Czech Boy

19 year old Czech Boy Marek travells around the world to meet his new master. But what starts as a horny fantasy becomes the story of his lifetime when he finds himself in a scenario that may take longer than he expected.


Part 1: The Fire

Gee.. was I arrogant and selfish when I think back on my days in Prague. Well not the ass-hole-kind of arrogant but I wasn't even close to what I am now. He broke me. He took control over me. Not only about my body but about things I didn't think someone was able to take control of. Wow. He flashed me. He is a God. He is my God!

First of all, I'm Marek. I'm 19 years old, I'm from Prague. I used to earn my money as a waiter in a diner. It wasn't a good job and it wasn't good money, but oh well I managed too survive. That's all that counts. After finishing school I left my parent's house as soon as I could and tried to live my own life, no matter how hard the consequences were. And in that case it means: working my ass off.

Since I was 12 I knew that I was gay and later on I discovered that I got turned on by the whole master/slave-thing..oh well you know the drill.

So anyway, I was working at that diner wondering what I could be but never really did anything to change things. I also fucked around a lot, since that was the only thing I could distract myself from everyday life. But it was also quite boring...something was missing. The special ingredient.
I'm wasn't really submissive and I wasn't acutally a bottom. Infact I was most of the time the top. I didn't like guys fucking me. I always felt uncomfortable. But I really was turned on by bondage and roleplays.

At the same time I was a member of some BDSM website. But I never really had a date so I didn't really have any experience with that stuff. The first reason was because most of the guys on that website were really weired or really old. And I didn't want to „waste“ myself. I'm actually in a really good shape as far as I'm concerned. Boys were begging me to fuck them. I have a cute boyish face that actually makes me look a little younger, dark blond hair and a slim body with some muscles. And my dick is with 7 inch not that small. But I knew that someday I wanted to try the submissive side.

And then HE sent me a message on that website. Unlike me he had no pictures on his profile nor was there any important information but his message haunted me for days. I didn't want to reply at first, because I thought he was a faker. But then I did.

HIM: I like what I see and I want it. I know that I'm too far away at the moment but that is going to change. I will buy you a plane ticket. You will leave next week. That gives you some time to arrange things. You won't need many things, I will provide you with food, clothes and everything else that is necessary to survive. Just send me an email with your name, your passport number and your phone number. I won't except reluctance or disobedience. Your new master.

ME: do I know you are not a faker?
ME: Hello??

There was no reply. I saw that he read my messages but he didn't reply for days. So I thought he was a faker. But something in me somehow trusted him. 'Oh well, what's the worst thing that can happen?' I said to myself and sent him a message with the information he inquired.

One day later I received an email with the date of the flight and a text message on my phone that confirmed the date.

I was quite shoked when I saw where the plane was going to: Melbourne, Australia.

I still wasn't sure about the whole thing. He could be an old crazy man. A rapist. Something worse...he could kill me. But something in me wanted to go on this adventure. I always dreamed of travelling the world. But I never could afford it. Now I have the opportunity to make that dream come true. And maybe not only that one dream...

One week later I found myself naked, collared, and with a leash connected to my collar bound to a tree. I could move but my hands were cuffed behind my back. And I thought: 'Shit, maybe it wasn't such a good idea'. But it was already too late for that.
I wasn't really sure where I was. It was really dark and I couldn't see a house anywhere. The surroundings were only lit by a small woodfire he made earlier. There were only trees and bushes. I was really scared. But at the same time I wanted to find out what was going to happen.

He knelt in front of the fire warming his hands. It was somewhat cold..colder than I had expected. I's Australia after all.

Then he stood up and disappeared in the dark.

'Shit!' I thought, now I was really scared! He left me there by myself for some minutes. As I was sitting there, next to the tree, trying to keep myself warm, I got more and more anxious. 'What if he is going to kill me??'

I almost started to cry. Then he came back. With my backpack in his one hand and with a dog bowl in his other hand. He came closer and closer to me. I didn't know what to think but I was still scared as shit. A part in me hoped that he's just going to give me something to drink. After all it has been a while.

He stood in front of me, opening my backpack. He took my wallet out of it where he found my Czech ID and my passport. He dropped my backpack and put the dog bowl on the ground. Then he took out a clasp-knife from his pocket. I couldn't believe what happened next. He cut my ID and my passport in half. „What the fuck?! Are you serious??“ I yelled at him. I stood up, facing him. He didn't look at me. He throw the pieces of my documents into the bowl.
„I said what the fuck man??“

Then he finally looked at me. I was instantly scarred. I couldn't really see him, since it was so dark. I only could see his silhouette. But I could sense that he was angry. Somehow I knew what was going to happen next. And I probably deserved it.
SMACK. His hand hit my face really hard. I fall to the ground.
„Ouch damn it! That hurt!“

He then grabbed my neck with one hand and pushed me to the ground. I couldn't run away since I was bound to the tree and my hands were on my back. And he was really strong.
His other hand hit my bum. And that was really painful. He continued spanking in a real brutal way without a break. Making my ass cheeks as red as my face was. I cried. I yelled at him. But he wouldn't stop. SMACK SMACK SMACK. I thought he would never stop. Then I couldn't yell anymore. Tears ran down my face. I could only cry. I think I never cried like this before. It was awful. I couldn't do anything. I was completely helpless.

SMACK SMACK SMACK. He showed no mercy. He was teaching me a lesson. A lesson I would remember for a long time that is for sure.

Then he stopped. But I couldn't stop crying. I was completely shoked.

He then stood up again. Leaving me on the ground, covered in dirt with an ass red like a tomatoe, crying until I ran out of tears...

He opened his zipper and took out his man meat. Unfortunately I still couldn't really see well but it looked huge from what I could guess. I hoped that he wasn't making me to give him a blow job now since I was still too upset to do anything. But no...he wasn't. Instead he let loose a stream of piss right into the dog bowl where he put my documents earlier. 'Disgusting' I thought.

When he was finished he came back to me and released my leash from the tree.

„Follow me“, he said. He took the dog bowl filled with his piss and my documents and walked towards the fire. In his other hand he had the leash so I had to follow him. Still in shock I followed him in a crawling position. I was afraid that when I stand up he would beat the shit out of me again.
He stopped in front of the fire and put the dog bowl back on the ground. I was knelt in front of it. 'At least it's warmer here' I thought. I looked up at him. As if I was asking him to tell me what I already knew. He looked down at me. What a pretty picture I thought for a second. The czech slave boy kneeling next to his master in front of a fire in the middle of nowhere. With a glowing red ass and a bowl of piss. 'I am not going to drink that piss. Rather would I get another spanking.' I said to myself.
„Kiss my boots!“

I looked at him..a little bit confused. He pulled on the leash. „Do it NOW!“ was is louder response.

I bent over to his boot, hesitating at first, then giving it a quick kiss. He giggled. Which somehow sounded strange haven't heard him saying sentences with more than 3 words. I looked up at him.
„Stay down!“. I hold my head a few inches above the ground. Then I felt his other boot on my back.

„Don't ever disobey me again or you will get a proper punishment next time!“
'Did he say proper??'

His voice was somehow nice. Not really strict. Not really evil. It was very calm. That made me trust him and scared me at the same time.

„Now throw your documents into the fire.“

'Fuck! I knew it!' He could've done it but I think he wanted ME to destroy my old personality. I waited for him to uncuff me. But he just looked at me demanding to throw my IDs into the fire. But how could I do it with my hands bound to my back.

„Well...are you going to uncuff me?“

He gave me a soft kick with his boot that was still at my back, followed by a sharp „Boy..!“.

'I am so fucked' I thought again. That is the most humiliating thing I've ever far. Beaten to the ground, collared, some stranger holding the leash and demanding to use my mouth to throw my human ID that is soked in piss into a fire.

I knew that I had no choice. And frankly I wasn't ready for another spanking...or a „proper“ punishment. So I decided to do it. Even though I was afraid of throwing up.

I moved my head towards the bowl. I could already smell the piss. I wanted to cry again. I tried not to breath through my nose to avoid the disgusting taste. The bowl was filled with piss to the edge. There was no way not diving my whole face into the piss. So I just did it. Some piss dribbled over the edge. 'Fuck!' I pulled my face out of it again. Piss running down my face. My eyes were already burning from the salty liquid. Unfortunately I failed getting one of the four pieces. I almost had another break down. I didn't think I was going to make it. Then I thought back on how he beat up my ass. And how much it still hurts. I felt so embarrased. I wanted to beg not to do it. But I knew that it wouldn't help. And I also felt already sorry for disobeying him. Somehow I didn't want to disappoint him, even though I hated him in that moment. So I dove in again. I struggeled getting a piece, using my tongue. At one point I was so angry that I somehow managed to breath in through my nose which of course filled it with piss. I pulled back again. Now I couldn't avoid the taste anymore. It was in my nose and running down my throat already. I wanted to throw up but luckily I got a piece out of the bowl and throw it immediately into the fire. I couldn't wait for it to burn. 'The piss task was so awful that I couldn't wait to destroy my identity. That is so crazy!!' I thought.

Having tasted the full load of his piss it was easier to get the other pieces. When I was done he patted my head like you would do it to a dog and I think I could see a smile on his lips. I have to admit I was a little proud myself. I felt a little happy that I managed it. Even though I destroyed my ID. I knew what that meant. I was going to stay a little longer then I had expected.

„Good boy. Now you are not Marek anymore. You are my little slave boy. And you will do as I tell you. There will be rules for you. But I also will protect and take care of you as long as you obey. The first weeks will be very hard for you but eventually you will learn how to be a good slave boy. And after these first weeks there will be nothing more satisfying for you than to serve me.“

Back then I didn't know how right he was.

When he said that to me I was still sitting in the dirt, naked, with piss dribbling from my face. Disgust and excited at the same time.

The next chapter is about Marek's arrival in Melbourne and how he got there where he is now and what his new master has planned for him.

Thanks for reading. That was my first sex-story and my first story in the English language. I hope you didn't mind my language and enjoyed the story.

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