Connor's Gift 5


Does your mother know you're reading this shit?

Warning: This story is PORNO. I have tried my hand at friction, now I'm trying fiction. This story contains vivid descriptions of sexual activity between men and teen boys. It contains no truth, partial truth, or half truth. What it does contain is stroking material. If this kind of story turns you off, please find something else.
The author does not encourage or condone sex between adults and underage children.

If you are underage, or this is illegal where you are, then please go away. If you're under 18, Adios come back when it is legal for you to read this smut. If you lied about your age in order to access this story, remember this is our story. Life doesn't always work out like a story.

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Larry didn't disappoint me. He was one crazy lover. I spent a night soaking up cum like a sponge. I had no idea any one boy could produce so much. He was determined to beat my twelve shots in nine hour personal record that I had told the boys about yesterday.

Yesterday. Wow, it already seems so far away. I have it good here but I want my kids too.

Larry and I got home before eleven. We stood in the shower for a half an hour. It's a good thing I have lots of hot water available. He told me that he wanted to cum twelve times before we got out of bed the next morning. I told him that I would love to watch and eat the fruits of his labors. "Ya got it, lover," he proclaimed. We started with a simple sixty nine, an all time favorite of mine. He didn't go soft so I kept doing him and was quickly rewarded with shot two.

I was trying to pace myself. There is no way that I was going to compete with a fourteen year old horn dog. We continued to lay there and I rimmed him as he quietly nursed on my distended joint. I got a rise out of him and took him down my gullet and let him ride at his own pace. I knew I was going to have a sore throat for a month but I love a big cock sliding in and out of my mouth and when it is long enough to go deep like Larry's seven incher I was in fag heaven.

He managed three loads before he had to nap awhile. Not fifteen minutes after number three he woke up needing to pee. I decided to go for broke and held on to him. I had done it with Connor, I thought I would try and receive. I braced myself. I hate to vomit. I told him what I wanted to try. "Kinky. I love you. I have done that before and it is neat. I've never peed before but I have drank it lots of times. My step father has this one friend that is only sixteen and he likes for me to drink it. He even pees in my butt after he fucks me." This was more than I thought I wanted to know so I told him to do it before I chickened out. I was afraid of what else he might have done with the bunch he was brutalized by.

He still lay on top of me and his cock was half hard. I felt the flow coming and I took him as deep as possible and let it go straight down my throat. I never tasted it and only barely smelled it when I let out all of the air I had been holding in. Finished he told me he was ready. I rolled over so it would go down and he would miss less and not mess up the bed. I just didn't have the energy to change sheets. I let go. I can't say that I have ever really enjoyed a piss that much. He actually sucked it out of me using my dick as a straw. This is the first time in a long time that I didn't have to pee when I finished peeing. Enlarged prostate, don't you know. I hate getting old. I guess it beats the alternative.

I had not bobbed his knob so while I was there I let him relax and I worked the old neck muscles over good and bounced on that boy's big boy member. I was remembering how much I really liked sucking cock. This kid was doing a number on me. In short order we had climax four and we hadn't been at it an hour. I was, however, quite exhausted and I fell to the bed and slept. Around one I woke up to a beautiful sensation of Larry tongue bathing my nether region. I loved to do that to boys now I was finding out how much pleasure it actually brought them. I have never had an experienced boy in my bed. This was a treat. If I could last till morning... Then it came to me. Can I endure this every night?

I took hold of him and jacked his mighty cut cock. He was flowing pretty freely considering he had done four shots just over an hour earlier. I know that most boys need lube of some sort when it comes to jacking a cut cock so I was careful to catch as much of his private stock as possible and encircle his glans with it. He never complained so I continued. This was another first. Getting to lay with his cock against my face as I watched it geyser it's life's juices to the stratosphere. I watched as the thick, creamy concoction arched its' way high and fell too his chest and belly. I suckled the last remaining shots and all of the dribbles then licked his taught thin frame clean.

I awaited his next move. He snored. I joined him. At six he was raring to go. He had mounted me and was facing me stroking himself as he fed his ass my dick. He was close. I told him to get it all in my mouth. He moved toward me and I swallowed his giant nipple and nursed. He went back to his anal menstruations and rode my rampant cock. He rode me slowly. In short order he pulled up and gave me another hot shot. Wow, number seven. I was ready to blow so I went with the flow as he got back in position and moved a massive load out of me. He sensed my impending climax and moved away to take me into his mouth. He licked me clean and drained me completely.

I told him I had to piss, bad. He clamped on. The tank was drained but he still nursed. I told him to feed me. He gave me his flaccid cock and I nursed it back to health. I had shots eight and nine before seven in the morning. I was up and ready. I had not felt the amount of energy that was raging in my body since, since.....yesterday with my grandsons. What has happened to my body. Maybe it was correct. An old queer tried to get me to feed him my juice back in my straight days. He told me that a youngster's cum kept an old man young. And an old man's cum made a youngster hung. Well I was feeling much younger and when I counted I had taken more than twenty loads from my sons, grandsons, and Larry this last weekend and here I already had nine more and counting.

I got on my knees and penetrated his alimentary canal. His tight rectal muscles showed no sign of damage considering the abuse that it had suffered at the hands of his protector, his step father. Was I any different, though? Here I am. I pick him up, supposedly to protect him and I bring him home and continue the abuse. Lawdy, what a tight ass. I fired a huge volley up his stern. His cock twitched and jettisoned a few drops of pearly white droplets which I had to immediately lick up for what I would be willing to call number ten. I think he is finished. He was asleep, or so I thought. For as soon as I lay down he took my cum and butt juice covered cock into his automatic washer of a mouth and suctioned it clean. He nursed me as he slept. I did the same.

I was wide awake. I lay there looking at this perfect little child, all alone, abandoned, unloved but loving and giving. What was I going to do. It didn't hurt that he had a nice big dick. Can you say, size queen? I have never been in too children. I like a young boy of fourteen or fifteen with a long thick cock. It must have lots of cream sauce and its' owner must be willing to give it up. I like reciprocation but it isn't always forth coming. I have sucked fifty cocks to one before someone will go down on me. Of course I get frustrated. I call it a cum and run. He cums, zips, and leaves. I stroke with memories. Some of them will lie there and let me nurse while I stroke and a few have even been decent enough to stroke for me. I had one youngster for seven years that would lay on top of me and face fuck me then he would stroke me and wipe my cum all over my body. He came to my bed every night wanting his, then he would get up, shower, alone, and get in bed in the other room. I loved the kid and I put up with it. He had a terrible home life and he escaped by coming to me. I took advantage of it and him.

I was reckless with that boy. I would pick him up at school and blow him in the front seat of the car right there in the parking lot of the school We would pull into an alley, in broad daylight and he would pull down his pants and stick his naked butt up for all the world to see as I nudged his little teat for a treat. I have often praised the Lord that we weren't caught. I would never get out of jail. That was a rough time for me. It was after Clive left. After my sons abandoned me and when I didn't think I had a friend in the world. I wonder if I didn't have a secret desire to be caught so that I could be put out of my misery. Clive and my sons have turned my life and my desires around in just one short week and now I have a purpose in life. I have so many options that I don't know which way to go. I'm glad that I never took the coward's way out of this life. I have found out that I do have someone who cares and cares deeply.

Larry's cock was bouncing with his heart beat so I lay down and nursed it. Surprisingly it came to life again. I didn't want to stroke him. I was sure that he was sensitive after ten cums in eight hours. He fired off a strong load. He caught me off guard and I choked. He awakened as I licked up the remains of his latest endeavors. He turned into me and sucked me. Within half an hour he had me off again and I received number twelve. I was so proud of him it is hard to tell which of us was happier. Twelve hot loads of boy cum in eight hours and fifty minutes, albeit number ten was just a few drops in the bucket. I know I was tired and I just watched.

We hit the showers. I had a shop to open. I fixed us a breakfast of oatmeal and toast with juice and milk. We talked a bit about finding a way to get him into school and we needed to get clothes. I called Clive to cover for me so we could shop but there was no answer. I hoped he would stop in early enough that I could get away.

I opened shop at nine and the Sheriff's car was sitting out front. Our local deputy got out and headed for the door. I opened it up. "Hi, Mike. What's happening?"

"I need a new knife. I broke mine during a rescue last night."

"Got the pieces? It's guaranteed for life." He came in.

"Uncle Mike? Uncle Mike, it is you." A skinny bag of bones skinned over to look like a boy hit the officer so hard he stumbled backwards.

"Larry Hodges. What the hell are you doing here?" I took the two to my kitchen table and made a pot of coffee. Two more deputies joined them as I sat on my stool behind the two way mirror and listened while watching the shop.

Deputy Mike was Larry's father's brother. He was a rookie cop in Dallas and moved here six years ago. He had been on the force in Dallas a year when he came up on a horrible scene. A woman was screaming obscenities and kicking at a corpse laying in the front seat of a Cadillac. She had bit the man's dick off and it lay on the street. He lay on the seat of his car and bled out. Soon after Mike arrived he got her to sit down. She was totally covered in blood. She leaned against a wall and died.

No one had realized. She had three gunshot wounds to her stomach. Witness's told the story. She was a shim. Yeah, you got it. A transvestite, cross dressing, prostitute. The john had tried to rob her while she was sucking his dick. He stuck a gun in her gut and told her to give up her money. She bit him. He shot. She bit him off. He shot twice more. She beat him and kicked him as he lay there bleeding to death. That is when Mike arrived.

That cinched it for Mike. He left town and answered an add for deputies here at five thousand a year more than he made there and not a third as much trouble.

Larry told him how he came to be here. Mike told him that he was sorry. He had worried about him but his mother had a restraining order against him and he couldn't go near him. He had been molested for several years by the step father and his buddies. He tried to bring charges but he was over sixteen and was legal in Texas. The laws had only been changed in the last few years but they weren't retroactive so he couldn't get the son of a bitch for what they had done to him.

He knew the step father, Pete Long. "Peter Long. Was he?" I piped in. They caught my joke and laughed, courteously. He was tall and skinny, what many in Texas called a long drink of water.

Larry said, "yeah he had a vanity plate for his van, 'LNG WTR'." Mike jumped up and ran out to his car. He came back with a pocket sized spiral notebook. He flipped through it. He had seen the van at the truck stop on the county line. They were pulling a U-Haul. Larry said that had been them. Mike's radar had gone up when he saw the vehicle but he didn't have anything on it. He just made a note of the vehicle in his notebook.

Now he had a reason to go after Long Water Pete. Mike took Larry's hands in his and looked the boy in the eye. "Did Pete do anything sexual to you anywhere in this state?"

"Yeah, when we got to the truck stop he took me by the hand and drug me into a handicap toilet. He made me suck him then he had me bend over the toilet and he fucked me. He told me to shit it out and clean myself up cause his wife didn't like the smell of our having sex. He left me there. When I came out he was gone."

"Oh, he's gone alright. He raped a minor under fifteen in the state of Arizona. He'll get a minimum of twelve years for each count." He went out to his car and got on the radio. One of the deputies at the table had his radio on and we could hear Mike. He quietly turned it off.

Mike came back in as a customer entered. I went out front and took care of business. I was with the customer for almost an hour. The two deputies left. Mike and Larry came out to talk to me. "I'm going to have to take Larry with me. Do you want to try to get foster care of him?"

I let Larry answer. I told him that he could find out who was and be with family that cared about him. He was welcome to stay or he could come visit. Either way it was his decision to make. He teared up and rushed to me. With his arms around me he cried. We held on for several minutes then he told me how thankful he was to me for rescuing him. He told me how much fun he had all weekend and that he wanted to be my special friend and wanted to see me often but he really loved Mike and wanted to go with him. Secretly relieved I graciously voiced my wishes for his happiness and told him that he was a special one with me and on a scale of one to ten he would always be a twelve. He giggled and blushed. He got my hidden message.

Mike took my hand. "You have been a generous and caring man and I am so glad that you found my main man here. I am a deputy sheriff sworn to keep the laws of the state. If I find that anyone, friend, relative or stranger has had sex with a minor I have to arrest them. I have a deep love for you and I can see that Larry does too. I don't want to know. I never want to know. He can come and stay over with you anytime he pleases and I will always be there for him." With that the left.

I stood outside and waved as they drove away. Larry was in the front by his uncle. He turned in his seat and waved at me. I had mixed tears in my eyes. I was happy for him. I was glad it worked out and he was safe. I was thankful that he wasn't going to be an obstacle in what I felt I had to do with Clive. I was sad that I would have to leave Connor. I turned to go back inside as Clive and Penny drove in.

Penny came bubbling out of the car and gave me a hug. "We have the best news." She was pulling me inside as Clive held the door open. Clive locked the door and put the closed sign in the window then pulled down the shades.

"Would you like to go back home? All of us. Back home." I looked at him and nodded in a quasi daze. "I sold the store. I sold it for a fortune. We get to keep the web site. I only sold the store. Penny has the real news for you, you old reprobate. He grabbed me and kissed me. I love you, old man. I really, really do."

Penny had come from her office where she had just signed a five year contract for fifty thousand dollars a year plus expenses. She would be traveling the Southwest and Northern Mexico verifying map topography. She was a computer aided topographer. She drew maps on the computer. They wanted her based in our old town so that she could have access to an international

airport and easy driving range of the covered area. I didn't hurt that this was the site of their home office either.

Clive had been approached before Thanksgiving about selling out and he had hesitated because of me. When Penny got this transfer this morning he had contacted the buyer and told him about our Christmas season. The man was very interested and increased his offer. He was coming by in a minute with his accountant to look at our books. Now we could all go home and live in one big house together. He was giving me a third of the proceeds because I had built the business. In my heart I was thinking now I could be with all of my family. I smiled.

Someone was knocking on the door. Clive got up. He came back in a few minutes with a man I had seen in here often. He was one of the perverts I had run off. He had a suit with him. The suit was a total geek. Horn rimmed glasses, brief case, three piece suit and bow tie. This is 2004, who wears bow ties?

I brought the lap top to the kitchen table and plugged in the LAN cable so that we could access all of the business. The geek, the buyers CPA, checked out everything. When he got to today's business he looked at his watch then turned the screen to his client.

"It's only ten o'clock and you sold ten thousand nineteen hundred and twelve dollars worth of merchandise today?"

"Yes, a man has a store just over the state line and he can't get supplied. He needed to refresh his inventory and he wants to sign an contract for us to supply him."

"He is out of state. The state line is over a hundred miles in any direction. He won't be competition for this store then will he?" Poor Clive was bouncing in his seat.

"No. I told him that we would only sell to him if we put a clause in the contract forbidding him to sell within one hundred miles of this location."

They went into negotiations with Clive and a deal was struck. A check was written and I was given thirty days to move out of the store. Then the man looked at me. "Nobody knows about the microphones you have out there do they. I asked Clive about it and he seemed in the dark. Was that your idea?"

"Sir, we cater to innocent young boys. Fodder for fruits. I have an obligation to them to protect them on these premises. The microphones are one of my tools."

"What do you do with the tapes?"

"I have video and still pictures as well as audio tapes stored in case they are needed."

"Is this security system part of what I just bought or is it separate?"

"All the equipment is mine."

"Do you want to sell it and all of your tapes?" We reached a very lucrative deal for my meager investment. He didn't want his tape to get out. I gave him his tape privately so as not to cause embarrassment. He gave me a nice five figure check. Then they left. I walked over to the cabinet and brought back a memory stick and plugged it in to the USB port of the lap top. Penny, Clive and I listened to his very disgusting proposition to a fifteen year old regular customer.

Clive and Penny looked at me as I erased the stick and dropped it in my shirt pocket. I picked up my cell phone and called Anthony. I explained that my business had been sold and I would be returning to town within the week. Did he know of rental property in the area. He told me to call him back on Branden's phone. He said that they were having coffee together right then and he wanted us to talk together.

I called back from the business phone so we all could hear. Bran had us on a speaker phone also. I told the boys that Clive and Penny were here with me listening in. I told them that we had just sold the business effective today. I had done an end of year inventory last Friday and all we had to do was let the buyer sign off on it and he owned the business. I had no need to stay so I would head on home and try to find a place for Clive and his family to live. I told them that Penny had to be to work there tomorrow, Wednesday so she would be in a motel until we could find them a home.

Bran spoke up. It seems that he is the thinker and the mover of my two boys. "Clive, my name is Brenden. I am Carl's oldest son. I know that you are a close and personal friend of my father and I have made that necessary by my own actions. I guess, to hear my father rant and rave about you this past weekend that he considers you family. If you are his family you will be my family. I want to meet you and get to know you.

Why don't all of you drive down here today or tomorrow and let me show you something that I think you will like." I told him that as soon as inventory was complete we could leave. Penny has to be there tomorrow so we would come tonight. He told us we would stay at his place tonight and he would see us when we got there.

The buyer was back in an hour. I was packing my dishes and personal shit in boxes. He and a man with him did a quick walk through. They went over my inventory and signed off on it. I gave him keys and told him I would be out by the weekend. I called Clive and told him it was done and we could leave. He came by with the boys and Penny in their little car and the boys climbed into mine as we headed south again.

We got to Branden's about three thirty. I parked across the street so that Connie could get in their drive and we walked across to Brenden's house. He met us in the yard. I introduced everybody around as Anthony joined us.

Bran began, "Dad, Clive, I have a smaller three bedroom house across the street that I just bought and am in the process of remodeling." he pointed to the house where we had parked, "If you want to help me we can have it ready in a few weeks and they can move in there. For the interim they can stay in the back bedroom and family room. There is a kitchen in the family room and plenty of room for them for a month or so, if necessary.

Dad, that will leave you sleeping with Chris. He has a big room and would welcome you as his quest." I was overwhelmed. He led us into the house under construction. He had removed the carpet and the walls had just been painted. He was redoing the kitchen and both bathrooms. The house was large and had a nice yard. I knew Penny would like that. She has dogs and cats, rats, and birds and even a lizard. As they looked around Bran took me outside to the front porch and shut the door.

"What did you do to my son, old man?" He had a stern look on his face and he was staring straight into my eyes.

I shuffled my feet and said, "What..."

"Yeah, what?" I didn't know what to say. I just stood there starting to tremble. My own son was intimidating me as I had done it to him so many times when he was little. I felt like the child here. "Chris cried himself to sleep last night. He didn't want to go to school today. I sat up with him until three this morning holding him, consoling him. Daddy, he is head over heals in love with you. This is no crush, he is in love and his little heart is broken because you went home yesterday." He was smiling at least. "Daddy, I missed out on having you in my life because of my own stupidity. I will not prevent my son from knowing anything and everything about you that he wants to know. You better make this right old man or you and me, we're gonna have trouble. Hear me?"

"Make it right how?"

"Sleep with him. Make love to him. Let him know that you do care. Help him to love you but let him down easy so he can be in love with someone else later." I can do that. I can love my grandson. I can make him one happy little boy and yet let him be a boy.

Bran told Clive that we were going to his house to come on over when they were ready. They followed us over and he showed them his family room and guest suite. It was bigger than any house I had ever known Clive to live in. They could be very comfortable until we finished the house across the street.

Bran looked at his watch. "Dad, the boys will be here in a few minutes. Why don't you go sit in Chris's room and surprise them." I did. I sat in an easy chair in the corner. I closed all of the drapes and shut off the lights and waited in the dark.

I no sooner got seated than the front door burst open and a small voice boomed through the house, "Mom, dad, we're home." The front door shut and boy giggles echoed down the hall. The bedroom door opened and two boys stumbled into the darkness. A lamp was turned on and Sean was staring at me with his mouth wide open. Chris looked at him then turned to see what he was staring at. Two professional line backers charged at me with blood lust written all over their faces and I was unmercifully attacked with wet, slobbery boy kisses, which I hastily returned.

Connor and Cory peeked in the door and I motioned them inside. I hauled my duo to the bed and lay down and drew the other two in with us. I introduced everybody around and then I announced that everybody here was a cocksucker and they should at least get to know each other's names and give them a kiss before we got naked and sucked each other dry. Faces meshed and tongues tangled as all four boys got to know one another. I placed a few hands inside a few pants fronts so that proper groping could commence and I slipped out to join the rents at the other end of the house.

"Mission accomplished, sir," I said as I saluted. Branden smiled at me.

"Dad, after we get the house finished this will be your home. We're gong to move the tv into the living room now and Clive and his family will stay here. Then we will fix it up for you. I can remodel this kitchen and the family room can be your living room then you have a sitting room and a large bedroom. There is master bath with a walk in shower and a whirlpool tub. I will fix it up anyway you want. Will you live here with us?"

I was overwhelmed. I sat down and cried. I am such a baby anymore. The tv got moved and the cars got parked. Dinner arrangements were made for a real nice sit down Chinese meal. The boys came in from the bedroom all flushed and out of breath. They each one came to me to give me a kiss. They all had cum breath. I giggled. They kissed their dad's and they all looked at their sons then at me. "It's all in the family." The room filled with laughter.

So there you have it. Is your friction enhanced by my fiction? Tell me about it at

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