Deal with the Devil

***Warning, this story deals with many things that may be offensive to you. If you do not like; man boy love, boy boy love, diapers, diaper use, piss, piss fucking, and torture, then please leave now. The torture does not involve the boys though, only a well deserving adult, since I am not into hurting kids. If however you continue to read and enjoy the story, then great, email me at erich5748 at, if not, then sorry I couldn't live up to your expectations, better luck next time. Please do not flame me, I only write for myself and share with others because I enjoy doing so. If however you have constructive criticism, then I would love to hear it as well, anywhere where I need to work, let me know. Anyway, I hope that you do enjoy and thanks for reading this if you actually bother to.***

Thirty year old Tom was walking down the street to the nearest bus stop after having lost a lot of money at the race track. The past year since he lost his job had been miserable to say the least. The lack of work in town for a skilled laborer was very quickly taking a meager living and turning it into hell. If it were not for his son, he surely would have lost it by now. In order to try and make ends meet, at least a little, he got in with some pretty unsavory characters, they were plentiful in Las Vegas after all, and he now owed them far more money than he could ever hope to repay at the rate he was going. He had tried everything, gambling, money making schemes, anything and everything to make a buck so that he could raise his son. It was not working though, he was losing hope and faith, and he knew deep down that his time was short for this world, he just hoped it would be quick. His only concern was his son. He had nothing planned for him, there was nowhere for him to go, no family, his mother was a drunken one night fling and took off the day after he was born, his parents were no better. He himself was raised by his grandparents, until they died, and as far as he knew, his parents were dead too. At least he hoped they were. He had at least hoped to give his son more than he himself had had, that was sadly starting to look as if it were not going to happen any better.

Tom almost laughed when the big black SUV pulled up beside him, the rear passenger door opening and a big beast of a man stepped out.

“I wondered when you were gonna come for me.” Tom said in a falsely chipper voice.

“The boss wants to see you.” Was all the man said.

“Yeah, I know.” Tom sighed.

He climbed in, and as soon as the door was closed, they took off. They headed over to the warehouse district and pulled into a nondescript one not even five minutes later. The big man opened the door for Tom once again and then placed his hand on the back of his neck, guiding him to where he was to go. Tom did not struggle in any way, but the man still kept a very firm grip.

“Here you are Boss, he didn't make a fuss.” The man said and then stepped outside.

“Ah Tom, so good of you to join me.” He said far to happily for the situation.

“Wasn't given much of a choice Sir, but I knew you'd be calling for me before too long. I do have one request though before you do whatever it is that you plan to do to me.”

“I don't see how you can make any requests of me, but since I'm a fair man, go ahead.”

“It's my son Sir, I haven't made arrangements for him, and if you could just give me a day, or even just a few hours, to make sure he's taken care of, I'll do whatever, go wherever, I'll even write out a letter and do it myself to save you the hassle.” Tom said softly, trying his best to stay strong.

“I wasn't aware that you had a son Tom, how old is he?”

“He's twelve Sir. I never told anyone about him, he's the reason I took the hard risks, to try and give him the life he deserved. I'd really rather he never learned anything of this, so if you let me take care of this myself, I can save him that shame at least. I'd like to even send a letter to him, explaining a few things, so that he knows that I always loved him and always will.” Tom said, openly crying now.

“Yes, you took the hard risks, and you used my money to do so. Do you know how much you owe me now?”

“Yeah, almost three hundred and fifty thousand dollars now.”

“Exactly. I've given you chance after chance, because I knew you were a good man, but you now owe me more than you can possibly pay back, unless a miracle happens. As you obviously know, I usually just get rid of people like you. You came here fully expecting that, and I am going to as well. I will however give you until tomorrow, this time to take care of your son. If you do it yourself and save me the trouble, then all the better for me.”

“Thanks Sir, I do appreciate it.” Tom smiled.

Just then, the bosses associate came up to him and whispered into his ear for a second, Tom had not been excused, so he knew he was to stay put, or else. They talked in whispers for a few seconds before the boss turned and looked back to Tom.

“Vinny here has a good point Tom. He says that you're quite good looking, and figures that so will your boy be. We have a business proposition to make of you. If you do so, then your debts will eventually be erased.”

“What is it Sir?” Tom asked warily, knowing full well that any business proposition involving his son was not likely to be a good one.

“Well, it's this. We're into porn here, all sorts of porn. We specialize in gay porn though, and well, we have a few young actors, but they're starting to get a bit older, and your son is right in the proper age range.”

“Absolutely not Sir. No matter what I got myself into, no matter what I have to do, my son will never be involved in something like that. I'd rather die.”

“Tom, I could just kill you now and then go get your son and use him anyway, no one would ever know the difference. When they find your body, a suitable body about your sons size would be found with you. They'd just assume that you were both in a horrible accident and died together, he'd never be found. Do you really want us to use him unwillingly, or would you rather talk it over with him and do it together. We need another adult actor too, and you certainly have the looks we like. Drop your pants, let's see what you have down below?”

Tom, not knowing what else to do, just did as he was told. The two men let out a low whistle when he displayed what all he had. He let them look for a minute, and then pulled up his pants.

“Impressive. How about your son, is he as well stocked as you are?”

“Yes Sir. He's only twelve and has three and a half inches at least while soft. Not a clue about hard though, I haven't seen his dick hard since he was five or so.”

“Nice, he'll be loved. Now, what's your answer?”

“No, I don't want him dragged into my mess any more than he already is, I'll do anything else you ask of me, but not that.”

“It's not really a matter of what you want any more Tom, remember, I hold all the cards here, and we will be using him. With or without you, willingly or not, he will be our newest star. The question is though, do we take you out and then take him, which is a very messy business, or do we come to an agreement and work together on this?”

“What choice do I have, but if you were in my shoes, what would you say?”

“Well, like you, I'd want to kill me right now, but I too would know that living and working the situation would be the better option.”

“Yeah, normally if you asked me to do anything of the sort to my son, I'd kill you where you sat, but sadly, that won't get me anywhere. So, what are the details, how do we work this?” Tom asked, gritting his teeth, knowing it would be better for his son in the long run if he was there with him.

“I would do the same thing, but you're a good man, and so am I. We don't always do good things, but we love our families and do for them all that we can.”

“Would you willingly let your son into this business?”

“He already is. He's nineteen now, but did his first porn when he was thirteen. Wasn't my idea, and I told him no, but he went ahead and did it anyway. Little bugger makes six figures a year now in the porn business.” He laughed.

“What, really?” Tom gasped.

“Sure. Then again, at the age of thirteen, he already looked nearly eighteen anyway, gay as can be too by the way, won't even shoot a straight porn at all. Then again, both me and his mom are bi, or at least she was, she died several years ago now, so I guess we just passed all our gay genes to him. What about your son though, he's twelve, what are your feelings there about him, and what's his name?”

“His name's Quinton, though he goes by Quin most of the time. Not really sure. He looks and acts a little girly, and I've suspected that he's gay, but he's too young yet to know I'm sure.”

“That's good. Now, the details. He'll do movies and pictures, as well as can be hired out for certain things. The minimum that he'll make for a movie is five thousand dollars, that's his cut, for a picture shoot, about one to four thousand, depending, and for a special event, he can make even more than that. The cuts would normally be split, evenly, one third to you, to him and to me, but considering your debt, it'll work differently. You still need something to live off of, so you keep only ten percent of what you make off him, and half of what you yourself makes. For you, for any movies, pictures or events that you participate in, you get fifty percent of the earnings, I get the rest, but of course right now you make only twenty five.”

“Why do you make out so well?” Tom asked curiously.

“Because I take the hard risks, trust me, running a highly illegal porn business is risky. You have any idea how much it costs me to keep the local heat off my back. I own their boss though, but it's still expensive.”

“Fair enough I suppose. Can I at least break him in, I don't want a stranger touching him first?”

“I suppose I can give you that. I take it you're gay then?”

“Mostly, but I have slept with a few women.”

“Good, that'll help. Now, your first video shoot I'm gonna set up for next week some time, so he has to be ready, and we'll do a simulated gang rape of him. Tell him he might get a bit banged up, but he'll be fine, we'll try not to beat him up too much or anything like that. Just a few bruises, and most of them will be airbrushed on to make it look good.” The boss said, smiling, and more than likely hard in his pants from the face he was making.

“What if he doesn't want to do this. I can't force him to do this?”

“Well, tell him everything, tell him it really is gonna happen no matter what, and would he prefer his first movie to be a real or a simulated gang rape.”

“Oh, okay.” Tom said dejectedly.

“Oh, and since we don't have one at the moment, we want a baby, so get him diapers.”

“He already wears pullup styles for bed wetting, will that do?”

“No, we like them nice and thick, and for his first movie, because he'll be pretending to be asleep, he'll need to be good and wet. Go to my store down the street, they'll set you up with everything you need. You have one week to get him ready, if he's not, you know what'll happen. Don't let me or him down.” He said, and then Tom was dismissed.

Leaving with shoulders more than a little slumped, Tom headed toward the nearest bus stop. He knew what store the boss was referring to, it was a medical supply store, just one of his many legitimate, but more than likely front businesses that he owned, so he headed there first. Nervous would be an understatement, how was he going to explain to his hopefully very innocent young twelve year old son what it was that he had gotten them into, and furthermore, what said innocent son would have to do to get them out of it. He was not a religious man, but he prayed to all he figured could help for the guidance he would surely need.

Totally on auto pilot, Tom hit the store and bought a number of things that he figured that he and his baby would soon be needing, then headed out and hopped on the next bus once again and headed to home. He hoped his son would not already be home and waiting for him, it was almost time for him to be home from school. When he arrived, his beautiful son was just walking from the opposite direction as well. He smiled brightly upon seeing his loving daddy and ran to greet him.

“Daddy, I'm so happy to see you.” He smiled brightly.

“It's good to see you too Baby.”

“Whatchoo got there Daddy?”

“Couple things for you, but before I tell you about what's in these bags, we need to go talk, so let's go in the house and sit down, okay.”

“Okay Daddy.”

They went in and dropped their things by the door and then headed to the living room to sit where they would be more comfortable.

“So, what's up Daddy?”

“Well Quin, I did something, sorta bad, and well, now I'm really in trouble, and I need your help.” Tom said softly.

“What did you do Daddy, and what can I do to help?” He asked curiously.

“Well, you know I lost my job last year, but what you don't know, is that I didn't qualify for any sort of compensation, so I haven't been making any money at all. So, I did what I could and borrowed money from someone to try and get us by. I tried to set up a business to make us money, but that failed, I tried again, it failed, I even tried gambling to get a few extra bucks, but I've had to keep borrowing money to get us by. Now the loans are due, and I can't possibly pay them.”

“How much do you owe Daddy?”

“Almost three hundred and fifty thousand dollars baby. In other words, more than I make in about ten years. The men were gonna just kill me, but they want something different.”

“Oh Daddy, I don't want you to die. What can I do to help out, I'll do anything.”

“Yeah, the problem is the anything they want you and I to do.”

“What, what is it? It can't be that bad.”

“It's worse than bad Baby. Let me start by asking you if you know anything about sex yet, because I haven't gone over it with you like I probably should have by now?”

“Oh, I know all about sex Daddy, they taught us everything in school.”

“Well, that's good. The question though is, do you know more than what they would have taught you in school?”

“Well, sorta.” Quin blushed.

“Oh, from that look, I have a feeling you're not as pure and innocent as I would've liked to believe you were. What have you done so far, and don't worry about me freaking out on you, you can tell me anything, and it'll likely help anyway.”

“Well, me and my friend Jimmy have played around a bit.” Quin answered softly.

“Okay, what all have you done? Have you just touched each other, have you sucked each other, have you played with each others bums, or have you stuck your little dicks into each others bums?”

“All of it Daddy.” Quin blushed even more.

“Well, I sorta always knew you were gay anyway, and at least you aren't totally innocent.”

“How did you know I was gay Daddy?”

“Because I am, at least mostly, and you just seemed gay to me. What about other boys than Jimmy?”

“Um, a couple.”

“We'll leave it at that for now, but we'll talk more later about that.”

“Okay, so what do I have to do then?”

“That's the tough part Baby. They want us to make movies and pictures and go to parties and have sex and all sorts of other things. Our first movie is next week, and we're supposed to make it look like a gang rape, we're gonna wake you up and make it look like we're raping you. They want me for their porns too, because they like the looks of my dick, and they say I'm good looking as well.”

“Will they hurt me?”

“He said they'd only simulate it, but you might end up with a few small bruises, but they'll be air brushing some onto you anyway, to make it look better too. There's another thing too Baby.”

“Oh, what else could there possibly be?”

“They want a baby. I told them that you already wore diapers to bed, but they asked me to get you better ones, so that's what's in the bags, those and a few other things that I think they'll like.”

“Oh, that's cool at least. Jimmy and I like playing with our diapers too.”

“Oh, Jimmy wears too?”

“Yeah, he's a bed wetter like me and always has diapers. He really loves them though.”

“You do too, don't you?”

“Yeah, I do.”

“Then if you want to, you can wear them any time you want while at home then. It's the least I can do for you, considering what you'll have to do for me.”

“Thanks Daddy. I won't mind it, really I won't. I like having fun with Jimmy and our friends.”

“Yeah, but Jimmy's just a kid like you, he doesn't have much to offer in the way of a dick, but when we do you, it'll really stretch you, it'll really hurt. I told them I wanted to be your first, to let you get used to it with me, because I love you and I don't want someone else doing that to you first and possibly hurting you.”

“Yeah, he's smaller than I am when hard, and he's like three months older than me, but we use lots bigger than our dicks Daddy, don't worry.”

“What all have you used?”

“Lots of things, but mostly if we want to feel full nowadays, we just use our fists.”

“Good grief, you fist fuck each other?” Tom asked in awe, not even he had been fisted before, although he had been asked.

“Sure Daddy, it feels really good. Do you wanna go to bed and you can teach me now?”

“Baby, I'm still not even sure of this myself. I mean, you're my son, you're only twelve, we shouldn't be doing this at all. The problem though is that if we don't, then I'm as good as dead, and I'd really rather stay with you.”

“Then it's settled Daddy, take me to bed, diaper me up nice and thick, and then fuck me.”

“Please don't talk like that.”

“Why Daddy, that's what we'll be doing?” Quin asked innocently.

“Yeah, I know, I just don't want to hear you talk like that please.”

“I'll try not to.”

“You really want me to diaper you first though?”

“Oh yeah Daddy. Jimmy and I like to diaper each other first and then really play around. It really helps to catch any mess we might make, but it feels really good too.” He said happily.


“Did you buy yourself any diapers Daddy?”

“No, why?”

“Well, I sorta have a rule about sex, if you want my baby boy pussy, you have to be diapered as well. I'll let it go tonight, but you have to go get some tomorrow.”

“Baby boy pussy!”

“Yeah, that's what my bum is, and no one gets to fuck it otherwise.”

“Have you let others fuck you before?” Tom asked in shock.

“Well, yeah. Of course I have. Quite a few actually, even a few teens.”

“Really. How?”

“Mostly through Jimmy's older brother. He caught us a few months ago having sex, he wasn't supposed to be home, he's fourteen and was out. His mom works late, so we normally have lots of privacy. Anyway, he caught us fucking each other....”


“What! Anyway, he caught us doing each other and asked us if we wanted a real dick, so we both said sure. He screwed us silly that night, and almost every night that I stay there too. Sometimes he brings a friend or two, sometimes three or four. We've had some pretty fun times actually. I've even taken him and one of his friends up my ass at the same time a few times. I love that a lot actually.”

“My god, you're more experienced than I am.”

“Sucks to be you.” He giggled.

“Tell me about it. I don't know about wearing diapers though, but are you telling me that all those teens wear diapers too when they fuck you?”

“They sure do, and they all love them now too, and so will you, so don't worry.” Quin grinned.

“Oh fuck, we better go do this then I guess.”

“Don't worry Daddy, it'll be awesome. If I'd a known that you'd a fucked me before, I'd a jumped you a couple years ago for sure. Come on, you'll love it.” Quin said excitedly, hopping up and grabbing his daddy's hand.

“Could you please watch your mouth!”

“Not while I'm having sex Daddy, I can't help it. I'm a moaner, and sometimes even a screamer, and when I'm getting a dick or two plunged deep inside my little baby boy pussy, I'll scream out fuck me, you'll just have to get used to it.” Quin said nonplussed.

Before too long, Tom had not even had a chance to comment, they were in the bedroom, and Quin was undressing Tom in a fast and furious manner, so that he could really see his dad the way he had wanted to for some time. It was not that he had not seen has dad naked, they saw each other naked a lot, but he had wanted to see him hard, a lot, and now he was going to. As soon as Quin had Tom stripped, he started stripping too.

“Go get the diapers Daddy, I want to feel a real diaper for the first time in a long time.”

“If you had'a wanted real diapers, you should'a just asked me to buy you some good ones, I would'a you know.”

“Now you tell me, now go.” Quin grinned cheekily.

Tom just laughed and headed out and grabbed the bags that he brought home. By the time he came back, Quin was very naked, laying on the bed in diaper change position, and he was VERY hard. Tom actually gasped, his twelve year old boy had a nearly six inch erection that was just as thick as most sixteen year old boys were. Oh boy, no wonder the boys love him, was all Tom could think. Even his mouth went suddenly dry and he was seeing is son in a way that no father should see their sons. He stepped forth, fully intending to diaper and then fuck silly his son. The problem though, now at any rate, was that Tom wanted it, just because he was super horny from seeing his son like this, not because he had to.

“Wow, you're incredible.” Tom whispered.

“Thanks, so are you. I knew your cock was gonna be huge, but that's gonna stretch even me, I can't wait to feel you inside me.”

“Are you sure you're gonna be able to take it?”

“Oh yeah, for sure. Remember, I've been fisted before, you're no larger than I've had before, just I've never been satisfied by a dick the way you're gonna satisfy me now.” Quin said hungrily.


“Come on, diaper me Daddy, then fuck me silly.”

Tom stepped forth, now intending to do just that. He ripped open the pack of diapers that he whipped out of the bag, yanked one out, not caring that four more flew out with it, and then very quickly diapered his beautiful son.

As soon as Quin was diapered and ready for action, he turned so that he was more on the bed, and then gave his loving daddy the come and get it look.

Tom, wanting to go and get it alright, used his top head for just a second, and thought that he had better grab the lube, so opened the bedside table drawer and grabbed his tub of lube, and then hopped onto the bed.

“Baby, I'm gonna suck your dick while I prepare your little baby boy pussy, alright?”

“That's how I love it Daddy.” Quin grinned.


So, Tom worked his way into position and pulled down the front of Quin's diaper, exposing his hard little member that was far larger than most twelve year olds have, and then doing something he never thought he would, he sucked his son in, right to the root.

“Oh fuck me, yeah, suck that dick, oh you're good, way better than most of my friends. Yeah deep throat that bitch, yeah, suck me you dirty cock sucker.”

That went on for the next ten minutes, Tom almost getting mad at Quin, because of his filthy mouth, but in some odd way, it was turning him on seriously as well. Seconds after starting though, Tom poked a hole in the seat of Quin's diaper, grabbed some lube, and started fingering his son's experienced little asshole.

“Oh god yeah, now finger fuck my hot sloppy slutty baby boy pussy you dirty fucker, oh yeah.” Is what Quin added as soon as Tom added his fingers to the mix.

Tom, knowing from the way Quin made it sound, just started with two fingers and started probing Quin deeply, searching for his immature little prostate. Quin went totally nuts though when Tom started toying with it, his vocalizations increased, he was now nearly wailing out a sex cry full of swear words that he was sure the neighbors would hear. It was also turning him on like nothing ever had before.

Ten minutes Quin lasted, how, Tom had to wonder, because he was coiled up like a spring after only five, and he thought for sure that Quin would explode then, but he held on for five more minutes. By that time though, Tom had inserted a third, and then, finally just before Quin exploded, a fourth finger to the mix.

“Oh holy fuck, I'm cumming.” Quin screeched out.

Tom counted fifteen strong pulses coming from his baby, it was possibly the most amazing orgasm that he had ever experienced and or caused in anyone, and it was his son. This alone should have made him feel at least a little guilty, but he was happy about it.

“Wow Daddy, you're good. No one's ever made me cum that good before.” Quin panted out a few seconds later.

“I've never heard of anyone cumming that much before, that was amazing. How did it feel, I didn't hurt you at all did I?”

“Oh god no Daddy, you didn't hurt me at all, it felt great. Now, slip that nice big fat cock deep inside me, I want you to fuck me good and proper?”

“Okay Baby.” Tom said.

Moving upward so that he could align himself to enter his son, Tom got into position. Once there, he centered himself with the help of his hand, and then inserted his painfully hard erection into first the diaper, and then the amazingly hot and wet hole. They both moaned as his head slipped in.

“Oh fuck me Daddy, you're so big and hot and hard. Mmmm yeah, that's it, slide it all the way in, I can take it, and more. That's right Daddy, fuck me good and deep and proper.”

“Oh god Baby, you're so small, so tight, so hot, I've never fucked anyone so small before, but man you're taking me. I've had grown men, experienced men cry out as I slipped inside them.”

“Yeah, but none of them were as good as I am I bet.”

“Oh god no.” Tom moaned out.

“Good, now fuck me.”

And so he did. Tom picked up the pace, he had bottomed out and started a nice slow motion, but before too long, he was fucking his boy like a maniac. They were both moaning and groaning, Quin was uttering a string of sex calls once again that Tom worried the neighbors would hear, but at the moment he could care less if the entire police force busted down the door.

Given that Tom had already risen quite high while preparing Quin, he was only able to last at most five minutes, and six good strong shots of hot daddy cum ejected deep inside Quin.

“Oh god yeah Daddy, cum in me, give me the seed that made me, fill me up.”

“Oh god baby, this is so wrong, yet so right. We shouldn't be doing this, I shouldn't be enjoying this, but fuck, you're incredible.”

“How could something so right be so wrong Daddy?”

“I don't know.”

“It isn't. Now, keep fucking me, and if you have to pee, piss inside me, I want you to fill me right up?”

“Oh, that's nasty Baby.”

“I know, and I love it nasty.” Quin grunted, because Tom decided that he did have to go, and it sounded hot, so he let go.

“Oh fuck me, this is the nastiest I've ever been.”

“And here I've been pissed in dozens of times, I love it, now piss fuck my hot sloppy slutty baby boy pussy. Fuck me while you're still pissing in me. Do it Daddy, fuck me like a slut, fuck me like I owe you money.” Quin was now nearly screaming out.

So Tom did. Quin was turning him on like no one ever had before, his words, his actions, they were all driving him mad with a lust that he had never felt coursing through his body before. He was now nearly nailing poor Quin to the bed, but the harder he went, the harder Quin wanted it. He was urging his daddy on.

“Oh yeah daddy, fuck me harder, fuck me faster, that's right, fuck me like a slut. Mmm, you sure know how to fuck a slut, come on, nail me like I deserve it Daddy.”

Five more minutes of this torture was all either of them could stand, and then like a pair of freight trains slamming together, they exploded. Both of them for their second time, because Quin had not cum again when Tom had a few minutes before. This time there was to be no continuation, because they were both totally exhausted. Tom was starting to shrink up, and a few seconds after their amazing orgasms, tom slipped out of Quin's amazing little ass.

“Wow Daddy, I've never been fucked so good in my life. Thank you so much. I can't wait to tell Jimmy about this, he'll be so jealous. He'll definitely wanna join us. Can I invite him to spend the night tomorrow?”

“No, you can never tell another soul about any of this Baby. I'd be slaughtered if this was ever discovered.”

“Daddy, we tell each other every secret, I won't keep this from him, and he'd never tell anyone, not even his brother, besides, he'll get fucked by you too. He's even smaller than me though, so he'll be even tighter, and possibly even better, though I doubt it.” Quin grinned cheekily.

“Sorry, no, fucking you is bad enough, I can't fuck him too, and you can't tell him a word of this.”

“Not gonna happen Daddy, I am telling him, and he will want to be fucked by you too, and you'll have to do it too. Don't worry. Now, can you put another diaper over top of this one, poke a few more holes in this one first, and then double diaper me, treat me like a real little baby boy slut, like the little baby boy slut I really am.”

“We'll talk about it later. You really do love your diapers, don't you.”

“There's nothing more to talk about Daddy, don't worry. Don't forget, I have to help you out, so, you have to help me out, which means helping out my boyfriend too. I think that by now you would've realized with certainty Daddy that I love diapers.”

“I'm not gonna talk you out of it, am I?”

“No, so don't bother.”

“And yeah, I'm starting to realize how much of a diaper lover you are.”

“After you finish getting me all taken care of Daddy, head back to the store and buy some diapers for yourself, so that you can find out why. You'll have to anyway before the next time you fuck me anyway, so you may as well get used to it now. And I'd really like to fuck you through a nice thick soggy baby diaper at bedtime.”

“Fine.” Tom sighed.

Tom knew that he could never talk Quin out of anything that he asked, because he was considerably smarter in every way than he was. He goes to the very best school in the area, he is in every advanced class they have, he aces every test and gets hundred percent almost every day. In fact Quin takes it as a personal affront if he gets anything less, and has challenged more than a few teachers when they did give him less than he thought he deserved. Granted, when they did genuinely show a flaw, he thanked them, and then never repeated the mistake, ever. No, Tom knew that Quin would win nearly every battle with him, so knew it was almost pointless.

Shortly after Tom had Quin into his second diaper, he got dressed and then headed out to go get diapers for himself now. He never, in at least a million years, would have thought that he would wear diapers again, but he knew now that he was going to. Not only could he refuse Quin this one thing when he was doing so much to get his dad out of a jam that he got them into, but he really did want to fuck Quin again, and Quin had told him that he had to be diapered to ever do it again.

Only a few short hours ago he never would have even dreamed of having sex with his own son, hell any twelve year old for that matter, but now he was not so sure he could ever live without it again. What Quin had done to him was far exceeding everything he had ever known about sex before. No, he would almost certainly do anything for Quin that he asked. Tom was back to the house at most half an hour later, having taken the car this time. When he walked in the door, Quin was there to greet him with a smile.

“Here, give me that and come with me.” He said, grabbing at the bag that Tom was carrying.

Tom just let Quin take it and followed dutifully behind. He was not sure what was going to happen, other than getting diapered of course, but he was not sure if he was going to like it or not, but knew he had little choice in the matter anyway. Quin pointed to the bed, so Tom went and laid down.

“Nope, this isn't gonna work, you need to get up and help me undress you, you're too big.” Quin said after a moment of trying to undress his daddy.

So, wordlessly Tom got up and helped Quin to undress him. When he was naked again, he laid down and Quin did the rest. Within just a few minutes Tom was almost as thickly diapered as Quin was. Quin let him take a few moments to take in the feelings of being diapered again for the first time in memory.

“How does it feel?”


“Yeah, that's what all the boys say the first time. Most start to love them within only a few hours or so. Just wait 'til you wet it and it's nice and warm and soggy, then you'll be a diaper lover for the rest of your life. That brings up another thing though, no peeing anywhere but in your diaper for the rest of the day, and probably tomorrow as well.”

“Okay Baby. You know I wouldn't do this for anyone but you right!”

“I suppose it depends on the reasoning for it, but trust me, you'll more than likely love them by the time the night's out.” Quin grinned brightly.

“I'll have to take your word for it. Now Baby, I want to know, what do you really think about being a porn star and pretty much a male hooker? Are you gonna be okay with it?”

“I'll be fine Daddy, I already enjoy half of it anyway, but how about you?”

“What do you mean?”

“Nope, you first.”

“I don't know. I hate cameras at the best of times anyway, and I've never even thought of taking money for sex Having someone pay me though to have sex on camera, that's almost totally foreign to me. Now, what did you mean by that?”

“Okay, now I'll tell you, but don't freak out, okay?”

“I'll try not to.”

“I've been paid for sex a few times before. A few of the older boys offered me money to do things with them, so I agreed. I woulda done it for free, but if they were offering, I wasn't gonna let it go.”

“What sorta things did you do with them?”

“Fucking, sucking, fisting, pissing, I've even let one of them spank me while he fucked me. Not sure I really like that, and he hit real hard, but he paid a hundred bucks for the privilege, so it wasn't too bad. One of the guys wanted me to be tied up, so I let him, and he used me for more than four hours, made me cum seventeen times. Boy was I tired, but it was awesome, and a hundred bucks for almost the best sex I'd ever had was well worth it. Once one of the guys wanted to let his dog fuck me, but I just couldn't do it. He showed me how he let him fuck him, and how hot it was, but it did nothing for me, and there are things even I won't do. He still fucked me silly though, was a good night over all.”

“Good grief. I think I've given you too much freedom.”

“Yeah, but you always thought I was going to Jimmy's. More often than not, we went out after I got there and went and had some fun. His mom's never home, too busy getting it herself, she's a stripper you know. If I liked girls any, I'd think she were hot.”

“So, jimmy was with you most of the time then?”

“Sometimes yes, sometimes no, sometimes we each went with someone so that we could both make some good money or have some fun. Most of the time though we shared, so that we could all have fun together.”

“How much money have you made doing it?”

“Only a couple thousand dollars. Speaking of which, how much will I be paid anyway?”

“Depends on what you do and for how long, but it sounds like it could be no less than a couple hundred dollars. By the sounds of it, you could make a couple thousand though from doing a movie, maybe more.”

“Wicked. I can't wait 'til our first movie together, that'll be so much fun, getting to make a fake rape movie together, it'll be so hot. I hope I'll get to have all the men in diapers.”

“Probably not, at least not for that one. Maybe for others, I don't know how good the boss is.”

“I want to meet him.”

“I'd rather you didn't.”

“Yeah, but if I'm gonna work for the guy, I want to know who he is. Take me to see him tomorrow please, and then we'll pick Jimmy up on our way home.”

“Fine.” Tom sighed.

“We should go get dinner Daddy, I'm getting hungry.” Quin smiled, he knew his dad would not refuse him anything he asked, he knew him too well.

“Me too.”

For the rest of the evening, they sat back and relaxed, they even watched a movie together, all cuddled up on the couch, and Tom had to admit that it was nice to pee where he was and not have to pause the movie. Finally it was close to bedtime.

“Okay Daddy, let's go to bed.” Quin hopped up and said excitedly.

“Okay.” Tom said happily, he was looking forward to this almost as much as Quin sounded as if he did.

They headed back to the master bedroom and Tom laid on the bed. He was going to let Quin do to him almost anything he wanted. Quin started by hopping onto the bed and pressing his face into his dads soggy diaper and feeling his nice big erection buried inside. Tom groaned. A few minutes later, Quin pulled his dick out and started sucking him to beat a pro, even going so far as to completely deep throat his entire meat, something very few had ever managed to do. As he was doing this though, Quin started poking a hole in the seat of his dads diaper and working his hot ass lips.

“Oh god, that feels nice, do it Baby, finger fuck my hot baby boy pussy.” Tom moaned.

“Told you you'd love your diapers by the end of the night.” Quin pulled out for a second and giggled.

“I knew you were telling me the truth, oh god, do that again.” Tom sighed deeply as Quin started toying with his prostate.

For the next few minutes Tom moaned and cried out as Quin played him like a finely tuned instrument, but long before he was ready for it, he exploded. He had not even had a chance to warn Quin, it just happened.

“Mmm, you taste so good Daddy.”

“And you have an absolutely amazing mouth and throat. So few can deep throat me, I have no idea how you managed it. Now, fuck me Baby?”

“Okay.” Quin said brightly.

Quin tore off the outer of his diapers, knowing it would only be in the way, poked a hole in the front of his almost ruined inner diaper, and then dove in. He probed around for only a second before finding his dads wide open hole, and then slipped in. Using experience far more than his age suggested he should have, Quin started fucking his dad as if he had done it hundreds of times. Tom actually wondered if Quin had not entirely told him the truth, because he was far too good for the amount it sounded as if he had had sex.

“Oh god Baby, you're amazing. You didn't tell me the whole truth though, did you? You've had far more sex than you've admitted to me so far, haven't you?”

“Ugh, yeah, probably hundreds of times now, I love sex. Jimmy and I go out and or have sex together almost every day. Sometimes in the morning at school, sometimes after school, sometimes at his place, sometimes all. Sometimes we have others too, sometimes just us. We love it.”

“It shows. My god, and such a fine dick, you'll make so many guys happy.”

“You and Jimmy are all I really care about, but I'll fuck anyone who wants me to.”

“Oh god, you're making me cum, no one's ever made me cum from only fucking me.” Tom said a few moments later.

“Me too Daddy.”

And a few seconds later they came together, but instead of stopping, Quin only paused for a second, and then started peeing in his dad, and started fucking him again as he was peeing.

“Oh god, that feels weird, you're pissing in me.”

“Oh yeah, I'm marking my territory, you're all mine now, and from here on out, you'll crave me like a drug.” Quin panted out.

“I already did.”


For almost twenty minutes more Quin fucked his dad, they were both loving every second of it, but as they say, all good things must eventually end, but this ended with a bang, or an explosion at any rate.

“Holy fucking shit. Never have I felt anything like what you just did to me Baby. Today has been possibly the best day of my life, and it all started so bad.”

“Glad to please, but I'm glad you finally found what you were missing.” Quin smiled warmly to his loving daddy.

“I never realized I was missing anything.”

“Doesn't matter. Come on, we need to change each others diapers. By the way, there were more bags than for just diapers, what all did you buy for me anyway?”

“Some diaper shirts, some sleepers, a few bottles, couple soothers, and a pair of snap crotch shortalls, like the ones you had when you really were a baby. I thought you'd look cute in them, and the boss said he wanted a baby. He had all that in his store, so I figured it was what he'd want.”

“Who cares what he wants, I want them,. That's awesome. Thanks Daddy. I can't wait to dress up in them tomorrow.” Quin smiled brightly.

“Then we'll dress you up first thing in the morning. Once we're diapered, would you like me to go grab your new sleepers?”

“Yes please.” He said happily.


They diapered each other quickly and then Tom went and grabbed the other bags and pulled out a really cute pair of sky blue sleepers with big puffy clouds on them and got Quin situated.

“Now this is nice, thanks Daddy. I don't know how you could've picked out something so perfect without knowing I was a diaper lover and teen baby.”

“So, you are a teen baby too then.”

“Yeah. How long had you suspected I was a diaper lover?”

“Well, a little while anyway. I thought you were going through your diapers a little too quickly, but I just left you alone, figuring that you'd tell me when you were ready.”

“Yeah, I've almost done it a hundred times, but like how do you start that conversation. Thanks though. Now, I suppose we should probably get to sleep.”

“Yeah, we probably should.” Tom smiled warmly.

They both climbed into bed fully, curled up, Tom pulled the blankets up, turned off the light, and for the first time, they kissed each other goodnight as the lovers they now were. And in love they slept all night, peacefully.