone. Of course the first thing I heard was, "I'm hungry." What else would a teenager say?
            Here it was. Eight pm on Christmas day. We are in a small town of not quite fifty thousand people. Nothing is open. It is twenty miles to the freeway and then there still is no truck stop for at least fifty miles in either direction. I didn't fix the Christmas dinner so I had no left overs. It is the end of the month and all I had in my larder was a few grown up flavor soups and stews. What do I feed boys?
            There was a knock on the back door. Clive and Penny were standing there with a box of food. "Thought you guys might be hungry. We brought some ham and stuff for sandwiches and there is a raisin pie in here." The wonderful girl had sliced the tomatoes and onions. There was sliced cheese and thick slices of ham. She brought cottage cheese and dips and chips and soda. I guess there is a place for women in this world, especially moms.
            Clive had a pitcher of my left over egg nog. That really hit the spot. We sat around the table and counted our blessings. I just basked in the love of this wonderful family and tried to figure out how I could ever feel worthy of them. What have I ever done to deserve people like this?

Well how about it? Should I go on and tell you what I got Christmas Day?

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