Cooper's Naughty Craving, a short story by Josh Terrence


Author's note: This short story depicts sexual acts between males of various ages. If you are offended by sex between men, teenage boys, boys or between males of any age, why are you here? If you are not a legal adult or if this content is illegal in your locale, leave now.

This story is a work of pure fiction. The taboo acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only. All Characters in this story are portrayed by actors 18 years of age or older. This disclaimer applies to all installments of this story, past and present.

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“Come on, champ,” Cooper heard a familiar voice say, stirring him from his restful slumber. “Daddy needs the toilet.”

“Okay,” he yawned, sitting up and scratching his dark, messy hair while he hung his slender legs from the side of the bed. As soon as his feet touched the floor, eleven year old Cooper stood up and followed his dad out of his dark bedroom toward the well lit hallway. The little boy watched as his father turned the light on in the bathroom, then he stepped in and took a seat on the toilet while his dad pulled his soft hose from the front of his boxers.

Smiling up at his daddy through weary eyes, the youngster reached out and took the hose in his hand, guiding it to his moist, pouty lips. As soon as he had the head of his daddy's cock engulfed in his warm, wet mouth, the youngster looked up, his eyes filled with longing as the man he loved most reached down and caressed his forehead. A split second later, Cooper's naughty wish was fulfilled as his daddy's piss load streamed into his mouth.

Right away, the little toilet began to swallow his offering, enjoying the warm, acrid taste and the fruity steam that rolled into the back of his nostrils. In his white undies, Cooper's three inch boy boner was standing at attention while he accepted a full load of his daddy's grade A man piss. When Ron was at the end of his supply, he let loose with three strong parting shots that hit the back of his son's throat. When there was no more piss to expel, he let the youngster nurse on the end while his small tongue explored the head, eager for any leftover pee he could lap up.

“Thank you daddy,” the boy said with a sweet smile as soon as the man put his hose away.

“You're welcome, champ,” Ron said affectionately, watching as his boy got up from the toilet and reached for his hand. Dutifully, the man led his boy back to bed, pulling his covers back and waiting for him to get in before pulling them up to his chest.

“I love you, bud,” the doting father said. “I'll see you in the morning.

“I love you too, daddy,” Cooper said, curling up in a tight ball and shutting his brown eyes with a contented smile.

By the time his daddy walked out of his room, Cooper was fast asleep, dreaming about the day he had before his parents tucked him into bed at 10pm.

The little guy was up early with his daddy, much like he had been just moments before when Ron woke him up and gave him his piss load. Only this time, it was 7am when Cooper felt his bed dip and his daddy's strong hands gently shaking him awake.

“Hey champ, daddy has something special for you,” Ron said in a gentle tone, prompting the boy to grin up at him while he rubbed the sleep from his eyes.

“Is it pee?” Cooper asked groggily. When Ron shook his head no, the little boy felt a strong shudder roll through his small frame and asked, “Is it poop?”

“It is, buddy,” Ron said with a warm smile, prompting his son to moan softly. “Are you ready for it?”

“Uh huh,” Cooper said, nodding his head with an almost hypnotic stare while he relaxed his bladder and felt the warm sensation of his own yellow love potion soaking his briefs and his sheets. When the familiar smell of fresh piss filled Ron's nostrils, he smiled and rubbed his son's bare chest while he finished. When the boy was done, he released a loud fart that made him sigh with relief while Ron pulled his covers back, revealing the now soaked underwear and sheets that Cooper was laying in.

“Come on, buddy, let's go,” Ron said, standing up and watching while Cooper crawled out of bed. His underwear were dripping with hot piss that ran down the insides of both legs as he followed Ron to the bathroom and climbed into the tub. Without taking his undies down, the boy watched with a hungry gaze as his dad dropped his boxers and climbed into the tub with him.

Right away, Cooper got behind his dad and parted his cheeks with a hot moan. Ron could feel his son's hot breath tickling the hairs in his crack, then the boy's tongue made contact with his anus and he grinned.

“You want daddy's morning load bad, don't you kiddo?” the man noted, and Cooper responded with a frenzied nod. “You're not used to getting it this early.”

With that, Ron gave a firm push, feeling his anus contract as the load that was making his sphincter muscles ache began to move down his chute. As the moist crackle of his daddy's morning offering carried into his young ears, Cooper moaned hungrily and his mouth watered with need. A flurry of hot, stink filled air inundated the boy's senses, then Ron's hole bloomed and a long, thick turd bullied its way into the boy's welcoming mouth with astounding speed.

When it pinched off, Ron looked over his shoulder at Cooper, who was grinning naughtily around his stuffed mouthful. The boy's mouth was crammed tight, so much so that his lips were too distended to meet. The 11 year old had a glazed over look in his eyes as he used his tongue to smash the meaty gift up, loving the way it steamed in his mouth. The stink was incredibly dark and powerful, and quite pleasant to the boy who was now using his tongue to smear the turd against the roof of his mouth.

“Is that good, champ?” Ron asked, watching with pride as his baby boy nodded in the affirmative. “I knew you'd love it if daddy woke you up and gave you a nice, warm breakfast.”

Once again, Cooper nodded his answer, chewing and swallowing with a diligent look in his eyes. His tiny Adam's apple was bobbing up and down slowly while he broke the massive gift up, then he swallowed what he could. Soon, the entire turd was swallowed and Cooper was smiling up at his daddy with appreciation.

“Are you ready for some pee?” Ron asked gently. As always, Cooper nodded his answer with a decadent smile on his cute face.

As he received Ron's bladderful, the young toilet swished it around, rinsing the smeared shit from between his teeth and the roof of his mouth. When he washed down the last of his daddy's brown offering with his yellow elixir, the boy let loose with another torrent of piss that soaked his briefs and coursed down his legs. Watching his son with a warm smile, the man placed his hands against the shower wall and let the boy lick the caked up shit from his crack. Cooper was moaning with depravity as he cleaned his daddy's crack, pulling in thick hunks of brown butt pudding while his little boner sizzled in his wet undies.

Ron lovingly eased his son's briefs down and tossed them in the pail with the rest of Cooper's soiled underwear. When Cooper was nude, the doting man started the shower and washed his boy from head to toe. When Cooper was clean, Ron soaped up his own rigid prick, then he promptly bent the boy over and fucked a hot load of sperm into his eager bottom. When they were out of the shower, Ron put the little toilet in a pair of clean briefs and let him run around the house while he made breakfast for himself.

When Ron's breakfast was eaten, he loaded the dishwasher while Cooper stood by, holding his gassy, shit filled tummy and letting go of long, loud farts. With each fart that he released, Cooper could feel his bottom tingle with pleasure while a naughty smile stayed glued to his cute face. He knew that soon, he would have a brown load of his own to release, and he was looking forward the that moment. But as he set his sights on his daddy's luscious buns, he knew that there was a more pressing matter at hand.

While Ron was loading the last of the dishes, the knowing boy approached his daddy from behind and hooked the waistband of his boxers, tugging them down with an experienced technique. Smiling to himself, Ron let his little turd burglar work his drawers down, then he felt the young shit lover part his chunky cheeks and push his mug into his ass.

Are you hungry again, son?” Ron asked with a warm inflection, then he felt Cooper nod his answer without pulling his face out of his cheeks.

With an easy push, Ron let loose with a series of hot, spicy farts that gave Cooper a delicious preview of the meal he was about to be served. Cooper felt his cheeks flutter as Ron let go of a loud, prolonged fart that vibrated against his lips, then the loud, swift crackle of a moist turd filled his hopeful young ears. Ron's hole dilated and the crackle grew louder, then the lucky little boy felt the firm tip of his daddy's hot loaf push through his lips.

With a moan of sheer indulgence, little Cooper welcomed Ron's offering by opening wide and tilting his head back. With the certainty of a new day, Cooper felt the large turd running along the corridor of his right cheek, then it hit the corner of his mouth and curved sharply, taking the shape of a horseshoe as it completed its journey. When the turd detached from Ron's anus, Cooper was grinning around an impacted mouthful of hot, luscious butt fudge while two steamy tips rested on his pouty lower lip.

Is that what you were after, kiddo?” the man asked, watching his son nod happily while he used his tongue to macerate the brown pile. He watched as Cooper smashed the long turd into the roof of his mouth the way he always did, then he saw the boy shiver with passion as his little Adam's apple bobbed up and down. He noted that Cooper had a far away look in his eyes as he chewed with his teeth, loving how firm his daddy's turd was in some sections while it felt soft in other sections. The little boy was taking deep whiffs of the load he was consuming the entire time, letting the dark, spicy aroma carry him to a special place in his naughty imagination.

The entire time that he was chewing and swallowing his second meal of the day, he was hanging his underwear clad bottom out and releasing hot farts. The odor of his ass perfume lingered in the air, mixing with the stink of his daddy's treat and filling his nostrils with a delightful aroma that he wanted to keep with him. When the little turd burglar had his daddy's load down, he eagerly took to Ron's rear end, licking it deeply in search of any ass candy he could find. Finally, Ron placed the head of his prick up to Cooper's shit smeared lips and the little boy quickly wrapped them tight around the head, anxious for some pee to wash his meal down.

While he was accepting Ron's piss load, he felt his own load pressing into the walls of his anus and knew it was time. Without interrupting his delicious drink, the horny little shit lover held onto Ron's haunches and hung his rear end out. With one easy push, the seat of Cooper's white briefs filled up with a massive load of shit that weighted them down. Ron watched as his shameless little scat lover crapped his pants while still gulping down a hot load of piss, then the smell of Cooper's pant load permeated the air.

Damn, buddy, you took a healthy shit, didn't you?” Ron exclaimed, prompting the little boy to smile up at him with affectionate eyes. “Are you all done?”

With a soft moan, Cooper shook his head no, still nursing on the end of his daddy's moist rod.

Why don't you take daddy's cock out of your mouth and finish up, buddy?” Ron suggested, and the horny little pants shitter obliged. “When you finish up, we'll get you all cleaned up. Daddy feels like pumping another load in that tight bottom of yours, too.”

Okay!” Cooper agreed, then he pushed with all of his might and the size of the bulge in his briefs doubled.

With a proud smile, Ron lifted his baby boy up at the arm pits and carried him into the bathroom. Setting Cooper down, the man pulled the waistband of his underwear back and examined the load for himself. Incredibly pleased with his son's output, the doting father used his fingers to pull the load out of Cooper's underwear, one turd at a time, and fed it all to his son. Cooper's little wiener was rock hard in his briefs the entire time he was being fed, watching his daddy with love and affection while he opened wide for each turd. When his entire pant load was eaten, the little boy pissed down his legs while Ron petted his smiling face.

Finally, Ron used his shit smeared fingertips to hook the waistband of Cooper's briefs and peel them down. The boy's soiled underwear were tossed in the diaper pail and they got in the shower together. After being washed with a tender touch, Cooper grinned naughtily over his shoulder while Ron slid his cock deep up his ass and fucked a hot load into it. When their shower was over, Ron dressed his baby boy in another clean pair of undies and held him close while Cooper nodded off. Kissing his sated little shit lover on the head, the man laid him in his bed, disregarding the powerful piss smell that was rising up from his sheets. He knew that his little boy would enjoy the smell and sleep better, and that Cooper was sure to piss in his bed once more.

An hour later, Ron tapped the little boy's lips with the moist head of his cock. With a sleepy smile, Cooper accepted it without opening his eyes. When Ron let his stream go, Cooper swallowed every drop, then curled up in a ball and went back to sleep without ever skipping a beat. Running his hand under the covers, Ron felt that Cooper's sheets were soaked with a fresh bladderful that the boy released and smiled.

With his little toilet napping peacefully, the doting man went around the house and opened a few windows, then he made lunch. Fifteen minutes later his wife came in, home on her lunch break.

Where's Cooper?” she asked, and Ron gave her a concerned look.

He's taking a nap,” he said with a brooding tone. “I had to put him in his room about an hour and a half ago and he fell asleep.”

Did he crap his pants again?” she asked, and he nodded.

Not just that, honey,” Ron said. “He was dry when I woke him up, but he laid in his bed and peed right in it.”

I don't know what we're going to have to do with him, honey,” the concerned mother said with a frown. “When did he poop his pants?”

Right after breakfast,” Ron told her. “I had just put him in a clean pair of undies and it was like he couldn't wait to shit his britches.”

Was he mad that you sent him to bed?” she asked, and the man shrugged.

I'm sure he was, but what else can we do with him?” he asked, leaning over and kissing his wife on the lips. “His daddy doesn't spoil him the way his mama does.”

I don't spoil him, Ron,” she said with a smile, slapping her husband on the ass. “I just don't want him to have to stay in his room all day.”

I won't send him to his room again unless he does something to deserve it,” Ron assured her.

With that, Ron turned his attention back to his wife's lunch, plating it and getting it on the table for her while she went into Cooper's room and saw him sleeping in his bed. The pungent smell of pee hit her nose like a punch, telling her that her son had indeed pissed himself again, but the site of her little boy sleeping like an angel was too much for her to resist. She sat on the side of his bed and petted his brown locks, earning her a smile from the sleeping boy, then she leaned in and kissed him on the cheek.

When it was time for his wife to leave, Ron accompanied her to Cooper's room, where they doted on the youngster for a spell. While his mom and dad were sitting on the side of his bed, Cooper gave them both a naughty look and released his piss stream, soaking his sheets again. Giving his wife one final kiss, Ron saw her to the door with the assurance that he wouldn't punish their son. When she was gone, the doting father kept his promise, instead coaxing his naughty son out of bed with the promise of another feeding.

Are you ready for lunch, buddy?” Ron asked, watching as his little boy nodded happily. “Come on, baby, daddy has a nice hot lunch stirring in his tummy for you.”

With a moan, the horny little shit lover was up and out of his bed, hurrying to the bathroom with Ron in tow. He got into the tub and fell to his knees, tilting his head up and opening wide while Ron settled his chunky ass over his face. Ron felt a wave of gastric pressure wash over him, so he gave a firm push and a massive shit load erupted from his derriere.

As it forced its way into Cooper's watering mouth, the little boy felt his jaw open wide and a mass of putrid smelling shit bloomed between his lips. Almost immediately, the remainder of his daddy's shit load exploded all over his face, caking his skin, his nostrils, his hair, and smearing thick across his brow. The 11 year old toilet was in a state of sheer Nirvana as he took his time and enjoyed the hot brown facial that his daddy treated him to. He systematically chewed and swallowed every last turd that he had in his mouth, then he used his small fingers to scrape the caked up shit from his face and forehead. Twenty minutes later, Ron let the little turd burglar take to his crevice, licking every smear he could find with horny moans while he sniffed hard through his nose.

When it was over, Ron pissed his son in the face, then he let Cooper wash his naughty mouthful down with the last of his piss load. Seeing the contented smile on his baby's face gave Ron a powerful feeling of love, so he gently slid the boy's briefs down and deposited them into his pail. When he turned the shower on and washed his boy from head to toe, Cooper took the initiative and bent over, presenting his horny rear end to his daddy for fucking. When he had Ron's load planted deep in his tight bottom, Cooper melted like butter and sighed with contentment.

Dressed in a clean pair of undies, the little toilet followed his daddy around for the rest of the afternoon. From time to time, he would be rewarded for his diligence with a bladderful of hot pee that was shot straight from the end of his daddy's hose. Three more times over the course of the afternoon he stood in front of Ron and soaked his undies. Each time, Ron would take him to the shower and fuck a sizzling load into his ass.

When his mom came home, he snuggled into her lap while she talked to him about his pant soiling. He expressed his remorse for being naughty and was quickly consoled by his doting mother while he pouted up at her. Later on while she and Ron were preparing supper, the naughty boy felt a series of gas pains in his tummy and sought his parents out. With a defiant pout, Cooper stood in front of his mom and dad and announced, “I'm about to poop my pants.”

With that, the 11 year old hung his underwear clad bottom out and filled them to the brim with a large load. Ron offered to take him to the bathroom for cleanup, but his wife interceded.

I'll take him, honey,” she insisted, then she used one hand to support his drooping pant load while she accompanied him to the bathroom. Closing the door, she started the bath and sat on the toilet while Cooper looked at her with puppy dog eyes.

You know, daddy doesn't mean to get upset with you, baby,” she said, pulling the waistband of his underwear back and examining the steaming pile, then she kissed him on the head. “Let mama get you all cleaned up, okay?”

Okay, mommy,” Cooper said in a small voice, watching as his mama pulled the first of many turds from his undies and held it up to his nose. Taking a deep whiff, Cooper felt a powerful shiver roll through his little body while his mama held the turd up to his lips. With a decadent smile, the naughty little boy opened wide and she slid the turd into his mouth, watching with a proud smile while he smashed it with his tongue.

That's mama's little turd burglar,” she said with a warm glow, lifting his massive pant load with her hand and surveying its contents. “Chew it up, baby. Mama wants to feed you your whole pant load, okay?”
“Okay, mama,” the happy little boy sighed, swallowing with a grin. “Will daddy get mad
if he find out that I ate my poop?”

Don't worry about that, honey,” she assured him, pulling another dark turd from the seat of his briefs and holding it under his nose while he finished what he had in his mouth. “It's our special secret, okay?”

I love you, mommy,” the little boy said, opening wide and watching with a grin as his mama slid the whole turd into his mouth. With an appreciative smile, Cooper chewed slowly while his mama went back into his drawers and pulled another thick turd from their seat.

I love you too, baby,” his mama said, holding the turd under his nose with one hand while she patted his bulging pant load with the other. “I want you to enjoy a nice, tasty supper tonight.”

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