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"Welcome to the Freedom Club!"

I was greeted by the man behind the counter at the far end of the huge lobby. He took my ID and handed me all the forms necessary for my stay.

"I hope you enjoy your stay. Here's your key."

I went upstairs and unpacked my stuff. I'd heard about this place from a friend online. It was mostly for rich guys, but if you're young and hot you can get sponsored and get in for free. I was 19, I'd never done anything like this before. I looked over the info that the guy behind the counter had handed me:

Freedom Club Rules and Regulations:

You are free to do whatever you want, wherever you want at the Freedom Club. If your actions involve someone else, you must get their permission, but no other rules apply.

Nudity is permitted anywhere on the resort, as is any sexual activity.

Have fun!

I looked around the hotel room as I changed into my swim shorts. It was well furnished, with a nice big bed and chairs. There was a closet in the corner, but no bathroom. I went back down to the lobby and asked the guy about my room.

"Hey, my room doesn't have a bathroom. Do you have a public one somewhere?"

"Oh no, this club caters to people who don't use bathrooms. If you need to go, just go. At Freedom Club there are no limits!"

I had to piss a little from the ride here, so I did. A wet spot appeared on my swim shorts as the piss made its way down my leg. It made a little puddle where I was standing. The man behind the counter looked down at my feet and smiled. "Excellent, now you're getting the idea." I smiled back and after a few seconds, I started walking towards the door and then went outside, leaving a trail of piss behind me. I knew I was going to like this place.

Outside there were lounge chairs everywhere, with men of all different shapes, ages, and degrees of nudity. Some guys wore shirts and shorts, others just speedos, and others were just naked.

I saw my friend who'd I'd chatted with online talking to a small group of guys near the pool. I walked over and introduced myself.

"Oh hey man! I'm glad to see you could make it. This is Jason, Mike, and Alex."

We exchanged hand shakes. Jason and Mike were both naked. Jason was in his 40s and Mike was probably mid 20s. Alex was wearing a swim suit like me, and was in his late 20s. They talked about their jobs and asked me about school. After about 20 minutes Mike said he had to piss. The stream started falling from his dick, weakly at first, just hitting the ground. He was standing across from me in the circle and asked "Do you mind?" with a little smirk. I said "No, go ahead" as he let it fly with full force onto my shorts and down my legs. As he pissed we continued talking about our plans for the week. The puddle of Mike's piss grew beneath me until it reached the edge of the pool and drained in.

We decided that we were all getting pretty hot, and could go for a swim. As I entered the pool, I shucked my shorts and decided to go naked. I was still hard from getting pissed on by Mike, and got quite a few looks from the other guys as I climbed in. I broke off from the group and went over to the diving boards. There was an older guy sitting in a chair near the boards, jerking off as he watched the divers. As I walked by he gave me a little wink and thrust his cock out towards me, shooting a huge load onto the ladder for the diving board. I dove until I got sick of it and then just chilled at the corner of the pool. After about 15 minutes I closed my eyes and started jerking off, relaxed in the sun.

"Can I join you?"

He was about 40, with a beautiful hairy chest and green eyes. He was a little chubby, what I'd call 'average,' just me type. "Of course!" I almost yelled. He came in beside me close enough that I could see his cock. It was as amazing as the rest of him. A nice big bush floated in the water currents, and a nice 6" boner stuck out from the forest. We were both immediately comfortable with each other, not needing to speak, just jerking off in the sunlight. After a while he tapped my shoulder and asked "I know we've just met, but you're so beautiful I can't help asking. There's something I've always wanted to do. Could I piss inside you?"

It was a little faster than I'd expected, but I can't say I didn't want to try. "Umm...yeah. Where do you wanna go?"

"Here's fine." He grabbed my waist and turned me around, then whistled so that other guys would know something interesting was happening. He eased into my asshole until I could feel his bush pressing against me cheeks. "Ok, here goes." I felt the piss flood into me, filling up my gut. It felt really weird, but I did like it. He went on for a long time, he must have been saving it up until he saw someone worth filling. "Wow, ok I'm done. Thanks man, that was incredible. Do you want to do me now?"

"Sure," I said. Fair's fair, I guess. I did the same to him, grabbing his furry ass cheeks and spreading them so I could get in easier. My dick was a little bigger around then his, and I had more trouble getting it in, but with some time it worked out. The other guys in the pool yelled encouragement as I concentrated on pissing. Finally the flow started. I was still full myself, and it was hard to concentrate on the task at hand, but eventually I got him full too.

"Shit that was amazing. You wanna let go together? I can't hold this much longer"

"Right here in the pool?"

"Why the hell not?"

"Fine, sounds good to me"

"Ok, 3.....2........1.....NOW!"

We both relaxed our sphincters and let the piss flow back into the water. I watched the brownish liquid squirt out of his ass, making a cloud in the water. Mine was doing the same.

"Wow, haha this place is great."

"You're telling me," he said as he finished the last few squeezes. "Thanks again man!" he shouted as he swam away.

I decided to explore the other areas of the resort so I left the pool and walked back inside. There were a bunch of guys working out in the exercise room. I walked in and started chatting with a few of them. Suddenly, some guy ran up to me in a panic. "Quick, I need someone to fuck me before I shit. I can feel it coming!"

"Ok man, calm down. I'd be happy to." I bent him over right there and saw the turd poking out of his asshole. He'd been waiting for this moment... I quickly stuck my cock into his hole and plugged him before any got out. I could feel the shit squishing around inside around my cock. I fucked him for about 5 minutes before I couldn't hold it any longer. I came in his ass with a grunt as my body twitched everywhere. As I pulled out my cock was completely brown and smeared with shit. As soon as it was all the way out, a torrent of shit followed, piling up on the floor of the exercise room. At the end, a few quick farts sprayed me with a little liquid, but it wasn't a big deal after how dirty my dick was.

"Oh my god. Thank you so much. I've been running on the treadmill holding it in until I couldn't hold it any more. I just wanted someone to fuck me when I was completely full."

"Anytime, happy to help. Would you mind helping me clean off?"

"Oh yeah definitely." He sprayed me down quick with some piss and I wiped off with one of the sweaty towels.

"Thanks for your help, see you around," I said. I was pretty tired from the trip and the days activities, so I walked back to my room to sleep. I got into the elevator with a couple other guys. As we rode up to the the 8th floor, I realized that I kinda had to shit too. I bent over as much as I could in the elevator and spread my cheeks, letting the turds fall to the floor. I got out on my stop, leaving the other two guys to enjoy the smell until they reached their floor. I got into my bed and turned out the light, excited for what might come tomorrow at Freedom Club.

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