Fun By The Buck
Part 2
By: Jim Carter

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I led him back into the living room. I sat on the couch and JT sat on my lap facing me. He grabbed my dick through my pants and smiled. I stopped him and said. "JT, I want to talk to you and ask you some questions. I promise to not lie to you and I want you to promise me you won't lie to me. Is it a promise?"

"I promise, but can we play first and talk later?"

"No, we need to talk first."

"Okay. What do you want to talk about?" The obvious look of disappointment showed all over this beautiful boy's face.

"First, I am sorry I broke your rule earlier and kissed you on the forehead. I forgot. I will always respect your wishes. All I can say is I will try to keep my lips in check." I grinned hoping to bring his spirits back up to where they had been before I stopped him from playing with my dick.

"I liked it. I just said that because Toby told me I should. He said you don't want to kiss the toads. You're not a toad, I want to kiss you." He leaned over and kissed me on the lips and started to force his tongue into my mouth.

I broke the kiss. "JT, I want to talk and I will be too excited to talk if you keep that up."

"Good, I would rather kiss than talk." He started in again.

"We have to talk. Don't make this any harder on me than it already is." I want to find a way to help this boy, but I need to think with the head on top, not the head where all the blood is rushing to right now.

He giggled, "Yes I could tell it was hard. So is mine."

I managed to ignore that last comment. "JT, how old are you?"

"Twelve and a half, how old are you?"

"I am twenty-eight. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw you tonight. You know that place is not safe period, but especially for a beautiful twelve and a half year old boy." I paused to see if that would get him talking.

"It may not be safe, but I need the money. I have to get out of here. Tonight is my forth night, but I have always chickened out when someone wanted me. I liked you and somehow, I knew you wouldn't hurt me."

"No, I won't hurt you. Why do you want to get away so badly?"

"My old man hates me and I hate him. I have to get away." He started crying big monster tears tore down his cheeks.

"It will be okay." I hugged him and again a grimace. "I am sorry JT, did I upset you?"

"No, I liked the hug, it just hurt a little."

"I'm sorry, how does it hurt?"

"Its okay."

I noticed that he is looking down and won't look me in the eyes. "May I take your shirt off?"

"Yes, but promise you won't hate me when you see me."

"I won't." He took his shirt off and I could see the pain on his face as he pulled the shirt off his shoulders. I couldn't believe what I saw. "JT, who in the world did this to you?"

He was sobbing. "Please don't hate me."

"JT, I couldn't hate you if I wanted to. Tell me who did this to you?"

"My old man. He says I am a useless piece of shit. He gets drunk and beats me for being useless."

The boy was almost a solid bruise, several shades visible and it was evident that the beatings occurred on more than one occasion. As I looked at his back, I could also see welts where a belt or strap had been used on him. They went below is pants as well. I was crying too. "I am so sorry, JT. I would never have hugged you if I had known how much it had to have hurt."

"I know, but I liked the hug even if it hurt. Nobody has ever hugged me before."

"If your father did this, where is your mother?" I was doing my best to not let my anger show, but it was a losing battle.

"She died over a year ago. She didn't want me either, but when she was alive the old man had two of us to hit, so it wasn't as bad as now. She died in a car wreck. They were both drunk; she drove right into a bridge. I wish it would have killed them both."

"Lie down here on the couch, let me go get something to put on those welts. I can't do much for the bruises, but maybe I can help the welts." I got up and went into my bathroom to get some ointment. When I returned, JT was laying on his stomach completely naked. His butt and legs were equally stripped with welts. Even marked and bruised, his butt was beautiful. I took several pictures with my digital camera. I figure it best to document this poor boy's back. I sat on the couch beside him and started to put the ointment on his wounds. This won't happen again.

He jumped. "Oh, that is cold."

"Sorry, but it will help those welts."

"Your fingers feel wonderful, thanks for taking care of me." I started working the ointment into his back and when I started on his butt, he groaned. "I like your hands on my butt. I would like that even if you were not doctoring me." He turned his head around and had that giant grin.

"Your butt is beautiful, I wish it was not under these circumstances that I was touching it." My will power was waning. "JT, when you said you had to get away from here, where were you intending to go?"

"I don't know. The only place I could come up with was San Francisco. I know there are a lot of gay people there and I was hoping maybe I would fit in there. I am not stupid, I know my chances are slim and none, but I have to get away from that bastard."

"Easy, don't get worked up. Just relax for a second. I want to put some lotion on this too, I will be right back." I got the body lotion and put some in my hands. I warmed it by rubbing it in my hands before applying it to his back. I went back over his back, butt and legs. It was evident his father had avoided putting marks anywhere that would show. The son of a bitch knew that marks that would show would get him in trouble. I couldn't tell JT yet, but there was no way I would ever let him go back to that man.

The boy had fallen into a blissful sleep. I started to put his under shorts back on him but when I picked them up and saw how many holes were in them, I didn't think it would cover much. I picked him up as gently as I possibly could so that I wouldn't hurt him or wake him. When I finally saw his penis, I couldn't believe how beautiful it was. It was perfection. Only a little more than a couple of inches, his flaccid dick was a work of art over a perfect pair of balls. Not a single pubic hair, but his balls were already hanging low and made for a lovely sight.

I carried him into the bedroom across from mine and gently laid him on the bed. He roused just a little and settled down and his breathing returned to even and steadies into a blissful sleep. I kissed his cheek and left a bedside lamp on so that if he woke he wouldn't be frightened. I pulled his door to, but not closed. I also left my bedroom door open.

I got undressed and climbed into bed more determined than ever to help this boy. I just don't understand how anyone, especially a father can treat such a sweet boy so badly. I lay awake for the longest time, but finally managed sleep. My dreams all included JT in them.

One that I remember most vividly was of me as a mature man about 50 and JT as a man in his early thirties. We were playing catch of all things and JT said. "Lets do something really special and just the two of us for our twentieth anniversary."

"Sounds good to me, do you have something in mind?"

"Not really, but I was thinking maybe we could go camping in the mountains, just the two of us. Not tell any of our friends where we are, so we can just be together and no interruptions."

"That does sound great. We have not been camping in awhile and it seems like forever since we were camping alone."

Several other dreams had us playing baseball in one fashion or another. We were usually just playing catch though. I love baseball.

I slowly wake feeling my cock being expertly sucked. I can smell JT above my face. All hope of keeping my hands off this boy vanished. I ran my tongue around his lovely ball sack and took first one ball and then the other into my loving mouth. JT must have been close to orgasm. Our upper body lengths were enough different that we couldn't suck at the same time, so I pulled him back to me. He lowered his body upon my mouth. I just thought his cock was perfection flaccid, I can't imagine a cock any closer to perfect than this one. He is so hard and his dick is tight against his tummy. Hard it is over four inches of vibrant flesh. JT's boy smell is driving me insane with desire. I lick that wonderful purple cap. His smell and taste are perfection too. I take his beautiful cock in my mouth and gently raise his hips so that I can start to give him the same fantastic feeling that he is giving me. He struggles to get to my cock. I lay us on our sides so that we can flex enough to sixty-nine. It is evident he has done this before.

We prolonged our orgasm as long as either of us could stand. It was almost like we both knew it was time. We couldn't have been more than a couple of seconds apart in our orgasm. To my great surprise, JT was producing cum. It was very thin and the sweetest cum I have ever tasted. We both kissed the cock we had just pleasured. JT swung around, kissed me and said. "I couldn't wait until morning, I have wanted to do that since we first met."

"Me too, but I tried hard to stay away from the sex. I want to make sure you don't have to go back to your father, but I don't want you to think you have to have sex with me because of it."

"I know, somehow, I know. I didn't want you to think I was doing this because you paid me. I brought your money and put it on the nightstand. I want to be here, but not because you paid me."

I didn't have a chance to say anything; JT was kissing me passionately. All I could do was moan. He was laying on top of me our cocks again hard. I was trying to be careful where I put my hands so that I wouldn't hurt his bruised and battered body. JT grabbed my hands and put them on his butt. This boy knows what he wants and knows how to get it.

I broke our kiss and asked. "Where did you learn to be such a good lover?"

"My friend Sean and I have been playing with each other since we were about seven, then we read about sucking and we would suck each other all the time. They moved away two months ago."

"I am sure you miss him terribly."

"Yes, I miss the sex, but it was not like we were real lovers. We both knew we wanted something else. I don't know how to explain it, but we knew it was sex and not love. I did love him as a friend though."

"Wow, how did you boys figure all that out at such a young age? Most adults aren't capable of being that smart about sex."

"I don't know, except we talked about everything. We both knew something was missing and we talked about it and tried to help each other figure out our feelings. Mostly we just listened to each other. It just sort of worked out."

"Such wisdom. I am holding one smart boy."

"Can we stay naked all day?"

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