Chapter 6

The next couple days went quickly for them, and before they knew it, it was Friday afternoon. Both Quin and Tom had jobs to do this weekend, Quin was excited, Tom was nervous, even though Quin had tried to ease those nerves a number of times. Tom picked Quin up from school once again, and then they headed to Tony's house. It was nearly an hour drive to get there, it was quite a ways away. When they arrived to the massive estate, they were both very impressed with the size of the place, yet it looked very nice. They were let through the gate right away, and then when they parked, they were met at the door by Tony himself.

“Ah, finally. It's so good to see you again Quin. I hope you're up for a great weekend?”

“You know I am. I hope you are as well?”

“Already taken the Viagra my dear boy.” He grinned.

“Goody. And are you diapered as well?”

“No, you get to diaper me though. I've never worn myself, but to have you as willingly as you wish, I'll give it a shot. My son, Timmy, though, now he's already diapered, he loves them too, though I didn't know this 'til quite recently.”

“Good, glad to hear it Sir, and I'm sure you'll love it too. Now, my dad has to pick up the young man, but I'd like to go talk to him first, before we get down to the fun stuff?”

“Of course. He's in his bedroom, he's hardly eaten or drank anything, he won't leave his room at all. I hope you can help him.”

“Don't worry Sir, by the end of the weekend, he'll be a new boy.”

“I hope so. Go do your magic kid.” Tony said, and then showed him where to go.

“Hi there, mind if I come talk to you for a bit?” Quin asked softly after entering the room.

“Who are you?” The boy asked timidly, quietly.

“My name's Quin, what's yours?”

“I like that. My name's Carter.”

“I like that too, it's good to meet you Carter. So, I understand you've been here for a while and have hardly eaten or drank anything, and you don't leave your room.”

“I don't like it here, I want to go home.”

“Well, I can understand wanting to go home, you're homesick. The problem from what I hear, is you don't have a home anymore. Your mom actually sold you to Tony and skipped town the second she was debt free.” He said softly.

“Is that what he told you to say, that's what he tried to tell me too, but I don't believe him?”

“Unfortunately, it's not a lie, it's the truth. Do you have any idea how much your mom owed?”

“She didn't owe him anything.” He said stubbornly.

“Word on the street, and I didn't hear this from Tony either, was that she was in debt for nearly a million dollars. A friend of a friend told me that she'd gotten serious into gambling but couldn't win to save her life. So, to save her life, she sold you and ran. Look, I'm not saying this to be mean or anything, it's just that you have to know. Tony now pretty much owns you, but he doesn't want a slave, he just wants you to work for him, to at least pay off some of the debt, he's out a lot of money after all. You'll get money too, so don't worry, you don't have to work for free to pay off your moms debt, that'd be slavery, and he's not into that. Now, you're actually going to my house to spend the weekend with my dad, and I'm staying here with Tony for the weekend, because he's hoping my dad can help you out, since you won't let him. I want you to go with my dad and have a good weekend, and even though he's gonna teach you some stuff that might seem weird, I want you to have fun, okay.”

“What sorta stuff?”

“I'm gonna let him explain all that to you, okay.”

“Um, okay. Do I have a choice in the matter?”

“Yes, but one involves you going with my dad and learning what you need to learn, of free will, or the other is learn the hard way and probably not like it at all.”

“Oh. Is your dad nice, he isn't gonna hurt me is he?”

“He's the greatest, and the reason my dad was tasked with helping you, is because he's almost too nice and would never hurt a kid at all.”

“Oh, okay. I don't know why I'm trusting you.”

“Because I'm telling the truth. Just keep an open mind, and you'll have a lot of fun.”


“Good, now come on, I'll introduce you to my dad.”

They went down and Quin introduced him to Tom, and before too long, they were headed out. There had been very little talking, because Carter was still not comfortable around Tony.

“Well, he seems at least willing.” Tony said as Tom and Carter left.

“He'll be fine. Now, where's your son, and when do we get to start the party?”

“Downstairs, and as soon as we get there.” Tony smiled brightly, so they headed downstairs.

For the next several hours, the three of them got to know each other real well, in ways only people that are having wild unbridled sex can do. Timmy was astounded that such a young boy could do all that he could do, but he was taking both men inside himself with ease and was enjoying it. In fact he kept egging them on, until eventually neither man had anymore left to offer.

The entire weekend went like that too, Quin kept both of them on the brink of complete and total sexual exhaustion the entire time. They watched many movies that Tony had made over the years, having sex most often as they watched, but sometimes they just had sex or just watched. Either way, when Sunday evening came, Tony was almost happy, he had nothing left, he was totally worn out, his son was not much better, and both said they were going to sleep for the next two to three days straight. Quin smiled.

Tom on the other hand was having a good time too, but missed his baby greatly. As soon as they hopped in the car, he started talking to Carter though.

“So, how old are you Carter?”

“Twelve Sir.” He answered quietly.

“A very young twelve by the looks of it. When was your birthday?”

“About three weeks ago now.” He nearly whispered.

“You don't have to be scared of me Carter, I won't hurt you at all, I promise.”

“You promise?”

“Yes. I need to teach you some stuff, but if at any time you're uncomfortable, you just tell me, and we'll take a break and or go slower, okay.”

“What do you have to teach me?”

“Let's wait on that 'til we get to my place, okay.”


“I'd rather be able to hold you while I tell you, it's not that I don't want to tell you, it's just not something to go over when you can't be cuddled. When was the last time someone just held you and hugged you?”

“Can't remember the last time.”

“Yeah, from what Tony says, that's not surprising unfortunately. Can you tell me anything about your mom?”

“What did he say about her?”

“Well, for one, that she sold you to him to save her life and pay off her debt, then the second she was free, she left, never asking to see you again.”

“It's a lie, she wouldn't have done that, he stole me.”

“I'm afraid that isn't the case.”

“Take me to my house, I'll prove it?” He said hotly.

“Okay, where did you live?”

He told Tom, so Tom changed directions and headed there. They arrived some forty five minutes later. Carter went to the door, but it was locked. He reached under a stone in the garden and retrieved a key and unlocked the door. As soon as he stepped inside, he knew the truth. Everything was gone, except one thing, it was in the middle of the living room floor, it was a pile of pictures, all him. He burst into tears.

“She really did leave me, she really did sell me. She didn't even keep my pictures.” He sobbed out pitifully.

“I'm so sorry Carter. I'd hoped that she'd have at least taken your pictures, that was cold, even for her.” Tom said softly, hugging Carter closely.

“How could she have done this to me?”

“I don't know, but for now, you can call my house yours as well, okay.”

“I don't know what I'm gonna do now.”

“For now, come to my house and we'll go from there. Come on, let's grab all this and get going, there's nothing left here for you now.”

They grabbed up all the pictures, not that there were many mind you, and loaded them in the car and headed out. From there it was only fifteen minutes or so to Tom's house. As soon as they made it there, they headed into the house.

“Now, we have a serious talk to have Carter, so let's go sit and cuddle in my chair while we do so, okay.”

“Okay.” He said softly, his tears having finally dried up.

Tom went and sat in his chair, and Carter came and hopped up. It took a moment for him to get comfortable, and when he did, Tom hugged him closely. This was of course a two fold reason; one, he knew the boy needed hugs and cuddles, and two, he knew Carter would likely try and run the second he heard what Tom had to tell him.

“Okay, so what do you have to tell me?” Carter finally asked after a few minutes of cuddles.

“Well, there's no real easy way to say this, so I'm just gonna lay it on the line. Tony wants you to make movies for him.”

“He wants to make me a movie star?”

“Yes, in a sense. The type of movie that he wants you to be in though are not the type that a boy like you would likely have watched before.”

“What kind of movie, a horror film?”

“No, at least not entirely, some might think so though I suppose.” He chuckled.


“Well, he wants you to make porn movies.”

“What's porn?”

“Well, I guess that means you don't know what sex is all about.”

“I know what sex is, is sex porn?”

“Yes, sorta. Porn is a movie where people have sex on it.”

“He wants me to have sex on film?”

“Yes, and the worst part, I have to teach you all about that this weekend.”

“Oh. I've never had sex before though, and where's the girl, isn't sex supposed to be a boy and a girl?”

“Depends, some prefer it that way, but some prefer it another way, two boys instead. But you already know what gay is, don't you?”

“Yeah, it's when boys love each other instead of loving a girl.”

“Exactly, and you're gay, aren't you?”

“No, of course not.” He said too quickly, starting to cry and struggle already.

“It's okay, really it is. For the movies that Tony wants you to do, it's better that you're gay anyway. So am I and Quin too by the way, and more than likely, you and Quin will have to do a movie together.”

“He's a porn movie star?”

“He sure is. We've only done one movie so far, but I'm sure another will be in the works soon. I don't know how much money you'll make doing it, but I know Quin and I sure do make a lot, and it was a lot of fun too actually. Not only will you be making movies though, you'll also be required to go to special parties where men will have sex with you too. Just this past Wednesday Quin went to a hotel for the night and five guys had sex with him all night long, he got paid from Tony, and they gave him a big tip afterward as well, because he did so well.”

“Really, he does that?”

“Yeah, and the little brat enjoys it too.” Tom laughed.

“Oh. What do you have to teach me?”

“Everything there is to know about having sex. What do you know so far?”

“Nothing really. Just that my dick is supposed to go inside a girl, and that if I do that, then she could have a baby.”

“So, the extreme basics.”

“I guess so.”

“Well, with two boys, one of your dicks goes in the others bum, and then you trade places and do it again. It's so nice. Is your little peepee hard?” Tom asked, patting Carter's lap, only he felt something else there instead, although he did feel a lump too.

“Oh god.” Carter squeaked and tried to get away, starting to cry as well.

“It's okay Carter, really it is, I know why you wear diapers, because I wear them for the same reason.” He whispered to the scared boy.

“No you don't, I don't even have to wear them, except at night.” He sobbed.

“Actually, I don't have to wear them at all, but I do. Here, stand up, let me show you!”

Carter stood up, but Tom kept hold of his hand so that he did not bolt, and he worked to get his pants off. All the while, Carter watched in awe, because Tom was in fact wearing a diaper. Tom also decided to remove his shirt.

“May I undress you so that we're the same?” Tom whispered.

Carter only nodded his head yes, so Tom went about stripping the cute little guy, and he was little too. As soon as he was down to just his soggy diaper, it appeared to be a Pampers size seven Tom figured, he sat back down and pulled Carter back into his lap.

“There you go, now we're the same here. You're very cute in a diaper by the way.”

“Thanks. You look nice in a diaper too. I've never seen another person in diapers before.”

“So, why are you wearing a diaper anyway?”

“After the first night at Tony's, he brought a few packs in for me, because I wet the bed quite bad. He just set them in my closet and told me that should I prefer diapers to wetting the bed, that it was my choice. I'd never worn a diaper before, I just always wet my bed, so I decided after a couple nights to give it a shot. It was hard diapering myself at first, and I know I got it wrong the first night, because I leaked, but it held most of it, but after that it got better. Then something happened, I felt like wearing a diaper during the day, so I did. I've been wearing them almost all day all the time since, and I really like it. Am I bad?”

“Of course not, because if you were, then I'd be worse, because I don't have a need at all to be in a diaper, yet here I am. Quin got me into diapers, because he's a diaper lover too, and I haven't looked back.”


“So, is your little dick hard inside your diaper, I never really got to feel?”


“And would you be willing to let me teach you all that you need to learn?”

“Yes.” He whispered.

“Good. I promise that you'll enjoy this as much as I can possibly make you enjoy anything. Some of it might hurt a bit at first, but with a little time and preparation, you'll be just fine. And remember, if I hurt you, just ask me to stop, and I'll stop moving and let you get used to it, okay.”

“You promise?”

“With everything I have. Gay sex feels amazing, but the first time always hurts, at least a little, so we'll prepare you very well so that you don't hurt too much at all, okay.”


“Good, let's go to our bedroom then and I'll get down to teaching you everything you ever wanted to know that your body could do.”

Tom led Carter to the bedroom and laid him on the bed in the center. He then started out by tenderly touching every spot of the still scared little boys body with his hands, skipping past his diaper for the time being. Then he did the same thing with his mouth and tongue. Carter was nearly purring by now.

Tom then gently lowered the front of Carter's nice soggy diaper and exposed all that he had hidden from view. It was small, just about right for a young boy actually, it was very hard, every bit as hard as Tom's was, and it was delicious looking. Tom found himself wanting to taste the boy even more than he wanted to taste Quin again at the moment.

So, he did. He bent down and inhaled all that Carter had to offer, balls and all. Carter squealed out in joy, it felt amazing. For the next five minutes, Tom sucked Carter, giving it his all to make the little guy feel as good as he could possibly stand.

“Oh god, something's happening, I'm gonna pee, pull off, oh my god, oh my god, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” Carter wailed out.

Tom of course did not pull off, he knew what was happening, and sucked harder, sucked faster, gave more tongue action, and all around increased the pleasuring ten fold. He had no doubt that this would be Carter's very first orgasm considering his response to it, but he had never experienced a little boys first orgasm, and he was amazed. Little Carter squeaked and squealed so cutely, and for at least a full two minutes, his little rock hard erection pumped probably two or three dozen times, trying to expel something his body was still too immature to produce. Tom had experienced some of the most amazing orgasms recently, yet this one orgasm actually outshone them all, by a wide margin.

Probably not so surprisingly, but Carter passed out from the sheer power of such an orgasm. Tom smiled and pulled the cute little guys diaper back up and crawled up and held him as he slept on. There was a grin plastered on his face that would tell anyone that knew what to look for just what Carter had experienced. He slept for almost thirty minutes before waking back up again, and it was still a good five minutes before he even came too.

“Wow, what was that?”

“That my sweet little baby boy was the best thing a boy will ever feel, his very first orgasm. Most boys feel their first by themselves when they're about ten or eleven, most of them by the time they're twelve though will have given themselves that joy. As you get older, as you play with your peepee more, it just gets better and better. It always feels good, but few boys younger than your age take the time to get to their first orgasm, because it takes a while and most of you pass out from the great feelings before you even get a chance to cum. At the end there when you thought you were gonna pee, many boys do, especially their first time, but you were quite soggy, so you'd probably peed not long before we started, so you didn't have any to give, but had you, I would've gladly drank it down, you'd probably taste as good as Quin normally does.”

“Really, he's peed in your moth?”

“And I his. And we like peeing in each others bums too. I'll teach you all about that this weekend too though, so don't worry.”

“But isn't that nasty?”

“To some, probably yes, but I assure it's really nice.”

“Oh, okay. That felt real good, can you suck me again?”

“I sure can baby boy, roll back over and I'll suck you as much as you can stand.” Tom smiled warmly, and Carter rolled over quickly.

Tom got back into position, lowering the front of the excited boys diaper, revealing that he was in fact very excited, and he engulfed Carter once again totally. Carter squealed once again as Tom sucked him, and this time, a little more than five minutes later, when he came again, he did not pass out. He was more used to the feelings and was more prepared for them.

Carter did not ask him to stop, so Tom did not bother to stop, just kept right on going. Carter was being vocal about what he was feeling, but he was not saying a word, other than the occasional mmm yeah. Mostly he was squeaking or squealing, he made the occasional grunt, and he moaned almost non stop.

Three more back to back orgasms Tom led Carter through, and still Carter did not ask for Tom to stop. He was having a great time, his body felt better than he had ever imagined it could. And then Tom did something to him that made him feel even better yet, even though he knew it was supposed to be wrong.

Tome reached into the bedside table drawer and grabbed the lube, Carter had not even noticed this fact. He then got enough on his fingers to start, and then ventured inside the rear of Carters diaper and started rubbing his little boy hole. Carter just moaned even deeper with that, because it felt so amazing.

By the time Carter was about to have another orgasm, Tom had his little hole quite relaxed, so when Carter slipped into his next orgasm, Tom slipped his middle finger in all the way. Carter screamed out in ecstasy from this, it just felt so amazing. There was no pain, there was no discomfort, only pure pleasure.

“How you feeling?” Tom pulled off and asked once Carter was down enough for him to comprehend the question.

“Wow, so good. Don't stop, keep sucking me please, and keep doing that with your finger, oh god yeah, that, don't stop doing that.” He grunted as Tom kept moving his finger.

“Okay.” Tom smiled and got back to work.

Tom was now really working the little hole as he was sucking Carter, and Carter sure seemed to be loving every second of it. Carter's little bum sure seemed to be made for anal sex though, because Tom was noticing just how much natural lube his body was producing, it was nearly dripping out of the boys little bum. Carter was also loosening up amazingly well, and by the time he slipped into his next orgasm, Tom was able to slip in a second finger.

“Oh holy fuck.” Carter screamed out as the second finger went in and his body crashed through yet another powerful orgasm, and then that was it, that was all his mind could take, and he passed out again.

“Sure seemed to like that.” Tom laughed.

He reached into the bedside table drawer and pulled out a small butt plug that he had purchased for just this very thing, he wanted to make this as easy on Carter as he could, so he had purchased it so to help the little boy stretch. He slipped it inside the sleeping boys little bum, then removed his diaper, because it was ruined now, grabbed one of Quin's diapers and diapered the little guy. He pulled the blankets up over the both of them and cuddled into him once again, and let the little guy sleep for the next hour.

Deciding to not let Carter sleep for too long, so that he would sleep throughout the night, Tom gently prodded the young boy to wake him up, whispering in his ear the whole time, telling him to wake up. Finally he did, and with a wide smile.

“Wow, I never knew anything could feel so good. It still feels like you're inside me.”

“That's because something is, just not me. You have a small toy called a butt plug inside you, it'll help you to stay open and learn to love anal sex even faster. Come on, let's get up and go get some dinner, I'm really hungry.”

“Cool, thanks so much, I'm hungry too.”

They both got up and went and made some dinner, and then sat down to eat. As they had been cooking, they had been talking and Tom learned a lot about Carter, and Carter learned a lot about Tom as well. They continued their talk, learning more and more about each other as they ate their dinner. After dinner was ate and cleaned up, they went and sat back in the living room to watch some TV, but before Tom could turn it on, Carter asked another question.

“What do you think Tony's gonna do with me now?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, after this weekend I guess, where am I gonna stay, what am I gonna have to do, that sorta thing?”

“Well, I don't really know. I was only told that I had to train you in what all you'd need to know. By the way, I didn't really want to do this either. It's against my better judgment to do anything with kids in the first place, and certainly to never do something they don't understand, want or like. I wasn't given too much of a choice in the matter though, and Tony did make a good point, and even Quin talked me into it.”

“Why wouldn't you want to do this for me, I've loved everything you've taught me so far?”

“Yeah, and that's good, that makes me feel better at least. The thing though is, do you have any idea how illegal what we just did is?”

“Yeah, but like my mom used to tell me, this is Vegas Baby, the law means nothing here.”

“Yeah, so I've heard.”

“Why else wouldn't you want to train me?”

“Well, what if what I was teaching you, you didn't want to learn, you were scared maybe, or maybe even you hated it? What then, how do you think that'd make me feel. I don't like hurting kids, I don't want to hurt kids.”

“Oh, I see what you mean I guess. But Tony made you do this!”

“Yes and no, he told me it was part of my job, and while if I had have refused, he'd probably be upset, he wouldn't kill me, Quin has too much on him for that. No, Quin told me I should, because he knew I'd treat you right, I'd be kind and gentle with you and let you get used to it slowly. I decided that that was true, because like I said, I don't want to hurt kids, and if I didn't do it, then Tony might get someone else to do it, and they might have hurt you.”

“Oh, well thank you then, I wouldn't want to be hurt at all.”

“No, very few would, although there are those out there that do enjoy hurting others and those who enjoy being hurt. I am certainly neither of those, and I'd prefer to make it nice and gentle and loving.”

“It was.” Carter said dreamily.

“Good, I'm glad. Now, do you want to watch TV for a bit, or do you have any more questions?”

“One more question.”


“Do you think Tony'd let me live here with you, I like you, I'd really like to stay here? Tony didn't hurt me, but I don't think I really like him.”

“Oh, well that I don't know Carter. He might allow it, but I don't know how it'd work for you to stay here. I only have two bedrooms here, this is a pretty small house.”

“So, I'd like to sleep with you.”

“Quin already does.” He laughed.

“Then we both can.”

“I don't know how Quin would feel about that though, it might make him jealous.”

“Oh, but if he says yes, then could I?”

“I'll talk it over with Tony and Quin and see what they say, but I make no promises, okay.”

“Okay, thanks.” Carter said brightly and leaned up and kissed Tom gently on the cheek. It was officially the first time he kissed someone, and he liked it.

Tom turned on the TV after that and they sat back and relaxed, watching TV for the rest of the evening before they both decided that it was bedtime.

“Okay kiddo, let's go to bed.”

“Do we have to go to sleep, I want to play more?”

“I wasn't planning on sleeping, because you need to learn how to use your mouth a bit before bed.”

“Oh, okay, I was hoping you'd suck my dick more for me.”

“And I will, but first I really need to cum, and you do have to learn to use your mouth.”

“Oh, okay.” He said brightly.

They got to the bedroom and Tom positioned himself on the bed so that he was mostly sitting, but still laying down as well, so that he could watch as Carter worked, then he crooked his finger at Carter to tell him to come forth.

“Okay, just go at your own pace, do whatever feels natural, feels good. Lick and kiss my body anywhere you want, touch me, hear me moan, do what you think makes me feel good. When you're ready, go ahead and pull down the front of my diaper and do the same to my dick. When you take me in your mouth though, you have to be careful of your teeth, make sure and always keep them covered by your lips, use your tongue a lot, you'll learn all about that from the sounds I make, and suck some too. Pretty much just do to me all that I did for you earlier. Just remember this though, when I have my orgasm, I'm gonna shoot some stuff out, you're probably gonna have to learn to take it anyway, so you may as well not spit it out, just taste it and learn to swallow it. Most gay boys love it, some hate it, while others just tolerate it.”

“Okay, thanks.” Carter said happily, and then got to work.

For the next half an hour, Carter kissed, licked, sucked and caressed Tom's body. His hands were so soft, his tongue was like wet velvet, his kisses were like butterflies landing on his skin, Tom was moaning and sighing up a storm, Carter was a little lover for sure. Tom really liked it. And then he opened up Tom's diaper, exposing all that he had.

Carter had never seen an adults dick before today, he had certainly never seen one hard, and he was appreciating the sight before him. He was mere millimeters from it, examining it, learning it, admiring it, drooling over it. The desire to have it in his mouth was building up so much, he just had to have it in his mouth. He did not even bother to start by licking it or anything, he just went straight for the prize and took it in his mouth as far as he was easily able to without gagging, and started doing everything that had been done to him before.

It was now Tom's turn to wail out in ecstasy, for a little boy who had never done this before, he sure was a quick study, because he was good, very good. Tom was close though, so close, he did not want to erupt so soon, he had been hoping to save it for a while, but that was not to be. With a strangled cry, Tom warned Carter that he was going to cum, and then he exploded.

Carter instinctively pulled back so that Tom exploded on his tongue, and when he got his first ever taste of man cream, he was hooked. He did not have to force himself to taste it, to learn to love it, he was addicted the second he got his very first taste. He greedily lapped up every last drop that Tom produced, he searched for more once Tom was dry, he savored it all on his tongue for as long as he was able to before having to swallow it all down. Proudly he pulled off and looked up.

“Did I do good? You tasted awesome. Can I have some more?” He asked rapid fire.

“No, you did better than fantastic even. Are you certain that was your first time? I'm glad you liked the taste though.”

“Oh that was definitely my first time, but for sure not my last.”

“Then, by all means, I have at least another load or two in me that you're welcome to have. Oh, and here's the lube, I like my boy pussy played with and fingered too, just do to me what I did for you earlier, you'll be fine.” He smiled warmly.

Fine was an understatement Tom realized in his hazy mind not even ten minutes later. Carter took the lube and as he started sucking Tom once again, he snaked his hand inside the mans diaper and started fingering him. Carter apparently had very talented little fingers, as well as tongue, and Tom was enjoying this a great deal. Tom managed to last almost fifteen minutes for this round, and by the time that time came, Carter was already up to four fingers inside. Tom kept grunting out add more, add more, so Carter did. He was very much enjoying making Tom make the sounds he was making.

All of a sudden, Carter got the wish he desired and got to slurp up another thick creamy load of man cream. This time though he savored it for even longer, but kept right on sucking and fingering. When Tom grunted out more, he did so, and slipped his entire hand inside. Tom only sighed deeply, it felt so good.

Carter though was very surprised that that much could fit inside an asshole, and he was surprised at the heat inside, as well the incredible tightness and softness. Tom urged him to really fist him good, so he did, and as he was sucking Tom, like a pro I might add, he was really digging deep, giving Tom his all, almost literally actually. Carter more than once felt that he was going to lose his entire arm inside the man he was falling in love with.

Finally, after almost twenty minutes this time, Tom had all that he could take and exploded. And that, as they say, was that. Tom was spent, his member softened inside Carter's mouth, and even Carter, with his limited knowledge of sex, knew that there would be no further treats this night. Carter let Tom fall from his mouth, still savoring the last load, Carter looked up and gave a cum eating grin.

“Wow, you're good, a natural even. That was simply amazing.” Tom gushed out.

“Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed, that felt way good, and you taste even better yet.” He grinned even brighter at the compliment, something that he was very much unaccustomed to.

“I assure you, it felt way better than that to me. Come on, pull your arm out of me please and pull my diaper back into place.”

“Oh, right, sorry.” He blushed and extracted nearly half his arm.

“No need to be sorry, I assure you, I'm not that it was still in there, and I'm more sorry that you have to take it out. It does get more than a little uncomfortable after a bit though.”

“No wonder. I don't know if I could take that much inside me at all, let alone that far.”

“Definitely not right away, but you'd be surprised at what that cute little bum of yours could take.”

“Um, no, probably not after what I just did to you.”

“Good point.”

“Um, do you think you can suck me now please, I really need to cum again?”

“Of course, lay down and let me take care of that big bothersome boner of yours.”

“It's not very big, but it's definitely bothersome right now.” He giggled.

“It's not big, yet, but it's plenty enough for a young man your age and size, don't worry. There are those that just love them your size, and you can count me as one of them now.”

“Good.” He said, and then sighed, because just as he said it, Tom revealed said boner and engulfed it entirely.

For his first orgasm of this session, Carter lasted at best ten seconds, but Tom did not bother to stop. He just kept right on sucking, until after fifteen minutes, Carter had came three more times.

“Wow, you sure were primed, weren't you?” Tom Chuckled once Carter finally fell from his lips, also soft.

“I almost came four or five times while sucking and fisting you.”

“Yeah, I know. Well little baby boy, let's get our diapers changed and then get to bed shall we?”


Tom hopped out of bed and grabbed the supplies and came back. By the time he made it there, Carter was already in diaper change position.

“I'm gonna do something for you that Quin really likes.” Tom said when he made it back.

“Okay, what?”

“I'm gonna double diaper you.”

“Okay, cool. Can I double diaper you as well?”

“Sure.” Tom smiled.

So he poked a bunch more holes in the boys diaper and then added the second one, taping him up nice and snug. They then traded places and Carter added a second diaper, after poking holes of course, so that Tom too was nice and thickly diapered.

“Okay young one, let's get to sleep.”

“Okay. I think I love you Tom.”

“I think I love you too Carter.” He smiled warmly, and reached in and gave the little boy a nice tender kiss. Carter just sighed deeply, contentedly, and closed his eyes. He was sound asleep moments later. Tom followed him into peaceful slumber only moments later.