Erick's Property

My name is Jason and I am seventeen years old. I live in Seattle Washington and attend a local high school where I am in the eleventh grade. My parents are mixed, my mother is an African American and my father is Caucasian. My skin is the color of a permanent tan and everyone I know wishes their skin was the color of mine. The only thing I have that everyone would like is my skin. I am 5 foot 4 inches tall and if I weigh 100 pounds I would be surprised. I am a closeted gay, and by that I mean I fantasize about boys and not girls but have never acted on my feeling with anyone; I guess you would say I am still a virgin. My cock is about 4.5 inches when it is at full mast and thankfully it is uncut. I do not have much body hair like my mother's family, but what hair I do have looks like my father's which is a very light brown, almost dirty blonde. I think my parents are well off because one of them is a vice president for Starbucks coffee and the other is a vice president for Microsoft. They are so busy that they have little time for me and I am an only child I spend many weekends at home alone.

My name is Erick, and I am eighteen years of age I live right beside Jason, who until last night I did not really know. We attend the same high school, and I am a senior or will be when school starts in September. My parents are rich, they gave be a BMW for my sixteen birthday and it wasn't used. I am the school's first string quarterback for their football team. I am 6 feet 2 inches tall and I weigh just under 192 pounds. I hope to get a scholarship to Washington State next year. I have blond hair and green eyes. I am a heterosexual and have been sexually active since I was fourteen year old. My current girlfriend is Sally, and she and I fuck just about every day except when she is having her period. Sally want give me a blow job and she want let me fuck her ass. My parents spend a lot of their free time up in Vancouver, Canada, but now that I kinda have my own life I don't like going with them anymore. So this past Friday the left me to myself and I decided to have a party.

I invited about twenty people and thought it would be fun to include some of the lower classmen so I invited Jason from next door. I didn't know anything about his closeted behavior, and if I had I would not have invited him.

Erick invited me to his party on Friday night. When he came to my door and asked if I would like to come to the party I just about climaxed right then and there, for you see I have been watching him swim in the nude in his pool for the last two years, and he is always in my fantasies as the man whose cock I suck first. I have bumped into him at school once or twice and he smells so masculine, I could almost be is slave just to be around him all the time.

One think I forgot to tell you is my parents are swingers, you know they have what I believe is called an open relationship where they swap husbands or wives with other couples. That is the reason for their frequent visits to Vancouver, Canada. They didn't know that I knew about this behavior but when I was eleven I began watching them switch partners with some friends of theirs who we were visiting while in Canada. I saw them do it from then until I stopped going with them to Canada at sixteen. I even saw them pretend to be sex slaves of the other couple; then again maybe it wasn't pretend.

I arrive at Erick's house just at seven when he said the party was to start. I was not the first to get their but I wasn't the last either. I noticed that about half of the people there were seniors and the other half a mixture of juniors and sophomores. Erick told us we could go anywhere in the house but his parent's room, I guess he was making his room available for anyone who wanted to have sex. I didn't really know anyone there so I just milled around at first and got to know a few names. I met Sally, a very pretty girl who looked Italian with olive colored skin, dark eyes and black flowing hair. She was a knock out, but she seemed to be upset about something. I never did figure it out. Erick also opened the pool and told people that they could go swimming with or without a suit. I didn't bring one so it didn't really matter because I'm sure there was not one in his house that would fit a little guy like me

The beer and booze was flowing and even the younger people where drinking some. I was afraid to because I was afraid that if I drank I might reveal my secret, that of being gay, so I just drank soda. After about an hour into the party most of the people started going outside to the pool, but I had this desire to go to Erick's room. When I found it the room was unoccupied so I began to search for something of his that I could take home that smelled like him. I searched the dirty clothe in the hamper and found a red colored jock strap it was stained. I lifted it to my nose and it smelled like urine and cum, but most important it smelled like Erick. I but it in my pocket, went and found Erick and told him I was feeling bad and left the party.

Sally is having her period. Damn, I was hoping after the party that she would have stayed and we would have fucked all night. Waking up about 9:00 AM with a terrific headache, I get up and take care of the usual stuff in the bathroom, and then I go down stair and realize that I have a full day of work ahead of me to clean up the party mess. I don't really feel like cleaning so I take some Tylenol for my headache and go out to the pool to lie in the nude and in the sun on one of the chase lounges.

I have been sniffing Erik's jockey strap just about all night and have masturbated at least three times because of it and my fantasy about Erick. Now I am faced with the fact that my dream man is lying down in the nude beside his pool and rather or not I want to close the blinds to my windows. I'm just going to take a chance because it is always more exciting when there is just a hint of danger.

Turning my head toward Jason's house and looking up at the windows to see if he is standing there like he normally does; Damn, I can't believe what I am seeing. I think he has my red jock strap shoved up into his nose and face, and he seems to be playing with himself. Shit, I always knew he was some sort of pervert. Erick then runs into his house and searches through his dirty laundry to determine if in fact his red jock strap is gone; it is. Now what am I going to do? He put on some jeans and a t-shirt then left his room.

As he walks down the stairs he decides to make use of Jason. He remembers seeing one of his parents fuck books that dealt with sex slaves, well he would see just have far he could take Jason. Marching out of his front door and across the green grass of his yard toward Jason's house he also determined to humiliate him because of his theft. He knocked on Jason's door three times and waited what seemed like hours but was just a minute or two before Jason opened the door dressed only in boxers. "You are a thief, Jason, and I also think you are a fag. What do you have to say for yourself," Erick asked.

Jason was struck dumb. He could not reply. He turned as red as his tan skin would allow him too. His mouth dropped open and his eyes fell toward the ground.

I command you to come to my house within the next ten minutes dressed just like you are, and if you don't I will assume that your desire is that I tell everyone who was at the party about your dirty little secret, you fucking faggot. Erick then turned and walk back to his house. Left the front door open and went back to the pool took of his clothing and laid back down on the chaise lounge in the nude.

In six minutes and thirty seconds, Jason came through Erick's front door and closed the door. He then went through the house and found Erick at the pool, nude and on the chaise lounge. "By your coming here, you are admitting that I just saw you with my red jock strap up your nose and you were masturbating. You are also admitting that you are queer. I don't really have to ask if this is correct, but I expect you to tell me now, fag!"

Embarrassed, Jason reply, "That is correct boss." Then to himself why did I call him boss?

You are right Jason my boy, I am your boss for the rest of my senior year, and you will do everything I tell you to do without question. And I do mean everything," he said snidely.

"Yes boss."

"Go in the kitchen and you will find a notebook on the kitchen counter; get it and a pen because you have something to write." Jason turn and felt like running but knew that if he did his secret would be all over the neighborhood before the end of the day. He found the note book and pen and returned. Erick then told him to sit down and write out what Erick had seen him doing and their agreement that he was Erick's slave for the next ten months.

"Now sign it you fucking pig. If you fulfill this agreement entirely to my satisfaction then I will give it back to you ten months from now, and I will forget about you, but if you don't' every person in your senior class next year will know that you have been my slave this year. Do you understand?"

"Yes boss," Jason humble replied.

"Good, the first thing you will do is remove those boxer shorts, and then you will clean up this fucking mess around here from the party last night. Both out by the pool and in the house; all the furniture needs to be waxed, dishes washed and put away and my laundry washed and dried and put away. You must be naked at all times when my parents are not here, and they want be back until tomorrow night after midnight." Jason hesitated. "Move, faggot," Erick shouted.

At that Jason removed his boxers and Erick started laughing. "That thing is hard as a rock and it ain't even a third the size of mine. No wonder you are a queer. That thing you call a cock ain't good for nothing but beating, and at that Erick slapped Jason's cock, which caused a good deal of pain for Jason. He started to cry. "Don't you do that. You deserve everything you are going to get and you will take it without tears. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes boss." Jason moaned.

"Now go get me a beer and get to work."

Jason then started to pick up his boxers but Erick took them from him and took his lighter and put a flame to the shorts. They burned before his eyes, and Jason walked toward the kitchen with moisture in his eyes. What have I gotten myself into? How can I get out of this without to much pain or humiliation? He got the beer and returned to find Erick sleeping in the chaise lounge. He put the beer beside the lounge and began to work.

After about an hour he took a chance to go and look at his capture. Erick must have been dreaming because his cock was as hard as nails and had to be at least twelve inches long. It was uncut too. It was more than he had imagined. He wanted to touch it so he began to work in the pool area to clean up the mess that was out here. He kept getting closure and closure to Erick, and the cock never would get soft. Just as he reached the table with the beer he had gotten Erick, he noticed that the beer had been drank. "I've been watching you watch my cock, boy. You want it too, I can tell. I ain't no fag. I have not been touched by anything but girls, and I'm not sure I'm going to let you touch me either. You can look, but don't get any ideas about touching". Erick got up from the lounge and started walking toward the house; his hard cock leading the way. "Follow me, boy. I want to see what you have been doing and get me another beer from the frig."

Jason dutifully followed. They went into the kitchen first and nothing had been done in here. Erick said, "what the hell have you been doing boy. At this rate you'll be all day." Jason lowered his eyes as he reached into the frig and got Erick's beer. He opened and hand it to Erick and said, "Yes Sir."

Erick then started up the stairs, while Jason started working in the kitchen. "Hey I told you to follow me, pig." Jason then started up the stairs as well. Erick could see that the upstairs had already been cleaned, and he noted that it smelled better than when his own mother cleaned the house. "Not bad, pig. Maybe your parent have taught you well, but now it is my turn." Entering the bathroom, Jason said. "Come here pig I got something for you to hold. I've got to take a piss. Jason realized that he was to hold Erick's cock while he pissed. Jason instantly grew hard and started dripping precum. "Get on you knees beside the toilet and aim my cock for me. Don't get the seat wet." Jason reached out an took hold of the massive cock. His hand could hardly go around the circumference of his master cock. Erick started to piss and as he did he noticed that Jason had licked his lips as though he were thinking of putting his member in his mouth. At that though, Erick said, "Open your mouth pig. I know pigs like to drink piss." Jason turned red and did not move. Erick took his own cock and stop the flow of piss. He then gripped Jason's head, and pulled him toward his cock. "Open wide or I will piss all over you." At that Jason opened his mouth and Erick cock entered for the first time. "Don't spill any or you will have a mess to clean. Then Erick let his piss flow directly into Jason. Jason swallowed as fast as he could. However some spilled out on his chin and chest. Just as Erick was finishing, Jason climaxed without even touching himself and Erick witnessed it all.

"Well, I'll be damn. You are a faggot, and a pig. You shoot your wad without even touching yourself while drinking my piss. Now you are not just my slave, but you have been promoted to my toilet slave as well. You'll be drinking lots of piss from now own. Sally want do that for me, and neither would any other girl I've fucked. That's made me horny as hell. Lick that shit up off the floor, you fucking pig." Jason bent over and began to lick up his cum. Drinking the second beer down Erick then said, "Get out of here; go and finish your work."

Erick then went to his room to call Sally to see if she could come over so that he could relieve the tension in his balls. But there was no answer. He had forgotten that she had told him that her parents were taking her to see some of her relatives who lived out of town. Damn he though my balls hurt. I could make that pig suck my cock, but I ain't no faggot. I'll wait and call her later. Erick then returned to the pool where he jumped in to take a swim.

Meanwhile Jason had gone down stairs to start cleaning the kitchen and to do Erick's laundry. As he was cleaning he was reliving the scene up in the bathroom with Erick's cock in his mouth. He had always though he would be sucking Erick's cock in his dream not drinking piss from it. And he could not get over the fact that it had made him so hot that he shot his wad. Just thinking about it was getting him hard again. He finished the kitchen and was on his way to the laundry when Erick demanded another beer. "And bring me something to eat."

Jason looked in the frig and found some chicken salad. He decided this would be a good time to pay Erick back for some of the humiliation he had already been put through. He placed the chicken salad in a bowl and then masturbated over it to a second climax of the day. He then mixed his cum in the salad. Then placing the mixture on two pieces of bread, and a plate with chips and some dill pickles, Jason took Erick his lunch.

"My lunch. In the old days the master of the house had a taster try out his food before he ate it himself. So take a bite of my sandwich, pig." Jason was stunned, and when he did not move Erick sensed something was wrong. "What have you done to my food pig?"

Jason did not answer and Erick slapped him across the face with the back of his hand. "I'll ask you again. What did you do to my food?" "I beat off in the chicken salad, Sir," Jason replied frightened.

Erick shouted, "You were going to feed me you cum. You fuck. You will pay for that." With that he took hold of Jason's arm and dragged him toward the pool house where he knew that his parent's kept some of their sex toys. After entering the pool house, Erick threw Jason to the floor and said, "Don't move. Erick then went to the closet that was locked and reached up over the door frame to find the key. He unlocked the door and took out the saw horse. He then got four pairs of handcuffs. He then turned to Jason and said, "Get on that horse with your stomach on the bench and your hands down by the legs.

Erick then hand cuffed his hands to the two front legs of the horse and his legs to two eye holder in the cement floor at the back of the horse. Erick then took the boat oar of the wall and showed it to Jason. "How many hits on the ass do you thing you deserve with this for what you did to my lunch? No answer as Jason stared at Erick in fear for his life. "Answer me you damn faggot toilet pig." Stuttering Jason said I'm at your mercy, Sir," and he began to cry.

Erick looked back in the closet and got a ball gag and strap. He strapped the ball gag in Jason's mouth to shut up the noise of his crying. He then took the oar and hit Jason across the buttock five times. Jason was screaming into the ball gag but nothing could be heard outside of the pool house. Erick then looked in the closet and found a dildo that was at least eight inches long and three inches around. He spat on the tip and then forced it into the virgin ass of his captive. It wouldn't stay in place so he looked some more in the closet and found a butt plug that was about the same length, and quiet a bit wider. He then removed the dildo and forced the butt plug into Jason's ass. Jason muffled screams could barely be heard. Erick then struck Jason's ass another five times with the oar. The flesh was red and hot to the touch. Jason's cock was as hard as steel and even Erick was getting turned on by all of the violence.

Erick then replaced the oar on to the wall and looked for some more instrument of torture in the closet. He found some tit clamps and a cat of nine tails. He found a bottle of something called nitrite or something. He sniffed it and it gave him a rush. He decided to place it under Jason's nose and make him breathe it in. Once he did this he clamped the tit clamps to Erick scrotum. Erick muffled scream got a little louder but only for a second or two. He then took the cat of nine tails and began striking Jason across the back shoulders and buttocks. He didn't really care where he hit him, just as long as he was hitting him. He worked at the torture until he had worked up a sweat. He then went into the closet and found some candles. He lit one of the candles and began to drop hot wax on and around Jason's tortured ass and balls. As he tired of the game he noticed that his cock had gotten just as hard as Jason's, and that his balls were aching just as much if not more than they had been when he pissed in Jason's mouth earlier in the day. At that he tore the butt plug from Jason's ass and plunged his cock to the hilt.

It felt wet and warm. And he began to fuck Jason with all his might. Not carrying if he was hurting Jason or not. It had angered him beyond word for his lunch to be destroyed like it had been and he planed to take his complete furry out on Jason. He fucked Jason's ass for nearly fifteen minutes before he was ready to climax, and when he finally shot his creamy seed up Jason's ass his cock would not relax. He continued to fuck Jason for another thirty minutes before he was ready to climax a second time. Cum was oozing out around his cock as he plugged Jason's ass. Shot after shot of his seed inter the tortured ass of Jason for the second time and with each spurt his anger began to subside, and he began to relax. He was spent and he laid down on Jason's fiery red hot back as his cock relaxed and began to reduce in size. Yet his cock was still deeply embedded in Jason's ass.

When he realized what he had done, Erick was ashamed of himself, yet he would never voice that shame to anyone and most of all not to his slave. He pulled out of Jason's ass and began to clean himself up and then Jason. He rubbed olive oil all over Jason's back and shoulders. He then poured and rubbed it over his ass and after removing the tit clamps he also rubbed it carefully over Jason's balls. Then he removed the ball gag took the hand cuffs off his wrist and legs. Jason was so weak that he could not stand on his own. Erick picked him up in his arms and took him out beside the pool and laid him on the chaise lounge he had been lying on earlier in the day. He then took the bottle of nitrite and gave Jason some more snorts of the drug. This seemed to relax the pain in Jason's face even more. Jason went to sleep.

While his slave was sleeping, Erick reviewed in his mind what he had just done. He knew that he had enjoyed himself with great pleasure, but he also knew that he could have taken it too far. What Jason had done to his lunch had been wrong, very wrong and he deserved punishment, but Erick was not sure that he had deserved as much as he had given him. Erick then went back into the pool house and searched through his parent's sex toys to find if he could find a smaller butt plug. He found one that was about five inches long and at its widest point no bigger than two inches. He also found a tube of KY jelly which he liberally applied to the plug. He then went back out side and found Jason lying on his stomach with his boy pussy sticking up in the air. He slowly and gently pushed the plug into his slave's ass. Jason moaned but not from pain, it was a moan of pleasure.

Erick then got one of the empty bottles of beer and pissed in it until it was full. He placed the sandwich that Jason had made on the small table beside the lounge chair and the bottle of piss. He then woke Jason and said. "Slave wake up and eat your lunch. You still have a lot of work to do around here, and you need your energy." Erick acted as though nothing of the torture and fucking had happened in the last two hours, but Jason knew because of all the pain he felt that he had been put in his place of servitude and most importantly he had been fucked by his dream man.

Jason felt the plug in his ass, but it was not nearly as painful as the one that Erick had forced earlier in the day into his ass. He could tolerate this discomfort if Erick would only fuck him again. He saw the sandwich and knew that it was the one he had made. He gobbled it down like a starved person would eat food from a trash heap and then he drank his beer. It isn't beer. He took the bottle from his mouth and thought of throwing it into the pool but decided that he had already learned his placed in the live of Erick. He drank his bottle of piss with gusto as he looked into his master's eyes and smiled.