Fun By The Buck
Part 3
By: Jim Carter

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In the story that follows all the sexual parts are pure fiction and should read as such. It does not mean the author promotes or agrees with sexual relationships between  teenage boys. Please understand that this story is pure fiction/fantasy, don't try to make it anything else.

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© 2000 Jim Carter


"Such wisdom. I am holding one smart boy."

"Can we stay naked all day?"

"Well, as tempting as that sounds, we have other things we need to do today. We will have plenty of time to enjoy each other naked."

"Does that mean you're not going to make me leave on Sunday?"

"Do you want to stay with me?"

"God yes! I would rather be in Hell than with my old man. But you should know something else, I hope this doesn't scare you, but I have to tell you. I have fallen in love with you. I felt something special as soon as I got in your car. When you took care of my back and butt, I knew I loved you. When you kissed my cheek after carrying me to bed I felt like you loved me. My dreams convinced me. I love you and I hope you love me too."

"JT, I do love you. I think I did honestly want to get you off the streets and away from selling your body. I believe my intentions were honorable. They still are honorable, but they do include loving you emotionally and physically. I want you to stay with me as long as you want to. If at any time something I do or say makes you uncomfortable, please tell me. I never want anything but the best for you."

"For as long as I can remember, I have dreamed of finding a man to love me. Sean and I never could figure out exactly why I wanted someone so much older than me, but we finally decided that I needed someone to replace that bastard of a father as well as a lover. We decided that he wasn't gay and as soon as he could find a girl that loved him, he wouldn't want to have sex with boys as often. He probably still would some, cause he was good at it and it was fun. Just before they moved, he found a girlfriend. They didn't have sex, but he sure had less time for me."

"JT, I hope I never let you down. I want you to be happy always."

"You are my man, I had a dream about us making love in a tent when we were much older."

"Wow, I had almost the same dream."

"It must mean we are going to be together for a long time. I have never been in a tent before. It took me awhile to figure out it was a tent. I will go anywhere with you."

"I hate to break this moment, but I have to pee or bust."

"Me too, lets pee in the shower, I want to do something."


"Trust me, okay?"

"Okay." We got up and rushed to the shower.

As soon as we reached the shower, JT kissed me passionately, and then he started giving me little pecks on the lips. His kisses were so sweet I was lost in the moment, just as suddenly they were gone. I opened my eyes and JT was on his knees. He grabbed my dick, looked up and said. "Pee now." I was so hard it was almost impossible, but finally managed to get a stream started. He sprayed my pee all over his beautiful face, opened his mouth and swallowed my cock. He had to swallow as fast as he possibly could to keep up with the flow. When I finished, he didn't take my cock out of his mouth, but started sucking my cock. In less than a minute I was cumming buckets.

JT got to his feet and started kissing me again. I could smell and taste my own pee and cum. He said. "My turn to pee now."

I didn't have the heart to tell him that I had never drunk someone's pee before and I might not like it. I just knew how excited and how much pleasure he had given me. I was determined to do my best for him. As soon as I got on my knees, he started his stream. I found it so erotic; I took his beautiful cock in my mouth and tasted part of his wonderful body that some might find disgusting. I found nothing but excitement. He tasted wonderful. A combination of sweet and tart, but just knowing it was from deep within him was the most wonderful feeling. I was extremely hard again. When his flow stopped, I started sucking lovingly on his cock. His orgasm was quick and strong. When he finished, I could feel him pulling on my shoulders. I got up and we had a long passionate kiss, grinding our bodies together we both came again.

"Wow, I didn't know pee could be so erotic or so much fun."

"You never did that before?"

"No, I never even thought about it."

"Before we could cum Sean and I used our pee as our cum."

I knew from what he said earlier that Sean had a computer and they had been reading stories and looking at pictures on the net. "Did you guys learn about that from the internet?"

"No, Shea taught us that trick. Shea is so kewl. He is in high school and he is still nice to us."

"He sounds like a very nice boy."

"He is and he probably saved my life."

"How did he do that?"

"He taught me how to say no to drugs and still be cool. He has taught me a lot."

"Is he your boyfriend since Sean has moved?"

"Not really. He really likes girls, but gets horny and just likes to cum. He is the coolest guy I know. Best looking too. I really like him."

"I can tell." I noticed we were both starting to get chilled and so I started the shower. I enjoyed washing JT and he seemed to enjoy washing me too. When we started with the shampoo, we were kissing as much as washing. Damn, I love this boy!

I realize that I do love him. I have never believed in love at first sight or even that love could come so quickly. Lust yes, but love takes awhile. I realize how wrong that statement is. Although there is lust involved, I know I love Justin. I wonder if he really loves me or is just thankful for someone that cares about him. My mind finally decides that he does love me or at least he believes he does anyway. That is good enough for me.

"Lets go finish off that pizza and take off."

"I still would like to stay naked all day." His grin is so wonderfully devious. I know if I don't get a move on, my better judgment will be overtaken and we will stay naked all day.

I turned off the shower and grabbed a couple of bath sheets. I started drying his hair and he did mine. "I'll tell you what, if we don't have fun today, we will stay naked all day tomorrow."

"Okay, you're the boss." There was that devious grin again. I think this boy knows already he has me wrapped around his twelve-year-old pinky. "Can we at least eat naked?"

"Boy, I think you're obsessed with being naked." I grin.

"Yep, I like looking at your dick almost as much as I like you looking at mine. Besides, I plan on eating in your lap and I want to feel your skin on mine."

"Sounds like fun to me too. Let's go try that pizza or would you rather have something else?"

"Pizza sounds good, I guess I am hungry for more than just dick." His smile is so contagious. My smile joins his as we head for the kitchen. I warm the pizza, not enough to get it hot, but just warm.

I take it into the dining room. JT is waiting for me to sit so that, true to his word, he can sit in my lap. As he sits and gets comfortable, he moves our cocks around so they are side by side. It won't be long before we are hard if he keeps it up. "This pizza is good for breakfast, I like it. Good idea Jim!"

"I am glad you like it. It has been a favorite of mine since I was your age."

"Do you ever put special sauce on it?" He giggles as he grabs our dicks.

"I haven't tried that yet, I like it too much right from the source."

"Me too!" He giggles again.

"Stop it and eat your pizza, we have a lot to do this morning."

"What are we going to do?" He drops his last bite of crust on the plate and starts kissing me.

"For a boy that doesn't want to be kissed you sure are good at it and do it a lot."

"I already told you about that. I never want to stop kissing you."

"You are going to have to or your face will be raw. My morning whiskers are tearing your beautiful face up. I need a shave."

"Can I shave you?"

"Sure if you want."

"You will have to show me how, I have never seen a man shave before."

"You haven't ever watched your father shave?"

"I am never that close to him without him hitting me."

"He won't ever hit you again. I promise you that." This was a promise I intended to keep even if I had to kill his father or kidnap him to some foreign country to keep it.

"Will you carry me to the bathroom so our dicks can stay together?"

"I think maybe I can do that, I will have to carry most of your weight by your butt, are you sure it won't hurt too bad?"

"It won't hurt too bad and if it does you can kiss it and make it better." Again his giggles melt any resistance I have toward this boy.

"We will have to save that until tonight or we will never get out of here. You have not even seen where you will be living yet."

His grin gave way to an upturned lip and immediate tears. "I thought I was going to be staying with you." He cried.

"You will, I just don't stay here much. On second thought we will be back here tonight anyway."

"Where do you stay?"

"I have a house about 20 miles out of town. I live there most of the time."

"You have two places to live?"

"Yes, if you don't count the cabin in the mountains."

"And I get to stay with you?"

"Yes! What ever it takes, I am going to find a way for us to be together. I just hope your father hasn't already called the police and reported you missing."

JT laughed. "That is funny. He hates the cops and would never call them. He might not even know I wasn't there unless he was mad and wanted to hit something. Even if he did notice, he wouldn't call the police."

I carried the boy into the bathroom, opened a drawer and got him a new toothbrush. "Here is you a toothbrush."

He sat it on the counter. "I will use it tomorrow, today I want to use yours. It will help to claim you as mine." That cheeky grin makes me fall in love with him all over again.

"I guess as much tongue and spit as we have exchanged, makes sharing a toothbrush no big deal."

He puts paste on my toothbrush and sticks it in his mouth, and then takes it out and sticks it in mine. We take turns brushing our teeth. Him awhile then me awhile. This simple act is very enjoyable. I teach him how to shave me. It takes about three times longer than it would to shave myself, but this act is so erotic I can't believe it. After he has me shaved and dried he starts kissing again. "I love these kisses, but we have to get moving."

"We are going to have to suck each other again or our dicks will be hard all day."

"You might have a point." I carry him into the bedroom and drop him on the bed. I immediately devour his beautiful cock. He starts moving around to be able to suck me too and he won't be denied. Not that I want to deny him anything.

Since we have been so worked up for so long, it didn't take long before we were enjoying hot sweet boy and man juice. "You taste so good, I love sucking your big dick."

"You taste better and I don't have a big dick, it is on the small side, yours will be much bigger very soon."

"Really? I like yours, it is perfect for sucking."

"I like yours, it is just perfect." He giggled. "Now let's get dressed."

"Wait for me." He runs into the living room and gets his clothes and brings them back so that we can dress together. He picks up his briefs with all the holes and looks down then back at me. "Mine are kind of old."

"Yes, I see and if I were close to your size we wouldn't have to wear any of these, but the first stop is to get you some new clothes. We will trash all these first thing."

"Really? You will do that for me?"

"Of course. Your beautiful in these old rags, I can't imagine how good looking you will be in some nice clothes that fit you."

"Brand new, that nobody has worn before?"

"Brand spanking new. Oops, bad choice of words. I promise spanking is a thing of the past for you."

He starts to cry; I know it is not from fear, pain only from happiness. "You do love me. I love you so much. Hug me Jim. Please, it won't hurt."

I hugged him in a gentle embrace. "You do all the squeezing, I can't for fear of causing you even slight pain. It won't be long before I can hug you proper." With that he hugged tighter than I thought his skinny arms capable of.

Before we left, I called a friend of mine on the police force and asked him to check for any information on Jackson Montgomery. He said there were two drunken and disorderly citations and one drunk driving on his record. Nothing was on his record in the last month. I asked if a missing child would have shown up on his search and was assured it would if he had filed a missing person report. I explained the situation briefly and told him I wanted his help tomorrow to make sure JT never had to go back to his father. He told me that he would do anything other than actually break the law for me. I knew that if I asked him to, he would do that as long as in his heart he knew it was the right thing to do.

"What are you going to do tomorrow? Can I watch if you're going to beat him up?"

"No, you can't watch, and I am not going to stoop to his level to beat him up." Little did he know that it would take every bit of my self-control to keep from doing just that. I really do want to rip his father's head off and shit down his neck. I know I won't but I can't help the thought.

On the way to the mall, I called another friend that is a lawyer. Believe it or not this lawyer does have a friend. I explained what I wanted to do and he convinced me that we could maneuver enough to get JT in school and legally change his name, but it was likely we would have to move for it to work. Too many people knew me here and moving would keep from having anything easily traced. He said it wasn't exactly illegal, but it wouldn't be legal by the spirit of the law. He said he was going to nail me on the bill. I assured him it was worth it.

"Are you going to move just so you can keep me with you? You would do that for me?"

"We are going to move, you will be moving too. You will have to give up your friends too. I am doing it for us, not just you. Are you willing to give up your friends and move?"

"Yes, for sure. The only one left that I will miss is Shea. It will be worth it to get to be with you."

"We can make sure you can stay in touch with Shea if he wants to."

"Kewl, I love you so much."

"I love you too big boy." His giggle is to die for.

We bought so many clothes it took four trips to the car and he was wearing one outfit. He looked great in everything he tried on. I didn't notice until we were leaving and saw in a mirror that he was dressed exactly like I was dressed. I couldn't help but smile at the thought he wanted us to look like we belonged together.

I explained that we were going to have an early dinner and suggested we skip lunch and take in a movie. This was his first time for a movie theater. We had popcorn and a soda. We lifted the armrest between us and managed to snuggle during the movie. Afterward he was so excited, you would have thought he was Ankin Skywalker himself.

Since we were going to a restaurant that required a coat and tie for dinner, I dropped his dress shirts off at the cleaners. Thank goodness for one-hour service. We only have a couple of hours before dinner. He was going to wear a tie for the first time in his young life today as well. When he found out that we were going to the baseball game as well, he was beside himself. He said he had never changed clothes so much in one day and some many new experiences. He was just chattering for all he was worth.

JT looked wonderful in a coat and tie. Our reservations were so early that not many other people were there. JT watched what I did and copied what I did. For never being in a nice restaurant he seemed to be right at home. We were making more noise than anyone else with our laughter and giggling. At one point we were so loud when the waiter walked up I was sure it was to tell us to hold it down. Of course he didn't, but I apologized for being so loud anyway. He said it was nice to see a father and son laugh together for a change. We looked at each other and smiled. JT said. "Well he is the best dad in the whole world." He couldn't hold back his giggle.

"I think my boy here is trying to butter up his old man."

"Not my old man, but I love you dad."

"I love you too son."

"Now that is something to see. It has been a long time since I have heard a father and son say I love you." The waiter said as he served our cheesecake and left.

We rushed home and changed into shorts and golf shirts and went to the baseball game. Our team lost, but we still had a wonderful time. JT was tired and fell asleep on the way home.

I called my house. "Paul, we will be home in the morning for a little bit and you will meet JT. I need you to do something for me. Get out the trainer and the transmitter for it and put them on charge for me. I can't wait to teach JT. Thanks, bye!"

"Can't wait to teach me what?"

"I thought you were asleep."

"Just resting, I can't wait to get you in bed. Now teach me what?"

"How about we make it a surprise. I am sure you will enjoy it, will you trust me?"

"I trust you, I just want to know."

"Tomorrow! Now you have something to get up and get dressed for. Okay?"

"Okay, I am glad you made me get dressed today. Man you bought more clothes in one day than I have ever even tried on at Goodwill. That dinner was fantastic and I loved the ballgame. Thank you Jim"

"You're welcome and thank you JT."

"Thank me, what for?"

"For putting so much happiness into my life. For all the boy giggles that you shared with me today. For just being JT."

"I love being with you, this has been the best day of my life. No the second best day. The best day was yesterday when you bou…. When you …"

"When I brought you home with me?"

"Yes, I didn't want to think about what I was doing."

"You were looking for a way to get away from the abuse you were getting at home. You are out of that situation now. You have a place with me for as long as you want it. I want you to know you don't have to do anything you don't want to do, especially have sex. You will still have a place here."

"But I want to have sex. I want to be naked with you all the time."

"You can do that, but its not required."

"Will you still like me when I get old, even if I get real ugly."

"JT, as wonderful as your heart is, you will always be beautiful. Your skin and bones are not the most beautiful part of you. I do love that beautiful part of you too though." I gave him my best grin.

"Thanks Jim, this is all new to me, but it is so nice. I wish everyone in the world could be as happy as I am."

"What a sweet thing to say. That is exactly what this world needs is many more JT's to wish for love and peace to the world. One day it will be that way."

As we got out of the Jeep, I could see that fiendish grin. I knew something was up. As I unlocked the door and opened it, he ran inside and shouted. "Last one naked has to be the other one's slave." He was running for the bedroom taking off clothes as he went.

By the time I got to the bedroom, he was naked and on the bed. "You loose, you are my slave now. Hurry and get those clothes off." I tried to take my time, but I wanted to be naked actually. When I was naked he said. "Carry me to the bathroom so we can brush our teeth."

I picked him up and cradled his butt in my hands. "I thought I was a slave, not a pack mule."

"You can be both. Now, to the bathroom slave."

JT opened the new toothbrush I had brought in that morning put toothpaste on it and stuck it in his mouth. He put some more paste on it and stuck it in my mouth. "Now we are forever bonded." He chirped.

"Oh, you think a little toothpaste is a good bonding agent?"

"Nope, but sharing a toothbrush is." His grin was all over his face and he was still swapping the toothbrush back and forth between us.

"I guess it is at that. I don't recall sharing my toothbrush with anyone else."

JT squeezed me tighter with his legs behind my back. "Let's spit, I want a kiss."

I got us a couple of little cups of water to rinse with and washed his toothbrush with his legs still around my waist crossed behind. He was holding on to make sure I didn't get away from him. I leaned down, "Was this what you had in mind?" I gently kissed his sweet lips.

He kissed back with much more force. "Yes, but I have to tell you something." He had tears flowing down his cheeks.

I kissed them away. "What is the matter, JT?"

"I don't want to cry, but I can't stop. Nothing is the matter. Everything is perfect. I just want to tell you how much I love you, but I can't think of words that are big enough. Not big words, but words that mean big love."

"It's okay, I don't think I can find the right ones to tell you either. We feel good cozy and comfortable together, maybe we don't need words. Maybe each other is all we need."

"Yes, I think that is it. This time yesterday, I didn't even know what love meant, but I knew I didn't have any and I wanted some. Tonight, I am so happy, I could just bust."

"Don't you dare burst! I want you just as you are, bursting is not an option."

"Okay Slave, to the shower. Make me clean." As I picked him up and started toward the shower, JT stopped me. "Wait, it feels so good when you carry me I want to feel it some more. I know I am too big to be carried, but you're strong enough to do it for a few days." Man what a grin. "I have just figured it out. I like it so much because you have to squeeze harder to carry me. You're afraid you will hurt me when we just hug. Now you know the secret to getting out of carrying me. Hug me harder."

"Maybe I like carrying you, you little scamp."

"Maybe, I like it. Until you carried me to bed last night, I cannot remember ever having been carried. I do like it, especially naked with you. Now let's shower and go to bed where all the fun is." I took him to the shower and we got the water warm before getting into the shower. We washed each other with only a few feels and kisses.

As I finished drying him, he grabbed the hairbrush, brushed his hair quickly, threw the towel at me, handed me the hairbrush, kissed me on the cheek and said. "Hurry, I am not going to wait all night." Then he ran out of the bathroom into the bedroom.

As I dried and brushed my hair, I couldn't help but wonder what he was up to. I knew he was up to something. As I walked into the bedroom there he was on his back with his knees up by his ears with a tube of KY in his hand. "I knew you would have some! Please fuck me. I have waited all my life for this."

I couldn't help myself; I started licking his lovely butt. My tongue was delicately teasing but not entering his puckered hole. Then my tongue entered him and he let out a gasp.

"Please do it now. I want it now."

His little butt is so small and his little hole is so tight, it will take some time before his little hole would be ready for something as thick as a cock. I didn't want him to feel the least bit inadequate so I told a half-truth. "JT, we need to let your butt get better before we do anything that might cause it to hurt. Besides, we have the rest of our lives to penetrate each other. Let's just build up to that okay?"

"I want you in me. My butt doesn't hurt anymore. Don't you want to?"

"I shouldn't have tried to tell you a half truth. I don't want to hurt you. Your little hole has to be stretched a lot before it can take a thick cock. You might get torn. Time is on our side. We will start working to stretch you so that when we do it, you won't hurt much at all and we will know you won't be torn or anything. I was afraid you would feel bad if I told you that your hole was just too little."

"That makes more sense and I know you don't want to hurt me." His disappointed look was soon replaced with his sly grin. "I guess until you can fuck me you will have to use your fingers and tongue. That felt wonderful when you did it." JT raised his legs he put his knees on either side of his head and said. "Well, what are you waiting on?"

Believe me I didn't wait. I started to pleasure his sweet hole. It wasn't long until he was ready to cum. As he started to cum I came up to capture all his sweet cum with my hungry mouth. After a few goodnight kisses, we were both asleep quickly.

The ringing of the telephone brought me out of a sound sleep into a state of consciousness. It was my friend Bill from the police force. We had agreed to talk to JT's father this morning. He wanted to do it when the man was still sober and not drunk. We decided it best to start pretty early. I told him I would be ready as soon as I showered and would meet him at the coffee shop down from where JT used to live.

In the shower JT convinced me to let him go with me. He assured me he wouldn't come in the house. I told him our plan and told him he would have to stay in the back seat just to make sure the dark windows hid him from view. He was agreeable to the terms and was thrilled when I told him he could come with us.

At the coffee shop Bill and I went over our plan once again to make sure we were both on the same page. Since I was going to slip back and watch to see if JT's father skipped town, I parked across the street a few houses down. Hopefully he was not watching the street or my plan would be foiled.

We had to knock on the door four times before a sleepy and obviously hung over man answered the door. "Jackson Montgomery?"

"I am Jack Montgomery. Who wants to know?"

"James Carter, I have you son in my custody." I showed him my concealed carry permit and my driver's license, which are in a two-sided ID case. Hopefully he wouldn't look too closely at the identification I was showing him. "This is detective Moody, may we come in?" Detective Moody showed him his badge.

"I didn't see your badge mother fucker." You can tell we are developing a friendship quickly.

"They don't give badges to social workers." I didn't tell him I was one, just that they don't give them badges, which is the truth.

"What the fuck you want?" He said as he let us in.

"We are here to get your son's clothes and belongings. He will not be returning to your house."

"What did the little mother fucker do anyway?"

"He didn't do anything. But from the looks of these pictures, you have been beating him regularly."

"You have to get these kids attention. See just look at this place."

"Yes, I see he has left his beer cans laying around. Maybe we can add aiding the delinquency of a minor to the charges Bill"

"Wait, I didn't let the little bastard drink any beer."

"No but it sounds like he has to pick up and clean after you."

"Bill, I think you need to go check the kitchen."

"Sure, be back in a few minutes."

As Bill left, I could see the worry in this asshole's eyes. I grabbed him by his tee shirt and lifted him up about a foot and slammed him against the wall. "Look at this picture you ignorant piece of shit. This is your son you have beaten black and blue. Give me one excuse and I will hit you so hard your mamma will feel it." I let him down and about the time he relaxed I grabbed him again. "You are not worth the beating I so dearly want to plant on your ugly ass." I pushed his head against the wall once more to make the point.

Bill came back into the room. "I didn't see any one else in the kitchen, it is just as filthy as you might imagine."

"We have come to take Justin's clothes and other belongings. Sign at the `X'."

"What if I don't sign?"

"Then we have an officer interrupt the good judge on a Sunday morning and get a search warrant, a court order to get the clothes, and an arrest warrant for you. Either way we are taking Justin's things before we leave here."

"If I sign will you get his shit and get the fuck out?"

"That is what we are here for. As bad as I want to see your ass in jail, we are only here for the clothes."

"His shit is in there get it and get the fuck out!"

I grabbed his shirt again and again slammed him into the wall this time his head breaking the sheetrock. "It is taking every ounce of my will power to keep from ripping your head off and shitting down your neck. If you know what is good for you, you will keep that vile tongue of yours in your mouth and your mouth closed while you still have teeth." I just threw him at a chair. Bill and I went into what used to be Justin's room and went through our practiced speech.

Our plan counted on him sneaking to the side of the door so he could listen to what we were saying. I started gathering the rags JT had been forced to wear for clothes. I didn't find one toy, model or poster. Bill saw him move to the side of the door and gave me the signal to start our routine.

"Damn it Bill, I want this mother fucker locked up. There is no judge in the country that will not agree with me that he needs to have his ass in jail. Hell, I hope he becomes Bubba's bitch in there."

"I know and I agree, but my captain says the DA wants to wait until Monday. He doesn't want to go to the judge on a Sunday. You know he has to kiss the judges ass when he has a big case before him. Those guys won't bother the judge after hours except for extreme emergencies."

"Can't you arrest him and hold him until Monday?"

"I would have if you had made him mad enough to swing at you. Of course, he wouldn't be in jail but the hospital."

"What about those D and D's and the driving under the influence? Can't you hold him on those?"

"The judge might use them in sentencing, but I can't arrest him for something he has already been cited for. You are just going to have to wait until Monday."

"Will you put someone on the house to make sure he doesn't run?"

"He is too stupid to run. When we leave, he will think he has beaten this one and just get drunk as usual."

"Every time I look at this picture, I want to beat the fuck out of that piece of shit. Can you give me another five minutes with the bastard."

"I am almost willing to let you. Hell, I want to help you. You know we have bent the law too much already. Let's go back and let Mr. Montgomery get drunk."

"I know we are required, but I refuse to call that bastard mister. He will be Jack as in Jackass or Jack off. Come on, I have been under the same roof as that asshole too long already."

Jack was back in the chair when we got back into that room. "Are you sure these are all the boys clothes? There are not very many and they are worn out. What about toys? Does he have a bike?"

"That is all his shit. I don't have anything else to say."

I raised my fist and went to his chair. Bill stopped me. "He isn't worth it. Come on let's go."

"I would sure like to make him look like the boy in this picture. Just give me five minutes and he will know how it feels."

"Come on Jim, let's go!"

I gave Jack one last look that could only be hatred and he knew it.

We got into Bill's car and left. He brought me back to around the corner from where I had parked the Jeep. Bill had to start his shift, but JT and I were going to watch the house for a little while anyway.

As I rounded the corner, I saw a pickup parked behind the Jeep that wasn't there before. Since we didn't want Jack to see us, I got into the back seat. There was JT and a very cute blonde a few years older. "Jim, this is Shea. Shea this is Jim."

"Hi Shea, I have heard a lot about you from JT. He says you have been a true friend. I want to thank you for that."

"Hi Mr. Carter. JT has been just bubbling over telling me about you. I am surprised though. From the way JT was talking, I expected you to be about ten feet tall and walking on water."

"Please loose the mister stuff. You can call me Jim, Carter, or almost anything, but I can do without the mister. You can see, I am no where near ten feet tall but I can swim."

We all had a chuckle. About that time Jack came out of the house with some clothes in his hands and threw them in the back seat of his car. He went back into the house. "It looks like you are about to be abandoned JT."

"Yes, fan-fucking-tastic! Does that mean we are through with that asshole?"

"Well likely, but we will take other precautions to make sure your safe and we won't be hassled."


"Jim, I am glad JT has found someone to take care of him. I can already see why he loves you so much."

Jack came back out with another load of his belongings. He was definitely moving. Who said he was too stupid to run? He opened the front door of his car and we could here through the closed windows his shouts. "God Damned Mother Fucker!"

JT was just dying laughing. Shea and I couldn't understand why. About that time Jack is using a shirt to sweep something out of his seat. Then he threw the shirt on the lawn. He went back into the house, still spewing a string of obscenities.

"What did you do JT?"

"I took a dump in his seat. I wiped my butt on his whoring shirt. He keeps a shirt that he wears when he wants to get laid. It is already hot enough that it must really stink."

"Cool dude. I don't ever want you made at me." Shea said as he started to laugh. "You must have just finished when I came up. That is why you had that grin as you were telling me what Jim and the cop were doing."

"Yep, I had just finished as I got to the window just in time to see Jim bang the asshole's head against the wall and threaten him. It was so kewl."

"I had no idea you were going to do something like that."

"I almost couldn't hold it this morning. He always called me a shit head, I thought it was something he could remember me by."

About that time Jack came back out with a sheet to put over his seat. He drove off with the window down. JT and Shea both held up a one finger salute when he drove by. He didn't even look this way.

I called Bill and told him our pigeon had flown the coop. He was not surprised.

"Shea, JT and I have to go shortly, but we need something to eat. Will you join us at the coffee shop down the road.?"

"I would love to, but I gotta book. I am going surfing with my brother and I am a little late now. I was just checking up on JT, I was starting to get worried. It looks like he is more happy than I have ever seen him. I don't think I need to worry anymore. Later dudes take care of each other." He hugged me and I kissed his forehead. He looked up and smiled. He gave JT a kiss and left.

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