Connor's Gift 6


Does your mother know you're reading this shit?

Warning: This story is PORNO. I have tried my hand at friction, now I'm trying fiction. This story contains vivid descriptions of sexual activity between men and teen boys. It contains no truth, partial truth, or half truth. What it does contain is stroking material. If this kind of story turns you off, please find something else.
The author does not encourage or condone sex between adults and underage children.

If you are underage, or this is illegal where you are, then please go away. If you're under 18, Adios come back when it is legal for you to read this smut. If you lied about your age in order to access this story, remember this is our story. Life doesn't always work out like a story.

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The next morning Cory, Connor, and I went after our household goods. We had to pack two households and get the boy's out of school. I took the boys to school, armed with letters from their parents. Cory was a quick in and out. Connor could set for tests today and tomorrow and he would be through with the semester requirements. That sounded good to all of us so I left him at school.

Cory and I headed to the shop to finish getting my stuff ready. The new buyer was there. He had not been able to hire anyone to run the shop. I told him of three young men who had applied. He wanted me to help him interview and train them. He offered me a thousand dollars to stay the week, hire and train a manager. I agreed.

That done Cory and I headed for his house. We started putting everything in boxes when I hit upon a brain storm. I called a friend of Clive's and asked him if he could pack and load for me. He agreed. He and his brother showed up in fifteen minutes. I showed him what we wanted to do. In the meantime Clive returned my call to him about Connor. I told him about working all week and did he want me to put the boys on a bus. No, he wanted them to stay with me and keep me warm all week. I assured him that they would make me hot and he said I was getting the idea. He told me that he had checked on a truck and it would be cheaper in the long run if he would rent a truck there, drive up here, load up and return. A two day local rental was a hundred dollars less than a one way. That sounded like a plan. I told him that I had his buddy packing for him. He told me where his guns and cash were and wanted me to take that with me.

I retrieved his guns and fifty thousand dollars in cash from his hidey hole. Cory and I went back to the shop. The first young man came to interview. He was twenty one and cute. I asked him straight out if he were gay. I explained about all the cute young boys coming in and the potential for prison if he lost control. He admitted to being gay but he liked older men and had a thirty five year old partner.

The next guy came in and I smelled alcohol on his breath. I looked him straight in the eye and told him that if he couldn't show up for an interview sober there was no way I would consider giving him a position in charge of juvenile boys. So far the new owner was impressed. He spent the next half hour trying to convince me to stay. I told him about my sons and their families. I told him that we were reconciling a fifteen year rift and I wanted a healing in my family. He has similar experiences and conceded.

The third guy was not quite what we had expected. He was young and personable. He was married and stable with a good reputation in the small community. One thing about living in a small town, everybody knows your business, sooner or later. This man's small son came in wanting to use the restroom and he cursed at the boy. That closed it for me. I told him that we would make our decision shortly and we would call him if he were to be chosen. We all knew he wouldn't be.

I called the first man and told him to come in to fill out paper work that he could start work tomorrow morning. He was there in ten minutes, small town, real small town. First of I sat him down with the new owner and explained that I was here to show him the operation of the store. He would have to work with the owner on a day to day basis and learn his book keeping and inventory methods. I could show him stock and how to order and pricing. Of course the owner needed to know these things himself so he hung around the rest of the day and all day the next.

The newbie's name was Errol. He liked to be called Robin, after Errol Flynn's role as Robin Hood. I had to laugh. His grandmother had a Hollywood crush on his name sake. I told Robin he would look good in tights or nothing at all. He told me he planed to show me. I asked about his partner. He said they had discussed having an open relationship and were both comfortable with it. I then asked him about the boys. He assured me that he could keep his head working on other subjects. I decided to test him.

I went to the back where Cory was on my bed watching tv. I told him to go out the back door and meet Connor at school. They were to return through the back door and get naked and watch tv. If I didn't come in before dinner they should come to the kitchen naked that I would have someone there.

Robin and I finished out the last two hours. I told him that I would see to it that he got paid for today as he wasn't supposed to start until the next day. He told me he was anxious to learn this because he had a passion for war games. The new owner left at four so Robin and I just played question and answer until closing time. He was an inquisitive lad so I invited him to stay for dinner.

We locked up and headed to the apartment. Two naked boys were coming up the hall following two massive erections. Robin almost had a heart attack, or was that a hard attack. I pulled off my shirt and kicked off my shoes as the boys pulled my pants off. Cory grabbed up my clothes and headed to the back as Connor took my cock in his mouth and welcomed me home. I picked him up and kissed him as I carried him to my favorite chair. I sat down with him in my lap and began to fondle his handle. Robin stood there catching flies with his hanging jaw. "You want to get comfortable? You can get naked if you want. Oh, I'm sorry, this is my boy friend. He is fourteen and this is his little brother, he is twelve. Say hello, boys."

Cory never misses a cue. He unzipped Robin's pants and pulled out a very hard six inch cock. Grabbing it like a microphone Cory said, "Hello, my name is Cory. The fag in my granddad's lap is Connor. He's not really our granddad, but I wish he were. We both love him. Can I blow you?"

Robin was speechless. He unfastened his pants and let them fall as he stepped out of his shoes. Cory sucked the length of his dick. I asked everybody if they wanted food or cock tails first. They all agreed on cock so we retired to the king sized bed in the back. Robin kept looking at my man meat so I grabbed him and turned him to a sixty nine as I swallowed his young cock. He looked as if puberty was still at work in him. His balls were hairless and his ass hole was smooth. His chest and upper legs were smooth also. He had a wisp of a mustache trying to grow. All in all, for a twenty one year old man he was a beautiful sixteen year old boy.

He got his rocks in short order as Connor ate his ass out. I turned and took up the position. I pushed my nine and a half inch baby maker home and he met every push in with his own out. He liked to fuck and he was good at it. Fuck him I did. I pulled out all of the stops and plowed his furrow with full horsepower. He was all over the bed screaming and yelling with ecstatic murmurings. Cory mounted him in a sixty nine as I banged my belly against his small head. Robin fired a load which generous Cory gladly shared with his brother. Connor had his mouth full as he came to me to share the wealth and we kissed each other as I filled the well fucked rectum beneath me. Cory fed him at the other end leaving Connor hanging. I took Connor to the side and proceeded to service his young tool. I really do love Connor and I am so glad that things are going to work out so that I can have all seven of the boys I love with in reach of my leacherousness daily.

We sat together in a huddle as we kissed each other. Robin had his tongue so far down Connor's throat that he was licking his ass hole from the top side. I again asked Robin, "How are you going to deal with working with all of the young meat in this job. Some of these boys are gay and they will come on pretty strong. You can't get involved or you could end up in prison, for life."

We talked late into the night. In the morning I fed us breakfast and got Connor off to school. Robin and I opened the shop and finished his training. At noon Cory and I headed over to his house. Everything was in boxes and stacked by the door. I checked all of the cabinets, the garage, the attic and the yard sheds. The guys had done an outstanding job. Now all we needed was a truck and we could head home.

Connor was late coming in. He had asked to go with a friend after school. Like a fool I didn't check it out. I figured that he was leaving and wanted to spend a little time with a friend. He came home about seven. He was flushed and looked tired. He wasn't hungry, he just wanted a shower. Cleaned up he came back and sat in my lap, naked of course, and snuggled and snoggered. Cory sat on the other leg and I enjoyed the quietness with both of them. Cory was horny but amazingly Connor was sedate. I figured that his friend had to be sore if Connor didn't want sex.

Thursday had been a good day. I sent Robin to the bank at three and told him to take an hour for lunch as we had not stopped all day. I was going about my business and when Connor came home from school I let him watch the front while I did some book keeping. Connor had a few friends with him and he sat them up on the computers. I had my headphones on out of habit when I heard:

"Ask him."

"I can't"

"Then you'll never know."

"Why don't you ask him?"

"Look, you asked me I told you. You don't believe me so you'll have to ask him." Connor and one of the customers were having a very heated conversation. I was behind the mirror listening on my secret headphone. The customer was fourteen maybe fifteen. Very cute and very cut. He had a tight little body and he didn't hide it in the baggy clothing style so popular today. He leaned back in his chair and rubbed his crotch and it was obvious to a blind man that this boy was very erect. He was also very big. He was actually sticking up above his low rise waist band, and beyond his belt. The enlarged head was covering his navel behind his thin tee shirt. I could make out the clear outline of a very nice cock head that appeared to be over two inches wide and I would venture a guess that it sat at the end of at least an eight inch shaft of delicious boy cock.

I decided to make my play. I walked to the front of the store and announced my presence with a loud booming voice. "Well, it's that time of day again. I guess I better lock up and shut it down." I turned off the neon "OPEN" sign in the window and turned the placard over on the door that said we were closed. The boys stood and turned toward me. My eyes went straight to the new boys crotch. "That's very impressive, boy. I didn't think the war games we had in here would cause that kind of reaction." I grinned as lecherously as I could and licked my lips.

"It's not the games that has him hot, grand dad." I love it when Connor calls me grand dad. He is such a special person in my life. "He wants to see your super cock." I was shocked. I reeled back as my face turned a hundred different shades. I felt my whole life, my freedom, escape from my grasp.

"," Connor nudged him. "I was reading a story on my favorite web site and I think it is about you and Connor and this place, and oh I hope so because I am gay and I want it to be true because I really would like to suck your dick and let you suck me and I have never been fucked before but if it's as big as you say in your story I want it in my ass bad." He came up for air and added, "And I'd like to let Connor do it with us."

I had pulled out a chair and sat down trying to catch my breath. He had talked so fast and said it all in one breath and it just wore me out. That and maybe the shock of being outed. I was sure that the police were just outside the door waiting for my reply so they could bust in and haul my ass off to prison for the rest of my life.

"What web site? What story? What are you talking about?"

"Oh, come on sir. I'm not stupid. I may be a fag but I am smart. I like old men. I read the Adult/Youth section of Nifty every day. I love looking for new stories. I saw your posting the other night and it was all about Christmas and your description of this store and Connor and Cory, well I know you changed their names and I know who Clive really is, he's hot. But I figured it out. I asked Connor if he ever slept over here and he told me that he and his brother stayed Christmas day and the Sunday after...Shit, I would have to be a dummy not to figure that one out. Then I made Connor tell me that you do have a nine and a half inch uncut cock. I want that cock in my mouth, sir."

"How did you MAKE Connor tell you?"

"I wrestled him and pinned him down. I promised him a blow job and told him he could suck my nine inch cock if he would tell me. He had no choice. He likes big dicks too. He he he"

Things began to escalate from there. It seems that his name is Jerrod. He lives alone with his mother who works at the VA hospital forty miles away. She is on the third shift and has to leave by nine pm in order to get to work on time and doesn't get home until nine thirty or ten the next day. He is gay and knows over fifty other boys from fourteen to twenty who are gay. They have regular sessions together and there are several adults who party with them from time to time. I was filing all of this information for later digestion but not believing a whole lot of it. This sounded more like some old man's fantasy that one would typically read on the internet.

Then Connor piped in, "You know when I didn't get home from school until seven last night? Well Jerrod took me to a party after school. They meet on Wednesday night at an old barn that we will take you to. There were fifteen boys out there and by the time we got there they were all naked and fooling around. Jerrod and I got naked and he showed me around. I got sucked twice before I even met everybody. I sucked eight dicks last night, grand dad. I sucked small ones and big ones but I really wanted them to see yours. It is bigger than all of them, even Jerrod's. He wants to suck you and do a three way with us."

"I can spend the night if you want."

I think that the trap has sprung. Jerrod is fifteen. He is five foot seven and weighs one hundred and forty pounds. He is a sophomore and is on the high school wrestling team. He likes to run and is on the cross country team. His personal record is thirty five miles in one day. He has the firm, muscular legs of a runner and the tight firm butt to go along with it. His waist is narrow and his chest broad. He has excellent breath capacity and control. His hair is a medium brown, like Connor and they both have beautiful deep blue eyes with long eye lashes that they were batting at me. These two were cock teases and I was being teased.

I made Jerrod call home and tell his parents where he was and be sure it was okay for him to stay the night Jerrod's mother and I talked for a bit and she told me how fond of my shop he was and how grateful she was that I had taken an interest in him. She told me it wasn't easy being a single parent of a homo sexual adolescent and she worried that he would fall into the wrong crowd and get beat up or raped or worse. I tried desperately to keep my chin on its' hinges as I told her how I had seen him around and how well he got along with my grand son. I was sure the boys could find something between them to stay out of trouble. She told me that if Connor had all the boy equipment that Jerrod preferred then she knew they would have a solid time with each other. She told me not to worry if Jerrod came on to me. If I didn't like it that he knew that no means no. She said he just likes male sex.

She told me that she wished that Jerrod had made friends earlier because she was being transferred to the VA hospital in my home town. She was going to have to move down there in two more weeks and it was going to be hard of Jerrod as a queer boy in a new school

I stared at the phone after I hung up. The boys were talking on the couch and had their arms around each other. Jerrod looked over at me and got up and put his arm around me. "Did she give you that 'homosexual adolescent' speech of hers? I tried to go into the boy scouts and she did that number on them. They wouldn't let me in and the scout master and his son are as queer as anybody else."

We walked two doors over from the shop and we had all the pizza, salad, and soda we could eat for five bucks apiece. Robin came in with an excuse for being so late. I told him it was his shop and he had to answer to the new boss as I was leaving the next afternoon.

He noticed Jerrod for the first time and his face went white. Jerrod looked at him, "What's the matter fag boy, don't recognize me with my clothes on. You sure know me when my cock is up your ass.?"

Robin and his partner as well as the new owner of the shop are regulars at the barn on Wednesday. Mike and Larry walked in at that time and I said hi to them as Jerrod proceeded to tell Mike that he really liked being with Larry the night before. He told him that he was glad that he had someone in his life now because he knew how lonely it must be. Damn, this town is a gay haven. I was glad I was leaving. With this much boy meat begging I was glad I was leaving.

Mike went whites as a sheet. I invited them to join us at our table as Jerrod carried on about the gay party at the barn. Mike really looked like his life was over. I looked at him and nodded. I knew what was going on in his head. Robin and his party moved to the opposite side of the restaurant.

We got Jerrod to shut up and informed the little loud mouth that he was going to have a lot of people put in jail with his talk. I told him that if he was doing anybody more than two years younger than himself he would be in jail himself. He shut up We talked quietly and I ascertained that some pretty big names in this town attended the barn every week. I knew that I would not be going out there. My freedom is to precious. I was already putting it in danger with Jerrod being around. This boy couldn't keep his mouth shut at all.

Finally the conversation leveled out. The boys were talking amongst themselves. I asked Mike about his name and his family. He told me his grandmother was Mettie and his grandfather was Roger. I asked him if they were from Ardmore. He looked at me and said yes. I hugged my cousin. His grandfather was my grandfather's brother and his grandmother was my grandmother's sister. We were second cousins, twice. I told Larry he was my third cousin. so everything was in the family. He grinned and winked at me. I told him that if his uncle would let him he could come see me and the boys sometime. I told him that I would be living with them.

Mike told me that they had caught Pete Long and his girlfriend in Fresno and they were working on extradition to bring them back here. He wanted me to be a witness as to what condition I found Larry in. Mike's girlfriend was the waitress at the truck stop and she was going to be a witness also. I told Mike how to get in touch with me. Larry asked if we could talk in private and I took him back to the restroom. We kissed and he told me how much he loved me. He was happy that I was going to live with my son but he would miss me. He wanted to blow me but I told him that we couldn't do that because of Mike. He told me that Mike was gay too and they were fucking and sucking. He is sure that Mike knows about us but he isn't saying anything and Mike tells him not to.

We said good night to Mike and Larry then with two stuffed boys and twenty dollars worth of quarters in the video machines Connor, Jerrod and I headed back to my place. I told the boys that they could go upstairs and sleep in one of the bedrooms. That carried no weight with them as they both stripped naked and got in my bed, their not so little flag poles marking their positions.

I needed some space so I went to the bathroom and stripped down and took a long hot shower. This place had sometime in the past been part of a commercial laundry and had two one hundred gallon water heaters in the back room. They provided hot water to the whole building and the land lord paid the gas bill. At night I was the only one there except for the pizza place and we always had plenty of hot water. I don't know what prompted me to do it but I stuck my hose up my ass. I have an old hand held shower hose that I use when I am constipated, which happens more often than I care to discuss. I let the slow trickle of warm water fill me up. I like to see how much I can get in before I just have to let go. I learned to leave the screen off of the drain so that the chunks could go down and I just had to increase the pressure a bit to use the hose to blast everything apart that didn't want to go down. Aren't you glad that I added this descriptive narrative? I know that your stomach is really churning about now. To much information. To much information. Mind lock, melt down.

I pulled the hose out and let loose the first round when I heard, "Ewwww." Two little naked faces were staring at the mass going down the drain. "Some one is cleaning out the dance hall for a party tonight." Connor said.

"Better clean thoroughly because I have a dancer that needs a lot of room." Jerrod was so cute standing there grinning at me. I had replaced the hose and I pulled it out. This time the water was colored but chunk free. Two more times and the water was clear. I pushed the hose up Jerrod. It was his first enema. His cock went rock hard. I knelt down and took it in my mouth. He was big. I figure a good eight maybe eight and a half but I doubted nine. He shot one huge load though and very tasty. He dumped some hefty chunks and it took three more to get him clean. Connor was fairly clean and it only took two guts full for him to run clear. Of course he got a good blow job during the process and then we all took soap in hand and choose a buddy to wash. I washed Connor as he washed Jerrod who washed me. I had not done laundry and I had no towels. We decided to drip dry and headed for the bed. I wanted to dry them with my tongue anyway and it was sweet. I don't know if anybody has guessed it or not but I love boys. I will take just about anything I can get from them and off of them and shower water was one of the sweetest treats.

Before nine Friday morning Clive was at the shop with a twenty four foot truck. We started carrying out boxes and Mike pulled in. He took me in his arms and held me close. Thank you for bringing that boy to me. He is my salvation. I know you two want to be alone. I could go and come back in a little while. I told him we still had to load Clive and get back to his boys. I wished I had the time but it might be better for Larry if it was only him for awhile. He kissed me and told me that he would always be my friend and he would see to it that Larry and I get together for a few days every few months or so. He asked if it were true that I had a ten and half inch dick. I told him, "only when I'm super horny." He told me that we had to get together. He suggested that I stay with him when I come up to give my deposition for the court. I told him I would be honored. We found some guys to load us up and we were on the road by mid afternoon.

Anthony had secure storage at his business so we unloaded everything there. We could come get what we needed when needed. We emptied the truck and returned it only having to pay one day's rental.

We settled in and got to work on the house the next day and by the next weekend we had the kitchen and bathrooms done. The carpet layers will come Friday and the house should be ready to go.

I guess we are all settled in and ready to start our lives again. I guess change is good. I know that I like the change of being with my son's and their families and having my adopted family close in the mix doesn't hurt either.

So there you have it. Is your friction enhanced by my fiction? Tell me about it at

Hangin' hard, dude.

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