Chapter 5

The next few days went by for them, and while they had a lot of fun, they also just sat and cuddled a lot. They had had amazing sex more than a few times, Jimmy and Johnnie joining them for a couple of them. Quin went back to school on Monday as per usual and did well there, as well as had some fun too, but on Wednesday afternoon, he had his first appointment, and he could not wait. Even Jimmy asked him a few times what he was so antsy about, but Quin told him that he would tell him later. As soon as School ended, Quin went out to meet his dad, as arranged, because Tom would just take him right to the hotel.

“Oh, Steven, are you my body guard for today?” Quin asked when they found Steven in the lobby waiting for them.

“Sure am, I'm to make sure no one takes advantage of you and or abuses you. I'll be in the room with you at all times, and while I don't get to join in on the fun, it should prove to be a good night.” He smiled brightly.

“I'm sure it will. Well Daddy, you go have a good night, and try not to worry about me, I'll be in good hands, hopefully lots actually. If you get lonely, call Johnny and or Jimmy over, they'll come help you out.”

“I might just have to do that. I hope I'm doing the right thing by leaving you here though.”

“You are, I'll be fine, try and have a good night Daddy, love you. I'll see you tomorrow morning when you come pick me up for school.”

“Okay Baby, have a good night, even though I have no doubts that you will.”

“Oh, I will alright. I'll be certain that they get their every cent worth, and probably a little more.”

“Oh I wish I could join you.” Tom laughed.

“Me too Daddy, but not tonight. No go.”

“Yes Baby.” Tom sighed and headed out.

“Well, what are you waiting for, take me to the room?” Quin said excitedly.

Steven took him to the very top floor of the very grand hotel, and then to the largest suite they had. There Quin was introduced to five men. They were all already naked, with the exception of very soggy diapers.

“I'm glad that you're all diapered, so that means tonight will be a great night. Now, if one of you'd be so kind as to come undress me please?” Quin asked brightly.

The man who was in charge for the night took the honors upon himself to do so, all the men watching with rapt attention as he was stripped down to his soggy diaper. From there he was led to the bed, and there he pretty much stayed for the entire night, until they all passed out, one after the other, Quin actually the last to do so. He was filled with no less than five loads of cum from each man in his ass, at least three more in his mouth, and most of them even peed in his bum for him too. All the while he was giving them all the pleasure they could handle.

Did Quin give them more than they paid for, he sure did, and boy did they tip him well for it the next morning. All the men were still reeling when they finally awoke the next morning, it having taken more than a little while to rouse all of them, but Quin was wide awake, while they all felt as if they were still mid orgasm. Quin skipped down to the lobby with Steven in tow in time to meet his dad.

“So, how'd it go?” Tom asked as soon as he hopped in the car.

“It was great. Here, you take this, I don't want to take it to school with me.” He said, handing over a wad of cash.

“What's this?”

“Money.” Quin giggled.

“I can see that, but how much and why?”

“Didn't bother to count it, but the guy said it was a tip, because they all had the best night they had ever had before, and I earned every penny of it, as well as what they had already had to pay.”

“There's gotta be five hundred or more dollars here.”

“I showed them a really GOOD time.”

“I'll just bet you did. How many times did Steven cum just watching you?”

“He told me six.”

“You really are that good, aren't you?”

“I'd think you'd know that by now.” He giggled cutely again.

“Yeah, but I'm biased.”

“No. So, did you invite Jimmy and or Johnny over last night?”

“No, didn't need to, as I was leaving the hotel, one of Tony's men was there to give me something. He said it would be appreciated, being that it was my first night without you. He smiled and handed over a disc, and said it was our first movie. I watched it twice, and I probably out came you.” He laughed.

“What, really. Fuck school, take me home, I want to watch it.”

“Mouth brat, and no, not a chance. You can watch it tonight.”

“Fine, be like that. I hope you know I'll be hard all day long, anticipating it right?”

“Like you wouldn't have been already anyway.”

“Good point, but now I'll be more hard. I'll have to sneak Jimmy or someone else out for a couple sessions today.”

“Like you wouldn't have anyway.”

“Good point.” He laughed.

“Well, here you go Baby, here's your back pack, all loaded and ready to go, have a good day at school, and I'll see you when you get home.”

“Thanks Daddy, love you.”

“Love you too Baby.” Tom smiled and Quin hopped out and headed into the school.

As soon as school was out, Quin ran all the way home and barged in the house.

“A wee bit excited are we?” Tom laughed.

“Oh yeah.”

“I'm surprised you don't have Jimmy here with you.”

“I wanted to see it first, just the two of us together, but he'll be over tonight, I told him I had a surprise for him, so let's watch it now please?”

“Okay. I have it all primed and ready to go.”

“I wasn't talking about your dick.”

“Nor was I, but it is too. Care to sit on it while we watch?”

“Hell yeah I do.” He said excitedly, and they both stripped down to just their soggy diapers.

They each poked the appropriate holes in each others diapers, and then Tom sat down, and Quin sat down on him. Tom started the movie, and they watched happily for the entire hour and a bit that it lasted. Tom had cum four times inside Quin, peed in him once, and he was leaking out onto him and the couch, neither of them cared one bit.

“Wow, that was totally awesome. No wonder you out came me last night, that was so totally hot. If I didn't know any better, I'd say I was raped completely.”

“Yeah, I agree. I had a hard time not believing it myself, and I was there.”

“No kidding. We should probably get changed and get this mess all cleaned up, and then get some dinner, because boy am I hungry.”

“Yeah, we probably should.”

So, that was what they did. They changed each others diapers, cleaned the couch, which Tom had put a towel on anyway, and then made and ate an early dinner. Shortly after that, Jimmy arrived, and Quin excitedly told him all about the movie shoot that they had done, and then the three of them sat down to watch it. Jimmy asked if he could sit on Tom as they did so, and Tom was more than happy with that. Tom did have his fingers up Quin's little bum though during the movie, so that he had something as well.

“Wow, that was really you guys, that was totally hot? It was so realistic.”

“Yeah, it was, thanks.” Quin said happily.

“I want to be part of your next one.”

“We'll see. I'm gonna talk to Tony this weekend to see what we can arrange.”

“Cool, thanks. Well, unfortunately I should be heading home, thanks for the great night.”

“No problem, let me just change your diaper before you leave.” Quin said.


Quin changed Jimmy right away, then Jimmy headed out. Tom and Quin then changed each others diapers as well, made and ate a snack, and then they headed to bed, it had been a long day and they were tired.