Dad's Piss Fag -- Chapter 6

Disclaimer: the events depicted here bear no resemblance to the life experiences of the author, nor to those of anyone he knows. This story deals in a frank and explicit way with incest, watersports, and scat. If you are not eighteen years of age, or if such material offends you, please read no further.


"Yeah, boy! Suck your brother's ass while you've got his best friend's dick in your pussy!" Dad said from the door.

"Dad!" Chris and I both said at once.

"You perverts knew I'd be home before too long. Don't act so fucking surprised. Just plop your ass back on your faggot brother's face, Chris."

A wicked smile spread across Chris's face as he planted those fat, muscular butt cheeks back onto my face, bringing my tongue once again in contact with his sweaty, musky hole.

"Now, get that tongue back up there, faggot, and tease out that shit you want so bad!" Dad ordered. "And you, Tony! Start fucking that pussy again! He can't get enough cock. I should know, I've fucked him enough!"

I pushed my tongue back up my brother's ass. My brother's ass! I had my tongue up my brother's shit hole. And Dad was watching! I hungrily probed my tongue into that chute, framed by those gorgeous round melons. I bit the side of his cheek, which had the slightest dusting of blond hair. The hairs had tiny bits of his shit clinging to them, which I dutifully sucked off before plunging my faggot tongue back into his crapper.

No doubt energized by my father's presence, Tony was plunging his cock even more furiously into my ass. Although my view was blocked Chris, I could picture his muscular hips moving back and forth, driving his long thick cock in and out of my fuck hole. In my mind, I saw his defined pecs dancing in rhythm to his strokes. My cock bounced on my taught stomach. I was on fire with lust.

Dad positioned himself near my head. I saw from the corner of my eye that he was rubbing his monster cock through the fabric of his tight faded jeans. The V of his torso swayed as he thrust his hips back and forth. I could clearly see the contours of his quadriceps through the skin-tight denim. This was the ultimate sexual experience; I could barely believe that it was happening. Chris rode my face with his amazing ass.

My brother was moaning his approval at the action of my tongue.

"Mmmmm yeah! Get up in that ass with your tongue, fag! So fucking hot! Your fat tongue feels so good in my manhole. Fuck, man, I gotta shit. You want it? You want your brother's hot shit load? Want me to dump it in your mouth?"

Not wanting to take my lips off his hole, I nodded vigorously my assent.

My father, always in charge, said, "Take your faggot mouth off that hole for a second and tell Chris how bad you want his shit!"

I stopped sucking his hole for as long as it took me to say: "Oh, yeah, shit in my faggot toilet mouth! I've wanted to eat your shit for a long time. Don't make me wait anymore. Feed me! Give me your hot shit load!"

I was about to put my lips on his shitter again when he lifted up that muscular ass just out of my reach.

"Get that mouth open, you faggot, and get ready for my shit! This is gonna feel so good, shitting in your nasty mouth! You're gonna love the taste of my jock shit, bitch!"

I opened my mouth and after a tense few moments, a thick brown log snaked its way out of my brother's asshole. I pushed my head back against the pillow, not to recoil from the gift my brother was giving me, but to get a better look at it as it came out. It looked so beautiful coming out of that hole, and it went right into my waiting mouth. He was releasing it slowly; part of the turd was still up his ass as I wrapped my lips around the foul smelling offering.

"Suck it all the way out," Tony said, still pounding his cock in my ass. "Eat that hot shit, you fucking queer!"

I sucked and slurped on the shit load coming out of Chris's butt. It was bitter to the taste, but I loved it. I was his fucking toilet brother now, just like I was Dad's faggot bitch toilet son.

"Fucking eat my shit, fag! You get off on eating that turd, don't you? Fuck yeah! Fucking faggot toilet!

The turd broke off, most of it in my mouth, part of it clinging temptingly in his messy hole. I began to chew, savoring the acrid taste and raunchy odor. My tongue practically tingled with the taste as it permeated my mouth. I swished my tongue around to get it all over my mouth, loving the feel of the shit melting. I swallowed some of it.

"Fuck yeah, homo!" my Dad said. "Eat that fucking shit loaf! Fucking bitch! Hot fucking shit-eating toilet-whore!"

Tony began to pump my ass even more furiously. His pelvis was slamming into me, and his cock was plunging my ass frantically. I tightened my ass muscles on the out strokes, milking his cock. It felt like the friction of his humping was going to set my asslips on fire! I bucked and rocked my hips in motion with his thrusts as I continued to chow down on my brother's shit.

"Fuck yeah, bitch, take my cock! Gonna shoot my load up your faggot pussy, punk! Take my seed, faggot! Suck my load out with your ass!"

"You like it when my pussy milks your hot cock?" I managed to say with my mouth still partly full of shit. This seemed to set Tony off. He began to shout, all the while delivering a series of stinging blows to my butt cheeks.


I felt his dick twitch as he emptied his cum into my waiting ass. My brother lowered his ass back onto my face, smearing the shit still remaining all around my lips and nose. I opened my now empty mouth to get another taste of the source of the bitter load I had eaten.

Dad moved to the end of the bed and tapped Tony on the shoulder, indicating that he was ready to get into my hole next. With a series of slow pelvic thrusts, Chris wiped his ass up and down my face, smearing shit all the way up to my eyebrows and down to my chin.

Dad whipped off his pants. His cock was jutting straight out in front of him and drooling buckets of pre-cum. As he entered my twitching ass, Chris got up. "Yeah, I wanna see the toilet I just used! Fuck, man, you're a nasty fucking faggot! Teeth all brown with my shit! Finish off that shit. Swallow it all! Lick it off your faggot face!"

My tongue went out in search of clumps of shit clinging to the corners of my mouth. Chris scooped some of the remaining shit from my face and coated his cock with it. The skin of my brother's hard cock went from white to brown as he coated it with shit.


I opened my mouth, wide, and Chris straddled my chest, with my Dad still pounding his bare cock into my ass. His dick was thicker than Tony's. I loved the feeling of fullness in my ass. The warmth and friction ignited my desire even further; I was ready for anything. Chris plunged his shitty cock into my open mouth. I closed my lips and devoured his pole, while Dad kept fucking my filthy hole.

"You like that taste? Taste it, man!" Chris spat at me.

"That's it, take my cock up your punk ass, you faggot!"

Tony was watching all the action with rapt attention. His cock glistening with my shit. He was hard again.

"Hey," he said, "I haven't got to feed him yet. That pizza made me full. I gotta take a dump too. You want me to shit in your faggot toilet mouth too?"

I still had my mouth on Chris's shitty cock, but I looked aside at Tony and nodded as best I could in the circumstances.

"Well, finish cleaning your brother's cock and I'll feed you some of MY shit! You'll love it!"

As I cleaned Chris's cock with my mouth, sucking and licking off every last piece of my shit, Dad's bare cock felt like a fleshy piston, invading my hole with its strokes. He slapped my ass.

"Fuck yeah, fucking hot! Three studs using my whore of a faggot toilet son! Fuck yeah! Take that motherfucking cock, bitch! Lemme plow that ass! You like being a toilet fuck toy to three studs, don't you, faggot?"

I didn't need to answer. The ferocity with which I was moaning and writhing was all the answer Dad needed.

Chris's cock began to fuck my face with more force and speed. He started scrunching up his face and grunting.

"Keep sucking, faggot! Suck that fucking cock! OHHHHHH FUCK!!"

My brother shot his load into my mouth and down my throat. I greedily swallowed all his cum.

"Don't stop cleaning it off, faggot. It's not all the way clean!"

As I began to finish cleaning off Chris's cock, another taste began to fill my mouth. It was the acrid taste of my brother's piss.

"Oh, yeah, bitch! Drink it! Drink my fucking piss, you faggot!"

I swallowed as the piss maintained it steady flow, dreading the moment I would feel it start to dwindle. Chris looked down at me, his cock in my mouth, my adam's apple bobbing up and down as I drank his hot urine. He gave me a sly smile and said, quietly: "Oh, yeah, little bro! Drink it!" His tone of voice was sexy and intimate. I'd never felt closer to my brother than at that very moment.

The piss flow eventually stopped and Chris bent down and kissed my forehead on the one area that wasn't covered in some kind of waste or spunk. He winked at me and stood up.

As soon as he was off of me, I began to beg Tony: "I wanna taste your pits. I want to lick all over your fucking sweaty armpits!"

Tony stepped closer to the bed. Dad said: "Wait! Tony, come here for just a second before you let that pig get a taste of your hairy pits."

Tony went toward the end of the bed where Dad was as he pulled out of my ass. Dad scooped up some shit from my ass and smeared it on Tony's armpit. He slapped Tony on the back and said, in his best 'coach' voice: "Go get him!"

Tony smiled and moved towards my head as Dad reinserted his cock and began pumping me as before. Dad began to stroke my cock with his shitty hand, coating it in stinking slime. Tony, now near my head, raised his arm, giving me a boner-inducing view of his pit. My eyes followed the musculature of his arm to the elbow. I traced my gaze back over his bulging biceps and back to his pit, the hairs of which were smeared with my shit. He leaned over and placed his arm pit right over my face.

"Get in that sweaty pit and lick off that shit!"

The shit was smeared and clumped in his pit hair and I dove to lick it out.

Tony moaned, "Oh, yeah, suck your shit out of my sweaty armpit, faggot! Scrape some out with your teeth! C'mon, do it!"

Opening my mouth wide, I dragged my upper teeth across the surface of his pit, shit accumulating on my teeth.

Tony moved his arm away and said, "Now lick your teeth, fag! Lick them and taste that shit!"

I ran my tongue over the surface of my teeth, like the woman in that Pearl Drops commercial. (I had to suppress a giggle at the thought. I resisted the urge to say, "MMMMM. It's a great feeling!") I collected bits of shit on my tongue. I heard Tony hock up a loogie. His head was bent over mine, poised to spit in my mouth. I opened up and his spit, thick with mucus, landed right in my mouth.

"Fuck yeah, Chris! Hock one up and feed it to him."

While Chris was summoning up a loogie for me, I combined the shit and the spit in my mouth, savoring the taste and the textures. Chris leaned over and I opened my mouth as he spit his snotty wad into my mouth. I swallowed the whole foul load.

"I want to taste your shit hole, Tony! Please, let me stick my tongue up there! Please!"

Tony smiled and took his position. "You didn't think I'd forget that, did you? I've been wanting to feed you all night! I know you're gonna dig this, faggot!"

Tony got into position. I began to eat his beautiful ass, plunging my tongue into his musky, spicy-tasting hole, when that familiar movement began, and I knew I was about to taste his most intimate taste. It slithered into my mouth like a thick snake sliding down its hole.

I opened my mouth to give him a good look, then closed my lips around his rank, stinking shit. Chris watched with a sexy smile on his face as I continued to chew up his friend's shit and swallowed it. The nasty taste overpowered me, and I began to grunt as mouthful after mouthful of stinking waste made its way down my throat and into my stomach. Large clumps of his crap hung on the corners of my mouth; I maneuvered one them into my waiting mouth and felt the crap seem to melt, overpowering my taste buds with the bitter taste of his waste.


Meanwhile, Dad was getting close to coming. By now, I'd learned to recognize the little noises that he made as he was approaching climax.

"Start jerking that cock, son! You've got your Dad's cock in your ass and your brother's best friend's shit in your mouth! Take your cock in your hand and beat it! You need to cum with me! I want you to shoot it!"

I began to jack my shitty cock wildly as Dad continued his assault on my ass. I knew with all the hot action that had been going on, it wouldn't take me long. Dad and I began to moan together. I was beating my cock, chewing shit, and humping in time with my Dad when ...


...I had an explosive orgasm! My cock shot the cum out and it flew over my head and hit the headboard of the bed. As soon as my ass began to contract with the first spurt, Dad also shot, his body tensing up as he filled my well-fucked ass with his cum.


I felt his cock twitching and pulsing in my ass as my own orgasm started to subside. The drops of cum were now landing on my neck. No dribbles on my stomach this time! I felt one last spasm as my cock finished shooting. I looked up at Dad, who was in the last throes of cumming himself. I rubbed the cum into my chest and licked it off my shitty fingers. The taste of the cum and shit together was delicious and foul at the same time.

Dad fell out of my ass and collapsed next to me. Chris and Tony were actually making out on the other side of the room, rubbing their hands on each other's asses and grinding their cocks together. I figured this wouldn't be the last time they played together.

"Oh, Dad! Fuck, that was the best ever!"

Dad smiled at me. "Yeah, it was pretty fucking excellent! You know, I'll expect you to come home at least some weekends once you go off to college. I'll miss having you around."

"Dad, you know I'd never forget to visit. I love you so much!"

Dad sat up. "I know you do. And you know I love you too, right?"

"Yeah, Dad. I know."

Dad jumped up and planted his hairy, muscular ass on my face. He reached back and spread his cheeks wide.



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