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Curt Visits the Gas Station Pt. I

As he drove along in his new SUV, sixteen year old Curt Miller couldn't stop grinning as he thought about what an awesome summer break this was turning out to be. He'd rolled down the windows and opened the sunroof before heading out to his friend's house even though it was over ninety degrees outside and humid as hell. But he enjoyed the wind in his face and the sweat building up in his hairy armpits and extra tight crotch. After all, his parents gave him this new SUV as a reward for being a great student; they trusted Curt enough that they wanted him to enjoy his freedom and that is exactly what he intended to do.

Mainly that meant heading out each day from his parents' house out in the far suburbs to his friend Phil Harper's farm. Phil and his young dad lived alone on a big farm with a ranch house and pool. Curt loved going out there to swim with Phil and other boys and girls from his high school. It was basically a non-stop party while Phil's dad was usually out in the fields managing the work that needed to be done. Plus, Curt and Phil had always been close. You see, Phil's dad had gotten his mom pregnant when he was their age now, sixteen. From the start, Phil's mom had wanted nothing to do with either Phil or his dad and left town entirely. Instead, Phil and his dad lived with his grandparents on the family farm. Now, with his grandparents dead, Phil and his dad had been on their own for the last few years. Curt always thought that Phil was pretty lonely inside even though, as typical teenage boys, they didn't really talk much about feelings.

But now, as he drove past the fields and farms past the edge of the Midwest town, Curt's already overstuffed shorts got tighter as he thought about some of the real special elements of these near-daily pool parties at Phil's. It didn't help that the vibration of the road traveled up so that it seemed his asshole was tingling as he fidgeted a bit on the car seat. Plus, Curt's hairy armpits really smelled from the sweat and his refusal to wash very thoroughly. Deodorant was out. Both Curt and Phil had decided they wanted to smell gross, one of the funny inside jokes they shared, like their occasional fart contests. But now, Curt's mind wandered to the other high school boys (especially Phil) who'd be there in just their swim trunks. Plus, if he was really lucky, Curt would get a chance to see Phil's young and real sexy dad stop by toward the end of the day as he returned from the fields. Phil's dad was really sexy, tall with curly brown hair and a lanky body that was always dripping with sweat down his chest and into the front and back of his tight, worn out jeans. To Curt, it always looked like Phil's dad had pissed his pants. Just the thought of cutting loose in his pants got Curt's dick to erect. Curt looked down at the sweat-soaked grey t-shirt he was wearing and to his jeans, wishing he had the nerve to go to the bathroom in them.

Curt's teen sex fantasies had turned increasingly raunchy lately and that had made Curt a bit more distanced from his friends. He didn't dare tell them he was gay, let alone that he was increasingly obsessed with all the functions of his dick and asshole and the great smells his adolescent body generates. But as he drove along the old state road, sweating and even picking his nose, Curt reveled in the new-found freedom he felt as a horny, dirty teenager with his own car.

Later, as the pool party at Phil's was dying down, Curt and his friend were sitting quietly at the edge of the pool just kicking their feet in the water.

"Hey, Phil, here comes your dad," Curt said. They looked up and Curt felt his dick start to lengthen in his board shorts. Mr. Harper walked up to them as Curt watched his every move. Mr. Harper (first name Dan, but to Curt always Mr. Harper) was definitely a very sexy 32 year old. He was tall, lanky and with a bit of a tan from all the outdoor work on the farm. He had fairly short, wavy-to-curly light brown hair and a bit of beard growth, as if he hadn't shaved in a couple of days. Mr. Harper stood about 6'2" tall and had real defined pecs and a total washboard stomach covered with light brown hairs that looked like he kept clipped short, but not too short. His stomach hairs widened out as they plunged below the low waistline of his worn out jeans.

"Hey Curt, you keeping Phil out of trouble," Mr. Harper said with a friendly grin. Curt liked the way that Mr. Harper always gave Curt a lot more attention than any of their other friends. Now, Curt felt a fluttering feeling in his belly (and lower) as Mr. Harper squatted down on the cement to talk more eye-to-eye with Curt and Phil. You see, as he squatted there, Mr. Harper gave Curt an extra close and revealing look at his naked torso and more. From up close, Curt could see some finer hairs growing in the center of Mr. Harper's chest and he could also see the thick, light brown bushes of longish hair filling Mr. Harper's armpits. Plus, Curt could smell the intense body odor his friend's father exuded.

Now, as Mr. Harper talked small-talk with his son, Curt let his eyes wander from the older man's naked, smelly torso down to the crotch and ass that nearly scraped the cement from the way Mr. Harper had squatted. To Curt, it looked like the perfect position for taking a dump on the ground. This dirty thought was compounded by the little details that the teenager took in as he checked out his friend's father. Mr. Harper's crotch was pretty well packed so that Curt could even tell that the man was circumcised based on the outline of a really fat dickhead bunched up in the old jeans. The other, even more boner-making things that Curt saw (or at least thought he saw) were yellowish stains all around the zipper fly of Mr. Harper's jeans and the brownish stain that Curt could barely make out in the seat of the faded old jeans. It seemed that Mr. Harper, who obviously wasn't wearing underwear, might have been pretty careless with his bathroom hygiene. Curt had sensed this before but now, seeing up closer than ever, he knew it was true. Mr. Harper clearly wasn't shaking his dick or wiping his ass much after pissing and crapping in the fields. Curt envied what he guessed was the awesome freedom to work out there, surrounded by young farmhands with everyone letting go with a big piss or major dump together. Sure, Curt figured that didn't really happen. But he instantly knew this would be his jack off fantasy for many nights to come.

"Hey Curt, wake up," Phil snickered as Curt snapped out of his nasty day dream. "Wanna come over for dinner tomorrow night? We're gonna grill steaks outside."

"Sure, that'd be great." And then, looking at Phil's dad, Curt said, "Thanks Mr. Harper."

"My pleasure, kid, it's always nice to have a couple teenage boys runnin' around getting' up to god knows what." Mr. Harper laughed and patted his son on the head. Embarrassed by the `little boy' treatment, Phil raised his arms up to push his dad's hand off his head. As he did so, Curt stared openly at his best friend's hairy armpit and wondered what it'd be like to feel and even lick the smelly teen underarms.

Curt thought his best friend was really sexy. Phil, also sixteen years old, was slightly shorter, by about two inches, than Curt at 5'9" and while his friend resembled his father in some ways, there were definite differences. Phil was lighter blond and his hair was cut short and pretty preppy looking as well. He had blue-green eyes like his dad and a cute face with a button nose. Phil had a stockier body than Curt (Phil liked wrestling and soccer and was built for both). And even though Phil was only sixteen, same as Curt, he was getting pretty hairy. He had lots of blond hair all over his thick, muscular legs and was starting to grow fine, peach-fuzzy blond hairs on his belly and even a bit on his pecs. His armpits were especially hairy, like his dad's. Both dad and son's armpits usually smelled bad too. They weren't too big on deodorant out on the farm.

"Tell you what, boys," Mr. Harper continued, "we'll have an early dinner and then as it gets darker out, we can hike down to the old creek and see if we can spot some deer. I saw tracks from them comin' up to the it for a drink of water."

"Yeah, that sounds cool, kinda like cave men or Indians out hunting," Curt said.

Phil agreed and looked at his dad and said, "Maybe we can run around naked too. You know, like savages."

There was a sudden, and to Curt, awkward silence as this idea of Phil's hung in the air. Curt was taken aback. He'd never really even seen his friend in anything less than underwear or a swimsuit. Curt was self conscious about his body and avoided getting naked in front of the other boys in the locker room at school. But this idea intrigued him, even though he figured that Phil was just making a weird joke or something.

"Sure, what the hell," Mr. Harper said. "Don't look like any of us has anything to be ashamed of. Right, boys?"

Phil looked briefly at Curt before saying, "Sounds good to me, Dad."

Mr. Harper then looked at Curt, who was starting to blush, and said, "What do say, kid, you up to running around naked with Phil and me?"

As he attempted to form an answer, Curt panicked inside. Were they joking or for real? He decided to take a risk though. "Sure, I'll do it if you guys do."

"Alright!" Phil said, enthusiastically. Mr. Harper nodded his approval too. Curt wasn't sure what to make of this but was definitely intrigued.

Curt thought about tomorrow night's invitation as he got in his SUV and started the half-hour drive home. It was late afternoon by then but still extremely hot and sunny. Curt had changed back into his light grey t-shirt and worn-out old jeans and was sweating pretty badly and his armpits smelled. But even though he wanted to think over the meaning, if any, behind the idea of running around naked with Phil and his sexy dad, Curt had a more urgent thing to think about.

You see, now came the secret highlight of his drive's out to Phil's farm and the pool parties. There's a gas station out there in the middle of nowhere that never seems to have a single customer. But it's where Curt keeps topping up the tank on his SUV. The reason was simple: there's a hot gas station attendant there that Curt was trying to flirt with in a subtle way. Lately, the attendant had gotten friendlier as well and Curt was secretly hoping something might come of it. Of course, Curt's rational side knew this was silly but he was a super horny sixteen year old virgin and the chance to check out this sexy older boy was reason enough.

Curt glanced into the rear-view mirror and liked what he saw. Overall, Curt was considered one of the cuter boys in his high school even if he wasn't one of the outstanding jocks or `perfect' guys. Curt was tall and very thin, with a nicely defined body and no fat anywhere. He stood about 5'10" or maybe a bit taller lately, and weighed about 130 lbs. Curt admired his face in the mirror; he hadn't shaved in several days and had dark prickly hairs, a bit heavier than a five o'clock shadow, fanning out from his longish sideburns and on his neck and chin. The unshaved look contrasted nicely with his baby face and made him look both younger and older at the same time. There was definitely something very sexy about the sight of such a young boy whose body was clearly developing. It made everyone, at least every horny one, look at him and think about Curt's sexual development. Curt had black hair cut short with slight bangs. He had a button nose and brown eyes and his big ears stuck out from his sides also emphasizing how young he looked no matter how hairy he was getting.

In fact, Curt really liked the way he was getting a real hairy body for being such a young guy. His armpits and real thick bushes which he loved to look at in the mirror in his bathroom at home and he was getting a hairy belly. Fine, short black hairs fanned out from his navel down into a large and thick pubic bush. He was even starting to get some fuzzy black hairs between his pecs and around his large, flat nipples. Also, Curt had hairy legs and even some hair on his ass, especially around his anus. Curt really loved running fingers over his puckered out, hairy asshole and then smelling the sweaty crotch odors while jacking off. But Curt's secret pride, and potential super-embarrassment, was his penis. For such a young, skinny teen, Curt had an unusually large and raunchy-looking dick. It wasn't super thick but it was long, even soft it hung down about eight inches and it had a very thick foreskin that formed a large, loose opening a further inch beyond his dick head. When Curt got erections, his penis puffed up and stood out from his hairy crotch. Sometimes it curved up a bit at the end when he was super hard and sometimes it also curved to one side or another. Erect, Curt measured his teenage boner at just over twelve inches long. His hairy teen balls were big but hanging behind his unusual penis, looked only average. Curt loved his dick and kept it smelly and sticky under the big foreskin. But he knew he'd be ridiculed at school by the other teen boys if they got a solid look at his freakish equipment so he kept it pretty hidden and had become a bit shy too. Even his friend Phil didn't know what a giant dick Curt had. Of course, Curt had checked out as many teen dicks in the boy's locker room as he could manage without being discovered. No one had anything like the size of Curt's penis and no one was uncircumcised. In the high school universe, as Curt understood, anything different was an invitation to ridicule so Curt felt he had no choice but to keep to himself.

For most of his teen years, that had been fine with Curt. He'd gotten really into his smelly and unique dick and hairy boy body. In fact, Curt's teen jack-off sessions were getting filthier and filthier as he'd taken playing with and stretching his foreskin, smelling his asshole on his fingers and more. He liked to check himself out in the bathroom, admiring his penis, asshole, armpits and all his body functions. Curt really got off on watching his giant dick shoot a huge load of piss, especially while he picked his nose. And Curt really got into the huge amounts of sperm his young balls produced. He'd stand in front of his mirror, looking at his piss-dripping hairy belly and eat his sperm as he erected again and went for orgasm number two.

Lately, however, Curt had become obsessed with sharing his dick and nasty habits with other guys. It's just that he had no idea how to do that. After all, the boys at school were out of reach; they were all straight and Curt could never survive the gossip that'd ensue. So instead, he secretly checked out total strangers like the sexy gas station attendant.

Curt pulled into the gas station and, once again, he was the only customer. There were two sets of pumps, all full service, and a small building with a service bay on one side and a small office with a cash register where you could buy a pop or snacks.

As he pulled up to the pump, Curt couldn't see the attendant anywhere. He turned off the car and sat there, sweat running down from his pecs. Then, from inside the station, the attendant that Curt was horny for emerged from the building and slowly walked over, nodding a greeting to Curt as he crossed the hot asphalt. Curt raised his left arm and scratched the back of his head, showing off the huge, wet sweat stain in the armpit of his grey t-shirt. His teen boy body odor was now very obvious. The attendant crossed in front of Curt's SUV and walked over to the driver's window.

This attendant was tall and thin, around twenty-two years old, with shaggy honey-blond hair (covered by a beige baseball cap this time). He had a slight goatee and tanned skin. Curt thought he looked more like a surfer than a gas jockey. His uniform short sleeve shirt was unbuttoned more than usual. In fact, as Curt watched, the attendant unbuttoned it another notch as he walked over to Curt's SUV. This caused Curt's already tight crotch to bulge out even more as he sat there. The attendant was wearing dirty, worn out blue jeans and a light blue shirt with the name `Steve' on a tag sewn on it.

Steve smiled slightly and leaned down into the window of Curt's SUV. "Hey, bud, the usual today?" Steve asked with a friendly grin. He was, Curt thought, the total opposite of the preppy guys at high school. Steve was more of a country boy/redneck with an open, laconic manner that Curt really liked. And to Curt's surprise, he could smell Steve's body odor. The young gas jockey sure didn't seem to have showered recently. His armpit smells were very strong. Curt needed to snap out of it and answer the question though.

"Yes, please." Curt managed to say, his voice breaking slightly and to his embarrassment.

"Sure is hot out. How `bout you pump the gas today and I'll ride around in your truck," Steve joked good-naturedly.

"Depends on how much you pay me, I guess," Curt joked back.

Then Steve, looking more at Curt's sweaty armpit and over-stuffed crotch, said, "How `bout I check your oil too?"

"That's Ok, you don't have to. Way too hot to work so hard."

"Thanks, buddy. Looks like you been working up a hell of a sweat yourself."

"Yeah, but I don't mind it though," Curt answered, his dick twitching at the fact that Steve noticed his sweaty body odor and hadn't backed away from the driver's window.

"Tell the truth, I don't mind it either. Sure feels like I pissed my shorts though. Know what I mean?" Steve winked at Curt and grinned.

"Yeah, I get real sweaty there too."

"Must be pretty hairy down there to sweat like me, kid." Curt swallowed hard and felt his giant penis stiffen a bit more. Steve's chest was smooth and tanned but Curt figured, from what he'd just told him, that Steve had a real hairy dick.

"Yeah, I am," Curt managed to admit. He was getting nervous and flustered as he found himself suddenly discussing his sweaty pubes with this total stranger.

"Seriously, how old are you?"


"Shit, you're younger than I thought."

"Really?" Curt's tone of voice was almost annoyed. He was afraid that Steve would think he was too young to talk to like this.

"Hey, don't sweat it. `Long as you got cum in your balls, you're old enough for anything, right?" He winked at Curt again.

"Damn right," Curt grinned.

Steve pumped the gas as Curt climbed down out of the SUV. Curt was pretty openly staring at Steve. He was horny and losing his sense of caution.

After Steve finished filling the tank, Curt paid up. As he signed the credit card receipt, Curt sensed Steve staring at him with a slight smile. At the same time, Curt felt the urge to take a piss. He'd been drinking water and pop all afternoon and had a real full bladder.

He looked at Steve and asked, "Is there a restroom out here I can use?"

Steve hesitated for a half second before answering. Curt thought that was strange.

"Yeah, sure. It's `round back. There's no lock or anything so go right on in." Curt picked up a tone of hesitation in his voice.

Curt said, "You sure it's Ok?"

"Sure, kid, it's there for customers. I just don't remember anyone but me ever usin' it."

"Well, if you're sure it's Ok. I've gotta piss real bad."

"Yeah, be my guest." Steve smiled slightly and gestured for Curt to go on back and use the men's room. And that's what Curt did. He walked around back, enjoying the hot sun in his face as he looked for the door to the toilet. It was barely marked with faded paint. As Curt pushed the door open, his sticky foreskin seemed to drip slightly as he thought about taking a major piss in the same toilet that the Steve had.

It was pitch black in there and so Curt felt along the wall next to the door to flip on the light. The bright fluorescent lights buzzed to life and Curt looked around as the door closed automatically behind him. Straight ahead was a small pedestal sink; the rest of the toilet was to the right of the door. Next to the sink were two urinals with no partition between and further to the right was a single stall. Or at least there was a partition between the toilet bowl and the urinals. There was no door to the toilet stall.

Curt's dick started to erect a bit more as he looked more closely at this gas station toilet. It was filthy and it smelled real bad in there from stale urine, sweat and shit. Both urinals looked very piss-stained and there looked to be plenty of dried and not so dried urine all over the walls and floor. As he checked out this urine-soaked men's room, Curt's right hand almost involuntarily went to the crotch of his tight, faded jeans and he started to lightly rub up and down on his barely concealed giant penis. But when Curt peaked around the partition to check out the toilet bowl, he gasped and his dick started to really lengthen half-way to his left knee.

As Steve's statement that he was the only person to use this toilet kept repeating in his head, Curt looked at the toilet bowl and saw what looked like at least several loads of dark brown shit piled up in there. These were huge, solid-looking (if now waterlogged) turds sitting in there and they weren't surrounded by any toilet paper either. But even more amazing to Curt, there was a huge dump on the floor too. His heartbeat picked up and a small dribble of semen slid out of his large dick hood as he realized that the sexy young gas station attendant had taken a shit on the floor. Curt stepped closer to this huge mound of shit and looked down.

"Fuck, that must've felt good coming out," he whispered to himself. Curt thought back to how awesome it felt to stretch his asshole and push hard as he let out one of his typically giant teen dumps. The horny teen squatted down, thinking, "Do I dare touch this big dump?" He wanted to run his fingers all over Steve's shit load but was afraid.

Before he could decide one way or another, Curt heard footsteps in the gravel outside. He quickly jumped up and walked out of the stall and back to the urinal. At the same time, the men's room door opened and Steve stood there with his shirt now totally unbuttoned and untucked, his dark blond treasure trail visible as it plunged into the waistband of his low hanging pants and the visible top of his white briefs.

"Hey bud, mind if I take a piss too?" Steve nervously said to Curt. Almost instantly, Steve looked down at Curt's crotch.

"S-Sure," Curt nervously stuttered back. Curt also looked down at his crotch and saw that his giant teen erection was stretching and soaking his left leg of his jeans with an obvious and enormous bulge.

Curt walked up to the left urinal and Steve immediately joined him at his right. The urinals were so close together in the small gas station toilet that their bodies brushed up against each other. Curt reached down and unzipped his fly and fished around to dig out his only slightly deflated penis. Steve slowly pulled his zipper down at the same time.

Curt finally pulled his giant hog out of his fly and let it flop down. His giant uncut boy dick was hanging down so far that a good six inches of it, plus two inches of thick foreskin hanging off the end, rested on the filthy ceramic bottom of the urinal.

"Fuck, kid, that's the biggest dick I've ever seen," Steve couldn't help but exclaim. "Sure looks great laying there in the pisser."

"Yeah," Curt almost moaned. "It's real dirty in there too." Curt was almost delirious; he never minded letting his dick touch filth but he never did it in front of someone before either.

Steve kept staring at the raunchy half-hard foot-long dick resting in the dirty urinal. "I guess I ain't been too careful about where my piss loads go, huh?" he whispered.

"I don't mind," Curt whispered back. "My dick isn't very clean, anyway." They both stared at the long tube of foreskin sticking to the back of the piss-stained urinal.

"Yeah, mine's pretty dirty too." Curt stared as the gas station attendant pulled out his dick. He was uncircumcised! A fluttering feeling ran through Curt's belly and groin as he looked at the guy's penis. He even started shivering uncontrollably out of nerves and horniness as he took in the sight of Steve's penis. The gas jockey's dick was nearly erect, pointing straight out at the filthy urinal. It was about eight inches long, straight as a ruler and had a couple of real big veins going down the top to the tip. His foreskin was extremely thick; you could barely make out where his dickhead started. Another inch of tightly bunched skin stuck out past the tip of his dick and formed a closed nozzle shape, unlike Curt's wide open giant hood. It was the first uncut dick Curt had ever seen besides his own or in pictures online. He could feel his own giant dick start to lengthen and fill out as it rested in bottom of his own dirty urinal.

"Guess I got near as much foreskin as you, huh?" Steve whispered. Curt just nodded `yes' as he stared at the dick next to him.

"You really keep yours dirty like me?" Curt finally managed to croak out.

"Uh huh. Check this out," Steve said. With that, he pushed his hips forward and the big foreskin mashed up against the back of the piss-stained urinal. By gyrating his hips, he started massaging his dickhead all over the inside of the bowl, dragging its filth onto his already smelly penis.

Curt looked up at Steve's face. They gave each other a shy smile and Steve said, "You `bout ready to piss?"

"Yeah, I'm bursting."

"Same here."

They both got real quiet and in the stillness and heat of the foul-smelling gas station toilet, Curt began to urinate. A huge volume of piss poured from his long, loose foreskin and began to fill the urinal around the skinny teen's giant penis as it lay half coiled in the bowl. His urinal must've been stopped up from accumulated filth in the drain because after less than ten seconds, at least half of Curt's long thick penis was submerged in urine as it rested in the bottom. Still, he made no move to lift it out of the dirty urinal and all that warm piss.

"Bet that feels great," Steve whispered to him.

"Yeah," was all that Curt could say. He was nervous as hell doing something so raunchy in front of this hot guy. But the encouragement he was getting told him to take the risk and keep getting nastier still.

"Man, I'm gonna piss now too," Steve announced. And as the young, big-dicked teen watched, the gas station attendant's thick foreskin began to puff up like a blowfish. The flesh of his filthy dick hood was filling with urine when suddenly it exploded out into the dirty urinal. A real heavy stream ensued as Steve pissed hands-free, just like Curt.

"Damn, does your foreskin get stuck shut like mine?" Steve asked Curt.

Curt swallowed hard and answered, "Not really. My foreskin is real loose, see?" Then Curt grabbed his large hood between his left thumb and index finger and lifted it out of the big pool of urine it was submerged in. His large foreskin hung open below his finger and thumb, forming a long oval opening at least an inch and a half beyond the tip of his long dick. Still, a huge stream of urine kept shooting out with awesome force. Then, Curt dropped his dick back into the piss-filled urinal with a loud splash. But the whole time, Curt couldn't take his eyes off of Steve's long erection as the gas jockey urinated.

They were quiet for a moment, until Steve said, "So how do ya put that big thing away anyhow?"

Curt decided to answer truthfully, figuring it was Ok. "I just tuck it under me. It's no big deal, except my `skin rubs all over my asshole."

"Bet that gets it real dirty, huh? I know mine would." Steve's dick stood up higher as he erected all the way.

"Yeah, it gets all greasy and stuff," Curt admitted. "Stinks a lot more, too."

They kept pissing. Steve's urine was flowing real strong but Curt's was slowing a bit. As Curt tried to push out his piss, he farted. The teen's anus made a short, sharp sound as he passed his gas. He started to blush.

"Man," Steve said, "You can do better `n that. Big dirty dick and all, I bet you can really cut one."

As Curt looked at him, Steve spread his legs a bit and cut a very loud fart of his own. It echoed in the empty restroom. As he farted, Steve's dick shot piss out so hard it splattered back onto his bare stomach, thanks to his unbuttoned shirt.

By now, Curt had stopped urinating. "Check this," Curt said. Then, the young teen hunkered down just slightly, spread his legs a bit and cut an even louder fart. It made a real deep sound, muffled just a bit by the seat of his jeans. Both young guys were breathing deeply to smell each other's gas. Curt was getting real turned on as he stood at the urinal, farting while his enormous boy dick began to lift itself out of the pool of urine and grime.

Steve stopped pissing by then. As they both just admired their big, uncut dicks, Steve whispered, "You got more gas in ya, buddy?"

Curt nodded and said `yeah.' Then they both spread their legs and grunted a bit. At almost the same time, Curt and Steve let go with very loud farts that lasted pretty long, at least fifteen seconds each.

By now, Steve's penis was fully erect and pointing up at about a forty-five degree angle. Curt was erecting fast too. His giant dick had now fully lifted itself out of the bowl full of urine and hung in the air, curving up a bit at the end with the long foreskin dripping piss.

"Let's go for another fart, Ok?" Steve said.

"Ok," Curt answered. He was shaking visibly now that he sensed that sex was what was basically happening here.

Steve looked at him and asked, "You pushin' real hard?"

Curt smiled slightly and said, "With everything I got." Steve nodded approval.

"Me too," Steve panted. "Let's push out some more, Ok?" Both boys pushed out and grunted out loud, but neither farted. They spread their legs a bit wider and pushed again. Sweat was now dripping down Steve's bare chest.

Curt nodded and said, "If I push again, I'm gonna push out a big load. What about you?"

"Fuck," Steve admitted, "I've got a big log half-way out already. Don't think I can stop now."

Curt swallowed hard and nervously asked, "You goin' all the way?"

"Yeah, how `bout you?" Steve's voice sounded a bit scared too, Curt noticed. It was as if they were crossing a line to an even raunchier level than either had ever dared before.

"Yeah, I need to do it real bad," Curt admitted.

They got real quiet and stared at each other's dicks. Both of them were now totally erect. In the silent men's room, Curt could hear the vaguely crackling sound as the hot gas station attendant took a shit in his jeans.

Steve whispered, "I'm doin' it."

"Awesome," Curt whispered back. "I'm doing it too."

Curt could feel his thick and hard shit log stacking up in his white briefs. He'd never felt anything more incredible and horny than taking a huge dump in his jeans with the sexy gas station attendant taking a dump right next to him. It felt to Curt as if he was about to ejaculate. They could hear each other shitting their pants.

The two boys kept taking a dump in their jeans for a couple minutes, pushing and grunting out loud several times.

"How's it feel?" Steve finally asked.

"Real good," Curt admitted, embarrassed and turned on at the same time. "I can feel its weight pulling on me. How `bout you?"

"Real heavy. I can feel the seat of my jeans pulling down. I think I just shit about three pounds of turds," Steve said. "Feels awesome, bud."

Curt nodded and looked in Steve's eyes. "I think I've got some more to let out."

"Yeah, boy, let it go." Curt sucked in his breath and got ready to grunt out another big turd into his pants. "Oh god, I'm doing a real big one now."

"Fuck! Seriously? You already got an awesome bulge back there." Steve leaned back a bit to get a better look at the seat of Curt's jeans. It looked like he had something the size of a grapefruit stuffed in the back of his pants. "Mind if I check it out some?" Steve looked pleadingly at Curt. He reached his left hand out to massage the load in the teenager's jeans.

Curt wanted nothing more than for this sexy gas jockey to touch the huge dump in his pants. "Go for it. Can I check your load out too?" Steve nodded `yes' as he gently cupped the giant mound that Curt's rectum had expelled.

At the same time, Curt bore down and grunted really loud. His oversized dick started jumping up and down and the young, hairy teenager let go yet another long, thick turd to press into the giant load already trapped in his briefs and jeans.

"Man, I feel it comin' out," Steve whispered. Semen bubbled out of his tight foreskin nozzle as he felt the young boy shit his pants even more. They'd both managed to dump huge loads of crap into their old jeans and underpants.

Curt just stood there, breathing heavily the shit smells they were letting out. The back of his jeans was really weighted down with the giant dump he'd taken and now he could feel the slight pressure of Steve's hand gently pushing the big shit mound against his ass.

So there they stood. A skinny sixteen year old and a twenty-two year old with dirty erections hanging out of their fly's as their big shit loads weighed down the seats of their jeans. Curt's right hand shook as he cautiously reached over and lightly grasped the huge dump under the fabric of Steve's blue jeans. Curt ran his hand over the mound and marveled at how big it was. His hand wasn't big enough to grasp all of it and from the corner of his eye, Curt saw that the load was sticking out a good five inches or so. He could feel semen leaking out of his piss slit into his large foreskin.

As they gently massaged each other's dumps, Steve asked, voice cracking a bit, "You ever do this before?"

"No, You?" Curt whispered.

Steve swallowed hard and answered, "Yeah, a few times." They were quiet for a moment and then Steve asked, "You like doing it? You know...shitting your pants?"

"I love it," Curt whispered. He was almost in tears of ecstasy as he realized that his dirtiest desires were coming true. These were things he figured could never happen except in jack off fantasies and now here he was doing them.

Steve nodded agreement and looked down at their erections. "I don't understand it but for a long time now, all I can think of doing is getting my nasty dick as dirty as can be. It's like it ain't my dick unless it's got shit all over it or something." He breathed deep and continued, "When I saw what a raunchy dick you got, I just knew I had to go for it, you know?"

Curt just nodded. He was now shaking all over. Then he asked, "Is that your shit all over the toilet?" He gestured to the stall behind Steve.

"Yeah," he blushed, "I guess I got carried away."

"It's awesome. I was checkin' it out when you walked in here."

"Fuck, I love takin' a big crap on the floor and all," Steve admitted with real enthusiasm in his voice.

"Let's go look at it, Ok?" Curt asked.


They slowly walked, boners pointing the way and shit loads swaying a bit in their jeans and underpants, into the stall and just stood there looking at the full toilet and the giant mound of dark brown, smelly turds piled up on the floor.

Steve's eyes seemed glazed over a bit as he sighed, "I love my big dumps."

"Me too," Curt whispered back.

Steve looked at him and asked, "How often do you take a shit?"

"Every day. Sometimes twice a day. I eat big meals and play lots of sports and stuff so I build up some real huge dumps."

For a few minutes, neither one of them said a word as they admired Steve's old dumps. The whole time, neither boy could take his hand away from feeling the fat bulge in the back of each other's shit-filled jeans. Finally, Steve reached out with his free right hand and cautiously grabbed Curt's giant penis. The young teen just whimpered as he got the first dick massage of his life.

Looking down, both guys admired the way that Curt's hog was more than twice the size of Steve's big hand as he slid it up and down the rigid shaft. After every few strokes, Steve would stop and play with the loose couple inches of thick, dirty foreskin meat hanging off the end of the boy's erection. Curt loved the way that Steve manipulated his incredible dick.

A few minutes later, Curt tentatively reached out with his left hand and lightly poked his index finger into the foreskin nozzle of Steve's upward pointing erection. "Yeah, buddy," Steve said, "Play in there. It's real dirty too. Just like yours."

"I love my dirty crotch," Curt stammered in a daze. "It's so hairy and smells so bad."

"Smells as bad as our turds?" Steve whispered.

"Yeah, I can feel my dump on the back of my balls."

"Me too." Steve got into jacking the boy's raunchy foot-long penis. When he looked into Curt's eyes, he saw that the teenager was staring at the pile of turds that Steve had shit on the floor. "What were you thinkin' when I walked in here? You were really checkin' out my dumps?"

"Yeah," Curt admitted. "I was just thinkin' stuff. You know."

"Tell me, kid," Steve begged, "I gotta hear it, how nasty you get."

Curt swallowed hard and the young, filthy teen said, "I wanted to touch your shit." Steve just whimpered in response. He was so turned on to realize that this sexy, hairy young boy wanted to feel his shit.

Steve got up his nerve to admit, "Yeah, I like to touch it too sometimes. I even smear it on my dick."

"Oh man," Curt sighed as they jacked each other harder. "I love gettin' shit on my dick too. Sometimes when I sit on the toilet, my dick hangs down in the water with my turds floatin' all around it." They masturbated each other even harder and started pressing on each other's shit lumps with more force. Curt felt Steve run his hand in a circular motion on Curt's giant dump. The shit was massaging all over the teen's hairy butt crack and throbbing anus.

"That feels so good," Curt whispered. He mimicked Steve's move as both boys spread their legs a bit and got closer to ejaculating. Now they were both moaning as their orgasms approached quickly.

Steve suddenly said, "Please dude, squat down here with me and let me make your dick real dirty, Ok?" Curt just nodded `yes' and they gently squatted down to the filthy floor of the men's room, next to the toilet and Steve's big old dumps.

Curt just looked at him and said, "What're you gonna do?"

Steve didn't answer. Instead, as Curt watched, amazed, Steve picked up a wet, soggy lump of shit from in the toilet and held it out in his hand so they could both look at it.

"Oh god," Curt moaned, sensing what was about to happen. Seeing this hot twenty-two year old holding a baseball-sized mound of shit in his hand turned Curt on more than any other time in his life. He watched as Steve brought his shit-filled right hand down to Curt's massive sex organ and began to smear shit all over it. He even got some of the crap inside his huge foreskin.

Curt never felt anything more sexual than the soft, warm (from the summer heat) shit sliding all over his giant, nasty-looking penis. "Oh god that feels so good," he sighed. "My dick looks so good now."

"Fuck," Steve groaned, "You got the nastiest dick in the world."

"Yeah, I love it."

"Me too."

Curt was again approaching his orgasm. As both boys masturbated each other, they still kept their free hands holding and massaging the shit-lumps in the seat of their now-spread crotches. As Curt sank further into the feeling of the soft shit all over his foot-long erection, he reached into the toilet and picked up some of Steve's old dump too. Now Steve was shaking with nervous lust as he watched the young boy grasp his own nasty dick and start spreading feces all over it just like he'd done to the hot teen.

"You like that?" Curt asked.

Steve looked him in the eye and said, "It's the most awesome feeling I ever had."

Curt looked down and in a steady voice simply said, "I'm cumming." The teen shot a huge load up and all over Steve's bare chest and on the crotch of his dirty jeans. Thick boy sperm shot out over and over, at least eight times, soaking the dirty gas station attendant in Curt's ejaculation.

Well, this put Steve over the edge and his uncut dick erupted too. Curt watched as he saw a huge volume of sperm shoot out of Steve's thick, tight foreskin nozzle and all over his t-shirt and crotch. When they were done ejaculating, the boys quietly stood up and admired the loads they'd sprayed onto each other. Nervous at first, they looked each other in the eye and suddenly broke out into wide grins, knowing they'd both found someone to really explore their filthy natures with.

Not much was said as they cleaned up a bit. The huge shit loads in their jeans were there to stay at least until they each got home and could change clothes and do some laundry. Actually, neither minded holding a big dump in their pants for a while.

Steve let Curt go first at the single sink as he watched the teen try to wash some of the shit off his hands and monster dick. Curt spoke up, saying "It seems a shame to wash my dick off."

Steve just nodded and said, "I'm keepin' mine dirty for a while. I'm just gonna wash my hands in case a customer comes by." They smiled at each other and Curt stopped trying to clean his dick, figuring he should keep his as nasty as Steve planned to.

Next, Steve started washing his hands as Curt just stood there in the middle of the men's room, dick still hanging out of his fly, dangling down about nine inches, not including his two inch foreskin. Steve said, "You think you might uh... want to know, do this some more? Maybe do more dirty stuff?"

Curt was turned on at how nervous the older boy was in asking if they could do more dirty sex. "Yeah, I'd love to. Any time you want."

Steve heard a splattering sound and turned around. Curt just stood there urinating on the floor from his giant dick. At the same time, the dirty young teen was picking his nose. At this horny sight, Steve started erecting again. But before they could get into some more sexual stuff, they both heard a car pull up out front. Steve rapidly pushed his dick back into his shit-filled jeans and buttoned his shirt up a bit. They walked around front and Curt said he'd be back real soon. Steve smiled, anticipating dirtier stuff to come.