Chapter 7

The next morning came around, and Tom was actually surprised by how late it was, and that the young man beside him was still sound asleep. For the next half an hour though he just laid there watching the little cutie pie sleep, tickling his little chest lovingly as he did so. He too was wondering if Tony would let Carter stay with him and Quin, he figured that it was a good fit, and they could easily watch over him. Finally Carter started coming to.

“Mmm, good morning. Boy did I ever sleep good next to you all night.” He sighed out, sounding much like a contented cat, purring nearly as much.

“I'm glad. How do you feel this morning?”

“Great, like a million bucks.”

“I'm glad. Let's get our soggy baby bums outta bed and go get some breakfast.”

“Okay, and I am really soggy too, even in a double diaper.”

“Yes, so am I though.” Tom smiled warmly.

They both got up and headed to the kitchen for some much needed breakfast. Carter helped to make it, and then they sat down to eat it, talking happily as they did so.

“So, what would you like to do now?”

“Well, you still have to teach me how to take a dick up my bum, so let's go do that now, I really want to feel you inside me?”

“Okay, if you're sure. It'll still take some stretching, but I think you're almost ready anyway.”

“Goody.” He squealed and ran toward the bedroom.

Tom just laughed and followed the excited boy. When he made it there, he found Carter on the bed on his hands and knees. Tom just stopped and watched the very cute diaper clad bum waving there enticingly. He only watched for a few seconds before going to get what Carter was advertising.

“Oh god baby boy, I'm gonna make you feel like you've never felt before.” Tom sighed as he made it to the bed.

Tom laid himself down on the bed so that his face was underneath Carter's hot soggy diapered crotch. Once in place, Tom lowered the front of Carters very thick, very wet diaper, and engulfed his iron hard little member in one go, and started sucking him almost feverishly.

Carter of course started moaning and panting right away, it just felt so good.

Tom then grabbed the lube with one hand, while the other hand was already snaking its way inside the back of Carter's diaper, so that he could remove the butt plug. With a pop and a groan, Tom had the plug in his hand, and then the other hand added some much needed lube.

Tom really started sucking Carter now as he slipped two fingers easily inside the little boy. Carter just sighed deeply and started moaning even more than he already had been. Carter was close though, he had been looking forward to this all morning, and they had not even been up for long, but he was close.

After not even five minutes, Carter exploded in the first orgasm of the morning. As Carter was going through his orgasm, Tom added a third finger to the sloppy little hole, and also sucked in Carter's hot tasty balls.

Tom had not stopped in the least, so as soon as Carter was down from his first orgasm, he was already well on his way to his second. He was moaning and groaning in pure pleasure now even more than he had been before, and that was saying an awful lot, considering just how much he had been before.

Almost ten minutes this time Carter made it before exploding, and once again, Tom added another finger as he came. Tom was more than amazed that the little boy was taking so much, and so easily, because they had only started preparing the night before, and most boys take at least a few days to take four man fingers, but not Carter, he really was a natural.

Once again Carter was well on his way to his next orgasm before even finishing the last, and now, even though his little hole was feeling a little uncomfortable because it was so tight, it also felt simply amazing, and he had no desire to ask Tom to remove one finger.

This time Tom only let Carter get to about half way to his orgasm before he stopped. He pulled out his fingers, removed his face from heaven and crawled out. Carter was understandably upset by this.

“Why'd you stop?”

“Because, I think it's time someone lost his virginity. You're as ready as you'll ever be, or ever need to be, and I really have to cum too, and I want to give you my first cum of the day deep inside your hot little bum.”

“Really, you mean it?” He asked excitedly.

“I sure do. Come on, move for a second and let me lay down. For your first time, it's always better to control the action yourself, so you get to ride me. My cock's gonna go far deeper than my fingers could, so you'll need to control just how deep inside you I go.”

“Okay.” He said happily and let Tom lay down.

Once Tom was in position, he poked a hole in his double diaper, he had already done so in Carter's, so he was ready, but his diaper still needed it. It only took a couple seconds for him to be able to pull out his rock hard erection.

As he did so, Carter watched with pure lust in his eyes, his little asshole was tingling like never before. He had never known why his little hole tingled at times, especially when he saw cute boys or men, now he was understanding, he now knew without a doubt that his body had been trying to tell him something.

“Okay, come on, hop on and ride me?” Tom said huskily.

“Oh god yeah.” Carter said back, even more so.

Carter came and very nearly hopped onto Tom. He grabbed his mans erection, lined it up to his little bum hole, knowing just what he needed to do, and then sat down upon it as soon as he felt it. A sigh so deep and so long escaped his lips as he swallowed Tom almost totally, it shocked Tom.

“My god, are you okay, you just took me almost all the way, without trying?” He gasped throatily, Carter was very tight inside.

“Oh, way better than okay. I think this is what I've been missing my entire life, you feel better inside me than I ever imagined anything could feel. Oh god, so good.” He sighed deeply, and then started riding Tom.

At first Carter only had about eighty or so percent of Tom inside himself, but after no more than two minutes, Carter had all of Tom buried as deeply inside himself as he could possibly be, considering how thickly diapered the two of them currently were. After at most five minutes though, they were both nearly screaming, they were sweating rivers, Tom was seeing stars and Carter was going spastic. Then they came.

Two whole minutes their orgasms lasted them, both of them rigid as can be, neither one breathing at all the entire time, it was the most intense thing either of them had ever experienced. And then they crashed down.

Carter waited only a minute or two after crashing down before starting up again. Tom almost told him no more, that he had had enough, but he never got it out, because as soon as Carter started moving again, Tom went fully hard again, and all thinking ceased. Knowing now that Carter was good, Tom grabbed his shoulders, pulled him down a bit, causing him to stop thrusting, and then rolled them. He then pulled Carter's legs up, and helped him to lock his ankles behind his bum, so that he could really drive into him good and proper.

“Oh god, so good.” Carter groaned a few seconds later when he got the full idea of what Tom had done.

This way Carter found he could just really lay back and enjoy the ride, and enjoy he was doing. Tom also leaned down and really started kissing Carter, showing him the full arts of kissing, passing tongues back and forth and all. Carter's little head was swimming in lust and love. Never before had he imagined something so good could exist. It was almost too good, he thought for only a split second.

Almost ten minutes later, Carter had enough and started cumming, which of course caused Tom to cum as well. And as promised, as soon as his cum eased off, Tom showed Carter all about piss fucking, and started filling him up, while still gently rocking his hips, still almost fucking him.

“Mmm, oooh, that's real nice, I feel you filling me up, oh god, so good.” Carter sighed deeply.

“I thought you might like this. Quin loves this almost as much as being fucked itself.”

“I think I agree with him. Are you gonna fuck me again too?”

“I think I might have one more load left, but I might pass out when I do cum.”

“Me too, but who cares.” He grinned.

“My bedding will, that's for sure, and then I will when I have to try and wash it.”

“Ah, who cares, they don't have feelings and you have a washer right?” He giggled.

“Yeah, I sure do.” Tom had to laugh as well, and started really thrusting again.

This time he was long dicking Carter, pulling almost all the way out before slipping all the way back inside again. He was going very slowly as well, showing Carter all about making love this time. Carter was not sure which he preferred, but what was currently happening did feel better, more loving, so he thought that this was his preferred way. It was Tom's too. Good fucking was the way to just get rid of a load, but making love was great for once you were sated and still wanted pleasure.

For almost twenty minutes Tom kept this up, his muscles were all burning, his vision was almost failing him by the time he came, and he was definitely going to have to wash the sheets anyway from the amount of sweat that was dripping off the both of them and onto the sheets.

“Oh, holy fuck.” They both screeched out at the same time, and then they came.

Five minutes this orgasm lasted for, before they both slumped down. Carter had passed out, Tom was still with it, barely, but he was. Finally when his orgasm faded and he was able to move once again, he got up. They were both in desperate need of fresh diapers, and Tom figured that he would just take Carter to Quin's bed, and then he would crawl in as well and they could have a good nap, because he sure knew he needed it, and Carter was not likely to wake up again any time soon.

Once he had them both diapered up and ready, he carried Carter to Quin's bedroom and laid him on the bed, then he climbed in himself, pulled the covers up, cuddled into Carter, and he too fell fast asleep.

It was nearly two hours later that Tom woke up from their morning nap, this time to find that Carter was awake and petting his chest lovingly. He sighed deeply, smiled at Carter warmly, and then reached in for a kiss. Carter was only too happy with that, and kissed the man he loved more than anyone else. For five minutes they kissed. Finally they broke apart.

“I think I pooped my diaper. With all your cum and pee in me, and not going poop last night because of the butt plug, I think I was a bit full. Can you help me clean up please?” Carter asked softly, he did not seem embarrassed at all though, almost knowing that it was pretty much a given.

“Sure. I had to clean my dick up quite a bit after our fun this morning, so I'm not at all surprised. I should have taken your plug out and told you to go to the bathroom before our fun and games, but I never thought of it. Sorry.”

“It's okay, I don't mind, really. It's kinda neat actually.”

“Well, don't expect to poop your diapers and expect me to clean you up every time, I don't like dirty diapers. Since this is mostly my fault, I'll help you this time.”

“Thanks, but I should've thought of it too.”

“Probably. I think once we get your stinky diaper off and get the main mess cleaned up, that we're gonna go sit and have a bath, we both stink like a brothel and are very sweaty even still.”

“What's a brothel?”

“A sex house, a place where people go to have sex with anyone they want, usually you have to pay for the privilege.”

“Oh, so where my mom worked then.”

“The rumor said so, so more than likely yes.”

“Is that where Tony's gonna put me if he doesn't let me stay with you?”

“Not too sure what his plans are regarding you, we'll find that out tomorrow, but for now, try not to worry about it, okay.”

“I wouldn't mind that so much, as long as everyone treats me as good as you do.”

“Yeah, Quin would say the same thing, but sadly, many probably won't. Even when Tony sells you for a party, you might have to put up with certain things you don't like, but we'll try and make sure that doesn't happen. He always has an armed guard with his boys, so I'm sure no one would get out of hand, but if let's say someone paid extra to be able to spank a boy as they fuck, or maybe tie him up, then you might have to deal with it. I assure you, being tied up can be a lot of fun though. Spanking, probably not so much.”

“Could you tie me up, so that I know what it's like, and maybe even spank me a bit?”

“I'd certainly tie you up, but I won't hit you. Even when Quin and I did our first movie, it was a simulated rape, I couldn't hit him, I let the others do that, but they didn't actually hit him, although he did still get a few bruises.”

“If they didn't hit him, how did he end up with bruises?”

“Because they still had to pretend to hit him, and even a pretend hit, when it hits, will still leave a mark. A few of the hits were accidentally a little hard, but Quin thought it was great. I'm not into that sorta thing at all though.”

“Oh. Anyway, a bath does feel nice, and can you get me outta this diaper, it's starting to get itchy?”

“Oh right, sure.”

Tom hopped up right away and went and grabbed the wipes and a plastic bag. As soon as he made it back, Carter was already in change position, he started getting to work.

“My god, you didn't just go a bit, you totally unloaded in your diaper, and boy are you stinky.” Tom said, almost gagging.

“Sorry about that. I always go to the bathroom before bed, but I didn't last night, and I had to. The butt plug held it all in me though. And like you wouldn't stink either.”

“Yeah, but you likely won't ever have to change my stinky diaper.”

“I would you know.”

“I know, thanks.”

A few moments later Tom had Carter as clean as he could and then they traded places so that Carter could get Tom out of his diaper. His diaper was added to the bag, and then they went and collected the other diapers from the other bedroom, added them to the bag, and put that into the trash. Carter was sent to collect the bedding from Quin's bed, while Tom grabbed it from his, and they met in the laundry room to get it all washed. Once it was situated, they headed to the bathroom to have a nice long hot bath.

“Ah, now this feels nice.” Carter sighed deeply.

“Yeah, it does.” Tom sighed as well.

For the next half an hour the two of them just laid there soaking before Tom coaxed Carter into a kneeling position so that he could wash the boy. Once Carter was all clean, he washed Tom, and then they stood up and rinsed off in the shower.

“That feels better.” Tom said once they were all dried off.

“Yeah, but what would be better now is if you took me back to the bedroom and diapered me up nice and thick.”

“You got it.” Tom smiled brightly, so led the boy there and did just that. They traded places of course and Carter repaid the favor.

“What would you say to lunch?”

“I'd say you better make it quick, I'm really hungry.”

“That's what I thought. You want to go to McDonalds and play there and have lunch?”

“Really, you mean it?”

“Sure, I wouldn't have said it otherwise.”

“I've never been there before, but all my friends say they love it.”

“Really, I thought every kid had been there at least a hundred times by your age?”

“Really. My mom never took me out anywhere.”

“Oh, well let's go then.”

“What about my diaper?”

“What about it, it's fresh, it'll last?”

“Yeah, but others will see it.”

“No they won't, especially once we get you dressed and I lend you one of Quin's diaper shirts.”

“Oh, okay then.”

A few minutes later they were both dressed, and as promised, you could just barely tell that Carter was diapered, and he loved it. They headed out to the nearest McDonalds with a play place in it, and Tom got the cheeseburger kids meal for Carter, he acted like he had died and gone to heaven. After he finished eating, he went and played with about twenty or so other kids for a good hour before coming out and saying that he was all played out.

“So, you had fun did you?”

“Yeah, this has been the bestest weekend ever.”

“I'm glad.”

“Do you still have anything to teach me, are you gonna teach me more when we get home?”

“Oh, there's so much more to learn, far more than I can teach in just a weekend, but no, not when we get home, I think we'll save it for tonight, you're wearing this poor old man out.” Tom grinned.

“Oh, okay.”

“Don't worry, you'll survive.” Tom laughed at the pout on Carter's cute little face.

“I don't know, I'm really hard.”

“Then as soon as we get there, how about I suck your hot little boy bone and maybe even slip another toy inside you to help you relieve the pressure a bit?”

“Really, you'd do that for me?”

“Sure, why not, but you won't have to pay me back, at least not yet, because you really did wear me out earlier, and it'll be a few more hours before I'm recharged enough to really be of any use to you.”

“Oh, okay, but I like playing with you too.”

“I know, and you'll get to later, but you're lucky being a little boy, you still recharge about a hundred times faster than us adults do.”

“Oh, how come?”

“Don't really know, I guess it's all that boundless energy you kids have. Don't worry about me though, I'll take care of you and you'll be just fine.” Tom smiled warmly to the little guy.

“Oh, okay.”

A few minutes later they were back to the house and Carter went straight to the bedroom to get his relief. Tom followed him there and found Carter laying on his back at the edge of the bed, his little erection already exposed for the taking. Tom laughed and grabbed a different butt plug this time, as well as the lube, and went to the bed to take care of the little horny boy.

Slowly Tom sucked Carter in all the way and took a very slow easy pace, trying to make it last. As he was sucking, his fingers were probing gently, opening Carter up for what he wanted, and he did want it, a lot. It took only about five minutes of anal opening for him to be ready for the toy that Tom had for him. This was going to be a bit of a shock though.

Tom slipped it in, and Carter gave a mighty grunt, and then an even mightier sigh as it went past his still tight ring and then slipped all the way in. It hurt a bit, because it was a fair bit bigger than he was used to, but it also felt really good too. Then Tom did something that Carter never expected.

He turned on the vibrator that this particular butt plug had, and it was a powerful one too. The shock to the system that this caused Carter caused him to cum instantly, even though he himself had figured that with as slow as Tom was going, that he was at least five more minutes away.

“Oh fuck, that was awesome.”

“I'm glad you liked it.” Tom laughed and then reattached himself and continued sucking just as slowly.

For half an hour more Tom sucked Carter, and this time, because Tom was going so slow, he only had two orgasms more. Finally Carter went soft, so Tom switched the plug to random vibrate, put his diaper back into its proper place, and then stood up. He then stripped off all his clothes so that he too was in only his diaper.

“Feel better now?” Tom asked, because the look on Carter's face bordered on delirious.

“For sure.” He said dreamily.

“I'm glad. Come on, let's go sit back and watch a movie or something.”


They went and sat back in the living room and cuddled up together in Tom's chair and put on a movie. They stayed watching Movies and TV until it was bed time, breaking only for a quick dinner.

“Come on little man, it's time for bed.”

“Goody.” Said little man hopped up and said excitedly, bouncing happily as he did so.

“You know, most boys hate bedtime right!” He had to laugh.

“Poor kids, don't get to enjoy bedtime. I bet if they had a dad like you, they'd never hate bedtime again.”

“A few, maybe yes, Quin sure doesn't, at least any more, that's for sure, but somehow I doubt all kids would enjoy this.”

“Those poor boys.”

“Right, come on you.” He laughed again.

Carter led the way to the bedroom at a near run, Tom just followed, laughing in his wake. By the time he made it there, it was to find Carter already laid spread eagle on the middle of the bed.

“Unh unh, not this time, I'm on my back, we're trying something new this time.”

“Cool, what?”

“Sixty nine, or sucking each others dicks at the same time.”


“I thought you might like that. Now, for extra fun, I'm grabbing us a couple dildos to play with, I think you'll figure that out easily enough.”

“Okay.” He said brightly.

Tom grabbed the two dildos that he wanted, one bigger than the other, but not by much, the tube of lube, and then he hopped on the bed to join Carter. As soon as Tom was laying down, Carter nearly pounced on him, already pointing the correct way for their fun and games.

“Okay, just do as I do and let nature take its course, you'll figure everything out soon enough.” Tom urged, already pulling down the front of Carter's wet diaper.

Carter did the same thing to Tom, and within just a second of each other, they were sucking each other in. Carter took Tom in as far as he could, but as with before, he got used to it quickly, and before too long, he was as deep as could be. Tom of course took in Carter's cute little balls and dick at the same time and gave them what for.

Tom then reached up and poked a hole in Carter's diaper, which in turn caused Carter to do the same thing to Tom's diaper. They then, at the same time, started working lube coated fingers inside each others rear passages. All this was happening as they were sucking each other, and they were both enjoying it a great deal.

After at most five minutes, both of them were more than ready for their orgasms, they were also ready for the toys, because Tom was up to four fingers, and Carter had his whole hand inside Tom once again. They both exploded though before they could extract their fingers, or hand in the case of Carter, so did not insert the dildos yet.

“Oh wow, that was so good.” Carter sighed, pulling off for just a second to say so.

“No kidding. Well, here you go kiddo, take this and have fun.” Tom also sighed.

“Okay.” Carter said excitedly, taking the toy and latching back on.

Within just a second of each other, they inserted the toys into each others willing passages, both of them moaning deeply into the others erection as they did so. Tom set the pace for them, it was nice and slow, nice and gentle, and when Carter tried to go too fast, Tom would just set a hand on his bum, or give his little erection a nip to tell him to slow down, and he did.

This time they both lasted almost ten minutes before they both had their incredible orgasms, and within just a second of each other, they came, it was long and powerful, it was intense and mind blowing, and neither of them ever wanted it to end. End it did though, though that is not to say that they stopped, because neither felt anywhere near quitting yet. Tom knew though that he had only one more left in him, whereas Carter was sure he could stay like this all night long, and he probably could have too.

Almost half an hour later this time they both had their final orgasms of the night, Tom even softening up almost completely in Carter's mouth. Carter was disappointed at first, he still wanted to play some more, but he knew that it was getting late, and even he had to admit that he was getting really tired.

“Oh wow, you are one very incredible little boy. Come on, roll off, we need to get ready for bed.”

“Okay, thanks.”

Tom got out of bed on shaky legs, grabbed all that they would be needing, and came back and first cleaned Carter of his ruined diaper, washed down his hot little bum and his cute little peepee, spread more than enough cream on him, inserted a butt plug, and then pulled up his nice thick diaper and taped him up. They traded places and Carter repaid the favor in full.

“Thanks so much Tom, this weekend has been so great, I really do hope I get to stay here with you guys, and I really do love you.” He said softly a few minutes later once they were all curled up in bed, ready to go to sleep.

“And I love you too, and I hope that you can stay too, but we'll just have to wait and see.”

“Okay, goodnight, love you.”

“Goodnight, love you too.”

They passed out shortly thereafter and slept well all throughout the night, sleeping peacefully in a sexually exhausted way you can only appreciate if you too have done the same thing.