Chapter 3

The next morning the three of them woke up together, and then the boys had Tom fuck them both a couple times, and Quin was more than happy to receive his dads morning load of piss as well. Jimmy stayed most of the day, the three of them fucking even more, four more times in fact before Jimmy decided to head home. Tom of course made Jimmy swear that he would tell no one, and he swore that he would not. Before too long, it was just Tom and Quin at home, and they had a nice quiet night together. They made love to each once more before bed, and then the next day Quin had to go to school, and Tom just did nothing much.

The rest of the week also went by with nothing much happening at all, except now Jimmy seemed to come home with Quin after school an awful lot, not that Tom was complaining all that much. Thursday afternoon, Jimmy told them something.

“My brother's been asking questions. He's been missing you Quin, he wants to tap your hot baby boy pussy again, but you haven't been over once this week. He knows that you're home Tom, and he knows we've been coming here every day, and last night he actually asked if we were having sex with you. I said, no, of course not, but I don't think he believes me. Last night when he fucked me, he even noted how much more loose and sloppy my hot little ass has been lately, and he asked me again if you've been fucking me. I said no again, but he said he didn't believe me. I told him that it was none of his business anyway. He wants to come here and get fucked by you too.”

“Oh god, we can't keep letting this all out, I'm gonna get so busted if anyone finds out.”

“Yeah, but he won't tell, I promise. I told him I was coming here again today, I wouldn't be surprised if he shows up as soon as he gets off school. Which should be any time now by the way.”

“I'll just tell him that I'm not fucking you boys, and that'll be it.”

“Oh come on Daddy, he's really hot, he's fourteen now and has a pretty good dick, he'll be able to fuck you way better than we can, and he loves to play. We could have a pretty awesome foursome.”

“No Baby, that's final. As it is, the two of us shouldn't even be having sex, the three of us definitely shouldn't be, and adding a fourth only increases our chances of getting caught even more.”

“I'm sure that we'll be fine, and if not, I'll just make sure Tony gets you off right away. I'm sure he has more than enough contacts, and even if it costs me a week or two of pleasuring a judge, or whoever, I'm sure we'll be fine.” Quin grinned brightly.

“Whatever.” Tom sighed, because not only did he know it was fruitless, but the doorbell had just rung, so that meant that Jimmy's older and even hotter brother was almost certainly there.

Quin just tore off to the door to let whoever was there in, and it was who they all thought it would be.

“Hi Johnny, I understand you figured out our little secret huh?” Quin said happily.

“Yeah, and I want in on the action. I've never been fucked by an adult either, although I had a hot seventeen year old last week, and he was hung like a fucking stallion. Great weekend I tell you.”

“And you didn't invite us, why should I let you enjoy my daddy then?” Quin said, sounding more than a little hurt.

“Was a last minute thing, and I did tell him about you two, and he's interested. Don't worry, I'm sure something can be arranged.” He smiled brightly.

“Um, I hate to interrupt, but don't I get a say in the matter here?” Tom asked pointedly.

“Well sure.” The boys all said.

“But Daddy, he's so hot, and he's got a nice dick too. He loves sex, almost as much as we do.” Quin directed to his dad, then turned to Johnny. “Did you swing by home and put on a nice thick diaper Baby, and did you let your entire afternoon load out into it already?”

“You bet I did.” He smiled brightly.

“Good. See Daddy, he's just like us. I bet his asshole's even tingling, waiting for you to go and fill it up. Isn't he sexy, isn't he hot, don't you want to see him in only his soggy baby diaper, bending over the couch or the table, presenting his awesome baby boy pussy to you for the taking? Don't you want to fill him up, make him happy, make him squeal?”

“Yes, I'd love to, but like I said earlier, we're already treading on very thin ice, you boys can't be bringing more and more boys into this, I'm already gonna be massacred if we're ever found out.”

“Well, in for a penny, in for a pound right.” Johnny giggled.

“No, it's too risky.”

“Come on Daddy. What difference is it gonna make anyway, you know what else we're gonna be getting up to anyway, you think that's any less than this?”

“Probably not.” He sighed.

“Good. Go ahead and strip then guys.” Quin smiled, so they all did. Tom was already in his soggy diaper, the two younger boys were already diapered, because they had decided to wear diapers to school all week, and so far no one had found out, and of course Johnny had went home and changed.

“Did you two wear diapers to school?” Johnny asked curiously.

“Yeah, we did, how did you know?” Jimmy asked.

“Because, if you'd have changed after school, you'd probably just be in diapers, you're both really wet, and you were wearing diaper shirts. Which were awesome by the way. Where'd you get them, I want some as well.”

“Tom got them for us, and they are awesome. We change each other at lunch, among other things, and now we get to wear diapers all day long.”

“Fuck, now I want to too.”

“Then do it. Even if someone sees, who cares.”

“Not me, that's for sure. Remember the last time someone caught me wearing a diaper?”

“Yeah, that was a hot weekend.” Jimmy smiled.

“What happened?” Tom asked curiously.

“The three of us went to the theatre, and a guy a year older than me saw my diaper as I bent down. He was curious enough to ask why, and I knew he was gay as soon as I saw him, so I told him why. I asked him if he wanted to come back to our place instead of seeing a movie, and that we'd show him how good they are and show him a good time too. Oh, he came alright, repeatedly. We totally drained him, he fucked all three of us three times, and we all fucked him twice. He was put into a fresh diaper when he arrived, and we changed his diaper for him when he left. We still fuck at least once a week, and he even admitted to his dad that he's a diaper lover and wears almost all the time now.” Johnny grinned.

“Wow. And here I thought getting caught would be a bad thing.” Tom had to laugh.

“Nah, of the four times I've been caught wearing diapers, three of the times were pretty much the same. In fact the seventeen year old I told Jimmy about earlier was reeled in that way, and now he's a diaper lover for sure. The only one I didn't fuck was a girl, she saw that I was wearing diapers, and she asked me if I needed a change, and maybe more. I apologized to her, told her I was gay, and that that wasn't gonna happen. She goes to my school, and as far as I know, she's never told anyone.”


By then they were all down to just their soggy diapers, and Tom had to admit that Johnny's very fit and toned body did look more than just a little hot in his soggy diaper. The boy was already very good looking, almost as good as Quin, but he was starting to show that he was growing up, and was very soon going to be a pure Adonis, what Tom had preferred up until a short time ago.

“I see you like what you see!” Johnny said coyly.

“Yeah, you're hot. In a few years, you're gonna be incredible.”

“Thanks. My dad was hot too, and Jimmy and I look almost exactly like he did. He was VERY popular, if you catch my drift.” He grinned.

“I catch it, and I knew your dad, and I'd have to agree. He and I even had fun once a few years ago. A night of drinking led to more. We only did it the once though.”

“Shame that we weren't able to watch that night, huh boys!” Johnny laughed.

“No kidding.” They both answered.

“We weren't at either house.”

“Too bad.”

“Well, if we're gonna do this, then I certainly wanna feel your ass Johnny, so, bedroom or living room?”

“Bedroom's more comfortable.” The boys all said.

They all headed there, and as soon as they arrived, Johnny put himself in the center of the bed on his hands and knees, waving his hot diapered ass at Tom. Well, Tom had had all the tempting he could take, so went and got what he wanted. He poked a hole in the bum of the diaper and stuck his fingers in to start fingering the hole.

“Johnny, you're already really sloppy.”

“Yeah, what do you expect. I'm a slut and got fucked by a jock at the end of gym class, which was my last class. We snuck off a little early and he fucked me silly. He's been fucking me all year long, unfortunately he won't let me fuck him, at least not yet. I'm thinking of sending the two perverts here after him and teaching him a lesson about using other people, but I can't do it, because he said if I ever breathed a word to anyone, he'd tell everyone at school what I was. I don't really care all that much, but the less people know, the better. Now, go ahead and slip that nice big piece of meat inside me and show me what a real man can do?”

“Good grief.” Tom said, but he was too horny and really did not care all that much.

He tore a hole in the front of his diaper and slipped his entire erection in the new hole, gliding in all the way easily. Johnny just moaned lowly as Tom slid all the way in, and then Tom really started fucking him. The boys both pulled down the front of their diapers, and one by one, alternating after every few seconds, they started feeding Johnny their hot little dicks.

Johnny, to say the least, was in heaven. He had dreamed about this almost as much as the younger boys had, and like them, he wanted an adult to fuck him good and deep, good and proper, and it felt even better than he had imagined it would. Tom was also so big, he was filling him up almost totally, even the two younger boys fisting him did not fill him quite as well.

“Oh god, I'm cumming already.” Tom grunted.

“Me too.” Both boys said, both of them jamming their hot little erections into Johnny's mouth.

All three of them had great orgasms together, they lasted a few minutes before they came down.

“Mmm, so nice. Did you cum my big baby brother?”

“Oh yeah. As soon as Tom started cumming in my hot baby boy pussy, that was it, I came like never before. It was totally awesome, thanks so much Tom.”

“I'd like to say it was my pleasure, but somehow from the way you look, what I felt was nowhere near to what you felt. You look like you're on another planet.” Tom had to laugh.

“Mmmhmm.” Johnny sighed.

“Come on Daddy, you still have another load or two in you, and Jimmy and I want our turns. We'll do it in our favorite way when we have four. Jimmy and I'll suck each other at the same time, and both you two can fuck one of us. It'll be super hot.”

“Okay, but how?” He asked curiously.

“You'll see.” Quin smiled brightly, and before too long Tom did.

The two younger boys got into position right on the edge of the bed, so that Quin's bum, he was laying on his back, was positioned perfectly for someone to stand right there and fuck him, while Jimmy, who was on his knees, was in perfect position for the other to kneel and fuck him. The boys did not even bother to wait for the other two to start, they just pulled down the front of each others diapers once again and started sucking each other.

Tom and Johnny exchanged looks for a second, so Tom headed to Quin, and Johnny headed to Jimmy. Preparing the boys for only a couple seconds, because they knew that the boys did not need more than that anyway, they lined up their erections and slipped them into the two hot holes.

All four of them moaned as the two fuckers filled the two very willing holes, and started thrusting almost immediately.

“Oh god, this is amazing. I've never had such wild or incredible sex in my life.” Tom sighed.

“With these two, trust me, it can only get better. They've even taught me a few things, they're incredible. They're complete and total sluts too, they can't get enough and have worn even me out more than a few times. I can't even tell you how often they've made me pass out. And one night, I found out the next morning, I passed out after they made me cum in their bums I think twelve times in a row, but then they still wanted to fuck me, so they did, while I was asleep. They still fucked me for more than an hour they told me the next morning. They started out by pissing in me, and then finished off by doing so as well. That was just last month. Fuck was I sore the next morning.” He said, panting as he was doing so, considering how much he was thrusting.

“Shit, that's awesome. Could you even walk the next day?”

“Yeah, but then I'm used to them, and even when they both fuck me at the same time, they're not big enough to fill me up as much as I can take. They fist me all the time, and each of their hands are larger than their dicks are together. Although I dare say Quin's getting damn close now, that boy's got an amazing dick on him. And now I see where he gets it from. I've never seen such a huge dick before 'til I saw yours. At least in person. I've seen a few pictures and even a video of a couple that were larger, but yours is definitely my favorite.” He grunted.

“Thanks. You haven't got a bad weapon there yourself for a fourteen year old baby boy.”

“Thanks. I'm the largest in my class at school, I enjoy showing it off, although I try not to show off too much so that the others don't think I'm flaunting or advertising. I know most at the school know I'm gay anyway, but few have actually said anything.”

“I'll bet you are.”

“Yeah, but Quin's larger now than I was a year ago, so soon he'll surpass me, and a kid two years younger than me will have a way bigger dick than I have. How's that fair.” He grinned.

“Oh, I'm sure he won't mind sharing the wealth.”

“He sure as fuck better not. Kid's a great fucker already, and when his dicks gets bigger, he'll only get better.”

“Tell me about it. The brat's already shown me that.” Tom laughed.

“Yeah, I bet. I'm getting real close, how about you?”

“Getting there.”

“Good. Do you have to pee?”

“Come to think of it, yeah, I could probably stand to drain out a bit.”

“Good, let's really fill 'em up then, they love it. And then we can trade pussies and take sloppy seconds in a different boy.”

“No wonder the boys like you, you're as dirty as they are.” Tom laughed.

“Thanks, that's the nicest thing you've ever said to me.” Johnny grinned cheekily.

“Considering what I now know, I don't doubt that.” He laughed again.

“Yeah. Oh fuck me, here I cum!”

“Ugh, me too.”

And with that, both of them came deep inside the boys, both boys starting their orgasms at the same time as well. For the next few minutes, all three of them went through incredible orgasms, and then they let go their bladders. Quin and Jimmy both had to go as well, and they loved the taste of each other, so as their hot little bums were being filled up, so were their mouths.

“Now, pull out and we'll trade places and really piss fuck them good, I guarantee they'll love it, I know I sure do.”

“I bet you do.”

They traded places really quickly and just sunk right back inside the used and filled holes, both of them sighing even deeper than the boys beneath them.

“Oh god, so hot.” Johnny sighed.

“Mmmhmm.” Tom agreed.

“This never gets old. No matter how many times I have sex, I could just keep on doing it every day of my life. I wish I could do this all day every day, but I just can't.”

“Know how you feel.” Tom grunted.

After that, they did not talk any more, they had already said so much, and they were starting to enjoy themselves too much to be able to talk. There was an awful lot of moaning and groaning, sighing and panting going on though, they were having a great time. Though the boys getting fucked would have to say that they were having the best time. Dicks in mouths and asses all at the same time, there was nothing better. Most would, however, agree.

Almost ten minutes after they stopped talking, all four of them crashed into their final orgasm of the afternoon. Johnny was the first to start, the other three were at most a second behind him, but they all agreed, it was incredible. They all fell apart once their orgasms let them go, and they stayed laying, or kneeling in the case of Tom, where they slumped for a good ten minutes. If it were not for the diapers the boys were wearing, ruined as they were, there would have been a huge mess. The diapers were still holding much of the mess, so that was good. It was almost ten minutes later that they all came down, Tom was the last one.

“Oh my god, in all my wildest dreams, I never imagined something like that.” He moaned.

“You're welcome.” Quin sighed.

“Yeah.” The other two said.

“I think we better all get diaper changes all around then, because I know two little baby boys who are gonna start leaking very soon.”

“For sure.” All three boys said.

Tom and Johnny changed the younger boys, and then they repaid the favor and diapered the older two.

“Now, that's what I call a great afternoon.” Quin sighed as soon as they were all diapered.

“I'll say.” The others all had to agree.

“So, how'd you like it Daddy, was it everything I said it would be?”

“And more. Still doesn't exactly make it right though, you know that right?”

“Ah, who cares about what's right or wrong anyway. I'm just a kid and I know I could go to the police department right now and buy myself a cop for cheap and get all sorts of crap easy. This entire city is run by mob rules remember, the law means nothing here.”

“Yeah, I suppose you have a good point there. So, what should we do boys?”

“Well, I for one am hungry, so I say food, and then maybe a movie or two. Are you two staying the night?” He asked his friends.

“Hell yeah.” They both said.

“So much for asking if it's alright.” Tom said dryly.

“Hey Daddy, you mind of Jimmy and Johnny stay the night and give you mind bending sex at least once more before we all pass out for the night?” Quin asked cheekily.

“Oh, I guess so. You know how HARD it is to say no to a question like that.” Tom laughed.

“Goody.” Quin giggled.

They all headed to the kitchen, where they made and ate a good filling dinner, to help replenish all their stocks, and then they all headed to the living room and sat back and watched two movies. They had a snack about half way through the second movie, and they had drank a lot during both as well, so all their diapers were getting good and full. That was not the only thing of course, because so were their hormone reserves.

Without much said, they all headed to bed, and almost the exact same thing as the afternoon happened again. The two younger boys got into a nice sixty nine while the other two fucked them silly. They filled both boys up once each before they were all satisfied again. Quin asked to just have a fresh diaper put over his already soggy and holy diaper, so they all did the same thing and went to bed double diapered.

The next morning the four of them awoke, they were all super soggy, all happy as could be, and all more than just a little horny once again. Once again the two younger boys got into their favorite position, while the two older ones filled them up. The boys both got triple filled this morning again, two loads of cum and one load of piss, one load of cum from each of them deposited deep into their very hot little asses. They all changed each others diapers, and then shortly after, the guests left for the day.