Chapter 11

The very next morning they all woke up feeling a lot more refreshed and relaxed. Tom felt that they were at least as safe there as they could possibly be anywhere, so he had finally relaxed at least a bit. The boys though were getting terribly horny, and shortly after waking up, rode Tom for a good hour and a half, draining all of them completely, at least for the time being. When they exited their room, they all had nice big smiles on their faces, which in turn caused more than a few other smiles, because they knew what the smiles meant. They all went and had some much needed breakfast with a few of the other people that were there, including Tony.

“I want to go talk to our main prisoner, what's his name and which room's he in?” Quin asked once they were all finished.

“His name's Bud, or at least that's what he goes by. Not sure if it's his real name, or if it isn't, what his real name is. He's just in the room down from you in number ten. If you could lead him to number one though, it has a two way mirror in it to number two, as well as audio feed, so that we can all hear and see what's happening?” Tony said.

“Will do. I'll have him there in just a few seconds then.”

He went to the room where Bud was being kept and started the chore of waking him up, because he was still out like a light. It took almost ten minutes to wake him, even though it was quite late in the morning already.

“Ah, so good of you to join us. Now, you have a ball gag in, so that you can't scream or yell, it'll also help us to control you. I'm going to lead you somewhere, and you're gonna come with me, we need to ask you some very serious questions, but I have a feeling you're not gonna wanna answer them.” Quin said sweetly, though his voice sounded very weird.

The man violently shook his head no, trying to say he was not going to do anything. He then started to quite violently swing his arms around, attempting to blindly hit Quin. When he wailed his hands on the wall though, it had to hurt, because even Quin heard him crying out in pain.

“Ah, so you are as stupid as everyone says you are. Since that's your response, then here, we're gonna put you into these then.” Quin said producing a pair of handcuffs and very quickly locking one onto one hand.

“Now, I'm giving you one chance and one chance only to put your hands behind your back and allow me to cuff your hands, if you do not, I will cause you untold amounts of pain.”

The man did not listen, just started swinging his arms again, this time with the hand cuff swinging off one of them, which would add extra damage and protect his hands more he felt. Using a large stick that he had taken with him, he gave one swift shot to the mans diapered family jewels and he crumpled to the floor.

“See, told you, I said I'd cause you pain, now I'm just gonna do it and you can't stop me.” Quin said, and then violently jumped on the man that was still thrashing around in pain, he let out a muffled cry, because when Quin landed, his head hit the concrete floor. Quin grabbed both hands and cuffed them together behind the guys back.

“Now, you cannot win with me, you're gonna have to get used to that. You and your people have done more than enough hurting of our people, I won't allow it any more, and if I have to kill you, I will. I've never killed anyone, but for you, I'll gladly make you my first. Now, stand up, let's see if you've learned anything yet, and remember, I have a stick.”

The man stood up after a few moments, he was still in a great deal of pain and was seeing stars under his hood.

“Good, you're starting to learn your place. Now, you're to follow me like the good slave you now are, how you act will greatly increase or decrease your stay here. We will not put up with insubordination at all, am I making myself clear?”

Bud nodded his head and then Quin attached a chain to the ball gag.

“I now have you leashed like a muzzled dog, fight this, and you find out what getting Prince Albert is like without any anesthetic, and then I attach a chain to your new dick ring and lead you that way.” Quin warned harshly. That definitely made the man listen.

Quin then led him down the hall to the interrogation room. Once there, Quin had him lay down on the bed after removing the cuffs from one side of his hands, clamped it onto the bed post, and then using another few pairs of cuffs, securely fixed him in place in a spread eagle, he was unable to move at all.

“Okay good, so far you've done fairly well. Now, I'm gonna take out your ball gag, and you're not gonna yell and scream, or you'll get the stick again, right!”

He nodded his head yes and Quin removed the gag.

“Why have you taken me, my people will find me and gut you?” He asked softly, dangerously.

“They'd first have to know where you are or who took you. You've made an awful lot of enemies though, haven't you? No, they'll never find you or your guards, nor the ten key people of your organization that we took last night, or the nearly twenty kids we took from the school. I now have almost thirty of your people and another twelve of Tony's people, I will get to the bottom of why you're trying to get rid of me, or you die, simple as that.”

“I'll tell you nothing.”

“Oh, but that's where you're so very wrong. I will torture you, I have no problem in torturing you, I will get my information, simple as that, and you won't be able to hold off for long. Now, remember earlier when I said I'd put a ring in your dick and lead you around that way, that's gonna be the first thing I do. I'm gonna get a large needle red hot and I'm gonna stick it right through your dick head, of course to do this, it'll be easier if I make you hard first, as soon as the hole's there, I'll slip the ring in and it gets welded closed. The ring will be made of nearly unbreakable titanium, so good luck ever getting it back off again, but some enjoy that sort of thing. I guarantee though that size of ring I use you'll never enjoy, and you'll never get to enjoy sex again, because there's no way anyone will allow you to penetrate them with a six inch ring dangling off the end of your cock. Oh, by the way, the thing will weigh at least a pound. Not much, but ever have a one pound weight hanging from the end of your dick. You'll probably cut your own dick off to get rid of it. Won't be my problem though.” Quin warned softly, the man blanched and tried to say something a few times, but Quin just kept right on talking.

“You can't do that, either just kill me or let me go.” He said, sounding sick.

“Oh, I can't do that, you've not yet lived out your usefulness. If you become a liability or refuse to give the information we seek, then maybe we'll kill you, but trust me, it won't be quick and painless, it might take you a week or more to finally die. We will get the information we seek, what body parts we remove in the process will be entirely up to you. By the way, your balls are the first to go. We'll keep your dick 'til last though, because I have a feeling I'm gonna be attaching a leash to it before too long.”

“No, just kill me, please?”

“No can do, sorry. I have a really simple question though for you to start with, are you gonna answer me, or do I come back in about half an hour or so with the equipment to give you a nice cock ring?”

“No, I won't answer anything, my guys will be fine without me, you can't make me answer you.”

“Oh, a stubborn one huh. Okay, here's a shot to remind you who's boss, and I'll be back shortly.” He said and then punched the man in the jewels again and left the room amidst the mans screams of agony, because that had to hurt.

“My god boy, are you really gonna do it to him?” Tony asked, nearly ghostly white.

“He deserves it, but his first ring won't be welded one pound. I need a piercing artist here in half an hour or less with all the stuff to give him a nice starter ring, no anesthetic though.”

“Okay.” Tony said and then called one of his people that did that sort of thing and told them what was needed and where to go.

He was there in half an hour almost on the dot. Quin led the man into the room.

“Sorry we're late, but I had trouble finding a titanium ring that big, so for the time being, you're gonna be lucky to only have a smaller brass ring, but there's still no pain killers for you, you knew what was gonna happen. I do have my people looking for a titanium ring though that weighs at least a pound, because I have a feeling we're gonna need it before too long. First thing's first though, we have to get that useless piece of meat out of your soggy diaper, you filthy animal, I'll get you hard, and then we get to work.”

“What'd you expect me to do tied up like this, and what other reason would you have me in a diaper?” He screeched.

“I already knew you were a filthy animal, that's why you're in a diaper. If you'd have asked, we might have taken you to the bathroom, but no, we won't do that any more. Now, no more talking, or the gag goes back in.”

Amidst scrams of pain, Bud was pierced right through the tip of his dick, the ring was a good thick nearly two inch ring, it was the biggest the man had, so it was what he used. He shook his head in disgust at having done what he did, but Tony had explained to him that the man he was about to deal with had hurt his organization and some of his people and was being taught a lesson. He packed up his things silently and left the room, not saying a single word. On his way out, Tony handed the man a thousand dollars cash. He nodded in thanks and left.

“Okay, quit crying like a little baby now will you. I thought your gang were the toughest of the tough, able to take a beating and still come back for more.”

“Why don't you submit yourself to that?” He screamed at Quin.

“No thanks, no need to. I know how to listen when asked a question. Now, that was just the start of what I have planned for you. Do you think that in the future you're gonna listen and answer my every question?”

“Why should I, you're a monster?”

“Ah, now there's a laugh. How many of our people have you now hurt and or killed, now compare that to us to your people. I think you have the monster inside you, not us. Now, are you gonna answer my question, or am I gonna have to resort to the next step?”

“What are you gonna do to me?”

“Fail to answer my question, and you'll find out real soon. In fact, this is your last chance, answer now, or I do it?”

“No, you can't make me do anything.”

“Wow, you truly are as stupid as you look. Okay, then I have no bad feelings about doing this to you then.” Quin said and then grabbed the things he had grabbed. Item number one was an open ended cock tube that was adjustable. When in the softened state, it would just be snug, but should Bud get hard, it would cause huge amounts of pressure, which in itself would be uncomfortable. Then there were items number two and three. Two was a ring that was snapped around Bud's balls and connected to the tube with a tiny little lock, and then number three was another loop that went from the ring at the top of his dick to another ring on the top of the tube. This would essentially pull very hard and uncomfortably on his dick should he get hard.

Quin then explained exactly what all he had just installed on his dick and balls, all the while gently tickling his nuts, making him hard. He was whining within a few seconds, groaning after thirty, and begging for Quin to quit after two minutes. Quin did not stop until Bud came though. From the way Bud was acting though, it was by far the most agonizing cum he had ever experienced. Quin collected the cum on his fingers and rammed them into Bud's mouth and demanded he lick it all off and swallow it. Once that was done, Quin attached a small lead to the tip of Bud's cock ring, and then put him into a fresh diaper with the lead leading from his left leg hole.

“Okay, given the fact that you've just finally come down from all that I just did to you, and you've finally stopped crying like a baby, I think I'm gonna ask you another question.”

“Get this off me, now.”

“Do you honestly believe that you're in any position whatsoever to make any sort of demand. I control everything about your life right now. But make no mistake, I won't kill you 'til you become too much work. I will however torture you every second I can 'til that time. Don't try me, I'm a man of my word, just take a feel of your cock and you'll know.”

“You can't do this to me.”

“Yet I am, and you or your people can't possibly stop me, so once again, are you gonna answer my questions?” Quin said, giving a light tug on the leash.

“Ow fuck, don't do that.” He screeched.

“Then I suggest you answer me.”

“No, I can't, I won't, nothing you do to me will make me talk.”

“Then I'm gonna have fun taking you apart piece by piece. I think though for today that's enough, clearly you need some time to learn to understand the gravity of your situation. I say at least twelve hours hanging with no way to support yourself and something tugging on your leash every few seconds should be enough to loosen your tongue a bit. Now, come on.” Quin said happily, rammed the gag back in the mans mouth and unlocked his cuffs, but did them back up to his hands right away so as to be able to control the mans arms.

He then led the man from the room by his leash, and any time he was reluctant, Quin gave a light tug, and that was all it took. He led the man back to his room, attached his cuffs to the ceiling with the help of his dad, and then left and grabbed a small electric motor from the supply room he had seen there. It had a worm gear on it and a rotating disk with an offset pin that he could attach the leash to, so that every few seconds the disc would turn and give a light yank on the leash, thus causing huge amounts of discomfort. Once all set, Quin thanked the guy for the fun times and left the room.

“Quin, what did you just do in there?” Tony asked in shock.

“Showed him who's boss.”

“I'll say. How could do that and not get sick, I saw you watching the piercing the entire time, I saw it too and I almost got sick?”

“Easy, that man's not human, so he doesn't matter to me.”

“How'd you ever come up with something like that though?” He asked again in awe.

“Just saw what we had available to us and hoped we had a trusted piercer available and went from there. Knowing how most guys are so protective of their junk, that was my first place. By the time tomorrow rolls around, I guarantee you he'll be singing like a songbird. Oh, do you have any lower power sedatives by any chance, I want him totally exhausted but completely unable to sleep, because unless he finally passes out because of the pain, he won't be able to sleep. I don't think I have it pulling that hard though, so it shouldn't cause him to pass out, unless he has a really low pain tolerance.”

“Yeah, I do, but only oral ones.”

“That'll do. In fact, I have to go pee, someone grab me a glass please, and Tony grab one of the pills?” Quin grinned wickedly.

He had the requested items a few moments later, so the pill was put in the bottom of the cup and then he pulled down the front of his diaper and peed in the cup. He then took the cup, grabbed an oral syringe from the stack for feeding their prisoners through their ball gags and went to the room.

“Okay, I know you'll be thirsty, so I have a drink here for you. It's special though and I made it just for you. I hope you like. Not that you have much choice in whether you take it or not, but oh well.”

Quin started feeding Bud his piss and sedative drink, and Bud had a revolted look on his face the entire time Quin was feeding him. He was probably lucky that Quin did not pee a lot, because he did not have to take a lot.

“There you go, that should be quite the nice drink for you, and I assure you, it was real fun to make. But you see, I'm a sadistic prick, it was piss with a sedative chaser, that's gonna make you super tired, but of course you won't be able to go to sleep. Tomorrow I'll switch you to energy stuff so that you'll be wired but so tired, and of course you won't be able to sleep. I figure that if by tomorrow might you haven't gone mad, you'll tell me everything I want to know. So, I'll see you tomorrow morning to see if you feel like talking.” Quin said happily and left the room.

“Wow, that was incredible.” Tony said as soon as Quin exited the room and the door was closed, he and the others had been watching the entire time of course.

“Thanks. In a few hours we should probably give him some meal supplement and water, we want him to have most of his strength, so again he can't just pass out. No one's to even talk to him though now 'til tomorrow morning when I go and lead him to the interrogation room again.”

“Yes boss.” They all said.

“I like the sounds of that.” Quin grinned cheekily.

“Yeah, well don't get used to it, Tony probably isn't ready to quit just yet, and I'd rather you go on and do something not so illegal with your life.”

“Don't worry Daddy, I was only teasing. I have no idea what I'll do, but like I care anyway.”

“Yeah, that's what worries me.”

“It probably should.” He grinned.

For the rest of the day they mostly sat around talking and having as good a time as they could considering what they were all going through. They did watch the news, and another dozen cases of people turning up missing had been confirmed, they were now saying that it all appeared to be gang related. The relative of Bud's had even appeared and said that he was with the local department of the FBI and was taking over the investigation. Quin smiled and laughed, saying that was what he suspected and had hoped he would do so.

Quin went and visited all their prisoners and made sure that they were all well secured, checking each and every one of them himself to make sure none of the guards were slacking for the sake of the kids. He tightened a few of the handcuffs, telling the guards that it was important to keep them just as tight as the adults were, because kids were better at escaping, since they were more flexible and could slip their hands out of most things. He went on to explain that they certainly did not want anyone to escape. He also made certain that they were all fed and watered, through their gags of course, he had no plans to remove anything for at least another day or so. All their diapers were changed as well, though he had the guards help with most of that, but they were instructed to finger their little boy pussies a bit and tickle their balls too. Most of them grunted in discomfort at this, but one of them especially almost sighed instead.

Finally at bedtime Quin gave Bud his promised stimulant so that he would be far more awake than he truly felt, as well as gave him another drink of piss to go with it. He then went to bed with the others and they all relived a little pressure together before going to sleep.

The following morning they were all up bright and early, they all had breakfast together, chatted for a bit to determine how their day was going to go, and then Quin said it was time to start the day. He led everyone from the kitchen facilities to the prisoner rooms, they all went to the viewing room though while Quin went to collect their prisoner.

“Well, good morning sunshine, I trust you had a great sleep?” Quin asked far too chipper for the situation.

He only grumbled.

“Oh, that's good to hear, I'm glad. Come on, let's get you unhooked and lead you back to the other room shall we. I hope I don't have to yank on your leash again though, I'd hope by now you'll follow like an obedient little slave boy you are.”

Quin had him detached a few moments later and led him quietly to the interrogation room. When instructed to lay down and spread his legs like a good boy, he did so without hesitation.

“Good boy, you'll make a fine puppy some day soon. Now, I'm gonna remove your gag, but if you fuck with me, we'll see how another twelve hours of hanging and being yanked, with at least a triple dose of stimulants suits you.”

“Oh god, please don't do that, no more.” He gasped as soon as the gag was removed.

“Does this mean you're gonna talk to me, tell me everything I need to know?”

“I don't know.”

“Unh unh unh, we're not starting on the right foot here, that was a simple yes or no question, I only wanted one of those two answers. The answer you give me determines your fate, I don't any more, this is all up to you. You give me what I want and need, and in a few days, once I have everything settled down and everything is back to normal, then you and your guys are mysteriously found alive and well somewhere. Now, are you gonna answer my questions?”


“Good, I just hope you truly mean it. Today you get to hang and get yanked, tomorrow I actually start getting mean.”

“Oh god. That wasn't mean?”

“Oh no, I've only just started working on you. By the way, if somehow I manage to fail on you, I have many more of your people here, kids included, that will probably tell me everything I need to know. How much pain and suffering they have to go through in order for me to get my information also lies in your hands. If I tell them they're being tortured because you were too weak to tell me what I needed to know, how do you think they'll take that?”

“It's not a sign of weakness to tell secrets, even under torture, it's a mark of strength.”

“Okay, I hope you believe that, because you have no idea what torture is then, because you've only started to feel what I can do to you. Your people will probably talk before I even get as far as all this. And do you really want your boys to be pierced like you are, their rings welded in place so that can't ever be removed without surgery, how do you think they'll like that or you if they know you could've prevented it. I'd hate you, I'd never listen to you again, because I will tell them too.”

“I'm not weak.”

“If you're not yet, then maybe we should take you back to the other room and hook you back up then. Unless you're strong enough to tell me, we're gonna have to resort to other measures.”

“Please, don't hook me back up there, anything but that?”

“Careful what you wish for, you never know what you'll get.”

“I can't stand there any more like that.”

“If I make you, I assure you, you will.”

“If I ever get out of here, I'm gonna find you and gut you like a fish, you know that right?”

“Yeah, I know, but by the time I'm finished with you, you'll be in no position to do anything to me.”

“So, you're planning to kill me then?”

“Only if necessary. No, I'm certainly gonna break you. By the time I finish with you, you'll have to be assigned a five year old to lead you around and do everything for you. You're mind is so simple that I figure one week of what I've been doing so far and you'll be mine all mine. You'd do anything I said, you'll be a complete and total slave. I assure you, I can and I will, but I will kill you too if you become more trouble than you're worth too.”

“Now, let's try a real easy one. Are you gonna answer my questions today, or should I take you back to hang out for a while longer?”


“Good, I'll hold you to that remember. Now, here's one I doubt you want to answer, but I need to know everything about your FBI friend there that's somehow related to you?”

“I can't tell you anything about him.”

“Okay. Another twelve or so hours for you. Come on then.” Quin said and gagged Bud before he could even think to say another word.

Quin then urged Bud back to his room and hooked him back up. He gave him another drink and more food replacement, more stimulants to keep him awake and hooked him back up to his little dick yanker.

“You really are a sadistic little prick, aren't you?” Tony laughed once he was clear from the room.

“Yes, as a matter of fact I am. I wasn't lying.” He grinned.

“How long will you leave him hanging there for?”

“As long as it takes. If after a week though he hasn't cracked, which I'd be very surprised, we'll start getting real mean. And tonight, I want a nice big vibrating dildo and butt plug for him too. At first he won't like them, but they'll pleasure him too and make his life that much more miserable, and that can only be good for us.” He grinned again.

“What do you consider real mean?”

“Hang him higher and add a few pounds of weights to his feet. Also, if by then he hasn't cracked, we upgrade his cock ring, and I do want heavy and welded, I want it so strong that it'll take surgery to remove it. I wasn't kidding, he'll never have sex again if he fucks with me.”

“Yikes. Remind me not to get on your bad side please?” Tony gulped.

“Somehow I doubt I'll have to remind you after this is all done and over with.”

“No, you're right there.”

“Quin, I think you should take it easy, I think you're starting to enjoy this a bit too much.” Tom warned softly.

“No, actually it makes me sick to know what I'm doing to him, and will do if he doesn't listen. However, like I said before, he's not really human to me, so it's not that bad. I do however have to put on a strong show so that he knows who's boss, he has to know I control his every breath. I might even let him sleep if he begs me, but he has to give me something too.”

“I'm glad that it at least makes you a bit sick.” Tom said in mild relief.

“I'd have to be an animal like them to truly enjoy this, and I'm nowhere near that. He did however threaten my family and friends, and that just won't do. I'll protect you guys with everything I have if I have to. I will be the one to end his life too if he makes me. He'll never bother us ever again, and if he does, death will be his only savior, because I'll torture him like he never imagined possible.”

“Oh.” Was about all Tom could come up with.

“I think you have a very good protector there Tom.” Tony said while riffling Quin's hair rather lovingly.

“I'll say, but it's supposed to be me protecting him.”

“And you would too if you had to. It just seems he's far better suited to do this.”

“That sure seems to be true. Though where he could've learned anything like this is beyond me.”

“I watch a lot of movies and read a lot of books. You'd be surprised at what you can learn.”

“Apparently, I just hope you don't surprise us any more than you already have.” Tom gulped.

“That may yet be seen, but hopefully not.”

The rest of the day went fairly well, they left Bud hanging around, he was nearing total exhaustion, his dick hurt like he had never imagined, and then the pain in his arms from hanging the way he was, just touching the ground was killing him as well. He had not yet cracked though, he was actually pretty strong. There was no doubt that he would crack though.

That night Quin took him back to the interrogation room, and once again he was hesitant to answer the questions that Quin wanted answered. Quin started by ramming the fairly large dildo in Bud's ass, he screamed at first, but before too long, the pain had eased and he was actually starting to enjoy it. Then Quin turn on the vibrator, causing Bud to nearly cum, but Quin gave a sharp tug to the leash, Bud swore for at least a full two minutes, yelling at Quin, calling him every dirty name he could think of. That had hurt far more than Bud had ever thought anything could. Granted, it was really hurting already just being hard and sexually stimulated in the tube and rings he was sporting. Quin did this ten more times to him, worked him to the brink of cumming anyway, even through the pain, and then yanked on the leash to bring him back. Still, Bud would not answer the question that Quin wanted him to. It was two hours later, Bud was drenched in sweat, Quin was starting to get tired, and his efforts were starting to prove to be fruitless.

He pulled out the dildo finally, but then much to Bud's dismay, a rather large butt plug was pushed deep into his ass. Thankfully Quin had already installed the gag, or the scream may have deafened him. Quin then turned on the vibrator, unchained his slave and led him back to his room where he was once again chained to the ceiling, his diaper was replaced, he was given a strong drink of stimulants, and piss of course, Bud was actually starting to get used to that, and Quin fed him and gave him a big drink as well.

“Well, he certainly didn't seem to enjoy that, though I was surprised that you were able to get him anywhere near orgasm with as much pain as he must be in.” Tony said once Quin had cleared the room.

“Yeah, actually I was surprised too. He must have a little masochism in him. Oh, I'll take advantage of that alright.” Quin grinned brightly.

“I bet you will.” He laughed, so did Tom and Carter though.

The next morning Quin went and took care of Bud again, but this time he bumped up the size of dildo, it was nearly twice the size actually, and he made Bud almost cum fifteen times. The combination of all the pain and the sheer exhaustion that he was feeling was almost too much, he almost cracked, Quin could see it, but eventually after three hours of fun and games, Quin inserted another even larger butt plug and sent Bud back to his room to hang out.

Quin asked Tony to get the piercing guy back in now, it seemed Bud needed another lesson. Tony blanched but did as he was asked. By then the guy had found the ring that Tony had requested though, so he was ready. He was there in a few hours, but told Tony that he really was not sure of this. It was Quin though that calmed him down and explained that this man was a bad person, and that doing this was going to prevent him from doing a lot of even worse things. Finally he agreed, and they went in the room.

“Now Bud, I told you that if you didn't behave, didn't give the information I wanted, that your little dick ring there would be changed out as soon as I found a suitable one. Well, we finally found it. I'm gonna take your gag out now, and I'm giving you one chance to tell me everything about your FBI relative, if you fail to give me anything, the ring goes in and I start getting real mean. I'm also gonna start talking to all your people, so far other than feeding, watering and changing their diapers, they have not been spoken to since you all got here. By now, they're probably already broken and willing to give me all the information that I want. So, what shall it be?”

Quin quickly removed the ball gag and gave Bud only twenty seconds to answer, he did not, so Quin shoved the gag back in his mouth.

“I'm starting to think you're enjoying this. Oh well, two can play at that game.”

Quin gave the nod, the man to change out the ring just gulped and did as he was told to and changed the ring out. He had to enlarge the hole, because it was not big enough, Bud sure did not seem to like that any, and then the new ring was pushed through, he liked that less, and then it was welded shut. It would now take an act of god to remove it. Even good bolt cutters would have a hard time removing that ring.

As soon as he left the room though, the man to have done the piercing puked, he did not even make it to the bathroom. Tony clapped him on the back and told him it was bad, but it was necessary. He gave the poor guy five thousand dollars this time and told him to go home and have a stiff drink, that hopefully his services would never again be required for such a horrible job.

Quin calmly hooked Bud back up to the yanking device, put him into a fresh diaper and left the room. As soon as he closed the door, he hugged his daddy and brother and cried. He had not liked doing that any more than the poor man that had to do it did, but he did know it was necessary too, he had to control Bud, but he was not being very willing to hand over that control.

“I'm glad that you cried that out Baby boy, that was horrible, and you set the yanking motor another inch further back, that's gonna nearly rip his dick off now, and with as sore as it's likely to be right now, if this doesn't break him, nothing will.” Tom said softly after a few minutes of standing there stroking his baby's face and hair.

“Yeah, I know. He's being very stubborn though, I hoped it wouldn't come to this, but he's brought it all on himself. Now I guess I start interrogating all the kids, and then the guards. Actually, if someone else could do the guards please.”

“I'll do the guards.” Both Tom and Tony said.

“Thanks guys.”

“And I'll help with the boys.” Carter offered.

“Thanks, this is getting pretty hard on me. I wasn't expecting it to take so long or be so hard.”

“No, I'm sure you didn't.” Tony smiled softly.

They all went to a room to visit a prisoner, but for sake of time, we will only visit with Quin and his chosen prisoner.

“You've been here a few days now, let's remove this ball gag shall we and see if you have anything worthwhile to say. I've been talking to your boss, your leader, and so far, he hasn't been very forthcoming, so has therefore lead me to just let you and your friends and his guards just hang out.” Quin said softly.

“What do you want.” The tough boy said, almost crying already.

“I want answers. What's your name first of all.”


“Good Jason, if you answer all my questions that quickly, you and me will get along just fine. The problem though is you might not want to, but I want you to know something. I control everything about you right now, I can control when and if you sleep, for instance, your boss hasn't been allowed to sleep in several days and is being kept in constant pain. I'm hoping I don't have to do that to you, but I will if I have to. Now, the next question I want answered is this, what do you know of your bosses mysterious relative who happens to be in the FBI?”

“He's his cousin, they grew up together and were part of his dads gang when they were kids. His dad was the one that wanted his son to go to the FBI and get recruited so that they could have a serious in into them. His name's been changed so that they can't trace him back to his dads gang or anything. Our boss came out here from New York where they grew up to start this club, just a branch off the one at home. They trade a lot of weapons and drugs back and forth, as well as a lot of other stuff.”

“Very nice, and what is your job in the gang?”

“Me and my friends at school are to intimidate all those we know to be involved in any other gangs, our boss wants the entire city to be his, like his cousins dad owns all of New York. We're also supposed to recruit any and all kids that we can. We also sell drugs and guns to the kids at the schools, all of us do, even the kids in high school.”

“Excellent information. And what of your boss, what are his weaknesses?”

“He has none, he says that to be part of our gang, all weakness has to be left behind. If he ever finds out I told you all this, I'll be killed. He'll think I'm too weak, but I gotta get this cock cage off, I gotta cum so bad. Every time someone changes my diaper, they tickle my balls and or finger my ass, and it's driving me mad.”

“Then as a treat for being so forth coming, we may be able to help you out there. Now, what of your bosses cousin, what's his weakness?”

“Gambling and bimbos. He likes a different hooker every night and he goes and gambles away at least a few thousand every night. He's even taken a few of us boys home to play with, he says he likes a little tender chicken every now and then.”

“I see, and you enjoyed your visits, didn't you?”

“I didn't at first, I promise you, I didn't even really know what gay was 'til the first time he bent me over the couch and rammed his cock up my ass. I'd never thought of it at all. But we were told that to cry showed weakness, and that weakness would get us killed, that we had to submit to his wishes or else. He raped me and all my friends, and a couple of the younger boys we recruited. I was there the night he took an eight year old that I had just recruited that day. He rammed his dick into the poor boys ass, he cried and cried and cried, he just kept fucking him harder, then he made me kill him because the boy was too weak. I didn't want to, I never wanted to hurt anyone, but he made me do it, he told me if I didn't, then I'd be too weak, then he'd just get one of my friends to do it for me while I watched, and then he'd have them do me next. I hate it, I want out, but there's no way out now, I'm in too deep. If you could kill me, would you please do it so that I don't feel anything.” He said, he was balling his eyes out now.

“I'm so sorry Jason. I don't know if there's any way to do it, but we'll get you out. We need the cousin out of the way though, I need to know everything that you can tell me about him. Before that though, I'm gonna remove your diaper and cage and I'll suck your dick for you and finger your little pussy. For everything that you just told me, you deserve it.”

“Can you leave the diaper on please?”

“Ah, so starting to enjoy them are you?”

“Yes.” He blushed largely, Quin could see it on his neck.

“That's okay, I'm a diaper lover too, and like you, I'm just a kid.”



Quin pulled down Jason's diaper and removed the cage and then started sucking him tenderly. He grabbed the lube and lubed up a couple fingers and slipped them inside Jason's little ass as well, and he sighed deeply. He came five seconds later, but Quin did not stop, he kept on sucking and sucking, as well as fingering, until Jason had had five back to back dry orgasms. After the fifth orgasm, Jason sighed and his little dick went limp, he was finally sated enough.

“Thanks.” He whispered hoarsely. “No one's ever done that for me before.”

“Really, even the cousin didn't give you any pleasure?”

“God no, he's not gay you see, we're only play things for him, the only time I cum with him is when he's fucking me. The others say it's the same with them.”

“That's sick. Are you gay then?”

“I don't know any more.”

“What about your friends?”

“Not too sure. A couple of them enjoy it too, but we don't really talk about it, we try and pretend it never happens, but we've all had to help each other out after a night with him, cleaning and applying cream to each other, because he's real rough with us and fucks us hard. We never leave without being massively bruised, he loves to spank us as he's fucking us, real hard too, and sometimes if we're unlucky, he brings out the toys and really stretches us. He's torn all of us a few times, we've come back bleeding and limping, so we help each other out.”

“Do you all live together?”

“Yeah, we're all orphans, all of us from the gang at our school, so the boss keeps us in a small room at the warehouse he owns, it's more like a cell really, we have two beds to share, but at least we're warm and we have a roof over our heads.”

“Do you all cry together at least?”


“You should. And what about other boys that he's had you guys kill because they were too weak?”

“Two others, a couple of the others had to do it too. One to a poor little six year old and another eight year old. My friend Zane came back and hanged himself, he couldn't take it. We tried to stop him, we caught him as he was about to jump over the railing with the rope tied around his neck, but he was crying, saying he couldn't live with himself and just jumped, he never had a chance, his neck snapped instantly when he fell over ten feet. I admit I cried that night, I think the others did too, but we tried not to let each other see or hear us.”

“I'm sorry. How long has the cousin been here then?”

“Almost a year.”

“Not even a year and he's killed three kids?”

“Way more than that if the rumors are true. We've brought in no less than twelve kids from various schools, only two are still with us. The rest we never heard from again. They went missing, and the rumor says he took care of them because they weren't worth our time or energy, so I know he killed them too.”

“Would you be willing to testify to all this if you had to?”

“I'd be killed, but you know what, I hate that prick, I'd gladly accept it if I could get him too. And Nevada has the death sentence, so he'll be fried.”

“Yes, he will be, especially if you have names of his victims. As for you being killed, only if it can't be avoided, but you'll be protected. By the time I'm finished with your boss though, he won't be in any condition to do anything.”

“Are you gonna kill him?”

“Nah, but he's already wishing I'd kill him.” Quin said, and then told Jason just what he was doing to Bud.

“Yikes, and he hasn't talked yet?”

“Nope. He won't leave here though 'til he's one hundred percent broken and spills everything he knows. By the time I'm done with him, he'll gladly walk to jail himself and tell the cops everything just to escape me.”

“Wow, you're evil.”

“Only to him. He's not human, and while some of what I've done to him has made me sick, it's to protect my family.”


“Yeah, now sadly I must leave your hood on you, I can't let you see who I am yet, but I'll cuff you to the bed in here now so that you can lay down. I'll also bring in a radio and set it to whichever station you'd like, so that you don't have to be totally bored. Hopefully in a day or so we'll figure out what to do with you, because we clearly can't let you go yet, you'll definitely be in danger.”

“I understand, and thanks.”

“No problem. Also, whenever we send someone in for a diaper change, if you want them to suck your little pee pee, just ask them to, I assure you, all of us here wouldn't mind.”

“Thanks, but it is little. There's a kid at my school, same age as me, I know he's real gay, I've seen him fucking a couple boys now, and he's real big.”

“Ah, spying on him a little were you?”

“Yeah, he's super cute and has a great dick. I've so wanted him to fuck me for so long, but I haven't even approached him because I was too embarrassed, I didn't want the others to think I was gay.”

“I'm sure he wouldn't mind fucking you, and maybe when this is all over, you'll get the chance to ask him.”

“I doubt it, if he finds out what I am, he'll never come near me. He's all about love and friendship, I'm a big tough bully. I even hit him the other day because he was spying on me, I didn't want to, but I have to keep up my image.”

“Oh, why'd you hit him then?”

“Because he caught me interrogating a younger boy who's part of a gang that I was told had to be eliminated. I was told I had to beat him up and get all the information he had, but while he told me some stuff, it wasn't anything we didn't already know. Their gang seems to be very secretive and we're having a hard time finding any real information on them, we have nothing solid yet that I know of.”

“Oh, well I'm sure if you explained to him and apologized to him that he'd accept it. So, if you're having a hard time finding information, why continue?”

“Because the boss says he wants all information and that we're to beat it out of any that we catch, if we have to kill them, then so be it.”

“That's sick. Okay, here you go, I'll be right back.” Quin said and ran off and grabbed a radio for Jason. He had been hoping to find out why he had hit him, now he had, and he did not have to reveal who he was too soon, though he knew in a day or so, he would reveal exactly who he was.

After Jason, Quin went to the next one and had almost the same chat, and he too admitted that he did not want to be there, and nearly reiterated almost everything Jason had said. He too had been brutally raped by the cousin and he wanted revenge, but he was not gay at all and hated every second of it. He was happy to get his cage off, and meekly asked if Quin would remove one of his cuffs so that he could jack off. Quin said, no, but sucked him instead and let him cum five times as well until he was satisfied and limp. He told Quin he should not have done that, that he does not like boys, but Quin told him that he should not care as long as his dick was sucked. He did admit it felt real good, it was his first blowjob.

Quin went to the next one and the same things happened again. This boy too claimed to not be gay, but at the end when Quin sucked his dick, he was very pleased. Neither of those two boys seemed happy to be put back into diapers, but Quin did not give them a choice in the matter. They were lucky to now be laying down on a comfortable bed without their cock cages.

The fourth and fifth boys were the same as the third, but the sixth boy that Quin interrogated was more than happy with the situation and asked to be fingered as well. He too admitted to liking the diapers and happily gave all the information that he could.

Quin then moved to the other boys that were not part of Jason's crew and got much the same information out of them, though he did have to work a little harder, because they had parents in the gang. Eventually he got the information he wanted though, but it was really all the same stuff.

Quin was the last one done, but when he came out, Carter was standing there waiting for him with a happy smile on his face as well.

“How'd it go?” Carter asked.

“Real well. We'll wait and all talk together about all that we found. I got some great information though, and all the boys are now laying there sexually satisfied, diapered and without their cages.”

“Same here.”

“Good. Let's go find Daddy and Tony then and see how it went for them.”

The boys found the men a few moments later, they were sitting having a coffee. They had had far fewer people to interrogate, and they had not taken the time to thank their victims like the boys had. The boys went and sat down and joined them.

“So, how'd it go?” Tony asked.

“Well, the FBI guy's Bud's cousin. Bud's uncle is the owner of New York city and Bud came out here to expand the family business. His uncle had his son change his name and get into the FBI so that he'd have an in and get valuable information. The guy's a real dirt bag though, the boys know of three boys for sure that he's killed or had killed, but the number could be as high as ten. No telling how many adults it has been though. He made the boys kill for him too to prove their worth, one of the poor kids took his life because he couldn't take it and the boys all saw it happen. They all hate him with a passion that we have no way to understand, every one of them I talked to said that even though they knew it was a death sentence, they would gladly testify to have him fried. They all say though that Bud has no known weaknesses, but the cousin sure does, gambling and sex. He likes a little tender chicken though from time to time, one of their words, not mine, and he's raped every one of these boys that I talked to, but likely all of them. A couple liked it, the others hated it, but they all hate how abusive he is.” Quin started off.

“Actually, I got all the exact same information. I do have a couple things to add though. The boys here all live at the gangs main hideout, they're orphans and their jobs are to recruit new members, sell drugs and guns and stuff like that to all the kids. They're also used for intimidation, because they'll beat up kids who have parents in rival gangs, and they beat them up harshly. One of the boys said he accidentally nearly killed some kid a few months ago and he never came back. He hates himself, they all do actually, they all want out, but they can't, they know they'd be killed if they tried.”

“That's excellent information boys.” Tony smiled brightly.

“Thanks.” They both said, and then Quin asked, “What about you guys, how did it go?”

“Well, I went to two of them and asked a lot of questions, but the gist of what I got, and they were only too happy to tell me so that I'd remove their cages and let them cum, I had to give them a few seconds with a free hand once I released them so that they could cum, but then they were more than willing. Bud likes his privacy, no one, and I do mean no one is allowed inside his house. One of my guys has been guarding him for more then five years now, and never once does he recall anyone ever being allowed inside the house. When at work though he's absolutely no nonsense, he's a real hard ass. He'll beat anyone up at any time for any reason, even the kids. They say that he's killed no less than twenty people, either himself or getting one of his guys to do so for him. They don't believe that he has any fears at all, he certainly doesn't show any at any rate.”

“Not much, that's for sure. How about you Daddy.”

“About the same actually. They literally have no idea who their boss is outside of work. He talks to no one, he does everything by the seat of his pants, he just does everything as it comes at him. They don't think he's ever really truly planned anything before, he tells everyone what they need to do, and he expects it done, instantly and without fail or pause, they then have to report directly to him to give him their information, and that's it. No one is ever near to him. He won't even let his cousin near him for the most part, it doesn't seem that Bud likes him too much by the sounds of it.”

“Hmm, okay, not much information, that's for sure. We sure do have a lot to go on for the cousin though. I think we're gonna have to get a video camera in and tape a confession from all the boys, saying everything they know about the guy and send it in. Without the boys themselves, the cops won't be able to do much, but at least it'll cause a certain amount of doubt, and they will start investigating the guy. Also if we give his full real name and who he's related to, and what he's here for, he'll certainly be probed very deeply. Once they find one piece of evidence that corroborates the video confessions, then they'll start digging further and hopefully lock him up 'til they fry him.”

“It's a start, and that's all we need. We're already hard on the trail of destabilizing their entire network, and it'll even bring a lot of pressure on to the cousins father in New York. Every day now we get closer to being free ourselves.” Tony smiled brightly.

“Yep, everything's going to plan so far, that's good.” Quin smiled brightly.

“Boy, you're simply amazing.” Tony said, rubbing Quin's hair lovingly.

“Thanks. I think I'm gonna have a drink and something to eat, and then I want to go pay another visit to Bud and tell him all that we know as of this minute.”

Almost an hour later Quin had had something to eat and drink, they all did actually, and then they sat and talked for a bit, just relaxing some before Quin went for another pointless talk.

“So Bud, how's it going in here, good I trust. No need to speak, we're gonna have just a me speak conversation, hence the reason I haven't removed your gag yet. We're also just gonna talk right here, right now, I won't bother moving you this time. You're people don't like you much, do they, it seems they all hate you actually. You're a very bad person Bud, and I dislike bad people a great deal. We know that you've killed at least twenty people now for various reasons, most of them petty, and we have no idea how many more you had your people kill for you, but soon we will. Even as we speak, more of your people have been rounded up, and every last one of them are singing like canaries.”

“Actually, I commend the boys that you had in your gang, they hate you, but they had the most amount of loyalty to you. I'd never do to a kid what I did to you, so sadly, so far I haven't gotten a single word out of them. Your guards were good too, they only told us as much information as we'd already known anyway, essentially, they gave us the information that they knew couldn't get you or them in trouble. A few others though, now they really gave us the dirt on you. There's one thing though that none of them have been able to tell us, and that's who you are when you're at work. Apparently no one has ever entered your house, except you. Odd, I wonder what you could possibly be hiding there. I'd go and check, but the cops have all of your stuff already by now and are snooping in everything that you had. If you so much as kept one bad thing at home, they're gonna love us dumping you on their doorstep. Don't worry, you won't be going there for a long time, we have more need of you yet.”

“Now, your cousin the FBI agent, if possible, he's even worse than you are, and no one likes him at all, they all think he's a real sleazeball, and I think I agree. A couple of your men said that he rapes your boys, sometimes repeatedly, they wouldn't tell me, but when I bent them all over to really check them out, they've all been torn a number of times, so he did rape them. You knew about this though, didn't you, and you let it happen. He also enjoys killing kids it seems, so far we know of at least twenty, possibly more. I wonder where he could've possibly hidden the bodies though. The funny thing is, he's only been here about a year and he's already killed that many kids, and probably more adults than that too, well, I guess that's not funny is it. It's actually quite sick. So, his dad owns New York we hear, and that you're just a branch of the family business here.”

“You don't like your cousin though, do you, don't like how he operates, too out in the open isn't he, likes gambling and sex, he has weaknesses, they could bring you down couldn't they. Yep, they sure can. He's gonna be fried for his crimes, the police have already been sent the videos of all the confessions that we taped and got good information on. I know, I know, it's not good enough, how can they prove anything from an anonymous video right, well, they can't, but I bet they do start looking quietly, how long do you figure it'll take the police to find just one tiny piece of evidence that says the videos were true. I say two days tops and he's in jail. If he ever gets out I'd be surprised, and I'd be even more surprised if he doesn't get the death sentence placed on him. So will you mind you when you finally turn yourself in, because you will by the time I'm done with you.”

“So, as you warned him, and I'm sure you had to have, his lack of discretion, his serious lack of personal strength has destabilized your entire enterprise. You worked for years and years to build all that you had here, and in less than a year, he's gonna bring you all down. You should be pissed, I know I would be. I bet you warned him countless times what he was doing was gonna get him busted. I wonder what his dear old daddy's gonna say when the cops come knocking on his door to see what he has to say for himself, because the confessions say that he had his son change his name, had him join the FBI so that he had an in. He wanted a mole on the inside of the FBI that he could trust, I think he misplaced his trust, he shoulda had you do it instead. Maybe that's why he's here, maybe daddy realized he made a mistake and was hoping you'd take care of it for him, maybe you were meant to take him out before he could cause the damage he's already caused. But you were too weak to kill family, weren't you. You couldn't kill your cousin, even if you hated him, could you, I would've if it were my business he was jeopardizing, in a heartbeat you'd better believe he'd have been gone. Then again, if dear old daddy wanted it done, he shoulda just done it himself, but again, he's too weak, couldn't take out his own son. Oh well, by the end of the week, it won't matter any more at all, will it.”

“Well, there you go, have a good night, we'll talk more in the morning after you've had time to think this all over and wonder what the five new men that we brought in today could possibly be telling us.”

Quin left the room with a happy spring in his step, he knew that he had Bud seriously sweating now, and so he should be. He then went and had all the boys brought into one room and talked to them for a few minutes.

“Okay boys, I know you all want to do this, even though you know it'll be your lives if you're ever caught, but we want to record your confessions, everything that you told us before, one by one, we want you to tell us again on video. You'll get to get unhooded and we'll even let you go clean up a bit, so that you're more presentable, you'll be given a shirt, but the diapers and the cuffs will have to stay, at least for now. We are working on something for you that'll hopefully free you soon, but at this time, we just can't do so. We're gonna take you to the washroom right now, and then once there, we'll leave you the key for your hoods, with your hands in front of you like they are, you'll all be able to help each other out and help clean each other. Once you're all done, we'll take you from there one by one to do your video confessions. Any questions?”

“No.” They all said, none of them trusting their voices, especially considering they all had a nasty hitch in their voice when saying just one word.


It was almost half an hour later that they were all done and ready, seemingly they had enjoyed the hot water and helped each other to sponge bath well. It had felt real good. Finally they were all called, one by one, Quin and Tom were wearing hoods and diapers only, the boys seeing them, but not seeing who they were, a few liked what they saw, a couple did not mind, whereas the rest did not care for it. It took almost three hours for them to record all twelve confessions, and when they were done, the boys were each led back to their own rooms and laid back on their beds. Their hoods were replaced again and then they were cuffed to the bed by one arm, allowing them a bit of freedom.

Once the video was edited to make sure that everything was good, a few copies were made, and then one was sent to the local police and another was sent to the FBI headquarters, Tony kept the last couple as backups.