Fun By The Buck
Part 1
By: Jim Carter

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© 2000 Jim Carter

Damn I am horny. I haven't had a steady boyfriend for eight or nine months now. Even that relationship only lasted a couple of months. I think I may still be comparing everyone to Ross, at least subconsciously. Ross and I were together for almost four years until his drug habit became too much for me. I wish I knew how to help him. The drugs are starting to really take their toll. Rose is twenty-seven and looks forty. He still owns a pretty good chunk of my software company, which keeps him in drugs. It makes me regret ever giving him the stock. I want the best for Ross, but I can't help but blame myself for him having the money for the drugs. I have to tell myself that if he didn't have the money, he would be stealing or something to get them. The worst part is he doesn't want to stop doing the drugs and they are consuming him. He is not the same man I once loved so much.

It just turned 10pm and the clubs should be starting to fill up. I am really horny and need some action tonight, but I am really not in the mood for the clubs. Maybe I am starting to get old. How can twenty-eight be old? I can't help but break out in a grin. Hell, Jim what the fuck are you doing? I don't know what has come over me. Age is a state of mind; don't waste the best years of your life worrying about stupid shit. I am starting to make myself feel better, just thinking about going out. I took a quick check in the mirror and couldn't help but smile. I do look good in blue. My smile gets bigger. Yes, life is good.

My favorite club is Zipper's, but I am really not in the mood to dance right now, maybe later. I think I will run by the Back Door for a few minutes anyway. I grab the keys to the Jeep and head downtown. The more I think about it the more I really just want some uncomplicated hot and horny sex. Next thing I know I am heading to Boy-land. Boy-land is really Broadway between fourteenth and twenty-second streets. Whatever your sexual tastes, Boy-land will have someone selling that service. I know the dangers in buying sex, but I do have a couple of boys that I have played with before that stay away from drugs and are very careful with their bodies. Still it is a risk, but here I am anyway looking over tonight's crop. I spot Toby and slow down. Toby jumps in the Jeep and says "Hey Jim, good to see you!"

"You too Toby, how are you?"

Then I see something that I really can't believe at first. It is a boy; I mean a real boy, not yet a teen. He is tall, but it is easy to tell he is still a boy. I missed what Toby was babbling about and I heard him say. "Earth to Jim!"

"Sorry Toby, but I can't really believe what my eyes are seeing."

"From our parties, I didn't figure you for a chicken hawk. Don't worry about him I can take care of anything you want."

"Yep, I know you can. Here's a fifty, but I am worried about this kid. All of a sudden I feel like I need to help this boy more than I need sex. I will catch you later Toby."

"Shit Jim, better leave the jail bait alone. Besides, I am the best."

"I know Toby, I just don't think that kid belongs out here."

Toby grabbed the fifty and says. "I was really glad when you pulled up, but have fun with the baby dick."

"Don't get your shorts in a bunch bud, I am not picking him over you. This isn't about sex."

"Whatever, next time."

I had no intention of having sex with this boy, but something made we want to get him off the street at least for a while and maybe find out why he was doing something so risky with his life. Some of the stories Toby and Jake have told me about the abuse that they have to endure selling their bodies are very scary. For every person out there that will love this boy for being a boy, there are several that will want to take advantage of him. The closer I get the more sure I am that I want to get this boy off this street and help him anyway I can. He is not as cute as he is handsome. He has dark hair and big brown eyes.

I drove over to where the kid was standing and rolled down the passenger side window. The kid stuck his head in and says. "Fifty for a suck, you suck me or I suck you. My butt is not for sale and no kissing. You still interested?"

When he sticks his head in I can see his freckles that make him that much more cute. "Its Friday night, how much for all weekend?" I said it before I thought about any of the consequences. I just blurted it out.

"I couldn't do ... well, how about three hundred? I will spend the weekend for three hundred."

I took out three hundred's and showed it to him and he got in the Jeep. I gave him the money. If he bolts and runs he bolts and runs.

"Hi my name is Jim." I offer my hand as I pull away from the curb.

He takes my hand and shakes it. "I am Justin, but my friends call me JT."

"So, can I call you JT?"

"Yes, sir. For three hundred dollars you can call me anything you want."

"JT, are you hungry?"

"Well, maybe a little."

"Is pizza okay?"

"Great, I love pizza."

"What do you want on it?"

"It doesn't matter, how about the one with everything?"

"Sounds good to me." I called the delivery/pick-up pizza place around the corner from the apartment I keep downtown. I knew we would be at the apartment long before it was ready, so I had it delivered. I have to make myself not just jump into asking this boy a ton of questions. It is very hard, but I manage to just make small talk and not ask a lot of questions about his being on the street selling his young body.

As we get into the apartment, Justin looks around and says. "Nice, very nice. You must make a lot of money."

"I guess I do okay, I don't have to worry about where my next meal is coming from. Make yourself at home."

"May I use the restroom?"

"Sure, it is down the hall first door on your right. You don't have to ask, please, make yourself at home." I could tell this boy was not nearly as self-assured as he seemed when he stuck his head in the window.

When the boy came back from the bathroom, I notice his clothes were clean, but didn't fit him at all. They looked like they might have fit him a year or so ago. They were worn thin in several places and just plain too small for him. I kicked off my shoes. JT saw me do that and said. "Can I take mine off too? I mean, may I take mine off too?"

I went to the chair he was setting in and I sat on the arm. I took his chin in my hand and turned his face to me. "JT, I want you to make yourself at home and feel comfortable here. You don't have to ask. Okay?"

"K, I don't want to do anything wrong." He kicked his shoes off and both socks were full of holes; they were clean though.

"You won't do anything wrong, and if you do something I don't like, I will tell you. If I do something you don't like, I want you to tell me too. Is that fair enough?"

"Yes Sir."

"The name is Jim, not sir. Okay?" I smiled trying to put him at ease. "We are going to spend the weekend together. I appreciate your good manners, but please drop the sir."

"Thanks." Then he did something that totally surprised me. He got up and gave me a huge hug. His arms around my neck were so tight; I thought he might choke me. I hugged him and saw him grimace. I was about to ask what was wrong when the doorbell rang.

"Looks like the pizza is here." I kissed him on the forehead and headed for the door. I had forgotten his no kissing rule. I will remember to apologize as soon as the delivery boy was gone. I answered the door and almost started to drool. Not over the pizza, but the delivery boy. He was in his late teens or early twenties and beautiful. If I didn't have a weekend guest, I would have tried to find out if he delivered anything other than pizza. He must be used to being stared at, it didn't seem to bother him at all that I was getting an eye full. Of course, I gave him a bigger tip than I would have if he had been average looking.

"Thanks dude, ask for me anytime. Ask for Josh."

"Okay, thanks."

I closed the door and JT was there grinning big time. "Josh is good looking, isn't he?"

"Yes he is."

"I bet you wish he was here instead of me."

"No I don't and don't put words in my mouth." I gave him a smile to hopefully reassure him. "The smell of this pizza is getting to me, I am getting hungry. How about you?"

"Me too, it does smell good doesn't it."

I took the pizza into the dinning room where I had set out our plates and silverware. I sat the pizza down and opened the box. "Help yourself, I will get us something to drink. What would you like?"

"Can I go with you and see what you have? I will drink anything, but since I am making myself at home, I want to see what we have."

"All right, I like the sound of that."

For the first time I saw a big smile on this boy. I mean a big smile. He has a smile that immediately cause a smile in return. I put my arm around his shoulder and we went into the kitchen. He decided on the same soda I like, so I made two glasses of ice and grabbed the bottle of soda and we sat down to the pizza.

JT is thin, very thin, skinny in fact. I don't know how, but he managed to eat as much pizza as I did. There was still some left after we were both full. "I will put this in the fridge and we can have it later, maybe even for breakfast. Have you ever had pizza for breakfast?"

"No, I have only had it for lunch at school."

"Well, if you don't like it we can always fix something else, but I like it for breakfast."

"I am sure I will like it." JT helped me clear the plates and put them in the dishwasher.

I led him back into the living room. I sat on the couch and JT sat on my lap facing me. He grabbed my dick through my pants and smiled. I stopped him and said. "JT, I want to talk to you and ask you some questions. I promise to not lie to you and I want you to promise me you won't lie to me. Is it a promise?"

"I promise, but can we play first and talk later?"

"No, we need to talk first."

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