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After the experience with Na'im, the gorgeous black stud, I was eager expand my limits. My father had expressed his desire to take me to the next level, so to speak, but each time we had sex after that, he always talked about what a shit-eating faggot I was, but he never took steps to initiate me. That is until about a week later...

I had my father's huge cock in my mouth. I was in my usual position: kneeling, nude, at his feet while he thrusted his muscular hips, ramming his rock hard cock into my mouth.

"Nice to have a bitch to suck my cock. That's it, work that cock, faggot! Suck it! Suck my nice fat cock, you whore!"

I was slobbering all over the thick shaft as it raped my mouth and throat. With a hard cock fucking my face, I was where I love to be, doing what I love to do.

"Yeah, do it. Take my cock, bitch! Suck it! Let me fuck that faggot face! Open up that throat, pussy, lemme fuck it!"

At these words, my throat opened completely, as if my body was cooperating with his orders with no help from my brain. I was under his control. His cock slid all the way into my mouth, his pubes ticking my nose. He began to thrust it down my throat. My gag reflex was gone, seemed never to have existed. Although my eyes were watering, I felt no discomfort.

"Oh, yeah, fucking that throat like it's a pussy. You ain't gaggin', you love this shit! Keep it up, homo!"

He placed his hands on the back of my head and kept thrusting into my mouth.

"I got some hot cum and piss for you faggot! But that's going to have to wait. I want to fuck your ass first! You didn't clean out your ass, did you, faggot?"

He had instructed me that morning not to douche before we fucked; of course, I had followed his command.

"No, SIR. My ass is dirty, SIR."

"Good boy! Now stand up and bend over, faggot! I'm gonna fuck that cunt!"

I stood up, turning my hungry ass toward him. He moaned when he saw up upturned ass. He loves my pussy, and I love to show it off for him.

"Finger that pussy, bitch! Get it ready for my cock!"

Reaching around, I slid my finger into my cunt-hole. It was hot inside. And juicy.

"Fuck, yeah, work that faggot pussy!"

I licked all my fingers, slowly, teasing him (and myself). I stuck one, then two, then three fingers up my well-fucked ass. I could feel the tip of a turd as I reached deep into my ass. I toyed with the end of it. I swirled my fingers around it. So fucking hot!

"You feel anything up there, homo?" my Dad asked.

"I feel my shit, SIR!"

"Good," he said. "I'm gonna fuck your ass dirty. Gonna pack your fudge, bitch! That what you want?"

"Yes, SIR! Fuck my shitty ass, SIR, please!" I begged.

"Take those fingers out of your ass, faggot! Hold them up by your face."

I took them out and brought them up to my face. There was some shit on my fingers.

"Smell those fingers, punk! Sniff 'em!"

I took in a deep breath. Oh, that smell!

"What do you smell, fag?"

"I smell my butt slop, SIR!" I said.

"Lick it clean, bitch!"

I took my fingers into my mouth. I felt so nasty! The bitter taste was a total turn on. He was making me hungry for it, preparing me for what was to come.

"How does that taste, shit-eater?" he sneered at me as he grabbed my hair and pulled on it.

"It tastes good, SIR!" I answered honestly.

"Well, get used to the taste, fag, cause you'll be tasting a lot of it!"

"Oh, yes, SIR!"

"Get the fuck on the bed, faggot! Spread those legs.Get ready for this man cock, you little whore!"

I positioned myself on the bed, ready for the assault on my hole. My ass-pussy was twitching in preparation.

He shoved himself in between my legs and put his cockhead at the entrance to my dirty ass. He spit onto his cock, spread around his spit, and plunged his dick right into my asshole.

My ass didn't have long to adjust to his pole; he started ramming right away. But since he fucked me almost everyday, I was used to this kind of treatment and before long my ass muscles were milking his huge meat.

"Yeah, faggot! Take that cock! Fucking take it, bitch! You like it, queerboy! Open up that ass! Work my cock with it, slut!"

I felt his balls slapping my ass, with a satisfying "thwak, thwak" sound, as his stiff rod plunged in and out of my faggot hole.

"Oh, SIR!" I practically yelled. "Fuck me, please, SIR! Rape my faggot whole with your cock! Pound my ass, SIR! Use it! Use me, SIR! I love it!"

"I know you do, whore! You are such a fucking faggot ! I feel something up in your ass, faggot! What is it?"

"It's my shit, SIR. Your cock is rubbing up against my shit."

"How's it feel, faggot? How's it feel to have your shit-filled ass full of my cock too?" He kept fucking my ass as he talked to me.

"It feels great, SIR! Fuck the shit out of my ass!"

"Yeah, I love fucking my son's fucking nasty ass! My cock is packing in those turds! Fuck yeah, feels hot!"

He continued to ram in his cock. The smell of my shit began to waft up to my nose, making my cock even harder. I moaned and bucked my ass.

My Dad continued his verbal assault. "Fuck yeah, work your faggot ass! That's it, grind it on my cock! Fuck yeah! I'm loosening up your butt-load. You smell your shit? I can fucking smell it from here! You smell that, pig?"

"Yes, SIR! I smell it!"

"How does it make you feel, shit-eater?"

"Horny, SIR. It makes me feel horny, SIR!" I said.

"Yeah? What else?" he asked.

"It makes me hungry too, SIR."

"Well, let's take a look at what your shitty ass has done to my cock!"

He pulled his cock out of my nasty asshole. He moved up the bed to where my head was and held it in my face. It was streaked with brown. My shit was on his cock.

"What do you see on that cock, faggot?" he said.

"I see my shit, SIR."

"You got my cock dirty, bitch! I think you need to clean it."

I was trembling. My mouth was suddenly dry. "Yes, SIR."

"Yes, SIR, what? What are you going to do?"

"I am going to clean off your cock, SIR," I said.

"What are you going to clean off of my cock, slut?"

"I am going to clean off my shit, SIR."

"How are you going to clean your smelly shit off my cock, fag?"

"I am going to clean my shit off your hot mancock with my faggot toilet mouth, SIR!"

"Good boy. But I want you to look at it first, bitch. Keep that faggot tongue in your mouth and just look at my nasty dick."

I stared at the monster cock in front of my face. Brown streaks ran down the length of the shaft. The shit almost glistened in the light. It was hypnotic. I was in a trance, staring longingly at my own waste, my own shit on my father's cock. My mouth, which had been dry, began to water.

"Yeah, faggot, stare at that shitty cock. You want that shit on your tongue, don't you?"

"Yes, SIR!" I moaned.

"I know you do, but not yet, bitch. Sniff that filthy cock! Smell your shit on my rod, you cunt!"

I took a deep satisfying whiff. The pungent, sour smell was intoxicating. I took a deeper sniff and my cock jumped appreciatively. I was inhaling the stench of waste, all for my father's pleasure. But it was my pleasure too. I savored the raw smell of my own ass. I inhaled again.

"That's it, faggot! Smell that shit! Sniff it! Get a good whiff! You'll be getting a taste in just a second. That's what you really want, isn't it?"

"Yes, SIR. I want to suck my shit off of your cock!"

"Keep talking, pig," he said.

After another whiff, I said, "That shit looks so good on your cock, SIR! I love to suck your cock, SIR, it tastes so good. And my shit is going to make it taste even better. I want to lick the shit off your dick, SIR!"

"Then go to it, queer boy! Suck the shit off my cock!"

I took the head of his cock in my mouth. There were clumps of my shit at the base of the head, and I tasted them, tentatively at first. Once the sour taste hit my tongue, though, there was no stopping me. I inhaled his shit-coated cock.

"Fuck yeah, suck your fucking butt slop off my cock, faggot! You fucking shit-eater! Go to it. Yeah, clean it off, bitch! Fuck yeah! Eat my cock! Eat your shit!"

I was so hungry for it. I didn't feel like this was enough; I knew that soon I would be eating more shit - a lot more shit. I couldn't wait.

"You like the taste of that nasty cock, fag?"

"Oh, yes, SIR!" I nearly shouted.

"You've got a taste for it now, don't you, toilet?

"Yes, SIR!"


"Yes, SIR. I am a shit-loving whore, SIR!"

"Yeah, I know you are. Tell me what you want, faggot!"

"I want your shit, SIR!"

"Are you a shit-eater, fag?"

"Yes, SIR. I am a faggot shit-eater. I want to eat your shit, SIR."

"I am going to empty my bowels into your faggot mouth. I want to see you munching on my fucking turds."

"Yes, SIR. I want you to."

"Do you realize, faggot, what you are asking me to do?" he said.

"Yes, SIR. I realize. I want it. It's all I ever wanted. I want your hot shit, SIR. I want to eat it. I want to feel that hot turd come out of your asshole and into my waiting faggot mouth, SIR."

"If we start this, we'll finish it, faggot. Are you sure it's what you want?"


"Go on, fag! Keep going!"


It was almost as if a force outside of me was compelling me to do this. I knew intellectually that this was aberrant and foul, but I wanted it so badly. The idea of it had me writhing around, moaning like a whore. I was totally depraved in my lust for my Dad's waste. I'd had his piss; this was the logical extension of drinking his piss and eating his dirty ass. How else could I have ended up? I was meant to eat his shit.

"Just remember: you begged me for it, all right?"

"Yes, SIR. I am begging to eat your shit, SIR!"

"All right, you faggot. You wanted it! Let's go!"

He ordered my to lie on my back on the floor and he squatted over me facing my feet. He lowered himself slowly to make sure I got a good long look at his beautiful ass. The round, well-muscled cheeks, the skin lighter than on his thighs and back; the silky black hairs that spread across the surface of his ass and led to his intoxicating rosebud of an ass. The wrinkled skin of his asshole excited me. That space was for my tongue. I was looking at my feeding tube, his shit-chute. I watched this amazing ass lower toward my face, almost as if in slow motion.

"You like what you see, faggot?" The ass got closer still. I watched it as if hypnotized.

"Yes, SIR!"

"All for you, shit-pig. Get ready!"

His ass was finally near my mouth, near enough for me to reach it with my tongue.

"Stick out that faggot tongue, slut! Stick it way out and leave it just barely touching my asshole! And keep that tongue stiff too, fag!"

I did what he asked. He wriggled his ass on my face, to align his hole with my tongue.
He bucked his hips back and forth, and my tongue ran along his hairy, sweaty crack. He bucked them slowly at first, then with more speed.

"Yeah, faggot. Lick that crack!" Then he quickly and forcefully pushed his ass down onto my face; my tongue went right into that delicious canal.

"Yeah, fucker, tongue fuck my asshole!" He began to ride my tongue, which I held in place firmly so that it would go right up into his ass. I felt my tongue invading the his ass, deep inside, licking and probing all around, eager for what it would find there. His ass tasted pungent and musky, a taste which hinted at what was to come. As I continued to tongue it, it seemed to relax. I thought I could feel the tip of something firm behind the ring of his ass. It was my dinner. All the while, my father kept berating me.

"Yeah, fucker, stick that tongue up my crapper! Get it up in that shit-chute! Tongue fuck that ass!"

Suddenly, with my tongue, I felt a shift, a movement within his ass and almost immediately, I was rewarded with a loud, smelly fart. I actually felt the ass open around my tongue as the gas was expelled right into my face, into my mouth. I inhaled deeply and I could smell his ass. I could taste the fart as well. I was in heaven. I moaned loudly.

"Yeah, faggot, how do you like that fart? Smell it! Smell my nasty gas! Comes from way deep inside my ass, faggot. You like sniffing that fart, don't you?"

"Yes, SIR!" I said. It smelled so raunchy. I knew what would be coming soon. My cock, which I thought was as hard as it could get, got even harder. I inhaled again.

"Yeah, there's something even nastier than that fart waiting for your toilet mouth!"

"Oh, yes, SIR!" I was consumed by lust. I was ready for anything.

"Fuck, yeah. I need to shit. Gotta take a fucking dump, faggot! Get ready, I'm gonna shit in your toilet mouth! This is what you want, so fucking take it! Get that fag mouth open, queer boy. Get ready to eat your Daddy's hot shit!"

I opened my mouth wide as he positioned his ass. My heart was pounding in my chest.

"Oh, yeah. Uuuuummmmff! Arrrrrrgh!"

His asshole opened up and I saw the big smelly brown log coming at me. It was like a NASA countdown. I was hot with anticipation. It slid out slowly, into my open mouth. I felt a wave of gratitude.

"Yeah, feast on my waste, shit-eater! Fucking eat that turd!"

Its surface felt slimy in my mouth, and I could smell the foul odor. This was it; I was totally his faggot. I sucked at the turd, half of it sticking out of my mouth. My tongue was coated with sludge as I sucked his turd like it was a cock.

"Get that mouth open, bitch! Got another one coming out!"

Another one? I hadn't even gotten this one finished! I fought the urge to gag as I sucked on it. His log was really fat, but I had to open up my mouth wide, since another one was already coming out. Dad grunted. It came sliding out, this one faster than the last, and I took it into my mouth as best I could.

"Yeah, that's it, you fucking fag! Eat my nasty shit! C'mon, faggot, eat it! Eat my shit! Got a fucking gourmet meal right here, fit for a faggot shit-eater like you! Come on, eat my shit! FUCKING FEEDING YOU, BITCH! SUCK THE SHIT OUTTA MY SLOP HOLE, YOU QUEER FUCKING CUNT!"

I moaned wantonly. This was more intense than I had ever imagined. The taste was driving me wild with lust. I was reveling in the sewer.

"Fucking swallow my crap! Eat those fucking turds! Come on! Chew 'em up! SWALLOW MY FUCKING SHIT, YOU FAGGOT! EAT IT! EAT MY SHIT!"

I was unable to speak, my mouth was full of his rank shit. The ultimate humiliation had been inflicted on me, and my cock was about to burst.


He moved down, lifted up my legs, and shoved his cock back into my asshole. He began fucking it, even more furiously than before, slapping it very hard repeatedly. All the while, he kept on talking.


I continued to work on the foul ass-load that was in my mouth, chewing, almost gagging, swallowing. I could feel rivers of brown, shitty spit flowing out of the sides of my mouth while I chewed. I reached up and put some stray shit that was on the sides of my face into my mouth.


Dader was fucking my ass furiously, faster than he'd ever had before. He grunted so loudly, I thought the neighbors might hear, but at this point I didn't care. Our eyes met. He was watching me eat his shit. He sped up the tempo even more. I loved how he watched me eat his crap. He slapped my ass several times, shouting abuse all the while, and suddenly cum started shooting out of my cock. My hands were nowhere near my dick.


Soon after I felt his cock spasm in my ass and I knew that he was cumming.


He thrust into me until his cock was finished shooting, then he slipped out of my ass and brought his newly dirty cock up to my face.

"Clean it again, faggot!" he commanded.

I took his cock in my mouth and tasted the now familiar flavor of waste. I licked and sucked it off. My cock began to get hard again as I licked the traces of my poop off his cock. I suddenly felt the head of his cock burst, and another familiar taste invaded my mouth.


I drank it down, an expert at it by now. I didn't spill a drop.

After he'd finished pissing, I felt the sudden urge to shit. I was about to jump up, to run to the toilet, but Dad held me down. I didn't want to shit on the floor! I looked down. Dad had had the foresight to put a towel down there. I hadn't even noticed before. I took this to mean that I was to shit right where I was. After all, he knew I'd have to after he'd fucked me like that. I let it go.

"Yeah, that's it, motherfucker! Shit! Clean out those fucking bowels! Do it! Unload that ass. Got my cum all mixed in with your shit, faggot!"

I felt a wave of relief when I'd finished.

"No, get down there and eat up all that shit, faggot!!"

After I'd gotten cleaned up, Dad knocked on my door. Almost bashfully, he came in.

"Are you ok?" he asked. He seemed genuinely concerned. I was taken aback. He hadn't shown this kind of concern since we'd started having sex.

After a pause, I said, "Yeah, I'm ok."

"Well, I am enjoying all this, but, if something is too much for you, all you have to do is tell me. I won't get mad. I just want you to have a good time."

"This is kinda weird, Dad. I mean, you are so...aggressive when we..." I don't know why I hesitated. I could have sex with him, but I couldn't seem to say it afterwards.

"I just want to be sure that it's all consensual. I'm trying to give you what you want and get what I want at the same time. I can get it elsewhere and so can you. I guess what I'm saying is that I love you and I don't want to lose you by driving you away. I don't want you to submit to everything I say just to please me. I want you to like it too.

"I've been so lonely since your mom died. You know as well as I do that our marriage wasn't perfect. I wanted something she couldn't give me. I ended up alienating her. You and your brother are the only family I have left. I can't afford to lose you. Either of you."

"Oh, Dad!" I ran to hug him. "You aren't going to drive me away! I love having sex with you! I love it when you fuck me!"

He held me tight and I carressed his strong, muscular back. "I love to drink your piss! I even love to eat your shit! I'm doing all this because I love you! And I love doing it! You aren't making me do anything I haven't always wanted to do!The past few weeks have made me feel so good. I couldn't go back now. Not that I'd want to. Please don't feel that way. My eyes have been open the whole time."

He patted me on the back, then pulled away to look me in the eyes. He smiled. "You're more of a man than a lot of the athletes I treat, did you know that? None of them could take half the shit you do."

A beat later, we both realized the unintentional joke and laughed. The first time we'd laughed together in months. He fixed me with a suddenly stern look. His smile was gone.

"Well, get your faggot ass to bed then, bitch! You need your rest!" His tone had resumed its former hardness but there was a glint in his sexy blue eyes. "I'm making tomorrow's dinner for you right now! Hope you're hungry after your workout, faggot!"

That's when I realized it was Friday. We were going to play all weekend. And he wasn't going to start getting all mushy on my either. He was still going to dominate me. I was still his faggot bitch. I was glad.

I smiled as I drifted off to sleep that night, dreaming of his asshole.

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