Chapter 8

It is now bright and early Sunday morning, both Tom and Carter were just starting to wake up. The birds were outside singing, the sun seemed to be shining brightly, and both of them were curled up all warm and cozy together. In his waking mind, Tom thought that it could only be better if Quin were on the other side of him as he was waking up. Carter though was wondering if life could possibly get any better.

“Mmm, good morning.” They both sighed at the same time.

“How are you this morning you little soaker?”

“Real good, and how about you, you big soaker?” Carter smiled brightly.

“Real good. Life just doesn't get much better than this, and there's only one thing that would make it better, and that'd be to have my little Quin laying here with us.”

“I can't wait 'til we get to do that together, hopefully tomorrow morning we can though. What time do we have to be there to pick him up anyway?”

“We'll have to get going pretty quick here actually, we slept in quite late, and it's an hour drive to get there. We'll be fine though, we'll just have to grab a quick change and then grab breakfast on the way.”

“Oh, bummer, we can't even have a little fun before we go?”

“'Fraid not kiddo.”

“Ah shoot. Oh well, maybe we'll get to play with Quin in a few hours then.” He said hopefully.

“Don't get your hopes up okay, we don't know what's planned, and I don't want you getting upset. You knew this was only for the weekend, and yes, I know, you've fallen for me, and I you too, but we are dealing with a crime boss here, and there's no telling what he'll want done. We can certainly ask and plead our case, and point out how good it'll be for him, but if he says no, there's only so much we can do.”

“Yeah, I know.” Carter said softly.

“Don't worry, it'll all work out just fine. Now, we need to get that toy out of your bum, you need to go sit on the toilet for a few minutes, and then you can come back and I'll put you into a fresh diaper, okay.”


Tom removed Carter's well wet diaper and then his surprisingly large plug and shooed him to the bathroom. Tom then removed his equally wet diaper and even larger plug and hit the other bathroom to do the same thing. Once they were both done and all cleaned up, they met back in the bedroom, where they diapered each other up nice and thick, and then helped each other to get dressed.

“Well, let's get going shall we.”

“Okay, but I don't really want to.”

“Yeah, but as I'm sure you know, it's bad for ones health to keep a crime boss waiting.”

“Yeah, I know.”

Slowly they trudged to the car and headed out. They stopped at a fast food drive through on their way out of town and grabbed themselves a very unhealthy breakfast and ate as they drove. As they did so, they talked and had as much fun as they could, until they finally pulled up. When they reached the front entrance to the house, both Tony and Quin were standing there waiting for them.

“Daddy.” Quin squealed happily and came running up.

“Hi Baby, how was your weekend?”

“Really good, and yours?”

“Excellent, if I do say do myself.”

“Good, and was he as good as me?”

“In some ways yes, and in some ways no. He's fun to teach though, and he's a very willing learner. I missed you though.”

“That's good, and I missed you too.”

“Good, I'm glad. Here, hop on down, I have to talk to Tony for a few minutes, he appears to want to talk to me alone for a moment, keep Carter busy will you.”

“Okay, will do.”

“So, Tony, how was your weekend?” Tom asked once he and Tony were away from the boys, who also appeared to be talking happily.

“Fuck, never have I been so tired in my life, as soon as you guys leave, I'm going back to bed, I'm totally worn out. My son just plain refused to even get out of bed, told me to go fuck myself if I thought he was getting out of bed any time soon. I couldn't help but laugh to tell you the truth, I feel about the same. If it wasn't for the fact that I told you to be here now, I wouldn't be up either. Now I'm regretting not making the time five.”

“Glad to hear it, but if you had've asked me to come at five, Quin would've just raped you more today, and then you'd be even more tired than you are now.”

“I don't even doubt that to be true, although I'm not entirely convinced one can be more tired than I am now.”

“Trust me, he could do it to you.”

“Of that I have no doubt. Never in my life have I met someone so absolutely insatiable, and I've been doing porn for years.”

“Yeah, me neither.”

“So, what of Carter, how'd he take it?”

“Oh, he took it alright, and real well at that. That boy is as gay as Quin and I are, almost as insatiable as I am, but not nearly as bad as Quin is, and good, my god is he good. A friendly word of advise though, he still has hard feelings for you, so you might not want to ask him for much yet in the way of sex, he won't enjoy it yet. He does understand now though that his mom did leave him, we actually stopped at his house so that I could prove it to him. The cold hearted bitch actually left his pictures behind, what kind of person could do that!”

“Trust me, she wasn't the motherly type, she hated having a kid, she gave him only what she had to, not even sure how he could have believed that she wouldn't have done what she did, but I guess he loved her, even though the feeling wasn't mutual. Oh well, I'm sure she won't be around for too long, she'll blow the last few bucks she has soon enough and then she'll be in just as big a trouble, and she won't have a kid to bail her out again.”

“Good riddance if you ask me.”

“Me too. I'd put a contract out on her, but it's not worth the money, and really, I don't need to, someone else will take care of it for me. Probably real soon too.”

“Good. I do have a question for you though.”

“Let me guess, you've fallen for him, and he you, and you want to keep him?”

“Yeah, can I?”

“Sure, that was my hope at the beginning anyway. I'm not set up for little kids around here any more, I don't want to hire a nanny or anything, and I just don't have the time to care for a kid, so I was hoping that you and Quin could care for him. I have a friend at children's services putting him in your care, you've already been listed as a foster parent under false documentation, and he's listed under false name as well, you'll even get a monthly check from the government for it too, that way I don't have to pay you to do it, because I'd have had to otherwise so that you could afford to keep him. This way it works out for the best. He'll be requiring at least a once monthly visit though, he has to give regular oral interviews to his charges you understand.”

“Ah, I understand fully, hence he's one of yours then I take it?” Tom had to laugh.

“Oh yeah. How do you think I own the top brass around this town, I know who and what they're into, and I provide them with the necessary relief from time to time. That's who Quin was with on Wednesday in fact, the local police commissioner and two different precinct heads, and then two out of town guests I owed some favors to. Hornier bastard sluts I've never had the pleasure of meeting.” He laughed.

“Ah, it's good to know peoples secrets huh?”

“You have no idea. Hell, I made all three of the police into who they are today, I bribed and coerced, I even murdered and framed to get them into the positions they hold now, so that I could have the easy life. It was years of hard and dirty work, but it's paid off hundreds of times.”

“Ah, I see. I'm surprised you're telling me this, I'd think that that'd be something you kept very secret, in case it slipped, or worse, I was a snitch or something.”

“Nah, I know too much about you to know that you're not telling anyone anything, any more than I ever will. Nah, us perverts have to stick together. Now, the three of you need to go, because I do seriously need to get back to bed.”

“Good point. I might add though that it was you, and you alone that turned me into who I am now. I'd never have done anything like that before, that's for sure. Now you couldn't stop me if you tried.”

“Know how you feel.”

“Good. Anyway, have a good sleep.”

“And you have a good day. When should I tell the worker is a good time to visit?”

“Any time after school would be fine.”

“Will do.”

“Thanks. See ya.”

“See ya.”

“Okay boys, let's go.” Tom called out.

“You mean it, I get to come with you guys?” Carter screeched.

“Yep, and the cool thing is, it's even somewhat legally too, or as legal as an illegal maneuver can make it.” He laughed.

“Wicked.” Carter said happily, slamming into Tom and hugging him tightly. Tony just watched and smiled. He may have been a bad guy, but he did have a soft heart for cute boys.

They all climbed in the car and Tom pointed them toward home right away.

“So, how was your weekend Baby?” Tom asked almost as soon as they cleared the gate to the estate.

“Really good. I think I wore them out though. Tony's son didn't even try and get up to see me off, Tony said his dick felt like it went through a meat grinder when we were getting up this morning, he says his ass feels like a bus has parked itself inside him, and he claims to have never been more tired in his life. I could make him more tired though.” He grinned brightly.

“Yeah, he said as much to me, and I even told him you could, that you'd certainly done so with me.”

“And still you always come back for more.”

“Like anyone could stop. It's the best high I know, the only drug I ever want or need, and that's sex, most especially with you. Although, I must say Carter here is learning very well too.”

“Yeah, Carter was telling me all about that. He told me how you told him all that was happening and what he needed to do. He said he was scared at first, but just went along with it and did it, because he knew he didn't really have too much of a choice in the matter, but that now he wouldn't give it up for the world. I can't wait to get home and have sex with both of you for a couple hours, or more.”

“I can't wait either.” Carter said.

“I might be good for an hour, at most, but if you two are still more than able, then you're welcome to play by yourselves, but I'll certainly watch.”

“I think that'd be okay, what do you think Carter?”

“I think it'd be awesome.”

“Good, then it's a date.”

“There's one other thing I should mention to you Carter.”


“Well, a friend of Tony's is setting it up so that I'm a foster parent and you're my foster son, that way it's at least somewhat legal, and I'll even get paid. There is a catch though, and I hope you don't mind, but he requires payment. I doubt you'll have too much problem with it, but he's gonna want to have sex with you.”

“If that's all it takes for me to get to stay living with you, then consider it paid.” He answered happily.

“And I'm sure that I can even make the payment worth at least double.” Quin added, just because he loved sex and would not mind sharing.

“Yeah, I thought as much.”

“When will he be coming, and when will I have to start working?” Carter asked curiously.

“Not too sure, to either really, but he'll probably come once a month or so, it's hard to say.”

“As for the other part Carter, I do know at least some of your answer. You and I are gonna be doing a film together pretty soon Tony told me, but he wanted you ready first. It'll be a classic sleepover theme I think, unless he changes his mind, but I told him that sounded great to me. And Dad, you're gonna have another porn to do soon too, don't know who all will be in it though, or if it's just men or men and boys. Once Tony recovers more, we'll have to get more details. He wasn't into talking too much, I kept him pretty well drained.”

“Oh, okay.” They both said.

The continued talking the entire way home, but it turned more to the boys just getting to know each other. Quin wanted to know how Carter liked the diapers, so Carter told him all about it and how much he enjoyed them, Quin of course also said how much he enjoyed them as well. Carter then asked Quin how he got into sex, so Quin told him the entire story, some of it not even Tom had heard yet, though he had heard the best parts, but he did condense it considerably, considering they only had about half an hour. By the time Quin finished though, they were pulling up to the house.

“Ah, finally. I can't wait to taste you Carter.” Quin said happily once they made it to the house.

“And I can't wait to taste you too.” Carter smiled back brightly.

“And I can't wait to fill both your hot little baby boy pussies up as you're sucking each other.” Tom added last.

“Mmm, sounds good.” Both boys said, and then started giggling.

They nearly ran into the house and straight to the bedroom, stripping off clothes as they went. By the time they made it to the bedroom, all three of them were in nothing but their soggy diapers. Just the way they liked it.

The boys nearly jumped on the bed and landed almost perfectly in a sixty nine, their heads right where they needed to be, only they did have to roll, so that Tom could get access. The boys adjusted themselves perfectly, extracting each other from their diapers and sucking each other in fully.

Once the boys were in position, Tom grabbed the lube and went to Quin, who was on top, and started preparing him. This was how Tom had wanted it anyway, so he was happy that Quin was on top. As nice as Carter was to fuck, he just preferred his little baby boys bum even more. Tom spent at most a minute lubing Quin up for their fun times ahead, but as soon as he felt Quin was ready, he slipped all the way in and went to town.

“Oh god Baby, I missed you so much. Carter, go ahead and poke a hole in my diaper while you're down there please and fill me up?”

“I missed you too Daddy.” Quin said around a mouthful of little boy dick.

“What have I told you about talking with your mouth full boy.”

“That's it's only okay if it's full of cock.”

“Oh, right.” Tom laughed.

There was no more talk after that, only the happy grunting of three even happier boys, rutting feverishly, having the best time imaginable. Quin had even reached down and inserted a few fingers into Carter, so that they were all being sucked and fucked at the same time, hey, it was only fair after all he figured.

Their first orgasm of their current session came after almost five minutes, Carter was first, followed by Tom a second later, and then Quin last, at best half a second after that. Tom slipped out of Quin and fell back for a few moments to luxuriate in the afterglow of the amazing orgasm. Carter was still fist deep in his ass as he lay there, but so was Quin in Carter. The boys had slumped down a bit as well, though they were still laying almost the exact same as they had been, only now Quin was not supporting his own weight.

More time passed for them to come down from their orgasms than it had taken to achieve them, not that any of them were complaining mind you. Once they did come back down though, the boys rolled over and continued sucking, while Tom went to the opposite end of the bed to access Carter.

Once there, they all took up position once again. This time Tom was balls deep in Carter, he obviously did not need to lube or prepare him now, Quin was fist deep in Tom, and carter just slipped his four fingers into Quin first to test the waters, but after only a few seconds of that, slipped the rest of his hand in as well. They started a much slower pace this time, to really enjoy themselves, not that they had not before mind you, but that was about getting off quick, this time they would take their time, now that the main pressure was released.

They lasted almost ten minutes this time, and then took another five minute break to relax. Once they were all ready to go, they all got back in their original position and started all over again. Another ten and five minutes later, they came, and then went back to the second position. This time it took fifteen minutes to explode and almost ten to come down. They were all gasping and panting as they came down this time though.

“Wow, you boys are almost too much together. I might die very soon, but I can't think of a better way to go. I'm done though, I have nothing left. If you two want to continue playing, then feel free to do so.”

“I have another load in me Carter if you want to go for one more round, but I will be peeing in your mouth, real soon.”

“Sounds good to me, as long as I get to pee in you as well?”


The boys latched back on again, slipped their hands back inside each other and went to town on each other. This time it was pure raw sex. Tom was amazed to watch the boys, it was incredible. In fact, it was so good, that Tom almost got hard again, but he only got about half way hard by the time the boys came and slumped down. He knew they were now finished.

By the time they had come down from their highs, Tom was already there and waiting for them, fresh diapers and the cream waiting to be installed. He diapered both boys gently, and then they diapered him too.

“Now, that was a lot of fun.” Quin sighed a few moments later.

“Yeah, it was, and your pee tasted really good.”

“So did yours.”

“Thanks. I think I'm gonna like having a brother, someone to play with any time I'm horny but Daddy's too tired. I could always call my best friend, but this way we don't even have to go anywhere or have anyone over.”

“I'm gonna love having a brother, but I'm gonna love having a daddy even more, especially a daddy and brother who'll fuck me any time I want it.”

“Yeah, know how you feel. It's been the best since Daddy and I started having sex together. Now I never have to worry about sneaking around. If I want to go have sex with someone, I just tell him where I'm going and who I'm doing. Sometimes I invite them here and we all have fun, especially my best friend and his brother. I should call them and invite them over for the evening so that they can meet you. They're probably gonna wanna come over anyway to have some wild sex, I know they'll have missed daddy too. I told them that I was out of town for the weekend and Daddy wasn't gonna be available either. They weren't happy with that, but they have each other, so that's okay, they'll 've survived, I hope. We also have lots of friends we have sex with, and I'll definitely be introducing you to them, real soon. They'll love you.”

“Wicked, I can't wait to meet them all then.”

“Cool. I'll go call them right now then.”

Quin went and made the call, Carter and Tom just waiting there for him to come back. When he came back, they both knew it was a go, because of the grin on his face.

“Let me guess, they couldn't come? You look absolutely downtrodden, like someone just ran over your puppy.”

“Yeah, right. They probably both came right away when I told them I had a new brother and that he was almost as big a slut as I am. They said they'd be here in ten minutes and that they'd just stay the night and go to school from here. Their mom's already at work anyway, and she'll never know the difference. Even if she does check on them, which is unlikely if she brings someone home with her, she'll know where they are and not worry about it.”

“I hope they at least leave her a note or call her or something.” Tom said softly.

“Probably not, they just told her that if they're not home and don't leave a note or call as to where they are, that they're here. Jimmy said she was good with that, but asked them to let her know if they were elsewhere in case she needed to find them.”

“Well, at least she'll know then I guess.”

“Yeah, because in her line of work, it's not always easy to contact her.”

“What does she do?” Carter asked curiously.

“In a way, not much different than we do. She's a stripper at a club, but she's been known to bring home a guy from time to time, at least four nights a week, and I know she's made a few pornos as well, because Jimmy, Johnny and I watched one with her in it. Trust me though, we didn't watch it to see her, we can see her any time we want, she walks around naked all the time, but the one man fucking her was huge, and we loved watching him work her.”

“Wow. Don't think I could see a girl naked though. I saw my mom a few times, once last year, her pussy disgusted me. I can't understand how anyone could like something that looks that nasty and gross.”

“Yeah, know how you feel, I'd certainly never touch one, even though I've had offers, but they don't totally disgust me either.”

“Yeah, but you boys are completely gay, so obviously you'd be turned off by that, but just remember, not all boys are gay. Shame as that is mind you, because there's a boy in your class Quin that I wouldn't mind getting to know a little better, but I think that boy's gonna turn out straight.”

“Which one?”

“Can't remember his name, but he's got short straight blond hair, cute little nose and green eyes I think.”

“Oh, Stefan you mean?”

“Yeah, that's the one.”

“It could be arranged you know, because, trust me, that boy is nowhere near straight, and I know for fact.”

“Oh. No, you probably shouldn't bring him here, we're already living dangerously anyway.”

“What difference does it make, you're already fucking us and Quin's friends, and you know Tony's gonna have you do movies with other boys anyway, so if he wants to, why not?” Carter asked happily.

“Because what we're doing is already bad enough.”

“I'll call him right now and see if he wants to come over for some fun as well.” Quin said, clearly ignoring his dad.

“No Quin.”

“Yes Daddy, don't worry so much.”

Tom just sighed and Quin left the room again and went and called his friend. He was back a few minutes later with another grin.

“He's never had sex with an adult, although his big brother's been fucking him a lot lately since he caught him and Jimmy having sex on Wednesday when I had to go to the hotel. He's really excited to get to though. I asked him how big his brother is, he said almost six inches, so I told him you'd stretch him real good. He told me that probably won't be a problem, because his brother started fisting him on Friday, and he really likes that. I've never met his brother though, so I didn't invite him over, yet, but maybe another time. He goes to the junior high, not even sure how old he is, not that it matters. Anyway, he's probably gonna be here in about ten minutes as well.”

“You know Quin, sometimes it would be nice if you'd just listen to me. I'm not comfortable bringing this many people into this.”

“I know Daddy, I'm sorry, but sex just makes me go crazy, and well, you like him, so I got him for you. He's really hot though, and he's so cute and almost innocent too, he really doesn't know much about sex, we'll teach him more. He's not even a diaper lover, at least yet, though he does wear when we play.”

“I know Baby, but try and think with your top head more often, okay. I appreciate the fact that you got him for me, but I don't need him, I have four incredible little baby boys already to play with.”

“Thanks.” Both boys said.

“You're welcome. I guess it's too late now, so we may as well let him come.”

“Oh, he'll cum alright, but he, like us, is too young to cum yet.”

“You know what I meant, and besides, you cum lots, just not wet yet.”

“Too true.”

They waited for the fifteen minutes for their three guests to arrive. Jimmy and Johnny arrived first, but Stefan was only a minute behind them.

“Oh, Hi Jimmy, I didn't know you were gonna be here too.” Stefan said as soon as Quin let him in.

“Yeah, we were invited over to have some fun with Quin's new brother. How come you're here?” He had not yet been told what was happening, only that they were waiting for one other person to arrive.

“Oh, cool. Quin called me and asked me if I was serious about getting with an adult, because his dad thought I was really hot. Of course I said yeah, like duh right, so he told me to come over right away. Oh, and Quin, I put on a diaper right away like you told me to, and I got my mom to buy me the good ones like you said I should. She asked me why I'd want those diapers, and I told her that because I was flooding the Goodnites, that I'd researched what was better and found them and who carried them. She looked at me a little strangely but went and got them. The problem is, I think she suspects that I might be a diaper lover, and with going through as many as I have lately, she's gonna know real soon.”

“That's good, but if I were you, I'd just sit her down and tell her, it'll be easier. Are you wet yet?”

“Only just a bit, but yeah.”

“Okay. Everyone, let's strip. We just had a good session that'll last us boys about an hour, and probably two for Daddy, so we may as well just sit back and relax and get to know each other better. Jimmy, Daddy and I knows everyone else already, but the rest don't.”

“I don't really know your dad, don't even remember his name, but I have fantasized about him.”

“Oh, right Stefan, well, his name's Tom, and you'll get to know him real well soon.” Quin smiled.


For the next hour and a half, the five of them sat around chatting, getting to know each other real well. Stefan, as Quin had mentioned earlier, was really not all that up on sex, he had enjoyed it, wanted it, wanted it with an adult even, but he had not even experienced most aspects yet, but he soon would. Finally they were all ready to go have some amazing sex, so they all headed to the bedroom to have some fun.

“Okay Daddy, since Stefan's here mostly for you, you two get to play alone, us four will just be having our fun. Enjoy Stefan, even though we both know it's probably gonna hurt a bit at first.”

“I will.”

The four boys got down to their fun, while Tom gathered Stefan up and did something to the boy he had wanted to do for a long time, and that was kiss him deeply. Stefan just melted into the kiss and joined in a few seconds later and poured huge amounts of passion into the kiss. It was very nice.

“Okay, if I go too fast for you, you just tell me and I'll slow down, okay.” Tom whispered.

“Okay.” Stefan answered back throatily.

Tom laid Stefan out on his back on the end of the bed, he was mostly off it himself in order to give the other boys the room they needed. He then pulled Stefan's legs up and out, exposing his ass more, and then pulled aside his nice soggy diaper. Stefan had never experienced rimming before, but he was now, and he was loving it, considerably in fact. He was moaning and sighing, he was thrashing about in bliss, and it was turning the boys next to him on even more, if that were at all possible.

For almost five minutes Tom kept up the talented tongue tickling before his tongue just got too sore. He pulled out, Stefan groaned in disappointment, but he inserted a lube coated finger instead, Stefan sighed. Tom then pulled down the front of Stefan's diaper and engulfed his hard little member fully, balls and all. He was actually smaller than the other boys all were, he was really cute actually. Granted, he was still probably the same size as any other boy their age, Quin and Jimmy just happened to be larger. Stefan squealed out in joy as Tom sucked him in, but Tom had also purposely hit Stefan's little boy joy button at the same time to really drive Stefan mad and bring him very close to the brink.

Two minutes was all it took for Tom to bring Stefan to his first crashing orgasm, and as soon as he started squealing, Tom inserted another finger. Stefan's sex cadence picked up speed and volume with that, his orgasm was actually burning he was pumping so hard, even though he was still several months away from expelling anything. Tom did not let him come down from his orgasm though before starting to work him to bring forth the next. Stefan was in pure ecstasy, he never wanted this to end, he felt so good, he was not even sure feeling this good was allowed, but he did.

Another three minutes later Stefan came again, and once again, as soon as he did, Tom added a third finger. Stefan cried out a little this time, because it stretched him quite a bit, but he was still enjoying himself. The pain was only temporary, and he was still cumming, so the pain was almost pushed aside. Tom felt that there was no way Stefan was going to be able to take him though, he would have to insert four fingers, and three was already very tight. He would do it though, he knew Stefan wanted it, and only would he stop if he was asked to. He had no doubts though that he would not be asked to stop.

Once again Tom was working Stefan toward his next orgasm even before he finished his last. Stefan was now nearly wailing, he was feeling so good. It was turning the boys next to him on more than even they had ever been, and that was saying a lot. It took another five or so minutes for Stefan to cum, and as he did, Tom inserted his fourth finger. This time Stefan did cry out in pain, even through his orgasm.

“Oh fuck, that hurts.”

“Do you want me to stop?”

“No, I'll be fine, it just really hurts.”

“Do you want me to slow down any?”

“No, I want it, I want to feel you in me real soon, I don't care if it hurts.”

“Okay.” Tom said, but he did slow down anyway, he did not want to hurt the beautiful little boy any more than necessary.

He slowed right down and made Stefan last almost twenty minutes before letting him cum again. By that time though he was taking Tom's four fingers much better. He was still in pain, that would last a while, but he was at least feeling far more pleasure than pain now, so that was good. The poor boy would probably have a couple rough days though, he was going to be very sore Tom figured. Finally Stefan had his final orgasm during fingering.

As Stefan was cumming, Tom tore a hole in the front of his diaper, pulled himself out, pulled Stefan closer to him and lifted his legs up, and then just as Stefan was about to come down, Tom slipped his erection in. Tom was expecting a gasp of pain at least, because his fingers would not have stretched Stefan enough for this, but instead he sighed out deeply.

“Wow, I took it, and it doesn't even hurt.” He sighed deeply, contentedly.

“Congratulations.” All the other boys called out, mid stroke.

“Thanks guys.”

Tom just smiled, Stefan was now one of the gang he guessed. He just used a nice long slow smooth stroke, really enjoying the incredible tightness of Stefan's incredible ass. Not even Carter had been this tight, and he had never had sex before. Stefan though had had sex and was even more tight. Tom was amazed that the boy could possibly be enjoying this, and still wondered if he really was gay. Granted, a boy does not moan quite like that, if he is not gay, when you brush your rather large erection past his prostate. Stefan though just moaned very deeply, repeatedly, every time Tom stroked in and out fully.

Tom though was very charged, and his first orgasm sadly exploded forth after only about five minutes. He had no intentions of stopping though, he still had one more left in him, as well as one other load.

“Stefan, can I piss in you, I have to go?”

“Oh god yeah, do it, piss fuck me.”

Tom just smiled and nodded and did so. He let his bladder go and filled the boy up, all the while slowly thrusting in and out. They both sighed deeply, but Stefan more so. As soon as his flow stopped, Tom picked up the speed a little and really started making love to the gorgeous boy. He even bent down and attached their lips together and really kissed as he did so. Stefan was only too happy with this arrangement, it made it a thousand times better he thought. Tom lasted almost fifteen minutes this time before he exploded his final time. Stefan came with him at almost the exact same time, and they were done. Tom slumped down to his knees, he erection pulling free, and his face landing right in Stefan's nice diapered crotch.

“Wow, I never knew it was gonna be so good.” Stefan was the first to mutter a few minutes later.

“That was amazing Stefan. You're so very tight, I'm surprised you were able to take it.”

“Thanks, and you're so very large, I wasn't sure I could either.”

“I better get some cream onto your very bruised little hole and get you nice and thickly diapered. There'll be no more touching of your bum today, and more than likely for the next few days, you're gonna need to heal.”

“Okay, but do you have a butt plug that'll keep me nice and open, so that I heal open more?”

“I do, are you sure you want that though, it'll probably hurt a lot as it slips in, and will you be able to take it back out?”

“Yeah, I'll be fine.”


Tom was finally able to get up, so he did so and went and grabbed all the necessary items and came back. He first took a lot of the healing cream and pushed it inside Stefan's gaping wide and very bruised little hole, putting at least five fingers full inside him, and then another two all over the outside of his bruised ring. He then slipped the butt plug inside Stefan, he cried out as the widest part opened him out, and then sighed as it seated. Tom then pulled up the diaper and taped him up. They then traded places and Stefan changed Tom, adding a butt plug as well.

“Thanks, that was really nice.” Tom smiled.

“Yeah, it was, thanks.” Stefan smiled.

Meanwhile, on the other end of the bed, the foursome was just finishing up their sexcapades as well. They had gotten into a really fun position. Two boys in a sixty nine and the other two filling them up. Johnny was on the bottom, Jimmy on him, Carter was sitting on Johnny's face, who was licking his hot little hole, and Jimmy was sucking his erection. Quin was filling Jimmy's hot little ass full of his dick. The only two to move the entire time were Carter and Quin, they just traded back and forth after every orgasm. By the time they were finished, they had all had six orgasms, they had had a great time, but even they were starting to get worn out.

“Looks like you boys had some fun.” Tom smiled when they finally broke apart.

“Yeah, and it sounds like you two did as well. I'm happy for you Stefan, you did it, you're now officially a little baby slut, just like us. That's exactly what you wanted too, isn't it?”

“Oh yeah, for sure. Thanks to you of course.”

“No thanks necessary, I just enjoy sex. So, you still think you're straight?”

“I don't know, I don't care, as long as it feels that good, I'll stay having sex with boys my entire life.”

“Good, then my work with you is done. You're more than welcome to come and enjoy as often as you care to though of course, and you'll get to have your brother even more. By the way, how old is he anyway?” Quin asked curiously.

“Thanks.” He laughed. “He's just thirteen, almost exactly one year older than me. Our birthdays are the same week, I just turned twelve last month, and he just turned thirteen.”

“Cool, I bet his cum tastes really good then.”

“Real good.”

“Then I can't wait to taste it. Has he ever had sex with anyone else before that you know?”

“He hasn't said yet, but I think he has.”

“What's his name, he and Johnny probably go to the same school?”


“You're shitting me right, your brother's Shilo?” Johnny gasped.

“What, is that bad somehow?”

“Oh no, only Shilo and I go way back. I knew he had a little brother, but I've never been to his house, he always comes to mine, so I'd never met you before. And given you guys only just moved here not all that long ago, I wouldn't have known you from elementary school. Trust me, that boy's as gay as I am. We've had some amazing times, and he just loves Jimmy and Quin.” He grinned brightly.

“And we love him too, don't we Quin.”

“Definitely. He's so small and innocent looking, even his dick hasn't really started growing yet, but his cum does taste amazing.”

“Good grief, do you boys know every gay boy in town?” Tom laughed.

“Oh god, we wish we did, but we do know lots.” Jimmy giggled.

“Has he ever had sex with an adult do you know?” Stefan asked.

“Oh yeah, he's been to a few of our orgies, and he's quite well versed at taking almost anything. I was there the first time he took two adult cocks up his ass, and he cried, more than you cried taking Tom for your first time, but he just told them to keep going, that he wanted it real bad. As a prize for taking it though, I gave him all the cum and piss I could, and then had all the others stand over him once he was done, and we jacked off on him and sprayed him. He loves getting cum baths, more than even I do, and I thought that was impossible before we met.” Johnny said happily.

“Wow, can I call him and tell him to come over too?”

“Sure.” All the boys said, Tom had tried to say no, but he was drowned out, and before he could protest, Stefan had already left the room.

“Um boys, I'm not having any more sex 'til at the very earliest tonight, right before bed.”

“That's okay, we probably won't be either, but if we do, you can just watch.” Quin smiled.

A few minutes later Stefan came back all smiles.

“He'll be here in a few minutes. I told him I took my first adult cock, and even though I was sore, it was awesome. I told him to put on one of his diapers and get a good drink and wet it, but he said he was already diapered and wet. I told him there were a few friends of his here that wanted to see him again, he tried to ask who, but I didn't say. He'll love this.”

“Cool.” The boys all said. By now they had all changed their diapers and were just sitting there.

“Come on boys, I need food.” Tom called out.

“Goody, I'm starving.” The boys all said as one, and in almost the exact same way. Tom just chuckled.

They headed to the kitchen and they all got some food, or a lot of food, and they ate. Just as they were finishing up, the doorbell rang. Shilo had never been to Quin's house before, so he had had no idea where he was going, only that he was going to have some fun, and possibly with an adult. He loved being with adults, even more than with kids, but the kids generally lasted longer.

“Quin, awesome, it's your house. Is it your dad that's doing the fucking?”

“Yep, and your brother already took his huge cock.”

“Wow, I never woulda been able to take something as big as your dad must have at his age.”

“He only cried a little as he was being fingered, but as dads cock slipped in, he sighed. He's now officially as big a baby slut as you are, and getting up there with me.”

“Wicked. How big is your dad though, you've got almost as big a dick as I do, and you're the same age as Stefan is, so your dad must be huge?”

“Oh, he's big alright, but you'll find out later as it's slipping into that hot sloppy slutty baby boy pussy of yours.”

“And it is sloppy too. I just got home from my boyfriends house just before Stefan called, and he filled me up real good, and I'm plugged too. Hence the reason I had to put on a diaper, or all his piss woulda made a huge mess in my pants by now.”

“Goody. How is Greg anyway, haven't had him in a few weeks?”

“Better. He'll be allowed back to school this week they hope, but he's almost able to walk properly, they just put a new walking cast on him. He says it's still really awkward, but it's better than when he was in the hospital for more than a week.”

“Did they ever find the bastard that hit him?”

“No, but they did find the car, and it had been registered as stolen the day before the accident, so they'll probably never catch the guy. Chances are though he was very drunk and or high, because there was all sorts of empty alcohol bottles and a few roaches in the car when the police found it. The owner of the car said it certainly wasn't his. I'd hope he was smart enough to not keep that stuff in his car, like no wonder it'd be stolen right.”

“No kidding. Is he gonna be up to an orgy soon you figure?”

“He was asking if there was a way he could do so. He still can't do too much other than either stand or lay down, I mean the cast goes right up to mid thigh, in fact, I had to put a blanket over it so that it didn't chafe me as I was riding him. He'd enjoy getting to lay there and have everyone ride him as much as he can handle though I'm sure. He had to stand and bend over the bed so that I could fuck him, and that was fine.”

“Good, then we'll have to arrange something real soon. How's he doing with his dad changing his diapers for him though?”

“He said it was really embarrassing at first, but now he's okay with it. He hasn't told his dad he has feeling again though, he said he's just gonna play it and keep his diapers permanently. He did say that it was really nasty having to poop his diapers though, because for a while there he couldn't even control that, now he can at least sit on the toilet for that, though he needs help to sit down still, because of course his leg won't bend.”

“His dad knows he's gay right?”

“Yeah, after catching the two of us a few times, he knows now it's not just some phase and has accepted it. He's not gay though, so Greg won't even ask him for help.”

“Shame that. Come on, everyone's in the kitchen, and the others will wanna hear how Greg's doing too.”


They headed to the kitchen and Shilo greeted everyone, everyone introducing themselves, and then told them what was happening with his boyfriend, having to give all the background information to the people who did not know, but it was pretty obvious from the story what had happened anyway. They then headed to the living room to sit back and relax and get to know each other even more, poor Tom was wondering if he would ever make it tonight, he was already totally exhausted.

They sat around for several hours, and even though the boys were all getting horny, they all wanted to wait for Tom to be ready, Quin having told them all that that would not be 'til bedtime. Shilo called his mom and told her that he and Stefan were staying at a friends place for the night and would just go straight to school from there, she did not have a problem with it, she knew that if the boys wanted to go to a friends and have sex all night, then they were welcome to it. She and Jimmy's mom worked together, they were much the same, they knew the boys were getting up to lots of sex, and she was okay with it.

“Finally, bed time.” Quin called out.

Without a further word, they all got up and headed to the bedroom.

“I think there's too many of us to fit in here boys, it may be a queen sized bed, but nowhere near enough room for seven.”

“Then why don't you and Shilo and Johnny stay here and have some fun, while us younger baby boys go back to my room and have some fun there?” Quin suggested.

“Okay.” All the boys said, they were happy with that arrangement.

“Goodnight boys, love you.” Tom said.

“Goodnight, love you too.” They all called out and headed out.

“Well, I guess it's just the three of us now huh?” Tom said shyly.

“Yeah, and I'd really love to feel your cock sliding in my pussy?” Shilo said.

“Problem is, I think I've cum twelve or more times today, I've lost count, and I doubt I have anything left. I haven't been fucked today though, and you boys will be able to last a lot longer than I'll be able to, so why don't I just get up on my hands and knees and you boys alternate back and forth between my mouth and ass.”

“Okay.” They both said brightly.

Inside of just a minute, they were all ready to go, and Shilo, being the newest guest, was encouraged to take up Tom's ass first, so he did. When he poked a hole in the man's diaper to prepare him, he found a rather large butt plug in the way, so removed it, and then decided he clearly did not need to lube Tom up any further, so slipped in his erection after extracting it from his diaper as well.

Johnny prepared himself and slipped inside Tom's mouth, and then the boys started a nice moderate rhythm, leaning forward to kiss each other as they fucked Tom from both ends.

Like Tom surmised, they were able to cum well before him, and before he was even half way there, they both filled him up, and then as soon as they were down, they traded places. This went on for the next hour and a bit, the boys alternating back and forth, and Tom was enjoying himself. By the time they were finished, the boys had each cum six times, whereas Tom had only cum twice. He too loved the taste of Shilo, he tasted amazing.

“That was real nice boys, but now I really do have to go to sleep, I'm wiped.”

“Okay, I'm getting pretty tired too.”

“Me too.”

They all helped to change each others diapers, and then they curled up and fell fast asleep, still hearing the younger boys going at it next door.

The boys lasted only another ten minutes though before they were done, so when they did finish, they diapered each other up and then went to sleep themselves. The boys got into pairs when they arrived to the bedroom and they had fun fucking each other back and forth. They kept rotating until they had all had each other fuck each of them at least once, they had lost count of how many times they had cum, but they figured, quite accurately, that it was eight times anyway.