Chapter 10

The next several days went by rather quickly for them all, and even Tom was wondering when Tony was going to call to get him to do any sort of work at all, because he had not been called in quite some time. Every day Tom and his boys had some fun, more than a few times a couple of the others came by, and once Daniel came too. In fact he came several times, the boys totally drained the poor young man utterly and completely, causing him to pass out after his tenth cum, sixth dry. It is now Wednesday and the phone had just rung.

“Oh, hey Tony, how's it going, surprised that I haven't heard from you.” Tom greeted once he knew who was on the other end.

“Yeah, sorry about that, I would'a called you last week, but something rather important came up that had to be fixed before I could concentrate. I'd actually like you to bring Quin over to the warehouse as soon as he gets off school, I'm hoping he can help me sort out a little problem we're having, and then I have something to discuss with all three of you, so if you could all come, that'd be great.”

“Sure, we'll be there as soon as we can make it. The boys should be home in about half an hour or so, assuming of course they don't stay after school for any extra curricular activities like they often do. I swear since the baseball team found out about them and their friends, they've been staying every day nearly.”

“Can you blame them, near constant horny boys to have fun with?”

“Not at all. If it weren't for the fact that over half of them claim to be straight and won't let their hot little pussies be touched, I'd have invited them all here for some real fun. Wouldn't mind getting my hands on a few of them though, right hot little boys they are, especially in those hot tight pants they wear. Fuck, makes me wet.”

“You and me both. Anyway, I'll see you when you get here.”

“Will do.”

They hung up and Tom went about just cleaning up, waiting for the boys to arrive. The very next Monday after meeting Daniel, Tom took Carter to school and got him all registered, they had him all set by second class, and as requested, he was with Quin. Today was one of the few days that the boys came in right on time, and fortunately they were alone, which was actually a rarity.

“Ah, good to see you boys, we have to head out right away.”

“Yeah, I know, Tony's gonna wanna talk.” Quin said.

“Now how would you know about that?”

“Something's happening, and because it involves kids in my school, and he's gotta have a report by now saying that I caught someone doing something that they shouldn't have, he's gonna wanna speak to me about it.”

“Oh, well come on then. Do either of you need a diaper change before we go?”

“No, we changed right before leaving, so if you're ready to go, then so are we.”

“Okay, let's go then.” Tom said and they headed out right away. They got to the warehouse several minutes later and were shown inside.

As soon as they hopped out of the car, one of the guards was there, greeting them and saying he had orders to take them in as soon as they arrived. They walked in the office, without even knocking, Tony was on the phone when they walked in, and without even saying anything at all, as soon as he saw Quin, he hung up.

“Hi, finally you're here. What do you know about what's happening at your school Quin? One of my people who has feelers in the desert scorpions says that you witnessed something at school today.”

“I did Sir, and it's not good, for any of us. One of the boys who you apparently have used in your videos, I didn't know him at all, but I found out all that I could after the fact. Anyway, this kid, who claims to be a member, cornered him, saying he recognized him from a video, and that he was to be taken in at once for questioning. The boy tried to escape, but the kid just wailed on him. I stayed back, because unfortunately, I'm too small to have helped him any, and this kid is good, and big too. I'd have only died. Finally he made the boy tell him who made the movies, and he said it was you who did. They're gonna expose your whole business, they're gonna leak everything they know. The boy who was interrogating the other one saw me, he came and grabbed me and asked me what I was doing, was I spying on him, that sorta shit. I told him no, I was just watching him beat the scrawny puke up and couldn't care less about what happened. I'm lucky I got out of there with only a hit to the stomach and being told to mind my own business from then on. He left and I went to the other boy and helped him into a bathroom, I locked the door and helped him to clean up and got him to tell me everything he knew. Apparently this kid has been picking on him for a while, saying he knew that he was part of your gang, but couldn't prove it. How he was able to figure it out, he doesn't know. He has been telling him though that as soon as he does, he's gonna make sure we get taken down too.”

“Fuck. My man in there says they have a lot of shit on me and they have someone from the outside who's on their side who's primed and ready to move in and take us down. How are we gonna get out of this one Quin? None of my other guys were of any help, in fact a few suggested just to tuck tail and run for it, leave while we could. That's just not an option, I've spent far too much time here making this city mine and I'm not leaving, not unless I absolutely have to. So, any ideas, any at all would be great right now?”

“I've been thinking ever since lunch, but I'm not coming up with much. To tell you the truth, as a last ditch effort, running might be our only chance, just hit Mexico and we'll be fine. Granted, it's not a good option, but one we should plan for if the worst happens. If so, everyone should be told to run for it and meet somewhere where we can start fresh. I trust you have all your money in a few places so that you can easily access it, even from there?”

“Yes, and I agree, we have to make the plans, but unless it becomes necessary, we won't put them in place.”

“I agree. Now, obviously we need to take care of this pesky outsider first, who is he, how does he have any sway? What do you know, because I know nothing?”

“All I know is that he's some Fed outta Washington, crooked as can be, and has ties to the Scorpions somehow. By the way it sounds, blood relative to the leader would be my guess, brother maybe, father possibly even as well, otherwise I have no clues.”

“Okay, so what do we know then. We know that it's someone we can't easily mess with, that he's likely related to the leader of the gang, they use kids and train them to be right bullies who have no fear of beating someone up in the middle of a school. Let's see, what else do we know? Oh yeah, they know we're into the porn business now for sure, likely they know as well pretty much everything else as well. So what are they gonna use against us to get in, how and when are they coming as well would be great to know. I can't imagine you have easy access to your mole, but when's he gonna call and let you know what's happening?”

“He's gonna call at his next earliest ability, but there's no telling when that could be. He was able to call me and talk to me for a few minutes to tell me the basics of what he knew, but admitted that because he wasn't high up enough in the hierarchy, that he was having a hard time trying to get any solid information.”

“At least he was able to warn us, and I unfortunately stumbled upon it as well. The only problem is, I'm now a marked man, if I go so much as a few feet from that kid and seem at all snoopy, I'll be dead meat, so I have to stay well away and try and make sure I don't get caught anywhere near him or his friends.”

“Then stay well away, there's no need for you to make hard risks, I already knew their penchant for training tough kids who weren't afraid to fight. In fact, they have to be able to fight, and viciously as well in order to stay in the gang. From the reports I have, anyone who tries to become a member, but fails to be strong enough, gets relegated to pleasure staff 'til they're strong enough. They don't care if you're five or fifty either.”

“That's good to know as well, it lets us see into their mentality, so they think brawn instead of brain. Do you know if this is truly how they act, or is it brainy as well?”

“No, from everything I can tell, and from what my guy says, they're into brute strength, old school intimidation. They'll go out and break a few bones if someone pisses them off any at all. I've also received more than a few reports over the years of a guys kid being beaten up quite viciously to send a point home. All fear tactics, no real thinking involved. That's not to say of course that they don't have a thinker or two on staff, but I'm betting that they have nothing on you or I when it comes to that.”

“Okay, that makes it easier then, we have to outsmart them.”

“Easier said than done though, it seems they hold all the cards.”

“Ah, but do they now. What do we know that they know, nothing really. I mean, yeah, he managed to get out of the boy that it was your gang that produced the porn, but he never said your name in particular, just that a couple of your guys did.”

“What difference does it make?” Tony asked curiously.

“If you do end up getting questioned, you can say that you produce only adult porn, fully legal, and that if someone says otherwise, that they had better have good proof of it. Who's to say what your people do in the studio once you go home right, they could for all you know be running an illegal kiddy porn ring behind your back right. You're just an honest business man doing an honest business. Of course we all know differently, but that doesn't matter. Now, the question has to be asked, do they know of all your contacts, and if so, how do they plan to remove them from the picture, or are they blind to that and aren't planning anything with them? If that's the case, then it might be real easy, just have the police break down their doors, before they come knocking on yours. The problem is of course, what for, I mean there's probably lots, but without hard evidence, they'll be out in a day and a full out gang war will erupt, and no one wants that, most especially me, I'm a lover, not a fighter.”

“Yeah, you have a couple good points there, but the problem is, what if they do come knocking, I'll be in jail once again right away.”

“Yeah, but only for a few days if you're unlucky. No, they'd have to have something on you real big for you to have to stay with no bail, otherwise you could pay almost any bail they ask. Even if you skip town, whoopee, what difference is a million or so dollars. I don't think it'd come to that though. Your network's too big for them to take you out easily, they'd be signing their own death warrants and they'd have to realize it. The must know that to take you out wouldn't spell the end of your rule over the city, they'd have to take out your entire network, and while I haven't seen the whole thing yet, it's more than large enough that they're certainly gonna have to spend a great deal of time trying to figure it all out more than enough to take it down all at once. What we need to do is to figure out a way to take theirs down first, and fast too.”

“You're right there, I have so many people buried in so many places that I'm relatively well protected, but there are ways they could do it.”

“Yeah, but they'd be nearly impossible. Only assassinating you might achieve that, but if they wanted that, you'd already be dead. Wearing a bullet proof vest for the foreseeable future though might not be a bad idea, and don't spend any time outside unless you can't help it. You can't be seen in your cars, so they never know if it's you or not in them, so that makes you at least a little safer. Anyway, I do have a bit of an idea, that might be the start of a plan.”

“Good idea, but what is this idea?”

“Well, I happen to know the names of all the boys in my school that are members of that gang. I can only assume that that boy 'd only hang out with other members of his gang, and there's twelve of them total, they're all real mean too. Even the teachers won't go near them. Well, if we were to kidnap them all, not only would it start a near panic in their gang, because you can bet that at least one of each of their parents are in it as well, but it might actually start a gang war.”

“Okay, but how does that help us, we want to prevent a gang war?”

“Easy. We know that they've been having problems with Eastside right, well, we just ensure that it looks like it was them that took the kids. We can even make it better by calling them and telling them that if they want their kids back, that they're to release the pressure on them. The only problem is, that if asked directly, Eastside will of course say they know nothing. It might just come off as trying to evade it of course, but what if they start thinking it was a setup. In that case, we have to make sure that the Scorpions know it was Eastside that did it. Photographic evidence would be the best, but that might be tricky. Oh, I know, the school has video cameras, if we stage the kidnapping right from the school, use actors that look like Eastside, use the same jackets and tattoos that they use, even if hooded, it'd be perfect. Because the kidnapping happened at school, you'd best bet that the cops are gonna be called, no matter if the Scorpions want it or not, so the video would have to be checked to see who did it. The cops would go in and find that there is no evidence, but the Scorpions won't take that at all and will go in themselves after the fact. So, I say you get your tailor back in gear and get your tattoo artist on call again.”

“It's risky Quin, if it all backfires on us, running will be our only choice.”

“Yeah, it is, but if it works, then we have twelve or more kids who are very valuable to us, we'll even torture them if we have to.”

“Absolutely not, I won't hurt kids.”

“I know that, but they don't need to know that. We'll hurt them a bit, humiliate them for sure. We'll have them hanging by chains in only diapers, get cock cages for them and make them horny as hell and not let them cum, we'll fuck them with dildos, and I don't care if they're gay or not. They'll be hooded at all times, they won't see anything, they'll be gagged except to be fed, or even better yet, use a ball gag with a feeding tube. After about a week of that, then remove each of them from the room for a bit and ask them questions they certainly won't want to answer, play them against each other of course, and maybe, just to humiliate them further, fuck them too.”

“No Quin, I won't hurt kids, and that's torturing them.”

“What did they do to Billy today Sir, he's likely to be in the hospital for a week, and he swore he wasn't coming back to school. There's a better than even chance that he won't come back to do another movie. What if they find any others, what will they do to us. I guarantee you that while a little ruthless, we won't hurt them anywhere near as much as they'd do to us. This is also gonna have the fortunate pleasure that the Scorpions won't be able to really focus on you too much, because they're gonna be searching for their kids, but the cops are gonna be right there with them at all times more than likely, and if you make sure that all your police contacts keep with them, so much the better for you. Trust me Sir, it's the only way, and besides, it'll be a bit of fun too.”

“I suppose you have a point there, Billy's not the first of my boys they've beaten up badly.”

“Exactly. Now, to get the kids out of the class, our teacher usually leaves our yard door open a bit for fresh air, so that'll make it a lot easier. If you were to get your hands on some fast acting sleeping gas and just lob it in there, we'd all be asleep before anyone could raise the alarm, all anyone would know 'til it was too late is that they fell asleep, and then they were gone, it'd be nice and easy. Oh wait, there's at least two in my class as well that are from your gang, take us as well.”

“Why take you?”

“Because, think about it, if the Scorpions know that a couple of your boys were taken, and you're more than welcome to accuse them of taking us first, then that'd take the heat off of you even more, because they think it was Eastside even more.”

“Ooh, now that is good, I'll get it done. I'll make all the calls and get everything arranged for either tomorrow or Friday if I can't get it for tomorrow. When would be the best time, and are there any more of this boys friends in any other classes?”

“Only one more in the next class, but unless I'm mistaken, there's at least one more of yours in there as well, so you could take him too. Just split your teams and take all of us at the same time. There's also at least another few in my class and the one next door that have more kids I assume are of the same gang as them, since they hang out too, just not as much as the twleve. Of course I'd suggest you call the other boys dad first and warn him, but just like I'll be telling Daddy, make a huge fuss over it, really work it, make it look like it's real.”

“Okay then, for this to work, I need all the details you can give me about your school.”

“Well, my classroom is right at the very front of the school, the driveway is only about fifteen feet away, the other class is to my right. The problem there though is I have no idea if that teacher keeps his door open or not, but once you're in my class, getting to his is easy, just go through the school, throw in the sleeping gas and wait a few seconds. Then it's easy to get out. Most of the teachers keep their blinds closed while in class to reduce the sunlight coming in and the distractions from outside, so if we're lucky, no one will see a thing, 'til they see it on video half an hour or so later. The best time to come would be at about two o'clock though, we're always in our class then, because it's too hot out this time of year at that time.” Quin answered, as well as gave Tony a huge amount of other information. He was busily writing everything down.

“Quin, if this works, and we get out of this alive, as well as squash the Scorpions at the same time, you'll never have to work another day in your life.”

“Thanks Tony, but you know I'll still want to do movies, and maybe even the occasional party.”

“How did I know you'd say that!” Tony laughed.

“Because you know I'm a hot little baby boy slut.”

“Don't I know it. You know, I wasn't even able to get hard for almost three days after that weekend, and I wasn't really interested in having sex for another day after that?”

“Then my work there was done.” He grinned brightly.

“Now you know how I always feel Tony.” Tom laughed.

“Not sure how you survive.”

“Me neither. So, there was something that you wanted to talk to me and Carter about as well?”

“Yes. As you well heard there, we're in deep shit. I don't want you guys to take any hard risks on anything, stay low, keep under the radar, and if worst comes to worst, run for it. Hide if you have to. At this time, I have nothing for either of you to make any money, but don't worry about that, you're still on the payroll anyway. If you have to run, I've set up an emergency fund for you that you can access from anywhere in the world, here's the information. Please don't use it though unless it becomes absolutely necessary. Now with Quin's plan, neither boy will be going to school for at least the next couple weeks, so that'll actually keep them safer. It would also be best if you stayed underground as well, but the boys are gonna have to be kept somewhere very safe and private.”

“No, I won't leave them anywhere if I'm not with them, especially not at this time.”

“I can understand that, and you're welcome to stay with them, don't worry. You will however be needed to play the part a bit at the beginning, and then tell everyone that you know that you have to go into hiding, because they took your sons to get to you or something like that. That'll help to protect everyone in the long run.”

“Good, thanks.”

“Yeah, thanks Tony. If I can come up with any way that would take out this pesky family in the law, I'll let you know right away as well.”

“Thanks, I hope you do think of something.”

“Me too.”

“Well, you guys all go and have a good night, and of course, make sure to lock your doors, close your blinds, we don't know how much knowledge they have of me and who works for me, oh and Tom, grab yourself a gun on your way out, for just such an emergency.”

“You know Tony, I absolutely despise guns, but thanks, because if something like this is going down, I would prefer to have something for just in case. I'll give it back though once this is all over.”

“No prob.”

A few minutes later they were gone. Tom grabbed a small handgun and several rounds of ammo for it from the stockpile, as well he grabbed a nifty little boot knife that was almost completely hidden, for just in case he was without a weapon but needed one. The person in charge of the weapons room suggested it as a sneaky backup and Tom agreed that it was smart. The drive home was silent, understandably so, but eventually they made it there.

“Well boys, I guess we're seeing the bad side first hand of the business that we managed to find ourselves in. I hoped we wouldn't, but I feared we would. What should we do?” Tom asked once they were all more comfortable and seated in the living room.

“First things first, I'm calling the friends and telling them that coming over for the next couple weeks at least isn't safe, so don't, we don't want to risk anyone any more than we need to. They'll all be fine and safe, they're not yet in the business, no one will hopefully know anything of them, but the boy who hit me today does know my friends. Hopefully he isn't smart enough to wonder if they're part of the gang as well.” Quin said, and then grabbed the phone and gave a brief description of the emergency at hand and told all of them to stay away. They all understood and told them to stay safe.

“Okay, that's good, now what though?” Tom asked once again, his nerves nearly at their end.

“Well, there's no point in panicking Daddy, so don't bother. If we keep our heads, we won't lose them.”

“I know, but you always were the more calm of the two of us, you know I'm a worrier.”

“Yeah, I know, but if you don't calm down and use your head, you're only gonna make yourself sick again, and this time you'll land in the hospital.”

“He got himself that sick before?” Carter asked in awe.

“Yeah, about a month after losing his job, he started to panic because the insurance was jerking him around and they were pulling him. We had no money and he wasn't sleeping with worrying about what he was gonna do. Finally he ended up having to go to the doctor to give him something, because he was starting to worry me. I actually had to force him to go, and when we got there, I had to explain what was happening to the doctor. He ended up having to take some serious medication to help repair acid reflux damage, and then another one to help calm him, and yet another because of serious depression.”


“Yeah. So anyway Daddy, what we're gonna do is plan our escape route, because we need to be prepared just case we have to run for it.”

“Okay, but how do we do that?”

“We have to know where we're gonna be first of all. If we're here, then we get in the car and go like hell, cops be damned. We head south and we don't stop for nothing unless we have no choice. If Carter or I has to drive for an hour or two for you to get rest, we do so. We stop for gas and bathroom, and nothing else. Actually, gas only. We'll grab food at the gas stations when needed, and otherwise we just go to the bathroom in our diapers and throw them out the window when needed. We need to stock the car with everything that we'll need if we have to do so; such as lots of bottled water, diapers of course, clothes and as much food as we can fit. It'll all have to be food that we don't mind eating cold. We should take a few things with us for if we need to open cans or bottles, but otherwise, nothing else. I know of a few ways into Mexico that don't require having to stop, but it's a rough ride from what I hear. I'll check into them further and get maps if I can. Tony should also know of any good ways, since I know for a fact that he's done a little smuggling in the past. Now, if we have to fight our way out, I want you to promise me one thing Daddy, if someone grabs me and tries to use me as a shield, run, take Carter and go, I'll be okay. If the same happens to either of you two, we'll have to do the same. Do not, under any circumstances surrender, they'll only win. Carter and I should also have weapons that we can easily hide, so that if we're held, we can hopefully escape if needed. We're not really in much danger, they shouldn't kill us, kids are valuable, but they will try and get us to get you, because if they have your son, they're sure that you'll surrender and come quietly, you must not do that Daddy, no matter what. If it happens, we'll survive, and we'll escape as soon as we can and go into hiding somehow.”

“No, I can.....”

“Daddy, it wasn't negotiable. We'll be able to link back up once we escape, you just get out. We'll have to know where we're heading though once that time comes, if it comes, so we're gonna have to know somewhere in Mexico to go. We'll want somewhere quiet, we'll ask Tony, I'm sure he has a villa there or something that we can go to.”

“Yeah, but how would you escape?”

“Kids are valuable, but they also don't think we're smart remember, far too many adults forget about us. It might take a few days for them to let down their guard, but they will, and when they do, we'll be gone. If we have to take one of them out to do so, we will.”

“Yeah, but we're smart enough to hold the kids hostage and not let them go!”

“Yes, we are, but they're not, I can almost guarantee it. Don't forget, I know a lot more about these types of people than you really even know. You're starting to understand it, but you don't know the half of it. Tony wouldn't have thought of keeping the kids tied up and bagged, he wouldn't have tortured them any at all, even if just a little and almost non harmlessly. No, we have an advantage, because we have me, I can think, and more importantly, I think like a kid and like an adult.”

“I'll have to take your word for it.”

“Don't worry. The chances are we won't even have to take any sort of precaution, because they don't know that I work for Tony, and there's a better than even chance they don't know about you either. The day after tomorrow though it won't matter, it's tonight and tomorrow night though that we have to worry about.”

“I hope you're right.”

“Me too.” Both boys said.

“Well, if this is gonna work out, then we're gonna have to go get some supplies for just such an emergency, so get dressed and let's get going.”

“Okay.” They both said.

A few minutes later they were out the door and heading to go shopping. They hit Daniel's store first and grabbed a couple cases of diapers each, he wished them luck, but said that he was gonna go into hiding once they did as well. He explained that he was going to ransack the store and make it look like he was taken, saying that Tony had already promised him that any inventory that went missing would be replaced. Tom and the boys were happy to hear this as well.

They then hit a large warehouse store where they certainly would not be noticed and loaded up on a lot of good things that they could use in case they needed to. There were a few cases of water, lots of prepackaged foods, and cans of goods, all that could be eaten cold and in a hurry. They went and loaded it into the trunk of the car, most of it anyway, the rest was stored in the back seat, and then they were gone.

They got back home shortly thereafter and stripped down to just their diapers again and tried to relax for the rest of the night. Tom was still worried, but really, how could he not be, and even the boys were, not even they wanted sex that night.

The next day the boys went off to school as normal, although Tom told the boys they should stay home. They said it was better for them to go to school so that everything appeared as close to normal as possible Tom was on pins and needles all day long waiting for them to come home. When they did, he sighed a huge sigh of relief.

At just shortly after six that evening, Tony called to tell them all that everything was all set, that the kidnapping was going to happen as per plan the following afternoon, and that Tom was to stay home and wait for the call, and then he had to race to the school like all the other parents would be.

Friday morning Tom was a basket case, he was a nervous wreck, he tried to bar the boys from going to school, but Quin calmly explained that by doing this, they were almost guaranteeing all their safety. Finally Tom let the boys go. Once again he was on pins and needles all day.

At just a few minutes after two thirty, Tom received the call from the police that he knew that he was going to receive. They told him that there had been a mass kidnapping from the boys' school and that his boys were both taken. Tom played the part well, but in all fairness, it was not all entirely acting either. He hoped and prayed that the plan went off without a hitch and that Tony's men did in fact have the boys.

To that end, he called Tony.

“You have them, right?” Was all he said once the phone was picked up.

“Yes, all went well, go to the school, that's where you need to be now, or you'll only raise suspicions.”

“Gone.” Tom said and threw the phone down and peeled rubber from the house and raced all the way to the school.

“What the fuck happened, you said my boys were taken, who took them?” Tom bellowed out as soon as he slammed his car into park, he had not even hit the brakes, the car was still squealing to a stop when he hopped out. He should have won an Oscar for his performance.

“Calm down Sir, what's your name?” An officer ran up to him and asked, trying to calm the clearly irate parent down.

“Tom, my boys are Quin and Carter.” He yelled out, trying to push past the officer.

“Sir, I know you're upset right now, but please calm down, we're doing all that we can to find out what happened. At this time, we only know who they took. The detectives are already in looking at the schools video footage to find out who took the boys.”

“I don't trust you guys, you'll only fuck it up, I want to see the video for myself, I want to find the rat bastards who took my sons, and when I find them, there ain't a law anywhere in the world that'll protect them.”

“Sir, I understand how upset that this is making you, but please calm down.” The officer pleaded.

“Like fuck I'll calm down. What would you be doing if it were your kids?”

“I'd be doing the same thing you are, trust me, I feel for you, really I do, but there's nothing you can do right now but give us as much information as you can. Please tell me anything you can about the boys and who might be capable of doing something like this?”

All around them there were at least eight other parents verbally assaulting an equal number of officers, though Tom was surprised there were not more, by all accounts, there should have been at least twenty by the information that Quin had given Tony the night before, but Tom gave the information that was requested. He still acted very agitated of course. That is until a couple boys came up to him with tears in their eyes, hugged him and said they were so sorry for him.

“Are these friends of your sons?” The officer asked.

“Yes, they're his best friends?”

“Boys, anything happen around school recently that you can think of that might've caused this?”

“The only thing that happened recently, or really any time that I know of, is that some boy by the name of Marcus Jenkins hit Quin in the stomach really hard the other day because he thought that Quin was spying on him as he was beating up another boy.” Jimmy answered.

“What's the other boys name?”

“Billy, I think, and I think his last name's Grahams or something like that. He's not in any of our classes, and he's not a friend of ours, so I don't really know for sure.”

“Thanks, but was it maybe Grahamson?”

“That's it, yeah, how'd you know?”

“Because he was one of the other boys taken. In fact I believe that's his dad right over there, and the other boy, Marcus you said, well, now that's really odd, because he's another that was taken. I need you boys to be completely honest with me, but I need to know something. There was some question as to whether the boys were all gang related, were Quin and Carter in a gang?”

“We think so, yeah.” Stefan whispered.

“Boys, if you thought they were in a gang, why didn't you come to me, you know how I feel about that sorta thing?” Tom sighed deeply, sounding hugely saddened.

“You had no idea about this then Sir?” The officer confirmed.

“No, they've been really secretive lately though, been going to friends a lot, they've been really acting out at home too. I was actually starting to think that they might've gotten into something like this, but they wouldn't talk to me.”

“They weren't talking to us either.” Jimmy said.

“I'm really sorry to hear this Sir, but it does come a long way in helping us to understand things. It is confusing though that it seems your sons and the Marcus kid weren't exactly friends, and same with the boy named Billy. It's possible that the boys are part of two different gangs, but then who the hell would've kidnapped boys from two different gangs!”

“I know for a fact that Quin and Carter really hated Marcus and his friends, they wouldn't even sit on the same side of the classroom together, and Marcus beat up Billy real bad, we were actually surprised he even came to school today, but he was really bruised up and was still limping. I guess he shoulda just stayed home or he wouldn't have gotten taken either.”

“So, they were definitely not in the same gang together then is what you're saying?”

“Would be my guess Sir. Can I go now Sir, my mom's over there, she just got here, she musta heard already what happened, she'll be freaking out, and you probably don't want her mad?”

“Yes, you may go, but if you have any more information at all, then please call me, all of you, okay.” He said, handing both of the kids a card and walking off.

“That was good boys, very well played.” Tom said to them as he gathered the boys up into a hug, whispering it to them so that only they would hear it.

“No prob, anything for you and the guys.” Jimmy said.

“Now, go and be with your families, don't snoop around any at all, do what Quin said, stay as far away from all this as you can. That little performance was heard by at least a couple of the rival gang members, so that should help to shield all of you, and even me too. Now, go, be with your families, and don't come by our place at all 'til we call you, okay.”

“Okay.” They said.

Tom headed out shortly thereafter and headed to the safe house that Tony had told him to go to and made it there in only twenty minutes. It was only a ten minute drive, but he had went a circuitous route to make sure that no one was following him. He was reasonably certain that no one had, so he went in.

“Hi Tom, the boys are all safe and sound at the warehouse. I assume that you wish to go see them now then?” Tony said as soon as he entered.

“Yes please.”

“Okay, let's go get in my car then and go see the boys.”


They went out to the garage and hopped in the back seat of the waiting car, it was all blacked out back there, so no one would see who was in it. They then headed to a completely different area than Tony normally was in, it was a brand new warehouse area that was bustling with people. Tom thought this to be a little strange, and even asked Tony about it. He explained that it was his, but through someone else, and he felt that the more people around at the moment the better, less people would snoop around if there were a lot of people working. This did make some sense to Tom, but still thought it risky to pull off such a stunt with so many people around. He held his tongue though, hoping that Tony knew what he was doing. Finally they made it to their warehouse, it was a smaller one, and looked to be more office type space than anything. They went right inside and parked and got out.

“Daddy.” Both boys said as soon as he got out. They came running up to him and hugged him tightly. He hugged them back.

“Oh boys, it's so good to see you again. So, how was it?”

“It was cool actually. We were just sitting there and we heard this hissing for a few seconds and then we all fell asleep. No one even realized anything at all, no one called out or made any sound, and then we woke up here. All our prisoners are currently in just diapers and masks with feeding tube ball gags installed, all in separate little cells. Their hoods are held on by a locked chain around their necks, so they can't possibly get them off. They only have a hole where the ball gag is and one for their noses as well so that they can breath properly, but they're so tight fitting otherwise that they can't possibly see anything at all.”

“I'm glad that it went well for you boys. So you were in to see them all already then?”

“Oh yeah, I even installed half their cock cages as well. I pulled off their diapers and installed the devices and then tickled their balls for a few seconds so that they would get sexually aroused but would be unable to do anything about it. Then I told them that they weren't allowed to remove their diapers at all, to do so would bring on very harsh punishment, that they were not allowed to attempt escape, or even worse punishment would be given. If they listened, then they would live.”

“Don't you think it was dangerous to talk to them Baby, they might recognize your voice?”

“Of course not Daddy, do you think I didn't think of that. I borrowed Tony's voice changer, it wears just like a dust mask and changes my voice as I speak. It's really cool. Carter took the other one and did the other half of the boys.”

“Oh, good. So, how long are you guys gonna leave them before starting their interrogation?”

“At least three days I figure, unless Tony has any better ideas.”

“No Quin, this is all you. To tell you the truth, I'm following you nearly blindly right now, I haven't a fucking clue what we're doing now. I can see some of what you have planned, but you haven't really let even me see the rest of it yet.”

“Right. So, leave them for three days, other than at least once a day someone needs to go in and change their diapers, and as you're doing so, tickle their cute little balls as you do. And they really are little too. For big tough boys, they're amazingly small in the cock and balls department.” He giggled.

“Okay. So, what then?” Tony asked.

“On the third day, we bring them to the interrogation room, we remove their ball gag if they promise not to yell, and then we fuck them and ask for information that they're gonna be very unwilling to give. Dad, you won't be allowed to fuck any of them right away, you'll kill the poor bastards, so you'll have to wait a day or two for them to open up to it a bit more. You can have Carter or I any time though, so that won't matter much.”

“Thanks, but sex right now is the furthest thing from my mind. I haven't even thought of it since before this all started happening.”

“We know, and we were the same, but now that we're safe, we want sex, and so will you once you calm down fully.”

“Yeah, you're probably right.”

“I know I am. So, how was the scene when you were called to the school?”

“A madhouse to be sure. There were at least eight other parents already there and yelling at police officers, me and Stefan and Jimmy did exactly what you said we should, we made sure it was believable. The cops now think you were part of a gang but that I had no clue. The other gang heard this as well, I know he was paying attention to us, and probably at least one other was too. I heard one of them a bit as well, and it was interesting to say the least. It seems he thinks it was us that did it, but I heard his officer explain that from a couple preliminary reports that he received, some of the boys taken were also from your gang, so that wasn't likely. He blanched at that, wondering who it was that could've possibly taken their boys. Boy was he pissed though. He even cornered the principal of the school and started yelling at him for allowing it to happen. The principal just got right into his face and told him that if he wasn't a low life scum who had probably dragged his kid into it as well, then maybe it wouldn't have happened in the first place, and he was squarely placing the blame on his shoulders. There was very nearly a fist fight right there, but the cop intervened. When asked what that meant, the guy shut up and wouldn't answer any more questions. He'll definitely be pulled in for questioning.”

“Good, and with our house being ransacked tonight, when the cops find it, to ask you more questions, they'll assume that who took us decided to come get you as well to maybe make us talk or something, who knows what they'll think, but they now know you're not one of Tony's.”

“What, you're having our house ransacked as well?”

“Yeah, but I asked the guys to take it easy and to not destroy anything. I told them to concentrate in mostly mine and Carter's bedroom, throw things around, make it look like they were trying to find something, and make the living room look like a struggle took place. They said they'd try not to break anything, but if they do, oh well.”

“And I'll pay for anything that does get broken.” Tony added.


“So, what else is happening then Quin?” Tony asked.

“All the key people that are known to be tied to your organization will appear to be taken by force tonight, they can just do it all themselves and then come here or somewhere else to hide out for a couple weeks or so as things start getting settled. Your cops, who I'm assuming were the ones asked to take all the information at the school, will be able to really help us out, because they're now gonna be really digging with the parents of those boys, trying to find out what they were into as well to have caused all this. Oh, and Billy's dad should be arriving some time tonight too, I almost forgot. Anyway, the parents of the boys are gonna be interrogated and probed so deeply that they won't be able to sit for a week. The law guy, now he I think we might be able to do something about as well. He's family to the head of that gang somehow right, well, a lot of his people just had kids go missing, we need him, we need to find a way to capture him and bring him here, and maybe the parents of a couple of those boys. Then the law guy will hopefully expose himself trying to find his family member, and then maybe, just maybe if we're lucky, he'll do something that'll either get him real dead or arrested.”

“And here I thought what we did today was risky. Have you any idea how well protected he's gonna be?” Tony asked in shock.

“Yeah, I know. But remember, you have a guy on the inside remember, we need to know everything about the guy, what he does and when. If he knows it, I need to know it. I want to know when the guy takes a shit, I want to know when and where he has his morning coffee, everything, and I need it now.”

“I can't call him though, but he said last night when he called that he'd be calling sometime this afternoon to see how it all went and tell us what he knows after what happened today.”

“Should be an interesting call. They're gonna be in a real frenzy, I hope it's real hot.”

“Oh it will be, tempers sure will be flaring. I almost feel sorry for my guy in there, and warned him not to lose his cool.”

“That's good, but 'til I know more, we can't possibly proceed. I trust your guys still have their jackets and tattoos though?”


“Good, tell them they might need them again before the night is out. If this works, I'd like them here by the time the sun rises tomorrow morning.”

“Okay. It's risky though.”

“Yeah, I know. It has to be done though.”

For the next hour and a half, they all sat around talking, trying to figure more things out, but they came up with nothing much. Finally the call came in that Tony was waiting for, so he put it on speaker phone.

“Now, I have my planner here and he has some questions for you, you need to answer them to the best of your ability.” Tony said after the pleasantries were over with.

“Thanks Tony. Now, I don't know your name, nor do I wanna know it, and yes, I am a kid, don't worry about that. The leader, I need his entire schedule, if you know it, I need to know it. I need to know when and where he sleeps, eats, shits, has coffee, the works.”

“Okay, but I don't know much, unfortunately I'm just not high enough in their organization to get to see the boss all that often. I do know where his house is though, I've been there, but it's pretty heavily guarded and fortified. There does appear to be a weakness though, they don't have video cameras, walls or dogs, just a few men around the property, four to be exact. The house itself though is hard to get into. You have to get through a gate and then a door. They're two different keys, but the guards on the outside don't have them on them, they're only allowed the use of an out building, they're not allowed in the house. Granted, neither are any others though, he's very private and no one's allowed inside his house unless he invites them in.” He answered and gave the address.

“Okay, thanks, that helps a lot. Locks we can figure out, they're surprisingly easy to pick if you have the right tool. Okay, what time does he go home at night?”

“Usually no later than six.”

“Okay, and does he ever leave after that?”

“Not normally that I know of, but again, I can't say for sure.”

“Fair enough. How about guards, if he's not there, are they there or not?”

“It appears that they aren't there if he's not. It seems they're his personal body guards, so they're with him at all times. They drive his car for him and everything.”

“Excellent, that makes life real easy then. So we take him tonight. What about his key people, and what of this family member in the law?”

“His key people will actually be harder to get, most of them live together and always have a shit load of people over. I've been to their place lots, and it's really a shit hole if I ever saw one. Pretty much party central. Granted, if you found a way to knock them all out, like you did at the school today, it might actually work. The major problem of course is that there's no telling who'll be there at any given time, or when someone could just show up. It's pretty much always hopping.”

“Hmm, that does make it tricky. Okay, about the family guy?”

“Well, all I can say is he's a real sleazeball, and that's saying a lot from a guy that's been around organized crime my entire life. He actually makes us look like good guys, and he's supposedly in law enforcement. Not sure how he's related to the boss man here, but he is somehow, I'd say maybe cousin or something. I do know though that he's got his own place somewhere just off the strip, he loves the low life down there. From what I hear he's got a different prostitute or two every night. The main problem with him is that I have no idea where he is, I don't know if it's a house or a hotel, nothing. All I can tell you is that he seems happy to be here where he thinks that he can do whatever he wants. I do know he's been vying for this position for years, more than likely working his way up so that he could help out in some way to the guys here. More than likely he's a member as well, but he doesn't wear any tats for obvious reasons.”

“Okay, that's actually good to know. I don't want him anyway, I want him to get himself offed somehow, or maybe arrested once we have your current boss.”

“Okay. Anything else, I should get going pretty quick here?”

“No, I think that'll do it. Thanks.”

“No prob.” He said and hung up.

“Okay. That makes life at least a little easier. Now we know we can get him, but not really any of his people. We can get his guards too though, that'll really throw them for a loop.”

“How do you plan to do it though?” Tony asked.

“I trust you have tranquilizer guns and darts in your armory?”

“Yeah, as a matter of fact I do. They've come in amazingly handy a few times.”

“And so shall they once again. I hope they're high power, fast acting?”

“They'll knock a horse out in under twenty seconds.” Tony smiled.

“Good. That's how we take out the guards. We surround and all fire at the same time. They'll be down before they can even warn anyone. Now, do you by chance happen to have an expert lock pick on staff?”

“Actually, as a matter of fact I do, he runs a locksmith in town here, he's one of my guys, and very trusted.”

“Good, call him, we're gonna need him.”

“Already calling.” And he was too, because he was already dialing.

A few minutes later it was done. He would be there within the hour with all the necessary tools.

“Okay. Now, once we're in the house, we have to find him and take him without losing any of your guys or killing him. He must be taken alive.”

“Then tranquilizers once again will have to be used, and our guys will obviously be in bullet proof armor.”

“For sure. If we're lucky, he'll be all alone and won't even know we're there 'til it's too late. Then we'll have everything that we need.”

“I sure hope you're right about this.”

“I am, don't worry.”

Several hours later everything was in place. There were twelve men to volunteer for the job, Tony asked for volunteers, but only chose the twelve best of the twenty that offered to go. They were all loaded up and off they went. Each one of them were outfitted with a high powered tranquilizer dart gun, bullet proof body armor, full face masks, everything. An hour later they were back and they had their man. He too was taken and added to another room with the boys, treated in the exact same way as the boys had been. Though he would likely sleep until well after morning. All four of the guards too were added as well.

“How'd it go?” Tony asked the head of the team, his locksmith guy.

“Very well. Your sharp shooters just circled the property a few times in the shadows 'til they were certain they had everyone and that they had good clean shots, and then a few seconds later they were all down. I then went in and took care of the back gate and door, surprisingly easy actually. I don't know when people will upgrade to the good stuff instead of trusting their lives to just the regular crap that the stores sell. I can pick those things with my eyes closed and one hand tied behind my back.”

“My people already have, due to your warning, but I'm glad our enemies don't know about it. I guess it's good having a locksmith for a friend.”

“Yes, yes it is. Anyway, we went in and as quietly as possible we searched the place. We found him in his office, he went to stand up to confront us, but he was shot in the chest instantly, he fell a second later. It was clean and perfect.”

“Excellent. You should probably go now though before you're missed, we don't really want anyone to know you know me, now do we?”

“For sure. Well, have a good night.”

“You too.”

“Well boys, I think it's time for us to hit the hay as well, come on, let's go to bed.” Tom said.

“Okay.” They both smiled and they all said goodnight to Tony and then the boys led Tom to what was to be their bedroom for the next couple weeks. It was actually pretty cozy. They changed each others diapers and then curled up and went to sleep, not one of them wanted to have sex at all, they just needed sleep, it was quite late.