Chapter 2

The following morning found the loving daddy and son curled up in bed with each other. Tom was awake already and petting his little baby boys soft chest. He could tell Quin was waking up, because his smile was growing in his sleep.

“Mmm, that feels nice Daddy.” He sighed contentedly when he finally came to.

“Yeah, I know. You know, I can see why you would've loved diapers so much. I've never slept better in my life, I never had to worry about getting up in the night like I normally do.”

“Yeah, and that's just one of the reasons I love them. You loved them already though, you can't even deny that, I know you too well.”

“Yeah, but I was just pointing out that I know why you started loving them. Well Baby, let's get our soggy bums changed, then we should get dressed and go get some breakfast.”

“Are you gonna put me in my diaper shirt and shortalls?”

“Would you like me to?”


“Then I will Baby.” He smiled warmly.

They rolled out of bed and changed each others diapers, then they dressed each other and headed to the kitchen for breakfast.

“I love the new clothes Daddy, they fit perfectly, and they're so comfortable.”

“I'm glad you like them.”

“So, when are we gonna go see your boss?”

“I still don't even want you meeting him.”

“Yeah, but I have a feeling I will be soon anyway, so it may as well be today.”

“Probably true.” He sighed.

“You may as well take me after breakfast.”

“Fine, but you'll have to get changed.”

“Why, this is how he wants to see me anyway, so what difference does it make?”

“Good point, but it's up to you.”

“I'll stay as is. I'm gonna want to go back to the store today as well Daddy and pick out some thinner daytime diapers, as well as a few less babyish diaper shirts, so that I can wear diapers to school from now on as well.”

“Are you sure about that Baby?”

“Of course I am. You have any idea how often I've wished I could? It's like all the time, and it'll save a huge amount of hassle.”

“What if others find out and harass you?”

“So what, not like I care what anyone else thinks of me anyway. Besides, most of them would just be jealous that I get to and they don't anyway.” He grinned.

“Possibly true.”

They made themselves some breakfast and ate that, and then before too long, they were ready to go, so headed out. They took the car again, Tom did not care to have to deal with people wondering why his twelve year old son was dressed like a baby on the bus. They made it there a short while later and were told to go in when Tom asked.

“I need to see the boss please?” He asked the guy at the door.

“Just a minute.” The man guarding the door said, while hungrily eying Quin.

“Unless you want to pay for me, you may as well quit staring.” Quin said offhandedly.

“Oh god, boy I'd pay almost anything for a night or two with you.”

“I'm sure it could be arranged.” Quin smiled brightly, the man came in his pants.

Tom could only laugh, the man guarding the door was normally unflappable, but his beautiful son totally disarmed him. It was a few moments more before he was able to compose himself enough to request that Tom and Quin see the boss. They were told to enter.

“So good of you to come this morning Tom, and with your son.”

“Yeah, it wasn't exactly my idea, Quin wanted to come see you. Quin, this is the boss.”

“Good morning Sir, what's your name please?” Quin asked politely.

“Just the boss is fine.”

“Um, no, not really. What's your name, I don't work for nameless people.” Quin said firmly, Tom gulped and was about to say something, when the boss laughed.

“Boy, you got balls. I'm sure your dad told you why you're here, so you must know I could kill you where you stand.”

“He did, and if you'd kill a kid, then you're not the type of person I'd want to work for anyway.”

“Nah, you're right. I'd do a lot of things, even use kids like you for my porn, and maybe even for some personal fun, but I couldn't kill a kid. Name's Tony.”

“Good to meet you Tony. Now, as I understand it, the way I'm dressed right now is about how you hoped to see me dressed.”

“Good to meet you too Quin, and yes, you look absolutely adorable. I assume your dad told you about what would be required?”

“He did, but don't worry, I'm already a gay diaper lover anyway, and I already love having sex. In fact, I think I showed my dad a few new things last night.”

“Oh, did you now?” He laughed.

“He did.” Tom had to laugh as well.

“Then I think you're gonna go far in this industry. I already have your first movie scheduled for a week from today, so next Saturday. Did your dad tell you what was going to happen then?”

“He did, and while I don't mind being hit a little, I don't want any of the men hitting me hard, just because they can. It's to be a simulated rape only, and trust me, I will act it out, I've done it before, and the boy who paid for it said it was the most incredible thing he'd ever experienced. He was only fifteen though, so I hope he wasn't too young to truly appreciate it.”

“Oh, so you've taken money for sex before too, and you like role playing?”

“Hell yeah. I mean, I'd have done it for free, but if they're offering money, who am I to turn it down. Now, I do have a few stipulations, and I won't lightly back down on them.”

“Such as?”

“Well, I'm a diaper lover, and as such, I prefer my partners to be diapered as well. I've gotten my dad into diapers as well, so that we can enjoy together, and for the most part, I want all my films and customers to be diapered as well.”

“Some might not like that, but I can guarantee you that some certainly will. For your first video though, understandably you're gonna have to be the only one in diapers.”

“Then it'll cost you extra. I like diapers, I don't really enjoy sex without, and if I'm gonna do this, I want to enjoy it. Same as every time I have sex, if they want it without, then it costs them extra.”

“That's pretty ballsy boy, I tell you what you get paid, not the other way around.”

“Or what?”

“Well, you already know I won't kill you, but your dad's not so lucky. What would you think about that?”

“Well, let me just put it to you this way Sir, you do that, and you'll have to kill me to keep me quiet. If you attempt it, trust me, I'll be more than happy to make you hurt as much as I can before that happens. From the sounds of it, you're smart, but I guarantee you, I'm smarter. There are at least a hundred ways I could hurt you, and in fact, I could probably come up with at least a thousand if given a few minutes to think. Don't try me. I'll make you shit loads of money, and in turn, so will Dad and I, but you mess with me, and I'll be your worst nightmare.” Quin said with such a grin on his face it actually shocked his dad.

“You're a very impressive young man. Very few people talk to me like that, they fear me, for good reason too.”

“Thanks, but I'm not scared of anyone or anything. My dad raised me to be strong, and I am. Trust me, it'd take a lot more than you to scare me, but the other way around I'm sure isn't the case.”

“Oh, and why do you think I should be scared of you?” He asked pleasantly.

“Because of all I could do to you. I have a feeling that you probably have people in the police department running backup for you and making sure that you're not bothered. Do you have many people in child services, or the FBI, or the state police? Because, do you honestly think I'd go to the local flat foots for someone like you. I know how you guys work, I could get you taken care if in a heartbeat and this city would be down a crime boss. Although I'm sure tomorrow another would take over, and at least you don't seem to be too hard core. Kiddy porn is okay with me, I mean I am a slut after all.”

“You have a few valid points there, but I do have a few people. Okay, but what if I were to decide you weren't worth the trouble and I just took both you and your dad out right now, deciding that my morals would be fine killing you?”

“Then so be it, go ahead, do it. I doubt very seriously any of your guys would do it, and I doubt even more that you'd do it yourself, why incriminate yourself any more than you have to. No, it takes a bad person to kill someone already as it is, it takes a truly horrible person to kill a kid, no matter what. Are you or any of your people that horrible, I doubt it. Bad, certainly yes, but I'd already be dead if you were that horrible.” Quin smiled serenely.

“You have an uncanny knack of reading people, don't you?”

“Yes, I do. Now, if a hair on my dads head is ever harmed, whether by you or someone else, it's you I go after by the way, so, he better be as well protected as I am. No one is to ever touch him, and his debt, for allowing me to be used by you, gets cut in half, right up front. I figure I can make you more than enough money very quickly that you can afford this. It's not negotiable either. I know, he borrowed a lot of money from you, and he should have to pay it back, but I also know the amount he borrowed wasn't anywhere near as high as the total he has to pay back, because I doubt your interest rates are anywhere near as good as the banks are. Do we have a deal?”

“I can agree to sixty percent of the total, because that covers what he did borrow and a little extra for my trouble.” He said, actually amazed that he was going to allow such a low payment.

“Fair enough, I don't want you to be totally out of pocket either. Now, when I'm not doing movies or photo shoots, or with customers, what else can I do to earn money with you?”

“Well, if you recruit anyone, then I'll give you a cut, but there's not much else a kid can do for me I'm afraid.”

“Oh, really. I happen to know a kid from my school whose dad's one of your rivals. If I were to say I would be able to give you information that kids often hear, but adults tend to ignore, important information, would that be worth anything to you?”

“Boy, if you gave me any information that was worthwhile, I'd be willing to pay you quite handsomely.”

“Well, he and I were talking yesterday at school, he's not a friend, but I've let him fuck me a few times, and he told me that his dad's big into casinos, and that he was trying to buy the top brass in town, because they're getting too hot on his ass. He told me that his dad's getting upset, because some other guy owns him already, and I'm pretty sure it's you, but he's trying to set up a false drug bust with the FBI to trap you and get you out of his way.” Quin grinned.

“What, how could the kid know that, that dirty bastard, we've been working for weeks to arrange a drug deal. Do you know any more details?”

“No, other than the fact that he's working with some FBI guy and is using traced money to buy the drugs from you, so to get you and your entire network.”

“So, he owns an FBI guy does he?”

“From the sounds of it, yeah. If you were to sell him fake drugs, he wouldn't know the difference from the sounds of it, the kid says his dad never deals in the stuff, you could just say you were trying to scam a loser for scamming you in the past.”

“Boy, if this actually pans out, you may have saved me millions, as well as jail time. I hate going to the pen, but fortunately I've never had to stay for long.”

“Just remember that when the time comes will you. And remember this as well, I hear lots, and I remember all details. I also know a couple other things from other kids at school that may be beneficial to you. I'll let you go with that one for now, seeing as how it's quite important and urgent, but when you decide what you want to do, then maybe we can talk further. And remember, never underestimate kids.”

“I won't, don't worry.”

“Good, remember all this, and we'll get along just fine. Oh, and another thing, there's another rival gang in town, I understand you've been having trouble with them, they're trying to muscle in on your territory.”

“Yeah, how would you know any of this?”

“Remember, I'm a kid, adults talk around us when they probably shouldn't, and one of your guys, I'll never say who, was saying so in front of me and his son when we were there one night. Anyway, I happen to know that all that particular gang wears a very distinctive jacket and tattoo. Well, I'm scheduled to be gang raped, well, how nice would it be to have a tattoo artist do fake tattoos on all the rapers, and maybe get jackets made that look just like theirs. You could have the guys pretty much bag my head, so that I can't be seen, they should all be wearing hoods too, but during the first part, have one of the guys say something on the line of your dad screwed our gang, now we're screwing his kid. Then, if said video were to somehow get released to the cops, you'd never be known, none of your guys will be recognized, I won't be recognized, only their tattoos and jackets will be recognizable. Because their faces aren't shown, they probably won't land in jail, but I think it'd send a pretty powerful message to them not to fuck with you, because enough heat will be shoved up their asses to make them very uncomfortable. Now, how do you think that'll help your business. If your opponents think you'll stop at nothing to cause them trouble, eventually they'll stop causing you trouble.”

“My god boy, you're brilliant, I may ask you to join my planning committee if you can think up stuff like that.” He said in utter awe.

“I'll think about it. I love strategy, so I might just do that.” He grinned.

“Good. You know, if it weren't for the fact that I like you, I probably would have had you offed you know.”

“Gee, that's comforting.” Quin giggled.

“Yeah, it probably is. Now, unfortunately I have to ask you to leave, I have another meeting to attend to, and then I have to go take care of some nasty business.”

“Try not to have too much fun, oh and make sure my friend, the guys son, doesn't get hurt.”

“I can't make any promises, but I'll do my best.”

“Thanks. Have a good day.” Quin smiled, then took his daddy's hand and led him from the room and all the way to their car. Tom just followed on autopilot.

They were in the car and on the way home by the time Tom was finally able fully make sense of what had just happened.

“You know what you just pulled in there was very dangerous.”

“Well, not really. He had to know what he was up against, and I wasn't scared. If he really wanted to kill us, we'd be dead, but he didn't want to, he was too attracted to me. I have a feeling that he and I'll be sharing a bed more than a few times.”

“I really wish you hadn't had to get dragged into this.” Tom sighed.

“Yeah, but I was, and more importantly, I was already working toward it anyway, and I like it. So what's the big deal, and there's no point in worrying about it either. This way it all works out for the best in the long run. I can guarantee that in a year or less, you'll be debt free, and we'll both be making really good money.”

“Yeah, I can't believe how low you got my debt, that's huge. I doubt he's ever allowed anyone to reduce their debt like that. If the information you gave him turns out to be true, which I have no doubt, how much will you ask for?”

“I'll let him make the offer, then it'll give me a chance to counter, because for what I just gave to him, it'll cost him good, and he knows it, but he'll try and low ball me and offer me ten or fifteen thousand dollars. I'm figuring fifty or sixty sounds more like someone who's grateful for keeping out of jail for a long time. And the other information I gave him will also save him at least that much again in just a month or two, so he'd better pay good, or I give him nothing more.”

“How'd you end up so smart?”

“Don't know. Does it matter?”

“Suppose not.”

“So, what are we gonna do now Daddy?”

“I suppose you still wanna pick up Jimmy?”

“Sure do. Let me just call him and tell him we're on our way.”

Quin grabbed the phone and called his best friend and told him that they were on their way to pick him up, and that he was staying the night. He also told him to expect a surprise. A few minutes later they were there and Jimmy just came out of the house as soon as they arrived and went and hopped in the car.

“So, what's the surprise?” He asked curiously.

“There's a few actually, but you have to wait 'til we get back to the house to find out. But you'll love them, I guarantee it.” Quin smiled brightly.


A few minutes later they arrived to the house, and right away Jimmy noticed what Quin was wearing, and then he noticed that both Quin and Tom were more than likely very diapered, he could see their bulges. He waited until they were in the house though before he said anything.

“I love your outfit Quin, it's so babyish, and are you both wearing diapers? Is that the surprise?”

“Thanks, it is cute, and I have a couple others as well. This is only part of the surprise though. Come on Daddy, let's strip down to just our soggy baby diapers, then I'll take Jimmy in and get him into his nice thick diaper, so that he can feel at home too.”

Tom just silently started stripping, watching Jimmy watch him intently. As he got down to his diaper, he very clearly saw Jimmy have a spontaneous orgasm. He almost laughed. A few seconds later, they were both down to just their wet diapers, and Jimmy was coming down. Quin dragged him to the bedroom and stripped and diapered him. A few minutes later they were back. They had not even talked the entire time, Quin just shook his head when Jimmy tried.

“So, what else is there, other than your dad's a diaper lover too?”

“That he only just found out last night. As you know, only guys that are diapered get to fuck me. He got his one fuck for free, then I made him go get diapers, because he certainly wants to do it more, now he's a diaper boy lover, it's awesome.”

“Wicked, I hope you'll let him fuck me as well.” Jimmy said excitedly.

“Of course, but Daddy isn't really all that sure about it yet, but once he fucks you, that'll be it, he'll always want you too.”

“Wicked thanks, you're the best baby boyfriend a guy could have. Have you told him anything else yet?”

“Yeah, everything. And there's more too.” Quin said, and then told the tale of how he was going to be working for a crime boss.

“Wicked, you think he'd hire me too, I'd love to do it too?”

“Don't see any reason why not. We'll ask him the next time we see him. You'll probably make really good money too, I'm gonna, and even Dad's gonna make some really good money once his debts are paid off.”

“I don't even care about the money, but it'll be nice.”

“Same here.”

“I'm gonna go make some lunch boys, what would you like?” Tom asked, the first words he had said since they got home it felt.

“Well, I for one would love an appetizer of you.” Jimmy said hungrily.

“Yes, I can see that, but before that, I have a feeling we're all gonna need our energy.” Tom chuckled, even if he still could not figure out how this was all so funny.

“Yeah, you're probably right. Better make it a good energizing pasta lunch then.” Jimmy laughed as well.

“Maybe I will.”

The boys joined Tom in the kitchen and they all talked while he cooked. They had a good time, and before too long, they were sitting down to eat. Tom insisted the boys help him clean up though before they dragged him to the bedroom for what was surely going to be the entire afternoon.

“Finally, let's go.” Quin said, and he and Jimmy each grabbed one of Tom's hands and dragged him to the bedroom, where they were undoubtedly going to show Tom all sorts of new tricks.

“Lay on the bed Daddy.” Quin ordered.

Tom did as he was told, centering himself on the bed so that the boys would have all the room they needed.

“You figuring riding him?” Jimmy asked.

“You bet.”

“Goody. Can I take tails first?”

“Be my guest. I haven't tried his mouth much yet anyway.” Quin grinned.

Tom was reasonably certain he knew what the boys were talking about, so was not surprised when Quin squatted above his face, pulling his diaper aside as he did so, and then sat right down on his face. Tom, already enjoying rim jobs anyway, had no problem with this, and showed his young sex kitten son that he had a very talented tongue.

Jimmy on the other hand, or end if you will, just poked a hole in the seat of his already wet diaper and fingered his hole for only a few seconds to get himself ready for the fun ahead. He could already hear Quin moaning, which in itself always turned him on. Getting to finally have a mans cock up his ass though was almost as good, but could not wait until it was firmly seated inside him. On that thought, Jimmy removed his fingers, crawled into position, and sat down on Tom in one quick drop.

Jimmy gasped out, it was quite sudden and big after all, and he was not as well prepared as he had thought he was.

Tom groaned out, Jimmy was actually tighter than Quin had been, and he was amazing inside.

Quin sighed, because as his dad moaned, it sent a whole new round of vibrations and feelings to course through his entire body.

As the two boys started riding Tom real well, they leaned in and pressed their lips together like the lovers they really truly were. As they rode, they kissed, as they kissed, they rode, and Tom was wondering if he would pass out before too long. He was getting serious oxygen deprivation, on top of all the sexual stimulation that he was receiving. Never before had he experienced something like this, and he liked it, a lot. It took at best five minutes for Tom to cum, it was just too much for him, but as soon as he exploded, it caused the two boys riding him to go along for the ride.

“Oh god, that was so good.” Both boys sighed at the same time.

Tom was starting to pass out though, as Quin came down, he sat right down on his dads face and had cut off all air flow. All of a sudden Quin realized what the urgent smacking from his dad was all about. Had he had the strength, Tom would have just lifted Quin off, but he had not, he was almost totally wiped, from just the one session.

“Oops, sorry Daddy. I've made a few boys pass out from doing that to them.” He giggled.

“Wow, no worries.” He panted out.

“Wanna trade places now?” Quin asked.

“For sure.”

“Just wa.....” Was all Tom got out before the boys traded places and sunk down onto Tom once again.

Tom was at best only half hard, but a few seconds of urging from Quin was all it took for him to be nice and hard again. Jimmy though had pulled his diaper aside and sat himself down on Tom's face and was enjoying the tongue work that he was getting, a lot. Once the boys were able to, they once again started kissing each other deeply.

This time Tom lasted for more than ten minutes, he had no idea how he was not passing out, because he was getting less oxygen now than he was before, and his entire body was burning up something fierce. When he came, so did the boys, and they screamed into each others mouths, almost the only sound they had made this time.

Jimmy remembered Tom beneath him, and moved right away, so that the poor man could get his breath, he was gasping for air like crazy.

“Wow, he's got an incredible tongue, hasn't he?” Jimmy said happily.

“Yeah, almost as good as his dick.”

“Oh, for sure. We've never had an adult before, but it was worth the wait.”

“No kidding. I knew you'd be upset if I didn't share, but Daddy didn't want to, I don't think he feels that way now. Do you Daddy, how are you feeling?”

“Oh god, you boys are amazing, but don't you dare start again.”

“Don't worry, we'll wait 'til a little later and then we'll fuck you.”

“Okay. I can't believe the two of you. I've met adult sluts that haven't had as much experience as you two, can't do half of what you do.”

“Thanks.” Both boys said brightly.

“I'm pretty sure that's not a good thing. Most twelve year-old's don't even know what sex truly is, and most of the ones who do, have no clue what it feels like, and fewer still have anywhere near any experience.”

“Hey, this is Las Vegas baby, home of the slut, what can we say. Jimmy grew up listening to his mom and dad getting fucked all the time. They were both strippers and dancers, too bad his dad died last year, we actually were going to get him to fuck us, but that never happened obviously. By the way, he was bi, so he'd take home whoever would pay, he didn't care. Sometimes his parents shared a client or two and had real fun. We preferred watching his dad when he had men over though.”

“Did he know you were watching him?”

“Not that we know, but his mom caught us a few months ago, and she just laughed when she came and talked to us, called us curious little shits, and told us to just not get caught by the guys she was fucking. We're pretty sure she knows what us boys have been getting up to though, she's forever buying new lube for us, and she only buys the good stuff, and she never asks any questions. Same with diapers, she has to know that we all love them with how much we all go through, but she just replaces them and never says a thing. One day she even caught Jimmy and I kissing, and she just smiled at us and left the room.”

“Yeah, your mom's an odd one, that's for sure, but she is nice.” Tom had to laugh.

“Yeah, she can be, that's for sure, but me and my brother don't mind the freedom.”

“Do you know if she suspects that the three of you have been messing around?”

“Well, I haven't slept in my own bed for, what, two years now, and she has to have heard us playing more than a few times. She's never said anything, but she must know. She just lets us have our space. If we need anything, she'll get it for us, she helps us all the time, she's really a great mom. It was hard on her when Dad died, they were best friends, not just partners, because they were never married. She works hard for us, because his life insurance barely paid for the funeral, so she doesn't have a lot of money.”

“It's nice to hear that she's a good mom. To some though I'm sure they'd disagree, but who cares. We better get these ruined diapers changed boys, I need to pee soon, and I don't want to mess the bed up any more than it already is.”

“Same here.” Both boys said.

They all worked together to change all of their diapers, and soon they were all freshly diapered and ready to go.

“What should we do now boys?”

“Just watch TV I think. Can you put us into a sleeper each though please?” Quin asked.

“Sure, grab the ones you want and I'll jammy you.” Tom smiled warmly.

The boys were both so adorable. He jammied them in their chosen footed sleepers, and then they all headed to the living room to watch TV. A few minutes later they all realized they were hungry and thirsty again, so they went and grabbed a snack, and the boys took their drinks in bottles, they took two each. Tom just grabbed a couple large glasses of water.

For the rest of the afternoon, they sat around watching TV. They did so until it was time for dinner, so they all got up and made and ate that, then continued where they left off. Once bed time rolled around, Tom knew the boys were not ready for bed, but neither was he.

“Come on boys, let's go to bed.” He smiled happily.

“Okay.” They both said brightly.

Once there, Tom was encouraged to kneel in the center of the bed, so he did so, and he was more than certain as to what was going to happen next. Quin waved Jimmy to Tom's back side, while he took up the head. After only a few moments of preparation, they were both ready, and Tom's ass was ready only moments later. Quin had already sunk in balls deep in his dads great mouth by the time Jimmy was ready, but before too long, so was he buried balls deep in Tom's hot ass.

The boys were unfortunately too small to lean forward and kiss each other like they wanted to, like they had done more than a few times when fucking other boys, so they just smiled to each other.

They were both moaning and sighing a lot more now that their tongues were not busy, but it was not very vocal this time. Tom had to wonder if the night before was a show for him from Quin.

The boys lasted a surprising amount of time before cumming, almost ten minutes, but they hardly even stopped. As soon as they got their bearings straight again, they traded places and continued on as if they had not just cum. Ten more minutes, they did the same thing again. Tom had yet to cum, the boys were not doing anything to help him out, even though he was rising, just not as quickly as they were. Another ten minutes later, they traded places again, and then finally after almost fifteen minutes more, they were done.

“My god boys, you were incredible again.” Tom sighed once they finally let up.

“And we're not finished yet.” Quin giggled.

“What more could you possibly want?” Tom gasped.

“Easy, you haven't cum yet, so we want you to stand over us, pull the front of your diaper down, jack off that nice big fat cock 'til you cum, and cum on our faces for us.” Jimmy answered.

“Okay.” Tom said, thinking that that sounded pretty hot, and he did need to cum. How he had not exploded even he did not know.

He stood up and the boys laid down side by side. He pulled the front of his diaper down, pulled out his erection and started beating off for the boys who were watching with rapt attention. A minute was about all it took for Tom to be ready to blow, so he aimed at the boys' faces and let go with eight good strong blasts, painting their faces. It was beyond hot.

“Mmm, you taste so good.” Jimmy sighed as he got to taste it finally. Then the boys did something even hotter yet, they started licking the cum off and feeding it to each in deep cum kisses.

“My favorite way of cleaning up a cum facial.” Quin sighed.

“It looked hot.” Was about all Tom could come up with.

“Oh, it was.” Both boys grinned.

“I'll say. Come on boys, let's get our baby diapers changed and then we should get to bed.

“Okay.” They both said happily.

A few minutes later they were all changed and ready to go to sleep. They kissed each other goodnight, and a few minutes later they were all curled up and falling asleep.