Chapter 4

The next couple days went by quickly for Tom and Quin. They spent a lot of time together, just learning each other even more, and of course a lot of playing. Jimmy and Johnny came over again one evening and spent the night having a great time with the two of them, they all passed out cold after a marathon of cumming seven times in a row, fortunately they were all diapered before they did pass out. It is now the morning of their first video shoot.

“So, are you nervous Baby?”

“What, are you kidding, I've been looking forward to this since you told me. I can't wait. I just hope you guys don't accidentally hurt me too much or anything, but it'll be worth it, and probably a lot of fun too.” He said excitedly.

“I wish I could say I had your enthusiasm about this.”

“What, you're not even a little excited about mock gang raping me with a bunch of other guys?”

“In some ways, but as a father, I'm still having a hard time letting my baby go and do something like this at all.”

“Yeah, instead why not think of me as a business partner. We may as well think of it that way from now on anyway. Sure, we're still daddy and baby, but now we're in business together.”

“That doesn't really help all that much, and besides, we're still working for Tony, a rather unscrupulous crime boss in Vegas remember.”

“You might think of it as working for him, but in a way, he needs us more than we need him, so let's use him as our backer for our own business, let him do all the hard stuff and take all the risks while we just have fun and do what we need to to survive. Let me handle Tony, trust me, I think I know a little more about him than he wants anyone to know.”

“You really are too smart for your own good, you know that right?”

“Thanks, but we better get going soon, we're supposed to be there in only twenty five minutes, and Tony probably isn't the type to stand for fashionably late.”

“You're right about that.” Tom chuckled and they headed out.

The drive to the warehouse where they were told to go was short and sweet, they talked a little on the way, but about nothing too much. Finally they arrived, and they were met by Tony himself.

“Ah, finally you're here. Excellent.” He said, rubbing his hands together, looking at Quin far too greedily for Tom's taste.

“Yes Sir, we're here. Do you have a tattoo artist here to do fake tattoos?”

“I sure do. Once we're finished here Quin, I'd like to invite you and your dad to my office for a meeting.”

“Certainly Sir, you will however understand our not entering your office if there's a plastic sheet on the floor by your desk.” Quin grinned cheekily.

“Ah, you watch too much TV kid, that's old school. Now I have a professional cleaner come in after the fact, besides, I'd never do that in my own office unless it couldn't be avoided. Like why leave unnecessary evidence.” He laughed.

“Yeah, I know. Just teasing you. Besides, if you were really smart, you wouldn't even use a gun anyway, hundred far better ways to take care of someone, and not so messy either. I trust the information I gave you was helpful though?”

“Yes, but after this fun stuff is all taken care of, then we can get down to business.”

“You call this fun stuff?” Tom asked edgily.

“Hell yeah.” Tony and Quin said at the same time.

“Mouth please Quin.” Tom sighed.

“I understand Tom, really I do. You'd rather your son not even be here at all, but he needs to be, and furthermore, he wants to be. Don't worry, you get to be there, and you can control a certain amount. You're the one who'll do most of the talking anyway, and I do have some lines for you to use if and when you get a chance. You can read and try and memorize most of them while your fake tattoos are being done. I never asked before, but do you have any real ones that we need to take care of first?”



“And no, I really don't want Quin here, but he does want to be here, and he has some good points too, and I know you're pretty much making me, so I have no real choice. I'll be glad though that I can control some of it though, that'll make it easier.”

“I thought it would be a nice gesture, since we're using your son for the first time after all.”

“So, what's all happening then Sir?” Quin asked curiously.

“Well, I have a fake bedroom scene set up, the perfect boys bedroom as it were. You'll be in bed, pretending to be asleep. I trust you're nice and thickly diapered and even more wet already?”

“Yes, and not quite. Filming won't be starting for a good two hours or so, so I'm only just a little wet so far, but by then, I should be nice and wet.”

“Oh, good thinking, wouldn't want to have to change right before filming starts and not have you nice and wet. Anyway, I have a cute pair of footed sleepers for you to wear, but you won't get to keep them, because if this all goes how I want it to, then they'll be destroyed during the filming. The men will barge into your room and put a bag over your head before the camera can even get a glimpse of your face, and then they're gonna rape you. Your dad's gonna tell you some stuff almost right at the beginning, then that's about it. Tom, you should probably head over to makeup, the artist should be just about ready for you.”

“Okay Sir.” Tom said.

“Great Sir, should be fun. Were the actors asked to only make it look like they were hurting me?”

“None of them are interested at all in hurting a kid anyway, so no worries there. They all know that you're more than willing, and that you've had lots of sex, and they, like you, can't wait for this to begin. A few bruises though are to be expected, I hope you don't mind?”

“No, not at all, just as long as they're not intentionally hurting me for no reason.”

“I doubt your dad would allow that anyway.”

“No, he wouldn't, and although I doubt you'd ever seen it before, he can be very mean when he's mad, and he's ultra protective of me, so he's liable to knock someone out first and ask questions later if they get too rough with me.”

“Good to know, but I doubt that'll be necessary. Now, before we go and talk business with your dad later, I do have a question for you without your dad around.”

“What would you like Sir?”

“How much would you like to come spend the weekend with me and my son. He saw the pictures of you, and he'd love to spend time with you as well?”

“I must decline to suggest an amount Sir, you must tell me what you're offering.”

“Smart business man. Okay, then how does two thousand dollars for Friday night through Sunday night sound to you? It'll be just the two of us, plus you of course, we may wish to tie you up and use you in many different ways, but we won't hurt you.”

“That sounds more than fair Sir, and I like to be tied up, so that's okay. You can blindfold and gag me too if you like. Although I prefer a real dick down my throat to gag me.”

“Then boy, you're gonna be two thousand dollars richer this weekend.” Tony said, rearranging himself in his pants.

“And you'll be at least a dozen loads of cum lighter, but probably twice that.”

“I'll have to remember to have the first aid kit handy then, as well as at least a few Viagra.” Tony laughed.

“You may need them.” Quin grinned brightly.

“And on Wednesday, I have a client in town who I owe some favors to, would you be willing to visit him in his hotel room, five hundred for at least a few hours of fun with him and a few of his friends?”

“Sure, why not.”

“Good. We'll settle all the details then later with your dad. Here's your costume by the way, I'd love to help you into it.”

“Okay, but don't make me cum, I want to save it for the camera.”

“Fuck, I wish I was gonna be one of the actors for your film.” He said wistfully.

“Don't worry, this weekend will be soon enough for you.”

“Probably not.”

Tony grabbed the sleeper that Quin was to wear, and then helped Quin from his clothes, admiring his incredible body as it was revealed, and more than appreciating how he looked in just his soggy diaper. He helped Quin step into the sleeper, and then he did it up.

“Wow, you look incredible.” He sighed deeply.

“Thanks, I like these ones, but I already have one of these, they're the same ones my dad bought for me, in fact, they're the first ones I wore.”

“Good. Now, unfortunately I have to go take care of some business before the shoot, but the rest of the actors are already finished in makeup, so I want to take you to meet them all. No point in not knowing the men who are gonna rape you.”

“Okay, that would be nice, thanks.”

Tony took Quin to a room nearby where four big burly men were standing around chatting. To anyone that looked on, you would think that they were members of Tony's main rival gang, they had perfect jackets and tattoos, and they were all big and burly.

“Gentlemen, and of course I use that term very loosely, I'd like to introduce the star of today's movie. This here is Quin. Quin, these are Steven, Joseph, Mitchel and Ryder.”

“Good to meet you.” They all said at the same time.

“I gotta go for a bit, but I'll be back before filming starts. You guys all get to know each other.”

“Okay.” They all said.

“So, you're only twelve?” Ryder asked.

“Sure am. If you're that big on the outside, how big's what you're packing inside?”

“Almost eight inches. You sure you're gonna be able to take it, and are you really sure you want to do this? Tony says you're fully willing.”

“Hell yeah I am, and trust me, I'll be able to take two of you guys, unless one of you's bigger than my daddy and one of my boyfriends.”

“You have more than one boyfriend?” He asked incredulously.

“Two main ones, yeah.”

“Good grief, and here I thought I was bad at fourteen, you're way worse at twelve.” Ryder laughed.

“Yeah, what can I say, I'm a real baby slut. What about the rest of you, what are you packing?”

They all gave their answers, and they varied from six to eight inches.

“Great, should be a fun day then. My daddy's almost ten inches, and pretty thick too, so maybe I'll get really filled today.”

“You now we're supposed to gang rape you right?” Mitchel asked.

“Sure, and you guys can go ahead and make it look real, just try and pull back as much as possible so as not to hurt me please, I really don't want to be hit too hard. I warn you though, be afraid of my dad, if you hit me hard, he's likely to hit you ten times harder.”

“Right, I think we'll take that under advisement.” Ryder laughed.

“Don't worry about him too much, I can handle him, but he's pretty protective of me and is likely to hit first and ask questions later if you do hurt me a lot. I'll try and make sure that doesn't happen, you just have to make sure not to hit me too hard. I wonder if the makeup department has any fake blood, a nice bloody lip would look awesome.”

“I'm sure they do. You really are into all this, aren't you?”

“Damn rights I am. And whose idea do you think it was for you guys to be dressed up as Tony's main rivals?”

“Well, I thought it was his, but somehow I don't think so.”

“Nope, mine. Same as I'll be bagged, so that I can't be traced, protects everyone involved, same for you guys wearing masks or hoods, whichever Tony found for you, it'll help protect everyone involved, but won't look good to your rivals at all.”

“Wow, you're good.”

“Thanks, I try.”

For the next half an hour, they all stood around talking and laughing, and all four men really liked Quin and could not wait to have some fun with him. He promised them a really good time.

“Hi Daddy, how was it?”

“Not too bad actually, quite relaxing really. I almost had a hard time concentrating on the papers I was given to read.”

“What all are you supposed to say?”

“You'll hear soon enough.”

“Cool, are we starting soon then?”

“Yeah, as soon as Tony gets here, then we start.”

“I'm here now.” He said from right behind them.

“Goody.” Quin said excitedly.

“Come on then, let's get you guys all situated, and then we can get this show on the road, quite literally.”

Tony led them all to the bedroom scene that they were going to be using. There were already three cameramen in place, they appeared to just be waiting already, so everyone assumed that they were all ready to go. The bedroom scene looked just like any other little boys bedroom, it was perfect.

“Okay, go ahead and hop into bed, but make sure to keep your face to the wall and somewhat hidden, so that we don't get a shot of it. If we do, we can edit it out later anyway, but let's keep the editing work lighter. If we want or need someone to do something, we'll call it out, we can remove that later, but the rest of you, try not to talk too much except for the script and anything else that just feels right to say.”

“Okay.” Everyone said.

Quin went and hopped into bed and got comfortable, his face was buried in the covers a bit, but you could clearly see that he was there. The lights were dimmed, to simulate night time and the director for the movie called out, “Rolling, action.”

All of a sudden, with a crash, a pretend door was slammed, the lights were turned on, and before Quin could even react, a masked man roughly yanked the covers down and secured a cloth bag over his head.

“Hey, what are you doing?” Quin yelled out, pretending to hope to catch his dads attention.

“Shut the fuck up kid, or we'll shut you up.” Tom said harshly.

“What are you doing, what are you gonna do to me, please don't hurt me, I didn't do anything wrong?” Quin said, making it sound like he was scared and crying.

“Don't worry little boy, we're not gonna hurt you.” One of the others said smoothly, but the tone said something else.

“P....p.....p.....p....please, d....d....d.....d....don't hurt” He stuttered, crying even more now.

“Shut up kid. Your daddy fucked us up real bad, now we're gonna pay him back, and no amount of yelling from you's gonna stop that. We've already got him taken care of.”

“What'd you do to him, you didn't hurt him did you?” He asked, crying even more now in mock fear.

“Oh, he's in a lot of pain alright, he resisted us, but we had him out numbered, and he's bruised and bleeding now, and so will you if you don't shut up.”

“Why are you doing this to me?”

“I said shut up kid, no more talking. He's downstairs, watching all this happen on the TV, we have a video camera in here hooked up downstairs, so that your dear old dad learns what happens when he fucks with the wrong guy. Now, shut up.”

“Please don't hurt me.” He whispered fearfully once again.

Right then Tom made to give a very vicious back hand to Quin's head, but at the very last second, pulled it and just barely tapped Quin, it would look perfect. For his part, Quin reeled as if he had been stricken very hard, and wailed out a scream the likes of which no one had ever heard before.

“I said no more talking boy, or that'll feel like a love tap.” Tom growled out. Even Tony was surprised, this was going to sell awesomely, Tom and Quin were acting perfectly, and so far none of the others had had to do hardly anything.

Quin was just whimpering now, pretending to cry, throwing in a few sobs even.

“Okay guys, you know what you gotta do, remove his cute little baby jammies.”

So roughly all five of them started ripping the sleepers off of Quin, by the time they finished, he was in tattered pajamas, mostly all he had now were a few torn rags.

“Ah, would you look at this, the little baby wears diapers. Well, I always wanted to fuck a baby. And just look at how soggy baby already is, and it's only midnight.”

Quin whimpered and cried out a little more for effect at this.

“Which one of you had the smallest cock again, and who has the lube?” Tom asked.

“We're all the same size mostly, you're the biggest, but I'm longer and skinnier than the others. So, I guess I go first huh?”

“Yeah, don't wanna kill the poor kid, just teach his daddy a lesson he won't soon forget. Lube him up a bit, we're not entirely monsters here.” Tom said, and they all laughed, because only a monster would truly rape a child.

Tom poked a large hole in the seat of Quin's nice soggy diaper and made it big enough for them to all fit in, and then Mitch sauntered up, he had already shucked his pants and was very hard. He lubed Quin's little hole for a few seconds, all the while Quin was whimpering and quietly pleading for this to not happen.

“Okay kid, this is gonna hurt like hell. If you want to make it easier on yourself, push out, and go ahead and scream, I like it loud.” Mitch said roughly.

As he pushed in, Quin did scream, loudly.

“Ow, you're hurting me, stop it please, ouch, please stop.” He kept screaming and screaming. Everyone was amazed at how loud and vocal he was being.

“Would one of you please shut him up.” Tom yelled out.

“I got it boss.” Steven said.

He went to Quin's head and pretended to slap him hard, all the while yelling at him, “Shut the fuck up kid, you're giving us a headache.

Quin stopped screaming, but kept whimpering.

“Ah, that's better. You just had to tell him you like it loud, I think he took you at your word.” Tom had to laugh. The others did too, Quin almost did, he was having a great time.

“I wonder how his little throat will feel.” Joseph said, and then went to Quin's head. He tore open a small hole in the cloth bag, and then, because his pants were already off as well, he roughly grabbed Quin's face and told him to open up his mouth and to not bite down.

“Ah fuck, I told you to watch your teeth.” He hissed and smacked Quin upside the head, pretending of course to do it far harder than he actually did, and it showed well too, you could even very clearly hear Quin scream, even with a large dick all the way down his throat.

Joseph though was in pure ecstasy at the blow job he was getting, no one had ever taken him so well before, and the things Quin was doing to him were very nearly unbelievable. He was having a hard time concentrating and trying to remember to keep up the act.

“Oh god, this kids throat's tight, real tight, fuck, when he watches his teeth, it's like heaven.” He mumbled.

“Good, can't wait to try it myself.” The others all said more or less at the same time and in the same way.

“Watch your teeth you little urchin.” He growled again.

“God, his ass is way better than his mouth is, fuck, he's absolutely amazing. I've never broken a boy before, maybe he won't be the last.” Mitch sighed out.

“I doubt that, his mouth's real fine.”

“Just you wait. Oh god, I'm so close, gonna spew real soon here.”

“Me too.”

“Why don't you guys hurry the fuck up so that we can have our turn?” Tom growled.

“Would you want to leave heaven so soon?” Mitch sighed.

“I can see your point.” Tom laughed.

A few seconds later though was all it took for the two men to have all they could handle, and they both spewed forth large powerful loads. Both of them yelling out in bliss as they did so. Quin, for his part of course, pretended to retch and gag, as well as his crying started up again.

“Okay, I'm definitely next, I think he's been opened up enough.” Tom said, and rammed his cock up Quin's upturned ass.

Quin screamed out in agony again, and Ryder just stepped forth and slid his cock through the hole and into Quin's mouth to shut him up.

“My god, you were right, his ass is supreme, isn't it?” Tom sighed out.

“And his mouth is heavenly.” Ryder sighed.

“Told ya so.” Both men said as one.

For the next ten minutes, the two of them fucked Quin mercilessly, slapping him, yelling at him, and all three of them had a great time. Finally they all came again, Quin included this time, he just had too much, but the camera will have missed that part, so no worries there.

“My god, I don't think I've ever cum so much in my life.” Ryder said happily.

“Me neither.” All three of the others to have sampled Quin so far agreed.

“Fuck, I don't know whether to take his mouth or his ass first.” Steven said.

“Take his ass, it's nice and sloppy. I'm taking his mouth.” Tom said.

“Hey, why do you get a turn again so soon?” Ryder pouted.

“Because the boss put me in charge for this, and besides, you strong enough to take me on?” Tom growled.

“Fine.” Ryder said, backing down.

“Thought not, just remember your place.”

Both men slipped in once again, and continued on in their mock rape of the more than willing boy. They all played their parts real well though, to anyone who might be lucky to see the video, they would think that it was in fact a real rape. They went through the entire rotation until they had all fucked Quin's mouth and ass once each. They were already hitting the one hour mark.

“His diaper's totally ruined, let's take it off and see what the little shit looks like?” Ryder said.

“Good idea, I've never seen a boys pussy after being raped, I bet he's gaping open, and maybe even bleeding.” Tom laughed horribly.

“Cut for a moment.” Tony called out. “Quick, someone in there with the fake blood, I want his ass looking like a murder scene.”

One of the men came in with a squeeze bottle of fake blood, he pulled Quin's diaper aside, stuck the nozzle in and gave a good healthy squeeze. He pulled the diaper back into place, and then stepped out of the way.

“Okay, action again.”

Tom quickly and harshly ripped Quin's diaper off, and they all started laughing sickeningly from the sight that they had caused.

“Now that's a raped little boy, and just listen to him, he's just whimpering now like a whipped dog.” Tom laughed.

“Oh yeah. Think that hole can take more?” Ryder asked.

“What did you have in mind?” Tom asked.

“I bet we could double stuff him real good.”

“Might kill the kid, but sure would be a lesson his dear old dad wouldn't soon forget.” Tom laughed again.

Tom laid down on the bed and Quin was picked up and dropped down onto his dads dick, and then Steven got in behind and rammed his dick in as well. Quin screamed out in pure agony again, even though he wanted to moan in bliss, this had been what he was waiting for all day.

“Ryder, ram your cock in his throat, his wailing's giving me a headache.” Tom yelled.

“You got it.” He said, and then did so.

Through two more orgasms a piece, they used and mock abused Quin once again in this way.

“Well boys, I'm almost totally fucked out, but before we go, we should probably thank the little guy, let's make him cum 'til he passes out.” Tom laughed.

“Okay.” They all said.

Quin was roughly thrown on the bed on his back, and then they all started rubbing Quin's body, his dad taking the honors on his little dick though. It had been very difficult for Quin to keep himself soft, he knew rape victims weren't supposed to get hard, at least totally anyway. Now though he allowed himself to get hard. He still kept up the whimpering and the odd crying out, but as much as he wanted to moan, he kept that in check.

“Would you look at the cock on this little one. That's an impressive piece of meat for an eleven or twelve year old boy.” Ryder whistled out in appreciation, it was definitely not planned, but it was true.

“No kidding, that's an impressive piece of meat for a thirteen or fourteen year old to have.” Tom laughed.

For the next half an hour, the five of them stroked Quin until he had cum seven times. Then he passed out. At least he pretended to, in all fairness, he could have gone on for longer.

“Well boys, looks like our work here is done. Let's go check on his dad and make sure he understands a few things. I for one wouldn't mind getting a second shot at this little hotty, maybe his dad'll defy us again.” Tom laughed, and the director called cut.

“Wow guys, that was totally awesome.” Quin sat up and yelled out.

“I agree.” Tony said next.

“We didn't hurt you too much did we?” Tom asked.

“No, couple of the hits winded me a bit or left seeing stars for a few seconds, but nothing really hurt. It was more just the shock of getting hit when I couldn't see it coming. Could someone get me into another nice thick diaper though please, I have a lot of stuff in my hot sloppy slutty little pussy, and it's gonna be messy.” Quin smiled brightly.

“Of course Baby.” Tom said lovingly and diapered his little baby boy.

“Man guys, that was totally awesome. Editing is gonna have an easy time with this one, and it's gonna sell like beer to alcoholics once it gets released.” Tony said happily.

“I trust I get a copy?” Quin said, batting his eyelashes.

“Of course.”

“Free, right?”

“Fine.” Tony sighed, but he smiled too.

“Good. Thanks Daddy, that feels better. Well, you guys should probably get dressed, and then Daddy, you and I have a meeting. By the way, all of you, make sure and cover those tattoos up real well 'til they wash off, I doubt any of you wants to be caught outside showing them off, when you're not part of their gang, it'd probably get you very dead.” Quin pointed out.

“Oh, never thought of that.” Ryder said.

“Neither did I, come to think of it.” Tony said.

“Good thing I'm around then huh!”

“Yeah.” Everone said.

A few minutes later they were all dressed again, and Tom and Quin followed Tony to his office.

“So, you wanted to talk Sir?” Tom asked.

“Yes. A couple things I've already gone over with Quin in private, but he agreed, so Wednesday he needs to be at the Bellagio in the presidents suite for a very private party, and then on Friday afternoon, he's coming to my place for the weekend.”

“Oh.” Was all Tom could say.

“It's okay Daddy, I'll be fine. I'll be asking one of Tony's men to accompany me to make sure nothing goes wrong on Wednesday. I'd take you, but you're too protective of me. As for the weekend, I'll be safe there. Don't worry.”

“I was gonna send you with one of my guys anyway, none of my boys goes anywhere without an armed guard. Tom, I treat the boys I employ very well, very very well. He'll be safer then than he will be when he's with you, I promise.” Tony smiled genuinely.

“I sure hope so Sir, I don't normally trust anyone with my son.”

“And you shouldn't, but you can trust me. Don't worry. Now, I do have a job for you this weekend, I think you'll enjoy it. I just recently acquired a young boy, he's just barely twelve years old, and I wish to use him for the same thing that Quin's doing, but right now he's not ready. I know you'll treat him right and make him comfortable, but by the end of the weekend, he'll need to know all there is to know about his job.”

“Oh Sir, I don't know if I can break in a new boy. I'd feel so horrible.” Tom said softly.

“You'll be fine Daddy, it'll be fun. Just go slow and easy with him. Tony, what does he know so far?”

“All he knows is that he had to be given to me by his mom who owed far too much money to ever work off. He knows that he's to do work, but not what yet. He's currently at my place, and I've been giving him everything that he needs, but he won't talk to me. Understandably he blames me, even though I tried to tell him that it was his moms idea to sell him to me to clear her debt. I haven't even told him yet that the second she was shot of him and her debt, she disappeared. By the sounds of it, she didn't want him anyway, shame really, he's a real cute kid, but until he gets rid of his hatred of me, I won't try and have sex with him. You however I think could.”

“But Sir, what if the boy's not even gay?”

“Really, who cares.”

“Well, I do Sir.”

“And so should you Tony. If he isn't, then you'll be damaging him horribly.” Quin warned.

“I suppose you're right. He is gay though, of that I'm certain, and his mom sure seemed to think so too.”

“That's good. Before you take him Daddy, I'll go and talk to him for a bit, so that he's better for you.”


“Good idea Quin. Now, onto more important business matters. I trust you remember the information you gave to me before Quin?”

“I sure do. I take it that it proved very useful to you?”

“More than even you probably realized it could have.”

“Good, so what happened.”

“The FBI came and talked to me two days ago, saying that I was to be arrested for drug trafficking and money laundering. So, I asked them what he was talking about. The guy actually had the balls to tell me that an informant had let him know about the drug deal, that they were there when it happened, and that the money had been marked, so that it could be traced. He then told me that it was then all given to a casino of a friend of mine, where the money was then distributed to all the customers, thereby being cleaned. He wanted to know what it was that I bought from them, and who I got the drugs from.”

“I just laughed in his face and called him an idiot. I asked him if he had apprehended the guy who I sold the drugs to. He said no, why. I told him that the asshole had scammed me months ago, that I cooked up the entire scheme of a fake drug deal to get my money back, who I had actually borrowed from the casino in the first place, so was only paying back a debt. I told him that I knew that the no good son of a bitch knew nothing of drugs at all, and all I sold him was a million dollars worth of sugar and a few additives to make it look perfectly real. He tried to arrest me anyway, saying I was lying to him, and I told him that until he was able to prove that I was guilty, that he had no right to. I had my lawyer come in and he told the guy the same thing, that unless he had the drugs and could prove without a shadow of a doubt that I did so, then he could fuck off. He left, and two hours later, someone had a serious accident and sadly didn't make it. I guess the FBI guy has other friends and made the guy just disappear. For what reasons this is I don't really know, nor do I care, all I know, he's no longer my problem.” Tony said with a laugh as he finished off.

“Excellent. So, you got a million dollars pretty much free and clear, you didn't even have to spend an hour in jail, so I'd say you made out quite well. Even with the four or five hundred dollars that your lawyer probably charged you, you still made a huge amount of money. So, what was the information worth to you?”

“More than you can imagine. Your dads debt has now been erased, I'm giving you a fifty thousand dollar bonus for that, five thousand for today's movie, and another five for the idea to really fuck up the guys who are trying to take over my area. Here's your check.” Tony said, handing it over.

“Pleasure doing business with you Sir.” Quin smiled.

“I assure you, it was all my pleasure.”


“So, any other information you care to give to me that might come in handy?”

“Nothing quite as good, but I heard a rumor at school that says a new gang's trying to start up in town, and they're recruiting kids from the elementary schools. No one's approached me yet, so I don't know any hard details, but by the sounds of it, they're using kids to make movies, and they're paying a lot for the privilege. I know you pretty much have the bag on that, so I thought it might interest you.”

“Oh really. Well who do they think they are? Do you know anything more?”

“No, not yet, I just know one of the boys was asking another boy while in the bathroom if he wanted to join a cool club with him and make lots of money. The older boy was maybe twelve, I know he's in grade six, but not my class, and the other boy was about ten. The younger boy asked what he'd have to do to make lots of money, so the older one told him that he'd get to have lots of sex, and that he'd get paid for it. The younger boy seemed scared, but the older boy punched him and told him that it was either join or be beat up every day by members of the gang, and that if he breathed a word of anything to anyone, he'd be dead. Finally he agreed to join. I was hiding in a stall, and I didn't want to make a noise or risk looking out, so I couldn't see who it was. I've heard the rumor going around though that there's a new gang for kids our age, but no one ever talks about it. If I get approached, would you like for me to agree to join?”

“I'd love you to, but you'll have to be real careful, I'm sure I don't have to tell you how dangerous it is to be a mole.”

“I'd rather you not join.” Tom said.

“Yeah, but Dad, if I get approached, it's either join or be beaten up, I'd rather join. And this way if I do get approached, and I do join, then it might help out a lot too.”

“I suppose so. Don't try and make yourself get approached though, that'll probably only make it worse.” He sighed.

“Don't worry, I'm not entirely brainless after all.”

“Any information you can get me though Quin would be great.” Tony asked.

“If I can get any information without taking hard risks, then I'll do so. Was there anything else Tony, or can we go home so that I can take a nap, I'm really tired?”

“No, I think that was pretty much all there was for you today. Thanks once again for everything. Oh and before you go Tom, here's your check for today's performance as well, the full amount, since your debt was paid off.”

“Thanks Sir, I appreciate it.”

“I know, and you have your son to thank for it, not me.”

“I know, and I'll thank him more personally later.”

“You do so. You're one lucky man.”

“I know. Well come on Baby, let's head home.” Tom smiled, and they headed home.

They hopped in the car a few moments later and were on their way home. As soon as they made it there, they headed into the house and stripped down, and Quin diapered Tom for him, since he had not taken a diaper with him.

“So, what do you think about being debt free Daddy?”

“It's awesome. I really do have to thank you. I'm still so sorry I had to drag you into all this, but if it weren't for you, I'd probably be dead right now.”

“Well, I for one am glad I got dragged into it, it'll be awesome. Oh crap, I forgot to ask Tony if Jimmy could join.”

“Oh well, there's always next time, and you'll be seeing him this weekend anyway.”

“Yeah, and you'll get to break in a cute little boy.”

“Still not sure about that.”

“You'll do fine Daddy. How did you plan to do it with me?”

“Well, turns out I didn't have to, but I was just gonna talk to you and tell you what was happening and what had to be done, then I was just gonna start at the beginning and start slow and work from there.”

“Perfect, that's how you should deal with him then.”

“Yeah, but he's a complete stranger.”

“So, who cares. Doesn't change how to go about it. Now, are you gonna come lay down with me for a bit Daddy, or am I going by myself, because I'm really tired?”

“So am I, so let's go to sleep baby.” Tom smiled warmly, so they laid down and went to sleep.