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I woke up pretty late the next morning. You can't beat good sleep on vacation. As I sat up, I felt the shit between me butt cheeks that I hadn't bothered to clean off the night before. Some had smeared on the sheets as I slept. I hoped the maids would leave it until the next night - I wondered how dirty I could get them before the week was over. I walked over to the door and saw a note that had been slipped under it sometime before I woke up. It said:

Day 2:

Dear Guest, we hope you enjoyed your first day at the Freedom Club. Now that the guests have had a chance to settle in and get to know each other we will begin offering staff services. Staff are specially trained to fulfill any need that might arise. Unlike other guests, you do not need to ask permission to engage in anything with staff members. Allow us to serve you without misgivings.

Staff can be distinguished by their black arm bands. Enjoy the rest of your stay, and feel free to come downstairs for a continental breakfast.

Interesting, I thought. I dressed for the day in some shorts and a t-shirt and went downstairs for breakfast. The lobby was full of men, most unshowered or shaved from the previous day. I grabbed a plate and went through the buffet line, grabbing a little of everything. I sat down at a table with a few guys I hadn't met yet. They looked to be in their mid-30s. They all still had their clothes on (the day was young!). We chatted for a little while about what we did yesterday and what our plans were today. One of the guys, Brian, said that he was gonna play some pool for a little, get drunk, then go to the beach for a performance before dark.

"What sort of performance are they having?" I asked.

"It's a secret, I think. I've just heard some rumors that there's a great show put on by the staff before sunset."

Brian abruptly took a glass from the table and brought it into his lap. "One sec," he said. I heard the piss trickling into the glass at first, then the sound of the stream hitting deeper liquid. After a few moments, he brought the glass back to the table. I heard the piss hitting the floor under the table. He must have had more than the glass could hold. A second guy at the table snatched up the glass and put it next to his place setting for later. We talked casually, and the glass was slowly emptied as the man drank it down. There was a lot of laughter coming from one of the tables at the far end of the room.

"What's that about?" I asked the table.

"I have a feeling it's somebody's birthday," Brian said.

"Cool, what do they do for birthdays around here?"

"You'll see," he teased.

One of the men at the loud table called over all the waiters and told them what was going on. They all got big smiles on their faces and gathered around the table. There were about seven of them circling the table of four.

"Happy Birthday to you!" they began, pulling down the fronts of their tight white uniform pants. All seven pulled out their cocks and started stroking them. As they got hard they continued with the song.

"Happy Birthday to you!" they called out, now hard and pointing towards the ceiling. Four of the workers each took a hand of the man sitting next to them and brought them to their cocks, while the other three held their own. Suddenly, all seven began to piss with more force than I've ever seen. The men who were holding a cock aimed the stream at the lucky birthday boy, while he aimed back. Like boys with garden hoses in the middle of summer, they tried to get each other as wet as possible. The three staff members holding their own cocks aimed them straight up to create a fountain effect, dousing the table and everything on it.

"Happy birthday to you!" the staff members finished, as each of their streams subsided. They all went back to serving the tables, while the birthday boy beamed. None of the men at the table seemed to mind the piss that had soaked their pancakes and filled their glasses.

"That was incredible!" I stammered.

"Yeah, they've got some great traditions around here. The staff is really amazing," the table agreed.

"Yeah they really are up for anything. You can just walk up and start doing whatever you want. Here, come over with me," Brian proposed.

We all stood up from the table and walked over to one of the men with armbands. Like everyone else, the staff spanned every taste and walk of life. There were guys who must have just turned 18, college guys, guys like Brian, guys who could be my father, or even my grandfather. There were smooth and muscular guys, hairy guys, average guys, fat guys, you name it. We followed Brian's lead to a middle-aged Asian guy who was distracted busing one of the tables. He was lean, with a swimmer's build and short hair.

"Hoist me up," Brian whispered as he slid off his pants. Two of us each took one of his legs over our shoulders and held onto a hand, almost like we were giving him a piggyback ride. He motioned for us to bring his ass closer to the staff's lower back. We brought him over and he gave us a smile.

"I've had an upset stomach all morning, check this out," Brian said with a goofy grin. The third guy from the table, who wasn't helping to hoist Brian, pulled out on the back of the workers pants, so we could look down them and see his ass crack. Brian strained for a second then let out a few farts, followed by a watery stream of diarrhea that filled up the back of the shorts. The worker looked back at us and laughed.

"Nice one guys, you always find a way to get me!"

"Yeah every year man, we have to," Brian joked back, "You want to add to it dude?," he asked me.

"I don't have to shit right now, but I haven't had my morning piss yet."

"Great, just stick your cock in there," he instructed.

I stripped off my shorts and stuck my now hard cock into his waistband, pushing it into the pool of shit that had formed. I swished it around for a little while before settling between his cheeks and finally pissing. The back of his pants swelled a little before the pressure was too much and the mixture started leaking over the waistband and down his legs. I finished pissing and without missing a beat, the worker turned around and took my cock into his mouth, cleaning off the film of shit that had remained on it.

"Thank you, let me know if I can help you again!" he exclaimed and went back to waiting on the guests.

I finished my breakfast without putting my shorts back on, then went out to the back to see what was going on. There were a couple of guys playing croquet on the yard. But it was a game that could only happen at Freedom Club! On their turn, each player would take the mallet, piss on the handle for lubrication, then stick it into their ass. Then, squatting over the ball, they would swing out their hips to hit. When they were done, they passed the mallet to the next guy and he had his turn. It was great to watch, and the guys seemed to be having a blast.

I wasn't much good at croquet, so I decided to move over to another group that was rolling out a long sheet of plastic on the grass.

"What are you guys doing?" I asked one of them.

"We're making a slip and slide. You wanna help?" one about my age asked me.

"Sure, what do you need?" I asked.

"We need people to go down the whole length of the slide and piss onto the plastic so that it's slippery enough."

"Oh man I just pissed a second ago," I said, "Can I still slide down if I don't contribute?"

"Yeah no worries, just hold on until we get it set up." I waited a few minutes and watched each guy in the group choose a dry section of the mat, hose it down with his own urine, then come back to the front where I was waiting.

"Ok, I think it's ready!" the guy I'd talked to earlier said. When I got to the front of the line I backed up a little, then sprinted towards the slip and slide and dove, face first, onto the mat. I slid through the piss until I reached the very end, which was a shallow pool that had been filled by the guys setting it up. I was totally drenched, with the slippery feel that piss has. I took a bunch more dives and then sat on the grass, tired from all the running. The younger guy came and set down next to me after a few minutes.

"Hey, first time here?" he asked.

"Yeah, I heard about it from a friend online," I answered.

"Cool. I've been coming here since I was 18, so two full years now. This is my third time. It's pretty great huh?"

"Oh my god, it's amazing. I've never felt so free, I can do whatever I want."

"Definitely. Hey, do you want to go back to my room? It's getting close to lunch time, we can get room service."

"Sure, sounds good." We went back to his room and got into bed. He turned on the TV.

"Here, take the menu and call down. I want baked tofu."

"Oh man you vegetarian? Me too, awesome. I'll get the broccoli soup." I called down and they said they would be up within a half hour.

"You like How It's Made?" he asked, flipping channels.

"Yeah, Discovery channel is great." We watched for a little while, casually rubbing our cocks and each other's cocks until there was a knock at the door.

"Room service"

"Come in!" Two staff members, completely naked, entered the room holding an empty plate and an empty bowl, respectively.

"Would you like it in bed?" one asked.

"Yeah that's good," my buddy said. One of the staff set the plate down on my friend's stomach and squatted over it.

"Can I have an appetizer?" he asked, grabbing the ass and rimming it for a few seconds. "Mmm tastes great," he said.

"It is sir, here you go!" the waiter warned, as his asshole stuck out and pulsed. About 12 small cubes of tofu came popping out onto the plate. The second waiter came over to my side of the bed and placed his bowl on my chest. He assumed the same position as the first guy and, with less effort, squirted the creamy soup into the bowl on my chest.

"Wow, this looks really delicious. Thanks guys!" I said.

"Enjoy," they said in unison, and left. I started eating but my friend was just staring at his food.

"What's wrong man?" I asked.

"I'm pretty full, I think I'll have to shit before I'll have room for all of this." he replied.

"Go ahead buddy, it's your room"

"Cool," he said. He leaned back in the bed and lifted his ass off a few inches from the sheets. I heard a few farts and watched his lightly hairy abs strain as he pushed. A long rope of shit snaked out of his ass and onto the bed. It formed a pile underneath him. "Oh wow, so much better," he said, as he dropped his ass back down into pile of shit and began eating his lunch.

"Hehe I love just sitting in shit and smearing it around, don't you?" he asked.

"I can't say I've ever tried it -- I'm new here remember."

"Oh you have to try it, finish your lunch." We quickly finished our meals. He rolled over to me and pressing his body against mine, embraced my tightly. He grabbed the sheets and comforter and brought them over us so our heads were underneath and everything was dark. "Do you have to shit?"

"Yeah, a little," I said.

"Ok, I'll help." He slid a finger behind my back and teased down to my ass cheeks. Working them open he stuck it into my hole and started massaging.

"Mmm that feels so good," I said.

"Just let it go," he suggested. I felt so comfortable with him holding me there under the sheet, I pushed out first his finger and then my second shit since visiting the Freedom Club. It came out somewhat soft, and a waiting hand accepted all of it. "Ok, I'm going to smear it onto your ass and back now, ok?" he said after I'd pushed out the last turd.

"Ok, I'm ready," I said. He smeared the shit all over my ass cheeks, grabbing them and massaging them as he did. They he started to rotate so that he was laying where I'd shit and I was where he'd shit. We rolled around back and forth until we were both thoroughly covered. Now both hard, we used the shit as lube between our bodies and rubber our cocks together. He slid up and down, his cock against mine. The air was thick and moist under the covers, as we both got close to coming.

"I'm gonna blow soon," he said.

"Me too, let's do it," I replied. With six more thrusts, our two bodies both convulsed in time, and we shot rope after rope onto each other's stomach's and chests.

Pulling back the covers, we saw how truly covered we both were.

"Haha, you really can't beat it. When I'm at home I can't really do anything like that, but here at the Club I love doing it. You were awesome, thanks for coming up here"

"Thanks for inviting me," I said. We were both pretty tired as we came down from our orgasms, and decided to take a quick nap before joining the fun downstairs.

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