Chapter 12

Two days later, as suspected, the cousin was arrested, the videos were not technically able to be used as evidence, but it sure did tip them off to start checking for problems. Oh they found them alright, the more they dug, the more they found. They found his original records as well as to who he used to be before changing his name and the shit really hit the fan from there. He was instantly tossed in jail, charged with over a hundred counts of murder, and that was all they could find to start with, but there was so much more than that. He would fry, of that no one had any doubt.

Quin had left Bud alone until the morning that they had found that the cousin had been arrested and what all for. Happily Quin headed to Bud's room and dragged him to the interrogation room. He still had not been allowed to sleep at all, he was nearly comatose already from lack of sleep and it showed considerably. Then again large doses of stimulants just were not good for the body at the best of times, but prolonged large doses, they really were not good at all.

“So, your cousin was arrested this morning, I told you, didn't I? It was only two days ago they received the videos, they already found so much and they're gonna continue to look. But the more they look, the more they're gonna find and the more they find, the more they're gonna wanna see you, because you're implicated an awful lot as well. The news reporter did say that they were very seriously searching for you too though, that the police very much want to have you in custody. To bad that someone with far more power than they do has you huh. If you were with them, you could get away with saying nothing as you've done so far, but not here, the more you make me hurt you, the harder it gets on you, and today we go up another notch as well if you don't tell me all I want to hear. So far we've left your feet firmly on the ground so that you could support your weight. No more, after our talk, if I'm not a hundred percent satisfied, you'll be dangling with ten pounds attached to each foot. Your dick yanker will also be set to pull harder and faster. If you think you were in pain before, I assure you you haven't even begun to feel pain. Now, I'm gonna remove your gag and you may speak to me, the more you say, the more information you give, the more I give back to you. For instance, wouldn't it be so nice to get an hours sleep, or have the machine turned off for just a day. Oh wouldn't it be bliss if I let you sleep all night long with nothing keeping you awake. The choice is yours, all you have to do is talk.”

Quin was so sweet and polite, he removed the gag, but Bud still held his tongue. Quin just shook his head in disgust.

“You really are so very stupid, aren't you. You know what I'm gonna do, just to torture you even more, I'm gonna bring in a TV so that you can hear the news as it happens, almost every hour they put another report on. You may not believe me about your cousin and everything I said, but I assure you it was a hundred percent true. I hope you do believe though that I can and will cause you so much more pain. How much more do you think you can take before you pass out. We're nearing the max that your body can possibly handle of the stimulants we're giving you to keep you awake, how much longer do you think you can take that too. But you're asking for it by holding your tongue, so, so be it. You can still talk right, at least say yes or no, so that I know I'm not torturing you even if you can't talk?”

“Yes.” He growled.

“That's good at least, then I know I'm not torturing you needlessly. Well, back in with the gag.” He said, shoving the gag in. “Oh, and by the way, how does twenty failed orgasms in a row sound to you right about now, just a little treat for not taking my offer?”

Bud groaned out, he knew he could not keep this up. Quin led him back to his room though and chained him back up the ceiling, but then raised him up so that he was approximately a foot off the ground, and then he added the promised weights to his ankles. Then Quin removed his diaper and started using an even bigger dildo now than before, really fucking him deep and hard, as well as tickling his balls. Bud actually passed out for a few minutes after the twentieth failed orgasm, but Quin brought him round again as soon as he could, and then gave him another dose of piss and stimulant. He also fed and watered him, hoping to keep the mans strength up, and then shoved a massive butt plug into the man. Finally he left the room.

“I can't believe he's still not talking. I'd have cracked by now.” Tony said.

“Fuck that, I'd have cracked long before you put that fucking thing in my dick.” Tom said.

“Same here to tell you the truth. The man has an amazing amount of resolve, but it's wearing seriously thin, and only his honor is keeping him going now. The news should hopefully help him to see his house of cards crumbling.” Quin said.

“I hope so. We're not safe 'til he's broken.” Tony said.

“I know. Once we know his every move, his every secret though, we'll be home free. Maybe in a day or two that'll happen. I'm gonna reveal who I am today to the boys, they've been good, giving us more and more information as it comes to them, and I think we now have them to a point where we can trust them. I'll be inviting them to stay with you as well by the way Tony, so if you have a house somewhere that they can use, whether there's an adult there or not isn't gonna matter much.”

“Are you sure Quin?”

“Yes, those boys want to be away from Bud more than we want him good and gone. By now they also know that we've taken care of the cousin and that he's not likely to get out of jail any time soon. For the next few months though they're gonna have to keep a very low profile though, it'd be best if everyone thought of them as dead. Maybe once they're grown up more they should move, but for now if you have a place where they can have fun and have a few trusted visitors, they'll be fine. Mind you, as soon as Bud and his cousin are taken care of, they should no longer be in any sort of danger.”

“Okay, you've done well so far, so there's no reason for me not to believe you.”

Quin just smiled and left the room. The men and Carter of course followed behind him to watch what he did. He went to each of the boys' rooms and removed their cuffs and asked them to come with him. He took them all to a larger room where they could all be more comfortable.

“Okay, I'm gonna unlock your hoods, and when I tell you to, I want you to remove them please.”

A few minutes later he had all the boys unlocked.

“Go ahead and remove your hoods now please?”

Al the boys removed their hoods and sat there blinking for a few moments because of the bright light on their eyes when they were used to darkness. One by one though they all looked around and caught sight of Carter and Quin, they all recognized the two of them right away and they all looked like landed fish, especially Jason, who blushed furiously, because he had told Quin some pretty big secrets. Quin removed the voice changer so that he could speak to the boys in his real voice.

“Good morning boys. As you can tell, you are now free. That doesn't mean though that you're free to leave here, unfortunately it's far too unsafe outside these walls for any of us yet. We here, and several others that are here, have not left this place either since we came here, since you came here, we're almost as much prisoner as you are. Of course we still had some freedom, but still, it's not safe for any of us outside these walls. We do apologize though for keeping you for so long tied up the way we did, it was of course necessary, I hope you understand.” He said softly.

“I do.” Most of the boys said, the others just nodded.

“Good. As you all are undoubtedly aware, Bud's cousin's now in jail and that's likely where he's gonna stay, and he'll more than likely be fried, hopefully sooner rather than later. Bud, though, we still have here, he's been very reluctant to actually tell us anything at all. He'll crack soon though, of that I have no doubt, granted, I never fathomed he'd last this long with all that I've been doing to him.”

“Can we see him, we want to see him suffer like he's made us suffer?” Jason asked softly.

“Not yet, but soon. The next time I interrogate him, you'll be more than welcome to watch. You might get sick though, but it'll be good for you. Now, as for your future, sadly still you don't really have one. There's still some loyal members of your gang out there, it'll be a while before they're all cleaned up, so if you were to go out into the general population, there's a better than even chance that you'll be found by one of them and probably killed for betraying the gang. Of course, if they find out both Bud and his cousin are gone, then they may thank you too. We can't and won't let them kill you though if we can help it. We're gonna look for a place for you to all live in that'll hide you, but make it so that you're not entirely prisoners either. Your days of being prisoners are now over. If you wish to remove your diaper and put on real clothes, then you're welcome to, though I know a few of you wish to leave the diapers on. You boys need to get to really know each other, some of you are gay, some are straight, the rest are bi. A few of you love diapers, a few hate them, the rest don't mind them. From here on out, you all need to know each other fully, you'll have to work all that out though privately. Every last one of you needs to tell all the others in your group all your secrets, all your fantasies, you're gonna be together for a while, so you all need to feel comfortable with each other.”

“Why do we haveta tell each other our secrets?” Jason asked softly.

“So that you become real friends. So far you're just fellow gang members that have a few things in common, you're not truly friends, but you can be, you should be. Telling each other your deepest darkest secrets and trusting each other to keep them is the first thing to becoming friends. Trust me, loving diapers is nothing compared to what a couple of the others love, so don't fear having to admit that.”


“Now, who wants to get out of their soggy diapers and get dressed?”

Four of the boys put their hands up, the rest did not.

“Thought so. You four may go ahead and so so, and don't worry about being naked, every last one of us has sucked you, and we'll continue to do so if you ask, but we'll no longer play with your bums unless you ask us to. Mind you, we haven't done that to you in several days, unless you asked us to. We only wanted to help you out and make life here more bearable, and what twelve year old boy doesn't love a blowjob.” Quin grinned.

All four boys blushed but stripped off their diapers. Carter handed them the wipes so that they could clean themselves up, and then handed them the box with all the clothes, so that they could pick something to wear. A few minutes later they were all dressed.

“Feel good to be dressed again?” Quin asked.

“Yeah.” They all said in relief.

“Good. Now, we'll take you back to your rooms so that you know where they are, and then you're free to wander around. However, remember you can't leave here at all, it's just not safe for you at all out there, I'm sure I don't have to explain it any further. We do have many comforts here, so it's not all boring, granted after your last couple weeks here, even this probably feels like heaven, once again we apologize for the necessity. I also know that what we've been feeding you probably hasn't truly filled you up any, so if you're hungry, the kitchen's always open and you may feel free to grab anything you like. We usually do three good meals a day though. Any questions?”

“No.” They all said.

Quin and Carter then showed all the boys to their rooms, and once there, they all stayed for a bit to sit back and relax a bit and think. Jason was the only one to come out once the boys showed him his room, but he just waited for Quin and Carter to be free.

“Could I, um, talk to you for a minute please Quin?” He asked so softly that Quin almost did not hear him.

“Sure, what would you like?”

“No, alone, can you come into my room please?”

“Sure, but I assure you, anything you say to me you can say to Carter too.”

“It's okay Quin, I'll meet you in the rec room later.” Carter smiled, knowing love when he saw it, so he took off.

Quin and Jason entered the room and Jason closed the door behind them.

“Are you okay Jason, I know the past couple weeks can't have been easy on you?”

“I'm good, and to tell you the truth, it was easier than what we normally live with, especially the last year, which has been way worse.”

“That's actually quite sad. So, what would you like then?”

“Did you tell the others, well, you know, about what I told you when I was telling you everything the first time?”

“Yes, we don't keep any secrets from each other. My dad, Carter, a few friends and I all have sex together, we've done a porno already, Tony's even had me spend the night with a few rich business men once already. Daddy didn't want to let me do it, but I had a guard, so I was safe. Trust me, nothing you said will have embarrassed any of them.”

“Yeah, but it's more me I'm worried about. They won't tell anyone will they?”

“Who would they tell that'd matter any to you, and what reason could they tell? No, you have nothing to worry about there. Every last one of us enjoyed sucking you though, and you got the most amount of action, because you enjoyed it so much. If it weren't for the fact that we wouldn't rape you while so helpless, we would've fucked your mouth or ass too, but given your position at the time, it wouldn't have been fair.”

“I wouldn't have minded.”

“Maybe not, but that's not the point. Even right at the beginning, you weren't meant to be a slave, a torture victim, you were being held more as an insurance policy and to really get at your people. We didn't know that you were all orphans, that actually came as a shock to us, we expected you all had family in the business and that they were gonna go ballistic. Of course, a few of the other boys, but not of your group of friends, did have parents that were going crazy, but it was you that I wanted, mostly because of what I saw and what you did to me. I wanted your parents to want to do anything to get you back. That didn't quite work out. Those that had parents as you can tell are already gone. They were sent back to them a few days ago, dropped off in the desert in a safe place and their parents called. They're all safe and sound by the way, but I doubt the news ever heard of that, it was probably all hush hush. The kids were all told that if they were smart, that they would urge their parents to move and to never be involved in gang life again.”

“Oh. But you're in a gang, why would you care?”

“Because I want to be. I'm not an evil person, and I'd never beat anyone up, unless I couldn't help it. I'm a horny slut, as you well know, I love sex, and Tony's gang isn't really a gang so much as a family business, we just so happen to be a very illegal business. Though I should note that he does have a lot of legitimate businesses as well. The only thing he does illegal in fact is really the kiddy porn, and I'm not his only young actor either. We're all very willing though, if you catch my drift. Granted, I do know for a fact that Tony's had a few people taken out, but he tries not to do that whenever possible. In fact, my dad was scheduled to be taken out, but they worked out an agreement, and so far it's worked out very well.”

“Oh. Could I really be part of your group as well then?”

“If you wanted to.”

“What if, well I wanted to come live with you guys? I don't really like any of the others in my group, I really wouldn't call them friends. We got along because we had no choice, it was either work together or all fail miserably and die.”

“I don't know. At this time I can't really answer that, mostly because even our future is unsure at this time. Bud's guys really fucked with us you see, actually I know you know. We're working to fix it, as I'm sure you figured out, but what damage has been caused we still don't know fully. Hopefully the cops don't know anything about the illegal nature of the business, it's kept very hidden underground, and almost no one knows about it. In fact, how did you know that Billy was in the films at all and who he was working for?”

“Because Bud's cousin had me over one night and put one of those movies in and told me that I should watch it to see how a real slut acted, so I watched it. I recognized Billy right away and said so. He made me tell him everything I could about Billy, who his parents were, where he lived, where his parents worked. I didn't really know anything, so I received one hell of a beating, and then an even worse fucking. I admit I almost cried like a baby when he rammed a dildo up my ass and then his dick too. For three straight hours he fucked and beat me, he said I was a good boy for not crying. He told me though that I was to get any and all information, or else. I knew what or else meant, it meant either more of that, or worse. So, I broke into the school office, got Billy's records and found everything I could. Then I broke into their house and found out everything I could. Then I beat Billy up and got what little else he could tell me. I got beaten and fucked again, but it was less, because I at least gave him some good information, and he was able to find that it was Tony Billy was working for. From there they started going after you guys totally, now having a way to really get you out of the way. I don't know if the asshole ever told anyone what he knew or not though, but I haven't seen or heard anything on the news, so I don't think he'd done anything yet.”

“Oh, that explains a lot. I haven't seen anything on the news either, and you'd think if the FBI knew anything about a massive kiddy porn ring in Las Vegas, that they'd have said something. So, you remember that day you first told me all that stuff?”

“Yeah.” Jason blushed.

“You still want me to fuck you?”

“Oh yeah.”

“I would if you asked me to?”

“Would you, would you please fuck me?”

“For sure. I think all the business stuff is over, for now anyway, so let's get it on. Mind if I call Carter back though, he'd be terribly upset if he didn't get to share?”

“No, that'd be okay, he's really cute too. How big's his dick?”

“Not quite as big as me, but he knows how to use it. In fact he's only just a tiny bit bigger than you, like half an inch at most.”

“Oh, that's good, you really do have a big dick for a kid our age.”

“Thanks, I get it from my dad, just wait 'til you see his.” Quin grinned brightly and went and got Carter.

Both boys were back a few moments later. When they arrived, Jason was already on the bed on his hands and knees, a hole already poked in the seat of his diaper and he was still fingering himself to open himself up sufficiently.

“Oh, a horny little baby boy are we?” Quin sighed.

“You have any idea how long I've wanted you to fuck me. God, I'd have asked you almost a year ago once I learned what it was all about, but you know why I didn't.”

“Good, then we should have a great time.” Quin smiled brightly and both boys hopped on the bed.

Quin took up the rear entrance first, since that was what Jason wanted most of all, while Carter gladly took up Jason's mouth. They both slipped in after pulling down the fronts of their diapers, and Jason sighed deeply, even with the dick in his mouth they heard him. They started off with a slow smooth motion, going in as deep as they could and then coming back out as far as they could before starting all over again. They ended up speeding up a bit near to their first orgasms of the day, but not by much.

Surprisingly though it was Jason that set them all off, even though none of them had touched his dick. No wonder he felt he was gay, he came real hard from just having a dick sliding in and out of him.

Quin and Carter traded places and repeated the same thing all over again, and once again, Jason was the first to blow, though this time Carter had been stroking his hot hard dick through his soggy diaper.

The boys traded places again, and then once more after they all came. Finally after their fourth orgasms, they all collapsed on the bed, it had been real good.

“Wow, you guys are good. Thanks so much. I've never truly enjoyed getting fucked, even if it did feel good sometimes, but I enjoyed that, a lot.”

“We're glad you enjoyed.” Quin smiled warmly.

“Yeah.” Carter added.

“Can you change my diaper please?”

“Sure.” Quin said.


A few minutes later he was changed, and then they all sat around for a while just talking and getting to know each other. Quin told Carter what Jason had asked, and he thought that it could work, no problem.

The rest of the day passed quickly enough for all of them, they all sat and had lunch and dinner together, they all talked some, and most of the boys even spent time with each other just getting to know each other better. Quin did quietly tell Tom that it looked like they may be adopting again soon and the reasons why. Tom just sighed, but knew he would not refuse it. Though he did think that if Quin kept adopting kids, they were certainly going to need a bigger house before too long.

The following morning Quin let everyone know that he was going to go and see if he could finally break Bud completely and totally, even if it killed him. They all followed him and helped him where necessary so that Bud could walk to the interrogation room. Once all situated, the men and boys all went to the viewing room and watched as Quin did his work.

“So, you've been here a couple weeks now, I've almost mangled your dick totally, you'll never have sex again comfortably, and certainly no one sane will let you anywhere near their hole ever again. On top of that, you haven't slept in that long either, I'm surprised that you haven't actually gone into a coma or something like that, or just died like I hoped you might from an overdose of stimulants. Then there's what I've been doing to your ass, I doubt it'll ever close again, you'll likely have to wear diapers for the rest of your life. And then possibly the worst possible thing I've done to you. I've brought you to the brink of orgasm, what a hundred times or more and not allowed you to cum. Your balls must be absolutely aching by now. Do you honestly believe that you can keep this up, do you honestly believe that I won't continue on and find even more cruel ways to make you talk? I can keep this up for forever, how about you? Now, I'm gonna take your gag out, the choice is yours as to whether you talk or not.”

Quin extracted the gag from Buds mouth and set it aside. As per usual, Bud gagged and coughed for a few seconds, then he did something that surprised them.

“Please, no more, I can't take it any more, let me cum, stop yanking on my dick, and for fuck sakes, please let me sleep?”

“I'll give you one of them if you tell me some real good information, two if you give me more, and all if you tell me everything that we need to know. If I'm not satisfied, then we'll see what I can come up with. If you think for a second that just giving me a tiny bit will get you anything, you've got another thing coming, and then I just torture you slowly 'til you die, I promise I'll take at least a month or more.”

“No, I'll tell you everything. You've already crippled everything I worked my entire life for. My uncle and cousin are already in jail, my cousin's already been told they're trying him for death, they'll do the same for my uncle too once they find everything out. Just no more, please.”

“Then start talking, and I'm recording everything.”

And for the next three hours, Bud told them everything, he gave very clear and concise information on every person; man, woman and child that he had had killed, raped or both. He spelled out in very great detail every part of his business and what they did. He gave the names of every grower and cooker in his expansive drug trade, he gave the name of every dealer that he had. He gave the names of every weapons person he had. He even detailed each and every one of the law that he owned and for what reasons. He told them everything about how he grew up and how brutal it was, and that in all honesty, he was at least nice to the kids he employed, at least in comparison to how he was treated. He told each and every detail about his cousin that he could give, up to and including how he constantly fought with him over his weaknesses and how he should just kill him. He cried the entire time, which surprised everyone, Quin had well and truly broken the man.

“Thanks for all that. I will now remove your tube and all the rings I can, the one, like I said before, is completely permanent, I'll remove your butt plug and leave your gag off. I'll even leave the room and allow you to jack off as long as you want to, and then we'll give you a sedative to help counteract the last stimulant that we gave you, and we'll let you sleep for the next few days.”

“Thanks.” He whispered.

Quin did all that he said he would and then left the room. He went and joined the others in the viewing room and watched as Bud jacked off ten times in a row. His first three loads were stupendous to say the least. The first shot of his first load was at the very least a full tablespoon and it flew up so high and splatted on the wall a good five feet off the ground. The next several shots were every bit as awe inspiring as the first. Every last one of them in the viewing room were hard and had to reach into their diapers or pants to relieve themselves of some serious pressure themselves. Though it had to be said that the most amount of pressure had to have been Bud. No one had ever heard of such a huge amount of cum. By the time the man finished, had they been able to collect it all, they all felt that there would have been a full cups worth at least, maybe more. Finally Bud stopped and called out that he was done. Quin went back to the room.

“Feel better now?”

“Yes, I think that's what made me finally crack Master, I just had to cum so bad.”

“And now you'll get the sleep you need as well. Take this and then come with me. There's no longer a leash unless you give me a reason to use it, but remember, I am your master now and I will break it out if the need arises.”

“Yes Master, I understand.”

“Good. Now, I think it's time you see who your captor is.” Quin said and removed Bud's hood. He blinked rapidly for several minutes, trying to clear his eyes so that he could see.

The look of shock though that came on his face when he saw who was standing there in front of him could not have been more funny. Quin removed the voice changer as well.

“You're only a kid. You can't have done all this to me.” He said in shock.

“Actually I did. My dad and Tony thought that I was being too hard on you, that I was enjoying it too much, but I hated having to do it, but you had to know. Now, are you now and will always be my faithful slave?”

“Yes Master.” He said while getting down on his knees and bowing in submission.

“Good, then we'll get along just fine you and me. If you ever, and I do mean ever get out of line, you'll be lucky if I only give you to the cops.”

“I understand Master, I'll serve you.”

“Good. Now, you know Tony already, so come on in guys, but there's a few others here that want to say hi to you.”

They all came in, Bud stayed in his position of subservience, but did recognize Tony right away.

“Bud, good to see you again.” Tony said stiffly.

“Master, may I speak?”

“Good boy, yes you may.”

“Thanks Master. Tony, I'm sorry, your employee here has taught me my place and I shall serve in it 'til he sees fit to free me or kill me.” He said with head down.

“Apology accepted.”


“Okay, you have a nice comfortable bed awaiting you and you deserve to see it. You'll have no duties for the next five days as you recuperate, if you want or need anything, you just call and ask. You are not to leave your room for any reason whatsoever. You'll be kept in diapers permanently, you will clean yourself up when I give you a fresh diaper to wear. You are to wear only your diaper at all times. Your duties will be to keep the house clean, the meals cooked, our cleanliness looked after, and if we are in desperate need of a hole to fill, you will offer up one of our liking. If you do not know how to cook and or clean, you will be taught, and you will have access to all the tools necessary to do so.”

“Thank you Master, I appreciate it.”

Quin then led Bud to his room and let him lay down. He removed his plug and then cleaned Bud up and taped him into another diaper and let Bud curl up. By the time Quin left the room, he was already asleep.

“Why'd you let him offer himself as a slave?” Tom asked curiously.

“It wasn't my idea, I hadn't even thought of it to tell you the truth, but he made the offer, and I thought why not. He knows though that it's either that or death. He knows the second he leaves our protection, the cops are gonna have him and he'll be dead. I totally broke him too, he no longer has the strength to make it on his own, he'd probably never be able to regain it back either I figure. He now needs me, and I have no problems taking advantage of it. And just think, no more chores around the house, he'll take care of everything.”

“Actually, it might have been the smartest thing he could've done, because like you said, you'll protect him. The final straw though of seeing who actually broke him took that last thread of self respect he had left and broke it. It was a mere child who made him spill his guts, that can't have been easy to take. Congratulations though Quin, you did what you set out to do, we now know that the police or the FBI were never given anything about me, they wanted to handle it all internally first and then once they had me in custody, to make sure I stayed there, then they were going to release the rest. I can't possibly thank you enough, but as a small token of my gratitude, the house next door to mine is yours, I'll sign over all the papers this afternoon releasing it to you. A million dollars or your choice of business is also yours. With all the information that you were able to get from Bud, we'll be able to take serious advantage of it all and make even more money. I'll have even more law on my side, because I have even more information on them. Thanks to you, I now own even more of this city and you'll never pay another cent for anything. And yes, before you say it, you're still more than welcome to star in porn movies, which we just so happen to need to schedule now.” Tony said happily.

“It was certainly a difficult road to travel, and breaking someone of their free will certainly wasn't a walk in the park, but we sure did learn a lot. You saved us too though, so I'll take you up on the offer of the house, but I'll only take half a million, as long as you increase my share of the profits for any movies I make as well.” Quin smiled brightly.

“Boy, you drive a hard bargain, but you got yourself a deal.” Tony smiled and then grabbed Quin up and hugged him tightly.

“Does this mean we can go home now?” Carter asked.

“I do believe it does my dear boy. Let's call everyone and tell them the coast is clear and go start cleaning up the mess. I'll call one of my guys to guard over your slave Quin while we all go out and celebrate and get started.” Tony said happily, tears actually running down his face.


From there they all went out and had a nice big lunch together, even all the captives were asked to join, most of them did, and they went and had a great lunch. After that, Tom and the boys, including Jason, headed to the house to get it all cleaned and packed up, because they were going to be moving. Quin and Carter made sure to call all their friends, and they were all invited over for the next week, school be damned, and they all agreed. They told them all where to go and how to get there, lol, I always wanted to say that in a laughing way.

Tony and all his guys also started doing the same thing. Tony though had one of his guys get one of the safe houses that he had ready for the boys that were orphaned and needed a home, and he did so. He even offered to be the house dad, because he wanted kids anyway, and admitted that a couple of them were hot and gay. Tony was only too happy to agree to this.

It took Tony almost a week to get everything in the business all cleaned up and running again, but before too long everything was running very smoothly. Of course he had many meetings after that first week and talked to a great deal of people about how they could best serve him, since he knew things about them that they certainly did not not want spread around, ever. They were only too happy with the arrangement, considering that he asked for very little, especially in comparison to Bud.

Speaking of Bud, the police looked for him for more than a year afterward, but admitted that he was probably at the bottom of a very deep hole somewhere, no one seemed overly concerned that he was missing and presumed dead. His cousin though was fried almost exactly two years to the day after they were all freed, it was the states fastest death penalty ever, since they had far too much evidence, and he admitted to it all as well. All were universally happy, even Bud said he was glad that it had ended.

Bud also stayed being Quin's personal servant or slave, whichever you wish to call him, for the rest of his life, which was unfortunately only twenty years more, but Quin always treated him well. Sure, he was a slave, sure it was bad to have a slave, but in the end, it was actually the better of all the alternatives, and he did lead a happier life afterward too. He also never once asked to have the ring removed from his dick, it was a symbol to who he now was, and he never asked to fuck anyone, he was happy to bend over and offer his mouth or ass any time anyone asked him too, and he would simply jack off as he did so.

Jason did stay living with Tom, Quin and Carter, and he too enjoyed having almost non stop sex, as well as filming movies. He was happier than he had ever been his entire life. He now had true friends and family, and even though he visited with and had some good times with his old friends, they all knew that they were not really friends, just acquaintances.

The other boys stayed living in that house with Tony's guy until they all decided to move out. They too were all very happy living there. They had a great deal of freedom, the boys who liked it had a man there who liked having sex with them, as well as the gay boys had a great deal of sex with each other too. They also gladly sucked off the straight boys as often as they wanted, which was for the best, that way they did not have to go find a girl and get into trouble. A drained boy is a sensible boy after all. They too were all happy as can be.

Now, as for the friends, well they all enjoyed coming over to Quin's place as often as they could. Since they did not see the others at school any more, they came over as much as they could, because they enjoyed their company, as well as a few other things too.

Quin, Carter and Jason never went back to school, Quin challenged the grade twelve exams and passed with all perfect, Carter did too after a year of hard studying, but passed with right around ninety percent. Jason though felt that there was no point. He had never done well in school and had no desire, so he officially dropped out and became a porn star full time.

All the friends too starred in many porns and had a great time, as well as made shit loads of money doing so, even once they were legally of age to do so, they enjoyed doing it. They did enjoy having sex with kids too once they were older, and Quin always enjoyed breaking in the new boys that wanted to join the fun. He was always super gentle and caring, and never did he hurt another person again. He felt he had given more pain than anyone needed to give in their lifetime, though he too knew that it had been necessary to have done so.

Tom lived well into his eighties when he died the way every man desires to go. He was in bed with a hot little eight year old boy, he had just cum, a grin plastered on his face, and then his heart stopped. The boy cried when he realized what he had done, he had loved Tom, he was so soft and gentle and caring. When he went to get Quin to tell him what happened, he smiled and said he was happy for his dad. Of course they all cried.

Tony died almost exactly a month to the day after, no less lucky though, he too died after having a great deal of fun in the sack, this time with a beautiful twelve year old boy. He smiled though, kissed his man goodbye, closed his eyes and covered him up and went and told all the others.

With Tony's passing, the business was left not in his son's hands, but the hands of the person who had truly been running it since he was twelve, Quin. Tony's son too felt that the passing of the business to Quin made far more sense, he was nowhere near smart enough he felt to do all that Quin did, so Quin took it and ran it for many more years.

Quin never did settle down and stay with one person, he always claimed to be a free spirit, someone who couldn't be tied down to just one person. He always loved Jimmy, but never as a full partner. He loved all his friends and lovers, they all had a great deal of fun together. He made all his friends very rich, and they gave him loyalty the types not even money could buy.

Carter and Jason ended up getting married and adopted several kids over the years, all boys, all gay, all diaper lovers, but still they had great sex with Quin and all their friends whenever possible, and their boys joined in on the fun as well. They were great big happy family after all, and as they say, a family that plays together stays together. They all knew this for fact.

And they all lived gayly ever after.

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