Warning: the following work of fiction deals in a frank and explicit way with matters of incest, gay sex, watersports, and scat. If such depictions areoffensive to you, or if you are under 18 years of age, please do not read any further.

This story is the product of the author's imagination. It bears no resemblance to his own experiences or to those of anyone he knows.

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When they arrived, I knew I had screwed up. I could tell from the look on Dad's face. I hadn't wanted to embarrass him, but it seemed that I had...


Ever since that fateful night when my father had first used me, we had been doing depraved things together almost every day. Well, I should say that he was doing depraved things to me and that I loved every minute of it. Our routine in the month which had followed was this: I got home from school at around 4; he got home at around 5:30 or 6:00, depending. When I got home, I changed into my super tight, super short denim cutoffs, my raunchy jock strap which I hadn't washed, no shirt (or sometimes a tight tank) and my dog collar. Dinner was to be ready by the time Dad gets home. Then we'd eat, followed by a raunchy bout of father-son sex. I work out, sometimes with him coaching me.Then I do my homework and go to bed. Weekends we'd play most of the time.

This particular day (when I disappointed him) was a Friday. He'd called to tell me that we would have a guest for dinner. So I prepared a little more food than I usually would have. I also took his call to mean that, since we would be having company, I shouldn't wear the usual outfit. Dad did, after all, have a respectable job, and I assumed he would be entertaining a patient or maybe a coach from some team whose players he was treating. So I ironed some nice slacks and a shirt. I showered and cleaned out my ass. I set the table with the good dishes.

When my father walked in the door at 5:30, he was accompanied by a beautiful young black man wearing maroon sweatpants and a tank top. At least 6'6" tall, ebony skin, really really muscular, not skinny like so many amateur b-ballers . And I knew he was a real basketball player because I recognized him; he was a defensive guard for the U*** T******, the b-ball team of the university in our town. He was walking with a slight limp. I assumed that Dad had been treating him for an injury he got during a game or something.

When Dad saw how I was dressed, I could see that he was not pleased.

"What are you wearing, boy?" he sneered.

I looked at our dinner guest, who was wearing a placid expression. He didn't seem to find it all extraordinary that my father would address me this way.

"Since you said we were having a dinner guest, Sir..." my voice trailed off. His look silenced me. "I was wrong, Sir. I am sorry."

"Well, get your ass upstairs and get on your fucking uniform!" he said. I flushed with shame as I trotted upstairs. Well, I guessed I was going to be the entertainment for the black stud who had come to our house. That thought excited me. My cock began to grow as I slipped on my jock strap over my thighs. I swatted at my ass before sliding on the skin-tight denim short which perfectly encased my plump, shapely ass. I was going to get used by a stranger tonight. I pulled on a skin tight white tank top. I looked at myself lasciviously in the mirror while putting on my dog collar. I licked my lips and rocked my hips and massaged my crotch. I felt like such a slut; I couldn't wait to get downstairs.

As I bounded down the stairs, I could see my father was pleased with the effect. I stood before the enormous black man. I was 5'10 to his 6' plus. I was pale next to his ebony skin. My slender but muscular frame was dwarfed next to his thick, well-muscled one.

My father said, "Na'im, this is Marc. Marc, Na'im." I shook his hand. It was so huge! Like twice the size of mine, with long, thick fingers. As I continued to shake his hand, my Dad added, "But you can call him 'faggot', Na'im!" Na'im laughed, showing a straight row of gleaming white teeth.

"I think I will," he said. Na'im's voice was deep and resonant. It made my cock hard just to hear him speak, which of course was obvious because of my outfit.

"Turn around, faggot!" Na'im said. I was pleased he was getting into the spirit of things. I turned around to show him my ass.

"Yeah, that looks good. I love white pussy, and that looks pretty fucking hot to me. You ever had a black dick, white boy?" I looked at my father, who gave me a look which said "Don't screw this up!" I said, "Well, I've never had a black cock before, Sir, but I would love to try it."

"Well, you'll get you chance, right after dinner," he said in his deep, sexy voice.

I immediately began to serve dinner. My father followed me into the kitchen and told me that I would be allowed to eat at the table with them, since I had made up for my initial mistake, but that I should be ready to submit completely to whatever he and Na'im wanted me to do. He didn't even need to tell me, though. I was ready to submit.

My father and Na'im talked suggestively all through dinner, making joking comments about the use and abuse they were going to do to me, as if I weren't at the table. They talked about wearing my ass out, making me eat their asses. My father told Na'im that I liked to drink piss and that I was a total faggot whore. Na'im looked pleasantly surprised by this news and gave me a long, appreciative look.

My cock remained hard all through dinner.

After we'd eaten, Na'im pushed his chair back from the table and spread his legs wide apart. I could see the outline of a semi-hard cock in his sweat pants. From the look of things, he was really huge. I was so excited thinking of sucking his cock that my rock hard cock started twitching. I was staring at the bulge in his crotch without shame. Lust burned in my eyes; I was on fire.

Na'im looked at me hard, then said, "Well, homo, I think it's time to get this party started. Crawl over here and get between my legs. Put that faggot mouth to use on my big black bone!"

I crawled over to where he was sitting and he turned his chair so that I could suck his cock without getting under the table. My Dad sat at a short distance where he could see. When I had crawled to him and my face was level with his crotch, Na'im said, "Suck my cock through my sweatpants, fag!"

I began to chew on the expanding bulge hidden by the absorbent fabric of his pants. I could feel his cock getting bigger as I worked it with my mouth. He started humping my face, with his hands on the back of my head. As if I'd try to run away! But I liked him doing it. It was him dominating me, showing me that I was there for his pleasure. Using me. Using my mouth. Even though the fabric kept absorbing my spit, my mouth kept watering. I wanted to taste the cock that was under the pants. I couldn't wait to see it.

He moved his hand down, pulling at the waistband of his pants. He lifted his cock out; it was enormous. It wasn't even fully hard yet, but it was already about 9 inches. I guessed it must be around 10 inches when fully hard. I decided to get it hard as fast as I could. I began to suck furiously.

"Oh, yeah, that's a good little faggot!" Na'im said. "Suck that fucking cock, white boy!"

I took the cock all the way into my mouth and could feel it growing. His already huge cock was getting bigger because of my mouth. I wanted him to fuck my face, and then, as if he'd read my mind, he put his enormous hands on my head to hold it still and started to pump his cock in and out of my mouth.

"That's it, faggot. Let me fuck that cocksucker face."

He stood up and I scooted back, all without taking that cock out of my mouth. I opened my throat and felt his shaft invade it, pushing back until he was past my gagging point, into the canal of my throat. I used my muscles to milk the big black cock that was moving like a piston in my mouth and throat.

He moaned and made a guttural sound and began to fuck my face even faster.

"C'mon, faggot! Suck that nigga cock!"

I fought the urge to choke as he continued to fuck my face. I looked up at his stomach, watched it move as he humped my face. His stomach was taught and it looked so sexy as he fucked me, like waves of pleasure traveled up from his rocking pelvis all the way up to his dark-chocolate pecs. He was biting his lip, and his eyes were closed. Suddenly, he opened them and looked down at me.

"You like that cock, don't you, faggot?" he said.

I answered him with my eyes as I kept sucking.

"Get those fucking clothes off, faggot! Show me how hard that puny little cock is for my huge dick!"

I very quickly slipped out of all my clothes (except my collar) and went immediately back to his cock.

"Yeah, I see that little white cock all hard and shit! My dick's got your fucking hard, huh? Shit yeah, fag, keep sucking my big black cock!"

Minutes passed. He kept talking filthy and I kept sucking. I wanted to stay there forever, his cock going in and out of my mouth, with him hurling abuse at me. I imagined living off his piss and his cum, with his cock never leaving my mouth. But I couldn't survive long on a diet of piss and cum, right?

Just then:

"I need to take a shit, man. But I want you to keep sucking my cock. Come with me to the bathroom."

My heart started beating faster. I stood up.

"Where the fuck is it?" he demanded.

"This way, SIR," I replied, leading him to the first floor bathroom. Dad was right behind us. I noticed as I passed that he was hard in his pants, but hadn't taken them off yet.

In the bathroom, Na'im removed his sweatpants and jock with his back to me. I watched his beautiful, round ass as he did so. I wanted to stick my tongue up there, but he turned it away from me, sat down on the toilet and said: "Ok, faggot! Get back on that cock!"

My mouth remained plastered to his cock, and almost immediately I heard the shit rush from his asshole and plunk into the water. The nasty smell was intoxicating.

"Yeah, faggot! Suck my cock while I take a shit! You like smelling that shit load, don't you, nasty boy?"

The stench assaulted my nostrils. It was foul, the odor of his waste, but my proximity to it was very arousing. I felt closer to breaking the last taboo. My heart was pounding in my chest.

"Well, fag, how do you like the smell?" he said while leering at me. I think he knew he had me, that I would consent to this. Even though I probably didn't have a choice at this point, that was of little concern to me. It was what I wanted; I realized it right away. I had eaten my Dad's dirty ass plenty of times, but this was different. It was as if each time I had eaten out my Dad's filthy ass, I was preparing for something more intense, more outlaw, more exciting.

"I love the smell, SIR!"

"Yeah, I thought you'd like that smell, faggot! When your daddy said you liked piss, I figured you were a regular little toilet! Tell me you want more of that smell!"

"I want to smell you shit, SIR!" I said.


"Because I am a faggot whore who gets off on your piss and your shit, SIR!"

"Then get your nose up my shitty ass, faggot!" he ordered, standing up. He turned around and parted his beautiful, round ebony cheeks with his hands. I put my nose up to his nasty, shitty asshole and took a deep whiff.

"That's it! Smell my shit, punk! Get your nose in my hole and take a deep whiff of my shit, you fag!"

I was surprised, but my mouth was watering at the prospect of licking this fresh, hot shit from this beautiful black ass. I took in another breath. There was a lot of shit around his hole, and it was pungent. My nearness to the stench should have revolted me, but I was on fire. I wanted his shit on my tongue.

As if he'd read my mind, Na'im said: "That smell make you hungry?"

I moaned my assent to his question.

"If you want it, you gotta tell me, faggot! What do you want to tell me?"

"I want your shit, SIR." I could hardly believe I was saying it; harder still to believe was that I meant it. I really wanted to taste it. It smelled so good.

"Keep begging, faggot! I'm not convinced you really want it."

"Please, SIR," I said, "please feed me your shit. I want it so bad, SIR. I want to be your total toilet! I want to lick it off of your beautiful shithole, SIR. Please!" I was pleading shamelessly.

"Then stick out that faggot tongue, shit-eater! Lick up my shit, bitch!"

I stuck my tongue out tentatively, not knowing what to expect. Would the taste make me puke? The heady scent was making my head swim. I felt powerless to stop myself as I neared my mouth to his hole and began to lick it, to take his shit onto my tongue. He began to circle his hips.

"That's it, faggot! Lick me where I shit! Come on! You like the taste of that nigga shit, don'tya?"

I didn't have to think about the question. It tasted sour and a little burnt. But I loved doing it. I had his shit on my tongue. My head was spinning at the thought. It was so nasty, but I was so turned on. I felt like a barrier had been crossed, that there was no turning back now. The taste of his shit! I could taste his shit! The thought of it made me want to crawl up into his ass and fucking be his shit.

"C'mon, faggot, tell me you like it!"

I took my lips off of his beautiful, shitty black asshole long enough to say, "I love your shit, Sir! It tastes so good and nasty!"

"Shit, man. I shouldn't have wasted that dump in the fucking toilet; I should have shit right in your white boy faggot mouth! Well, that water's made that shit cold. I want you to eat it hot from my asshole. You'll take the whole load next time."

He reached around and pulled my hair. "That what you want, faggot? You wanna chow down on my nasty shit?"

"Yes, SIR," I moaned.

"Good! Now get the fuck back onto my ass!"

He jerked my head towards his ass.My tongue went immediately back to his asshole, cleaning out all the pasty shit from his asstrench. I could tell my father was watching me. He wasn't in my perpheral vision (he must have been behind us), but I could feel his eyes on me. He was watching this big, muscular, ebony stud take me farther than he ever had. I wondered if he and I would go this far. Now that I had crossed this threshold, would my father use me like this too? The bitter taste was repulsive and intoxicating at the same time. I wondered how different it would be to eat the whole turd, to munch on the actual shit load rather than just the leftovers. I wondered what my father's shit really tasted like.

"Fucking clean out that shithole, faggot!" Na'im shouted.

I was back at the task at hand as he rubbed his ass right in my face. I could tell that there was shit all over my face. I could feel its pastiness hardening on my cheeks and my mouth. I was reveling in the stink. I felt like I was about to cum, when he pulled his ass off my my face and put his face close to mine. I could feel his hot breath on my shit-smeared face.

"Damn it, boy. You smell like shit!"

"Yes, SIR." I said.

"I think you need a fucking shower, don't you, shitface?" He pushed my head away from his, like he was disgusted with the sight of me.

"Yes, SIR."

With that, he started pissing right on my face. He was pissing through his hard-on! I moved my face around to be sure I got his piss all over. I had piss in my hair, all over my face. I could feel it rinsing the shit off my face, could feel the nasty piss trickle off my face and onto my chest and naked crotch. I opened my mouth and he aimed his pissing cock right inside.

"Yeah, I drank a 40-oz. earlier, faggot. Take all that nigga piss!"

The acrid urine felt hot, hotter even than my body temperature. The smell was rank and my cock was rock hard as I gulped down this hot black stud's beer piss. This was my position in life: getting a guy's shit washed off my face by his piss.

"That's it, you fucking faggot! Drink all that piss!"

I heard my father's voice say, "Yeah, he fucking likes it, the faggot! Drink his piss! Take it all!"

The knowledge that my Dad was watching came back to me, and my cock leaped to think he was enjoying the sight of me being used.

When the piss stream finally had finished, Na'im stuck his still hard cock back into my throat and said, "Keep on suckin', punk. You ain't done!"

His black cock was battering my throat into submission; I felt it slide all the way into my throat as he relentlessly fucked my face. His cock was rubbing on my tongue as he went in and out and I milked it with my mouth too.

"Yeah, you want this cock in your pussy, don't you faggot?"

I couldn't answer his since he wasn't letting up on fucking my face, so I looked up and gave him a pleading look. He looked down into my eyes and smirked.

"You like this. You like sucking cock! You like drinking piss! You like EATING SHIT, DON'T YOU?"

He was fucking my mouth furiously as I knelt there at his feet. Suddenly I felt familiar fingers probing at my hole. It was my Dad, getting my ass ready for this black stud's cock. He shoved two fingers up my hole, then spread them apart to open me up. I rotated my hips around without missing a beat of the blowjob. I had something in each hole, and I was digging it.

I felt the fingers dig deeper and deeper into my ass as the cock seemed to go deeper and deeper into my throat. My nose was already at the pubic hair, yet the cock still seemed to be going deeper. I had an image of my father playing with the head of his cock somewhere inside of me, actually jacking him off inside my bowels.

I'm not sure how long Dad fingered my ass, but before long I was begging to get fucked.

Na'im jerked me up and threw me over his shoulder. I felt so weak when he did, no match at all for his power or strength. He carried me up the stairs as my Dad led him to the bedroom. Na'im was holding me onto his shoulder with his right arm and fingering my asshole with his left. His fingers were as big as some cocks that I'd had. I watched the ebony muscles on his back shift under his skin. This black man, beuutifully muscled, was using me for his pleasure!

I was thrown onto the bed and my legs were lifted up roughly, abruptly. I lay there on my back, weak with desire and ready for anything. My father swung his leg over me and held his ass just above my face.

I felt a searing, burning pain when Na'im began to assault my hole with his enormous cock. I started to cry out, but my Dad shoved his ass onto my mouth and started to rotate his hips.

"Take my fucking, cock, faggot! C'mon, you wanted it, now take it. Open up your pussy and take this cock!"

My father's motion became faster, more frenetic. As I tasted his ass again, I was driven over the edge. I thought about licking the remains of Na'im's shit and I thought about eating my father's shit. My asshole responded my opening up and allowing Na'im's cock further into my ass than I would have thought possible.

The cock was brutalizing my ass, but all I could do was moan, since my father's musky shithole was at my mouth. My tongue worked its way into his hole and he began to buck his hips. His ass mashed my face several times, then he stopped all of a sudden.

My father took his ass off my face and moved over beside me. He turned my head so I'd be looking right into his beautiful blue eyes.

"It's too bad I already took a shit today, " he said, giving me a meaningful look. "But maybe you need to do that when we're alone." His look told me that I would be eating his shit very soon.

"I can tell you're hungry for something you haven't had yet. Aren't you, faggot?"

"Yes, Sir, " I replied, looking deeply into his eyes. I was hiding nothing from him, and suddenly I felt more naked than I had a few seconds before, even though there was no other clothing to take off. I was aware that my ass was still being pounded by the black stud, but somehow this exchange between my father and me was more intense than the huge cock up my ass. Being fucked was in the back of my mind, but my father promising me his shit was front-and-center.

"Or should I address you as 'faggot shit-eater'?" he said with a smirk.

I nodded, again feeling naked and exposed but not ashamed. He laughed softly.

"Ok, then, faggot shit-eater, get your tongue back up my crapper!"

With that, he mounted me again and shoved his beautiful asshole back onto my face.

"Yeah, lick that shithole!" he shouted.

"Fucking take my cock up your pussy, bitch!" Na'im shouted.

They both began to shout at once, encouraging me and abusing me at the same time. It almost sounded like a ball game. Except better, because of the sport being played!

"Fuck yeah, faggot, C'MON!"

"Eat my fucking shithole, motherfucking whore! Get your tongue up there!"

"You love my big cock in your cunt, don't you, faggot! Squeeze your pussy muscles and milk my nigga cock, bitch!"

"Fuck yeah, lick that asshole! You're gonna be licking that asshole with a new purpose now, shit-eater! C'mon, I want to know you want to eat my shit! Prove it to me, faggot!"

My asshole was being fucked hard and my mouth was being smothered in ass. With my hands on my father's ass, pulling apart the cheeks so I could get even deeper into his shithole, I suddenly erupted. My cock spurt out cum in rhythm with Na'im's thrusts. I was totally lost in the throes of the orgasm. I seemed to loose all thought but pleasure.

After I shot, Na'im started to buck faster and faster, pounding my ass harder and more furiously. He cried out and I knew he was cumming. Loudly! It was so hot.

"Ahhhhhh! AHHHHHH! Yeah, motherfucker! Yeah! Fucking that's it! Fuck yeah! Shit, man. Take it!" My father jumped up, whipped around and by the time I'd realized that he'd moved, his cock was in my mouth; I guess I didn't even close it when he's gotten up.

His cum came fast, shooting into my throat, onto my tongue and all over my face.

It tasted so sweet, so strong.

Again, without my noticing, my father had moved and Na'im's dick, slimy from my ass, was dangling in front of my mouth. I looked at the glistening, black cock and opened my mouth. He moved his cock into my mouth.

"Yeah, faggot! Suck it clean! Get all your nasty ass juice off my cock, bitch!"

I could taste my ass. I had tasted his, my Dad's, and now my own. I licked and sucked his cock clean, the nasty ass taste thick on my tongue. Then he patted me on the cheek and said:" You're a good faggot. If your dad'll let me, I'll introduce you to some of my teammates."

My father smiled at him, then smiled at me.

After Na'im had left, Dad approached me while I was getting ready for bed.

"You really want to eat my shit, son?"

I thought about it. I had said I would in the heat of the moment. Maybe he was giving me a chance to back down. Now that I had cum and I was calm, is that what I really wanted? To eat the shit from his asshole?

My cock answered my own question by twitching.

"Yes, SIR, I want your shit, SIR."

"Alright then, faggot!" he said, twisting my nipple with a sinister smile, "you're gonna get your wish! Now get your faggot ass to bed!"

Would we do this tomorrow? Would he make me wait? The anticipation would have kept me up, but I had been used so hard that I slept like a baby.

Stay tuned. More to cum.

P.S. Sorry for the lagtime between installments. It takes awhile for the story to take shape in my head. Hope it was worth the wait.