Chapter 9

The following morning, maybe not so surprisingly given how late they all stayed up playing, and how worn out they were, but they all slept in, and by the time the first of them woke up, Tom, the boys had already missed their first class of the day. Tom went and woke everyone up, telling them they had all slept in.

“Well, I guess there's no point in sending you boys to school today now. I'll just call the schools and tell them.”

“Actually, speaking of school, where am I gonna go to school, and how's that gonna work?” Carter asked, all of a sudden realizing it.

“Hadn't thought of that yet, but until the social worker comes and lets us know what's happening and gives me the papers saying I'm your legal guardian, I'm guessing we do nothing.”

“Oh, okay then.”

“So boys, let's go get some breakfast, because I for some reason am very hungry.”

“Okay.” They all said happily at the sounds of that, because they too were very hungry.

They all headed to the kitchen and got themselves some much needed food, and they sat there eating it and talking happily as they did so. Once they were all finished eating, they cleaned up the mess.

“I still haven't gotten a chance to feel your dick sliding in me, can you fuck me now please Tom?” Shilo asked as huskily as his barely pubertal voice would allow him to.

“Sure, why not. We may as well play in the living room then. Quin, go grab a few blankets so that the floor's not so cold and hard on us please?”

“Okay.” Quin said, taking off to do so right away.

“And I'd really love to have everyone else fuck my face as Tom fucks my ass 'til he can't fuck me any more. Oh and don't be afraid to really fill me up, I love it too.”

“Okay.” Everyone said.

As soon as Quin was back with the blankets, Shilo got down on his hands and knees and presented his ass to Tom for the taking. Tom took it alright. He poked a large hole in the seat, removed the boys good sized plug, and then slipped his erection deep inside. Shilo only sighed deeply.

“Mmm, that's nice, that's the biggest single cock I've ever had. How the hell did you take this Stefan, I never would'a been able to at your age?”

“It just felt so good.”

“Mmm yeah, it does. Well come over here baby bro, I want your hot little baby cock in my mouth first?”


So it was set, Stefan was first to fill his brothers mouth, and as soon as he came, he pissed in his brother, who happily drank it down. Once he was finished, the next boy slipped into place and did the same thing. Three of the boys were able to fill Shilo before Tom filled him with his first load of cum, and then he peed in him as well. Tom was able to hold out until Stefan was back in his brothers mouth and cumming again before he filled Shilo with his second load, and then Johnny, who was the last boy in the line, as he was filling Shilo with his last load of cum for the morning, Tom gave Shilo his last load of cum too.

“Oh god, so good. I've gotta cum though real bad, Tom, would you suck me please?”

“Okay, and if you have to pee, I'm open as well.”

“I do.”

Tom rolled Shilo onto his back, slipped his butt plug back in to help contain some of the mess, pulled down the front of his diaper and started sucking him right away. Shilo lasted three strokes exactly before he erupted, and Tom loved the taste of his cum again, and then got to enjoy his piss. As soon as he was finished, he got out of the way and told all the boys to suck Shilo until he was either dry, or passed out, whichever came first. Shilo almost groaned, but it ended as a sigh as his brother sucked him in. Each boy sucked Shilo twice before he passed out, but they should have stopped half way through the second rotation, because that was when he had dried up, but they wanted to make him pass out.

Once the boys were done, Tom grabbed a fresh diaper and diapered Shilo nice and thick. All the boys and Tom were already in fresh diapers, because as they were waiting, they had diapered each other, all they had to do was suck, so they did not need to worry about their diapers being in the way and or ruining fresh ones.

“Cover him up and let him sleep for a bit, we can all sit back and relax and watch TV for a bit.” Tom smiled.

It took a little more than half an hour for Shilo to wake back up again, and when he did, he hopped onto Tom's lap and laid on the man he barely knew a kiss that made his head spin. The boys all stayed at Quin and Tom's place all day, deciding after their third orgy of the day at just before dinner time, that they should probably head home, so they did. Tom, Quin and Carter sat down to dinner and had a nice evening together. This night, amazingly enough, they did not have sex, but they did all sleep together in Tom's large bed, though it was now all their bed.

The next few days went by in peace, and although Tom was getting plenty of sex, it was nothing like what the weekend and Monday had been, which he was actually a little thankful for. It was Thursday before they were startled to hear the doorbell ring. Tom went and threw on a robe, he and the boys were sitting there in only their diapers, the boys went and got into theirs as well while Tom went and answered the door.

“Hello, how can I help you?” Tom asked politely when he answered the door.

“Hi, my name's Jim, and I'm the social worker assigned to Carter, although in my file he's listed as Zach. I'm here to have a talk with him and see how things are going.”

“Ah, good to meet you Jim.”

“And you're Tom correct?”

“Yes, sorry.”

“It's okay. I assume Tony would've told you what I require?”

“He sure did, but the boys are gonna require something of you as well?”

“Oh, boys, and what do they require?”

“Yeah, my son Quin said he's not gonna let Carter have all the fun. As for the what, Quin says it's not negotiable, but I'm to diaper you up, and you have to be wet before you get to fuck him, and Carter will likely want the same anyway.”

“Oh, that's a new one.”

“Yeah, we're diaper lovers here, I'm surprised Tony didn't warn you.”

“He told me there'd be a surprise or two in stock for me. I guess there were two, but I could be willing I suppose, I've never done that before, but I'm always open to trying new things.”

“Oh, those boys will open you alright.”

“Oh, I don't receive, only give.”

“Then I suggest you just leave now and we figure something else out, because there's no way that Quin will allow that, and Carter won't either. I'd never even dream of asking a kid to take and not give back as well, and nor should you. It's terribly selfish you know.” Tom said sternly.

“If they don't, then I send in a report.”

“And you'll be dead by morning, and every kid you molested will be told to say that you forced them to have sex with them or else you'd tell on their parents or guardians and get them in huge trouble. Trust me, you can't win here, and if you even think of telling Quin what to do, he'll be even more mean than me. He's now officially a planner for Tony, and he's only twelve. Trust me, don't cross my son, you won't live, because if he tells Tony that you're not worth letting live, you won't be alive.”

“Are you threatening me?” Jim asked in shock, he was always used to having all the power.

“I'm not, I'll let Quin and Tony do that, I'm just warning you. Quin's way smarter than I am, hence the reason he now sits on Tony's planning committee, he's already helped Tony to get rid of one gang trying to take over his territory, and rid himself of a nasty FBI agent who was trying to gut him, as well as made him several hundred thousand dollars, and that was in just a couple days. Trust me, you won't win, and if I let you in this house, you will let me diaper you, and then you will be letting the boys do anything they so desire to you as well. Am I clear on this?”

“I've never been fucked before?”

“Then I'll save fucking you 'til your next visit, tonight I'll just let the boys enjoy you, and you them, but next time you come, we're a family and fuck as such.”

“I have to call Tony, I'll be right back.” Jim said and then backed away.

Tom heard the boys giggling behind him, so he turned to see them standing there listening to the entire conversation.

“That was really good Daddy.” Quin whispered, so that Jim would not hear them, the boys did not want Jim to know they were there.

“Thanks.” Tom smiled and looked back to the door, while the boys slid back behind the wall to listen. Jim was back a couple minutes later.

“So, what did Tony tell you?”

“He told me that if I wanted to be able to fuck Carter, and even Quin if he wanted, that I had to play by the house rules or walk away. I still have a dozen other kids, so one less wouldn't hurt. He did warn me though that not doing as you said would result in my not having the most amazing sex in my life, that he was still recovering from his weekend alone with Quin.”

“And he's right. I'm kept in a near constant state of sexual exhaustion, it's bliss here. I guarantee that the boys will take you to the stars and make you feel things that you never imagined were even possible by nature.”

“Fine, but you won't fuck me?”

“No, not tonight, you go and enjoy the boys, they'll treat you good. Now, come here and let me diaper you for the boys.”


He stepped in and Tom closed the door, then went to the bedroom where the boys had already headed to and grabbed the diaper that Quin was holding ready and waiting for him. He then headed back to the living room and had Jim strip down completely, the man was clearly embarrassed to be doing this, but so was he clearly horny. Tom had him diapered up in just a few moments, and when he was done, he directed Jim to the correct room for his very first deflowering.

Tom just sat in the living room watching TV with the sound almost muted so that he could hear what was going on in the bedroom. It was nearly two hours later that the poor man stumbled from the bedroom, he looked as if he had been run over by a truck, he had the silliest grin on his face that Tom had ever seen, he was walking very much bow legged, and Tom even wondered if the poor man was even going to be able to drive home.

“Are you gonna be alright man?” He asked.

“Wow, um yeah, I think so.”

“So, was it everything I promised you it'd be?”

“Fuck me, and then some.” He panted out.

“Yeah, know how you feel man. Next time I'll join in on the fun and you'll really get to feel like you're being fucked, even though I have no doubt the boys showed you just how good that can be as well.”

“God yeah. They started out with just sucking and fingering me, and before we were finished, the little fuckers had their hands all the way inside me. I feel like a truck just parked inside me, but it was the most amazing feeling I've ever felt as they were fucking me. They used a dildo on me, and they even pulled their diapers off at the end and pulled my diaper off and they fucked me and pissed in me. As soon as they were both done, they put a fresh diaper on me, telling me I'd need it. I think I understand that comment now, they fucking filled me right up.”

“Yeah, wicked, isn't it?” Tom smiled brightly.

“Yeah, I think I know why you're so calm and relaxed now.”

“Try doing what you just did on average three times a day. I don't need to exercise any more let's just say, those boys drain me totally each and every day, and they still want more.”

“Fuck, I'd die.”

“Yeah, but what a way to go. Now, just remember all the other boys you're having sex with, I bet most of them would love to fuck you too, and you're gonna let them from now on too right.”


“Good, then our work here is done. Have a good night.”

“Thanks, and you too.” He said and a few moments later he was gone. Jim was there faithfully at least once a month, and from then on, he did enjoy the boys and Tom fucking him Silly. He also said that he had started letting his boys fuck him too, and they were getting along far better because of it too.

As soon as Jim was gone, the boys came out all smiles and in fresh diapers.

“So, did you even let him fuck you boys tonight, he never said?”

“Nope, we wanted to show him who's boss.” Carter grinned.

“Good boys, that's the way it should be.”

“Yeah, we know. We do however need to have a good fuck before bed though.” Quin added.

“Then I suggest you two take care of each other. I have at best one more load in me, and I want to paint your faces with it and then watch you two lick it off each other again, that's just too fucking hot, and then of course I'm gonna want goodnight kisses from both of you. I came while listening to you to ravish Jim, I didn't even touch myself, it was just too hot sounding and I couldn't stop it. I managed to catch it though and ate it, no sense in wasting a perfectly good load, now is there?”

“Are you gonna watch as we fuck each other?” Carter asked.

“Like I'd let you do it any other way?” Tom said aghast at the idea.

“That's what I thought.” He giggled.

They headed to the bedroom, and the boys got into their favorite position when it was just the two of them having fun. They got into a sixty nine and pulled the front of each others diapers down and started sucking each other. Their hands also started working on each others asses, and before too long, they were fisting each other, all while Tom was sitting there watching, very much enjoying the show.

The boys managed to last a good fifteen minutes before they had their final orgasm of the night, they had been quite satisfied with Jim, so they were not quite as hot any more. They both slumped down as if boneless and there they stayed, panting and gasping for a good ten minutes before they rolled apart. As they rolled apart, they also extracted their hands from each other and pulled their diapers back into position.

“Fuck boys, that never gets old. I've gotta cum real bad here now though, so lay side by side please and I'll paint your faces.”

“Okay.” They both said happily.

A few moments later the boys were in position, and Tom settled himself right in between them both. He pulled down the front of his diaper, grabbed his erection and gave himself just four strokes. That was all it took, he was so hot, he was boiling, it was so hard to hold off his eruption when the boys came he was nearly going cross eyed. Aiming at first one, and then the others faces, he painted them each with four good sized loads of cum. They had both closed their eyes and mouths to allow for the entire load to paint their faces, this way they could fully lick the load from each other.

“Fuck, that's hot.” Tom sighed once he came down.

The boys then got up and started licking the mess from each others faces, neither of them content until each other was fully cleaned. Then they went to Tom, who had enjoyed watching the show, and kissed him. First one for a few seconds, and then the other, and for almost ten minutes they did this, sharing all the cum.

“Wow boys, you're something else. I say it's pretty damn close to bed time, so what say you change my diaper, and then we all go to bed.”

“Thanks.” They both smiled brightly.

The boys did change Tom's diaper for him though and then before too long, they were all curled up in bed, sound asleep. They all slept well throughout the night and slept peacefully. They all woke up at their regular time so that Quin could get ready to go to school. As they were having breakfast, they talked and Carter remembered something.

“Um Tom, did Jim leave you papers or anything so that you can get me into school?”

“Actually no, he didn't. I'll have to call Tony and get his number so that I can ask about that. After what you boys did to him last night, I guess he totally forgot.”

“Oh, okay. I'll be allowed to go to school with Quin right?”

“Of course, I wouldn't send you anywhere else, that's for sure. The school's like only a block and a half away, you can both walk, so I don't need to take you. I will your first day there, but that's it.”


“If I get the information in time, we'll try and get you in school for Monday morning, I'll just have to go see the school today.”

“Okay, thanks.”

“You know, most boys would rather stay home, do you enjoy school?”

“Yeah, I do, and I know, some of the boys at my old school hated it, but I love to learn things, and it's not that hard.”

“That's good. You and Quin are a lot alike that way then, nothing like I was. Even at your age, I always wanted and tried to skip out.”

“I've missed way more school since the bitch left than I ever have before. It's been almost a month I guess since I last went to school, don't even remember any more.”

“Then I'll make sure you're there for Monday then, okay.”


“Well Quin Baby, you should be heading out now, you have a good day, learn lots and lots and try not to have any fun.”

“Love you Daddy, and you know I'll learn lots and have even more fun.” He grinned.

They kissed for a few seconds, then Quin and Carter kissed for a few seconds, and then Quin headed out for his day.

“So, what are we gonna do today then Carter?”

“Who knows, but I noticed we were getting short on diapers again, and I'm pretty sure our diaper cream and lube are getting low. So can we go to the store to get some more stuff?”

“You like going to that store, don't you?”

“Um, yeah, I love getting to pick out diapers, and I want a couple more diaper shirts and stuff.”

“Okay, then we should get dressed and head out right away. We may as well go grocery shopping as well while we're out too. I'll call Tony first though and get Jim's number and call him.”


Tom called Tony and got the information he needed, and then made the call to Jim, who apologized for having not left it, but said he would come and drop it off. Tom told him to just leave it in the mailbox, that he would get it when they came back home. Jim was good with that, so before too long, they hung up and Tom and Carter were on their way.

When they made it to the medical supply store, they looked around for a few minutes, deciding what they wanted. They had grabbed a couple tubs of cream and a few of lube, a few bags of the diapers they liked and needed, a few more diaper shirts, and a couple other things.

“Is there anything else you want while we're here?” Tom asked Carter before heading to the checkout.

“Do you think they have cloth diapers here, I always wanted to try them?”

“Go ahead and ask.” Tom smiled.


Carter happily headed to the desk and waited until the guy was finished whatever it was that he was typing in his computer.

“Um excuse me, but do you have cloth diapers as well?”

“Sure do young man. Are you gonna wear them during the day, or is it for just at night, and is it strictly pleasure use, or need?”

“Let's go one or two for day time need, and if you have extra thick for night time and pleasure use, then I'd love to see them too.”

“Excellent, Tony said you and Quin were both very much into diapers.”

“Yeah, we are. How about plastic pants?”

“Boys or girls colors?”

“Mostly boys, but I do enjoy a little pink every now and then.”

“Okay, regular or extra thick?”

“Guess.” Carter grinned.

“That's what I thought. And do you want some as well Tom?”

“Sure, may as well, and make it enough for both boys too.”

“Don't worry, I was gonna.” He grinned.

“Thought so.”

He went to the back room and came out several minutes later with a rather large box that was taped shut.

“Here you go, don't open it 'til you get home, I think you'll enjoy this, probably a lot. We're gonna call these costumes though, so we'll write them off. But, that means you'll probably have to wear these during a movie.”

“Aw nuts, do we haveta?” Carter pouted animatedly, then started giggling.

“Yeah, and I hope I get to be there to watch it filming. It's so hot.”

“Don't you want to act in one?”

“No, I won't fuck a boy, I do however enjoy watching. I was raped as a boy, and I just can't do it.”

“Sorry to hear that. I can assure you though that if you come to our house that Quin and I'll be able to erase all those bad memories. How did it happen though?”

“Thanks, some day I might take you up on that, but probably not. I was eight years old, I was walking home, I never even saw him coming, he just grabbed me and put a bag over my head, dragged me off somewhere, and for I'm told four weeks had his way with me. That's when I was first diapered, I did like that, and then I was very roughly fucked. Every day 'til he finally let me go was like that, three or four times a day by him, and sometimes fifteen or twenty times in a day from friends of his. I never saw his face, and as far as I know, they were never caught. Still to this day, I think it was something my dad got into and I had to pay his tab. Tony said that it wasn't him, he said he doesn't rape kids, even though he has no problems making it appear so, and I believe him.”

“Wow, I'm sorry that had to happen to you.”

“For the longest time I didn't understand what I felt, because some of it I actually enjoyed. My shrink said they must have awakened my latent homosexuality or something stupid like that. He says that for me to have enjoyed it any at all, I was probably gay, and now I know I am, so I probably was then too, that's why I did enjoy it sometimes, just not really because they were really rough with me. I was in the hospital for several days after that, they had to give me stitches and lots of antibiotics, because I was all infected from being torn and abused so much. My dad was beside himself, he wanted to kill anyone and anything, but when I asked him if he had gotten into something, he evaded it. He died several years ago, I knew he was into some heavy shit, even when I was a kid I knew, that's why I asked, and let's just say he didn't die of natural causes either, he was shot.”

“And now you work for someone like Tony. How'd that happen?” Carter asked in awe.

“Actually, he took me in after my dad died, as you well know, I'm pretty young. I'm only twenty, I was sixteen when dad died, and Tony came to me and said that I could stay with him and his son, I knew his son quite well from school. I knew that he was into porn and making it, and we've even had sex a few times, was pretty hot, but I didn't know at the time what all Tony was into. When I found out, I accused him of being the one to rape me, and he swore he wasn't, but that he had tried to find out who did, but that he never was able to. He promised me that he's not into hurting kids, and he's proved that to me a number of times. He let me open this store for him almost two years ago, because I wanted something like this to call my own, and he told me that anything I wanted I could have. He does get props from me from time to time, so I know he won't have any problem paying for what's in that box, even though I'll only charge him cost.”

“That was nice of him, but did you ever think that maybe Tony did find the one to have done that to you and took care of him quietly, so that you didn't have to worry about it?” Carter asked.

“Yes, and I asked him if he did, and he said no, at least not yet, and if he did find him, he'd give me the option of finishing him. I wouldn't, but I might be there to hear the guy plead. If he has a son, I might tie him to a chair and make him watch as I do to him all that he did to me, only I won't rape him, I'll make love to him, I'll make the boy feel all that I didn't. I'll probably have to do it via video though, so that the boy doesn't see his father. But you know, I probably wouldn't even be able to do that.”

“No, but if he does have a son, then you can be the one to take him in and maybe teach him that love, and it'd probably help you too. Although, Quin and I'd love to help you out too.”


“Well, thanks huge for all this, we'll see you soon.” Carter smiled sadly to the young man.

“Thanks as well, have a good day guys.”

A few minutes later they had all their purchases stored in the car and were heading out. They were going to head to the grocery store now.

“I want to help him out, he needs to have sex with us so that he can see that kids really can enjoy, and that he can too with kids.”

“Yes, he does need it, but 'til he's ready for it, it'd damage him too much to do it.”

“I don't think so. He already sees that we enjoy it, he knows it too, now all he has to do is feel it. I'll talk it over with Quin, but I think for it to work, we'll have to use a boy he doesn't know. Maybe Stefan could do it, he's so cute and innocent, we could have him come here and totally seduce him, to the point he puts a sign up saying back in an hour, but I bet Stefan takes him for two.”

“True, and Stefan might be a good choice too, he acts so innocent, so straight even, I never knew he was gay, I always thought straight. Stefan will enjoy it too I'm thinking.”

“He'd enjoy alright, and then maybe he can stay there 'til the end of the day and then bring him to our place and we can all have a great deal of fun.”

“That's not such a bad idea. Quin will be able to give you more ideas though that might help out, so for sure ask him.”


From there they hit the grocery store and spent almost an hour picking out all that they would be needing for the next several days, and then they headed home. For some reason Carter was excited to get home. He really wanted to see what all was in that box. Finally they made it there, and Tom made Carter help with putting everything away before they were allowed to open the box.

“Finally, let's open it.” He said impatiently once they were done everything.

“Yes, come on.” Tom laughed.

They went to the living room where the box was placed and Carter started ripping it open. Once he had it open, he started pulling things out of it, and it was really hot. The first thing out were super thick and soft cloth diapers that had snaps to close them, so they were a pre made diaper that they just had to put on like a regular diaper. There were more than enough for all of them in the two different sizes they needed. Next were matching thick durable rubber pants in an assortment of colors, one pair each was even pink with cute little frills on it. Next out were a few new diaper shirts and a few more pairs of cute babyish footed pajamas. And in the bottom of the box were three new soothers and bottles, one of each for each of them.

“Wow, would you look at all this awesome stuff. Can you change me please?”

“No, sorry not yet. Not only would Quin be upset if you tried them without him here, but they need to be washed first before they can be used. If you go get them into the washer right now though, they'll be ready by the time he makes it home from school.”

“Fine.” Carter sighed, but gathered up all the diapers and clothes and took them to the laundry room and did just that.

Once the washer beeped, saying it was done, Carter went and transferred his payload to the dryer and got it going as well. As they waited, they sat back and relaxed and watched a little TV for the afternoon, chatting a bit, they ate lunch as well when the time came, but otherwise it was rather peaceful as they waited for Quin to arrive. As it just so happened, the dryer beeped saying that it was done, just as Quin walked through the door.

“Ah, perfect timing.” Carter yelped and leapt out of his chair. Instead of running toward Quin, as Quin clearly thought he was going to though, he ran to the laundry room.

“You'll understand in a second baby, but I suggest you come in and strip down to just that soggy baby diaper, because Carter has a surprise for you.”

“Okay.” Quin said happily and did just that.

Carter came back a few seconds later with the laundry basket full of freshly washed and nice and warm baby clothes. Quin was already laying on the floor waiting for the surprise, so Carter dug through the new clothes and diapers and found a diaper for Quin. Quin just smiled brightly when he saw what it was, and was already very happy, Carter could see when he opened Quin's diaper. Carter cleaned and creamed Quin quickly, slipped the new warm diaper under his bum, pulled it up, snapped it closed, and then grabbed the pink pair of rubber pants and slipped them up Quin's legs.

“Wow, that's nice and thick, and warm too. I like.” Quin grinned.

“Quit flapping your jaws already and change my diaper now will you?” Carter said impatiently.

“Okay.” Quin giggled, so they traded places and Quin repaid the favor.

“Ah, now that is nice.” He sighed deeply.

“My turn now boys.” Tom said, laying down as well.

Before too long, all three of them were sitting around in just nice super thick and very comfortable cloth diapers with very thick pink frilly bum rubber pants on. It was quite the sight to behold, even in this household.

“So, how was your day at school today Baby?”

“Really good. In History today we were learning all about the Mayan's and how they built all their amazing structures, I have a book on it that I have to read, then I have to do a book report on it and make a model of any of the architectural wonders I wish to make to go along with it. I have two weeks to complete it. Math was really good as well, we're learning some really hard stuff, and English was about normal, but I have to do another book report there as well. A few of the other kids complained about having to do two book reports at the same time, but I don't know what their problem is. The Mayan one is so interesting, and the English one is really small. It's only a twenty page book on a poet, it has some history and then a few of his most famous poems. Can't remember his name at the moment, I'd never heard of him before, but we only need one handwritten page, so it'll only take an hour to do the whole thing, we have to have it in for Tuesday. Science was awesome though, we got to learn how a cow actually digests its food, it's really neat, some of the kids were grossed out though. I just laughed. PE was real good, as per usual I was excused, so me and Stefan, who brought a note in today saying he wasn't allowed to either, went to the change room and had a little fun. Chances are we got more exercise than the other kids all did though. And that was about it.”

“Glad you had such a good day today Baby.”

“Thanks. What about you guys? Did you get Carter all set for school on Monday, and did you do anyone in particular?”

“Shit, we didn't register you Carter. Oh well, we'll take you Monday morning and see if they can get you in right away. I know Quin's class isn't anywhere near full, so hopefully they can fit you in in there.”

“Crap. Oh well, hopefully they can.” Carter shrugged, because he too had forgotten with everything else.

“Otherwise, no, we didn't do anyone, we didn't even have sex today yet either. Though Carter had an interesting conversation with Daniel down at the medical store.” Tom said.

Carter then told Quin all about the conversation, and Quin thought about it for a few moments and then smiled.

“That makes sense, I always wondered about him. Stefan will be the perfect choice, and then have him bring him over afterward for an orgy that he won't soon forget, and he'll be almost totally healed. In fact, I was gonna invite him over tonight anyway, so let me just call him and tell him what he has to do and then to come straight here with him.” Quin smiled and then hopped up, grabbed the phone and made the call. Only he did not stop there, he also called Jimmy and Johnny and told them to come for the weekend. He had also told Stefan to tell Shilo to come right over as well.

“Oh boy, I'm not gonna survive the weekend, am I? Tom chuckled.

“You'll survive, you just might wish you hadn't.” Carter giggled.

Shortly after that the three guests that were to come right away made it there, but they did not run off and have wild sex. They were going to wait until their other two guests arrived, because they had no doubt that they would. All three of them though were told what was happening, as well they were told about, and then changed into the new cloth diapers that they could see the others wearing, and they all liked them too. They did all wonder though how they were going to have sex while wearing them though. They figured that they would just have to change when the time came, none of them had a problem with that.

It was nearly six o'clock when the doorbell rang, so Carter went to get it. When he opened the door, standing behind the door for privacy of course, he found Stefan and Daniel there, Stefan smiling brightly, Daniel looking very shy and already a little worn out.

“Ah, good, come on in guys.” Carter said happily.

“Thanks.” Stefan smiled brightly and came in right away, while Daniel followed shyly.

Carter then led them to where the others were, and when Daniel saw all that was there, he blanched even more than he already had.

“It's so good to see you again Daniel, how are you?” Tom smiled warmly.

“Um, good I guess.” He whispered.

“That's good.”

“So, what'd you two do for the last few hours?” Carter asked Stefan.

“I went to his store like you said I should, and I was asking him all about the diapers he carried, I told him I was a diaper wearer but that I loved diapers as well. He showed me all that he had, and I asked him to change me. He was reluctant at first, but I just played real innocent, saying that it was hard to change myself. Yeah, hard alright. Anyway, he agreed, finally, put a sign on the window and took me to the back room and stripped me down to just my diaper. As soon as he saw me in just my diaper though, he came, and then I knew he was mine. I pretended not to really notice, letting him think that I was far too young and innocent to know what had just happened, though he did blush. Then he laid me down and pulled off my diaper, exposing my hot hard little baby boy boner.”

“And such a tasty little baby boy boner it is too.” Tom sighed.

“And you might get to taste it again, real soon. Anyway, he was mesmerized by it, couldn't stop watching it. I said I was sorry, it was always doing that to me, I asked him how to make it go down, but he said I had to learn that on my own. I begged him to tell me, it was so hard that it hurt, and I couldn't pee, and I needed to pee real bad too. So, he told me all about haw to jack off, so I tried it, I pretended to be real clumsy and told him it wasn't working and asked him if he could show me how to do it. He said no at first, but then I put on the real innocent pleading look and nearly begged him. Finally he just caved in, he was still just watching my boner twitching, he was nearly hypnotized from it, and finally he just reached out and grabbed hold of it and started stroking it.”

“I bet that was real nice.” Tom smiled.

“Oh yeah, his hand was so warm and soft, I came in like thirty seconds. I squealed out don't stop, so he didn't, and then a minute later, I said suck my dick, and without even thinking I guess, he just bent right down and sucked my dick and balls in in one go. He was a little clumsy at first, my guess is he's not used to sucking something so small, I mean I'm only twelve and not exactly huge, so he had to change how he was used to doing it, but once he got it, he was real good. As soon as I was through my second cum, I warned him I had to pee, and he only sucked me harder, so I grabbed him by the head and rammed all my dick in him I could and pissed in his mouth, he drank from me like he was dying of thirst.”

“He tastes so good, doesn't he?” Tom asked Daniel.

“Oh yeah.” He sighed.

“Yeah, so anyway, I noticed a jar of lube on the shelf by the change table, it seems our dear Daniel here likes to wear toys while at work, can't blame him, I like wearing them to school. Anyway, I grabbed the lube and gave it to him and told him to strip, poke a hole in his diaper, pull out his nice big cock, lube up and slip in my hot sloppy slutty baby boy pussy. At first he was like no, I can't do that to you, I'll hurt you. I of course countered with that unless he had more then ten inches long and six inches around, that that was unlikely, because I took that much more than a few times. He was stunned, he looked like a landed fish, but he was so horny.”

“So he just did as I told him to do, and while he was getting himself ready, I got myself ready. I poked a hole in my diaper and lubed and fingered myself a little, and by the time I was ready, so was he. He slipped right in and started fucking me slow and tender, it was real nice. He took at most a minute to cum in me the first time, then I encouraged him to really fill me up if he wanted to or could, so he did, and then fucked me three more times, filling me with all the cum he had, I drained him. We kissed after changing each others diapers, he never did re-open the store before closing, we just laid there kissing and cuddling, 'til I remembered that I was supposed to come here. So I asked him to come home with me, and of course he was reluctant, but I told him it'd be alright. Finally he came, not again of course, so here we are.”

“Awesome. How do you feel now Daniel?” Carter asked softly.

“All mixed up.”

“I bet. I think though that you needed it, you needed to feel sex with a kid willingly, you had to know what it felt like, you had to experience it first hand so that you could heal more. You already knew there were so many kids that enjoyed what you got forced to do, and hurt from it too, you never got to feel what good sex felt like back then, even though you did enjoy some of it, but you had to know, you had to feel it, if only from the other side.” Carter said.

“Thanks, even though I'm still not sure that it was what I wanted, but it did feel real good.”

“He's right Daniel. Had I known what you'd gone through, I'd have done exactly the same thing for you, it's what you needed most of all, you had to know that sex with a kid didn't always have to be brutal or forceful. You'd already seen it, but you had to feel it for yourself or you'd never have been truly happy. Now, I'm willing to bet that you're more than a little tired and probably aren't even wanting any more sex?” Quin asked.

“You got that right. I've cum more in the past several hours than I normally do in a week.”

“Shame that, we cum at least that much every single day.” Quin laughed.

“We do, I'm kept almost completely drained at all times.” Tom chuckled.

“How do you keep up, I'm younger than you and I feel like I'm gonna die still, and my last cum was more than an hour ago.”

“Yeah, that pretty much sums up how I feel all day every day. But really, could you think of any better way to go?”

“No.” Daniel had to laugh.

“Me neither. Now, the rest of us certainly do need some relief, so if you want to just watch, feel free to do so, if you care to join, every hole here would love to be filled. Even if you just have to go pee, just find any open hole, mouth or ass, and go ahead and fill it, I assure you, every one of us wouldn't mind, in fact I think I speak for everyone that we'd appreciate it.”

“Okay, thanks.” He smiled.

They all headed to the bedroom, where there were two very distinct groups performing for their guest, who did in fact just sit on the sidelines and watch the action. For more than an hour, Daniel watched as each and every one of them was either fucked or fucked someone else. He was actually more than a little surprised at the impressive size of weapons on both Tom and Quin, Tom, just because he was so large, and well Quin, because so was he for his age. As turned on as he was though, he was enjoying the show far too much to interrupt, and when the last of them came, he was as close to busting as he ever was.

“Carter, would you come and suck one last load from me please?” He asked the young boy as soon as he came down from his orgasm, the last of the boys to do so, Tom though was still in the throes of his by the looks of it, though Daniel did have to wonder if the poor man would ever wake up.

“For sure.” Carter said happily and hopped off the bed and went straight to Daniel.

He pulled down Daniel's soggy diaper and inhaled his entire erection in one gulp and sucked him passionately for at best a minute before Danial could take no more. With a strangled cry, Daniel came and filled Carter's mouth to nearly full.

“Mmm, what a load. Man, you taste so good, and there's so much of it too.” He sighed happily.

“Yeah, and he sprayed probably as much three times in a row earlier too.” Stefan smiled.

“I always was a big shooter, but the drawback has always been I can't go for as long, because I drain quicker.” Daniel explained.

“I guess that's both a good and a bad thing, but you sure do taste good.”


“Well, we have more than a few young guests that need to get home, so everyone help to change someone's diaper, and then you should probably head out. Daniel, you're welcome to stay for a bit if you'd like or you can head out as well.” Tom said once all was said that needed to be said.

“Okay.” The young guests all sighed.

“I should probably be heading home myself, it was a really long day and for some strange reason I'm more than just a bit tired. Thanks though for setting this all up for me by the way, it really has been great.”

“You're welcome.” Everyone said, Carter loudest of all.

Shortly thereafter they were all changed and the guests dressed, and not long after that, they all headed home for the night. Tom and his boys, who just stayed in their fresh diapers of course, headed to the kitchen to grab themselves a snack, and then headed to the living room to lay back and relax until bedtime.

Once bedtime rolled around, all of them felt that their diapers would be just fine, so they crawled right into bed, they all kissed each other goodnight, and then they all fell fast asleep.