Connor's Gift 4


Does your mother know you're reading this shit?

Warning: This story is PORNO. I have tried my hand at friction, now I'm trying fiction. This story contains vivid descriptions of sexual activity between men and teen boys. It contains no truth, partial truth, or half truth. What it does contain is stroking material. If this kind of story turns you off, please find something else.
The author does not encourage or condone sex between adults and underage children.

If you are underage, or this is illegal where you are, then please go away. If you're under 18, Adios come back when it is legal for you to read this smut. If you lied about your age in order to access this story, remember this is our story. Life doesn't always work out like a story.

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            The week had been hectic. The store was packed every day with eager faces looking at our tiny lead soldiers. Not all of those eager faces were on little boys though. There were many older men, some with their boys, many alone. The word had gotten out about us. I sold all of our swords and some of those were two hundred to five hundred dollars each. Survival knives were the first to disappear. I was out of those by ten thirty.
            People were buying complete armies of different battles. I had orders for six complete sets of Napoleonic war figures along with cannon and tenders. Maps of battle fields sold faster than tomorrow's newspaper today. I could see that Clive was going to be a very busy boy. He hand paints every soldier individually.
            I got on line and ordered swords and knifes. Maps I could have in a few days, knives would take a week or more. The customer's were happy to find an outlet and would gladly wait. They didn't even mind pre_paying. They had Christmas money to spend and if they didn't leave it with me they wouldn't have it when the order arrived. I knew this. This was the very reason that I told them all orders had to be pre_paid. Duhhh! I didn't come down with the last drop of rain here fellows.
            Connor wanted to spend every night. My heart couldn't take that. He was there Saturday and Sunday, as you read in the last chapter, but I made him go home and clean his room and help his dad clean the yard. It was Wednesday before he stayed over. Our evening was fun and sex filled but somehow it just didn't have the magic of Christmas eve. I would never let the boy know that. He is in sexual lust for the first time in his life and me? well, I'll never turn down a hot load of boy cum.
            I was anxious about the weekend coming up. I love my sons. I have seen very little of them over the past fifteen years. I have disappointed them or something. I was never sure what happened but now Anthony was asking me to come for New Years day. Of course I would be there. He had invited me for Christmas. That had shocked me, but alas I was busy with my new family and so we opted for this weekend. What would I find? I love my children so much. I was an emotional wreck by Friday.
            Friday night I couldn't sleep. I sat up writing at my computer. I had posted all of my updates but my mind was working overtime. I penned several stories just for the fuck of it. I couldn't even get a hard on and I wrote some dozies, let me tell you. Well, you will read them for yourself if you search this site. They will all end up here sooner or later. Some of them are fictionalized, meaning that I used my literary licence to embellish certain passages. Some are just out and out fiction. The reader will have to decide for himself.
            I guess my first effort at pure fiction was in the summer of two thousand. I had a boyhood memory of a week long stay at my uncles farm and the wide spot in the creek where my brothers and sisters and I swam. I was fifteen at the time and I had a very vivid imagination. It was from this that the story of Roby and the Cowboy was born. You can read that story for yourself in the archives at Nifty/Gay/Rural. It was posted on June 9, 2000. The e_mail contact listed in that story has changed but the story still makes me hard. I received many fine responses to that story and it was picked up on several different web sites. It makes an author feel good to know that his work is appreciated. I mean it's not like we get paid to get you off. Hmmm, I wonder if I could figure a way to charge for your discharge.
            I gave up. At one am I took a hot shower, threw my suitcase in my car and pointed its' nose south. It is just over two hundred miles down to my old city and I would have to pass through a major metropolitan town on the way. But at this hour on a holiday the only thing I would really have to watch for would be drunks and DUI task forces. I am a card carrying member of DAMM. That's Drunks Against MADD Mothers. No, that's a sick joke. No one ever has the right to get behind the wheel of a vehicle, even a bike, when they are not in a fit mental or physical state to do so. My life is mine to mess with but I don't ever have the right to jeopardize the life of someone else. Okay, okay. Enough editorializing, already. You came to get your jollies so I better do my job or loose it, right.
            I have a heavy foot and was cruising along at about ninety five when someone flashed their headlights. I slowed down and sure enough, just over the crest of the hill was a radar unit. I eased by at sixty eight miles an hour and realized that it was only a quarter of two. No one would be awake at home. A truck stop loomed up in on the horizon. I have never stopped here before so I thought what the hay, I'll have some coffee.
            I pulled into a handicap parking space and got out of my car. A small figure appeared at my side. "Please, mister I'm cold and I'm hungry. Can you help me." I looked into the hollow eyes of a very sad looking boy of about fourteen. He wasn't sad, he was sad looking. He was frail, his eyes were sunken and dark. He was dirty and he smelled. I told him that I would love to have company for breakfast if he cared to join me. I have an aversion to giving handouts but I will buy a person a meal. If I give them cash I don't really know if it is going to its' intended purpose.
            The boy eagerly accepted my offer and he held the door for me as, cane in hand, I gimped along. We took a table to the back of the moderately crowded truck stop restaurant. A waitress brought us water and menus. "Found someone to feed ya, huh, kid?" She turned and left. I was a little put out. I found out the boy had been dumped here three days ago by his step father and his new wife. They had stopped for gas and he came in to pee. When he got back outside they were gone. He has been hanging about waiting for them to remember that he was with them and come back. I told him that after three days it was not likely that he would ever see them again. They had packed all that they owned in an old Ford van and a u_haul and were going to start a new life. He had no idea where. He knew that they had come from Dallas but he doesn't know his real name. His mother always named him after which ever husband she had at the time and this one had been around for eleven years.
            The waitress came back and I laid my hand on her's and looked her in the eyes. I guess she was used to a little flirting and didn't pull away. "Honey, you are cute and you look healthy and appear to be happy. This little guy was abandoned by his family, right here, three days ago. He is scared, tired, and hungry. Please be a little more tolerant. I am a big tipper for good service but I won't do anything for rudeness. I am going to see that this boy gets a good hot meal in him then I'm going to take him over to the truck stop and get him a shower and a room. Hopefully I can help him to get off of the street and into a shelter.
            I don't know if you can imagine being fourteen and alone in a strange state with no money and hungry. Please try to feel what he might be feeling. He is scared and he is scared of you." She bent over and kissed the boy on his cheek and apologized to him. It seems that he had asked her for food earlier and she had been rude to him. He smiled at her and accepted her apology graciously.
            Teenagers. The boy had the trucker's special: three eggs, over easy, hash browns, bacon, ham, sausage, and three plate size pancakes. He had a second order of hash browns and more bacon. Two glasses of orange juice and two glasses of milk and he burped. I would have thrown up if I eaten that much. I had two eggs scrambled, soft, with toast and coffee. The waitress was most attentive and she didn't charge for his extra juice or milk. I left her a twenty. I couldn't afford it but it is the season. The meal went on a credit card and I would have to worry about that later.
            I went to the trucker's counter and paid the fifty cents for a towel. Larry, was his name, asked me to take a shower with him so that I could wash his back. A truck stop is not the place for a boy and a man to be sharing showers. The lady at the counter smiled and gave me a key to the private area. I paid for another towel and bought small bottles of shampoo and aftershave and a stick of deodorant.
            The private area had a cot sized bed and a soft chair. There was a large shower and a toilet. These were for truckers that needed a few hours sleep out of the rig. They rented for five dollars for eight hours. Larry wasted no time getting naked. I bowed out and told him I had to go to the car for a minute. I got back and he was curled in the corner, stark naked and crying his eyes out.
            I got down on my knees and pulled him to me. "I thought that you left me." He was shaking uncontrollably and he stank. I pulled my shirt off as I stood up. He arose and unfastened my pants so I kicked my shoes off and stepped out of the pants as they pooled at my feet. He got down on his knees and pulled off my socks and then took my hand as we stepped into the shower. I lathered every square inch of his thin frame as he visibly relaxed under the hot spray. When I lifted his impressive man hood he started peeing. He tried to pull away. I took a firm grip on things and pulled him back to me as I aimed his stream on my lower body and his. He was shaking as he looked up to my smiling face. His face slowly broke into a precious smile. He took my dick in his hand and aimed it at his and I peed on him. He was giggling and squealing like a ten year old.
            Finally washed drained and dried I sat down on the bed. I reached over and picked up a bag that I had retrieved from the car. It was a black poplin work out suit with white stripes down the legs and sleeves. I had bought it for Connor. His birthday will be in March and I bought the clothing at an after Christmas sales and hid it away. I had torn open a package of underwear and socks and gotten one pair of each and I handed them to Larry. He beamed his brightness around the room. He was on his knees in front of me and he leaned forward and took my dick in his hand and sucked it into his mouth. I pushed him away. He asked me to please let him continue. I relented on the condition that I could lay down with him on top of me so that I could suck him also.
            He was horny. He shot me a load within seconds but never faltered in his chore. His cock never went soft so I kept sucking. He was a good seven inches and very thick but cut. Darn, why do parents mutilate their boys so? I got him into a rhythm of fucking my mouth and I laid back one happy cock sucking, boy loving, queer.
            He was playing my foreskin as he worked more and more of my large cock down his throat. He finally pulled the skin all the way back and took me all the way to the pubes. He was clenching his throat and swallowing making amazing movements on my turgid man hood. I can't remember ever having such a wonderful feeling. As my offering worked its' way out of my spasmming, throbbing, cock he fired his back at me. We nursed the precious elixir from each other as we lay in sexual bliss.
            I made him dress. I didn't want the lady at the desk to look at us too strangely for being in there so long. I put the boy in my car and headed on down the road. I found out that the only reason Larry had been with his step father since his mother died a year ago is because he had taught the boy how to give great head for him and his buddies. Larry liked it. He had fantasies of playing with men's cocks since he was seven or eight.
            I wasn't sure what I was going to do with him but I wasn't going to leave him in a truck stop.
            I kept the car between the white lines and kept the speed slow enough that they still appeared as dashes. I can tell how fast I'm going by how long it takes the little white lane dividers to appear as a solid white line.
            It was eerie going through the capitol city with no traffic. It reminded me of a cheap apocalyptic movie. It was totally deserted on the freeways. We never saw another vehicle. We had been traveling the interstate the whole way and had to watch the signs so that we wouldn't get switched off and headed to who knows where. This state is beginning to look like California with all of its' freeways.
            I pulled into the outskirts of home at just past five. I couldn't eat another bite but we had to kill some time. I drove by a friend's house and by a stroke of luck his lights were on. I pulled in the drive and he stepped out on his porch, stark assed bare. I chuckled as Larry giggled. Richard is a former priest who really likes his wine. He is a big man, not fat, tall. He stands six four and weighs two eighty. He is hairy as an ape and ugly. The poor guy got hit with the whole ugly forest, not just the ugly stick. He swayed there with a bottle of wine and his seven inch cock swinging free for all to see. I pushed Larry up close and introduced them as I held the door open suggesting we go inside.
            I still was unsure about the boy but I wanted him to be safe. As far as I know there isn't a queer bone in this ex_priest. I know, we've all heard the stories. This man and I have studied the Bible together for years and he has forsaken much of the teachings of his former life and embraced the name of Jesus as the only name by which we can be saved. I asked the two of them, together, if I could leave Larry there for two days or so. I explained my opportunity to be with my boys. Richard was off the couch and had me in a bear hug in an instant. He knows my anguish over my children and he was so happy for me. Tears were running down three faces in that room. Larry was a smart lad and had instantly caught on to what was happening. He was willing to stay here and wait for me. I gave him my cell phone number. I know that Richard has it programmed on his phone and I pointed that out to Larry but I wanted him to feel secure in knowing that he had it himself.
            That settled I lay back in Richard's recliner chair and took a nap. Larry was on the floor and Richard had already passed out on the couch with a blanket that Larry had spread over him. This boy has possibilities.
            I woke up about eight and quietly slipped out of the house. I headed over to Anthony's house. Anthony opened the door and came out to the car to great me. He wrapped his arms around me and led me inside. I was met by one of the most beautiful young ladies I have seen in many years, my granddaughter, Jennifer. I was aware of her birth in nineteen eighty nine but this is the first time I had seen her since she was six months old. She was a charmer and very charming. She had been raised to be a graceful lady, she was a monument to that upbringing.
            My daughter in law, Angie, came in, wiping her hands on her apron. She was a fine looking lady and I could see where her daughter had gotten her beauty. They led me to a chair and we visited, catching up on years of missed interaction.
            At nine thirty the front door burst open and two teenage boys flew in full of energy. Seeing me they stopped and stared. Right behind them came Branden. At thirty two, just two years younger than his brother Anthony, he was a good looker. He was solid and strong looking. He saw me and rushed over, pulling me to my feet and giving me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. "Happy New Year, dad. This is Chris, my son, he is twelve. The other one is Sean." There I stood looking at my two grandsons for the first time in their lives. They both came forward and shook hands. Sean looks exactly like his father, Anthony, looked at twelve. I pulled out my bill fold and showed him a picture of his dad. It was uncanny, it could be a picture of him. Chris was leaner and more gaunt than his father, but a very fine looking boy. I hugged both of them.
            Someone said the Rose parade was on so we all moved to a huge family room with a big screen tv. We watched the Rose Bowl, the Cotton Bowl, and the Gator Bowl. We drank a truck load of beer and ate mountains of food that had been prepared by the ladies. Branden's wife, Connie, had arrived sometime during the games and had let the men do their thing as she and the other ladies busied themselves in the other part of the house.
            It was six in the evening when the games were over and I had only fallen asleep twice. Anthony told me that I was staying at his house. I was sleeping in Sean's bed. Sean and Chris were spending the weekend together. We went to bed and I slept like a baby. I awakened at nine Sunday morning. I was embarrassed that I had slept so long. I dressed and headed to the kitchen. Angie handed me a cup of coffee. Anthony was just getting up and was taking a shower. The two of us sat and talked. She told me that she had been trying for years to get the boys to reach out to me. She and I stayed in contact for several years in the early days but she feared what Anthony would do if he found out.
            I was an over zealous Christian during the boys childhood and I insisted on my family being involved in church. Because of my beliefs I had made major changes in my life style and that affected my earning ability. We went through some very hard times before I found my calling. Before that happened we lost our home and car. My wife couldn't handle it any longer and took the boys and left, Anthony was only twelve. I was devastated. I kept in touch with the boys but they wouldn't come near me on a weekend.
            Anthony and I had a rather heated conversation when he was nineteen. He accused me of loving my church more than I loved him. He told me that if I had to work to feed my family then that is what I should be doing, not going to church. He got profane and blasphemous so I walked away. Today is the first time we have been together as a family in fifteen years. I had spoken to him when he needed help with his appliances. I had started my own refrigeration company and did very well financially until I was injured and lost my health. Anthony would call me for parts or advice in fixing his problem but he never asked me to come and fix it for him.
            Anthony came in herding every one to the car. He had made reservations for brunch and we would meet Branden there. We pulled into one of the finer hotels in the mountains. We got out at the hotel entrance and a boy parked the car. We waited ten minutes then Branden and Connie and the boys arrived. A waiter escorted us to our table where we dined on the most expensive meal of my life. Carved rare roast beef with everything you could ever want with it at only thirty four ninety a plate. I would never spend that kind of money on a meal. There are too many places where I can get a four dollar plate lunch or even all you can eat for about eight dollars. I must say, though, is was great. The company was fantastic.
            I sat myself between Connie and Angie. I was getting to know them and enjoyed both girls. My sons had chosen well. They were a perfect match to their men. The boys didn't like the seating arrangement and kept trying to horn in so that they could be heard. Finally Angie stood up, "Alright, I'll tell you what. You two up. Connie up. Switch places so we can get some form of order. But don't think that I won't remember this young man." She pointed her finger at Sean. Now I was sitting between two very eager and talkative twelve year old boys. I was more in my element. I'm such a lech.
            I wanted to spend some real family time so I talked to my son's. This town has never had anything for young people to do. This is a town full of retirees and they want peace and quite. We decided on miniature golf and arcade games. That was a hit with all three youngsters. We all piled in Anthony's van and left Branden's car there. The kids were all in the far back seat with Branden and the wives in the middle. They made me ride shotgun. I would have been content anywhere, I was with my family.
            We got to the game park. I had brought my boys here so many times as they were growing up. I was surprised that it was still here and it had not changed at all. They even had the same old pot hole at the entrance to the parking lot that had been there twenty years ago. We played miniature golf as a group then the boys wanted to ride the bumper boats. It was more fun watching them than actually being in the water with them. They banged the big rubber bumpers against each other and the water was flying everywhere. They were laughing and having the time of their life.
            Jen had met some school friends and drifted away. The boys headed to the arcade armed with pockets full of tokens to which I had to contribute. The girls went to the powder room. I took this opportunity to get the boys into a quite circle. "What I am going to say is the hardest thing I have ever done but honesty is the only way to be. I understand if you hate me. I want you to remember one thing though. I have always loved both of you and I always will. Sons,..I... How do I say this?" Tears were streaming down my face. Branden stepped forward to hug me and I pushed him away. "Wait, you won't want to do that when you hear what I have to say. I am queer." I stepped away.
            I felt a strong hand on my shoulder as Anthony grabbed me and turned me around. "We know. We always knew. We lived in your house, remember. You and mom had no life after we moved here. I don't remember a lot about Dallas but I know that you were both happier and we always had money. When you started working for yourself our family died. I watched you everyday, daddy. I know."
            Now I was a basket case. I had to sit down I was crying so hard. I was surrounded by a boy on each side as they held me in their arms. "You don't understand. I didn't want to be this way. I love your mother, to this day. She was my first love and that love runs deep. When we split I was hurt. I missed her. I missed you. I met Kay. We had a wonderful romance, of course the fact that she was fifteen years younger than me made it more exciting. Then she hurt me deeper than anyone in my life ever has. She argued with me when she was wrong. She was violent. Not physical but vocal. She accused me of ruining her life because we missed an important date. When we got to the other couple's home he wasn't home. He came in ten minutes later with the same excuse for being late as I had. Kay sat there with egg on her face but never, she never told me she was sorry.
            Now, guys, this is going to be hard to take. I actually hated the idea of another woman in my life. I can't stand being dominated and they all seemed to try to do that to me. I began to think I would live without anyone in my life. By the time you were fourteen and fifteen I started remembering my adolescence and I longed for the romance that I fantasized had been there. I actually began to consciously think about being with teenage boys again. I was terrified. What would happen if I touched you. You would hate me forever, which you did anyway, but I couldn't live with that so I distanced myself from you."
            "Daddy, you let that kid move in with you. Did you have sex with him?" Branden asked.
            "Straight question, straight answer. Yes I did. Not at first but it did happen."
            "Branden and I used to lie in bed together and cry because you loved some other boy more that you loved us. We wanted to be with you so bad. Yes dad, Branden and I have been having sex with each other since he was twelve. We still do."
            I sat dumbfounded. "The girls..." He put his finger to my mouth and told me to say no more. We had all night to talk. The girls and grandsons came up to us. Jen came up with a friend, "Dad, Tif wants me to go to her house so she can show me what she got for Christmas, Can I spend the night. Mom says to ask you." She was a typical fifteen going on thirty year old girl bouncing up and down as she pleaded with her dad.
            "I think that is a good idea. Do I need to drop you off."
            "Oh no, Mr. Dickson, I got a car for Christmas."
            Anthony's face blanched. "Well, I don't kno....Tiffany, I have known you for quite awhile and you seem like a very mature and sensible young lady. Will you go straight home, no cruising or trying to pick up boys or anything?"
            "Oh yes sir, my dad made it very clear. I have to call him when I leave here and then drive straight home." Anthony relented and let them go. He took Angie aside and talked in her ear. He came back to us and told us we were ready to go.
            There was an eerie silence in the van as we headed to the hotel to get Branden's car. He had parked out near the street so we didn't have to go back to the hotel itself. The two girls got out. They embraced their husbands and kissed them lovingly. They came around to my door and hugged and kissed me. They both told them how glad they are that I am now permanently in their lives. They got in the car and left. We five guys all headed off. We pulled up in front of Branden's house and he let us all in. I was escorted to his big recliner chair and seated. He told the boys to jump in granddad's lap and give him a kiss. I was attacked by two giggling kissing machines. More of their kisses were landing on my mouth than on my cheeks. and their little hands were caressing my chest.
            "Come on, kiss him." A voice said. If I'm not looking it is hard to tell who is talking, their voices are almost identical. I had Sean's tongue in my mouth while Chris was kissing and licking my face and ear. After I came too Chris started in kissing me. These were deep sensuous kisses. The boys pulled back and started to get down when Anthony stopped them. "Tell granddad the family secret."
            Both boys looked down and their lips began to quiver. Their dad's moved behind them and rubbed their shoulders. Chris, still examining some distant thing down the end of his nose quietly said, "We're gay."
            I picked his little chin up and turned him to look at me. I pulled him and his cousin close to me and I whispered so that only they could hear, "I am too." They pulled away and looked at me as if I was dumb then a smile grew on their faces as they pulled me into a tight hug.
            I learned that the boys had come to their families during Thanksgiving and revealed their dark secret. The two families got together for a family conference and everything was deemed okay. The boys were admonished about keeping it close for fear of retaliation from others at school. They were warned about safe sex. All of the bases had been touched except one.
            We were all directed to sit in a circle in front of a big fire that Branden had going in the fireplace. We sat close with our bodies touching. A boy on each side of me and their fathers next to them "Boy's Branden and I have something to tell you. When we were just your age we started having sex with each other. We slept together every night until I got married and moved away. We still love each other and we have sex together two or three times every week." Six pie eyes stared at him as Branden leaned across and kissed him. "All right, dad it's your turn. Who's in your life?"
            "Everybody. I'm a sixty year old perv. I'm not sure but I picked up a youngster on the way down here and I think I might like to ask him to go home with me." I told them the whole story of Larry.
            Anthony stood up and said, "Come on. Let's go get him. If he is going to be a part of this family I want to meet him, I might meat him, you know, m_e_a_t him." We threw pillows at him then we headed to Richard's house.
            The front door was open and all of the lights were on. I knocked but received no response. I walked inside and called out. No answer. I headed deeper into the house when I heard them in the bedroom. What I saw there shocked me but made me jealous. Richard was shoving his large man cock up my boy's ass and Larry was loving it.
            I heard a gasp and a giggle and looked down. Two little boys were on either side of me looking in. Richard fired his load and got up. When he saw us standing there he went red and almost fell. Larry looked me in the eye and covered his face. I walked over to him and embraced him with a kiss to his cheek. He looked at me with tears running down his face. "Was it good?"
            He nodded. "I asked him to. The blanket slid off and he was hard and I was horny and I asked him to. Are you mad?"
            "Why should I be? You don't belong to me. I just gave you a ride." His face fell. "I came by to see if you wanted to go with me but you can stay here with Richard if you wish." Two arms wrapped around me and his hot lips locked on to mine.
            "I want to stay with you." Then in a quite little voice as if from a mouse, "forever if I could."
            Richard was right on it. "I can't have him here. I have had fun with him being here but he can't stay."
            "It looks like you had fun with him, you old pervert. If I didn't love you my friend, I would kill you. You fucked my boy. That's okay. I really do forgive you. I gave him a big hug. For the first time my grandsons were noticed. I introduced them and told them to take Larry to the van. I talked to Richard for a minute more as I assured him that I didn't care. They neither one forced themselves on the other so it was all cool He reminded me of what he thought of our years as friends and I left.
            On the way to Branden's house the boys were all over Larry. "What's it feel like. We have talked about it but doesn't it hurt?" They were very much more sexually aware than my generation was at their age and I wondered about my boy's generation. Where had my sons learned about gay sex at twelve and thirteen. Fucking women's libbers of the sixties and the damn free love that was propagated from them. Okay, they're liberated and our boys are queer. Oh, don't get me wrong. I believe in equal pay for equal work. I don't believe that when a man of impeccable qualifications comes against a woman with no experience what so ever that she should get the job. It is not a job by virtue of the pussy it is a job that needs to be done and a qualified person, whether it be male or female should do it.
            My suitcase was sitting by the front door when we arrived. The girls had come to get a change for Connie. Anthony suggested that we all get naked and gather round the fireplace. Branden appeared with blankets and pillows as three naked boys staked out their spot on the floor. "Hey, hold on here. No sleeping and no sex yet. We need to talk." Anthony was in control. We stretched out on the floor, even though they had to help me get down there. I was comfortable. I would endure the pain from hell to be a part of this, I hoped, circle jerk.
            The boys had never seen their dads naked. They didn't know about their dad's sexuality. The dads had not seen their sons naked for several years. Therefore, it seemed logical that we take time to explore our sons as we talked. I took Larry as they took their own. There was no sex but the old let me see yours and I'll show you mine. Cocks were lifted, butt holes explored. Foreskins manipulated, tonsils examined, and every inch of the body was closely examined as everyone learned about their partner.
            We all told our stories. My sons were lonesome and they missed me. My wife had made them feel like they should not and could not call me. They turned to each other. The first time was the night she had moved out of our house and into a one bedroom apartment. They had to sleep together for the first time since they started school. They rubbed up against each other and felt the hard dick of the other. They dropped their drawers and started exploring. Anthony had been masturbating about a month then and he showed Branden how to do it then they did each other. It progressed to oral after several months. They heard talk at school and tried it. They were fifteen and sixteen before it turned anal. That is when they knew that they were in love with each other. They vowed to appear straight and get married but that they would always be together. Angie knew about them before she was told. She had a gay brother and accepted him. She had ideas about Anthony but he was a way out of her very mentally abusive household. On a boy's night out Connie was devastated. She was sure she was losing her new husband of only two weeks. Angie spent the entire night educating Connie before quietly tuning her in. By the time Angie dropped the bomb Connie thought that this would be a perfect thing for brothers to do. She knew her own brothers had not been speaking for many years and she said if they would fuck each other they could be happy together. I had to admire these two girls. This was very twenty first century thinking ten years ahead of its time.
            Sean and Chris were born three hours apart, in the same hospital. They were brothers from the start. They grew up together. They never had anyone else baby sit them except the two aunts. They had been thrust together but they became fast friends when they were still rug rats. They cried when they had to be separated to go home at night. They got into the show me thing when they were ten and they liked the feeling they got when the other one jacked him off. They tried oral at eleven wen they first learned about it. They haven't moved to anal but they have been talking. Sean admitted to sticking his finger in his ass during masturbation and Chris wanted him to show him how.
            Larry made everybody in the room cry and we ended up in a dog pile on top of the youngster as we all fought to console him. He had known that he liked to look at men's dicks since he was seven or eight. He would put himself in places where he could see. He tried to play with a couple of his friends but they told his mother. His step dad came in and talked to him and he got naked. He made Larry feel him up while he spanked the bed and told Larry to yell and cry. At ten he took Larry to a friends house and he and his friend got naked and let Larry look and touch all he wanted. The friend took Larry's clothes off and played with the boy. He picked the little guy up and sucked his dick. Larry was in a lustful bliss. The man lay down and put Larry on top of him with his ass at the man's face and he proceeded to suck Larry's little shiter. Larry was gone. This was a pleasure he never imagined. The man had him suck his dick. He tried but choked on the big piece of meat. His step father came and sat beside him and helped Larry suck the dick by telling him how to do it. He was so far gone with the tongue in his tiny ass that he would do anything to keep this going. He managed to get almost all of the cock in his mouth when his step father picked him up. The two men held his legs apart as his step father lowered him onto his friends huge fuck stick. It hurt. He was screaming in pain. He was fighting to get away. When it had gone in all of the way they let go of him. He sat there and started to rise. That felt weird. He couldn't get up high enough to eject the turgid pole in his young ass so he settled down. That felt good. The men were smiling at him. He raised up again and it felt like he was shitting the biggest turd ever. Then he sat back down. A feeling of electricity shot through his body and he knew that he would never feel anything better.
            Now the men moved to the floor with Larry still impaled. Larry was placed on his back and his legs were brought up to the man's shoulders as he continued to fuck the little boy faster and faster. His step father fed his dick down Larry's mouth and began to fuck deep in his throat. Larry was a quick learner and raised his chin so that the cock would go into his throat with ease. He was getting fucked at both ends and he loved it. His body started shaking and he was feeling all weird when he shook and fell back relaxed. The men kept up their assault. Now Larry realizes that he had experienced his first orgasm, then he just knew it felt good. Both men shot loads of cum in him and he swallowed all he could get. Then the men changed positions and did him again. This continued for more than four years, with different men until he was loaded in the van to move on Christmas day.
            When his mother died Larry moved into his step father's bedroom and serviced the man day and night until he met and married some slut. She didn't want the competition of the boy and she sat about her plans to get rid of him. Those plans were worked out as they headed cross country and stopped at the truck stop where I met him.
            Branden called for a break. He asked if anybody may be horny or in need of some casual sex. I assured him that I for one would not be having casual sex. I told him I was ready to go after someone with full force. That seemed to be the way all of us felt so next came the pairing up. Again I spoke up, "I hate to be dominating things but I have an idea," I began. I asked my grandsons if they were interested in their fathers. It seems that they had fantasies in that direction. I asked my sons the same question about their sons. Again it was a secret desire. I told them that except for a cursory blow job in a truck stop shower I really didn't know Larry. I purposed that they each take their own son and I Larry and we get acquainted with them. We all paired off and kind of separated from the next couple and began our exploration of our boys bodies and their trip to man hood as they looked to see what manhood would do to them. Nobody was cut except Larry. I didn't want my sons mutilated and I had told them why when we had the talk when they were young. They carried on with that and did not have their sons cut. I like the natural look and feel of an uncut cock. And I find them so much more receptive and sensitive to my sucking action.
            Now I may not have mentioned this more than a few times yet. I am older and diabetic. I don't snap to attention as fast as I did just ten years earlier. I had been for the most part flaccid the entire evening. Larry was licking my balls and perineum as he slowly stroked my cock to new heights. "Holy shit. Look at that." Chris sat with his hands over his mouth staring at me. "I'm sorry, daddy. I know I'm not supposed to cuss." He pointed at me.
            "Holy shit." Branden said as he sat up. "It's okay this time son. That even caught me."
            "I thought you were uncircumcised dad." Anthony had hold of my cock moving it around.
            "I am, son. I just have a hard on. The skin pulls back tight when I get a full blown hard on. It was when I got like this that your mother became a sex manic. I don't get this hard very often and this is the first time since my fiftieth birthday. I was horny as hell that day and I did a marathon fist fuck. I set my record that day, I got off twelve times in nine hours. I was so sore and raw that I couldn't even touch it to pee. I had to sit down for three days." Everybody got a laugh out of that.
            "Now I know why mom always said you were a monster in bed and you hurt her," Branden said.
            Chris had a cloth measuring tape from his mother's sewing kit and wrapped it around my dick. Six and a half inches. The length was a full ten and a half inches.. I cried with happiness. I told them that it was because of the company. I told them that my dick was only nine and a half by six. But when I was super hard it almost burst its' skin confines. I pointed out the burgeoning blood vessels that crisscrossed my dick. They each had a good feel. There was no sponginess to it. I was as hard as steel. I told them that it was extremely painful and I really needed to work it down and quickly or I was afraid that it really would burst. I asked them if they wanted to rush me to the hospital with an exploded dick and all of them covered in my blood. Larry grabbed me and bless his heart he kept at it until he had every bit of me in his precious mouth I pulled him around to lie on top of me as we sucked each other's being into our bodies.
            The first round didn't last near long enough. Within ten minutes all of us had our protein drink and were busy swapping it back and forth with its donor in a passionate kissing orgy. Larry whispered to me that he wanted to get fucked. My cock was only half hard. He told me he was glad because he was sure that I would kill him with the monster but he did want to try that sometime. I asked the others if they would mind if the two of us went anal or should we wait. I told them that I did not want to corrupt the morals of my precious grandsons. They wanted us to go on most of all. They were anxious about anal sex and they both said that they wanted their dads to break them in tonight.
            That being said I decided to demonstrate how to break a virgin's ass in. I put Larry on his back and I got between his legs and had him put them up over my shoulders. I spread his hairless crack and I moved in. He had never been rimmed and he was loving it. He pulled his knees back to his shoulders to give me better access and everybody could see my tongue against his flattened buttocks. I worked a finger into his ass as I asked Branden if he had any sex lube. I told him anything slick but I would prefer to avoid Crisco or Vaseline as they didn't wash off too easily. He came back with an open tube and a new tube of KY jelly. I removed my finger and put an inch long smear of the jell onto two fingers and worked them in and around then in and out. They could see that I was spreading my fingers apart as I went. I told them that even at six inches my cock was going to be bigger than my fingers were and it was going to hurt him. I wanted him as loose as possible before penetrating him for some serious anal copulation.
            Anthony and Branden were remembering their first few times and how much it hurt so good. We all got a chuckle out of that one as I made Larry arch his back when three fingers went in. I finger fucked him for several minutes making careful not to hit his prostate. It was no good. I could feel his cock swelling in my hand so I dove down on it just as he fired off a massive load. I came up and wiped my mouth with the back of my hand and said, "Mmmmm, that's good enough to eat. Cream of Some Young Guy. The best soup never canned."
            Larry had been fucked before. Just a few short hours ago by my friend Richard. While Richard was no where as large as me he still had an impressive tool up my boys ass. I knew that Larry could take me and love it so I decided to go one more step with him to make it easier and I worked my pinky finger into the mix. His eyes went wide but he was telling me to come on. He wanted to get fucked. He had just cum but he wanted cock in the butt. I accommodated him. I got on my knees and moved up to the mark. We all noticed that my foreskin was still retracted. The blood vessels were not as pronounced as before but I was still on super length. I wiped some KY on my cock and pushed forward. Larry wiggled uncomfortably as my massiveness invaded him. I paused. He smiled at me. Finally I pushed in a little then stopped. I explained to my kids what I was doing and why. They murmured their acknowledgment while keeping their eyes glued to the operation. When Larry told me he was ready I pulled back and then went back in with a little more then pulled back and in one more time before halting. By this time I had two little heads blocking my view as the two little ones had moved to either side of Larry and gotten up for a close up view.
            I asked if everyone was ready and the boys all three said they were so I laughed and pushed all the way in causing Larry to cry out in pain. I told the little ones to think hard and fast about what was going on. I assured them that they had never experienced pain like what Larry was feeling and they would feel if they let their dads do this to them. My sons are well equipped with more than eight inches each. I wanted to get that tape measure on everybody before this night was over.
            Larry was relaxed and I started moving. He started moaning. He told the boys not to let me scare them. It always hurts at first but the pleasure that comes while doing it is beyond mere words. I fucked him with long slow strokes. The boys moved in front of their dads and spread their cheeks. Wow I wish that I could dive in there. My sons done me proud. They got in those old poop shoots and licked those little fuckers like fine expensive candies. It took less than ten minutes and every boy in the house was speared. Larry started the sex talk first. I'm not used to that. I have never had anyone actually talk dirty to me like he did but it kind of lit a fire under my ass, so to speak.
            Larry was a bad influence on my innocent little grandsons. In moments I was hearing, "fuck me daddy. Make me your bitch. Cram that baby maker in my boy pussy." These were phrases I had read were said but I never heard them and I took exception to the phrase "boy pussy". These boys were my men and not some garden variety slut. I would have a thing to say about this when the pleasure was over. I managed to make the pleasure linger. Larry fired off three hot loads of his sweet jism before I was done. The other boys each got off. They were amazed that they could cum with out stroking or touching. We fell over in exhaustion and Larry moved in to clean my cock as I licked his perfect offering from his torso. My family all agreed that we were kinky but they wanted to learn to be kinky too.
            Snoring sounds soon filled the room. I got up and walked outside to get some fresh air. When I was younger sex would put me to sleep. If I couldn't sleep I would jack off and crash right out. Anymore it wakes me up. I can go to bed so tired I can hardly hold my eyes open. I'll jack off the tension of the day and get up and watch tv for a few hours. It's weird how age changes the body. Things I used to take for granted I find hard to do. Such as getting up off the floor. I have to crawl over to a chair or something and pull myself up. I guess the worst part is the crazy hair thing. I have hair in places that hair never grew before. My ears, my nose, my eyebrows. Wow, now there is something. I have to cut my eyebrows every other day or they get really shaggy. My hair is falling out of my head. It is thin but I don't have any bald spots. I reasoned that if it gets any thinner I would just let my eyebrows grow and do a comb over. Donald Trump should listen. A strong pair of arms encircled me from the rear. Branden whispered in my ear, "I have the most wonderful dad in the world and I have not told him so. Please forgive me." I turned to him and we kissed, deeply.
            As we pulled away another hand touched my shoulder, "My turn." I kissed Anthony. Branden took the cover off of his hot tub which I hadn't even noticed and started the jets. Anthony and I walked over and climbed in. "What's your poison?"
            Anthony told him he'd take dad's usual drink. Branden disappeared and came back in a few minutes. I was curious as to what this was. Branden handed each of us a twenty four ounce glass of rum and coke with a half lime squeezed in it. I looked at them. "When we were little you always made a rum and coke with a twist when you sat down to watch the news. If we had company that is what you always asked for. Mom used to drink them too. You both liked rum and coke. I don't drink much but when I do I always remember you.
            Daddy, can you forgive us? Wait, let me tell you why. I'm sure you have wondered I have wondered. I messed up my whole life because of jealousy and I have caused my kids to miss out on knowing the greatest man I know. Angie and I had an argument one night. You are the one I always turned to when I was hurt. I came to your house. I used my key and I came in. You and that boy that you were living with were in your bed, naked with the covers on the floor. I mean, even in the moonlight I could tell this was a sex scene. I could smell your cum in the air. Hell, Bran and I had been doing it so much that I know that smell. That boy had your dick in his mouth and you were both asleep. I was so hurt that I just left. I laid rubber all the way up the street, I was so mad.
            I went to mom's and got Bran out of bed and took him for a ride. I told him what I had seen. I told him that you loved this stranger more than you loved us. You never did that with us and we wanted you too. We used to imagine what it would be like to be with you but after that night I didn't want anything to do with you, ever again. We would talk on the phone. You always call on our birthdays or Christmas. I would remember what I saw and that picture burned a hole in my brain. Dad why didn't you love me, or Bran?"
            "I did. Oh son, I did. I was so ashamed of what I was. I hit you with the Bible constantly as I prayed that I would be able to keep my hands off of you. I was so scared that I might corrupt you and make you into what I was. I prayed God to protect you from me and to keep you away from me so that I would not violate the very thing in my life that was good, just, and beautiful. You two are the only thing I ever did of which I am proud. Do you hear me? Not of which I was proud but of which I am proud. I have never loved anyone or anything more than you two. I have always thought that you were unattainable. You have no idea how much I pray for you and how often I cry myself to sleep over your absence from my life. I moved away from here because I can't take knowing that you are right here in town and can't even sit down to a quick lunch with you. I... "
            That was it. I was bawling. Not just crying but chest jerking sobs wracked my body with loud guttural moanings. I thought it was somebody else making all of the noise when I finally began to come around then I was embarrassed. "So how do we make it better? Can we become one big family now?"
            I told them about Clive. How he caught me jacking off and how our life got started. I told him of the friendship and love we had and what he had done for me. Then I told them about Connor and his love for me. I could tell that with each new layer of the story that they were more and more hurt. I then told them about Larry. "I don't know what to do with him. I want to help him but do I need another complication in my life?" I told them that I was going to take him home with me and I was going to try to find out who he was and have his step father thrown in prison. They were worried that I might open myself up to trouble if the law got involved.
            We got out of the hot tub and went inside. Branden invited us to his king sized bed. He turned the lights on in his bedroom and the girls had left us a surprise. They had made the bed up and put three chocolate mints on three condoms on the three pillows. A simple card said, "with all of our love to all that we love." We put the condoms on the dresser and got into bed. For the first time the three of us fucked and sucked each other. They were wonderful sex partners and I told them they were to old for me and they told me I was to old for them so we had a ball, each others.
            Monday was a holiday because New Years day was on a weekend but my sons had to work anyway. I wanted to spend time with the boys. A day out with granddad had never happened and they thought it would be great. I told the boys that this was our first outing so it should be a special day of doing things like any grand father would and his beautiful grandsons would do. I suggested that we go to the zoo and then we could walk around the lake and they could feed the little duckies. I was thrown to the floor and unmercifully tortured for several days.
            A few minutes later I made the suggestion of pizza and a movie. They hung their heads and scuffed their feet but agreed, since it was the first time. I was in paradise. I had the three most beautiful boys in the world and they were all mine. Larry looked like one of the family himself. The boys had an uncanny resemblance and I could see their fathers features displayed prominently in each of them. Larry seemed to be a blend of the of them.
            We chose Peter Piper Pizza because they had the best video games. Their pizza wasn't bad either, it was cheap. The boys challenged each other and had a great time. I was so glad to see them getting along. I was having serious misgivings about what to do with Larry but it seemed as if he was accepted by my family.
            We wanted to make the twelve thirty showing of Polar Express so we got out of there and headed to the theater. They all liked the movie well enough but really wanted more action. The only action movie playing was Blade 3 and I'm not quite up to that kind of movie. I don't like monsters and vampires, it's a Christian thing. Meet the Fockers was playing so we snuck into that theater. I have been doing this since multi screen theaters came along. I will sit through three or four movies in one afternoon, not a Christian thing. It is a cheap diversion and takes my mind away from my real life which until recently shouldn't be lived by a cock roach.
            De Niro and Hoffman were hilarious. Either actor is worth the price of admission but together they were much more than I expected. The most pleasing part of the movie was that my three young companions really enjoyed it. It was time to go and the boys spotted the arcade. I told them that it sounded like fun but I had a cum deficiency and I really needed a thick tube to insert three or six loads into my body. They giggled and decided it was time to hurry home. It was just four when we got back to Branden's. We had all decided to keep our activities there. Jennifer was sweet but she was a socsh. She would be devastated to learn that her brother was a fag and her cousin too? "My god, what will my friends say. Why...I'll be ruined. No one will ever talk to me." We stayed over here. We used Branden's bed. It was just so much easier on me than the floor. My precious grandsons wanted to ride my little pony. I had my apprehensions. We finally struck upon a plan that would really please me and satisfy their itch. Since they were near virgins they needed to build up, so to speak, to the big boy. I suggested that I sixty nine them as Larry opened them with his seven inch tool. Then I would do them using his cum as a lube in their opened and primed hole.
            Oh, I was in heaven for sure. I really love getting a balls eye view of a cock going in to a tight ass. When that tight ass belongs to someone I truly love down deep in my soul and the cock belongs to a person so dear to me as Larry was becoming...I was in fag paradise. Sean was the first. He worked hard. He had my entire granddaddy hood down his tiny little twelve year old throat, and he was bobbing as if he liked it. Larry was hitting new and virgin territory as he speared the tiny rectum at his mercy. Sean was moaning and humming on my dick giving me great sensations. I was doing everything I could to hold back the cum. I was grateful when he began to cum. He nearly drowned me. I had no idea a boy that young and that small could produce so much boy juice, especially in light of the previous evenings marathon fuck and suck.
            Larry pulled out and I pulled Sean's ass to my face and began to retrieve my desert. Chris sucked Larry clean as they nursed each other waiting their turn. Sean, sufficiently reduced to a quivering blob of gelatin rolled to his back. I asked him if he was ready and he nodded and pulled his little legs back. I took my time and entered slowly. It took me five minutes or more to get to the bottom of things but I had me one happy boy on the end of my fishing pole. The fisherman had got him a keeper. I began to fuck my prize. He began to fuck back. This boy was a fucking machine and he loved cock. His sex talk made Larry blush. I rode his little ass and shoved his guts up under his lungs as I made room for daddy, or a grand granddaddy.
            He was screaming, "Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh, fuck me hard you bastard. Make me your bitch. Love me like a daddy. Yessss, it cccccuuuuuuummmmmmmmsssssssss." He shot a load clean over the top his head and it dripped down the head board of the bed. It was a massive shot and much thicker than I would have considered. This boy was fast becoming a man child. I fired off a few rounds of my own as we ended our union. I would have continued all day.
            I pulled out an rolled aside to practice a new thing called breathing. I have recently discovered that air in the lungs revitalizes a person in a marvelous way. Larry was on me in an instant as he cleaned my tool and I emptied his. Chris cleaned my load from his cousin and we all lay there for a half an hour. I was glad that I would be going home tonight. I was going to be a hollow bag of bones with the amount of juice and energy I was expending. But first there was Chris and I wanted to give him just the same amount of pleasure that Sean had experienced. I closed my eyes and willed my body to recover. I guess it worked because I could feel Larry nursing a hard cock and I had a burst of energy overtake me. I got Larry off and he was happy again. I let him relax for a moment knowing that he had those great youthful recovery attributes. He didn't disappoint me. He was at attention much sooner than I expected. I kissed his cut cock head. And tapped Chris on his ass.
            Chris got on top of me and let his beautiful four and a half inch penis slide into my hungry lips. He tasted so fresh and sweet. Yeah Larry had been sucking him for the larger part of the last half hour and had added his own flavor there. To me the mix was perfect and made me all the more ready to do my duty to my grandson. I spread his legs and buried my nose in his little ball sack. I got a good long sniff of his precious sweaty crack and I was anxious to get my face in there but first I wanted his juice.
            Chris was horned up after watching Sean and me. He was working my dick like a starving man at a smorgasbord. He was on it. He was licking it like an all day sucker. He had my balls in his little mouth. He had his tongue under my foreskin. He was on it, again. He knew what he liked and he went for it. I had ninety six pounds of firm, muscular, horny boy plowing my mouth with his hard little nail. He was hitting me with such force that he was vibrating my ocular implants that had been inserted after cataract surgery two years ago. He sucked a load out of me. I hadn't expected it and it seemed to come from no where but cum it did, by the buckets full. The tiny lad held on trying to get every drop when he let loose his own sweet nectar. Sweet is an understatement. I really wished that I could have these boys in my life often. I was homesick for my own family and I was in bed with half of it. Well maybe a third but I wasn't about to bed my daughters in law.
            I had to recover before I could ride Chris. He made the wait fun as I feltched Larry's load from his wonderful ass hole. There is something about young Chris that is extra special. I had a better feelings about him than any boy I have ever sucked and I was so looking forward to plowing in his fertile field.
            I took the position between his legs and pushed forward. My cock hit bottom with no resistence what so ever. I had tried to go slow but it was as if I was poking empty air. I looked into his face as he beamed up at me. "That's where you belong and I want to keep you there forever." His rectal muscles seemed to close around me and adjust themselves to my size. When he got a grip on it I was locked in. I couldn't believe how tight his ass actually was. I began my fuck and his sex talk was soft and sweet. Loving words poured from his mouth inviting me to love him. He didn't want to be fucked he wanted loving and I did everything I knew how to give him that.
            He raised his shoulders from the bed to pull himself closer to me. I wrapped my arms around him and cuddled him close as our tongues entwined. I was giving him long, slow, strong, sensuous strokes with the aim of pure love in them. He was enjoying it. He was riding me and telling me how much he loved me and scolding me for not being there for him as a youngster. He promised me that he would be the best boy I could ever have if I would be there for him from now on. He was tearing my heart out. I was falling head over heals in serious love and I didn't know what to do.
            I cursed myself and my fucked up life. "How could I have done this to myself?" I wondered. All of this was right here, all of the time and I had messed it up. Then I had gone and complicated it by moving away and getting involved with someone else just for the lust of it. My little head had ruled my life and it had fucked me up royal. I had to let go of the one thing that I knew was best for me so that I could return to an obligation I felt I had to others who loved me just as well.
            Chris released his load on our bellies lubricating our actions as I gave him all of my love in another intense orgasm that just about did me in. I started coughing and gasping for breath as my overtaxed body revolted against all I had done to it during the last forty eight hours. The boys panicked as I tried to calm them and get my breath at the same time. Finally back in control we split in to two couples and got our showers. The boys went to Chris's bathroom while Larry and I used Branden's. I was out of it but I held Larry and stroked him to a sensual hand job. Sated I asked him to wash me with his special water. We hosed each other's lower extremities with golden water then washed clean and got dressed.
            We were all in the living room when Branden walked in. We had picked up the house and put everything to normal, made the beds and washed the dishes. He was pleased. He told us that we were going out for a steak dinner. I loaded up my car and met them and Anthony at my favorite steak house in town. We had a nice, leisurely dinner then I told them I needed to head home. I had to work the next morning and I needed a good nights sleep. I gave everybody a long passionate kiss. More than a fatherly kiss. Many people stared but I heard favorable comments that some wished their families had more love like that.
            I even slipped Jennifer the tongue. She jerked back and looked at me then smiled and came back. It was a more abbreviated version that her brother and dad got but she returned it. I chuckled and told her if she was a boy I would swat her ass but since that wasn't the way to treat a lady I kissed her hand. She blushed and swooned. She was a charmer. Pity the boy she aims those charms at. I pulled out of the parking lot at eight thirty and Larry and I headed west on the interstate.

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What do you think, should Carl stay with what he has. Should he take in Larry.
What about his sons and grandsons. How will he handle all of this? 2005 promises to be a very different new year.
Tune in for the next chapter to learn what will become of our hero.

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